Contact National Grid Customer Service

Contacting National Grid Customer Service Center

National Grid is an international energy company that serves the United States and the United Kingdom. The US website is a bit difficult to navigate as contact information is based upon location. National Grid provides energy in New York, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Phone numbers for National Grid are located on the individual websites for each state served by the company. Simply scroll to the bottom of the main page of each website to view customer contact information.


New Hampshire:

New York:

TDD/TTY: 1-800-642-4272 ext. 711

Rhode Island:

Mailing Address

The official mailing address for National Grid US can be used for customer service communication. The US headquarters for National Grid is located in Syracuse, NY.

National Grid

Customer Contact Center


300 Erie Blvd West

Syracuse, NY 13202-4201

Official Website

If you are looking for the official website for US National Grid you can visit From the main page you can choose between the different state websites in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once you’ve chosen the proper website you can log in to your account for bill payment and customer service contact.

Customer Service Email

National Grid is one of the few companies that offers a customer service email address. The email address is You can also contact National Grid using the online contact form here via the website for your local National grid energy company.

We have attempted to contact National Grid by email to assess how quickly the company responds to customer service email communication. We’ll report back how well National Grid did in our test.

Our Experience

After dialing the National Grid customer service phone number we were greeted with the typical automated response system. We pressed 0 three times before being transferred to a representative. When we were transferred, another automated system with a different voice came on the line again. We pressed 0 a final time before being placed on hold for the next representative. The hold time was about two minutes. The representative told us the mailing address for payments, but she reiterated several times that she could take the payment by phone.

Was your customer service representative persistent about taking your payment? We want to hear your National Grid experience.

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251 Comments on “Contact National Grid Customer Service
  1. very happy with conversion. very happy with smooth installation. very unhappy with installation of underground line leading to gas meter. my sprinkler underground water hose was cut making my sprinklers useless. please respond .Salvatore LoSchiavo.

  2. If a new NAT Gas customer wants to change over from oil, why does National Greed make it so DAMN DIFFICULT

  3. Additional Comments: Your information about the “clean burning” of natural gas is misleading and should be qualified by actual science as apposed to hype. Natural gas (methane) as a greenhouse gas is exponentially worse than coal. It’s carbon footprint is at least as damaging if not more damaging than other fossil fuels. Be responsible. Do your own research. see You should be investing in and promoting real “green” energy such as renewable sources. Our solar panels provide more than enough energy for us and the surplus is fed back into your grid. Look at REAL solutions, please.

  4. Your information about the “clean burning” of natural gas is misleading and should be qualified by actual science as apposed to hype. Natural gas (methane) as a greenhouse gas is exponentially worse than coal. It’s carbon footprint is at least as damaging if not more damaging than other fossil fuels. Be responsible. Do your own research. see You should be investing in and promoting real “green” energy such as renewable sources. Our solar panels provide more than enough energy for us and the surplus is fed back into your grid. Look at REAL solutions, please

    • Wait until you see the cost of the Wind power that was proposed in RI. It would have cost 24 cents a kilowatt hour for electric. Maybe renewable, but this would kill the average family and businesses. Greenies, how come the Dept.of Energy which was set up in 1973 to find alternative energy never did for 40 years we paid thousands and now their retirement. All we got for it was the compact flouresent bulb!!!! Another waste of a government program. Surely the cost of 24 cents a kilowatt hour was to charge the customers to build the turbines. Once built do you think the cost would have gone down? NO!!!!

  5. I agree with the above comment that you should be investing in and promoting energy from renewable sources such as wind, solar, etc. The use of natural gas is not clean, especially given the process of high-volume, slick-water hydrofracking used to extract the gas. I wouldn’t call air pollution, water pollution and turning farmland into an industrial wasteland, “clean”.

  6. I too would like to see more accurate information about natural gas. Calling natural gas “clean” is propaganda. Please do not contribute to misleading your customers. Rather, inform them about wind and solar and put your resources into promoting these clean and renewable sources.

  7. ” Your information about the “clean burning” of natural gas is misleading and should be qualified by actual science as apposed to hype. Natural gas (methane) as a greenhouse gas is exponentially worse than coal. It’s carbon footprint is at least as damaging if not more damaging than other fossil fuels. Be responsible. Do your own research. see You should be investing in and promoting real “green” energy such as renewable sources. Our solar panels provide more than enough energy for us and the surplus is fed back into your grid. Look at REAL solutions, please.” I agree with Cynthia’s comment. GSchulz

  8. Natural gas has many other environmental hazards associated with it, and further research should be conducted. Please take the opportunity to look at other options.

  9. You are encouraging your customers to switch to natural gas, “the clean energy source”. This is extremely misleading, especially in light of the push for hydrofracking in New York and other states. This practice to extract the “clean natural gas” will cause irreversable negative consequences for the environment rendering many sources of clean water toxic, and pollluting the air and soil in the areas where hydrofracking takes place. The worst part is, this gas will go on the world market and very little will even be used in the US. Why aren’t you exploring renewable energy sources?

  10. I think National grid sucks. I am a property manager and recently Robert # 100054202 called me a liar. I sent a notarized landlord form that NG produces to identify people living in apartments and he refuses to acknowledge that as a property manager working for a property management company that I have that right and for this 2 family house he insists on talking with the building owner whom is an investor and has no direct knowledge of whom is living in their apartments. This is an on going problem among others. Another example is it now takes 5-7 days to have electricity turned on where it was taking 1 or 2 days

  11. me want to say keyspan and nationgrid gas company are too bad with custormer they do wrong in me bill they didnt want to fix still tell me to pay againt they get me payment checks they took out from the bank and they say they dont me bring aprovel to them they promise to take care but they dont what the people are there working for like that me complain a superviros tell me go to public service they dont know so company hire supervisor for what and me call billing department me have send the proof from bank statement and from gas bill make mistake for wrong reading meter and every years have double bill none stop but they dont fix what going on the people do for billing department me have problem from 2001 to 2012 they dont fix they tell me go to apply heap or public assistance but the money they took out from me bank already over three thousand dollar and me paid over 2006 they get me money they dont want to respont to return that very big problem for gas company read meter mistake me tell them dont want fix too me say today that truse not lierer what the hell for how long me have to complain to fix for me bill they are working or they are ////////. your know what mean?

    • I had a similar situation happen to me. It has taken about 12-14 calls and countless hours to get my bill straight. I paid the bill on time, but they kept sending me late notices and adding late fees. I finally got in touch with someone who told me that I had not paid the bill. Finally, after talking to the 4th person, I was told to sned in documentation that the bill had been paid. I did this ( a copy of my carbon copy check along with the bank statement stating that they had paid that check to Natonal Grid. I then started to receive more letters stating that I owed that same bill. I spoke with many more people and their supervisors, trying to
      get it resolved again. After many days of frustration and promises that it had been resoved, I received another letter stating that it had been resolved. I finally got the name of a big wig at the department, who told me that I had to send in the front and back of the cancelled check, because he was not convinced that it was their mistake. I might add that I am a 70 year old retired schoolteacher with more time than money, so I was not willing to let them just take money from me. I had to drive about 25 miles to my credit union to get a copy of the cancelled check, because my bank only sends out the statements, and I have just mailed the 2nd set of proofs to them and I am waiting for their next excuse. I have gotten the names of the bigger executives in the company and I am preparing to write to them and let them know of the incompentence in the accounting department of National Grid and the frustration of dealing with the Customer Service Department.

  12. why is it so difficult to reach someone in marketing dept
    gas meters needs to be installed at new bldg. located at
    640 george washington hwy, bldg B, lincoln ri 02865.
    cannot reach or talk to anyone at national grid customer service who will help just get transfered from dept to dept with no answers. please have Greg Shola call or email me at 401-334-9099 or my email address above

  13. Your site is so hard to get onto, I’m cosidering going back to paper billing.I’ve been trying to pay my bill for the last HOUR! Why can’t I get on? This is the only site I have a problem with.

  14. 15 mins trying to get incontact with someone to update info but everytime i get so far i get cut off.Then i come on here to try and where do you go to update your info??????. If you don’t want your money i am very happy not to pay you i would keep it myself for the interuptions i get for trying to contact a LIVE person and not some recording…………….

  15. our gas conversion was supposed to be done in oct. two days before ‘sandy’ arrived the installers laid the gas pipe in my yard. after sandy we understood that other people needed help more than us we never called or complained. that all changed when one morning a nat grid truck parked outside my house and i spoke to an inspector who was there to see how my installation had gone!!!!was told they would be “right on it”. that was weeks ago. numerous calls got me a date of 12/20 then 12/29 still no gas. just spoke to a supervisor who promised it would be done whithin 5 days……we will see.

  16. National Grid’s customer service should re-think its methods. Our power went out this morning at 4:30am. WE contacted Nat.Grid at that time and they appeared unaware of the situation. Given the early morning timeframe this is understandable. However, throughout the day we called and asked what kind of progress is expected. Each time, various representives told us power would be back on with 1.5 to 2 hours depending on who we spoke to. Power finally went back on at about 3pm. What bothered us most was the dishonest answers we were given. We would not have had a problem if someone had told us that this job could take the entire day (which it did). If we had been told this, we would have made other arrangements. We both work from home and could have gone elsewhere to get computer hookup. Unfortunately, we both lost valuable work time and revenue, not to mention heat, water and bathrooms. Based on this, we have come to understand that National Grid cares little about customer service. Nice to have a monopoly National Grid. Your customer service reps are apparently uninformed or are trained to give platitudes to the masses who are paying these high prices for the pleasure of using your “service”. Your customer service is basically non-existent.

  17. National grid long Island suck. You are on the phone for a least an hour. I haven’t received a bill since storm Sandy. I can’t even get an account #. We had the meter read after new move in, still no bill. I hope this company goes out of business.

