Contact Motel 6 Customer Service

Contacting Motel 6 Customer Service Center

Motel 6 is a motel chain with locations in 20 states as of December 2012. The motel is known for low rates and pet-friendly accommodations. David Fowler, a marketing advertiser, is the one responsible for Tom Bodett meeting Motel 6. Tom Bodett has been the voice behind Motel 6 for as long as anyone can remember. Bodett is a published author and regular contributor to websites like CarTalk and National Public Radio.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Website visitors will notice a phone number and some other small bits of contact information on all of the website pages, but this information is for reserving a room, not general customer service. The contact page is listed as a link at the very bottom of the page.

Phone Contact Number

The Motel 6 customer service department, also known as the guest relations department, is open from 9 AM to 10 PM daily. Guest relation agents are available to talk with clients about issues with recent stays or questions about upcoming stays.

  • Motel 6 Phone Number: 1-800-557-3435

Internet customer service is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday and 12 PM to 6 PM Saturday.

  • Internet Help: 1-888-203-9954

Mailing Address

We found the mailing address for Motel 6 customer service listed on the reservations page, which was a little confusing as we thought it should be on the guest relations or other customer service page.

G6 Hospitality LLCGuest Relations PO Box 326Worthington, OH 43085

Official Website

Located at is the website for Motel 6. You’ll notice right away that you can start the reservation process on the front page by searching for a room at your destination.

Social Media

You can find Motel 6 on social media site like Facebook and Twitter. Connect for updates and news or just to have an alternative means of contacting the Motel 6 customer service department.

Customer Service Email

There are a couple customer service pages on the Motel 6 website – each with a different email form. We’ve listed the consumer email forms so you can choose the best department to contact.

Our Experience

We were pleased with the customer support team at Motel 6. We called and encountered the automated system. The good part was when we connected with a live agent in less than 2 minutes. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked for information relating to canceling reservations and making reservations for large groups. The agent took the time to answer each question in a professional manner. We like the way the agent treated us as if we were the only customer. Did you have a similar experience? Comment below.

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196 Comments on “Contact Motel 6 Customer Service
  1. Stayed at your property 2281 Camp Jordan Pkwy East Ridge TN. Denny Siagl was most helpful during our stay. We were
    there for the GWRRA rally this past weekend and lent us a hose so that we could wash our bikes and gave us helpful info about places to eat.


  2. I love motel 6 but the location in Irving, Tx off of 114 & heathrow make customers feel uncomfortable.I understand they deal with a variety of customers due to the location(dfw airport) but its still about customer service. There is still a way to talk to a guest. I did speak with customer service and Kathy was helpful with dealing with Ericka. Ericka is rude and does not know how to communicate properly.

  3. We had a most unpleasant experience at the motel 6 in Kansas City. The first room we were offered was not ready to be occupied, then they offered a room that had low water pressure which we turned down. It was quite cold outside-about 20 degrees and the room we were given had no head on so we were forced to sleep in our sweatshirts and sweats. It took about 4 or 5 hours for the room to warm up. I would never stay there again!

  4. do not stay at the motel 6 in Richmond hill ga the manager there is obnoxious the shower head there is broken I had to tie and duct tape it to use it I have stay a motel 6 over 1000 times not exaggerating she is the worst I always travel with my dog for 20 years I tell them at the desk no cleaning needed no other motel 6 told me I had to crate my dog she threw me out because I didn’t have a crate

  5. do not stay at the motel 6 in Richmond hill ga the manager there is obnoxious the shower head there is broken I had to tie and duct tape it to use it I have stay a motel 6 over 1000 times not exaggerating she is the worst I always travel with my dog for 20 years I tell them at the desk no cleaning needed no other motel 6 told me I had to crate my dog she threw me out because I didn’t have a crate

  6. We recently stayed in Motel 6 in Findley Ohio. I would be ashamed to put my sign out in front of this motel. It had clean sheets but that is all I can say for it. It was filthy from the front door all the way through. It was late and we needed to stop or we would never have been in there. We had to ask for towels and when they brought them, one had a huge stain and a hole it the middle. Had to ask for the remote and a sweaty guy came in the room with it and set it up. When we left the next morning very early, there was a stone stuck in the door to keep it open. So much for security. You won’t have to “Leave the light on” for us any more. We will not be doing Motel 6 again.

  7. Motel 6 on Pawleys Island, SC #4653 needs to be inspected by the public health department, especially the rooms at the back of the motel not facing the pool area. It is not only dirty it is unsecured and unsafe for guests and staff.

  8. Hello,
    I would like to express my appreciation to Motel 6 and their employees. I believe it was Thursday 06/05/14 I had talked to a person on the telephone and I thought I had maDE reservations at a Motel 6 in East Peoria,IL. for 06/06/14, but when I arrived at the East Peoria Motel 6, the receptionist had infromed me that my reservations was made for the correct night only at Troy,IL.
    I do not even know where Troy,IL. is but the Very Nice lady had me me a reservation at a Motel 6. And the reception I had recieved was amazing. Everybody at Motel 6 were Very Polite and Helpful. I will certainly plan on visiting this chain of Motel,s again in the future.
    Once again Thank You.

  9. Very poor customer service, my room had no remote for TV, the show curtain rod was broken,hanging upside down, there was a 4″ X 4″ hole in the wall in the tub. The a/c kept me awake all night because it sounded like a train going down the tracks. When I talked to the office, they were unwilling to help remedy any of the problems. I will never stay at a Motel 6 again and I will insure everyone I know about my miserable stay at Motel6.

  10. Do not stay at motel 6lake havasu. Ants everything where. They stole my new swim suit. They room was $80.00 a might for that price I could have stayed somewhere descent. I will never stay in another motel 6 thanks to this horrible experience. I do hope corporate does something about this motel

  11. I called Guest Relations to ask why I was charged twice for a stay in Wells, NV. I dialed the number and listened to the automatic greeting then proceeded to wait for half an hour time with nothing but silence on the other end. Am I on hold?

    Still waiting…

  12. We went on vacation to Fla from Ogden Utah last spring we also went to Indiana and Minnesota before returning home we had booked all our stops through your web site stayed two nights and canceled the rest it was really bad a fight which ended up in the parking lot with police out side our room. also a shooting at a restaurant next door at the next stop the police were looking for the person in the room next to ours. We had enough went in and canceled the rest of the reservations in the morning. your motels are terrible bath room products had non thank goodness the still serve toilet paper. we had plans to use you for at least 2 weeks of nights. Sorry we wont be stopping just because you have your light on.very disappointed.

  13. sad to have to give you such a bad report due to being senior’s and living on social security and having used motel 6 in the past we felt this would be a good way for us to be able to go see family and loved ones back east. we will not be able to travel to see them as often due what other motels are charging. We did not feel safe and our sleep was interrupted. Thank you for reading what I felt was a disaster experience. Sue

  14. i am a employee at motel 6 pittsburgh property #4806, almost a month ago i stayed in camp springs md property #4723 ,it was the worst experience they were rude, room was a mess, asked for toilet paper they refused to give me some, i called guest relations, i was supposed to get a gift certificate but i never recieved it, i never felt so uncomfortable in my life, customer service sucks, and as a employee , i can only imagine how other guest feels

  15. Hello I’m staying at motel 6 many Annapolis airport mall of America #1106
    I’ve been severely beaten by big books I woke up this morning and it was blood on my sheets I went to the restroom and I have bite marks on my back in between my legs and my arms and on my neck. I spoke with the general manager Donald Eilts he was extremely insensitive about my issue I would appreciate it if someone would give me a call or contact me as soon as possible

  16. I loved my stay at Motel 6 , everyone is so helpful and they will go the extra mile to help in any way .
    I would like to recommend and thank , Jannet, Falicia & Stanley they will give you the customer service you need !!! Thank Guys 🙂

  17. I and many family and friends have stayed in multiple motel 6 located in many locations and had great service and rooms. However this is never the case in Branson Mo. The complete opposite. The service is rude and unaccommodating. The rooms are dirty and the hotel refuses to do anything accept empty the trash and make the bed and give clean towels no matter how long the stay. They will not provide shampoo packs, Kleenex, iron, ironing board, nothing. You get beds and a tv and a bathroom.
    I will be using your motel but never again in Branson and I will recommend others stay elsewhere while staying in Branson.

  18. On each visit to Motel 6, I have run into the same situation with the internet. Why is it that everyone else, even McDonald’s has free WIFI except the Motel 6 at 5704 Williamsburg Rd in Sandston,VA. This is such a disappointment. Why have the Motel 6 facilities degenerated so badly.There was a time when these rooms were always clean and the staff was professional. This motel should be closed. The clientele there are less than desirable and we did not feel safe. And then you want us to pay for WIFI!!!???

  19. And the clerk who was on duty on Thursday, Mar. 26th when we checked in that evening was the biggest jerk. When we asked if we could have rooms on the first floor he was most unpleasant to us and even said that he didn’t have any. I said if I walk around the first floor, I won’t find any empty rooms? He then said, some of them don’t have beds in them. I then asked him if he was planning to rent us one of those???

  20. March 31 2015 in Beaumont texas we stayed at tudio 6. Thrre were bgs squished on the walls and the room wasn’t clean. Bugs were so bad that we culdnt leave our dogs fod out. And it was $80 for the privilege

  21. a misconduct was put in my backeground for a mounth to hat I did not stay at the motel 6 in Arlington hts Illinois from feb 28 – march 1st and I jamesetta was unable to stay in enemy hotel6 every hotel 6 yet I could not pay for a room in that hotel because of a lie told in my name … I can and will fax over bank statements to show I was not in motel in march 2014 copies of my motel6 payment please check my notes with your system a letter say that motel 6 was wrong in the disorderly conduct would help me with clearing my name for a job this lie came right along with a search for a job I do need so the clearing of my name is needed thank you.

  22. LOVE…”Motel 6″. Each one is unique. My brother in-laws and myself took a road trip, we drove around this great country….from New York to Los Angles and back… America is beautiful…and we did it, staying ONlY at Motel 6.
    Thank to gps, google etc. we could find any motel 6 and check on reviews…. some good some bad, All we needed was a place to sleep and a hot shower. But we got more..the free coffee…friendly staff. The person working the front desk in one of the motels out west, Rigo was extremely helpful. In Denver, Eric found us a room…In Las Vegas we had a poolside room, with an outside table and chairs…and it was on the Strip….it had excellent security and staff…need I say more..YES..and by the way these are not complaints, just statements.. we had some problems, ie. we had to fiddle with the shower valve to find the right spot and old tv’s but we had clean towels, besides it is a great value, especially for the retired and a 10 per cent discount helps the budget and at $50 -$65…it is the best deal in town. Love Motel 6.
    And thanks for leaving the light on..

  23. I was very disappointed to hear about your new policy of giving your guest list to the police Department. I don’t plan to ever stay at any of your facilities in the future, and plan inform members of my church congregation of what you are doing.

    Simon Kearney

  24. Im staying at #1126 motdl 6 Houston Tx77025. This second gime ihave had a horrible dtay. Iwilk nnever stay again. Rooms and hotel area it’s self horrible. Bums , prostitution, cigarette burns on comforter. Floors not mopped. Tv , cable not working. Ac noisy, electrical box for ac oht if wall. staff just says they will make a note. I will never stsy here again. Very disappointed and sad I paiid fo two evenings. Never again. Whole hitel needs to be redone, and cleaned up everywhere.

  25. Stayed at your Motel 6 location in Greenville Tx on 5/1/15 for 1 night. Have complained about this problem in the past about your bathroom vents needing cleaning.
    Went to take a shower and the vent smelt of smoke. We were supposed to have a non-smoking room. We assumed that the bathroom was also. Not. I have a lung condition and my wife has allergies. One more thing, you need to clean for bugs. Server times I have written about bugs, well my wife has a bug bite the size of a dime on her arm. We are treating it at this time and hopefully it will get better. We use this motel during marching season to stay overnight from football games and marching contest. Guess we may have to try staying at another in the fall.

