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Contacting New Balance Customer Service Center

Headquartered in the United States, New Balance is one of the premier athletic shoe and apparel companies in the world. The company began after the turn of the century manufacturing arch supports, but soon began producing the footwear as well. As one of the proud manufacturers of Made-in-America products, New Balance tends to get a unfair rap for higher prices.

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Phone Contact Numbers

The New Balance customer service team is available to take customer calls about online orders between 8 AM and 10 PM ET Monday to Friday and 9 AM and 8 PM ET Saturday. If you have general questions about the company, call the General Customer Service number between 8:30 AM and 8 PM ET Monday to Friday.

  • New Balance Phone Number: 1-800-595-9138
  • General Customer Service: 1-800-253-7463

Mailing Address

New Balance CorporateAttn: Customer Service20 Guest StSte 1000Brighton, MA 02135

Official Website

When searching the official New Balance website, you can locate items by category, including, classics, sports, walking or running. You can also locate items in the men’s, women’s or kid’s department. Customers can also locate clearance and sale items.

Social Media

Is your smartphone or tablet connected to your 24/7? If it is, you will be delighted to know New Balance can be each through social media 24/7. Simply sign into your account, search New Balance and write your comment.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department using the customer service form as well as the direct email client. The message related to returning seasonally purchased items. After the message was sent, we received an automated response stating an agent would respond within one business day.

Our Experience

When we connected with the customer service department, we enjoyed the entire process. From the start of the call to the end, we were treated as if we were the only customer. The initial portion of the call lasted less than 60 seconds. This is a positive for the customer on the go or the customer with limited time to voice concerns. When the call transferred to a live customer care agent, we were greeted with possibly the most pleasant person in the company. We asked several questions relating to sizing. Without hesitation, the agent addressed and resolved our concerns. The overall experience was perfect. Can you say the same about your customer service call to New Balance? We would love for you to share your thoughts with us below.

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33 Comments on “Contact New Balance Customer Service
  1. I purchased a pair of new balance tennis shoes (1540WP1 8D) at Snyderman Shoes in Ft. Myers Fla. on 12/14/13 on the recommendation of my Foot Dr. and paid $152.63 which included $10 discount. They have to be the worst shoes I have ever bought. Of couse there were no returns after 14 days + no refunds on sale shoes or worn shoes…How are you going to know if a shoe fits and feels good if you don’t wear it? I am complaining to you because for one thing…the tong on the left shoe, within 2 minutes of walking -comes out of the shoe and looks horrible…second…with my orthodics in – they appear to run over in the middle of the shoe—feels like there is no support…The sole is strait on both sides of the foot and seems to be staying stationary even tho the entire upper part of the shoe is running over to the outside. They hurt my feet, my upper leg and my hip. I’ve worn cheaper New Balance shoes and had better luck with them…these are really awful. I didn’t start wearing these shoes unil after the first of the year and truly were depending on them to let me do some walking for exercise but to no avail…Do you have any suggestions? thanks for any input…sincerely, Jeannette

  2. I have been buying new balance for years I love the way they fill on my feet as I am on the go a lot. However the last 2 pair of shoes that I bought keep making a squeaking sound and I hated it so I had to buy a different kind. I do not usually have any problems with these so this was a real surprise. the ones that I usually buy are the new balance walking shoe w-411. This time I got some thing different. I hope that theses do not make that noise because I will not buy them again. That would be a waste of money again and they are 50.00 a pair

  3. One year ago I bought a pair of 608 new balance sneakers. Within 6 months the black tip on the sole separated. I returned them to Kolhs for another pair. the new pair has the same problem after 6 months, plus the white area on the top of the toe has started to flake off. And finally, the inner soles in the sneakers had a horrible chemical odor that made me have to rip them out and replace them with store bought ones. I’ve been a fan of new balance footwear for a long time, but feel the quality control has gone downhill.

  4. new balance shoe tread separated after 3 mo 2nd time NB shoes have had such a problem for me in a row mx401v2w mfg01/20/14 loc28 I don’t think that after 3 mo of purchase I should b having such problems w/them or a problem w NB shoe that these replaced

    • I have been a NB customer for an extended period of time but I recently purchased a pair of NB 622 and within a months the soles came completely off the shoes. I went back to the store where I bought them and they informed me to contact you.

  5. I would like to E-Mail you about 2 recient purchses I made from New Balance. WHAT IS YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WHICH YOU SAY I CAN USE ?????????????????????????????

  6. I’m writing this email in regards to a recent purchase of some new balance all terrain 710 shoes. The shoes were great for about a month and then they started to fall apart. I’ve had these shoes in the past and never had problems. Maybe bad stiching or cheap material. Anyway i’M VERY DISAPOINTED:( and not sure if i will ever purchase new balance again. Please any suggestions?