  18. Doing a great job with outages. We have a street light that goes out and comes back on please check it out carefree lane, sauquoit, New York town of Paris , zip code 13456. Thanks again national grid doing a great job.

  19. This is for n’tl grid long island–I am a new owner of a house and to say that you are doing well is a lie. On our bill you state when the next reading is going to be, I am a retired person and am home always, so the day goes by and no one comes to read the meter and then I am billed for estimate readings. Tried calling so many times and you seem to employ people that don’t know what you are talking about, they always say the meter men came and no one was home. I even resorted to hanging large signs on my door, and indicate where the bell is and it works(the bell) Do you have any idea how frustrating this is to an older person. I feel like I am in a no-zone area. When are you people going to get the idea that we are paying customers and should have answers to our questions. Do I have to go to my Local representative and complain or do I write to Gov. Cuomo how your company does not cooperate with their customers.

  20. Thank you for the lette you sen us about our bill.we would like to kow that we are working hard to pay our bills in time.we, the parents in the family once lost our jobs and had a substantial amount of bill to clear.But we had cleared them all(see our bill history).
    though we gained our jobs after long, we have been recovering from the dire situation we were in slowly.but that does not mean we don’t need help from (abcd,the fuel assitance company)that asssits lowincome families here in our state.This time we tried to avoid it.But due to high increas expenses permanently,we applied at the last date of the deadline. though it may not make any sense to tell you all but transferring our bill to the debt collectors made us to feel sorry about.
    we will pay definately the bill as we did last. we are working hard on that but putting our name on creditors will put our credit thing in question mark.please don’t do it.
    Thank you
    The family.

  21. Worst customer service ever. After half hour I was told I was talking to customer service and needed billing. Was given specific instructions to get to billing. Low and behold, back to waiting for customer service. Cannot get anyone to fix my billing problem.

  22. after a national grid customer service rep screwed up my payment I then tried to fix it today when the next customer service agent spoke to me like a teenager speaking to her mother! I will not tolerate rude customer service when I shouldnt even have to be making the call in the first place.

  23. Lost power around 7:24 on 5/29/13 I live on Mercer ave. in Latham never had power restored until 8:40 on 5/30/13 I find it very strange that I never saw a N/G truck for all the time I was without power, I realize that it was a massive storm but where was all the help? Is this the way N/G does business cutting back on manpower, and only interested in making money?

  24. Last year you passed out mini backpacks, I think at the NYS fair, and I truly love mine,!
    Using it again today I thought it about time to say a very heartfelt “thank you”

    Alice Carter

  25. All i want to do is see my bill online, I made a payment on fri 6-14-13 & just wanted to make sure it was posted on my account, very hard website to find what your customers want to see.

  26. I just called to order a stop and start service. I just sold my home of 35 years and moving to a retirement community. My husband of 50 years passed away two month ago so please put the account in my name.

    I was told they couldn’t cancel this account without faxing in a copy of his death certificate. This response from national grid was very upsetting to me and extremely insensitive on their part.

    If I knew this ahead of time I would not have told them my husband passed away and kept the account in his name. This is what you get for being honest. Their policy needs to change.

  27. I contact national Grid at approximately 6:30 pm Saturday 8/31/13 the time now is 11:51pm I can’t take a shower, or cook, couldn’t go out side because I waited for National Grid to some out as I was inform by National Grid. I call at 9:51pm and was inform they were on the way, however 11:30 I call again and I were told they came and no one answer the door. I sat here looking out the window often with the TV and I never seeing and truck or heard any one. ring my bell didn’t go to the bathroom. They made me feel stupid because I know they lie and waste my time. I felt like a prisoner being detain. one of my neighbor smell gas and call National Grid and my gas were turn off. So I am waiting for them whenever they can find someone to come out. now I am told that I should wait for them from 8:00am-11:00pm.

  28. I know from experience your service crews do a great job! I drive a tow truck, serving 5 police agencies in Syracuse NY. While removing vehicles from utility poles I’ve witnessed oncoming drivers ignore your crews, flares, sawhorses, flashing lights, even policemen, to exit their vehicle move the sawhorse, and drive over LIVE WIRES!!! This is the type -sure- to complain about NG. Service. Our weather here is very changeable, KUDOS to your crews

  29. We are waiting for 2 rebates-energy & equipment on 2 two) houses on Bay View Ave. in Sag Harbor. We converted from oil to gas. We have found this to be the MOST difficult process. No one returns your calls. The whole process was frustrating that we almost gave up.When can we expect our rebates.?????

  30. Your customer service representatives were polite and tried to help me when I had an automated billing problem, but gave me wrong information, twice. As a result I was threatened with having my power shut off. It was only after I paid the outstanding bill with a credit card rather than the automated payment two representatives said would take care of the bill that I think it was finally resolved. I waiting for the next billing cycle to make sure.

  31. My experience with Customer Service, via internet and telephone has been, and continues to be excellent. Prompt, courteous and efficient. I usually report street lighting not functioning properly on my street. Thank you NG.

  32. On saturday 11-16-13 , the power was out for over 5 hours at my sons home in Lacona , your incompenent web site kept saying that the power would be back on in a hour and this went on hour after hour for 5 hours , it took a call from the Sheriff,s department to finally motivate you people to respond , as i have been aware of National Grid does not care in the least for any of it’s customers and as long as they pay there bills they can just drop dead for the problems or lack of power they might have .

  33. I just tried to report a downed power line from my home to the pole. Their automated phone menus were difficult to navigate. All they wanted to know was there a power outage. Some people, particularly the elderly either don’t use the web or get easily confused by an audible menu on the phone. A good percentage get confused at repetitive prompts and deal easier talking to a person. I am computer literate and found the automated menu frustrating.
    Thank you.

  34. I am having many serious issues with different aspects of your business operation. First of all who ever set up my account spelt my name wrong so its under a completely different name. I asked for paperless billing but of course my email was misspelt as well. After talking to at least 4 representitives my account name was finally changed. Since I still haven’t recieved an email for a billing summary, I talked to at least 5 more reps to get my payments sent to my address. I still havent recieved any billing summary. I was finally able to get my account number so I could just pay online. When I go to pay online or over the phone I am directed to another servicer. All I want to do is pay my bill but thats really hard to do when I haven’t recieved a statement or it’s unavailable online. I’m about to cancel my service because I am very frustrated with the service I have recieved. I’d rather not have electricity then deal with this service every month. Can I get a billing statement sent to me? I thought Time Warner Cable was bad but this is ridiculous.

  35. I am having many serious issues with different aspects of your business operation. First of all who ever set up my account spelt my name wrong so its under a completely different name. I asked for paperless billing but of course my email was misspelt as well.
    I was finally able to get my account number so I could just pay online. When I go to pay online or over the phone I am directed to another servicer. All I want to do is pay my bill but thats really hard to do when I haven’t recieved a statement or it’s unavailable online. I’m about to cancel my service because I am very frustrated with the service I have recieved. I’d rather not have electricity then deal with this service every month. Can I get a billing statement sent to me? I thought Time Warner Cable was bad but this is ridiculous.

  36. Some time ago I contacted National Grid about a power line across my home that is hung down under pressure and looks like it won’t take much to snap. I was told that the company will wait until the line snaps then they will replace it. This doesn’t make sense. Why not cut the few branchs before the line breaks, your going to have to cut the branchs any way. Please have a crew respond. e-mail me and I will send you the address. Thank you.

  37. I’ve been trying to call you! for 2 days now! and waiting on the phone for 30 mins or more for someone to answer. This is so wrong how you treat customers.It would be nice if someone calls me back! so I can ask about my account number.Iam very disappoint.

  38. This is the most non user friendly site I have ever had to use. It is a hassle every month to pay my bill on line. I want paper billing back – at least all the information is accessible!!!

  39. Outrageous electric bill. How dare YOU people. 35% increase. Looking for new supplier. My bill is $342.00 for one month. Disgraceful.

  40. Your automated customer service cannot understand what a person is
    saying. It took three calls then I finally got a person. I don’t know if everyone else knows that to pay by check for free one has to call and speak to a rep. I didn’t know that because the first time I phoned the automated they said I could now pay by check with no charge. I did. I now find that was wrong. Why that wasn’t made clear the first time I have no idea. You need a good software engineer to straighten out your customer service automated phone system.

    • There are problems with National Grid re the defect with the boilers installed on L.I. between 2005-2013. they give you a run-around in reaching the appropriate office to get service.
      1. Never contacted customers of problem and how to take steps to cure.
      2. Did not notify customers no longer connected to LIPA or quick way to call them.
      3. When provided person on phone asked that they note my call and info. When asked person to repeat my info, person refused and HUNG UP.

  41. Have a possible gas leak to my water heater and they are to busy to dispatch a tech. Of course not, all probably at home watching the Super Bowl. Do not trust national grid for any emergent when a sporting event is on.

  42. I have a very bad experience deal with Nationalgrid to upgrade my electricity in order to terminate gas service, I have been dealing with your company (Working order: WR#16068228)for my property upgrade since November 8, 2013. As of today, get no respond, all my tenants going to move in June 1, 2014. I cry every day by paying mortgage, over $40,000 property tax and expensive insurance. How can I afford to keep on waiting and looks like without hope of getting electricity from Nationalgrid.

  43. I haven’t received a bill for 3 months. Currently for almost an hour for a representative. I am so glad they lost the LIPA contract.

  44. the dial face on my gas meter was changed weeks ago. My prior month gas bill was

    the gas co changed the dial face on my meter in early February .
    my January gas bill was $338. with a measured ccf reading 335.This month my bill reads ccf 3788, and the bill is $3548! Try
    to get in touch with 800 number -busy-busy. This is crazy. The
    meter reader doesn’t know how to read the new dial face . And now
    I’m expected to pay 10 times my normal bill. Time for a new gas

  45. on 2/17/2014 I posted a notice of a $3548 gas bill. Today, 2/18/14, I received a corrected bill and confirmed this with the
    utility customer service dept. I withdraw my earlier complaint.

