Contact Nickelodeon Customer Service

Contacting Nickelodeon Customer Service Center

Nickelodeon is a children’s television network offering educational programming and branded merchandise. We found it extremely interesting that the company did not offer customer contact information, despite selling products online. There is a small section for parents who need to report a problem, but that’s the only contact information listed. If you’ve purchased Nickelodeon merchandise, you did so through Amazon or Zazzle and that company handles all customer service issues.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find a customer service phone number listed on the site, but there is a phone number for the corporate office in the privacy policy. This phone number can be used for all Nickelodeon websites.

  • Corporate: 1-212-846-2543

Two other phone numbers we found for companies operated by Nickelodeon include:

  • Nickelodeon Studios: 1-407-363-8000
  • Nickelodeon Animation: 1-818-736-3000

Mailing Address

If you need to contact Nickelodeon and you prefer to do so by mail you can send your letter to the corporate office in New York. Remember, if you have a problem with an order for Nickelodeon merchandise you’ll have to contact Amazon or Zazzle unless you purchased the item in person.

Nickelodeon Online1515 BroadwayNew York, NY 10036

If you’re interested in writing to other Nickelodeon companies like Nickelodeon Studios or Nickelodeon Animation, here are the addresses.

Nickelodeon Studios1000 Universal Studios Pl Orlando, FL 32819


Nickelodeon Animation Studios231 W Olive Ave Burbank, CA 91502

Official Website

There are multiple websites operated by the Nickelodeon company. The main website is located at, but you are also connected with other websites visiting, including Nicktoons, NickJr, NickatNite, NeoPets, Spongebob and ICarly.

Customer Service Email

The only email form we could find for Nickelodeon is the form to Report a Concern This form is for technical or safety concerns on the website. If you have a problem with Nickelodeon merchandise you can call or write the corporate office.

Our Experience

Customers contacting the corporate offices can only leave a message. Instead, we decided to call the other available numbers attempting to connect with a live agent. We connected with a live agent using the Nickelodeon Studios phone number. The call was quick, but the agent sounded as if they were in a call center environment.

We asked is there was a direct phone number for the customer service department. Unfortunately, the representative did not have a direct phone number. They suggested we contact the customer service team using the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

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277 Comments on “Contact Nickelodeon Customer Service
  1. Why are you airing a commercial on Nickelodeon about sex??
    It is the one where the mom, who is carrying a laundry basket, walks by her daughter’s room. She says to herself “I’m not ready to talk about sex with her, so I think I’ll check her computer.” she enters the room, scans the computer, and basically says “phew” and walks out. Really??? My kids that are watching this are NOT ready to talk about SEX either, until YOU brought it up!!’
    I’m a good mom and a teacher. This just wasn’t fair to do to us parents. Not at all!!

    Cheryl Grisamore.

  2. you might think im crazy but i really want the 90s nick show “hey arnold” to come back on tv it was a great show i found out about it this year im only 11 but still i was thinking there was some type of epilouge to the last episode “the journal” i heard facts about a movie i saw an interview with the creator craig bartlett this man wanted to do another movie called the “jungle movie” just because the fist movie failed doesn’t mean the jungle movie would also fail so what if you have to change the voices i mean look how many people played arnold and the person who played helga i don’t know how you can replace her but just find someone fimiliar hold try outs or something these people should give arnold a decent ending the last episode was a sort of guide to the movie i heard bartlett say helga was going to confess her loe for arnold if you whant to know how many people realy want thi movie look on face book type in “hey arnold jungle movie” i heard they where going to mention arnolds real last name and if you want to see the interview for craig type in “craig bartlett interview”

      • i’m with you 100% on bringing back Hey Arnold. I truly miss that show. I’m sorry for anyone that can’t enjoy the great shows the 90’s kids got to experience.

      • I think i speak for all of us 90’s kids when i say we need closure on hey arnold we need to know if arnold and helga finally get together.

    • they still play it on teennick! (: i watch it all the time. it’s most likely to play during the night or midnight.

    • Or the show naked brothers band and all the others that were good should be aired again for the kids who havent seen them.

      • omg i used to watch naked brothers band just to annoy the crap out of my brother i thought it was funny.he dident like the show because of the name and when ever it came on i used to tell him hey tristen your favorite show is on hed come in the saw he hates that show and thinks it sucks.but i thought it was a cool show.p.s. im a 90’s kid too

    • Sadly, Nickelodeon has a horrible tendency to cancel popular shows, unless it is Spongebob or some other show with a fanbase of over 15 million.

      I really wish they would attempt re-airing the once popular series, “My Life as a Teenage Robot”. I personally believe it was a great show and it had a thriving fanbase until it was canceled. The only problem with it was the unmet deadlines.

      Nick should reconsider some of its older shows and try them again, I believe that they could regain some of its lost… finess.

  3. Hi I love to act and sing and love some shows on nick like victorious and icarly but both are being canceled in 2013 and victorious is the only show near icarly why give it up? And lady above that commercial never existed!!!!

  4. hello i was requesting if you could put up auditions in africa (uganda) and i would be honored to audition acting and singing is my passion so pliz consider me i love nick i beg you lol

  5. Why are you guys messing up SpongeBob on weekdays with this Nick Studio 10 stuff?!?! It’s not cool taking time away from the cartoon! It has in the middle of cartoon interruptions that’s not cool AT ALL!!! Get rid, or move this to another show that is more teen approved. 6 and 7 year olds don’t care for this right now, just the SpongeBob cartoon!!!

  6. nick, i want to watch my shows on nick but they keep getting interrupted by your nick ads and the nick studios! look, no one likes full screen ads so don’t show them. im watching SpongeBob and some nick studios cuts in and is like ‘KITCHEN ROCK BAND WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no one cares about a band with pots and pans being hit with whisks. plz stop this.

    sincerely zach stegman.

  7. We just moved back to the United States two weeks ago and I was happy to finally let my children watch the shows I grew up with on Nick. Well I was happy until I started paying attention to your commercials. I was upset to see that you had a actor do a commercial in drag for the kids choice awards with whipped cream shooting out of his “boobs”. Is this what Nickelodeon has come to these days? Showing young children it’s okay to have sexual content on your shows? My children are 3 & 4 years old and they have been running around my house since seeing that pretending to have things shoot out of there boobs. I have never been so disgusted with a kids channel. I would like to know who thought that would be okay. Should I be worried about other commercials or programs on your tv channel?
    I would appreciate a response with someone explaining how this is okay. Until than my children will have to go without your shows and products.

  8. Is thier a chance you will bring back nicklodeon studios in Orlando cause those were the good old days and I want kids too see how back then nick was. (:

  9. Hello, I am a junior at Gateway High school and I have a request. For art, we have to do a project so I am asking for your company’s permission to use some of the Nickelodeon cartoons for my project. Thank you for your time and please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

  10. I am a middle school crisis counselor in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. I am looking for the name and to purchase a Sponge Box Square Pants episode in which one of the characters attempts stand up comedy, however the act backfires when the jokes are targeting the character’s friends. Students have requested that I use this episode in my yearly anti-bullying/no-name calling presentations.
    Thank you for assisting me with the name of the episode and how I might be able to purchase it.
    Lisa Larson, Safe School Coordinator
    Miraleste Intermediate School

  11. Dear Nicktoons,
    I’d like it if you could put some Power Rangers series reruns on your channel.
    And make it last longer than the rest of the marathons you produce.
    From Brian Borneo. Warning: I know who the Power ranger’s previous owners were and I can contact them and I know where your headquarters are.

  12. Why don’t you show re-runs of legend of korra? It’s a great show and I don’t think you give it enough air time. Thank you in advance. Bradley

  13. Sorry nick, but your Studio 10 short clips between cartoons and during cartoons in the afternoon are the stupidest crap you’ve ever had on,nothing about it is humorous and most of these kids antics are things normal parents would never want their children to do, great role model teaching,you should give yourself the kid’s choice idiot award for stupid studio 10!!!

  14. Nick Studio 10 is the worst show on your channel and would you please take it off. Why don’t you people go on you tube so you can see all of the negative reviews. Again, Nick Studio 10 is Lame. Not funny. People should be fired for airing this show. Matter of fact, my kids said that they don’t want to watch your channel as long as “Nick Studio 10” is on the air. Lame!!!!!!

  15. it was very upsetting that the winx club magical adventure was only 45 minutes.i saw the FULL movie on youtube and it was amazing.i really hope you make a winx club 3rd movie in cgi with sirenix and It better be like 2 hours. that would make the happiest

  16. Hi I do not have cable. Although, I do have Netflix. Yesterday, some Nickelodeon shows were not available anymore. This made me VERY upset because even though I am a teenager, I still love to watch things like Spongebob Squarepants and Victorious. Will you please consider trying to renew the contract to air those shows? (I’m not sure if you’re allowed to do that but how would I know?) Thank you and have a great day!!!

  17. I find it very disturbing when I see a bunch of kids playing with food and making it seem like its funny ! Even my 9yr old daughter says that’s not right when there is a lot of Hungry people and they play with food like a toy ! We hate this show nick studio 10 it’s not even called for ! You all should be ashamed of yourselfs ….unbelievable

  18. It concerns me that this new show “Nick Studio 10” is on the television. Not only is it stupid, but they waste food. With the ongoing concern we have in this country with hunger, how can you air kids playing with food and wasting it when some people don’t know where their next meal will be coming from. You should be helping people in need not wasting food that they would be so grateful to have.

  19. I would like for someone to tell me why the Fred show has to have a cuss word in it. Dammit is not a word that needs to be in a kids show. I have e-mailed Nickeloden but they will not answer me. They know it’s wrong. PLEASE take it out. If you don’t my grandson will not be watching this show anymore.