  7. I have been in New Balance running shoes most of my adult life I have tried most other reputable brands and New Balance always seem to be the most durable especially if you get premium or upper tier line 1080, 880, 900 etc. The glue doesn’t come apart from the sole and the shoes outer upper and sole usually wear evenly and slowly as expected from an expensive shoe. In other words I feel you get what you pay for with New Balance.
    My recent experience However has me questioning if quality overall has gone down or if I just got back to back bad pairs. I usually buy two pairs at the end of the version and put a pair in the closet to get more value. My recent purchase was with the 880 version 3’s. The outer lining of the outer shell has developed a tear on both shoes on both outer sides where your toes and foot flex just from normal foot motion. Both pairs have done the same I don’t know if this is a known issue or has been resolved with the 880v4 because I have not tried those yet. A little disappointed.

    • i bought a pair of womens walking shoes the end of april 496. usually my nb shoes last about 2 years. the stitching is coming apart over the toe area. of course i’m stuck with them. the quality of new balance has gone down which is a shame as i have always loved them and my podiatrist recomends them. i guess i’ll have to try another brand. i don’t have money to waste. very disappointed in these shoes.

  8. Sorry, New Balance. Three pair, very comfortable for a wide foot. But I can’t throw money away with shoes that fall apart after 3 months. I give up. Your construction methods are seriously lacking that of your competitors.

  9. I bought a pair of mw411 ( walking shoes) and they are poorly made within days they develop a air pocket ( make a squishing sound when I walk) emailed customer care, get same replie as I have in past few years, call them is no better get people who only know whats on there pre-approved non answer script and make excuses to do nothing
    might as well be talking to a wall
    expect better treatment

  10. I purchased #928 sneakers and the right sneaker is rubbing my ankle constantly, I bought some insoles thinking it would help but the shoe is still hurting. I had a pair of #812 and really liked them = never had in issue and was hoping to enjoy these also but no such luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Dear NB,
    I tried to buy a pair of your shoes at sears today and when I got there there was none. I had looked on their website and it shows they have them. When I asked the shoe person why, they did not know, stating that New Balance was a good seller. Seeing that I went all the way there to only buy the shoes I wanted to know whats going on so I went to talk to a manager or the Sears store in Orland Parl Il. 60662. When I asked to talk to the store manager I was told that that person was on vacation so a red haired lady came and said she was the manager ( I think her name was Melody) . I got the Sears website on my phone and showed her that the site said they had NB shoes and also had a link to nearest store, which means to me that they have them at stores not just on-line. The manager said look where it says clearance by the different shoes. I said that does not mean all NB shoes just those styles on clearance. She replies thats what that means and we are ot responsible for the website. I saw that there was no customer service skill in this person and it was all about her being right and me being wrong. I hope you will let Sears know about this person who obviously had no problem treating a Sears and New Balance customer like a moron. And I have been to the New Balance store in Orland Park and they do not have the styles I like. I am having trouble with the pair I have now and need to try on the shoes to see if they are going to be OK. I have been wearing NB since 1986 and the last two pairs especially this one is hurting my feet. I usually have one spare pair ready to go when the ones I have give out. Now I am down to this pair and I dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

  12. I recently bought Asics shoes. Not because I wanted to, but the $129 to $149 NB wasn’t lasting. I walk a mile or 2 a day. I had a pair that lasted 6 months and I took them back to Academy. They swapped a pair that lasted 6 months.
    For the price, NB dang sure isn’t what it used to be. Made in America meant something to me (quality). My wife wears NB, so do both sons, my daughter in law, and my grandson. They are starting to see theirs come apart.
    What goes? Price goes up and quality goes down.

  13. I purchased 5 pair of NB 407 shoes at Belk 4 years ago {all they had in stock} because they were on sale and I prefer NB. They have been stored in an air conditioned closet until needed. I rotate my shoes down from general walking to yard work and finally to jobs where I may not be able to salvage them. I do this based on tread wear and overall condition. The fourth and fifth pair I wore have had the outside inch wide strip of the sole from front to arch separate from the shoe with at least half the tread left. I would expect this to happen as I use them for yard work and worse, but not for general walking. I have read the other emails posted and now wonder if your quality has decreased. I also wonder if you can or will make this right?