  46. Had an appointment today between 9 and 3 to have an attachment installed on the gas meter so National Grid can read it from the street. National Grid calls at 12:30 to say they are not coming today. They want to set up a new appointment. Fine. National Grid can’t give me a specific time for the second appointment only a 4 hour window.
    WHERE IS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE. You cancelled! I should not be further inconvenienced. You should give me a specific time and not make me wait again.

  47. hi I moved her since nov 2013 and my bill has been high I when I moved here I asked to but put on a discount because i’m disable I don’t think it’s been applied because my bills are too high can u email me my answer and sent a copy of this info also it too high I need to be put on a budget as well so everything will be ok thank you

  48. I have been trying to set up a budget plan and you have the most unfriendly website imaginable. The fact that for a utility company you cannot contact anyone on the weekend is completely unacceptable. Please contact me as ALL I am trying to do is set up a budget plan and you don’t have the last four digits of my social on file.SOOOOO your site does not allow me to do this!!!! Even though I have an existing account.
    like most people I work during the day. How ironic that your customer service ends at 5 p.m.! My company which is also world wide has customer service available 24 seven.

    Cathy Haringa

  49. power was out in half the house called woman told me to call electrician well come to find out the whole street was having the same problem and she told them the same make a long story short it was your transfomer

  50. We have received constant nuisance electronic calls from your billing department!!!!We know exactly what we owe each month and do not need to be reminded by a machine. We have talked with The Consumer Affairs Office . They agree we should not be harassed on a daily basis by a Public Utility like National Grid!! Unless we are months behind in payments we ask that you remove us from your electronic caller and please stop harassing us. If you have any questions please have a REAL PERSON call me……Thank You, Nicholas Oppedisano

  51. Since the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, my bills continued even though we moved out completely for 6 months. After discussing with NatGrid, a payment plan was made. I was to pay $55 along with the normal bill. Since Oct./Nov. 2012 My bills have escalated and instead of crediting me for the extra money I included with total due the balance would never go down. Never!!! Instead each and every month no credit is given and the ongoing balance keeps escalating. Now I owe over $800 in addition to the regular bill which is broken down into two categories. Talking to them is like talking to the invisible man. They tell me one thing and the following bill is again screwed up. I will continue to just pay what I owe each month and they can take the outstanding balance and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  52. Contacting National Greed, for any reason is trying at best. See, NG have. no issue with charging you what they feel on your monthly bill. Then, when it comes to contacting them, forget it. There is a story on the news as I speak about this past winter. How the demand of a cold winter force a larger whole sale price of gas, electricity, etc. People…when demand is high, the price should go down! I am sickened by NationalGrid and their service center. Where is the value? Forget that when you live in cny you’ve no choice but to deal the monopoly that is,national grid.
    Face it….there is no choice for us a consumers. Money stays with money!

    I cannot stand National Grid! Oops, sorry. I meant Greed!

  53. Today they were on my property to work on the pole on the street and I came home to find my vinyl white fence with some structural damage and very marked up where they damaged it. I am irate to say the least and will pursue this further tomorrow. They have no right to damage my property on their routine maintenance. Hopefully the foundation holding the fence up is not compromised. This damage was not there before this most recent pole escapade of National Grid and Asplundh!!!

    • were you able to get resolution of this problem? they just damaged my fathers lawn and sprinkler system. thank you.

  54. I would like to know why after many phone calls and giving the amount of money needed why you have to wait two days to turn a elderly women’s lights on there is oxygen needed by a person and because of the neglect to solve the problem the women is now being treated for possible pneumonia after all you get your money you still tell them another day this is criminal.

  55. your service sucks along with customer service making a elderly person wait to turn there lights back on after making attempts o pay what you want then making them wait another 24 hrs to turn them back on is criminal even worse when oxygen.
    is used

  56. The return address on a North American Power solicitation identifies it as “A New England Power Company”. Is North American Power really associated with the National-Grid family of companies or is North American Power misrepresenting itself?

  57. I have to say the service we recieved from the gentleman from National grid for doing an excellent job when called to a gas leak on the 21/04/2014. He was polite and understanding and did everything possible so that the people living there could return to their home later that evening.The individuals living there are adults requiring support so for them to be able to return home was massive – a very big thanks .

  58. I had a man that came out to check my gas leak with a quick responce he was kind and helpful and couldn’t wish for a better service i would like to thank him very much.

  59. Phone options difficult to understand

    Once connected to real person both electric and gas service was easily set up for newly purchased rental property.

    Well done.

  60. Why is it so hard to contact National Grid to make a conversion from oil to gas? There are potential customers on my street and National Grid it taking its time ‘analyzing’ the situation.

  61. Seem unethical that Assistant Manager Ruthann Andrews receives FREE wood chips from tree trimmers and other employees/customers can not!

  62. Horrible customer service. After speaking with 5 different customer service representatives in an attempt to pay our bill, I was advised how no one could give me the actual amount owed on the bill, because my husband had not listed me on the account. I was on the phone with these CSRs for well over 30 minutes and in the long hold times, registered the account on line, got the amount owed, and finally with rep number 6 gave her the amount owed and paid it. Then to be asked “Did I answer all your questions?” was insane! I advised her no one answered any of my questions. I have every intention of writing to your Executive level because when a customer asks to speak with a supervisor, they should be able to speak to a supervisor. Not be told, there are no supervisors in this building, and we can only get in touch with them via email. I presume next time your CSRs will tell me they have to chisel a message in a rock to get it to a supervisor. Again, the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  63. Hello,
    I was trying to speak with somebody concerning my bill and I could not.The system does not have any options to speak with normal customer service representative.I have question about my bill in section other charges.So there is no explanation why I have this charges 40.85???

  64. Get a generator, Go solar, do what you can to get away from this company, the customer service is terrible, unresponsive, short staffed and unavailable, they changed my service from residential to commercial on a storage garage with no plumbing , heat or receptacles. my solution turn the power off!

  65. i work accounts payable for a retail construction firm that operates in 40 states, however i cannot get an account balance even after receiving a past due notice, even after verifying the account number, the billing address and the service address. I did not identify the last payment correctly so you cannot tell me how much we owe? this is the most ludicrous and ridiculous system i have ever heard of. YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE STINKS obviously from the above comments you already realize this and YOUR POLICIES are STUPID TOO!

  66. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask a question but a friend of mine said that National grid is getting out of the power supply business is this tru he. said he got a flyer or some thing if this is true where can I get this flyer or statement so I can see it for my self ……

    thank you Michael DelVecchio

  67. Dear Sirs, I am writing as I called 8 EIGHT times and did not get the connection or information I needed. There are no humans to speak to!! My monthly bill arrives TRIPLE in total of other months!!! There have been NO changes in my household and it is unreasonable the charges I have as NO ONE is home most of the day!! I need someone to come out and re read the meter or at least return my calls or e mails

  68. WTF is going on with my power in the Sackets Harbor area, for the past three mornings the power shuts off for a brief minute. I;am getting tired of resetting my clocks . And who knows what it’s doing to my appliances and computers.

  69. I am a national grid customer however I have had a very poor experience with this company on 6/26/2014. I am visiting from AZ, and decided to help a friend by paying her bill to have her power turned on. I was promised her power would be turned on within 24 hours, however it is now over 24 hours and we are being told that they did not turn in an order form and it will be an additional 24 hours, and 4 different people are telling me “oh sorry” but are unwilling to do anything to make it right, glad I have SRP.

  70. this site is useless….. all I want to do is change billing address. one would think s simple thing like that could be handled with a simple email, and not an act of congress. maybe the ceo should try and contact his own company.

  71. My power has been off for 16 days and counting my power is under my sister in laws name because of my divorce. The first day I was told it would be turned on within 24 hours because of a note from my daughter’s doctor.The next day I was told no not until I paid 560.I sold what I to come up with money I did. I was told no that wasn’t good enough and I would need to come up with 1,000. The next day I called they took my number off the account and put all the money I owe on my sister in laws account.She is below low income( dead beat dad and had a heart attack had to stop working hospice I didn’t want to tell her when I did she said don’t worry. There’s much more shocking things but here some..
    Durning this hole thing I was yelled at,told I was being illegal,get a job,knock on door find a rich person.Supervisors not calling me back.On the Bill it states ask for an complaint officer I was told no,never heard of that over and over.I called everywhere for help.The only thing I can think of coming is pull my girls out of school and move from the town I lived in for 25 years.I need to rent something.with power include or a town that National Grid doesn’t service.

    .Thanks National Grid

  72. I recently moved and have been trying to reach someone at National Grid to start service with electricity for 2 days now. I have searched online and all numbers say no operator available. Spoke to NY service and they directed me right back to the same number! What do I have to do to get my electric under my name to pay my bills? All my old bills are in one of many boxes and my phone number is no longer a way to pull up my information. I need to speak with a real live person!!!!! Service is the worst I have ever experienced!

  73. Your customer service is terrible. I have been a customer for over 30 years and have rented a property each Summer. This year, your Customer Service has told me that I can no longer sign up for service at the rental property I get each Summer. Despite have an account in good standing and paying regularly, I cannot attain this service unless I provide a copy of my lease, which I do not get, as it is a short term rental. They said that I could get the service if I had the owner of the property provide Notorized information, creating extra work for both of us. So because I am already a good customer, you make it very difficult for me to attain service at another property I rent. How ludicrous is that and then to say it is State mandated. This is total BS. If I had an option for alternative service, I would do so. But you hold a monopoly over the services. Perhaps that is why National Grid is losing so many customers.