  20. Hi, can nickelodeon africa set up auditions in nigeria. We would really love a chance to act in great nick shows.THANKS

  21. Unfortunately, I am here to make a complaint. I love Nickelodeon; but in recent times I feel that all of the new shoes have been nothing like the old shows [e.g Drake & Josh (my favorite, which is what this complaint is about) The Amanda Show, CatDog, Rocket Power, Etc.] My point is that I believe, and research shows, that most, if not all, kids AND teenagers who are familiar with these old shows prefer them over today’s shows. My suggestion to you is that there be a day every week, an hour a day, a different channel, ANYTHING, dedicated to 90’s shows re-runs. I am not positive whether Drake & Josh is a 90’s show or not, however it is, was, and always will be my favorite T.V show ever. I hope that you can hear out and listen to my suggestions for it is not a bad idea and if advertised correctly, I can assure you will be a big hit! If you do follow this idea, and it does turn out a big hit, I would ask for one favor in return if possible, and that is that one day, you have a Drake & Josh marathon, of all the shows ever made; Which also, I believe would be a big hit. Thank you for taking time to read this.
    -Sincerely, A 90’s kid who misses the “old shows”

  22. I’m curious to know why my 4 year old is being subjected to cursing on NICKELODEON?!? Is nothing sacred anymore? Apparently not. I hope that this was a one time error and you will be more deligent in the future to see that this doesn’t happen again! Ridiculous and shameful!

  23. Why haven’t you guys shown the TMNT episode Parasitica yet but the UK has already gotten it? A lot of people in the fandom are falling out of interest because you guys keep holding the episode back. It’s complete crap. There’s no reason to continue holding it hostage. Just show the damn thing.

  24. I watched the Ninja Turtle’s with my 5 year old cousin the other day and I realized it’s nothing like it was, everythings wrong! April was a newwoman who lived above an old empty building not a teenager and Splinter was an old Rat. Why isn’t the same? I wished that my cousin and all his friends knew who the Ninja Turtle’s really are! I’m not around a lot to teach him that they used to be different because I live in another state. I wished that he knew who they were when I was a kid! My cousin wants to be like them so bad but I see that they are nothing that they used to be. Who is the creater of these fake Turtles?? I wish they would fix them, thank you!!

  25. I recently came across an old 90’s show I used to watch when I was little. I had completely forgotten about it. It was Hey Arnold. I instantly became hooked on it and before I knew it I had re watched the entire series and became nearly obsessed with it. I then read up on the second movie (the jungle movie) that was never made. You could easily make many people cry of happiness if you just made the movie that everyone I know has been dying for and maybe even brought back the show. I’m positive Craig Bartlett would be happy to do it. Could you maybe just consider it because all the new shows you have been creating lately have immature humor or just unrealistic shows that make kids forget about their childhood and think they have too grow up fast and no one will like you unless you look like Victoria Justice. Please!

  26. Nickoleon is television for children. Yes? Ratings of G and PG. Then why is nick promoting rated R movies? My children USE to watch nick at night before bed, but since nick has started airing scary commercials such as The Conjuring, my children have been watching the Disney channel. I expected better from you Nickoleon. You need to know your audience. Any child under the age of 18 can not watch rated R movies without an adult. I’m disappointed!

  27. Hello my name is leticia I Am aware that you guys are doing a BigTime Rush Sweepstakes and My daughter Johanna she was so thrilled unfortunately I couldn’t get her tickets to see them she was Devistated she is a huge huge fan and she is dieing to win I was wondering if you guys can do anything to help my little girl win she has already entered but I wanna Suprise her with this please contact me will appreciate it thank you

  28. Is it true, is there gonna be a house of Anubis season 4? Of is it just a cruel rumor? Please answer! Thanks! Sibuna

    • I also love House of Anubis but I don’t think they will make another season unless it will be with completely different characters (which I personally would hate) because in the finale, they all graduated and are moving away from Anubis House and on to college. So I’m not 100% sure, but if I had to guess it would be no. Hope this helped.

  29. I think I speak for millions of fans when I ask you to bring Victorious back! That show is so great. It’s funny, creative, and has very unique characters that you get attached to. I really miss that show so much and other people are calling Nick to complain about its cancellation. I might have missed something but I really don’t understand why it was cancelled. The ratings were good, it was nominated and won many awards. Heck, it’s the most watched show on Nick. And please don’t give me any of that 60 episodes garbage. I Carly went on for over 100 episodes AND had a series finale which Nick didn’t even give Victorious. I, like many others, am disappointed that it won’t be continued. It was a bad decision for Nick to cancel it and if they have any sense, they’ll bring it back. Thanks for your time.

  30. Recently, I’ve been watching wipeout. And I thought to myself “it’d be nice if kids could participate in shows like that.” then I said the coolest channel on tv to have it would be nickelodeon! Basically I think Nick should bring back game shows, preferably modeled like wipeout but with slime. I think if enough people feel the same, we could bring it to Nickelodeon’s attention and possibly get a game show like wipeout for kids! It should be like for 11-16 year olds. Let’s spice nick up and get our game shows back! We have to bring attention everywhere, write, email, call, facebook, twitter, instagram, YouTube, ANYTHING! C’MON IF YOU’RE WITH ME!

  31. Hey Nick guys this is Ruben and i would like to report a problem that everyone is talking about. I am a bick Nick channel fan, its basically all i watch. The audio is failling lately and when i am watching spongebob all i hear is sound effects and non of the voices i hope you fix it soon
    Sincerely, Ruben M

    P.S. stop making really dumb shows like sanjay and craig and Marvin Marvin i think 90% of the public agrees. Bring back shows like Jimmy Neutron and neds declassified

  32. I am trying to find out if it is possible to purchase some of the episodes of Nick News with Linda Ellerbee.
    I would love to use them for training purposes in my job with staff and students. Can anyone from Nick direct me please? This is the only format I have found so far to send an email request!

  33. I would like to know if there is any way you can remove the new cartoon samjay or something …. The one with the kid and the snake… This show is pretty disgusting for my three year and five year old to be watching. I know i can always change the channel but i dont know the schedule so i dont know when it will be on. Plus just watching a commercial, during a spongebob show, all they show is pretty disgusting and i dont think this is appropriate for a kids network channel!!

  34. I want to thank you so much for your printable this summer for my Grandchildren it was a blast they truly in enjoyed themselves along with me but now they are gone so I need to cancel the printable. can you all stop them from being send to me. Thanks again

  35. Would you please stop showing Halloween horror night commercials I didn’t expect my grandson to come out of his room scared watching nick at night.

  36. Im just trying to find a episode I was in called what would you do I have lost the original tape mailed to me years ago when I was a child im 28 now I remember I played a part in puttng hula hoops over my head and I got slimmed I really hop I can achieve this tape my son wants to see his dad at 6 yrs old having funn on nick please get back asap

  37. I just have 1 question is there going be any “Paw Patrol” toys because my son is going crazy! I watch it, Dvr it, over and over again but going on the website I see there are no toys yet, anytime soon?

  38. I just want to thank you for bringing back Winx Club to America. I just have one single request. Is it possible for you (Nickelodeon) to release Winx Club on DVD? Downloading it is very convenient, but I’m more the kind of person who prefers tangible things. I already own the first two seasons on DVD, and the first two movies, so I would love to complete the set on DVD. If there is any way that that is possible, you will make one very ecstatic Winxer! Thank you Nick! You guys are awesome!

  39. I will no longer watch you network and as a substitute teacher I am telling my students that Ariana Grande called students at Schurr High School ghetto. She is a disgrace to our community and most of all an ungrateful, selfish person. She her self looks like an immigrant. Some of my students are not calling her a little mexican bean.

  40. I really just want my Danny Phantom back. Lately I’ve been trying to trend #SaveDannyPhantom on Twitter, and nobody seems to want to help with that, I’ve tried calling, tried everything! There’s got to be some way we haven’t tried yet!

    If you’re with me on this, start trying to trend #SaveDannyPhantom on Twitter, and post any ideas you may have. One idea can meet the WORLD to this.

    Thank you guys SO much.

  41. I sincerely want to you that you shouldn’t cancel Spongebob Squarepants. It is still running because it is a fan favorite everybody young and old watch Spongebob. Your ratings would go down if you camel it everybody would be devastated. I can personally say that I watch SpongeBob everyday after school and everyday before going to school. Everybody knows Spongebob because they watch it so much. Everybody has their own favorite episode and can recite every single word like the episode when Gary bath that was an awesome episode I can recite any day and get every word right. Please don’t cancel Spongebob we would hate to see lovable cartoon character go.

  42. hi nick studio i have idea for spongebob i was thinking plankten could have a secret agent he works with and he helps plankten steal crabby patties well email me about how u feel about my idea

  43. HI i am jalen and i am a huge fan on nick. And the other day i look up spongebob is being canclled jan 28 2014 and i was just wondering if that is true U guys should do a last episode 1 hour and 30 minutes. And this episode should be when Spongebob finally gets his driving license,Squidward finally gets along with Spongebob and they finally become friends,Spongebob really gets fired and gets replace forever,Spongebob And Sandy finally kiss and dates. And then Spongebob grows up like a man like kinda change his house no more blowing bubbles or jellyfishing and Patrick finally go to school and really get smart. Spongebob gets a new job and he likes his job. And so again Spongebob And Squidward hang out. And if u guys did everyone will like the last episode of Spongebob. And then do that movie the spongebob squarepants movie 2. Again that would really be awesome. Hit me back if u like it or dont like it my number is 6165109724. Well there u go

    • Spongebob do not give me a autograph boo i love Miami dolphins go fins i think nick is liers and broken promise to me . I ever will watch nick again after Spongebob do not give his autograph i,m dissatisfied with Spongebob and Nick. I love Spongebob but not a fan at all .Spongebob fans nets becacuse Sandy and Spongebob are good no there snot but i,m a good girl friend for Spongebob to date My name Kaitlin Agosh.