  14. I have a coupon for $30.00 off and need to redeem it today..ccisc30zwggsxgb3f36. I can’t find a fax number for your company.Hope u can help me today

  15. I have been wearing the women’s cross training 608 style for years. I have gone through them with you on the V2, V3 and V4 styles. In the past I have worn out the top part of the shoes before the souls would even begin to show signs of wear. On your 608V4 version the souls are horrible. They do not last long and offer no support after wearing them for just 2 months. I have bad heel spurs and bone spurs. On the V2 and V3 styles I never had any problems. On your V4 style my feet hurt constantly and the shoes did not hold up. I have searched high and low for to find any of the V2 or V3 styles available but have had no luck. Are you going to keep the 608V4 the same? If so I will have to find another shoe to wear. I hate to do that because I was so happy with the 608 shoe. I have several other friends that also have foot problems and they are not happy with the 608V4 version either.

  16. I am along time customer and usually buy men’s 609s. The shoes are comfortable at first and hold up pretty well. But nearly all mine experience separation of the bottom of the sole at the heel. Are you using a new glue or lamination process? Any improvements to quality on the horizon?

  17. I bought two pair of New Balance men’s 840v3 running shoes and have experienced a severe Knee injury 1 1/2 miles into my run. Since last week I have been under Doctors Care for severe knee injury. All the years running I never experienced an injury such as this one. Prior to this I used 2 pair of 840v2, which never gave me the feeling of good support. I used the old 840’s for 10 years and never had an injury. These new models do not provide adequate support and cause injuries.

  18. First of all, I’ve been a New Balance loyalist for around 25 years. You guys make terrific athletic footwear that fits brilliantly.

    I currently have a pair of New balance 623 that have been really fantastic for my 150-200 mile walks per month but are now pretty much totally worn out.

    My shoe size is a Mens 10.5 US size, 4E


    – It seems the 623model has been discontinued, correct?
    – If so, what is your current best model that is similar or closest to the old 623 Mens model and available in 10.5 4E?

    My thanks in advance for your guidance.

  19. I have been wearing New Balance for the last five years for work and leisure. I have RA and experienced my walking with great improvement and the ability to continue to work. I am seventy yrs. old. The shoes have worn well with little breakdown on the inside or the soles. The last pair I bought 4 months ago. The right sole came off in pieces, the left is perfect. They are style 417 ladies.I will continue to buy your shoes. I am on a limited income and have been raising two grandsons. Are there any sites I can go to for coupons? Thank you for a great product.!

  20. I love new balance shoes but after the experience I have just had with Melanie from the UK customer care team, I can honestly say it’s a wonder they have any customers.
    She just does not realise that she is paid to help and support the companies customers.
    Please whatever you do, think yourself lucky you don’t have to deal with obnoxious self centred people who don’t care about their positions in a multi national company.

  21. I purchase a pair of your shoes ,this number is all I can make out.420v4comfortride.these shoes are so slippery that I have fell twice,i think you need to correct this also there is no lining on the inside on the left and right foot dr recommended this type of shoes years ago I have never had any like this

  22. Please release a new shoe with !!! ” Flag and we stand for the fallen ” Logo . Tired of Nike….we need to fight back and support America and all who have really sacrificed !!!

  23. my shoes are separating this is the second pair , front of shoe becomes unglued and shoe needs to go to repair shop, ive been buying nb for years now im having some doubts with their quality..

  24. I am extremely disappointed in the New Balance advertisement that came to our mailbox in the form of a PLASTIC postcard. Plastics are bad for the environment. As a society we are creating more plastic waste than can be recycled. Plastics do not easliy decompose and release toxins. This advertisement is wasteful and NON-RECYCLBLE. I hope you will stop utilizing this wasteful method of advertising. It was a huge turnoff to me and I will not be seeking out NEW BALANCE products. Please be more considerate of our environment.

  25. Highly disappointed in the oversized, plastic postcard I received in the mail this week advertising New Balance Factory Stores. What a waste. What am I supposed to do, keep the postcard as a keepsake? Please show more concern for our Earth!

  26. Looking for a FAQ on the proper cleaning of the 990. I have a pair which I bought last May and they have mud on them. I want to clean them, but am concerned about ruining the suede. Also, do you have any plans to discontinue the 990 in Military Green in the near future? Thanks.

  27. I have worn new balance #928 tennis shoe several years. About 3 years ago I went to buy a new pair and the 928 style had completely changed. I bought a pair and they don’t wear the same at all. I have looked everywhere but they just disappeared from the shoe stores. Why on earth did you change the style and totally discontinue the older style…so disappointed.

  28. Would it be possible for me to text you a picture of the older style that you dis
    Continued…. I think I will call your customer service. I’ve talked with several new balance customers who no longer purchase them because of style changes that they can no longer wear. You should listen to your customers before making some of these bad fitting changes.

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