  74. Just would like to thank you for a speedy response and a very professional job done by a very good engineer

  75. “bit difficult” is an underestimation how bad it is to contact your service administration on phone or online. I am moving and as of August 15 I need to discontinue the electric and gas service to my home. The phone line is always have a long waiting time and the online transaction is a nightmare. Is there a simple way to cancel my service as of August 15, 2014?

  76. This September will complete almost a year since I started the process to get national grid connection for our house heating system. To- day we had someone from national grid to disconnect our meter , when I asked him the reason he said we don’t have a customer no , when I showed him my customer no he was not interested in even looking at it . I can’t believe we just the not even a month ago after a year of phone calls , the guy comes to disconnect it , is tere any one to to fix this horror . Now I regret why I ever wanted to switch to gas from heating .

  77. Your customer service is poor. The voice menue you make your customers go through is ridiculous and time-consuming. And if someone wants to inquire about converting from oil to gas, why do you make them wait on hold listening to 70s music? You should hire more people to answer your phones.

  78. You have the worst web site that is user unfriendly
    You have the worst phone service in the world
    You make it impossible to pay bills on time and then you have the audacity to charge a late fee

  79. Very upset they have horrible customer reps they supervisors don’t get on the line at all one person tells you one thing and another something else very disappointed wish their was another company as their competition

  80. I was on a site today when I using an excavation machine tore into a gas pipe (badly)
    I phoned national grid an spoke to one of there operatives who was very helpful.
    With in three quarters of an hour one their representatives turned up
    Steve parsons absolutely a very cool an calm person an very assuring
    About 45mins later he’s team turned up John & Dean Carr along with another fellow called James pool
    Together they sorted out the gas leak in a very very professional Manor, they even made me tea from the back of their van which was well needed as I was well shaken up from the way the gas was leaking out
    I’ve dealt with a lot of different utility companies an these lot were fantastic an they were funny too along with being professional
    Anyway enough said I think you get my point
    I do hope who ever sees this email passes on them that what I’ve said…… Thanks

  81. I have talked to 9 different individuals about where my bill should be sent. Apparently no one is writing the information down, because I have not received a bill. I was threatened by a disconnect due to this fact. SOMEONE MUST LEARN HOW TO WRITE THINGS DOWN.

  82. natinol grid sucks they r a monoply when u need help they pretty much say f u and they lie to u they say one thing then when u do that they say they cant help u they acpect people to pull money out there ass to pay them and if u dont have ur whole bill they shut u off they dont care about people just money

  83. we need more than one power company in this country cus if u fail to make one payment on the payment agreement they wont turn u back on unless u pay the whole bill and they dont care if u have kids in the house either

  84. I am totally disgusted with National Grid!!!! I have been trying to call and talk with someone for 2 weeks – because your company shut off my gas, which means I have NO way to cook and NO hot water – for 2 weeks. I was not told that this would be happening. Now when I try to reach someone I have been on hold for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 42 minutes, etc. This is absolutely not acceptable. I finally called the emergency line to see if I could get results that way and I was told “call earlier in the day”. Then I was hung up on! Great customer service. I work and being on hold for this long is unacceptable. then when I called today – I got at 4:47PM – “out business hours are until 5:00PM – – yet no one was available – “The office is closed”.
    Please explain to me how this is good business practice and how you expect to keep customers. I will not be paying my bill for the last 2 weeks – I expect a complete credit for this entire time and do expect to talk with someone in your company.


  86. Yes I am writing to let you people know that your service is too high I am a single person, I do laundry maybe twice a month, I unplug all appliances if not in use, I do use air conditioner I’ll turn on the fan if need be and I use energy saving light bulbs I’m rarely home because I work two jobs so my first bill was $30.00 I thought that was ok now the next month the bill was $64.00 I was shocked so of course I call customer service the number is always busy.

  87. Waited all day with a confirmed appointment between 9 and 3 pm. No one showed up. Caused all kinds of problems. Said they would be there after 3 it is now 10:10 and still no show. Will call the Public service commission to complain of this inconsiderate treatment of customers.

  88. Had a confirmed appointment today between 9 and 3pm. No one showed causing many problems with children’s schedule. They said they were running late and would be there soon. It is now after 10 pm and still no one has come. Will contact the Public Service commission to complain of this terrible treatment of customers.

  89. Had a confirmed appointment today between 9 and 3pm. No one showed causing many problems with children’s schedule. They said they were running late and would be there soon. It is now after 10 pm and still no one has come. Will contact the Public Service commission to complain of this terrible treatment of customers.

  90. Had a confirmed appointment today between 9 and 3pm. No one showed causing many problems with children’s schedule. They said they were running late and would be there soon. It is now after 10 pm and still no one has come. Will contact the Public Service commission to complain of this terrible treatment of customers.

  91. what quick service! last night i emailed ng with a safety concern in our neighbohood (malfunctioning street light) and it was fixed the next morning. i thank you and so does our entire neighborhood.

  92. I was told my gas would be turned on mon 10/27/14 between 8a @ 8 pm at 5pm I called national grid I was not on the list I requested to speak to a supervisor who was at a meeting they told me they would call me back before 9p. I just called national grid they are closed. I want to speak to a supervisor my doctor wants the paper work so he can fill it out.iam liheap and I have a medical situation.please contact me asap thank you c. conaty

    YOUR GASFITTER MR STUART 30008450 attended my property on 27/10/2014 and provided the most excellent help and advice,a rare high level of customer care these days.

  94. Received a recording last week that we would be without power today from 9am-1pm….managed to be away from home for 3 hrs, as when we don’t have power, we have no phone. We’re both senior citizens and hate to be without a phone. Arrived home only to see the power was NOT turned off as scheduled.
    My husband called to see what was going on- all they said was there is no scheduled outage for our address, and we would get a phone call from Nat Grid if there was. Well, we already did!
    Just venting our frustration! Seems to me we could have received a call saying our power would NOT be interrupted today!

  95. Tried to report a street light out, over 2 months ago. Can’t report it to National Grid, that service is outsourced. Reported the light not working. One month later, reported it was still out. It still has never been repaired. In my town we are charged extra for having street lights. I don’t have a working one anymore – I want a refund! If NG can’t do the work, and their sub-contractor doesn’t do the work – what are we paying for???

  96. The idiots keep calling despite that fact that we DO NOT HAVE NATIONAL GRID. I am actively campaigning against you and your ignorant phone people.

  97. I need the fax number for S.A.M. the number I was given has too many numbers in it. it is now Sunday and of course you cant get a hold of anyone in customer sirv. and the web dose not have the number listed anywhere. Very Disapointing.Now I’ve wasted another day. thank you!

  98. Natl Grid is staffed by idiots and exists only to make some people very wealthy. The govt meddles in our lives, and spies on us, but they do nothing to relieve us of the Natl Grid monopoly. Obviously there are payoffs and backroom deals being made. Change the laws and we may see some fairness in utilities.

  99. All I want to do is change my billing address!!! Can’t get to the correct site to do such !!! Why can’t you be more logical???
    How do I get there?

  100. I had a very trying experience over the Thanksgiving Holiday. There was a new hot water heater installed at 222 Main St. There was a smell of gas and the tech arrived and called me that he had to shut the building down. This is a ten unit building with separate water heaters to the tenants. Joe Buthiller was the most understanding gas employee I have ever encountered. I have been in the apartment business for over 30 years and have many buildings in the cities of Salem, Beverly and Gloucester. He diagnosed the problem after carefully surveying the situation ( chimney needed cleaning ). I had the chimney cleaned and the tenants were able to get their hot water turned on for the weekend. I can’t say enough for about how he was able to relieve a stressful situation, and because of his knowledge and expertise,turned a very tenuous situation into a remedial one. He came back to the building a couple of times to check on the progress and to make sure everything was done properly. What an asset you have with Mr. Bouthiller.
    Sincerely, Richard Audette

  101. This afternoon I called as I suspected a gas leak. Excellent service and very efficient service engineer.
    Barry Devonald

  102. Had to have the gas turned back on after it had been off for 9 months. The technician, Jay, was fabulous. Super nice guy. Very friendly and efficient. Made sure that the hot water and heat were both working properly. If all of the National Grid technicians were as good as Jay, the customer service numbers showing above would certainly be much better

  103. reported power outage yesterday, 12/19 at 3:30pm. Service lady on the phone questioned if we knew what or if we had knowledge of what a “blown transformer sounded like?!”
    We’ve had more than our share of this type of power outage to last a lifetime!Was told that power would be restored between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m but was never given a date or year! Still without power in a very small area where farming and milking cows is still the way of life! Try it without electricity!

  104. The customer service line should be open longer than 5pm or at least 6 days a week due to the fact that other people work a 9-5 also and have a hard time contacting them with limited hours of operation. Hope this changes soon !

  105. Next door had a gas leak in there garage this effected us as well the team arrived on the Friday and did a temporary repair they returned on Monday to relay gas main they arrived on time worked all day and were extremely polite Andy and Jim Burge not sure who the rest were but thank you any way.

  106. beware national grid customers. national greed sent me a billing statement with reversed address’s. note if you’re bill is late it is a 1.5% on top of the total bill. energy bills are already high enough then compound that with northeast winter’s. how can i get the payment there on time when i’m mailing it too myself? sounds like a ponzi scheme to me hmmm? p.s. bravo! national greed on listing the output of emissions on the bill. pat yourself on the back for fighting the war on global warming. china, cuomo the u.k and the regime are proud of you.

  107. I’ve tried to find out what the kwh rate is for a reidential customer in area code 14221 upstate ny. It’s impossible to reach you people even to perhaps give you business! SO I GAVE UP ON THE PHONE AND I’M TRYING E-MAIL!

  108. How much interest (%APY) is charged for persons on Budget Plan when the amount owed is more than budgeted amount? That is not made very clear when introduced.