  26. I recently stayed in Silver City, NM. I liked the room, and the location I was in, as handicapped, I needed to be close to parking lot. My only real complaint would be that, whoever installed the TV service there, really wasn’t thinking clearly. I settled down in evening to relax and watch some shows. I find that NBC is the only major network on the TV. There is no ABC or CBS! Of course, what I had wanted to watch was ABC. With literally nothing else on (a Sunday night), I was just out of luck. Who would use up FIVE channels for Spanish-speaking networks, to leave OUT the major ones? Most travelers aren’t Spanish-speaking . . . I couldn’t believe such an oversight, and I’ve never seen this elsewhere in a major USA motel chain business.

  27. we were tired and stopped at your hotel 6 at 2440 lucky lane in flagstaff the only rooms were on the 4th floor with my copd i had problems breathing doug the night man went out of his way to contact a motel 6 down the street and got a 1st floor room thanks to Doug motel will be our 1st choice at motel 6

  28. Sunday May 10th 2015 to calebrate my wifes birthday we checked into your Motel 6 in Southington Ct. A week and a half pior to this we had made a reservation and securied it with a credit card. Upon arrival the desk clerk had not record of the reservation. therfore my mewly remodeled room with 2 full beds a fridg and all spiffy was not available. the room we got had the most uncomfortable bed i have ever used in your chain and there have been many.the bathroom had a toilet designed for a midget and the tub had no protection against slipping.I can tell you that at that evenings dinner i sang the praises of how wonderful Motel 6 WAS. Never ever will i make this mistake of recomending Motel 6 again.We will never stay in your chain again. Should we wish to contact me use my email address. SOME BIRTHDAY!!!!

  29. I strayed at this motel 6 in Niagara several times the staff was wonderful, the rooms were very clean. This is my second complaint about the doors. I was in room 421 and every time someone opens their door, it make a loud bang. My door also made the same noise. I don’t know how people sleep but it wasn’t a restful weekend for me. I hope this problem gets fixed because I like staying there. ( it’s close to everything )

  30. On 5 May I stopped in Florence Ky at Motel 6 #0496 7937 Dream Street.
    I was assigned room 117. If I wasn’t exhausted from a long day on the road I would have immediately left.
    The room was filthy, bathroom floor was caked with filth, the carpet was stain and filthy. The bed linen was clean, however didn’t undress or remove my shoes because would have to walk on the filthy floors.
    Didn’t ask for another room because of the attention payed to the cleanness of the rest on the motel area. The outcome would have no different with any other room.
    You can’t hire the blind to run

  31. I regularly stay twice a week at the Motel 6 in Elk Grove, Chicago,Ill. It is a good hotel to stay at, however, ever since the new owner bought the locale from Travelodge, he decided to take away shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and tissue paper from the rooms. This is ackward for a hotel or motel chain and I find it to be a very cheap attitude for a chain of your stature! Is this the standard procedure for your organization? If it is, it leaves a lot to be desired! Additionally, no points are accumulated for each stay.

  32. i recently stayed at a motel 6 in miles city, MT #4320. ive never stayed in a motel that you had to pay for your soap, shampoo, or didn’t even get a cup to rinse your toothpaste. there was only half a roll of toilet paper and no extra roll of toilet paper, thank goodness it was only me. are you kidding me? pay extra for your shampoo and soap that should have been included for the $60 that I paid for the room. not to mention the stained bedspreads- wow what a site…and did I mention I wanted a non smoking room? the room smelled like smokers paradise. the tv channels were no so great too and half way through the night the motel lost power and everything had to be reset in order for the tv to work again. oh well lesson learned. just beware if your ever traveling through MT and you want to stay at the Motel 6 in miles city, MT… you have been warned!

  33. I have been staying at Motel6 annually for a number of years. Primarily because they are pet friendly and competitively priced.
    On 6/1 I stayed at your location in Pecos, TX (4182). This is the most I have ever paid for a room but I did not hesitate in making the reservation as I traveled for the reasons stated.
    I was very disappointed in the physical condition of the room but it was late so I dealt with it. I have some pictures if that interest you.

    Thank you

  34. I have a complaint with pictures from my last stay at your hotel#1148,but your site does not give me a place to do so. Please send me your email address so I may register my complaint.
    Thank you

  35. I am staying at San Luis Obispo North.I made a 3 day reservation and they only have me down for one daY. I showed them the confirmation e mail And it was a waste of time. I have to check out in the am to recheck in for the other 2 days. I will get 4 hours of sleep because I have plans in the morning and they couldn’t do it to night. Worst experience ever.

  36. I previously left a bad review. I don’t think it was the clerk’s fault he was great. I think there was a glitch with their system.The motel was nice they just ne ed D to fix the glitch. Thanks

  37. I stayed at the location in San Antonio, Tx on 1604 and Bandera. I accidently created 2 reservations and was charged for both! We stayed with them 1 night and I looked at my bank transactions and noticed the 2 charges. I called to see if this could be removed as we did stay with them. I was told that the manager would contact me and that she was out of town. I called everyday, only to get the same answer. I called Saturday morning and lo and behold, she’s there and answers the phone! She yells and me, tells me it’s my fault and hangs up in my face! I walked over there as I work next door and she refused to talk to me. I requested the number to the complaint department and/or her supervisor and she stated that she would not give it to me and left the office and refused to come back in until I left. The absolute worst business ever! The way she went about it was very rude and unprofessional as a “manager”. As I work next door, I will be sure to let everyone that comes into my office not to stay there! I will also be reporting them the BBB!!

  38. Poor Service. I made a reservation and when I arrived I was turned away due to, I was told, “All rooms are full”. Ended up sleeping in my car. I was promised a gift voucher for a free nights stay and have yet to receive. Suggestion… the hotel property directly. Don’t trust the 800 phone number.

  39. We stayed at the motel in West Monroe Louisiana. And it was terrible. There was black mold all over the ceiling in the bathroom (Which I took pictures of). The bathtub was nasty with burns all in it. The towels were dirty and stunk!!!. Bed linens were not clean and has roaches crawling along with 1 spider that we killed. We asked for a refund as soon as we went into our room. The lady was rude and refused. So we had to go to another motel to get a clean room without bugs and mold!!!!! So I was just out the money for that room, maybe they could use it to clean and exterminate!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Over the years I have stayed in a lot of motels cause I was in the Army an was traveling a lot to visit family. Now I have stayed in some nice motels an some not so nice. The Motel 6 I recently stayed at in Spring Hill Florida was one of the not so nice ones. Don’t get me wrong it looked beautiful from the outside an the price was decent an they do give a military discount. As for the inside, well that was a different story. First of all they advertised breakfast an only served luke warm coffee. The walkways an windows appeared to have never been cleaned. When I asked one of the housekeepers if there was any places to eat near by she got aggregated an rude. There was a rude sign regarding how much ice to use an if you needed more than that then go to Dollar General next door an buy your own. Also for the price of the room I figured it would of had a decent TV, maybe a coffee pot, microwave, or mini fride but none of the for mentioned. Also this was the first motel I had stayed at that didn’t provide the little bottle of shampoo. An when I asked for an extra bar soap they acted like it was coming out of their pocket. Sorry but I won’t be staying at this motel ever again an maybe not at a Motel 6 ever again.

  41. I got a room in Jeffersonville Indiana on Hospitalality way, and it appeared clean,but we were greeted by flies, the air unit dripped all night, and I had no control over the room temperature,and froze all night. The floor was wet, that mattress was old, ripped and visibly worn. The spring was shot and to low to the ground. Hotels or motels don’t use the old mattresses any more. The floor was filthy and I was scared to walk on it. Not ever staying there again. The front desk clerk was great, and very informative as well as customer friendly. I should have been paid to stay there. I want a refund. When people are tired on the road cleanliness, safety, and conveinant as well as affordablility is what travelers look for, but when your nervous, tired,and inconvienanced or compromised it is not a good outcome, and you shouldn’t offer rooms if they can’t meet the very minimum. The Columbus location was great. Clean modern, and safe.

  42. We stayed at a Motel 6 in Lake Charles La and it was disgusting, there was mold on the baseboards, holes in the wall and the carpet was torn. My impression was the motel should of been paying us to stay there.

  43. First I want to say I like staying at Motel 6 because of them being pet friendly.On my last trip I stayed in Motel 6 in Grand Junction, Co. I couldn’t have been more pleased.Nice facilities and a great staff! Returning home I stayed at Motel 6 in Ft. Collins, Co. It could not have been more the opposite.Rude staff at front desk,no air conditioning, roaches,key didn’t work have the time and the manager was quite rude to more than one person. The guy in front of me asked to speak to the manager because of the A/C. When she was paged her answer was,”I’m trying to take a nap”! I know this isn’t how Motel 6 is usually run.For a long time customer please check into this. Thanks.

  44. I was in chicago from 17-19 and the service was horrible. I arrived at 2:09am and booked in and at 11 am they resold my room. I supposed to have all weekend.

  45. Bad customer service skills I answer into the Orlando location on International Drive and I purchase a room I made a reservation before and I got in the room and it was dirty it was not cleaned I want my money back but I guess service lady made me feel out a form I just want to remind $51 back hi I made a reservation for a nice clean room not a dirty room I was Nana said its fine I asked for smoking they gave me a non smoking room wish it could be better what can you do for me motel 6 pease I not A satisfied customer I always come to motel 6 never had this experience

  46. My stay the Motel 6 #4676 located at 1625 Regal Row Dallas TX was one of the worst experience I had my first room had water damaged floors and large roaches I requested another room which was a little better the parking lot had standing water from a plugged area drain so there where mosquitoes every where I stayed because it was as close to my daughter who had just lost her son I suggest that someone from the main office should spend a day or two there and see if they want to keep the lights on there

  47. on 8/15/15 myself and my family stopped in Gadsden al at motel 6 on 1600 rainbow dr. once in room it had foul odor along with smell of smoke that burned eyes. lady at counter gave keys to 2 other rooms and they were same and 1 had bad odor of pot. while going to these different rooms we observed people on the balcony smoking pot. at this point my wife and I decided this was no place for us to have our son. we then went to office for refund, the lady swiped card to refund. refund was not added back to card so I called bank. they advised there was a action the motel could perform to add my money back right them without the poss. 15 to 20 day wait period. called lady at desk of motel 6 back and advised her about adding money back then. she stated they wouldn’t do that. I ask for someone in charge and she stated it was a jig patel. right then I knew I was screwed. I ask her to have him to call my cell and guess what no call wow what a surprise. also room rate after taxes was 57.49 and the motel charged my card 67.19. but the refund amount shows as 57.49 if they ever release it. worse motel 6 I have ever been in. lady at desk was trying to be helpful but very clear this jig patel has no intention of doing anything but supplying a place for the local thugs a dope heads to hang out. so if ever in Gadsden al at 1600 rainbow dr don’t waste time or money on this motel 6. go down the road 1 mile to the super 8 motel . its been completely restored..very clean and no thugs or dope heads. and they don’t take off extra money from your card. beware of JIG PATEL !!!!!!

  48. I had the worst experience I have ever had at a motel 6 on July 25th in Rhome, Tx. I reported it and they told me they would check into it. I was charged twice for the same room the same night because the man in office can not speak or understand English. I will not go into all the details but I received letter saying that they did not find a double charge but it is charged to my credit card. I stay at motel 6 a lot but will never stay at that one again and my card company is taking it off but it is sad that he couldn’t even find that there was a charge which shows he doesn’t know what he is doing.