  44. Your “Fart in a Jar” video was crude and disgusting! It goes against the manners we teach our children about how to behave in regards to bodily functions. My children and family are not going to watch your channel until you pull that video. What a shame because us adults found some of your shows entertaining also. I also truly hope you fire the people who came up with the idea of making such a video, so it won’t be tolerated again.

    Mrs. Christina Maxwell

  45. I think that u need to get rid of all these stupid shows, like Sam & Cat, Witch Show, Sanjay & Craig. Those r the stupid show that u have ever thought of. Bring back the original cartoons, you in fact ruined the channel. So get rid of them shows period.

  46. Nick, it’s me again. Like I said, PLEEEEASE bring back Danny Phantom! So many people, young and old, care about the little ghostboy! Please revive him!

    • katie i agree with u about bringing back Danny Phantom. U can help me with the comic i am trying so hard to make to send to nick.

  47. Hello I’m very unhappy that you guys are taking that you guys are taking off Spongebob. I’m very unhappy and if you guys can I highly suggest that you guys don’t please.because one that’s the only 90’s show and all the other shows are boring and not funny. Spongebob is the only good and fun show to watch and never gets boring.:(

  48. Hi…am Ruphina Lucy from Kenya. And i really love watching Nick.It inspires me that I would actually get to act someday hopefully in one of your shows.Keep up the good work.

  49. hey nick it is and so many other people in the world want to bring back danny phantom. I am working so hard to make the new series into a comic and send it to you and hope you will maker it into a tv show. Please contact me if you will do that for me and the others that want to bring back Danny.

  50. I would think you could find someone to write some different cartoon story’s. I run a child care and no matter witch time of day or night you are on you are running the same story day after day. Soon to switch to netflix.

    • OMG you should see the fare on sunday, when the grade-schoolers are home from school. it is horror and violence all day – no wonder kids are the way they are now, no concern for others, disregard of authority. I have nickelodeon on right now and this stuff is making me feel sick. nick is doing a major disservice to humanity of the future with their sunday programming.

  51. I can’t believe you guys would make Every Witch Way a one month event.At least let the show go longer.I called all the numbers for Nickelodeon and nobody cares.If you guys don’t put the show back your not going to make a lot of money anymore.Put it back!!!!!!

  52. Nick, revive Supah Ninjas for a 3rd season. Cliff-hanger! And really, it was a great show, but you canceled it because it had a poor amount of views. Why? Your time slot! Please revive it for a 3rd season with AT LEAST 13 more episodes. And no more cliff-hangers! If you do make season 3, please put it at a reasonable time slot!

  53. I am really disappointed of all the new shows that you all are bringing up for the children, like Sanjai and craig, rabbid invasion and I just saw that another new one is about to start this weekend called Breadwinners. What ever happen to the old shows you all use to have they were a lot better then the ones that you show on Nick today. They just show a lot of inapropiate things for all the millions of children in the United States. I banned cartoonNetwork from my children because it has really realy inapropiate things for kids and little but surly it seems like you all are doing the same thing. Please STOP and bring back more better shows for our children and I am speaking on behalf on my children and the millions of other children and families out there. All this inapropiate shows you are showing the children now in days are not good and it should stop. Society is getting worser and worser and a lot has to do with the things they show on TV and now is like us parents need to even watch what our children watch. Us parents should feel comforterble on what they watch on Nick like it was in the 90s. and this is day and night that you all put cartoon shows and comercials that is not good please Fix it.

  54. For the record end Monsters vs aliens the series is a bad idea and I don’t thinklow ratings is the problem. The problem is ur should do more and give us fan want they want. Get inspired fan fiction writer and I want to see more Dr.cockroach and Susan fleshed more as the fan want them as a couple or an idea of it at least have it be notice more so it feels right. Plz.

  55. It still in my power to see u not give up on Monsters vs Aliens the series. Its not ur ratings just consider tht us fan will not stand for this. Plz give the show more ideal for us. We can’t stand it being have one year!!!! Just do us all a favor do more with the characters of what we would to see.

  56. Don’t think for one second that I have given up on this I will stop. This will not go unnoticed. I will not stand to see a show being given up. Continue it now their I will give your fan a reason not watch your shows ever again!!

  57. Look it be really great if you people just off the crappy show breadwinners. Cuz no body likes bring back Monsters vs aliens its way better then tht piece of crap. So get on with it dang it.

  58. As parents and teachers we aim to teach our children manners and yet you think it is funny to make a vulgar belching sound when adverts are being shown! It is crude and u called for!!!

  59. I think you shouldnt have cancel Victorious its one of my favorite show and many more favorites. I personal HATE the new nick its dumb and the shows are not as good as the old ones and you could ask any other kid they proably would of agreed with me. So i write this to the creaters of nick get kids opinions and see if they like it ause if they like it chances are other kids are too. And one more thing could you please bring back Victorious or just send me the rest of the episodes you guys did before you guys canceled it.

  60. Please put back at the Barnyard back on Nick at 4pm. I live in Illinois. I really miss it and its the only time I can watch it. I am 54 yrs old and I enjoy this cartoon.

    Thank You for your Time,

  61. I have an issue with the prank call commercial with the girl from same & cat in which she continuously repeats either poop panties or poof panties either way my 2 years doesn’t need to be walking around the house saying the word panties you have teen nik for that kind of nonesense

  62. hey nick would be a lot better if you made the Jungle movie from hey Arnold you have to it was the best cartoon ever and make the patkies

  63. I just put a message on here elsewhere but I’m not sure it was the right place as after I hit send, it said they would take my concern into consideration for an improvement to the website. This is about the tv channel. I love Nick and Nick at Nite. It is all I watch because it is light hearted, wholesome, funny tv. But I have been wondering for years why you show horrifying commercials for previews of R rated horror movies. It really and truly ruins the experience and I always change the channel when they come on. I wish you would reconsider showing those previews. We are watching Nick at Nite for the laughs, not so we can have nightmares.

  64. Today at 3:20 I was watching Paw Patrol (nic 2 channel) with my five year old.
    To my shock, and dismay you aired a commercial for KMart. The commercial opens with several women running on the beach.
    During the ENTIRE commercial, the cameras solely focus on their waist, stomach and breast area.
    I find this type of commercial ENTIRELY INAPPROPRIATE for any child.
    Do you have anyone that reviews these commercials before they are approved to be aired on a show for 3-7 year old? If so, I suggest you consider a swift adjustment.

    There is no excuse for this type of material being aired for young children.

  65. I respectfully request that you put Danny Phantom and Little Bill and other left shows back on NickToons and Nick JR

  66. hey I really like the power rangers games you guys have on I play some power rangers games before. on Disney Channel and they were nowhere near as good as the you and you got on Nickelodeon why I love the game but I don’t actually own a computer so I was wondering if you could make those Power Rangers computer games into games for the Wii thank you. PS when are we going to see some new episodes of Power Rangers super Megaforce

  67. I think that would intereting to put the power rangers games pc on the wii i mean it’s not so bad for pc games he might be to something. and when aer you coming out new episods power rangers super megforce.

  68. It is ridiculous that this channel plays so many commercials! There is no reason to advertise that many commercials for that long, you take out scenes from the shows just to be able to play all these stupid commercials for like 5-6 minutes! Stop playing so many damn commercials! Geez!

  69. I just wrote to but figured id comment here too. But I was watching spongebob with my kids and was thinking it would be a really good idea if nickelodeon could build an actual replica of the krusty krab. Kids would absolutely love it and would like to say they actually ate at the krusty krab. Not only it will bring allot of money but families from all over would come to this place to eat. I know I would!

  70. It was so disappointing to find out that there have been on new episodes of super mg force in a while now. What has happen the show ? and you sill come white new episodes ?

  71. I am sill waiting for new episodes of power rangers super megaforce

    I am sill waiting for new episodes of power rangers super megaforce & i would like to know when will be come out with some new episods & what time will it be on can you us a sneak peek or something for the new episodes of super megaforce

  72. Spongebob should not be allowed on TV anymore due to the negative content that children are learning, with all the negative words they use I suggest that it be taken off the air ASAP or more people will report the same thing.

  73. Wondering why nick played a Reebok commercial on a Saturday afternoon showing a woman taking off her clothes and then getting in the shower! Showed no nudity but it showed her from behind with pants on and a bra. Unacceptable for a “kids” network

  74. I’m not sure if anyone from your company has heard of what’s going on in south Florida right now with a little boy by the name of James Edwards(my best friends son). He was in an accidental drowning last Friday in Coral Springs fl and is now in critical condition at broward health of ft lauderdale. Since then James has been fighting for his life and the entire community and now the entire country has been praying and doing kind things on the behalf of him .. The reason I am writing to you is because it’s become such a big story and James is now known for being one of the ninja turtles. We have ppl all over the country and even internationally writing #turtlepowerforjamesedwards. It has received hundreds of thousands views,likes and shares and is all anyone can think about since it has happened.. Below I will send you the information to the Facebook page so you can see how his recovery is completely themed around the ninja turtles and turtle power. I was seeing if nickelodeon could show some kind of support to him and his family how ever that may be. It would mean more to them then you know to see the actual ninja turtles showing their love and support. It would not let me copy a link so if you could go on Facebook and type in turtlepowerforjamesedwards you will see what I am talking about.. Random people, doctors ,nurses,entire schools, the Florida panthers, the Miami dolphins and many many more Iare showing their support to him however they can. If you need any kind of information regarding the family or have any questions you can contact me at the above email. Please be kind enough to do a small part in helping this sweet little boy get better . Thank you very much .