  109. I tried to register on national grid to access my bill.Was impossible to do.Took me half an hour,then they wanted an access code from my bill.I do not get a bill,that is why I registered.I called customer service and she said I registered in the wrong region. I registered in syacuse NY which is where I pay my bill through automated service.Waste of time.Told her to send me a bill every month.Waste of paper.

  110. National Grid Employees don’t care about their customers:
    I called for the 8th time sense last year to explain that my house is freezing and I still receive a $443.43 bill for February. Your company did not tell me of any places that can help by doing an assessment on my home.
    Every morning we wake up to the thermostat reading 50-52 degrees.

    We found out about a company through a friend called Mass Save. Yes we were shocked that this is a company sponsored by National Grid. But all the times my husband and I called complaining about the bill and how cold our house has been sense March 2014. No one on the phone ever told us about Mass Save. All they kepted saying was it’s a very cold year. It’s the same excuses every year. What a shame, my family could have gotten help sooner. But instead my 2 year old is sick all the time and my earliest appointment is the end of March this year after a whole year. We called Mass Save for a home assessment with no help from the company who is sponsoring it (National Grid). My bill alone from November 2014 to February 2015 has totaled to over $1,400.

  111. I am so pissed off about having to be a national grid customer. I was supposed to close on a house on Wednesday 3/4 and was not able because instead of switching account into my name they turned off electric and gas in sub freezing temperatures. They then told me it couldn’t be turned back on till Friday. So they give me a time period of 8 am -4pm. I tried calling and getting info went up the chain of command and nothing. There customer service agents gave me crap and said it was my fault. Worst customer service company I have ever dealt with. I am going to be finding another energy source out of principle. I would rather swim in shark infested water than ever deal with this company. I think its total crap they basically have a monopoly because no matter what you do you have to deal with these people. Totally disappointed and will be finding other ways to get energy.

  112. Hello Nation Grid,
    This is Not an Automated Email !! I am writing because I too have had a hell of a Time trying to PAY MY BILL, As I do faithfully every Month . No Matter HOW MUCH, or HOW HIGH my Bill is once again. I know I should of written down , ( once again ) the WESTERN UNION number. But the ordeal that I have to go thru to get that Number today, 3 times i had to go thru the automated system and finally I hit the one that says Past Due, cuz at this point my bill is past due as the clock ticks by, (and by electric lol ).. What I WISH IS… that since they have in Print ,all these other crazy for an excuse reasons why I have to pay for depts taxes etc, that I have no idea what it is to begin with,,, since they have all this and that ,, My Wish is to make Life Simpler PLEASE INCLUDE THE PHONE NUMBER for WESTERN UNION.. that I have to pay another 2.25 to PAY MY BILL.. needless to say since I hit the wrong button, it went to Pay By Electric CHECK,,, didnt know that that is the better way to pay with out being charged.. I hope …Thank you for hearing me vent along with ALL The other Faithful NG customers that have such a difficult time with for ALL reasons, as I can for see the reader of this mocking me behind their breath !! I hope to one day “””see the Western Union number included in My Bill””””,, that I Pay For !! Thank You Cindy

  113. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.
    After numerous phone calls to replace a broken meter, I was told I needed to be home when the repair was made. I took 2 days off work, no one ever showed up. I called again the following week, and was told the meter had been replaced on a day when I was not home.
    So, I wasted 2 vacation days for nothing. National Grid, will you be reimbursing me?

  114. The service we received was top class. the men told us what thay would have to do
    And kept us informed of the progress all the way throughout .
    When the job was done thay cleaned up and left it clean and tidy.
    Many thanks to Lee , Jimmy , keep the good work up lads.
    Yours sincerely Mr Mrs W Parker.


  116. I own a second property and the tenant moved out overnight and had the power turned off 3 days ago. I wanted the power turned back on in my name and was told I would need to send in a deed to the property to prove I owned it even though I have lived in CNY for 35 years! I sent the deed in as asked and waited a day. Still no power. I called today and was told that someone could be out there to turn the power back on at the end of next week. it is going to be a high of 25 degrees this weekend and pipes could burst!! there is no supervisor to speak with nor a customer complaint department. I agree with many of the comments above – this is the worst customer experience I have ever received.

  117. I smelt gas. Your men [Gary 10590010 and then Ian] arrived promptly, they were efficient, thorough, explained exactly what they were doing, were polite and helpful. Cant thank them enough.

  118. I called to get help with a payment issue. The customer service rep was incredibly rude and not helpful at all. Apparently when making an online payment it goes through Western Union. There is apparently no record of that even though my bank account says National Grid does in fact have my money. Regardless the woman was not helpful at all and rude. Thanks for making my day awful. I get why National Grid is rated so low.

  119. Dealing with customer service is a waste of time. Have had several conversations with representatives to no avail. Had solar installed, have been trying to contact them to change anniversary month, was told the PERSON in charge could only be reached by e-mail, still waiting. It is hard to understand a company this large with so many resources would only have one person in this position, that it takes over six weeks to get a reply. Someone should check to see this person is still alive.

  120. Called National Grid out as we could smell gas. Engineer sorry don’t know his name (pay no. 902578) came with half an hour and even though it took a little time found the leak. He was pleasant, polite and efficient.

  121. Special mention for Junior Jones a polite professional and a cheerful young man.. Called me this morning to say he was a few minutes away, fitted our new gas meter in no time and left the site tidy. Junior you are a credit to national grid and wish you well.

  122. After smelling gas I rang ,your man Jez Smith arrived in half an hour he explained everything and made everything safe . Thank you

  123. Just had to contact you regarding a very helpful gentleman named Tim Gabbott who came to my aid yesterday,Sunday 10th May.He really did go out of his way to help, and had such a friendly manner.
    If only all service engineer’s were as polite and helpful as he was.

    Many thanks

  124. Hello national grid staff
    Recently I am a student in UCL and working on a paper which is relevant to to the short circuit current level in UK, US and Japan. Could you offer me the relevant data by email which is the maximum short-circuit current value at 10 kV side when a designer designs a transformer substation should take into account,please.
    Thank you

  125. I have been waiting for a month to have my gas turned on and it STILL has NOT happened. In the instructions it said to call when ready to come. No call was ever received. When I called to inquire when the service technician would arrive I was told he said no one was home and he did not know to call. I was told that even though it was National Grid’s fault I had to wait 2 weeks for another “opening” in the schedule which was today.
    Today I had been told the technician would arrive between 8:00 and 4:00 and he was to call when he was on the way. I had heard nothing by 2:00 so I called and was told he had been at my home at 11:00. NO ONE had been to my house. I was told he apparently neglected to read the instructions on the order to call. I was told a supervisor had been called and the technician had been given the order to return today and be sure to call first. When there still was no call and no technician I called National Grid again around 5:15 to inquire what time the technician was to come. I was told the order said between 4:00 and 8:00. This customer service person checked my call back number and it was incorrect on the order. (When the order was put in initially they read back the correct call back number to me so obviously someone wrote it incorrectly on the new order.) He corrected it and said the technician would arrive between 6:00 and 8:00. NO ONE called NO ONE showed up at my home. When I attempted to call the office again I found it had closed at 7:00. How convenient- no recourse for the customer.
    I am very angry that this has happened. Either the customer service is inept or your technicians are not doing their job correctly. I expect this to be remedied IMMEDIATELY. If my gas is not turned on by 2:00 pm Thursday 5/14/15 I am contacting my lawyer and Channel 9 News.

  126. I commented earlier about not receiving service. I wanted to follow up as one of your techs called about 9:40 p.m. to say he would be able to come if I wanted him to. I said yes and he was here in a timely manner. His name was Billy Jones and he was very helpful and courteous .

  127. I called the emergency number on Sat May 16 because there was a gas smell in my kitchen. Within 10 mins Gary Martyn Smith had arrived and he was absolutely brilliant – he quickly found the leak on the cooker, capped it and made it safe and put the gas back on . He was very pleasant, efficient and I am so grateful for what he did. Thank you so much Gary!

  128. I have no gas in my house since we moved on May 29th.Its been 4 days now without hot water or stove.Called today to fallow up and said that no appointments are available till Wednesday. Absolutly ridiculous .I have four year old daughter at home who didn’t have a shower since friday.Supervisor Linda who I talked to did not care at all about that. Very disappointed.I need somebody to take care of this issue.We can not be without gas for 6 days.Talking to customer service manager did not help l at all.She was absolutly nasty on the phone with me.

  129. RUDE! I was talking to customer service calmly and civil then when I ask to speak to a supervisor or manager she started raising her voice almost yelling at me! If there was another company other than National grid I would switch in a heartbeat

  130. One of the worst experiences with customer service I have ever dealt with. I was on hold for 20 minutes (by the way, the recorded message keep saying the wait time was 2 minutes or less). Finally spoke to a representative. She was snippy and seemed irritated I was calling. My reason for the call was to have a new electrical service turned on in the house I am renting. At first, she tried to tell me the address wasn’t in National Grids area. I spelled the address slowly to her and before she could say anything the call was cut off. I had to dial it back and wait another 20 minutes. The second person was much better. He was able to take care of getting service turned on with problems. Much more pleasant than the first agent.

  131. i am thinking about switching to gas you have any special offers for new gas boilers.i tried to get a phone for customer support but could not find any that could answer my questions.please contact me at e-mail above

  132. Your customer “service” is one of the worst I have exerienced. I have placed numerous calls to your support center (800.322.3223)over the past 2+ months about a street light out of service. Today, I had to call 3 times. Disconnected the 2nd time on purpose by “Marcus”. First: The light out makes the area dangerous to pedestrians & vehicles. They are supposedly addressing the problem, but how long can it take to replace a bulb and/or photo-cell. Second: Your support line personnel are either stupid, rude or both. Your automated system is also horrible and requires a ridiculous number of steps to get to a person.