  49. I needed a little rest for one night, I ask for a room in the front when I paid 104.00 for the room. The housekeepers were cleaning the room. I have to check in and after 30 minutes my room supposed to be ready. I went to the store, came back they said I had to take a room in the back with attitude.I will never rent a room at Metel 6 again in Oakland, CA. 8480 Edes Ave Oakland CA. 94621

  50. Do not stay at Motel 6 #0187 Jonesboro Arkansas Bugs all over the place Forget free coffee that’s after 6 am.They had a pool wow and looks like last time cleaned was when they drain it.Quote you one price on phone different when you get their. I am retired military and they need to be on a barred list. No one will give you a number for complaints. Oh employee Cheri need to see her .Think she pocketed extra money they charges
    MOTEL 6 may be good but not this one…Everyone stay away from this one

  51. I am an employee at a motel 6 and I’m pretty upset that some people are trying to conspire against me to loose my job

  52. A lot of bedbugs and roaches my son me and wide have all been bitten. I want a refund because this is just nasty and the guy on duty said no one could help us until 6am it’s 4:30am my name is Jeremy Randolph the motel6 in NLR Arkansas 400 W 29t h street. I used my credit card. 870-623-7628 please contact me

  53. We stay at the motel 6 on irby st. In florance s.c. the worst. Shower head broken. No shampoo was to gave a pool. It was closed. Advertise free breakfast did not have anything but coffee. Tried to use my aarp discount. Didn’t work. I have stayed at many motel 6 they were good until now. We r still on vacation. Now looking at other motels on our voyage. Would not recommend this to anyone. Defiantell not worth over 100 dollars a night.

  54. My stuff has been thrown away when i spoke to the manager jay patel he told me there was nothing he could do about my things. Come to find out the housekeeper threw my stuff away i havr been very calm and polite about the situation…jay patel spoke to me very disrespectful and made me feel like i was lying about my belongings. And on top of it all i try to get a room and find out that they have put me on the do not rent list because they do not want me to leave a comment about how he handled the situation….i had a late check out at 2 o’clock and by 11 the housekeeper had went in room and threw my things away someone should be held liable for my belongings…..motel 6 property 4810 has a nice front desk staff but management is disrespectful and the rooms are horrible and jay patel needs to learn how to manage a property and he needs to learn how to talk to people……i need someone to contact me about the situation because this is ridiculous….. and this was midtown savannah georia

  55. I recently stayed at a Motel 6, in Las Cruces, NM, your La Posada location. I had the room for 3 nights, with my sister. Cockroach discovered the first morning, in the sink. Killed it and told the front desk (over the phone, as we had to be somewhere), asked to have the room sprayed and the young man said he would take care of it. As we returned to the room, around 4pm, the dead bug was still in the sink. Our beds had been made, but obviously, no cleaning had occured in the bathroom. They had a girl come in and clean the sink, also had a maintanance man come and fix the sink, as it would not drain. We got one washcloth, and no clean towels. The next night, returned to the room, towels were restocked, and that was all., No beds made, no bathrooom cleaned. Also, I booked this on-line, was given my total of 149.97, when I checked in, the girl tried to charge me upwards of 179, even though I had my conformation in hand. I travel for my business (I am the proprietor) so I stay with your chain on a regular basis. I have to say, this one is , by far, the worst of all that I have stayed at.

  56. Your Motel 6 at Dalton, Georgia is pathetic, no remote for the tv, only 2 towels in the room,(my wife wanted to wash her hair), the beds were very uncomfortable and hot. The A/C was very loud, every time the compressor would kick on it was so load it woke me up 4 times, very loud…!!!!!. After which we turned on the fan and got very hot in the room and could not get back to sleep. Taking showers the next morning the smoke detector went off in the room ( I guess from the steam from the hot water) in doing so I slipped getting out of the shower and fell. We will NEVER stay there again and will not recommend Motel 6 to anyone…!!!!!

  57. This is my third day trying to reach someone about situation with my father, Bernard Newell. My father has been a long time customer of Motel 6 here in Woodland, Ca. During his stay at the motel my dad had another person he was sharing the room with. He left from the motel August 7, 2015. When he left the other person stayed there in the room. Since then she has continued paying for the room however, the room was never changed out of my father’s name. Now the motel wants the person out of the room by Friday, September 11, 2015 and has told my father he is responsible to get her out of the room or they will start legal action. My father recently had a triple bypass and is really having a difficult time. He doesn’t need anymore stress and end up back in the hospital. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a call to find out if there is anything more my father needs to do. If I do not hear from you to help resolve this matter I will get legal assistance.

    Thank you,

  58. Salt Lake UT W3300S Motel6 is doing remodeling. Hot tub doesn’t machine broke washer dryer broke and no change in offiice. No clothes rack of hangers in room no chairs no shampoo. Throwing mattresses and lumber off 2nd fl. Refund of comp me

  59. Location. …Fiesta, Texas
    Check in…request room downstairs. ..was told absolutely rooms available down stairs… is upstairs. …clerk ask if he can change it after helping next person in line….move in room upstairs…no remote to TV
    Call front desk….told to come to front desk….front desk gives me remote… room now…remote doesn’t work….call front desk….told me “let me see what I can do”???? After 20 minutes called front desk again….lemme see what I can do???? This is ridiculous PLEASE CONTACT ME .
    If room is not guest ready….don’t put a guest in there.

  60. Your Motel 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico is a disgrace to you chain. I was moving from Utah to Texas over the Labor Day week end 2015. My son and I stayed in the above mentioned Motel 6, (I have always stayed in Motel 6 units when traveling). This one was horrible. (I have had pets with me in the motel 6 units and always cleaned up after my pets). We were given a room that had been urinated in several times by pets and not cleaned up. It reeked of urine. When I mentioned to the front desk clerk that the carpet need to be shampooed, his response was: I have tried to tell the owner to set aside certain rooms just for guests with pets. WRONG answer: If you are going to be pet friendly then you must be willing to clean up after them. It was so bad that I may never stay at another Motel 6 unit. I have staying in units that were in need of upgrading; but, they were clean. This is my first complaint after 40 years of staying in Motel 6 units. Shame on these people in Moriarty, New Mexico for having such a disgusting unit.

  61. BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA. KUDOS TO THE MANAGEMENT AND STAFF OF THIS UNIT. IT IS OUTSTANDING!!! I wish to add a compliment about one Motel 6 that is absolutely fabulous. If you are ever in Barstow, California, the Motel 6 there is outstanding. It is extremely clean and the staff will go out of their way to be helpful. They also send out a survey after you stay that I always complete. Twice I have told the front desk staff of a problem in a room and before I could drive off the property to complete my travels, maintenance is in the room taking care of the problem.

    • Awesome review. Glad to know there’s hope for this chain of hotels. Haven’t been since a child but might give this one a whirl!

  62. We had an issue with motel 6 studio 6 in Manchester Ct-We were sent a certificate for a free room. We made reservations to stay there sunday 9/20. We have friends that live in Ct so we stay at a hotel/motel to save them the trouble of having company stay over. When we went to check in the guy said I remember you. We don’t have a room. I called your house didn’t you get my message? I told him since it’s a 2 hour drive we obviously weren’t home. He kept saying sorry we don’t have a room even when I said I had a confirmation. Then he proceeded to tell me if I pay half for the room he would give me one.I said absolutely not. This place is a terrible place to deal with. I don’t want another free room at studio 6. There are no other ones even remotely close to us at all. I have never had these problems any where we have ever stayed. Never had problems with regular motel 6 or 8. This is the only times this have ever happened. They seem like very shady people. Thank you

  63. The night clerk at the paso Robles motel6 was extremely rude when I was walking back to my room at like 2 am he threatened me with bod ally harm the treys to grab me this is not acceptable thank you

  64. Stayed at a motel 6 in Bishop Ca. Friday Sept 18. Worst experience of any trip I have ever had. Not only was the room expensive ($174) for no hand towels and barely enough bath towels to go around but the manager was rude. Asked about the AARP discount they advertised but got a lame excuse that they had given out all the available AARP rooms. If we hadn’t been tired I would have left and tried another motel. This is my last time that I will be staying at a motel 6. Stayed in a much smaller town earlier with only 1 motel and the price was cheaper, the room nicer and they served breakfast. From reading other reviews this seems to be the norm for motel 6.

  65. I stayed in the motel 6 studio in Fort Union, Utah this week. It was horrible. The first room we went into smelled bad, and we found abandoned clothes stuffed in the closet. The room was filthy. We found melted plastic from a crack pipe on the sheets. The light bulbs were burned out, and the coffee pot was broken. We complained, and the desk clerk said the room would be cleaned totally by afternoon.

    Nothing. They didn’t even open the door.

    We moved to another room, and it got worse. Human feces were running down the side of the toilet and onto the floor. The stove had burned on food caked all over it. The mirror on the closet was broken and in danger of falling out and hurting someone.

    While we were in the process of changing rooms, the blonde lady desk clerk was eating dinner, and then picking her teeth with her fingernail whilst typing with one hand. Very professional.

    And the room was generally just filthy. Dog piss running down walls, floors gritty with dirt, and windows you could barely see through.

    We decided to cut short our trip and leave. The desk clerk said he would notify the manager and we would hear from him about some compensation. Nothing. Not a word.

    We filled out the “satisfaction” survey and rated it a one on nearly everything. I received a very nice form letter from the manager today saying he hoped they could try again to make us happy in the future.

    Not likely to happen. By the way, I have pictures of the room. Contact me if you want to see the filth you are renting out.

    I paid $415 for five nights in that place, and would like a complete refund. This is unacceptable in all fashions. If you want to be a homeless shelter for drug addicts, advertise it as such and let us decent humans go elsewhere.

    M Wayne Sanders
    Former Motel 6 advocate

  66. Have sent an email twice with no response about the fact that we always look for Motel 6 but for my birthday in September we stayed in Akron Ohio no towels at all, cold coffee both things very important to us very disappointed, have more trips planned but not sure about where to stay

  67. Worst Customer service ever. Your manager at arlingtin heights il should be fired. The guy behind the counter should never work with customer service ever. Rooms had bugs hallways smell like dope. Water leaking from toilet and no shampoo because rooms are cheap? Pathetic! WiFi is trerible and 2.99 per device? JOKE. I traveled frim overseas to get the worst service. Shame on motel 6. Plus I was discriminated and was charged more than another person due to race.

  68. When we visited Niagara Falls we stayed at the Buffalo Airport location at 52 Freeman Rd. Williamsville, NY. We were scheduled for a three night stay in two rooms. On the first morning we were there, we were in our van adjusting our GPS, when a man in a Motel 6 shirt, obviously an employee who may have been leaving for the day, confronted us and asked us if we were taking pictures of his car.We had to assure him that we were not. This was very weird. On the last night that we were there, after a long day, we all stopped to change clothes before heading out again, and found that our rooms had not been serviced. When we told the front desk, they said there was nothing that could be done, since housekeeping had left for the day. They said we had to come to the office to get more towels, instead of bringing them to our rooms as they should have done. On the morning we left, we noticed that the person doing the cleaning, was the same person who confronted us about his car. This was an unpleasant experience to say the least. Out family plans yearly trips to this location, and we will not be staying at this location ever again.

  69. Guest Relations Report #1186706 / Confirmation #1040M41201

    This is to follow-up on my call to customer service regarding my current stay at the Glenview, IL Motel 6 location.

    I am so happy — ecstatic even — about how Anna, the front desk supervisor, resolved my reservation problem this morning. I generally book/confirm my Motel 6 reservations online on the website with no problems, but I used the Motel 6 app (Android) for the 1st time for my current reservation with a 3rd party payment.

    Using a different reservation method on a new app with additional payment processes, I submitted a final reservation with unexpected errors. I was anxious about trying to fix the errors as soon as possible and was worried that correcting them would be complicated.

    Anna oontacted me immediately and I was so pleased with her professional nature and her knowledge of my preferences and habits from previous stays. She calmed me instantlly and offered a practical solution. Anna made it seem so easy. She fixed my problem the way i wanted it fixed even before I asked her for a solution.

    Anna certainly knows how to make a customer feel welcome and respected and I truly appreciate that.

    Josie Gabriel

  70. I requested a wake up call this am at 5 am. There was no call and I was late to work. Yesterday 10\9 a dialysis patient requested a wake up call and she did not get one and she was also late for her treatment time. I called the manager and spoke with him and he was adamant he himself had put in the wake up call and was convinced that it should have rang. Please assess this at the Motel 6 in Hot Springs SD 605-745-6666. Thank you

  71. We stayed in Wytheville 10/9 room 113 there were bugs crawling in room and we had to kill them and put them in the corner all together not satisfied w stay let clerk know when we left and she just said sorry.