  75. I think the show zoey 101 is terrible! Why would you air a show with such a premise? I no longer wonder whats wrong with the youth if this is the stuff they are allowed to watch! Then the commercials nick airs air ridiculous! It certainly has been enough in my house, and has earned a block on our channels.

  76. The number you have listed above for Nickelodeon Studios is no longer correct. It goes to Universal Orlando Resort.

  77. My Grandson was watching Wallykazaam. As I walked by i heard the little girl on the screen say the word ro-ein for the word rottin. You would think that this show being of an educational nature that proper diction would be important.

  78. I honestly think that the shows Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig need to be banned. I can not stand the stupidity these shows bring. They’re not funny and they’re both full of adult jokes why would you air this for our children to watch. There is absolutely no reason to keep these shows. A lot of parents don’t monitor their children’s tv shows because as long as their kids are quiet they don’t care. But I do care about my childs well being and what he’s viewing. Ban the show I’ll be getting a petition together soon. If anyone else feels this way let me know.

  79. Please don’t cancel Sam and cat it has so many memories for me and my family please don’t cancel Sam and cat please please please. Please

  80. Dear Nick,
    Why on Earth did the last Sam And Cat end with Cat going to jail?! My kid is now thinking that she can leave people to get arrested and that its not her problem! She is only 9 and I dont know how in the heck you thought you would get away with that! Inexcusible. I demand you to reply or else I will take that channel off my cable box for good.

  81. Im a huge fan of the legend of korra, as are all my friends but you marketing is just disastrous. I had no idea season three ha premiered until a friend told me a week later. I have tuned in to every episode since and I am now distraught to hear that the last five episodes are being pulled until further notice. The legend of korra is an amazing show and this season is especially good and now you are punishing your viewers for poor ratings that resulted from your companys poor advertisement. I want your network to make this right, this show and the fans deserve better, find a better time slot, run a marathon of the episodes already aired, make sure to ADVERTISE it and continue airing the show, no breaks no hiatus, prove to the world that nickelodeon is a good network that fixes its mistakes and values it’s fan base.

  82. Excuse me Nick. I’ve been watching the show and I was wondering why is Sam & Cat cancelled? I was kinda hoping for another new season. Please add a new season for this show maybe in Fall 2014 or something.

  83. I think it is ridiculous that Nick is running commercials for Modern Family on USA during Full House. The commercial is on during Full House, which I watch with my kids to watch something wholesome. Now during the commercials the kids and I have to hear about sex. It is about “grandpa doing it” and everyone “can do it with Gloria”. It’s inappropriate. I wish someone would think about ad placement.

  84. Your nick app doesn’t have my tv provider Dish I was wondering if buoy could look into getting Dish listed in your tv providers list thank you bye

  85. Your nick app doesn’t have my tv provider Dish I was wondering if you could look into getting Dish listed in your tv providers list thank you bye

  86. the subject is sponsorship of Upward bound promotions LLC a company dedicated to improving the lives of our young people in the united states pleas forward this to corporate marketing my website is

  87. I think the new ninja turtles should be taken off the air. It’s terrible and it’s nothing like the original. I’m all for remaking stuff but nickelodeon ruined this cartoon. I bought all of the original seasons on DVD so my kids could grow up watching the real turtles instead of the new ones. I’m glad I still have all of my old ninja turtle toys so they can play with those because I won’t buy the new stuff.

  88. On every witch way season 3…fool moon is over, now what about Scary Sun?
    Happens every 5!year, 2 months
    It causes witches and wizard do something opposite than they want to.
    Ex. emma is engrlized…hate school…and a boy. Jax is a girl. Thats a scary sun

  89. Please put Friends back on Nick at Night at 10:00! I love love that show and do not care for How I Met Your Mother!! I watched every night! You will lose all your “Friends” fans!!! I don’t know of any How I Met Your Mother fans???? PLEASE!!!!!!

  90. Y’all really need to bring the street sharks back like y’all did with the ninja turtles, I found some DVDs with some of the old street shark episodes and my son really likes them.

  91. I am a little discouraged with Nickelodeon I was sitting on my couch with my sick 8 yr old boy watching victorious, when in between episodes comes a inappropriate music video to be playing on a cartoon channel!!! My son at 8 yes old don’t need to be watching half naked girls making inappropriate sexual gestures!! I hope this gets in the hands of the right people!!


  93. My 5 yr old watches wallykazam at 12 noon and for the last two days you have an extremely scary Halloween haunted house commercial with a clown that scares him he just had me turn off TV and is afraid to watch the show bc of fear of the clown. Poor choice in commercial! Who do u think is watching at 12noon no children that would go to haunted houses with scary clowns. Pretty surprised at your choice in advertising we will not be watching til we know this is removed! I will be sharing this on parenting FB sites.

  94. why would you put a show on about teenagers that are gay? my son is 10 years old and does not ned to see that. You ned to wake up!

  95. I’ve never wrote a network but when I seen the advertisement for show” coming out” I wanted to express my thoughts my daughter is only 6 she watches this channel . Why is there a need to focus on sexual preference of anyone save those issues for nick at nite or teen nick.

    • I am by no means happy with the news program and commerials regarding Being gay as a teen. My 6 and 9 years watch programs they do not know or are ready to learn what being gay means. I feel they should have programs for teens struggling with their sexuality, but NOT on a childrens channel. Poor judgment Nickoldeon! We will no longer support or watch this channel.

  96. Unbelievable!!! I encourage my young daughters to watch Nick because of the filth on other networks only to see an advertisement for the show”coming out”. I thought this was a kid friendly network,not a network promoting homosexuality!!!
    I will be contacting my satellite provider also and requesting them not to renew any contract with Nickelodeon!!!

  97. So very disappointed in your choice to air the “coming out” show. Need I remind you this a children’s network. What were you thinking?

  98. Your show on 10-7-2014 featuring a lesbian girl is a outrage. What business do you have cramming your sex options down children’s thoughts your network is out of line, out of control and out of my home . your network. your movies. all toys anything with your trademark is banned from my home. your wrong all wrong . I will be sharing with everyone one I know about your offence . writing everyone in your network . you need to realize the larger audience in America is straight end of story.

  99. As a grandmother of 9 grandchildren in the age group of 2-10 years of age, I’m VERY concerned about the advertisement of inappropriate materials for the age group in which Nickelodeon targets as an audience. The current advertisement on Time Warner Cable of Charlotte, NC for the TV show “The Walking Dead” is not appropriate for children in the age range of 2-9. I speak for my family when I say; this type of advertisement /entertainment is what we as parents attempt to protect our children from and, in doing so trust in Nickelodeon to do the same.
    If Time Warner Cable of Charlotte, NC sells advertisement for inappropriate TV show, TV series and movies on The Nickelodeon cable channel. How can we as parents and grandparents trust Nickelodeon with our children’s undivided attention?
    My hopes are whoever reads this letter realize how fighting dead people from “The Walking Dead” are for young children. Please take in to consideration of selling the age appropriate advertisement on age appropriate channels.
    In closing if you are not the correct contact for this concern; please pass it on to someone that can help.
    Sincerely, Sherry Callahan

    Nickelodeon (often shortened to Nick, and originally called Pinwheel) is an American basic cable and satellite television network that is owned by the MTV Networks Kids & Family Group, a unit of the Viacom Media Networks division of Viacom. Most of its programming is aimed at children and adolescents ages 8–16, while its weekday morning edutainment programs are targeted at younger children ages 2–8. The channel’s programming consists of original first-run television series, along with occasional broadcasts of theatrically-released and original made-for-cable movies and select other third-party programming.

    Sent to TWC on 9/29/2014

  100. I’m extremely upset over the recent coming out of a Nick Star. I dont have an issue with those who “choose” to be with the same sex. That is not my place to tell anyone other wise. What I have an issue with is your channel. That is suppose to be for CHILDREN having to hear this kind of stuff. HOW DARE YOU PULL THIS STUNT! My kids are 10 and 12 they do not know about those kinds of things. I filter and monitor everything they watch and hear. For me to see this on your channel is really upsetting. I will never allow my kids to watch your channel again. You people need to check yourself and realize these are kids your airing these things too.

  101. Miami dolphins care about there fans Spongebob did not sand me a autograph and Spongebob pick his fans Spongebob .Spongebob fans are so rude so is nick . I think nick lies to me and did not give me Spongebob autograph but Miami dolphins give me a autograph i love Miami dolphins and there cool in my book ps Spongebob fans are bullying me Kaitlin Agosh becacuse i,m Miami dolphins fan and a cartoon network fan

  102. My children will no longer be watching Nickolodeon, due to the show Comin Out. It is NOT this channel responsibility to educate my children on sexuality, is it MINE. I am VERY disappointed.

  103. The schedule lineup change SUCKS! PUT “FRIENDS” BACK ON AT 10pm!! “How I Met your Mother” is garbage and if I never saw that show again it would be too soon!

  104. I want to find a way to sue this channel for claiming to be a children’s channel yet airing previews for horror movies that leave kids up anxious and scared. What’re you thinking? Stop airing these before you lose viewers or worse…

  105. I think there are a lot of single parents out there and a lot of great single Dads. With Nick mom at night and other mom oriented shows it is unfair to dads. Get with the times. Its not 1950 anymore.

  106. The show Henery Danger is a good show . I will not allow my children watch it. The little sister is so rude. People want to know why are kids are rude. She is soo disrespectful with her yelling. You should changed her attitude. I know most of the moms i know feel same way. It is ruining your family image.