  133. National Grid Electric has a non shut-off program for the elderly and medicaly dissabled. THEY LIED, I qualify under both programs and my electricity was shut off due to an outstanding balance of $105.49. When I called customer service etc., they said my service would be turned on that day. Well it’s going on two days and still no service! When I call the only response I get is a recording. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THIS??? BEWARE!!!!!!!

  134. Just called Customer Service number. Even though I pay the bill each month, I was not able to simply verify that my bank in fact, transferred the money, as it shows in my checking account/online Bill Pay. Fine, ok, I’m not an authorized user, but the gal on the phone started just rote reciting a response as if I were a problem child… Infuriating. How about, “I’m so sorry I’m unable to assist until the account holder adds you as a user.”

  135. I was suppose to move in this apartment on july 1st . but the land lord realized the meter was gone .He been on the phone with customer service and he cant get any answer from national grids .they told him to have a electrical inspector witch he did they still haven’t put the meter in .we would like a answer.address is 3367 big tree rd ,hamburg,ny 14075

  136. We had Tim Gabbott out about a gas leek I would just like to say he is very good he put me at ease

  137. Im would like to turn off my energy service in my home because I not longer live at that address thanks

  138. I had filled out a residential gas service agreement with out supplying an account ID number just because I didn’t establish one yet and I was not ready for gas. I came home to find the gas install crew installing a new gas service to my house. It clearly states on top of application “your application for gas service will proceed once you establish a customer account with national grid. To setup an account, call 1-800-930-5003 and provide your account ID in space below”. Needless to say I was mad. On line 20 under national grid Terms and conditions in short states that with in three month of install of new gas service piping if the equipment identified on the front of the application is not installed then the applicant is responsible to pay for the gas pipe install. knowing this I directed the men to stop work. that’s when the field supervisor told me that if they don’t install now, if and then when they come back I will be charge $2,000.00 dollars for the install. These men entered my backyard with no authorization from me nor my wife. The field supervisor said he had knock on my door and asked my 8 year old daughter(who was being babysat by her grandmother) for mom or dad. He was told we were not home. He brought upon himself to enter my side yard (threw a fence)with out authorized access and continue the install with out a establish. account.

  139. Our local service (NIMO) is excellent. We’ve lived in this house for 34 years & had exemplary service. Now for the bad news. I just spoke to a National Grid rep, involving a bill, who was one of the nastiest reps I’ve ever spoken to. It wasn’t even about my account, but Connie would not help or even listen. She also refused access to her supervisor, saying I was not authorized because it was not my account. Connie’s manner & attitude is totally unacceptable. My husband, Joseph, & I both worked with the public all of our careers & never treated a customer as she did. I would be appaled to hear a co-worker deal with a customer in her manner. I do not complain about anyone, but this woman needs customer service training.

  140. Just had a low gas pressure problem fixed by Brian Lynch. Wonderful. Fast,efficient, very knowledgable and pleasant.
    Thank you Briian.

  141. The “customer service” from National Grid LI (gas) that I received today while simply inquiring as to when my service would be reinstated, was appalling, unprofessional, and an outright disgrace. In a follow up call to see when someone would arrive at my home to restore service, I was told by the customer representative that I am not entitled to that information since my husband’s name is on the account. I requested to speak with a manager since the previous day when I called with the same inquiry the person I spoke with freely offered the information without hesitation.
    The manager got on the phone and would not let me speak. He continuously spoke over me and interrupted me as I attempted to explain my situation. He had a huge attitude, demanded that my husband has to call (despite the fact that I told him my husband was working), and then had the audacity to question my husbands career insisting no one could possibly work a 12 hour day. I told him that his comments and questions were very rude and my husband’s profession is none of his business. I asked for his name and, clearly knowing he was in the wrong, he hung up on me. Since this man’s name was never given to me, I’d like it noted that I called approximately 12:10pm today, August 14th. Perhaps this will help you track him down, although I realize this is extremely limited information.
    Not only do I not have the simple answer to the question that I called about, but this man was so abrasive, nasty and rude that he left me in tears. I would love the opportunity to speak with someone who actually knows what customer service means and not some arrogant, unprofessional jerk who doesn’t know how to speak with customers without offending them.
    This is the first complaint I have ever filed with any company in my entire life. I have never encountered a more unprofessional individual as this man and I would hope that he is, at the very least, reprimanded for the disrespectful manner in which he treats people.

  142. Why is it so hard to get in touch with National Grid? Been trying to change my Gas and Electric supplier for two weeks now and I’m getting no where. My bill does not have the “security code” on the Important Message page that the email login ask for.. I have no such page in my billing package. As for the telephone, none of the choices get you to an Energy Choice site nor a Human Being.

  143. I am sick from the way DDS has handled putting in new gas lines Last wednesday, I discussed well in advance that because my center hall colonial had no “Side” to place a gas meter that three feet of ugly pipes would remain in my cellar. All was agreed to…I was lied to. no house has 3 feet of pipes in the front of their house under their living room window My house is ruined, violated , raped. I want them gone…..also my bushes were killed in the process. a ton of sand with rocks was placed in my yard. I am sick over this . I will not be quiet.

  144. Contacting by telephone is very frustrating especially when the information is not available on line. NOT ALL QUESTIONS fit into the limited options.
    Took 4 tries of answering the same sorting question – #4 something else.
    I am now on hold still not answered by a respresentative.

    very frustrating.

  145. Your company has worked very diligently to maintain its 1.7 out of 5 customer service rating. This should be an embarrassment to your management. Perhaps it’s time to retrain your associates or better yet clean house and start over.

  146. I had inquired about a streelite problem very simple lite goes on and off all nite Ilive in the country where there are few lites as it is asked if they could clean or replace sensor on lite it must be a very big job because it has been all summer long and now it’s fall with shorter days and they still have not fixed it. Am tired of complaining but coffee breaks must be more important then someone missing a intersection because of no lites and ending up in some ditch if they don’t want to fix it maybe give me a discount on my lighting bill

  147. Morning, We had the power lines on a project in Chelmsford, MA. (265 Chelmsford Street) wrapped with orange rubber insulators because we were doing roof work. I believe the original W.O. # was 19624321 . We would like your crew to come back and remove the power line wraps… please.
    I can be reached @ (

  148. this is an urgent matter. I’m a customer in Randolph, ma. 02368 at residential addr- 14 Sherman drive. my roofer installing new shingle needs powerline connection to house moved asap . there are 2 power lines that are dangerously located next to metal drip edge on edge of roofline. please reply or call me at my number, to give me a time when this can be done. thank you,

  149. On October 16, 2015 I saw a National Grid truck number 13802 going westbound on Sunrise Highway appproximately 1130 am talking on his cell phone while driving. I did not realize your employees are exempt to the hands free law.

  150. I would like to provide positive feed back regarding my experience with National Grid, Gas Services this morning.
    The whole experience, from making the call to completion of the job, was carried out in a confident, polite and efficient manner.
    The call was carried out and attended by Mick within the 2hours stated, the problem was diagnosed and rectified in an efficient and pleasant manner.
    Well done National Grid
    Peter Chester

  151. I was calling in on behalf of Morgan Management, LLC. from the Accounts Payable Headquarters in regards to a final bill/shut off for account #78287-87236 that I could not find an invoice for anywhere in our system. The call was to inquire whether is was shown paid in your system and, if not, request the invoice to get it paid. I was told by the customer Service Rep who gave her name as Katrina. I was given two different customer service id’s for her first OK1170 and the second OK170. I explained to her that I was calling from the corporate headquarters in regards to a mailing we received from the company. She demanded my name and told me I was not authorized to speak on the account. I explained to her that the process does not work that way, and the Accounting Department at HDQRTS would not list the names of Individual Clerks due to turn over/ hiring of temps. That the information that she needed from me was the High Acres Apt, LLC.’s EIN number to verify the account. Not only was she rude but she also refused to transfer me to a supervisor because I was not “Verified” to talk about the account. I told her I was not trying to talk to the supervisor regarding the account, but rather her attitude and horrible customer service. I asked for a way to contact the supervisor; email, phone number, fax, etc. She refused to give me any contact information on the same premise of being “unverified”. Not only was she incorrect and needs retraining but she was extremely rude, unprofessional and a terrible example of everything wrong in customer service. She has now wasted 25 mins of my time. First, with the phone call and secondly going this route to complain about the customer service. I am never one to take the time out of my day to complain about service unless it was exceptionally horrible. The fact that I could not speak to a supervisor was unbelievable and was to protect herself against a complaint. I called back a second time, stayed on hold for another 15 mins and had NO issues with the next rep I spoke to. She verified me with the last four digits of the EIN number as standard.

  152. I received a letter saying Nation Grid has determined I am using Natural gas for heating. Therefore they they are changing my bill so a “Adjustment for Changes from Normal Weather” adjustment will be included in my bill. I called Customer Service and asked that my be be left as is. They told me no, and there is no way for me to know ihow to keep track of the billing changes. I must just take your word for it.

  153. A gentleman called Paul came out from Homecare with regard to a possible gas leak / smelly fume problem connected with my Gas Fire. 1 Yew Tree Place,Bishops Stortford CM23 2EY.
    He was VERY helpful and knowledgable – put my mind at rest and advised me as to what to do next. 10/10 !!
    H Wright

  154. Dennis and Delores Scaramangos. Account no. 76373-82003. My husband spoke with some rep over a stopped check for a hour. She was unable to figure this out and put him on hold. She never returned. He is 82 and does not need this. It is national grids fault for losing that check period! I would like a phone call as soon as possible. We do not owe any money, have not received my new bill. Delores Scaramangos

  155. I need a list of places where I can pay my bill in person. Do you have any sites in the Boston South Shore MA areas?

