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Contacting National Car Rental Customer Service Center

National Car Rental was founded in the late 1940’s with a group of independent car rental agents and more than 50 locations to a company with more than 2,000 locations worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of Enterprise, parent company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car, WeCar, PhillyCarShare and Alamo Rent-A-Car.

The company takes pride in providing industry best customer service. When customers want to contact the customer support team, they can do so by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Reservations: 1-877-222-9058
  • Customer Service: 1-800-468-3334
  • Roadside Assistance (Canada): 1-800-268-9711
  • Roadside Assistance (U.S.): 1-800-367-6767
  • Sales Department: 1-877-881-5500
  • Medical Request: 1-888-273-5262
  • TDD: 1-800-328-6323

Mailing Address

National Car RentalInside Account Department600 Corporate Park DriveSt. Louis, MO 63105

Official Website

Customers can visit the official National Car Rental website to learn about the company, sign up for last-minute special and promotional material, plan travel arrangements as well as reserve a vehicle, cancel or modify an existing reservation.

Customers wanting to find the nearest location should visit the customer support page and enter your city, state or country.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to send a message to the customer support team. The customer contact form does not have specific topics, so customers can communicate any question or concern. We sent a message relating to the hours of operations. The website does not provide this information. After sending the message, we received an automated message stating a customer care agent would respond to our request. We are still awaiting a response.

Although we cannot guarantee a response time, customers can contact the customer support team through various social media outlets, including:

Our Experience

The customer service department hotline was confusing. We attempted to call multiple times and every time we selected the option for the customer service department, the call ended. We eventually reached a live agent after waiting for more than 5 minutes. When the live agent answered the call, we asked for the point of contact relating to refunds after a customer cancels a reservation.

The agent explained customers must contact the customer service department. This was not the answer we wanted to hear, considering the wait time. Our experience was not ideal. When you reached a live agent, how was your experience? We want to hear your concerns and resolutions. Share them below in the comment section.

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15 Comments on “Contact National Car Rental Customer Service
  1. Thank you to your Houston Hobby Airport team! I returned a car on 12/23/13 and found out that a friend had left his I-phone somewhere in the car. I called the location and was told that they would look for it. Honestly, I didn’t think we would see it again. Losing your phone these days is painful! Low and behold, your staff contacted the person that rented the car, found the phone and mailed it to our friend in Houston overnight, free of charge! I am an Executive Member and have used National for the last 3-4 years. I have rarely had any issue and I am very grateful to your staff members who went the extra mile to get the phone back. You have a loyal member here and I appreciate the great customer service. Candace Nolan

  2. Charlie at the Omaha airport desk went to great lengths to anticipate and meet my needs for an unusual car rental situation. I didntl even have to ask for what I wanted – he knew what I needed before I did! He was great and I hope he will hear that I appreciated him so much on a day when I needed help. Thank you Charlie!

  3. Nationa is the worst car rental service that I have ever delt with. I arrived at the desk at the Fort Lauderdale airport on 3/21/14 in the morning after being up all night. The agent Juan told me that they ony had luxury cars available. It cost me 741.00 for the week. Granted I should have looked at other carriers but this is still outrageous and I will never rent from national again.

  4. I would like to start this review by saying that national is an excellent car rental firm. We have been traveling the US in two different cars. They all run very smooth and were affordable. Secondly we are very pleased with the customer service. We had an incident where we locked ourselves out of the car. We called Belinda in the San Francisco department and she went above and beyond to help us out.
    Thank you so much.
    Regards from Rasmus and Peter.

  5. We recently rented a car from National at the Fort Lauderdale airport and we wanted to let you that your service agent Luis, was very helpful and friendly. He is an asset to your company.

  6. I rented a car at Ft. Lauderdale airport on Dec. 4th returning it on Dec.5th. Our check-out lady was Ms. Tidly. She was extremely pleasant and went beyond the norm to help us as we didn’t have my mother listed as an additional driver in advance. She is an asset to National.

  7. Dear Sir or Madam:
    I have been renting cars from National for a number of years now, love the counter by-pass service as well as the option to select my own vehicle. I rent a lot of cars (I am at the Executive Elite level with National) and would like to take this opportunity to thank two of your staff, whom I have gotten to know, both at your Calgary Airport location. Bayani has been one of the most friendly and effective customer service staff I have ever engaged with in any organization. Always a smile, calls me by name, everything always in order with added friendly helpful comments. Bayani has been just tremendous! Didi D. is also very service oriented, is excellent at any return handling issues, being fair and very efficient. He takes the time to establish contact and makes you feel taken care of. Didi has been super! Having utilized National all across Canada, I can say that Bayani and Didi are two of your best staff and highly recommend both. I wish Bayani and Didi all the best in the future. Regards, Mike Jahraus

  8. Mr Rod D. at your Ft Lauderdale Airport location was phenomenal. He was quite pleasant and helpful during the check in process at the Aisle. He helped me get the item I was looking for and was more than professional. This was one of he best and most helpful encounters I’ve had.

  9. In April 2015, I reserved a Chevy Tahoe, to be picked up at your store in Jax WY on Aug 6,2015. That was agreed to at a price $1015. When I arrived in JAX, I was told that vehicle was not available, but a Toyota was available at a price of $1418.46. I was stranded and forced into the Toyota. I am very disappointed with National and feel an apology is in order, and a refund should be made.

  10. To whom it may concern:
    I have been renting cars from National for a number of years now. I appreciate the counter by-pass service as well as the option to select my own vehicle. I rent cars at least 2-3 times a month (I am at the Executive level with National) and would like to take this opportunity to thank Ray Valenzuela your Phoenix, AZ agent, at the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport location. I came to Ray last week with a problem needing an urgent rental. Ray immediately knew what to do to rectify the situation, even though it was not a National Card rental issue. Ray is one of the most friendly and effective customer service staff I have ever engaged within your company. Thank you Ray for all you do to provide top notch service!

  11. We wanted to thank Fort Lauderdale manager Stephanie Bell. There was a lot going on on Dec 23, which has to be one of the busiest days of the year. Stepahnie helped get my family into the Emerald Isle and off to our vaca. The crew in FLL is always great, thats why I only rent at National. Thx Stephanie!

  12. I just wanted to say that the guy that is in your National Car Rental ad is disgusting.
    He is about as sexy as a dead rat

  13. after a 20 minute wait for customer service, I called another number and someone took my information telling me someone from Phoenix national rental car would call me, that has not happened after 9 hours. Also, with two low and unsafe tires, called the 24X7 roadside assistance, they have no support for this, they suggested I drive back to national and swap the vehicle. I bought a service, I rented their car, safe and maintained, why is this my issue. National has aweful support folks!

  14. I want to take a moment to commend Mr. Peter Diemer of your JFK station in New York. I returned a rental the morning of 12/3/2016, and he went out of his way to make sure the process was pleasant. As an owner of a business in which customer service is the essence of our success, he out did himself. More of your staff should follow his example. He should be teaching customer service in your training center. Peter, bravo!

  15. Lost an item … tried to get help with no luck. Tried their lost and found web location as instructed but the process does not work. Called customer service 3 times … no success. What is going on? They give me a number for the local location and no one answers the phone. Customer Service definitely needs work.

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