  107. Why in the World are you making cartoons for kids that involve a beaver wanting to take someone’s soul? These are shows that believe it or not speak to our youth and that’s not the message you want to send to them. I have three boys that are HUGE TMNT fans and you are about to lose us and I would hope many others if you cannot clean up your CARTOONS and stop making shows like this.

  108. My daughter loves Paw Patrol. I am extremely disappointed that all toys and clothing are geared to boys. Create paw Patrol Clothing etc for Girls. Do not market this product as a boy product. Paw Patrol is for Girls too.
    For Christmas I purchased boys shirts and PJ’s for my daughter. Not Fair.

  109. Am I the only parent that is absolutely disturbed by the commercials I am seeing on Nick??? There was one for the show Anger Management and it was talking about makeup sex!!! I thought this channel was for do you explain to your seven year old what makeup sex is??? I’ve tried contacting Nickelodeon and of course I just keep getting transferred and then I get a voicemail!!! I cannot believe anyone would think this is ok. What a disappointment Nick

  110. The wife and I were watching “Ramona & Beezus with our boys . In one scene Beezus asked “who could love a name like Beezus & Ramona says ” Jesus ” . Awesome except Nick bleeped it out ! Remarkable !!! The Boys love Nick , but now we have to block Nick .

  111. My wife & I were watching Ramona & Beezus on Nick and we were shocked at a shocking move your people made .in one scene Beezus says “who could love a name like Beezus?” & Ramona says “JESUS “, but your people bleeped out JESUS . How sad that you have removed JESUS from your shows . Our boys Love,loved, Nickelodeon , but have no desire to tune in to any of your programs . Matter of fact they were the ones who noticed that your people did that . WHAT A SHAME !

  112. I am writing because nickelodeon is airing a preview for a very scary movie called “She never left”. My daughter loves to watch nickelodeon but she literally has to cover her eyes when this scary movie preview comes on. It aired last night and she couldn’t go to sleep after that. This is a kids channel why do you feel the need to preview scary horror movies? This needs to stop.
    Thank you Stephanie White

  113. I just want to let you know I am not happy with your programming change of replacing spongebob squarepants with Icarly I mean really that , in MY opinion was a VERY bad move . I have several grandchildren who have done nothing but cry over missing their show. just curious but who’s idiotic idea was that anyway

  114. Our family is disappointed you have chosen to air the trailer for the Woman In Black 2. It is very scary and has upset my children several times when they are watching Full House. Please reconsider airing it as it is not appropriate for your audience. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  115. Why is Nickelodeon showing commercials for the horror movie “woman in black 2”???? It is a very disturbing commercial to see in the middle of watching Full House with my children. They have had nightmares and I am VERY upset about this being shown during family friendly TV time. If Nick wants to show this commercial, why not show it later, during Friends, when the children are no longer watching. I turned the channel to Disney. At least on Disney, I do not have to worry about the commercials giving my children nightmares!!

    • I agree 100%!! I was contacting Nickelodeon to voice my concerns about the airing of a commercial for The Conjuring which was on during the 8:00 hour. This is totally inappropriate to show during children’s programming. I am glad to see other people have written in, but considering they wrote their concerns Dec. 26th and Jan. 1st and you are still choosing to air these commercials I am not confident you are getting the message. I guess we will have to DVR any shows our kids want to watch and fast forward through the commercials or stop watching Nickelodeon.

  116. I have been a huge fan of “The Legend of Korra” since it first aired on Nickelodeon. I had watched the last two episodes of season 4, and I wanted to say I was mind-blown and emotionally moved on how well the writers and animators closed off the season. They did an amazing job with the last two episodes. However, in the last few seconds of the episode “The Last Stand,” I noticed that the characters Korra and Asami were holding hands and eye-gazing each other while being transported to the spirit world. At first, I thought this was a gesture of a deep friendship, but after reading so many articles about this moment, I realized it was more than that. I was deeply shocked and disturbed that the creators made Korra and Asami a representation of a same-sex couple. Personally, I do not think characters such as this should be portrayed and encouraged on a children’s programming network. Cartoon characters (as well as people) of the same gender in a relationship is unnatural, disgusting, and, above all, not normal. Putting something like this in a children’s show is inappropriate and immoral. As I recall from my childhood, ‘cartoon shows are supposed to be fun and innocent for children. If cartoon shows start putting something like this on the air, I will not support the broadcasting company by letting my future children watch these kinds of shows. I give you my word, I am not a racist. Just a concerned fan of “The Legend of Korra” who wants her opinion to be heard. All I asking is to not lose the innocence of cartoon shows by encouraging same-gender relationships among cartoon characters. Thank you for your time in reading and responding to my concerns.

  117. I have been a fan of “The Legend of Korra” since it first aired on Nickelodeon. I’ve had watched the last two episodes of season 4, and I wanted to say I was mind-blown and emotionally moved on how well the writers and animators closed off the season. They did an amazing job with the last two episodes. However, in the last few seconds of the episode “The Last Stand,” I noticed that the characters Korra and Asami were holding hands and eye-gazing each other while being transported to the spirit world. At first, I thought this was a gesture of a deep friendship, but after reading so many articles about this moment, I realized it was more than that. I was deeply shocked and disturbed that the creators made Korra and Asami a representation of a same-sex couple. Personally, I do not think characters such as this should be portrayed and encouraged on a children’s programming network. Cartoon characters (as well as people) of the same gender in a relationship is unnatural, disgusting, and, above all, not normal. Putting something like this in a children’s show is inappropriate and immoral. As I recall from my childhood, ‘cartoon shows are supposed to be fun and innocent for children. If cartoon shows start putting something like this on the air, I will not support the broadcasting company by letting my future children watch these kinds of shows. I give you my word, I am not a racist. Just a concerned fan of “The Legend of Korra” who wants her opinion to be heard. All I asking is to not lose the innocence of cartoon shows by encouraging same-gender relationships among cartoon characters. Thank you for your time in reading and responding to my concerns.

  118. Hi. I don’t understand how you can allow other websites to sell Rocky with his recycle truck from Paw Patrol (the one where Rocky can come out of the truck) for $90 or more than $100? This is ridiculous! we r trying to find this character (last one for us) and it is always out of stuck everywhere or it is $100. My child wants it so bad. you created a very nice cartoon that kids love but there are not enough toys were made????? How can I buy this character for under $30??? Please HELP!!!

  119. Hey, So my friends birthday is coming up soon on march 12th. We have this inside joke from the show rugrats and I decided maybe i could have it written on a shirt for us. I had two pictures designed on there one was of Drew and one was the rugrats symbol. I submitted it to but they will not let me print rugrat designs without permission. I was wondering if you could please help me out? I am not making any profit from these designs It was just an inside joke that I though would be cool to put on a shirt. Could you please help me? Thanks so much, -Sara.

  120. Hi,im a huge fan of The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, and I was wonduring if I could be A new character in Some of the New episodes! I would really love to be a new character in some of the new upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles! Please email me with your answer. I can give you more information about me then! THANKS ~ Lauren

  121. If you don’t give credit to amazingphil for the 7 second challenge I will hack into the system for the next teen choice awards and read the hat fic

  122. My 6 year old son was watching Sponge Bob this morning before school and a Walking Dead advertisement came on. He was terrified at the images he saw and I am extremely upset. Parents should be able to trust kids networks. My son should not be exposed to terrifying images while watching a morning cartoon. I no longer want to put Nick on out of fear of what my son will see. I do not understand why a kids network is advertising adult programs. Please respond to this. Until I feel its safe, I am no longer allowing my son to watch Nick.

  123. Why are you airing Walking Dead commercials?? It terrified my 6 year old son! I thought Nick was a kid friendly channel. Please explain this.
    – Very Upset Mother

  124. Its very concerning to me that nick is supposed to be a kids network and they are letting fifth harmony perfom or even let your kids watch. I dont think I need kids seeing this at such a young age. It has also come to my concern that they are up for an award. Im nog sure if its against the rules but the group of girls have been tweeting out their hashtag and bribing their fans to vote for them and if they do they will give out tickets. I just see it unfair to contestants if 5h is bribing them like. It seems wrong. You may see me as just a bitter fan, but im genuinely comcerned about them being alowed to just bend thei rules. Ive checked none of the any other contestents are doing it. Its just fifth harmony.

  125. Hello, my name is Alex and I’m part of the sales team for WAYPL. We’re a retailer in Southern California and we’re interested in selling Nickelodeon products. We sell products in a wide variety of categories through our brick and mortar store located in Arcadia, CA and online. I’d like to know how we can get started with an order. Do you have a price list, order form and catalogs that you can email to me?

    If there is any other relevant information, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Also if there is anything you need from us, please let me know.

  126. So I’m sitting with my 5 year old daughter watching “make it pop” it is so sexual I can’t even believe it. Even spelled out SEX in the songs! This show is not kid appropriate and just discusting. Boys boys boys. As if our little girls don’t have enough influence as it is. Glad for once I payed attention, enough to block nick off of my TV. Be warned parents

  127. Okay…so on Nicktoons a bunch of shows that were supposed to play this morning did not. In fact, the shows that did play weren’t even cartoons! What’s up with that?!? Me and my son love to get our Airbender and Korra on at the start of our weekday. Please explain because we both feel very wronged (okay…maybe I feel wronged more so than he does…lol).

  128. why is snoop dog on nick? he is as well known for his recreational drug use as his music. is this really the example everyone wants for kids? i consider their recent choices an epic fail. seriously? even my grown kids are wondering why he is on nick.

  129. I am utterly disgusted that you are bringing such a disgusting role model as Snoop Dog on to a Nickelodeon show. Nothing that snoop dog portrays is suitable for my children and I am seriously disappointed with your choice. Disney channels will be getting our support now versus Nickelodeon. I highly disagree that someone who promotes drugs, abuse towards women and gang violence needs to be introduced to my kids as a cartoon. Totally disgusting and revolting.