  156. Called National Grid on Friday about 130pm to report a loss of power. Indicated that I run a daycare in addition to the fact that this has been an ongoing problem. They have been to my home twice previously with a diagnosis but it has yet to be fixed. So 7 hours after the 130pm call they show up without the proper equipment/truck to do whatever it is they do so they would have to send someone else out. It is now Sunday almost 12pm and no one has ever returned.

  157. Job No: 3002060895
    We smelt gas so we called the emergency gas number. A lady called Rita gave me some advice & said an engineer would be round within an hour.
    Half an hour later an emergency engineer called David Routledge arrived, he changed the regulator which was leaking. He was very pleasant & helpful as well as professional, answering any questions I asked him.
    We were very impressed with the service, thank you!

  158. The worst customer service ever!!!!Website,you have to search for number,some of the phone numbers,out of service,transferred,only to get a perpetual busy signal!awful!

  159. Just curious as to how you get a reading when my dial is in a totally fenced yard, and none of your service people have rang my bell in years. Phyllis Jacobson, 43 Mordella Road, Albany, NY 12205

  160. Had a appt for power to be turned on. I sat there from 8a-12pm with my granddaughter. I left to gt her some lunch, thinking u guys wld gv a 15min call as ur companies policy. No call I missed them. Now I hv to miss another day of wrk bcuz u guys cnt return for another wk. Thks for allllll ur understanding… Not so happy new customer.

  161. Thanks to the crew who did an outstanding job rescuing the raccoon from the pole by my house in Berlin MA today. They were truly awesome! I am not on social media but hope that you can relay our appreciation to them somehow for a job well done. Thanks again — Karen

  162. I am having an issue with customer service and billing. As a CUSTOMER it would be nice to get three things;
    1) a person’s name to contact, 2) Their number to call, and 3) an “issue” number.

    After two calls 12/15/2015 I was finally told what to do; 1) fax to a number and they would take care of it. No NAME no Number no NOTHING!
    Maybe this is the way to get things done. I guess this is what happens when you have a monopoly.

    When is Amazon scheduled to take over the utility companies.

  163. Awful customer service! I made about 6 calls and even spoke to a supervisor (who put me on hold for about 15 minutes and never got back to me!) and still didn’t get my issue resolved! Each rep. kept bouncing me around to a different department, and still my issue was never resolved! Pathetic.

  164. I called every customer service number you list and all I get are recordings. The old New England Electric had actual people you can talk to.

    I want to report streetlight out Tammie Road Hopedale, MA pole # 5 & 9.

    Is this asking too much/

  165. Nat Grid collections keeps calling me telling me I owe money. Apparently, someone has given them my cell # that owes them money and now I am on an automatic call list for delinquent customers. When I first gave them my information, they said they would take care of the problem and noted that I had never been late. They called again a few more times so I tried to take care of this whole mess and now I was told there was nothing they could do and to just agnore the calls. I am going to contact the Attorney Generals Office and I recommend everyone else do the same.

  166. By far the most horrible customer service representatives I have ever had to deal with. Tonya and Shannon are rude and actually appear as though they enjoy giving you bad news. Shannon is the worst of the two. She does NOT go out of her way to help the customer and I can’t imagine how she keeps her job.

  167. I would like to know with all of your high paid employees, no one could tell me my yearly amount I paid for my electric service. Instead you sent me a summary of the whole year. In the past, for tax reasons, I have been able to call and get my yearly total. The woman I spoke with at N.G. was extremely obnoxious and unhelpful. Should do a bit better for what we pay. The request was not that difficult.

  168. I have submitted payments for four months in a row now without them processing. This is extremely frustrating. Please tell me what your preferred method of payment is. If there is a problem with your online payment processing system please communicate that to your customers. My budget has been completely thrown off by your disorganization. If a late fee is ever applied to my account you will be hearing from me. I am only sending you this message because your billing office is closed.

  169. We received another Neighbor Comparison and got another good laugh. We live on Lime Lake in Catt Co, NY. We have 380 plus homes on the lake (seasonal) and only 35 of us live here year round. As you can see, your report makes no sense to us. On Potter Road where I live, there is 83 homes and only 8 are full time owners. Great report but has no bearing on where we live.

  170. I realize that I am not unique. That we did have a small snow storm and there are outages. This however was not a major hurricane or blizzard thank the universe because I have been out of power since Friday finally having it restored on Sunday morning only to have it removed again sunday afternoon. This is ridiculous what’s more fustrating is not being able to reach a human being to find out what’s going on. Thanks for being here with me and for me. We all better hope we only get good weather after what four inches of snow can do. Thanks I do appreciate you trying. Sincerely Albert.

  171. Today the temp outside is -18 degrees. I have called the customer service number repeatedly to have a service tech light the pilot for my gas fireplace. I have been disconnected each time without having been able to actually speak with a representative. Very, very poor customer service

  172. Your Cust Service is horrific . I have a scheduled gas appointment for you to check the operation of the gas meter inside my house today and a technician sat outside my house talking on his phone in the truck at 9 o’clock this morning and then drove away and there is not one phone number that somebody answers to find out what is going on with my scheduled appointment. Obviously you think that your customers time is not as valuable as national grid very upset especially the fact that when I call to schedule disappointment the woman said that they think that something’s been wrong with my gas meter for over a year now and this is the first time that contacting me.

  173. I called National Grid in Ma to complain about a recent bill being almost triple to what it normally is and was told that for the past three years my bill had been estimated and was not actual. I live in a condo where there are 43 units. I looked at my meter and my meter was different than the others and constanly blinking. National grid representative told me that was “normal” and that my meter was broken and relpaced on 3/7/16. None of my neighbors had”estmated” bills. I am not satisfied with response from National Grid representative.

  174. After finding a gas pipe crossing my garden, on 16th Jan 2016, I have waited until 1st April for a team to identify whether or not this pipe is live.
    Today Matthew McGrath and Duncan Herbert arrived and found the pipe to be redundant. So I now know that all is safe.
    The two technicians could not have been more professional, they where courteous efficient and extremely neat and tidy.
    They, with my help soon found the pipe and ascertained that it was not live.
    They have left my garden in a very tidy state, you can not see where the holes were dug.
    I enjoyed my interaction with them, and can not praise them highly enough.
    Well done guys and thanks.
    Andy Limbert

  175. Our power comes and goes nearly every month. My husband is on a a breathing device. We call to ask why the power in our area is so inconsistant. The operator suggested we call an electrician to find out why National Greeds power is not working. Then she said when the power and phones are our to use the cell to call We do not have cell coverage in our area. We have had to replace computers, tv’s phones, bulbs, appliances, etc. They don’t even credit you something when it goes out. She would not give us the name of a Supervisor. Wish there was another power company for competition.

  176. This Company is extremely corrupt. My neighbor worked for them and all he ever brags about is how much drinking and drugging go on while on the job.

  177. Please forward to your CEO, Steve Holliday, I think he needs to how you operate in general or perhaps he already does. My bill was due today and without any text or email to give me a heads up you turned off my power yesterday. My mother is visiting (62 and on a nebulizer) and I have 3 children. My mother also paid the bill in full yesterday. We were assured it would be turned on by 3 today. It was not. I called Customer service and was told a gentleman came here at some point when we were not here and Luna was in the yard so he did not enter the yard. Luna is outside everyday and no one had a problem turning power off yesterday. I am furious….we had to go a hotel last evening. Food in my refrigerator, which I just cooked and froze a weeks worth of food , is lost …that is a cost I cannot afford. The least you should be able to do is to notify me a day before you plan to shut off the power by text or email. Your company has absolutely no customer service. If the power is not turned on today I’m not sure what action I will take against you… i guess my option is to switch to North American Power and encourage everyone I know to do the same. You treat your customers with great disregard.

  178. I’m planning to move from 64 timber ridge dr to 37 meadow heaven e north port I called because I would like to switch from oil to gas and they told me I have to pay about $28,000 for the swetching. I would like to know how soon are you going to run the line that is very closed from 37 meadow heaven I will appreciated you answer.

  179. Very hard to find customer service on Long Island, NY>>ther is a wire sticking ouy of a support leg of the gas meter which should be attached to
    something…the end is bare uninsulated, and maybe dangerous… I need a tech from the company to see to a possible dangerous situation…
    Thank you for your attention to this situation.

  180. National Grid crew left a large trailer on my private property without permission. I contacted national grid to remove trailer,when crew came to remove trailer they became extremely belligerent.I believe national grid should repremand these workers to avoid a situation like this again.I wish I had contacted sheriff and may still possibly due so.

  181. Thanks for working with me on a payment plan you guys really did help my situation a little more better for me and my household but before all thus came about i had 2 gas leaks in my building which caused my bill to rise for no fault of my own it was red tagged for almist a month how be ever it took at least 2_3 months fir the problem to be solved by property management but i do appreciate a lit for being patient with me til now

  182. Personally even tho natl.grid worked with me on a oayment plan that was cool but if you fail 2 pay they will snatch your power off in a heart beat and think nothing of it but when you oay the bill it takes days,hizrs,mins,secs they will send you through drag yiz through ring you through the ringer they dont give a freak about whether you sick wit any ailment then you gotta do it their way or no way they dont care about whether you gotta baby they really jzst dont care how old or yozng you are ling as they get that money they still owe me money right now and wont give it to me since theyre not gonna give it to me at least they should have the decency or the courtesy to post ut to my bill to be paid but they charge you late fee and all if you dint pay them on time it would be nice if i had my money now over a year and some its over a thousand dollars and i need my money just like they need theirs

  183. My father Donation N Morano, who resided at 2664 Shadagee Road, Eden Ny 14057 has been deceased for 3.5years. My Mother has been deceased for 8 months. My Sister Robin Morano is the owner and the deed is in her name. Why are the electric bills still sent in my deceased Father’s name?