  72. Gentlemen, we jusr returned from a 6000 mile road trip. We stayed a 12 Motel 6 and one super 8. The super 8 was by make a reservation, when we got there they told us we had no reservation, forum out the number listed in your directory was for a super 8 so we had to stay at super 8 cots more plus we had to pay a $20.00 pet fee. We made a reservation at 11 o’ clock in the morning at motel 6 # 1016 for a handicap room with two beds, after driving 600 miles to get there they told us they did not have a handicap room. We had to stay in a room where I could not shower or use the potty. Why do people lie? They had 4 handicap parking spaces none were in use we checked them at night and in the morning. When we checked out they told us someone told us wrong theyhad handicap rooms. This will be our last road trip as I am 75, and my husband is 80 Thank you for lisening, hope you can make better reservations,

  73. We stayed in Wytheville on 10/9 we killed 3 bugs in the room rm 113 when we left we told clerk and she just said sorry Ben frew

  74. I’ve stayed at the Motel 6 in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara & other locations many times & my last two bookings were the worst experiences ever!! Villa Park, Il… Shady activity went down in my room & it was not repaired… security lock broken, dents on the walls, & the bathroom door 1/2 off hinges. Did not feel safe at all. Because previous reputation was good & we were looking for low prices on road trip… Late night arrival, early morning departure… We found the Toledo, OH Motel 6. Now this was just awful. Reeked of smoke so bad my allergies became severe. Filthy room… Hairs on the bath tub. 1 towel for for 3 people. Broken curtain, really rough remodel job. My daughter’s feet were black from walking on the floor. It was just awful. If Motel 6 reimburses my stays maybe I will stay there again but at this point, after waiting over 12 minutes to talk to customer service, it seems the reality is that they don’t really care about their customers.

  75. I stayed at the Motel 6 on Tinker Diagonal in Del City OK.. The Motel was infested with fleas and flies. I checked in at 6pm and out at 9pm due to the uninvited guest.. I asked for a different room which I did not receive…I asked for at least half my money back and was told they couldn’t reimburse me I had to call Corporate who informed me I had to call the Motel manager, two weeks later the manager has yet to be on property because every time I called I’m told he’s not on property… Morning, noon and night he’s never there I’ve left numerous messages, but I guess since he’s never on property he can not receive my messages… Problem still not solved….

  76. I been staying at motel 6 for over 3 months. They said ever the first month it would b tax free. Well that was a lie. Anyways me and some other guess staying at motel 6 in villa park Illinois. We got into it what i mean by that is we were loud by yelling the cops came told us to go back to r rooms. So the next day they call me from the front desk. Saying i need to get my things a leave. So i said ok so i left but the other guess that was loud too is still there. So why me and not them.They been into argument with other guess to before.maybe i should sue them.

  77. TWO OF US stayed at motel 6 in butte, Montana last weekend 23rd and 24th october for two nights. We were doing a show on business in butte. Friday and Saturday. Our room was not clean. Carpenting was filthy in my opinion. Bathroom sink stopped up and drained slowly. Heater noisy coming on and off. No coffee pot in room. Motel rooms are just a bed to sleep in. Room was barely cleaned second day. Motel doesn’t seem to cater to the customer. I have stayed at ma and pa type motels with better conditions. I have always been told motel 6 is very clean. Not this time.

  78. Hi I’m staying at the motel 6 in Carson ca for the third night I left out and I left the don’t disturb side on the door house keeping still came in and locked us out the room and when we came back house keeping was in the hall way and said she locked the door because she didn’t know and wasn’t aware of us staying another night we had things in are hand and it inconvenients us

  79. I felt sexually assaulted by the African American maintenance guy at the motel 6 on katy fwy 77082. He made sexual heaters at me. After finding out his name. I looked him up and saw that he has several felony conviction and misdermeanor s. This motel is dangerous and doesn’t do a good investigation of their employees

  80. I got the serious bites of bed bugs or other insects at the room.
    I need a FORMAL COMPLAINT written by the General Manager, Wills, of the Motel 6 in Santa Rosa. The motel is located at 3145 Cleveland Ave., Santa Rosa CA
    I booked a room at the motel 6 on 28-30 Oct 2015, and I got the room 127.
    At the night of 28 Oct 2015, some insects or something bit me so bad that leaves a lot of red dots on my body, from the head to the toe (I thought they are bedbugs). The bad injuries make me so hurt and so itchy until now.
    On 29 Oct 2015, I complaint to the employees and Will, the GM of the motel, about my issue, and they changed me to another room with the full-amount refund for my booking. P.S: I took some photos to keep as evidences about the room 127 and at that time, Wills was there with me to confirm that there are some bugs or insects in my room.
    The good thing is the new room 220 is clean and comfortable but the bad thing is my injuries are too hurt and itchy for me to sleep. Then, on 30 Oct 2015, I had the conversation with Wills, GM of the motel 6, about the process and the way we solve my issue.
    After I asked about a formal complaint or some written notes which play the similar role of a formal complaint, the GM said that your corporate does not have any procedure like that. I pretty sure about the formal complaint because I look up on the attorney website about my case and they said I need to get any documents to confirm about my problem from Motel 6.
    Everything I want from the motel 6 or the corporation is that I want to make sure that you acknowledge my issue and we try to figure out the solution that satisfies both of us.
    Therefore, THIS EMAIL WILL REPLACE THE ROLE OF A FORMAL COMPLAINT and IT WILL BE USED TO BE A STRONG EVIDENCE ABOUT MY CASES in case the Motel 6 Corporate can not give any solutions that satisfy me and then I am filing a lawsuit against the Motel 6 Corporate, according to the PRODUCT LIABILITY LAW.
    A reminder is that I am waiting for the final report from the Insect Exterminator, the 3rd neutral party, about the room. They were supposed to be at the room 127 on 29 Oct 2015, but till now they don’t even appear yet.
    When Motel 6 Corporate or Motel 6 at the above address in Santa Rosa get the final report from the 3rd party, please feel free to email me via or mail to the P.O. Box 1358 in Lower Lake, CA 95457 under the receiver: Huy Nguyen.
    Please notice that within a reasonable time, if I don’t get any reply or attempt to talk about the issue from Motel 6 Corporate or your representative, I will file a lawsuit against the corporation.
    I am looking forward to your reply ASAP

    Huy Nguyen

  81. I booked a room a month and a half in advance at a Motel 6 in Texas through Expedia, the room paid in full when I booked it! On the morning of the day I was due to leave to go to Texas, I received a phone call from Expedia stating that Motel 6 could not honor my reservation! They however reserved a single room for me with a kind size bed, I had two other people staying with me, so I told them that I needed a double room and that they better find me one, Motel 6 that is, They found me a room at a different Motel 6 and the room was horrible, cockroaches crawling around, mold and mildew in the shower part of the door frame molding missing from both sides of the door to the bathroom. only one bed had a comforter on it, the beds were hard and very uncomfortable and the pillows were small and really needed to be replaced. I was not happy with what they did to me! I will never stay at another Motel 6 again!

  82. I stayed at Motel 6 in Macon, GA #4833 on 11/6/15. I made my reservations online, and according to my confirmation # 4833M01790, my total cost WITH tax was $53.34. Nevertheless, I was charged $58.35 because apparently the Georgia Department of Revenue instituted a $5/night tax for all hotels in GA, effective in July. Your web site should have reflected these charges since my reservation was made 5 MONTHS after this new tax went into effect. People who are on budgets don’t expect to pay an additional 10% that they hadn’t counted on. I understand that Motel 6 can’t control the additional GA tax…but you CAN include it in the total cost so that there are no unexpected surprises. When my confirmation e-mail says “Total w/tax: $53.34”, but I end up paying $58.34, it makes me feel like I can’t trust your web site to be honest by providing accurate information. I could have easily chosen a location in a different state in order to avoid this unwanted additional state tax if I had known about it in advance (we could have spent the night in FL or TN instead since we were simply on a road trip). My husband (John Johnston) and I both stay at Motel 6 on a fairly regular basis. This was a disappointing experience. Thanks for your consideration.

  83. Motel 6 in Shepherdsville Ky. is the Motel From Hell. First off the bed collapsed on us. While doing an inspection to find out why we found trash underneath the bed. Got another room and went out to a local mall. Came back to find our door not locked and things disturbed in the room. It seems the desk clerk “Alley” had accidently rented out our room to another person and didn’t bother to make sure our door was properly closed after the person she rented it to left. When my wife explained the seriousness of this situation to Alley she acted indignant and refused to take responsibility for any of it or even apologize. My wife told her to quit acting like a child and the woman turned on her heels, told us to get out, and said she was calling the cops to have us removed. Thankfully the cops who showed up were reasonable and sensible ones who knew that the motel had many issues. They refused to kick us out, but asked us to stay clear of the front desk for the night. Motel 6 corporate was contacted but did no more than eventually offer us a free stay at a motel six on another night. I think this offer was totally inadequate considering that my back still hurts from the bed collapsing and my wife was nearly traumatized by having the cops called on her (she is not use to that sort of thing). Any civil lawyers out there might want to phone 606 522 4817 and ask for Dave. I will try to resolve this issue today, but if I can not do so I would welcome legal help on a consignment basis. We have photos of the collapsed bed.

  84. I stayed one time and of course i got what i payed for. But after seeing how Motel 6 refused a room here recently. I verify eveything to assure accuracy. I will no longer stay at a Motel 6. I wont apologize for what i say. Disrespect a hero disrespect the American hero. Motel 6 you’ve been officially removed from my preffered motel list

  85. Was treated VERY VERY wrong took are money then tried to say we didn’t pay took all of our stuff out of our room and wasn’t goin to let us have it then put us on the do not rent list for their mistake worst hotel I even stayed at and never again will I stay the awful awful service and people!!!!

  86. I am writing to tell you that I will NEVER, EVER, stay in another Motel 6! I was in room #218 at Motel 6-Akron N1#4541,12/22/2015. I had a certificate from June because I had a reservation at your motel, also in Ohio. GST Fran #M20275014
    Ref folio#69019-Conf No.-4541106730. My complaint which I made known to the desk clerk, (who by the way was very nice,) but embarrassed for me. My complaint is that the light over the sink did not work, the room was disgusting, outdated,lumpy mattress, old raggedy looking bed spread, dirty, smelly!! She offered us another room, I said “No thank you, it will just be another disgusting room” I had a certificate for a free room, last night because the one I stayed in, in June, was disgusting. I don’t know why your corporate hires so many middle eastern people to run your motels, unless they all own them, but my experience is that every disgusting Motel 6 I have stayed in is run by middle Eastern staff. I don’t know how you people stay in business. DO NOT offer me another “free” night stay. I will not stay in another Motel 6 if you gave me money to stay. The only compensation I will accept is reimbursement for my stay, and I know that will not happen. You will just offer me another certificate for a “free” night at yet another inferior, disgusting room, and no improvements will be made. I will never recommend anyone stay at Motel 6. We moved across the road to a Quality Inn for around $10.00 more with a free breakfast for 2! The room was modern, CLEAN, sheets were white and smelled clean, all lights were bright, the bathroom was spotless, and the manager, who, incidentally was Middle Eastern,called our room 15 minutes after we moved in to ask if everything was satisfactory. Quality Inn will be my choice from now on.

  87. We stayed at the motel 6 in Washington, PA on Dec. 23-24. From 6:02am to 7:24am he people in the room next to us were outside our window talking loud and giggling. It still hasn’t stopped. We can’t seem to find a motel that doesn’t have annoying guests. We are in room 225. Under Glenn Wiker. We thought this motel would be different.