  130. I had purchased paw patrol sheets set and comforter for my five year old daughter. Her favorite show. We opened it to find all the pups plus ryder but no Sky the girl pup. She has been on the show the whole type. Ridiculous that nick jr is gender sterotyping. She thinks the show is only for boys now and doesnt want to watch it or have the sheets and comforter. Good job nick jr!

  131. Nickelodeon,
    How can you relate Snoop Dogg to children as part of a kids’ channel? He’s had a very lengthy arrest record for a numerously unethical lifestyle. Is this the type of person you want your own children to be exposed to? What has happened to our society that we allow convicted felons to be influenced to entertain our children?

  132. I don’t like the reference to Memorial Day just being a day off from school so that kids can watch “Genie in a Bikini”. That is sending the wrong message to our children. Memorial Day is much more that just a day off from school. I want my children/grandchildren to understand that the purpose of Memorial Day is to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.
    Our children are bombarded with too much mindless superficial junk on TV.

  133. I am very upset with your decision to remove iCarly from regular programming! I miss watching iCarly reruns and I’m sure other people do too, please air it at least daily.

  134. nickeloden may i have permission from you to post your shows to my youtube channel pleas all regards frome last time i did and my aplogies iam 13 and did not know

  135. That 70’s show on Nickelodeon is ridiculous. Those kids on there do drugs on almost every episode and yall are supposed to be a kids network. I can’t express the disappointment I have for this being aired on your network. It’s really sad when I walk in my living room and my daughters are watching teenage kids getting high. That needs to be removed from your programming or yall need to stop promoting yourself a as a kid friendly network. I know my kids won’t be watching nickelodeon anymore after seeing that.

  136. I, the Organizer, Deaf Ministry Fellowship-Metro Washington DC Area, 501(C)3 ministry organization speaking on behalf of the Metro Washington DC churchwide deaf ministry. Iwould like to reach the producer(s) of Dora The Explorer and sit down to discuss the possible animated episodal series on the title called Biblical Journey World, the biblically-oriented version of Dora The Explorer. Please reach accordingly and thank you.

  137. You are one of the last networks I can keep on some what for my 1, 2 and 9 year olds. We are a Christian family that values tradition and it is getting harder and harder to watch television in general even for a little while because even the commercials are so full of sex it is insane. Now we havent been able to watch ABC Family because of how bad it has become. And now there is a show called becoming us that actually suggests that transgender is okay. Now i choose not to watch that channel. But now tonight watching your channel Nickelodeon with my 3 children a commercial for becoming us came on.

    I just have to say that I am appalled that you would allow a commercial that says a man is becoming a woman to air on this kids channel. My children are way too young to even know that the word transgender even exists. That includes my 9 year old whom doesn’t even know what sex or choosing to become gay means. I have to say that I put up with some adult stuff hidden in SpongeBob show etc but this is a little too much. And lets face it its not like you desperately need the advertising money. This network is quite wealthy. This whole agenda of shoving transgender/gay acceptance as the new norm is being directed to children of ALL AGES. I do recall that your movie that was about halloween with Victoria in it had the 2 moms in it, needless to say we have never watched it again. With respect I am writing to say as a concerned parent it is wrong for my babies and children to see transgender commercials on your kids channel. Having it on on nick at night is a different story. But it wasnt nick at night. And it is none of my business nor am I judging people choice in the transgender lifestyle. But there is no reason for my little ones to be shown even a commercial about it on their kids channel, it is very inappropriate to say the least.
    Sincerely – concerned parent

  138. Hello I was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. I have a named Jassiah, and I am reaching out to you all in regards to her. During one of her favorite shows, Henry Danger. Cotton mouth was my leastI am reaching out to you all because when my eight year old daughter watches Henry danger, she briefly forgets I have brain cancer. She would love to come to the kids choice sports show hosted by Russel Wilson! This surprise would mean the world to her!

  139. I am not letting my children watch anymore until the Sea World commercials are no longer running. Our children deserve better. Most everything walked away from Sea world after Blackfish. Why on earth have you guys not? The commercial with trainers saying they do not take from the wild and that the animals live longer in captivity is just a few of the blatant lies this company tries to push to keep making money at these animals expenses. Shame on you Nickelodeon.

  140. I was highly disappointed to find out you were cancelling The Dukes of Hazzard,a 36 yr old tv show on TVLand that I watched & had grown up with.In all the 36 yrs this show has been aired not one peep about this show being racist or offensive to anyone.The Sheriff in the next county was black the Dukes had to run from him from time to time.It’s absolutely absurd that you have decided to cancel this show due to the views of somw clowns that habe nothing better to due with their lives than complain about a painted flag on the roof of the car..THE GENERAL LEE may possibly be the most iconic car to ever be on tv & you are doing a great injustice not letting the next generation enjoy it as so many of us did.Of course this generation is much more sensitive.Anyway,sorry to have the show go my children & I will not be watching TVLand anymore.Thank you for your time.

  141. I was wondering if u could bring back one of my favorite cartoons invader zim I love that show or give gir his own show

  142. You jerks at Nickelodeon have ruined Power Rangers. You perpussly left out any explanation for the pirate theme of Super Megaforce (Captain Force), no origin story for the New Legendary Modes, you have lazy writers who won’t even do the right propper research, the Super Megaforce Rangers did not all morph into all of their Legendary Ranger Modes including the suits from The five new power set’s, every season in a clone of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, your trying to reach kids from the 1990s instead of today’s kids and the older fan’s, you have twenty episodes per season and a long hiatus between seasons instead of thirty episodes per season, you call every 2nd season a Super season when there’s really nothing super about them, the Legendary Battle was only three minutes long instead of ten times as long, you hire untalented actors, you unsalted the intelligence of kids and the other fan’s with the way you did both seasons of Samurai and Megaforce, you should remake Super Megaforce with a slightly darker tone like you did for the Legend of Kora, you helped turn Power Rangers from 2010 to 2014 into the Power Rangers Five Years of Crap ( #PR5YrsOfCrap ), you passed on the idea of a Mighty Morphin Dino Thunder Dino Charge team up, you never explained how an interracial team of Rangers are descended from Japanese Samurai and I don’t even know what you will do with Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. All of the Power Rangers fans will hate you guies and gals forever.

  143. You guys at Nickelodeon have ruined Power Rangers, here’s why. No explanation for the pirate theme of Super Megaforce, no explanation for the New Power Set’s, lazy writers, no explanation for how the Samurai Rangers are descended from Japanese Samurai, every season is a clone of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Saban is stuck in the 1990s, every season is twenty episodes long instead of thirty episodes long, every 2nd season is a super season but there’s really nothing super about them, the Legendary Battle was only three minutes long instead of ten times as long, the Megaforce Rangers did not morph into all of their Legendary Ranger Modes including the suits from The New Power Set’s, you split every Super Sentai into two seasons of the same team, the show is for three year olds these day’s instead of for thirteen to fourteen year olds and you really don’t listen to the fan’s as much as Saban. Unless you fix all of the damage that you have done, the Power Ranger fan’s will hate you all forever.

  144. You need to remake Super Megaforce and rename it Power Rangers Captain Force, give it 40 episodes instead of a measly 20, get real and very talented writers to write the script for every episode, hire great actors instead of bad ones, rename everything with Super Mega and Legendary in its name to Captain and remake the Mega War.

  145. If you screw up the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie remake, the fan’s will make you sorry, and I’m afraid of what they will do.

  146. Why is it you can find everything you want for boys with the paw patrol episode but very few things for girls? Especially in the bedding department, even just a plush blanket would work. Girls like the show to! My daughter wants her room in paw patrol decor but it’s frustrating to do so. I contacted nickjr several times asking if they would ever come out with something for girls with no response.

  147. Why is Comcast not an available provider for Nick on the Roku box? I bought the Roku because this Nick app is on there but without you allowing me to log in with Comcast the app is useless as only two episodes are available to watch. Please can you add Comcast to your list of providers so that my son can finally watch Nick again

  148. Nick Hotel
    While in Orlando the character breakfast was a must for our girls. Being that you had to be a guest to partake in the experience we figured why not stay our last night at nick hotel. Breakfast was delicious, my girls really enjoyed themselves, a bit pricy but worth it. When we got our room it was right next to the elevators and pool so It was always noisy. The room smelled so bad I could hardly stand it. It stunk of musty old wet carpet. I kept my shoes on. The kids bedroom was damp dark and stinky. No blankets really. I was so great flu we only booked one night. I don’t think I could have had an extended stay in that room. My kids had a blast at the pool. My oldest actually was chosen for the poolside show. She got slimmed on stage. She was beside herself. So the experience itself was great. Our room was probably one of the worst room I have stayed In Due to the smell. Oh, and not to mention the family that was in the room next door screaming at the top of their lungs till about 12:30 am. That was awesome. I do not plan on ever staying at this hotel again.

  149. To whom it may concern,
    I understand the idea that you want to see children get outside and play. So on 9/26/2015, you decide to cut your channels off. What upsets me as an active parent who gets his daughter outside often I don’t need you cutting the services I pay for to encourage me to do so. I pay good money to a cable company to get your channel for my daughter. Am I going to see a refund on my next bill for not getting services I pay for??? I doubt it.

  150. This is in response to your off air status for your Nickelodeon Worldwide Day Of Play, please note that you have a population that watches your channels who have autism who do not understand why you are not on. Some of these children, or in the case of my child adult children, are greatly disturbed by this. My son has been distraught all day. We have taken him “out” but what he can and wants to do is limited. In otherwards, your nice idea has been a nightmare for us. Please do not make this an annual event.

