Contact Netspend Customer Service

Contacting NetSpend Customer Service Center

Contacting NetSpend Customer Service Center

NetSpend is a financial service offering prepaid debit cards to more than 60 million customers. In order to access the service, you do not need a banking account or good credit history. You sign up for service and deposit money. NetSpend also partners with employers in order to offer paperless payroll solutions. With such an extensive customer base, the company wants to keep in constant connection. You have the ability to reach out to the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail or through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available to assist customers Monday through Friday 8am to 10 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8am to 8pm, CST.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-387-7363
  • Fax: 1-855-439-6488

Mailing Address

NetSpend CorporationP.O. Box 2136Austin, TX 78768-2136


NetSpend701 Brazos St.Austin, TX 78701

You can find reload centers here:

Official Website

Customers visiting the official NetSpend website have the ability to learn about the services, add money to an existing card, sign up for direct deposit, locate reload locations and manage money. On the website, you can create a free account or access your existing account. If you are new to NetSpend, the company recommends visiting the Customer Resource page for additional information relating to the product and applicable services.

Social Media

There is a wealth of information pertaining to NetSpend on social media. The pages are filled with news and information, as well as updates. We noticed several conversations between customers and the customer support team. Customers received responses to questions/concerns in approximately two (2) hours.

Customer Service Email

We sent a message to the customer service department asking about applicable fees relating to the NetSpend card. The response we received stated the customer service department would respond within 48 hours.

Our Experience

In order to reach the customer service department, you will need to enter your card number. If you have lost your card or your card has been stolen, you can reach the customer service department. If you want to ask general questions, you may have a difficult time reaching a live agent. We wanted to test the system, so we selected one (1) in order to reach the operator. After the operator answered the call, the call was transferred to the customer service department. Unfortunately, the customer service agent could not answer our concerns unless we had a card. We like the safeguards NetSpend puts in place, but this situation is not ideal for overall customer service. Thoughts? Take a minute to comment on your NetSpend customer service experience below.

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5 Comments on “Contact Netspend Customer Service
  1. I was supposed to receive 81 $ back instead I only got 31 $ what gives? I thought I was dealing with professional bankers.

  2. My name is Steve Lake. I have received your netspeed card in the mail.At this time I have no need for your debt card. Please canceal this card, has I have no need for it. At the present time Am satisfied with the debt card that I use from my bank.

  3. I called and transferred 100 on March 1st and got to my bank only to find only 60 was available. Then I called back and was told that I had trabsferred 500. This is false a d complete bank fraud. I’ve already had my Idenrity stole rvy Microsoft and google who persistantly are sonotaging my life but I didn’t think net spend card could possibly start the same types of behavior and unfair business tactics as those other crooked companies have show I have e no representative never did. This is now 3 weeks later I’ve been waiting and you sent a letter that there is no claim. WHERE IS MY MONEY THEN? YOU SHOULD HAVE CANCELLED THAT CARD WHEN I CALLED AND TOLD YOU THAT IT WAS COMPROMISED IN FEBRUARY. YOU SAID YOU DID AND IM STILL WAITING FOR THAT 400.00 CLAIM. THATS MORE THAN 800 BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE EITHER LIENG TO ME OR MABEY JIST STRAIGHT IN-COMPETENT
    Billie Jo Kemp

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