  88. We have been staying at the Milford Connecticut motel 6 many times over the last year. Most recently this past weekend our experience was very disappointing. We checked in Christmas Eve at about 3 pm we were given room 210 during out entire stay from Thursday til we left early on Sunday there were three dogs barking in and outside of the motel. The bed we had was very disappointing had no support at all every evening we had to endure the cigarette smoke coming from smokers directly outside of first floor back door
    Both of us have decided to go elsewhere on our next trip

  89. I reseved a room in Brooklyn center MN on Wed for Thursday (new years eve) through the Motel 6 website. When I got to te room the price that they wanted to charge me was different, more than the amount on my the confmation guarantee that was emailed to me. The desk attendent couldn’t change it without me talking to reservations. So I called them from the hotel desk and the man I spoke to gave me no explanation he rudely said that is the price. I said I reserved my room the previous day and had my confirmation in my hand. He said it is subject to change without explanation. Why then send out a confirmation and why state a final price. It is upsetting and bad buisness practice. I have never had this happen to me before at any other hotel ever. It was my first time at a motel 6 and my last.

  90. I am currently staying at the Motel 6 in Grand Rapids MI 3524 28th St SE.
    I checked in Friday 1/1/2016 and am staying through Monday 1/4/2016. I have been here two days now and there is no hot water. Yesterday I expressed my concern and the gentleman behind the counter was very curt, rude, and acted as if I were in some way troubling him. I am extremely dissatisfied with this particular location and the attitude of the staff. Last year I spent 114 days and over $9000 in hotels and am wondering why I should continue using your brand. Either way, I paid for a warm room with hot water and did not receive it, so I expect as a company you do not expect me or any other customer to pay for something they did not get. Please refund my charges for those two days back to my credit card or in the form of cash immediately. I expect this to be handled before I check out on 1/4/2016.

  91. We travel from Oregon to Michigan to see family. We stayed at the motel 6 in Rocks Springs, Wyoming and it was the worse experience ever. It was so cold inside the room that my 6 years old had to sleep in her coat. And I have a 5 month old that I had to keep close to me so she didn’t get cold. The door had a draft that you could feel the cold air coming right in. The place is run down and looks like they don’t take care of it at all.

  92. Motel 6. Dalton, Ga (706) 278-5522
    Room # 203. 1/8/16 9:30pm.

    I checked into the room and placed my bags on the bed. Then sat down for a minute and turned the TV….after a few minutes decided I was hungry and went to order something to eat next door. Came back and took my shoes off and started eating then put my food down for a minute to get something to drink then picked my food back up and saw a roach on my fork. I was angry and disgusted. I threw the food away. This room at first glance was clean and smelled clean but laying on the bed and watching TV saw alot of roaches. I do not recommend this room.

  93. I stayed in the costa mesa-harbor blvd motel6 on 1-6-16 and the front desk ladies gave my personal info out to others by cell phone texting and i was almost assaulted by a family member, and that is the way this info could have gotten out. the same thing happened again at the carlsbad -paseo del norte ave, motel6 on 1-11-16, i told the clerk to please not give out my info as I have a problem with a family member. i am very upset that my car and name were verified as staying there on those dates and my car was valdalized /damaged due to this info being given out also.

  94. I’ve stayed at Motel-6 on I-10 in New Orleans east almost very week now for 5 years. Over that time I’ve seen staff & managers come & go. However over the pass 6 months are so has been to worst for over all service & maintenance of the all. One issue that continues to be a problem is keeping the parking lot lighting operational. Last year I complained about lot lighting because 16 lights where out & the parking lot was totally dark & this isn’t an area to be in a dark parking lot. Just last week a truck was broken into & stolen out of the lot. I’ve complained to management a number of times about the very unsafe condition of dark lot but nothing is being done. Even the guard has complained to management. Now appears the House keeping staff has checked out. Most of the time I have to request a room cleaning & bedding change. Rarely is complete set of towels & bath cloths left along with not emptying trash cans. Drive has hole where speed bumps have broken out. This isn’t a good thing in a dark parking lot. When I complain to management they just look at you & say “nothing we can do” it’s in corp. hands. The room I’m in this week has a loose bath faucet & light out over deck. Told management will see how long it takes to fit. I will add the room I’m in this week is after the 1st room was not cleaned. Bottom line appears you have a lighting burning but nobody is home.

  95. Sink didn’t drain overhead light didn’t work bedspread worn and badly stained trim peeling off bedside table. Nice shower and toilet although we could hear sound of dripping in the ceiling. Rm137 in Bismarck ND.

  96. I would like to thank Motel 6, in York Nebraska, for referring at least 3 customers a day, to our hotel. Being the slow time of the year, we could really use the references and very much appreciate it.

    I must add, the references were NOT because Motel 6 was full….I suppose they wanted to fill our rooms instead of theirs.

    Thanks again.
    Super 8 Manager

  97. This was the absolute worst motel experience I have ever had. The first and last time that I will ever utilize motel 6. Rooms are extremely small and the noise coming from other rooms is unacceptable. You can’t sleep while listening to a conversation from the people above you and beside. Asked for a non smoking room and the first thing I noticed in the room was an ashtray. Second was the comforter on the bed riddled with cigarette burns. Extremely small beds and the air conditioner did not work. The heater ran all night. I was not happy at all with this experience. I will also never use again. Booked the room through them and I’m thinking that their executives should come spend a few nights here.

  98. RE: Evan Bacon (Baird) added a new photo to Motel 6’s timeline — at Motel 6-Sacramento Downtown.
    February 2 at 9:29pm · Sacramento, California ·

    I was shocked to read about my son’s recent experience at a Sacramento Calif. Motel 6 after riding his bike from the local train station in the night, searching for accomodations. He chose Motel 6 where I used to take him and his brother and our pet dog on countless road trips across the country throughout his childhood and where we could always rely on those late night arrivals.

    What a very poor policy or lack of policy displayed here. How in the world can his bicycle, his prized possession loaded with all his specialized randanneuring bike touring baggage and his only mode of transportation come close to the liability presented by kids and dogs that Motel 6 welcomes with open arms?

    Motel 6 has not only alienated my son but the rest of my family and I and everyone else who views this who supports alternative modes of transportation. You are unfortunately unaware of my son’s active promotion of bike tourism including marketing touring bicycles. You have made quite a blunder here. What do you propose to remedy this situation?

    Lisa Kingman-Baird

  99. I contacted motel six customer relations n a lady with first name starting with d and last name starting with k n was told that u would-be receiving a coupon for two nights free at motel six within 7-10 business days its been 29 days and no mail at 3509 telephone road Houston Texas77023 room23 and would like to know u u haven’t gotten any mail or heard back from motel6

  100. Hi I am usaully in love with the service I get at the 2900 Sam Houston Parkway branch. They are usaully so nice and help me very well. I’m am a very frequent customer. I come maybe ten days out the month. You see I don’t sleep well due to the fact that I am homeless. I’m not the of homeless you may be thinking of I’m just in a bad situation. Usaully I would come to the hotel early so I can get the most rest I possibly. I try and maximize my value and everytime I was accommodated. They would put me in any room they have available. On this particular day I got there around 10 something got to the front desk and told your employee I had a reservation and she immediately told me reservations aren’t until 3:00 pm. That means I’ll be losing valuable sleep time. Know I understand the rules, but I expect the same type of service we ach time. They could have easily went into the computer and check.

  101. I wish to thank Mark who took my 3 room reservations. He was polite, professional, and very competent. He worked on confirmation #’s with the last 2 #’s being 22/23/24 for a 2 night stay May 12th and 13th in Leominster MA. He made me feel appreciated and was happy to assist. As we talked I quickly received my confirmations via email and now my worries and concerns have been put by the wayside. I look forward to staying at another Motel 6 if this is the type of customer service I will be receiving. Thanks Mark and Aloha from Hawaii! Bob Sullivan- Mahalo~

  102. My husband and I stayed at the motel 6 on Delk Rd in Marietta Ga for several nights stsrting on Feb 4 and with the exception of the person that was working that night and the other times she worked we had horrible front desk service trenity or whatever her name was was exceptionally rude also the room service people just barged into the room sometimes without knocking sometimes after knocking and me yelling come back later and it was well before check out time also on many occasions the internet was down all night and nothing was done to rectify this situation except once these people should be trained in customer service and hospitality I have worked in an upscale hotel in many positions including front desk restaurant and management so I know customer service and quality hospitality and most of these people should be fired and you should start fresh management included

  103. Claremont Ca a friend needed a room so I went and got a room, then management comes and tells me she was kicked out , and they new she was in my car , they took my money then kicked me out becauae she was with me , and they knew , they kept 20 dollars and gave me 50 back , they took 20 from me

  104. Motel 6 is going down badly. My wife and I have had such terrible luck in finding a clean room that we are going to have to vow never to stay at a Motel 6 again. We have found one Motel 6 property in St. Robert – Fort Lenoard Wood, MO that does a fantastic job. The rooms are clean and the service is great. This past weekend, Feb. 14th, I made a reservation at Motel 6 in Red Oak,TX. The room smelled bad when we came in to change our clothes. I was getting dressed and I was on the side of one of the queen beds and felt the carpet was wet. The wetness of the carpet soaked thru my socks. The tile floor in front of the sink was dirty. My wife noticed a hair on the lampshade. The bed spread was not clean and had black marks on it. In the bathtub drain my wife noticed a clump of hair. YUCK!! We went to the manager on duty and told him the room was not acceptable and that we needed a different room. He obliged and gave us the key and we inspected the room. The room looked dirty and the bedspreads had cigarette hole burns thru. We went back and politely told him we wanted a refund and we would find another place to spend the night. So at 10:30 pm I was calling around to find another room. We had to pay more money but it was worth it because we found a CLEAN room. I don’t think we’ll ever stay at Motel 6 again.

  105. Greetings,

    I have already reached out via phone to your department in regards to this matter. I stayed at the Oakwood location in Norcross several times with minimal issues and for the most part the staff made it right. However. A reoccurring issue at this location was heat/air not working as it should. For example, no way to regulate the heat or air. In addition, rooms 132 and 136 that I stayed in had the security bolt removed. How the situation began is on 1/19/2016, I was put in room 136. I had previous, as can be proven by review of my stays. Requested and had been given rooms 105, or 126, both were acceptable. The room above 105 must have a plumbing issue because standing water was present each time I stayed and if you send someone out, it probably still has this issue. However, the leak is minimal and I usually just put a towel down. This particular night 1/19/2016, neither of these were available so they assigned me 136. I asked prior to going to the room if the latch was present and heat worked as I always did. The clerk said yes#. This was untrue. I was told no other rooms were open and chose to stay. I left a note for Chloe, the manager, after speaking with customer service. The next time I went there after Making a reservation the previous night. I was told that I had done property damage to the room, a criminal offense, which I never did ! I have tried reaching out to the ” manager” due to the nature of her claims against me. In reading the reviews, you will see that the management at this location does not upkeep the rooms to motel 6 standards. These comments all saying the same thing, show a pattern of a management team tarnishing your brand name and treating customers poorly. Frankly, I stayed there due to proximity to my work and price. I simply went and stayed at another motel6 and have been satisfied and no issues. I contacted the writer of the comment below not disclosing which room I had stayed in. As you can see, the comment was written well before I stayed in the room and I had never been in 136 prior. The comment you are about to read is in fact about room 136. It proves that the room security latches were not there long before my stay. Thrtefore, I have simply requested from the management a written statement in regards to the damage done. She has refused. I am giving you the opportunity to intervene in this matter before exercising my recourse of suing both motel6, the company and this independent franchise for slander, defamation of character. And intentional infliction of mental anquish.