  184. so troubled about my monthly bill. I am currently living in this home, alone, and using very little electricity. My bill is so high and there must be something wrong with my meter. Please assist! You can reach me at 413-281-6652.
    I also attempted to pay a bill online but the system won’t let me access my account.

  185. Hey. I simply just found out this site. Considering that we are in the sane establishment, I have a offer available. Hit me back, please. Best, Jenny


  186. I ordered an accessory from Cyclone Rake in Conn. on Wednesday and it was on my porch the afternoon of the next day, I ordered an item from Cabela’s and it was here on my porch in two days…
    I ordered something from Nathan’s in California and it was here in three days…I ordered a Nest thermostat from National Grid on April 21st and….??? Come on NG these guys are making you look bad.
    I pay my National Grid bills on time every month and I have a great credit rating…what more can I do to get you to sent me the product I ordered 10 days ago…?? ?

  187. I didn’t apply and want any 3rd party like Concellasion or Direct Energy. Pls cancel it. I only apply for a discount with my Mass-heath. Pls favor me.

  188. I wish they would STOP calling my home Twice a day to remind me of my budget payment that IS NOT ——- OVER DUE. I’m sick and tired of having my phone ring while On vacation and now I know how my husband feels when he’s trying to sleep as he works nights. STOP once and for all. I pay my bill and don’t need this BS.

  189. Paid my bill in full. Tried to call and give confirmation number like I was told. Then told I need to fax, which I don’t have a way to fax. So I asked for email. I’ve called 12 times since last evening. The email i was given is wrong, as I checked my email this morning and it says that’s why it wasn’t delivered. I hope you all enjoy stressing people out and making things so much harder than needed. I am glad you enjoy that even once you get your money you don’t care about your customers. I work hard to just raise my children and pay for everything without
    government assistance. If I had my power would still be on. So much for being a company that cares…..

  190. Saturday night we momentary power outage the cable had reset itself and the lights blinked. the next morning when I opened the refridgerator . I discovered the appliance had not restarted and all foods in the fridge and freezer were defrosted and had to be thrown away.I was forced to purchase a new refridgerater the same day. these momentary outages are a common occurrence on the street where i live. 5 or 6 times a year

  191. After notifying Nat Grid of my new bank and routing number I have spent over 40 min trying to correct a mistake they have made by withdrawing from the wrong account. After over 15 minutes, on two occasions, I was transferred only to be dropped to a dial tone. I now have been assessed a return check fee even though the original account and new account remain open and funded. Is there a service center I can drive to and correct this problem.

  192. I am moving to Bourne Massachusetts on Sept 21 2017 to an
    apartment complex.I am having difficulty setting up a online
    account it will not accept my email as valid for the I’d.Can you
    please help me with this?

  193. Horrible customer service….over 20 minutes on hold…finally gave up! Tried again next hour…again no answer after another 20!!!

  194. The managing and repair to this latest storm is at the most disappointing. Not having electrical power for 4 plus days is inexcusably. It demonstrates how a monopoly is only interested in the bottom line and has no concern for the paying customer on the other end of their feed if it were possible this whiter would bale out to a more customers friendly provider. My hope is that this latest incompetence will be examined and someone who is making more money than they deserve will be looking for work ideally the government will look into this latest blunder to determine what went wrong and who is responsible. It’s unfortunate customers are allowing this company to bully the very people that make their existence possible

  195. I’m an electrician trying to get a human to schedule me for a disconnect to install a transfer switch for a standby generator. I can’t get any where. No one seems to be taking calls at 800-260-0054. Your online help is incredibly poor.

  196. I have taken the day off so national grid would be here to hook up the new gas service with my installer also waiting, now no hot water very soon no heat. I started Sept. 9th with this and still no satisfaction. Today I called at 10:05 wondering where your tech was I had my cell on hold, my boyfriends cell on hold and my home phone on hold for well over a hour each. Finally got through and still waiting on a supervisor to call for 2 hours now but i had to call 3 times in between and was told he would get back to in 1/2 hour now Now no hot water or heat. total now approximately 6 hours on the phne.

  197. This company made a major error in reading my gas bill. They inverted the numbers where the reading actually appeared to be going in reverse. (That is the best way I can explain it). To matters worse, they were trying to charge me an estimated usage amount which paralleled a house that was operating a restaurant with 10 gas stoves, a shower house with 20 stalls, and heating with gas. Did I mention that we hear with oil and do not do that much cooking. Of course it warranted an investigation and after correcting the bill, they somehow manipulated the figures to make sure that they did now owe me money. Also, it take too long to speak to someone.

  198. I just got off the phone with the most rude customer service rep ever..(2/24/18 9:50am) I called because we received a phone call stating that we were past due on our account even though we sent our check in on 2/15 (due date 2/22) and are current. The rep said it takes 7-10 days to process checks so why do you send out a robo call to say we are late??? That’s an insult to all of us who are timely and current. The delay is on your end and the call is an insult! The rep did not even apologize for your ineptitude, saying that it happens to all customers. I asked to speak to a manager and she hung up..great customer service!!!

  199. My mother is a Mass. National Grid customer. She received a promo from Smart Energy stating if she is a national grid customer, she could receive 1 month of electricity FREE. She is elderly and hard of hearing, so I said I would call for her. Just wondering if this is legit. My name is Sharon Pelletier and I am her daughter. Her name is Evelyn Silvia.

  200. At the request of National Grid I scheduled an appointment for have my gas meter changed as they said it must be done every 7 years. I have lived at this address for 22 years so this was a first. The worker arrived here yesterday at 12:30 p.m. Changed the meter, however when I asked him to cover his dirty boots as I have white carpeting he said he didn’t have any covers in his truck.
    I had to scramble to put something down on rugs. Then he said he couldn’t restart my fireplace unless we took all the logs out. He never checked my kitchen gas stove and when we went to shower we had no hot water. I am 85 years old and too nervous to mess with gas. I called the handyman in the complex where I live and he checked and said hot water heater was shut off.
    Hoorah yes we have hot water again. Is this a normal routine that took him all of 15-20 minutes and left us unhappy for a longer period of time?? Can I expect a routine call?

  201. I called this morning @ 8:37 to talk about my bill and my options, a woman named Liz took my call , she helped me the best she could, which I appreciate.

  202. This is a comment about running new gas lines in our area we had Sandra and Doug doing 99% of the work at our house they were both just fantastic such good workers pleasant people in general. They were very efficient always let us know that they were starting work on any given day at our home. Couldn’t ask for better thank you. George Kirker

  203. national grid will come onto your property to dig for pipes or what ever and leave a mess with dirt/rocks and uneven ground; however, to get them to restore same to original is of no real concern of theirs. They have taken 3 months so far and I see very little effort to reseed area. Their excuse is well we use a private contractor to reestablish area and he is busy (frankly it it was done timely and in a professional manner it would already be done. I had several hundred dollars in repairs to my lawnmower because of the rocks (large as soft balls or bigger) but that hasn’t been addressed. Top soil was scant and they ran out; just hydro seeded but that ran out immediately. very little grass coming after several weeks and the average person could see where it was a very thinly sprayed only in the center od the area. Thus an area approx. 25 by 45feet barren and unsightly. to me that is as well as the neighbors, obviously to national grid it is o.k. . State, town the public serv. comm as well as agency acting on behalf of consumers warned This is what happens when foreign countries by out local business.

  204. I have called customer service several times about charges on my bill. Charges that were paid by check….They go round and round saying the charges are right. I have no outstanding charges??? My check was not recognized by my bank???and was returned…Give me a break..I worked in banking for years,and this is not true..One rep.(a guy) hung up on me saying I can’t tell you anything else!!!!!Who WILL I BE ABLE TO SEND THE PAPERWORK TO SHOW THAT YES IT DID CLEAR MY BANK ? AND CLEAR MY NATIONAL GRID ACCOUNT? THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING THAT NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW THEIR JOB…AND IN MASSACHUSETTS YOU CAN BE ON HOLD FOR 45 MINUTES OR LONGER…

  205. Account number 50826-30702
    I have called 3 times and still waiting for a supervisor to call me back. We are a large account and have been receiving service like we are not worth your time.
    I would like a supervisor and your team to contact me.

  206. need to know who I need to call to have branches that are leaning on wires in front of my house after waiting on hold for 20 minutes I gave upl

  207. can not sign in to electric acct keeps going to gas acct
    recd email bill can not open to pay the bill
    please send sign in and password

  208. My name is Cathy Simoes. I live at 28 copley Drive methuen Ma 01844. I have contacted national graid twice regarding an issue. Every day I get 2-4 emails on my personal emial with someone elses bill. I am extremeley concerned that my personal email is being used for other customers bill. Below ae the names I received today. Please fix this immediately.
    Rhonda russell acct …..7104
    Ralph Jones acct ….2089
    Carline Absalon acct…..1022
    Barbara Cronin acct…1012.


  210. I live in Lincoln, of your Employee’s Stephanie Zuromski sto led for directions and then she got out of her truck and helped me clean the snow off my car.what a nice gesture she made my day!Just goes to show still good people helping others.

  211. My name is Paul Prendergast and recently my Father passed away and his name was on the account he shared with my mother. Well when my mother called to arrange future payment of the account being that it was payed via my fathers bank in the past ; she was not treated to kindly. She spoke to a Mr Barnes , whom only cared about company policy and instead of seeing past that and treating her with a bit of sympathy only left her frustrated and uninformed. All I want is an address or the department where I could send his death certificate and arrange the account to be in her name. Thanks

  212. I have had nothing but problems with this company for the last 6 plus months. They refuse to come and turn my gas back on. They are stating they have been to the house on multiple occasions and they really have only been there once. If you can help it go with someone else. Unfortunately I am stuck with these guys because they have a monopoly in this area.

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