  151. It is 7:30 am while my daughter is watching spongeBob and I see a being strong promo for Oxygen.I don’t know who is a idiot to approve a commercial with women in their underwear playing football

  152. I cant say what happened exactly but I was banned from the Nickelodeon message boards for an unknown reason. I tried using the Moderator contact link but it didn’t work. I sent them an email but they never replied. I was starting to feel betrayed by my favorite TV company. I felt like they didn’t care about the service they where providing me which is extremely unfair because I have been with Nickelodeon for a very long time. I haven’t bothered sending anything else back because I know that by what they are showing me is that they don’t seem to care about their customers. so I switched over to Cartoon Network because they seem to have a better way of running things. I really like Nickelodeon but this is unacceptable.

  153. Hi, my name is Melika, I’m 10 years old, I wanted to act since I was 3 years old. I’ve been practicing since I was 4 years old and I REALLY think I’ve got what I takes to be an actress. Is there any audition in 2016? I live in Kuwait.

  154. I was watching Alvin and the chipmunks with my daycare kids yesterday and thought I heard “what the hell” come out of of the chipmunks. I hit go back hoping I heard wrong. But , no I heard right. Now I am no prude and can swear with the beat of them. But, I do not do it in front of my kiddos. And I dont understand why that had to be said on a cartoon.

  155. My 8 year old daughter enjoys watching Nickelodeon. I monitor which shows she watches to make sure they are appropriate for her age. However, on several occasions she has seen a promotional advertisement for an ABC adult evening drama called Wicked City. The promo is very graphic, depicting gunshot violence and sex and it is complete inappropriate for your channel. I live in Greensboro, NC and Time Warner Cable is my provider. This usually happens when we are watching programs On Demand. Please remove this content from your children’s shows or we will have to eliminate Nickelodeon from our viewing choices. Thank you very much.
    -Liz Summers

  156. Winx needs to be removed from Nick Jr. It is not suitable for preschool children to watch. How does my child go from watching shows like bubble guppies & peppa pig to Winx? Its geared towards Nick Teen (adult content) viewers so please place it in a proper view spot that is age appropriate! Thank you.

  157. I am very disappointed with You! The paw patrol set of figures and vehicles that can be used on paw patroller, was since released $12,99. Now, close to Christmas your prices raised to $32.99 ( X 7 pups!) This is 3 times more. What is wrong with you? Or are you planning make a big sale on Christmas Day or after, dropping the price to $12,99 ( the regular price)???? This is a duty move and abusive! Shame on you Nickelodeon company ! I really hope you realize how unacceptable it is this jump on your prices!

    Thank you!

    Caroline Duarte

  158. I am long time power rangers fan and I am glad that power rangers is getting lots of expourse. However Nickelodeon has not been handling the show very well. For starters they have the whole 20 episodes a season thing which may work for other shows but not for power rangers. Second someone at Nickelodeon decided that this Saturday December 5 instead of showing the dino charge finale they will air the holiday special. This makes no sense! I do not celebrate holidays but i think it would better to air the holiday episode towards the end of the month. This is just another reason why power rangers needs to end it’s partnership with Nickelodeon. As a long time fan of the show this stinks!!!

  159. I purchased the teenage mutant ninja turtles ball house for my son and when we went to blow it up it would not hold air on one side! The seam was not sealed on one corner after spending $40 for this product I am very disappointed, never mind the fit my son had on xmas because he couldn’t play with his xmas gift. Can you please replace ?

  160. I do not like most of the Nick shows because they make all adults bumbling idiots. I know they are made for the young viewer, it adds to lack of respect kids have towards adults. In addition, a supposedly banal show like Henry Danger chooses to have a sushi restaurant called “Sushi Dushi” Really? What adult thought that would be a good idea?

  161. As a mother of a school age boy, I find it very disturbing to watch Henry Danger as the character “Piper”- Ella Anderson is not setting good example to kids. Her personality is rude to people specially to her parents, disrespectful, no manners, bully and brat. Hope Nickoledeon not to set example like that.

  162. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Maybe I am writing to a wrong address – please, forward me the correct one.

    My request concerns the toy production. My son loves Paw Patrol. He has Chase with his car and recently he got a Rubble figure as a present. Unfortunately, only a figure without car. Nowhere I could find just a car to be sold. It’s only together with figure. But we have figure already. Having two Rubbles isn’t interesting. If you produce pups to be sold alone then there should be their cars to be produced and sold alone as well. It is logical. Please, tell me how can I buy online just Rubble’s car without figure.
    Best regards

  163. I was highly disturbed by the segway the Nickelodeon network decided to use as advertisement for shows coming on this Monday. Ironically this Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and in the same breath this network is referring to the day as “Your Day Off from School.” It is devastating enough that schools hardly acknowledge the accomplishments Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has made for the American people. It is that much worst to hear a respectable television network that influences and inspires so many children totally disregard this special day for America. I don’t believe I have to elaborate just what Dr. King has done and why his day should never be referred to as a child’s “Day Off from School.” The advisement is offensive, and I am definitely not the only one who has noticed, but I might be the only one who will take the time to speak up about the injustice. It may not be your duty to educate our children, but I would rather you say nothing about what Monday, January 18, 2016 is versus you giving our children the idea that this day is just their “day off.” Thank you for your time, and I hope this letter will inspire change down at Nickelodeon studios.

  164. Hello,
    Love your
    Shows. I have one favor to ask there is a commercial of a horror flick with doll figured boy that is scaring my kids when they watch full house. The commercial goes on every night. I don’t think it’s appropriate for your station. We love you please remove this commercial it’s terrifying for kids.

  165. I have spent all weekend in a heated battle with my 11 year old autistic son. Nick had an add campaign promoting school closings on 1-18-2016. This information is incorrect for our area. Your add campaign coused undew stress on my entire family. Especially my autistic son! I would appreciate more dilligance on your part when reguarding nation wide advertising. My phone number is 812-781-2261. Feel free to call.

  166. I just have some concerns on the new cartoons that are being played on nickelodeon. Shows like breadwinner,sanjay and craig, fanboy and chum chum and the list goes on. These shows are horrible I wish you guys can put better ones on thats has good meaning behind them. The cartoons of the 90’s had great life lessons behind them. I have had to band my kids from to many cartoons that are aired now. Another things is why have the airing times of the good cartoons that you have left are at times so early in the morning when kids aren’t up example 5 am or at school. I just want my kids and others to enjoy cartoons that have life lessons.

  167. Hi on my nick app it want let me watch unlock videos. I had watch unlock videos last night. Can you please help me Thanks!

  168. Hello my 10 year old son wants to be on the new upcoming show “I wanna be”. How can he apply to be on the show? I could not find any contact info to question some, so j came here. Hopefully, we get a response.

  169. My family really enjoys watching Nick at Nite, especially Full House. It is a very family friendly show that we can feel comfortable watching with our children. However, I do not appreciate the commercials for the Comedy Central show Not Safe airing during family shows. It is VERY sexual and vulgar in nature, and inappropriate. Nickelodeon is geared towards kids and this commercial has absolutely no place airing on this channel. We strongly request that this commercial be removed from the lineup and put on a more appropriate channel that is geared to adults.

  170. My concern is with the morning lineup on school days. It makes no sense to me why George Lopez takes up so much of your air time when school aged children want to watch your channel. That show is inappropriate for their viewing. Please consider placing school aged friendly shows in the 6am to 8 am slots for those viewers before school. Thanks!

  171. I am just wondering why on the 2016 Kids Choice Award’s commercial they use the song Hot Line Bling. The company does realize what that song is about right? Among other songs that are being voted on that I feel are inappropriate for young ages.

  172. My 2 year old daughter really wants the purple winx club doll you air on the commercials during Alvin and the chipmunks. This is the first toy she has ever really asked for and it appears I can’t buy it for her. I’ve searched everywhere and can only find one doll and it’s not the one she wants. Is this doll going to be released later or what?

  173. I was wondering why you are not playing miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir I really enjoy that show I think you guys play way too much spongebob squarepants my sister and I were really looking forward to watching miraculous it’s not nice to change a schedule without warning

  174. Hello. I live in the United States and only speak Finnish. I enjoy Thundermans, a very popular series. Could you make a dub of this TV series in Finnish. I do not see a lot of American English

  175. **ATTENTION**

    Anyone who posts something on this website should KNOW THIS: Nickelodeon does not care about your problems, they have NO consideration for YOU or YOUR NEEDS. I have been refused customer service by a company I have long stood by for entertainment and merchandise, little did I realize that when a large problem came up, I WAS DENIED. Nickelodeon has been airing disgusting liberal propaganda commercials that our tainting the minds of our children, they have gotten rid of several great T.V. shows and replaced them with total TRASH. I am a disappointed customer like many of you WHO HAVE NOT BEEN HEARD. Do you think Nickelodeon actually reads any of this? do they take time off from RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERS to hear us “complain”? NO, NO THEY DO NOT. I want justice, WE WANT JUSTICE!

  176. I am more than a little disturbed by all the advertising for candy and junk food on a channel for children. In this digital age where kids sit in front of computers and video games and are not getting enough exercise do you really think it wise to promote unhealthy lifestyles? We have an obesity problem in this country and having children beg for these sweets just seems irresponsible to me.

  177. Nick Studios in orlando flordia must open soon by soon i mean now i want back gut gas legends of the scret temple and more we want the studio back now or i will hack u just kidding but do it nowwwwwwwwwww

  178. Hi my name is Yareliz and I have a 4 year old son and he likes watching Nickelodeon and Nick Jr as well but there’s a show that is not appropriate for him and it’s spongbob that shows men dressing like female I don’t like him watching it they talk to mean to each other and I don’t want him to do those things when he start school.