    In summation. I ask that she be required to disclose to you and show proof of the damage she alleges. Following is the post that proves that the damages I complained of were there and that I did not do them

    Chelsea Farid

    6 months ago

    Ratchet as hell. Jeez I felt like I pulled in the trap. TV is from like 1989, beds are old, and is definitely not worth my $55 I can’t even deadbolt or chain lock my door. Don’t online book in shady areas

    Patricia Cirko
    813 356 9809

    You have 24 hours to respond as on Monday morning I am instructing my legal counsel to begin legal proceeding to protect my good name

  106. We stayed in the Somerset, KY motel on Feb. 24. 2016. We googled it but the GPS kept taking us to the Super 8 instead. Having stayed at this motel before a few years ago, I knew approx. where it was. We found it and checked in. our stay (one night) was very good. The motel has been totally renovated and the mgr and his family were very friendly and helped to make our stay a pleasant one. Our only complaint was, the 2 pop machines outside the office were not taking dollar bills, only quarters. (this was after hours) We give THIS unit a “10”

  107. Motel 6–San Diego Downtown #1419

    Worst motel 6 I almost stayed in. Beds are not comparable to other Motel 6 these were wooden cots. Sheets were dirty and bed bugs were on the mattress in room 109. Wow when I told the front desk clerk it was like I knew so what. date 3-09-16

  108. After waiting since Feb. 29th, I was sent an email telling me it would be another 30 days, plus how long I’ve already been waiting. When I tried to reply back, I couldn’t. Are you afraid of people that had a bad experience or what? Next time I have to spend the night in Canton, Tx., Motel 6 won’t be on my list!!!!! I’d rather sleep in my car, especially since you can’t reply, or leave feedback about this crappy place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. Bossier City La. (Wesley Drive). Room 235. A/C Heating unit was broken from frame. Did not cool nor Heat. The Towel Rack broke of was put there to hold from one end other needed fixing. The TV Remote not working, had to turn it on manually, the channels that we should have received were not receiving, the table was loosing its facing, and the bed was old, had a dip on one end..I turned in the problems on paper, hoping that the clerk gave it to Manager. Things need to done. Oh and was down stairs at one point and saw where they stored old equipment. Should have tried to ask for our money back, but just wanted to leave.

    March 18, 2016 2 nights.

  110. We stayed at Motel6-Cordele, GA on March 17, 2016 in room 101. The floor was absolutely filthy, there was no plastic glasses for water, and I asked the clerk for some shampoo as I had forgotten mine, she couldn’t find any. I will admit that she spent 15 minutes and searched through two storage areas before giving up. The absolute final straw was the toilet was not even attached to the floor. The bedding was clean which was the only reason we stayed. We were both exhausted from spending a hectic long day on the road. We have stayed at other Motel 6’s in the past but will definitely think twice about doing so again.

  111. When we arrived, the door knob was broken and it was almost impossible to get into our room. Upon entering, we noticed 2 mismatched bedspreads and a funky smell. We were tired, and it was cheap, so we just dropped out things and headed to the pool. We have visited this hotel (under different ownership) many times, and loved it! There were no lights by the pool, the hot tub was broken, and the heater was broken, making it impossibly cold for swimming. Surface around pool was very slimy and slippery. We quickly got out and looked for towels, to find there weren’t any. Went back to room to find no towels, whatsoever. Went to front desk to ask for towels, and an older man scoffed and demanded to know why I wanted THREE towels for three people, and threatened to bill me extra for them. He eventually handed me three stiff, cheap HAND TOWELS. Upon returning to the room, my daughter slipped and fell on bathroom tile, and her black outfit was FILTHY when she stood up. We started to look around and noticed a large amount of dirt and FILTH, including hair in the sink and bathtub, floor covered in dirt and broken glass, FILTHY shower and bathtub FILLED with a TON of 2 types broken glass, partially wrapped in a towel. We tried to contact someone to change rooms, but nobody was ever available.
    In the spirit of trying to enjoy a good family vacation, we ate our dinner and laid down on the beds, which appeared to at least have clean linens. At some point during the night, I awakened to the loud noises of neighbors repeatedly honking their car horns. When I switched on the light to go to the restroom, we saw COCKROACHES ALL OVER THE WALLS! I panicked! I had hoped to NEVER see a cockroach in my life. I again attempted to both call and walk to front desk to request a room change, and was STILL not able to reach anybody at all. I stayed up all night killing cockroaches! I was too creeped out to sleep.
    In the morning, I scraped as much of the glass out of the filthy shower as I could do that I could bathe, then cleaned it thoroughly, myself, and placed a towel down. I still ended up with a large splinter of glass in my foot right before our hike, and wouldn’t let the kids shower in the those conditions.
    Right before we checked out, 2 housekeepers can’t to look at the glass I had complained of, and commented that they “hadn’t cleaned this room” and that one of the types looked like a “light fixture”, then left without doing anything.
    When we checked out, I again expressed my disgust over the cockroaches. At first, he denied having roaches and salsa that i was “The only person who has ever complained” and that i was “mistaken”. I then showed him pictures of everything: cockroaches, FILTH, glass, hair, disgusting refrigerator, unswept carpet with melted, sticky candy, etc. The manager said, ” What do you want me to do? It’s the South. I called a ‘terminator’for next week.” Then ACCUSED me of bringing glass to put into the bath tub or breaking something from the room and putting it in the bathtub!!! I was livid, and it was very difficult to use those manners that mama taught me.
    I have photographic evidence of everything, and we will never be staying there, ever again! This used to be our favorite spot! Very disappointed. I didn’t think it was possible to have such an awful experience. Please don’t go!

  112. Motel 6 in Sweetwater, TN, March 2016:When we arrived, the door knob was broken and it was almost impossible to get into our room. Upon entering, we noticed 2 mismatched bedspreads and a funky smell. We were tired, and it was cheap, so we just dropped out things and headed to the pool. We have visited this hotel (under different ownership) many times, and loved it! There were no lights by the pool, the hot tub was broken, and the heater was broken, making it impossibly cold for swimming. Surface around pool was very slimy and slippery. We quickly got out and looked for towels, to find there weren’t any. Went back to room to find no towels, whatsoever. Went to front desk to ask for towels, and an older man scoffed and demanded to know why I wanted THREE towels for three people, and threatened to bill me extra for them. He eventually handed me three stiff, cheap HAND TOWELS. Upon returning to the room, my daughter slipped and fell on bathroom tile, and her black outfit was FILTHY when she stood up. We started to look around and noticed a large amount of dirt and FILTH, including hair in the sink and bathtub, floor covered in dirt and broken glass, FILTHY shower and bathtub FILLED with a TON of 2 types broken glass, partially wrapped in a towel. We tried to contact someone to change rooms, but nobody was ever available.
    In the spirit of trying to enjoy a good family vacation, we ate our dinner and laid down on the beds, which appeared to at least have clean linens. At some point during the night, I awakened to the loud noises of neighbors repeatedly honking their car horns. When I switched on the light to go to the restroom, we saw COCKROACHES ALL OVER THE WALLS! I panicked! I had hoped to NEVER see a cockroach in my life. I again attempted to both call and walk to front desk to request a room change, and was STILL not able to reach anybody at all. I stayed up all night killing cockroaches! I was too creeped out to sleep.
    In the morning, I scraped as much of the glass out of the filthy shower as I could do that I could bathe, then cleaned it thoroughly, myself, and placed a towel down. I still ended up with a large splinter of glass in my foot right before our hike, and wouldn’t let the kids shower in the those conditions.
    Right before we checked out, 2 housekeepers can’t to look at the glass I had complained of, and commented that they “hadn’t cleaned this room” and that one of the types looked like a “light fixture”, then left without doing anything.
    When we checked out, I again expressed my disgust over the cockroaches. At first, he denied having roaches and salsa that i was “The only person who has ever complained” and that i was “mistaken”. I then showed him pictures of everything: cockroaches, FILTH, glass, hair, disgusting refrigerator, unswept carpet with melted, sticky candy, etc. The manager said, ” What do you want me to do? It’s the South. I called a ‘terminator’for next week.” Then ACCUSED me of bringing glass to put into the bath tub or breaking something from the room and putting it in the bathtub!!! I was livid, and it was very difficult to use those manners that mama taught me.
    I have photographic evidence of everything, and we will never be staying there, ever again! This used to be our favorite spot! Very disappointed. I didn’t think it was possible to have such an awful experience. Please don’t go!

  113. Me and my fiance got a room at 1:30am sat morning soon as we got into the room we noticed one of the beds becuase they only had double beds available the 2nd bed had some sort of big wet looking stain there was other peoples hair on the towels and bed sheets no tv connection to watch tv. We lasted an hour in that room and left. Horriable experience. Thats $62.00 down the drain! I want my money back!

  114. My sister-in-law & I stayed at Motel 6 in Mason,GA, April 3/16. Worst motel ever!!!! Hardly any toilet paper (just 1/4″ which was on the roll and no extras) no kleenex, no cups, no facecloths, stained sheets (and I don’t mean 1 little stain….many stains), no mattress cover, dirty toilet & bathtub (toilet actually had a ring and seat was not wiped clean and there was one seat bolt missing. There was still urine all over the seat) dried toothpaste on counter, handle missing on dresser, the most disgusting microwave I have ever seen, stained towels, there was a spot on the red wall that looked like someone had spit on it, room had not been vacuumed (found a pill on floor, burnt match and all kinds of bits of paper) remote didn’t work for TV, no phone (but the cord was there and 2 phone books) This was our 2nd room, the 1st was worse!!!!! I have pictures to prove all of the above! Oh…and they wouldn’t give us a receipt…..we had to take a picture of it on their computer. Terrible, terrible place!!!!

  115. As a single woman traveling from Ohio to Key West, Florida, I stopped at the Motel 6 at Daytona, Florida to spend the night on March 23, 2016. Initially, I was given a key to a room that was already occupied, the next room had no chain on the door. After a hour, there were people screaming and fighting around the pool, and then someone was trying to get into my room. When I tried to call the front desk, the phone did not work. After things quieted down, I hurried to my car to leave (all this after 3hr). Then I went to the desk and requested my money back, the attendant said, ” It’s our clientele, you get what you pay for”. This was a terrible place, and I was scared the whole time I was there.

  116. I am staying @ the Motel 5 in Bakersfeild Ca I left Roc, ny running from a abused relationship, when I checked I I told the front desk that I had 2 twin babies 1 yr. old and a driver who volunteered to drive my truck with all of my stuff in it they asked will he be staying in the room I said no he will stay in my truck to make sure my stuff is protected they said ok then the 7th day a new security guy came saying he had to go so he went in the office the receptionist said don’t pay him no mind the driver of my truck called me and I went down to see what was going on and the security guy was digging in the garbage looking for cans and the driver of my truck said he had been asking him where to get drugs I went and reported him and the lady working said I have to pay$5 more for him to stay I need a call from Corparate to get a better understanding

  117. I am senior Canadian snow bird who drives to Florida each year, a total of 6 nights coming and going.

    This past season I stayed in a Motel 6 in December 2015 in Cartersville, Georgia for a total price of $44. Room was recently renovated and very satisfactory.

    On the way back in April 2016 I stopped at a Motel6 in Tifton, Georgia. I was told the room was $42 plus tax. I accepted and the desk clerk said the total price will be $52! She explained 42 plus state tax of 12% plus a state transit tax of $5. $44 four months earlier in Georgia and now $52. This didn’t feel right.

    I go to the room and the door won’t open. I slide the card, green light , turn handle down, won’t open. Try again, turn handle up, won’t open. Try again, finally have to really lean on the door, it opens.

    Lights in the room don’t work, TV won’t turn on. Phone front desk, phone won’t work.. I’m tired from a long day driving. I return to the desk. She accompanies me back to the room. She can’t get the door open. I tell her it seems to stick, you really have to push hard.

    She tries lights. After some time we realize the lights aren’t plugged in, the the phone isn’t connected. Finally resolved.

    Room was clean, bed was nice, slept well. But the price discrepancy and the initial room visit was trying.

    Everyone asks me where I stay on the trip. I say at the end of the day I always look for a Motel6.

    I thought you should be aware of this experience.

    Keith Mark

  118. My last 3 visits at this particular Motel 6 has been a nightmare. I was supposed to be given a 10 percent discount, and that was not honored upon my last visit. Booked the room again the following weekend and this time I was given a letter from the hotel attendant and the manager at the time, the letter stated to give me a discount of 20 %, well the attendant that works there on weekends still did not honor the letter, he called his General Manager and was told whomever gave me the letter was not authorize to give me a discount , even though it was signed by the (MOD) manager on duty and the desk clerk both were on duty at that time , when I checked out in the morning. Decided to give this place one more try, booked my room for April 16 , received my confirmation via email. called the hotel that night to let them know I will be arriving late, first I was told the hotel was booked and explain to the attendant I booked my room online that early morning and after that I gave him my name and then I was told I was banned from the hotel. I ask for what reason and he stated for disturbance. Well on April 11, I received an email from Motel 6 to fill out an survey, well my survey was not kind regarding that particular establish. The next day I got an email from the General Manager regarding my stay and it stated rest assured appropriate measures are being taken to address my issues. Well they did, I was banned for complaining about the services of that hotel. I contacted their Guest relations department to file a complaint, , spoke with a young lady and she was not helpful at all. Ask for a manager, there was not one available at that time.

