Contact Newsweek Customer Service

Contacting Newsweek Direct Customer Service Center

Contacting Newsweek Customer Service Center

Newsweek is an American publication published weekly. The magazine was founded in 1933 and was one of the leading sources of news and information. At the end of 2012, Newsweek was no longer available in print format and published news solely online. In the event you need to connect with the customer service department to discuss your subscription or just need to reach out to the a live agent, you can do so by email, traditional mail, by phone or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer Service: 1-800-631-1040
  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-646-867-7100

Mailing Address

Customers can reach out to the customer service department by mailing correspondence her:

IBT GroupNewsweek7 Hanover Square, 5th FloorNew York, NY 10004

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Newsweek website are redirected to The Daily Beast. Select the tab at the top of the website and you have access to national and global news and information. As you scroll through the website, news is divided into date of publication. You will need to look closely at the contact information on the contact page. There is information for Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

Social Media

There is a wealth of information available on the social media pages. We noticed several conversations available, in which customers received responses to their concerns in less than 24 hours. If you use Twitter, the average response time was less than 30 minutes.

Customer Service Email

There is several customer service email addresses listed on the website. The message sent centered on the hours of operation, considering this information was not available on the website. After sending along our concerns, we received an automated response stating the customer service department would attempt to reply in the following 48 hours.

Our Experience

Just based upon the response time, the overall experience was exceptional. When we called the customer service hotline, we reached a live agent in less than 30 seconds. After the agent answered the call, we discussed subscriptions, especially canceling a subscription. The customer service agent explained the process of canceling a subscription and ended the call. Our call to the customer service department went well; tell us about your experience contacting the customer service department. Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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12 Comments on “Contact Newsweek Customer Service
  1. I am thoroughly disgusted over the current Newsweek cover depicting our President as a ” lazy boy”. I don’t recall seeing a photo of Obama being reviled in such a juvenile fashion. You sure had ample opportunity. Perhaps a photo of Obama laughing and giving a high five in his golf cart right after an American citizen was beheaded! You think you are clever, but trust me, I will absolutely never buy a copy if Newsweek again so long as I live.

  2. I periodically purchase your magazine from the newsstand. But no more. Your magazine depicting the president as lazy was a total fabrication! Your ideology clearly impeeds your ability to factually report the news! Adios Newsweek!

  3. Shame on you newseek for that disgusting cover page of pres trump who is doing an amazing job. You need to
    Do an apology on front page
    Did you report on corrupt clintons or slimey obama or all the other illegal Dems ?
    I think not. My friends and I will no longer read your failing magazine. You will be out of business if you keep this up. Need to apologize now

  4. I’d like to know Why you call yourself a journalist . Your publication is absolutely horrible and it’s false news it’s fake . Today I just read a story about how the United States would lose in A-war against North Korea . I was stationed at Camp Casey I’m a veteran I’ve been in the army for 16 years . If you think the United States would lose a war to North Korea you are absolutely out of your mind . Just one Ohio class submarine could annihilate their entire country . Have you any idea what the hell you’re talking about?

  5. Evidently your customer service phone # has been turned off. I would like my subscription cancelled…It was automatically started up without my knowledge or awareness. I cannot seem to find a place to turn it off…Barry Frankel 16853625

  6. Jeannine Raymond

    I can not understand why the phone # listed everywhere is no longer available. I worked for a whole hour without success to get with customer service. I WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRUPTION

  7. Your phone number listed for customer service doesn’t work nor does the email address…waste if time trying to cancel subscription that was apparently automatically renewed.

  8. What a bunch of boobs you all are. The President was not tweeting and playing golf. You keep denigrating him and you are all the idiots.
    Grow up or shut down your news source because they all need to be fired.

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