  179. Why did you stop airing Drake and Josh ?
    You do this all the time , you take off good shows and air the bad ones .
    Please put Drake and Josh back on

  180. Hi..i have a eight year old daughter who loves watches nickelodeon the whole day everyday.She loves The Loud House,TMNT,Spongebob and 100 Things To Do Before High School.She has prevailed upon me to buy her a nickelodeon branded backpack or one with a TMNT picture(especially of Leo her favourite character) to go with to school in January.Considering we are from Kenya getting a bag like that is like looking for a needle in a haystack.So it would be really awesome if you could send her a backpack.She would be beyond and over estatic if she could get one.She would really stand out from all the kids in the whole school lol.


  181. on i cant play powerpacked it was working last night now to day it not working i really enjoy this game and i wanting to work again

  182. Hey, I’m a student in school. And I love SpongeBob SquarePants, but when I come in from school. It is not on tv, SpongeBob SquarePants is the only think keeping me watching Nickelodeon. I wish there was a longer time for SpongeBob

  183. I am very disappointed to see a commercial for a scary movie called After I Fall played on Nick during the afternoon and early evening hours. Each time it comes on my kids close their eyes plug their ears and I change the channel. Why are you pushing this crap on children? Who thought this was acceptable for children to watch?

  184. I can’t get intouch with them through their website since am in Kenya I think so,may someone please help me with their email adress please i need it badly…

    • We recently purchased paw patrol bed sheets. Surprisingly nice soft fabric. We get them home only to see that you have all the pups represented and have omitted Sky.
      Unsure why the only girl pup didn’t make it on the sheets.
      Disappointed and would like an answer.

  185. I am trying to find out who makes the Nickjr toys. My grandson loves the Wally Kazam program and there are no Wally Kazam toys available. I don’t want just DVDs. HELP!!!

  186. In sonic & nickelodeon channels has so much of advertisements .people see ur channel of cartoons not for ads . Plz reduce the time of ads in india

  187. i do not want my kids watching homosexuals on the cartoons they watch. you should be ashamed for preaching the homo agenda. so then give equal time to preaching homo behavior is wrong and an abomination to our GOD.

  188. To whom it may concern:

    My name is Jennifer Byrd. I have been to 36 countries and 50 international cities. Thirty of the countries, I was alone. On these trips, I have shared pictures, tips, and suggestions with my almost 2000 FB friends. I, now, have a 19 month old who travels with me. People said that traveling would stop after I had my baby. It has slowed down since I am currently an unemployed stay-at-home mom who does photography on the side. I value travel as a method of educating my daughter. Now, on my pages, I share how to travel alone with a toddler on top of what I shared before being a mom. In fact, her first flight was at 5 months to Key West. At six months, we drove from Alabama to Chicago. At 10 months, we flew to Ohio to see family and drove back to Alabama. We celebrated her first birthday in Paris in Feb, and my cars 30 something birthday in Cuba. We’ve also have driven six hours to Biloxi, MS lots of times. In July, we did a two week excursion (2400 miles) to Destin and Orlando, FL. We sat on the beach and went to Disney. From there, we drove to Charleston, SC and from there to ATL and back. Your brand has made these trips successful. Next week, we plan to drive to Ohio to see family, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal and coast through five New England states to see the foliage. After that, we will stop in NYC to see family and go to Sesame Place outside of Philadephia. Finally, we will drive home. I am writing you to ask for sponsorship for my travel in exchange for my blog mentions (Ruby Heart Travels), Instagram tags and Facebook page mentions. I have a huge following who takes my suggestions when considering travelling with a small child.Thank you in advance for considering me to be a voice for your company.

    Kind regards,
    Jennifer Byrd and Ruby Byrd

  189. “What about those Republicans?” In a kid’s show? Really? The Loud House, Sunday 10-1-17. Disgusting.

  190. My family really enjoys watching Nick at Nite, especially Full House. It is a very family friendly show that we can feel comfortable watching with our children. In Tamil language but now all program in Hindi please all show in Tamil languages especially for Tamilnadu children.

  191. Nickelodeon needs to quit discontinuing the everGirl product brand because of its popularity. Listen up, Nickelodeon! Get your everGirl product brand back on its feet and have Kohl’s restock your everGirl clothing line (along with the American Girl product brand) or I’ll have to find another store to buy American Girl (Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Goodwill, Amazon, eBay, etc). I’ve had enough of those annoying TV shows airing on your channels (except for SpongeBob Squarepants, Full House, JoJo Siwa: My World, Dora the Explorer, Winx Club, Victorious, Zoey 101, Mysticons, Kuu Kuu Harajuku, Clueless, Clarissa Explains It All, the Barbie direct-to-video movies, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Designing Women, Who’s the Boss, Yogi Bear, Looney Tunes, Maple Town, Power Rangers, The Princess Diaries, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Boy Meets World, Princesses and, of course, The Brady Bunch). Nickelodeon, quit airing the annoying Teletubbies nonsense. Teletubbies doesn’t belong to neither to PBS Kids or Nick Junior. Take the Teletubbies off the air as soon as possible before my mom flips out.

  192. Good evening. Why does Nick at Nite run Two and a Half Men programs? These programs are not children appropriate. That was an adult show. They need removed.

  193. My mother sent a picture in of my brother with the understanding that it would get sent back of it didn’t win in a competition. The picture was never sent back to us. It was a long time ago but it was still never sent back. I don’t know if you still have the picture but it would really be great if you could send back the picture. I hope it wasn’t thrown away.

  194. Your NICK channel seems to be off air. I’m in Decatur , AL and I have Charter and this channel is just a white screen. Please fix it ASAP!!!!

  195. Okay I am only 19 years old, and I know that Nick had some controversy but if parents are so upset then do this. Literally don’t let your young family members watch the channel and stop adding fuel to the fire. That would be being the bigger person, heck I am not even married. I grew up with the annoying stuff, but literally just focused on the cartoons itself. I mean for everyone to say what they are going to do, then act on it. Stop harassing Nickelodeon when this crap has been going on for years, it’s nothing new.

  196. Dear sir or madam,
    My name is Yigit Deniz from Turkey,İstanbul.İ am 11 years old.
    İ like to watch Nickelodeon.Mostly i like school of rock,game shakers,HUNTER street ,Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn,thundermans and henry danger.
    My dream is to be an actor in one of these movies.
    Whould you please help me about how to be accepted in those movies.
    Also i can play guitar i am practice to London Colllege Music and i am a football team.
    Can i play in movie?
    Thank you.
    Sincearly,Yigit Deniz.

  197. Dear or maadam,
    My name is brandon,am 13 years old am from kenya.I love nickelodeon,i have watch everything there nothing gets passed me of Nickelodeon’s. I can sing and am taking music classes. Since i was 8 years old my dream was to act on nickelodeon.please if you find in your heart to let me act there,i will be hourned.
    Sincrearly,Brandon Githinji

  198. My name is Brandon am 13 years old am from kenya.Since 8 my dream was to act on nickelodeon.Ican sing and am taking music classes plus i have performed on school plays.For the love of nickelodeon please sir or maadam,can i act in nickelodeon
    Sincearly,Brandon Githinji.

  199. To whomever may concern:

    I am trying to find away of putting my cartoon drawings on air. I am comic book artist. I have done comic book called Range. Range is a group of superheroes from different parts of the world. Range has inherited superpowers from ancestry ( over 1,000 years ago.) With hidden Identity, they high school,college students and part time workers. Range is seeking for answers. They family has kept it a secret from them.

  200. I really wanted to watch Winx Club on TV again! I love seeing the 7 fairies who names are Bloom the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Stella the outgoing and spontaneous Fairy of the Shining Sun, Flora the sensitive and shy Fairy of Nature from the planet Lynphea, Musa the Fairy of Music from the planet Melody, Tecna the Fairy of Technology, Aisha the Fairy of Waves and Roxy the strong-willed Fairy of Animals. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. But for these seven fairies, nothing can defeat their powerful magic and even stronger friendship.

  201. Can you guys please put Winx Club back onto Nickelodeon again so a lot of people can watch it again especially me because I love watching the 7 fairies who names are Bloom the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Stella the outgoing and spontaneous Fairy of the Shining Sun, Flora the sensitive and shy Fairy of Nature from the planet Lynphea, Musa the Fairy of Music from the planet Melody, Tecna the Fairy of Technology, Aisha the Fairy of Waves and Roxy the strong-willed Fairy of Animals. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. But for these seven fairies, nothing can defeat their powerful magic and even stronger friendship please.

  202. I really wanted to watch Winx Club on TV again! I love seeing the 7 fairies who names are Bloom the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Stella the outgoing and spontaneous Fairy of the Shining Sun, Flora the sensitive and shy Fairy of Nature from the planet Lynphea, Musa the Fairy of Music from the planet Melody, Tecna the Fairy of Technology, Aisha the Fairy of Waves and Roxy is the strong-willed Fairy of Animals. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. But for these seven fairies, nothing can defeat their powerful magic and even stronger friendship.

  203. Can you guys please put Winx Club back onto Nickelodeon again so a lot of people can watch it again especially me because I love watching the 7 fairies who names are Bloom the Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Stella the outgoing and spontaneous Fairy of the Shining Sun, Flora the sensitive and shy Fairy of Nature from the planet Lynphea, Musa the Fairy of Music from the planet Melody, Tecna the Fairy of Technology, Aisha the Fairy of Waves and Roxy the strong-willed Fairy of Animals. When faced with trouble, they transform into beautiful fairies and save the world from all sorts of villains, like The Trix, a trio of evil witches. But for these seven fairies, nothing can defeat their powerful magic and even stronger friendship please.

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