    This complaint is not about me getting the discount anymore, it’s about after I complained they are going to lie and ban me from staying at their facility. I didn’t mind the homeless people hanging around the hotel, the security guard they hired, smoking weed in the hotel parking lot., the rooms not being clean. Even when I slept in their beds I slept on top off the covers, the sheets, stains and hair leftover from the last guest. Had a friend that stayed there one time , he was robbed at gun point in the parking lot at night, maybe that’s why they hired a security guard. But all in all I just need a place to sleep for 4-5 hours, so everything else was not a problem for me. If you are ever in the area please stay at the Quality Inn, its right next door to Motel 6 , that’s where I stayed this time, the place is more expensive the Motel 6, but I promise you will get your money worth’s.

    I have proof of everything I am writing, I have the letter that was given to me , the emails I received from Motel 6, names of both the General Managers and one of their phone numbers, guest services phone numbers and all other information to back up my story. Just beware and very careful regarding this hotel, there’s a lot going on their behind the scenes. Especially be careful regarding this one night attendant, he works on sat night, he is not to be trusted at all.

    I recommend finding an alternative place to stay , this hotel is a total dump and should be closed down by the health department. From the attendants to the general managers and district mangers they are all a joke, , the guest relations department is useless. But they say you pay for what you get , for the amount of money they charge you gets no service, but if you file a complaint you get banned. I guess the truth huts some people.

  119. My stay at motel 6 was horrible. No towels, no soaps, the shower curtains were mildew the shower tub was disgusting I could not take a shower. I wouldnt let my sons bathe in it that’s for sure. Let’s see if all these issues are getting handled. It could lead to health issues. Just cleans and sterilize everything. Wash them rugs. And the best thing is that I took pictures and am sending them to corporate. Or better.

  120. My wife and I stayed at the motel 6 in destin 4/27/2016 to 5/01/2016 and had the worst time ever first of all we had no water pressure and we couldn’t get anyone to clean our room except for one day the floors were so dirty that your feet stayed black so my wife tried to clean the floors she got some of the dirt up and on our last day there they rented a room two three guys with boatshow made sure know one else had a place to park and when I complained about the situation we were told to park were ever we could well the only place was on the road I was not about to park a 30,000 dollar car on the road to be broke into we will never stay there again and I will make sure all our friends and family hears about how we were treated thank you harry calloway

  121. If you stay in Farmington ,NM and have the slightest issue with your room; eg, the curtains are not attached to track, locks or window issues, carpet smells, request room changes, etc. , AND you also bring this to the attention of the very friendly staff, the Manager will then Black List you from the property for raising these issues or concerns despite the fact you stay on average 40-50 nights per year. Not sure if Motel 6 is really trying to adhere to its Mission Statement . If they are , then its not evident to me.

  122. I have stayed at motel across our country at least 1000.times. I have never been denied a room when there was availability. Today i was told that THE POLICY of motel 6 is a 3 oclock check in. NO EXCEPTIONS. The new GM specified this to me today at 11 oclock . they had many rooms! I depend on motel 6 to allow early check ins. Like yoi i work hard and depend on you to be there for me and thousands of other travelers across the nation.

  123. My husband and I got a room for a week and the housekeeping manger started to say to us no smoking in a smoking room and then my husband went downstairs and he started in with my husband again and I think that y’all need to stop hireing people who don’t speak English

  124. I stayed in motel 6 in huntsville tx. On 5/14/16 room 152 or 142 anyway it was the very worse room I have ever stayed in bed was dirty /commode did not work people up stairs were making all kinds or noise all night police were there checking on a theft from a customers room when we checked in. I will never stay at motel 6 again

  125. I reserved a room at Motel 6 in Camp Spring Maryland on 5/17/16. After arriving to the motel the room was dirty the toilet was dirty. I complained to the front desk clerk and she chose to have attitude and disregarded my complains, I ask for my money back, she then gave me and excuse about how she couldn’t give me back my money that I have to let her know 15 mins before checking in. I then informed her I wanted to speak with her manager. She then proceeded to go to the room and check the room and complain about the room and it was not dirty and she isn’t a housekeeping and not her job to clean the room. I informed her of here attitude and she then returned to front desk and proceed to give me my money back….
    This person doesn’t need to work in a environment where your dealing with customer on day to day basis with and attitude. Please look into this problem.

    I would never stay at a motel 6 again……Worse Customer Service Every!!!!! The Room Was Horrible

  126. I have a complaint about one of the manager at the location at hwy 98 in lakeland, florida her name is Juanita Murrell I was walking pass her and she was very disrespectful to one of the housekeepers the housekeepers name was Renee she was talking to her like she was a child. About why is she cleaning theses room up front when I told you to stop doing the in the front and do the rooms in the back first then come back up front and finish these rooms

  127. Jus checked in at Motel 6 in Bossier City… Bed Broken Toilet And Tub Not Clean.. Horrible Smell In The Room… No Microwave No Clock… The Whole Room Is Jus Disgusting!!! I Don’t Like Nothing About This Motel 6 At All… 51$ Wasted…

  128. I stayed at motel 6 in new Orleans Louisiana!!!!!!!! I was very much disappointed the. Beds were hard customer services was bad there was no continental breakfast the air conditioner shut on and off and the tub was so slippery I had to buy a Matt I wrote to you as soon as I got back and no reply from you. I stayed from the 20-23 I won’t stay at any motel 6 again it was 139.00 to stay there not even a coffee pot iron it’s a shame just wanted to let you know have a great day I also told the company that book this for me how bad it was and AARP

  129. I stayed at Motel 6 on 5/12/16 and Amanda Knight provided EXCELLENT customer service. She definitely deserves a RAISE. GREAT JOB AMANDA!!

  130. recently stayed at Motel 6 in Daytona. I was extremely disappointed with this stay, requested a ground floor, was stuck on 2nd floor, requested refrigerator, front desk agent told me there was one in room, there wasn’t. Went into room, it was a hot box, turned on air, didn’t work Made a loud racket and it was impossible to sleep, had to be at work at 5:30 am. Will never stay at Motel 6 as this is the second time in 6 months the stay hasn’t been worth it.

  131. Hotel workers were rude no towels in the room
    Beds where dirty had to get cleaning towels because no towels were left in the room & sheets where dirty had to argue with housekeeping to change my sheets

  132. I was at Motel 6 in Marshall, Texas and the condition of the room was dispicable. There were ROACHES in the room. Not just A roach but several. The bedspread was burnt. The sheets were rough and worn. I am from Marshall and came back to visit and did not want to spend a lot of money on a room but I see in this case you get what you pay for. So disapppointed.

  133. TITLE: OVERFLOWED TOILET: Stayed at Motel 6 on Peachtree industrial Blvd., Norcross GA. My toilet in my room was stopped up and overflowed onto the floor and there was dirty toilet water everywhere. I quickly reported the problem to the front desk manger on duty and he stated that he would send housekeeping to my room right away. One hour past by after reporting the problem to management housekeeping had not showed up. For one hour I sat in my hotel room with toilet water on the bathroom floor, entrance area of my room. I decided to attempt to clean up the mess myself with towels to keep toilet water contained. I tracked a member of housekeeping down and asked why the delay in addressing the problem with my room. I was told they were busy a the moment and get to my room as soon as they could. I paying $60.00 a night for this room and can not believe the response I received from management in addressing this problem. Although the hotel is convenient to work and I had planned on staying here short term, my conscious won’t allow me to reward this hotel with my hard earned money for the poor service I received. This is bad business practice and as consumer I deserve better.

  134. I filed a complaint over the phone this past weekend.
    The Report # 1236487

    Who can I contact to follow up on results of investigation? Please respond asap.

    Thank you.

  135. I am filing a formal complaint against Motel 6 at 750 Raintree Dr. Carlsbad, CA
    I spent over 49 days in this motel. I returned on June 9th, 2016 thru 6/16/2016.
    I went to the office to reserve my room for another week. However, I was denied access to a reservation from June 16, 2016 thru June 23, 2016 because of “due to our past experience we can longer rent to you.” Shocked as the clerk could not explain to me “what past experience” was so serious to deny me access to staying for another week, especially after paying $580.00, I am requesting an investigation into why the manager Emily Sanchez denied me a room.
    Lindsey Stewart

  136. I would like to give special praise to the Motel 6 in Denver, Colorado (near airport).

    For years, I have frequently stayed at the Motel 6 when I have traveled. Like the Tom Bodette advertisement would say, I simply wanted a “clean, comfortable room”…preferably close to the airport.

    In too many circumstances, criminals have exploited the good prices offered by some motels…driving away good potential customers and their families. But I want to tell you how that was NOT what I experienced at the Motel 6 in Denver.

    The evening I arrived, I was pleased to see a security guard patrolling the premises, making sure all was as it should be. Also, aside from the pleasant and professional staff at the office, I was pleased to see a certain sign in the motel office. The sign said (paraphrase) “In coordination with the Denver Police Department…no alcohol outside the rooms…(etc)”. I was also assigned a parking permit when I arrived, which was another good indicator for a motel who takes security seriously.

    I hope all the other motels will follow the lead of this Motel 6. It really means something to those of us who want to travel on a limited budget…without potentially having to sacrifice something so basic as personal safety.

    Please use any part of this email you like for whatever reason you like. (If you do use any part of it, please just use my initials and city as listed below).

    Chattahoochee, FL

  137. I had a very disturbing experience(s) recently at Motel 6 while on vacation with my dog. I’m even more disturbed as I expected a response/contact regarding my experience. The Report# is: 1236487.

    I’m expecting a response and a refund as I had to move to a different Motel 6 after I had paid for the room.

    Thank you.

  138. Was really disgusted today when got to my room and gagged by the smell…yes I’m a smoker,and have had plenty of out of town experiences with motel 6, or motels in General smoking rooms…but have never smelled one as bad as todays. That was my first complaint. Second..was dirt,garbage, etc swept half assed and get this ever heard of a dust pan…for real was at edge of bed with comforter placed covering just barely. Third…went to use restroom..disgusting enough didn’t even want to sit on…looked over at shower and was hairs still all over bottom. And thought was real strange not one picture on the walls in this room. Went to pool to swim…bugs, more than a few black things all over the bottom. Might not of thought to much on but they were moving. Don’t know what they were, nor do I care…my friend lost her head band and used net to pull up along with couple spiders, bugs, whatever they were. Went in to tell clerk wanted different room, nope! When I said I refused to sleep in a room so dirty we were told to get out of pool. I was a little confused since already paid…yes he refunded me but ruined my night. Never again motel 6 by airport boise, idaho. Super 8 down the road was $6.00 cheaper, 110% cleaner. And 100% more enjoyable.

  139. Not to mention I lost several items that were cherished items. Pictures, antiques and keys to storage and my garage. I can’t access those without proof to break the old locks, which in my paper work also thrown away without question.. Extremely irritated and the clerks at the front desk couldn’t speak English enough to understand my complaint. Again, they are very lucky I’m in the middle of a new start with a new job and stay humble in most dire cases.

  140. We visited Motel 6 in savannah ga on Stephson the blankets were filthy. We had to change rooms 3 times the second room had blood splatters on the blanket so we changed rooms the the third room had cleaner linen I’m not satisfied it’s 2:33 a.m an we’re just getting settled

  141. We have always stayed at a motel 6.On July 4 my wife’s purse was stolen with her ID which was very stressful after many hours of driving we pulled into motel 6 in Redding CA, we were told we could not have a room since my wife had no ID. The night clerk was very rood, being very tired went down the road pulled into another motel chain was gladly given a room that was very nice. This is one senior citizen that will never stay at a motel 6 again.

