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Contacting Nextel Customer Service Center

Nextel was a player in the cell phone industry until the 2005 merger with Sprint. Some Nextel products are still in operation, but as of May 2012 Sprint claims the enter Nextel network will be shut down. The shut down date is estimated at June 2013, but there is some room for adjustment as needed, according to Sprint. When contacting Nextel customer service you will essentially be contacting Sprint Nextel though the company offers two different customer service phone numbers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone numbers are listed for Nextel and Sprint. We’ve included both because with Nextel being cancelled completely in 2013, customers will eventually have to call the Sprint customer service line for assistance.

  • Nextel Customer Service: 1-800-639-6111

After June 2013 the Nextel customer service line may no longer work. If you have issues contacting Nextel customer service on the abovementioned line, contact Sprint customer service.

  • Sprint Customer Service: 1-800-211-4727
  • Sprint Business Customer Service: 1-800-927-2199

Mailing Address

Sprint does not offer a dedicated mailing address for Nextel customer service, but you can direct your letter to the Nextel department by adding a small line into the Sprint customer service address.

Sprint Attn: Nextel Customer Service6391 Sprint PkwyOverland Park, KS 66251

Official Website

The official website we found for Nextel customer service is listed at This is the Sprint website. We couldn’t find any dedicated information pertaining to Nextel at all. This could be because the company is nixing the Nextel brand all together. We assume the time frame given for the cancellation of all Nextel products is longer because some businesses using Nextel equipment will need to purchase all new Sprint devices or navigate new service with Sprint.

Customer Service Email

Visit to access the Nextel customer service email. Look to the right of the page for the contact form. You do NOT have to search Nextel customer service FAQs for an answer before sending your email.

Our Experience

The Nextel customer service phone number is answered by a Sprint automated system. You are asked to enter your Sprint phone number or account number to access customer service. We waited and pressed 2 for Sprint customers, 4 for other options, 5 for other options and 6 for all other options. It took more than two minutes just to make it through the automated list of options. Gale was nice enough to quote us a few prices for Sprint service, but she fumbled a bit when we asked about purchases multiple unlimited lines for a large family.

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  1. hi.. I’m from Singapore and I bought motorola nextel i205 and when i insert my simcard they show on the screen is enter special code..? If there’s any possible that I can take the special code.?

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