  142. Was awfully dirty and had bed bugs altho corporate said otherwise stating the hotel I was in gave them an OK to lie and I have the pics also the service was so un- professional I was appalled by their behavior and when I asked for a refund I was denied

  143. We stayed in a Motel 6 in Rockport TX the owner is not friendly we felt like we were foreigners in our own country. Were still in the US right also found roaches and the owner was stingy with the coffee,someone needs to come down here and experience themselves .

  144. We want to report an incident of egregious fraudulent act by the counter clerk at Motel 6 Reno West (she is IDed in our bill as EGD) on July 22, 2016. My husband Danny Guthrie called via phone at 6:19p.m. to make a reservation at Reno West directly while we were heading towards Reno. The clerk EGD took his name, our phone # and gave us Reservation #. He asked if Reno West would honor his AARP discount, to which he was answered “yes.” When we got to the hotel ten minutes later, the clerk (EGD) with whom he talked on the phone ten minutes prior insisted that he was not eligible for AARP discount because he made his reservation through Bookings.Com. He never used Bookings. com. I showed this woman my account on my laptop to prove I never made our reservation with Reno West rhgouth This counter staff kept insisting that she never talked to my husband on the phone and the booking was through In the meantime, she was calling us a liar and yelled at us.

    I don’t know how much money Motel 6 Reno West saved by denying my husband my AARP discount, but lying so blatantly to innocent customers like that certainly did not put Motel 6 in a flattering light and greatly hurt is image with us. We will certainly be thinking twice before using Motel 6 in the future.

  145. My mobile app for Motel 6 has not worked for over a year. Every time I put in for a reservation it WILL NOT take it. I’ve uninstalled app and reinstalled it and updated my information and it still WILL NOT take my reservation. Works fine on my PC and laptop but not on my iphone 6.

  146. Patricia Almdale and myself were going to stay in the Ocean View, Virginia Motel 6 and she had not talked with me that afternoon before going ahead and booking the room. I was ill and could not go so she cancelled within five minutes of booking the room through We did not know that we would be charged unless we actually stayed there. We have both called the motel several times and asked to speak with the manager. We were both told her name is Rachael and that she is the owner. We have left numerous messages for her to call Patricia, but she has not done so yet. We are not asking for a refund of the $212.15 they charged on her card. Valerie at the motel said she wasn’t charged a cancellation fee because we didn’t cancel the room, but she did with both the motel and We are only asking the Motel 6 in Ocean View, Virginia to let us come stay this coming Saturday night. If they can’t honor that request it will be the last time we and anyone else in our families ever spend another night in a Motel 6. I think it is poor business that Rachael can’t give us a call and resolve this so we can get a night for the money. Please call the motel and ask them to call Patricia. They have her number. We called tonight and were told she would be in in the morning so we will try to contact her ourselves.

  147. I’ve already posted this on another place:

    My life’s been such a shambles, yet I’m not bored
    Since I’m on a Rambling Journey for the Lord
    Springfield Missouri’s Motel 6 is one of my happy finds…
    Willing to take in fine folks of all kinds,
    Like me, just one of many little country hicks
    Who found a great place to rest at the Motel 6
    A good place for an acquaintance to become a friend,
    Thank you so much, I will come again!
    Oh, Yes! I’d like to do a commercial for you…
    Just let me know if you want me to.
    Ask the gals at the front desk here,
    They’ll tell you that I’m a keeper…I’m a dear!

  148. I got a room with 2 queen beds for my parents and I at the Motel 6 location on Lehigh avenue in Frackville, PA. Our first night was fine the General Manager was a male and he was very kind. When we stayed a second night I went to get the same room we had the night before due to the bathroom being big enough for my father to get in there with his cart. This time my experience wasn’t anywhere near fine or perfect. First, the woman at the counter was so rude and did not emulate your moto of hospitality, in fact she was rude and nasty with me just because I couldnt figure out why she was charging my parents and i $10 more than what we paid the night before and asked if She used a military discount for my father. She replied by giving me a dirty look, and in a very nasty tone she tells me ” I TOLD you that it’s 65 dollars and you need to give me 5 dollars” I only gave her 60 because I was not expecting the change from it just being a day. Now I had no issue with the price, what I had an issue with was the way she acted towards me with her rude tone and attitude. There was no reason as I politely asked a question and I didn’t have a rude tone. This made me angry and made my parents angry that they just wanted to get the money back and fine somewhere else to go because they did not appreciate the lack of professionalism and the lack of hospitality that this woman clearly had for anyone walking in that office. We will not stay here again because that rude encounter was enough to convince us this location isn’t worth it. Also, they never put clean blankets on the beds as we were able to tell that they were the same ones as the night before. I think if your company stands for hospitality then maybe the Lehigh avenue location in Frackville should be reminded what your company stands for otherwise if this woman has anymore negative encounters with other people, many of them will second guess your other locations due to having a negative encounter.

  149. I would like to say thank you for allowing all breeds of dogs to stay at your hotel. Thank you for not discriminating against my 4 month old pitbull that other hotels think are so scary. My boyfriend spent the majority of the day driving and was exhausted and was turned away by another hotel because of the breed of dog he had with him. Thank you for knowing not all dogs are bad.

  150. Car, then change your name to tarah, wouldn’t answer a simple question about how far away the South Tech Motel 6 is from Englewood Colorado. I asked for her manager, and she hung up. I’ll call back, and she instantly hangs up again. I called another Denver location, and hers is only 10 minutes away. She’s rude, won’t answer the question, and hangs up. I would like to see her fired.

  151. I stayed at the Motel 6 Airport in Amarillo, TX on June 11. I don’t travel often, but always stay at Motel 6. The room I got was not acceptable. The bathroom had several issues. The ceiling plaster was cracked, there was gray staining on the wall above the tiled area (assume a mold), and the metal overflow was stained all around it. I believe it was rust, but there could have been some mold there also. I didn’t even use the bathtub/shower area. As I checked out, I told the front desk and she said she would have maintenance “look at it”. No mention of compensation. I know Motel 6 is not 5 star, but I expect better than this, and usually get better than this. I took some pictures if you are interested. I don’t see a way to attach them to this e-mail.

    Sandra Pierce

  152. My name is Shandria Mosley my family & I were in motel 6 in Milledgeville ,GA . While there for only a short period of time my baby found a crack pipe behind the chair and we told the person at the desk ! He told me I was a crack head ! And we had to leave .

  153. I stayed at the motel 6 in Cookeville tn for 2 nights , july 21. 2017- july 23 2017 128.40 I have never complained in my life about a room . it said up dated the sink and flat screen was up dated I could not get on the internet the bathroom tub was nasty ciggrette burns all on it I have pictures I had paid already so had to stay for that price not even a coffee pot no shampoo it was terrible

  154. hello i was staying at one of your hotels in franklin oh on 2000 william c good blvd i am here for work for me and my employees i was renting 5 rooms after a couple of hours i saw roaches out on the hall ways and when i went in to my room i saw roaches coming out of the bath room door frame i talked to front desk manager and her response was go get some bug spray so now i am going to days inn this hotel has roaches really bad i will never rent motel 6 again if this i all so talked to other renters they say it been a big problem here i am calling the health board this hotel needs to be shut down

  155. Motel 6 Big Springs Nebraska. Stayed July 19th 2017. I’m a cdl driver. Pulled in late. Slept, showered and left the following morning. All was normal. When checking statements noticed I was charged for room damage. Contacted Penny (the manager) to explain there must be a mistake. They refused to assist and refused to give me last names for my records. Claim they have pictures but will not send them to me. Very shady. Now have to embark on a corporate call. Waste of time and energy!

  156. My friend and I stayed at the Motel 6 in Cross Lanes, WV. This was by far the worse stay we ever had. We had requested a refrigerator and microwave and took food accordingly. However, we were informed that only smoking rooms had refrigerators and microwaves. Secondly, we had no maid service and no towels after the first night. It was horrible not being able to shower nightly. Third, there was a cockroach crawling out of the tub. This is totally unacceptable. We have stayed there several times previous and certainly will not be back. The room was booked in my friend’s name.

  157. This comment is regarding Motel 6 in Meridian ID. When I walked into our room, I immediately loved it! What a change from the “regular” Motel 6 rooms. No carpet on the floors — Great! The room was beautiful, modern, streamlined. But I think in trying to “upgrade,” you sacrificed some amenities that people rely on. You have no mirror in the room, only in the bathroom. You have no hair dryer, no iron (maybe you never did?). There is no clock (not everyone has a smartphone). The “closet” disappeared. My friend and I were looking for light on the table, but the only light in that area is behind the television, which is odd, because then it doesn’t light up the table area, and the table cannot be moved. There are no tissues anywhere. The worst thing is the bathroom towel setup. It looks cute to have those cubbyholes with the towels/washcloths in them, but where are the racks for hanging up the used towels? Oh, that’s right…there aren’t any! What are people supposed to do with them if they want to reuse them? Put them on the limited counter space or throw them on the floor? I don’t think so. Plus, I’m not sure how often or well those floors are cleaned in the main room. My socks were filthy after walking on them for just a short while, and I also had the misfortune of picking up a broken, decayed tooth (I thought it was an earring I had dropped, or I never would have picked it up).

  158. We stayed in the Bloomington, Indiana Motel 6. It was the only hotel with rooms. It was the most disgusting motel I have ever stayed in. There was mold in the bathroom. A giant 18″ spot on the wall by the toilet. The floor, which looked like contact paper, had several holes in it. The motel is so outdated it needs to be condemned. The room smelled so bad it was hard to breathe. We slept in our clothes. The bedding was old and rough. My husband checked for bed bugs-at least he did not find any. Who knows what else is living in that room. I could not even sleep. I do not understand why you even allow this site to remain open. We will never stay in a Motel 6 again and I will leave a review on every site I can. We would have left if my husband was not so tired and nothing else was available. Disgusting!!!! I have pictures of the disgusting room.

  159. In located at the central Omaha NE i was over charged intentionally by the owner of this property i would appreciate if someone would please call me back asap

  160. Motel 6 in Franklin, OH is to be driven past quickly. DO NOT STOP there under no circumstances. My husband and I stopped there in the middle of the night after leaving NC, visiting friends and needed to sleep. We paid for the room 54.59, and were told “It’s a very nice room, king size bed”. After parking around back, we noticed windows didn’t have screens, the carpet was beyond filthy, doors were covered in filth. We had our way to room (I believe 217), we opened the door, exhausted, luggage in hand and was hit by a foul smell, a nasty room out of the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen. Instantly I spotted a large bug running up into the corner of the wall. A COCKROACH. My husband thinking he was funny, tossed back the comforter, again bugs. I screamed, grabbed our bags and within 30 seconds was back in our vehicle wide awake and worried something might have got into our luggage. We kept driving until we pulled into a rest stop and slept for a couple of hours in our car. Someone from Motel 6 needs to go to this place and visit (inspect, view, burn down, demolish, and remove the motel 6 name). This place is a nightmare, period… Oh, and the king size bed? A full size loaded with bugs.

  161. my recent stay at the motel 6 in Columbus oh. was very disappointing had construction noise for 2hrs and had ants in our room all over the counter we were offered 10% off but declined.

    Paul Crowhurst

  162. We stayed at Motel 6 in Cedar City, Utah. I had made a reservation for 4 adults. I did this by phone. They were willing to put us on first floor because of my 92 year old other, however when we got to the room, there was a little pet smell, so they moved us to the 3rd. That was great. BUT they would not give us 4 towels. they said only 2 per room. We said but there are 4 of us. “Only 2 per room!”
    I think that is ridiculous!!!! I even had to beg for another blanket for my mother because she is always so cold. I think that the manner they handled this was a little rude. Sharing towels should never happen. I will not stay there when we go to visit family again. Being rude is never acceptable and it was not a bad request.

  163. Stayed at Motel 6 in Barstow, Ca on Yucca St. The place was not what I’m used for Motel 6. It reminded me of Motel you would find in the seedy part of a large city. It was filthy to say the least.

    The first thing that happened is that I was approached by a prostitute upon reaching my my room door. Got rid of her immediately.

    When I got in my room I found carpet that looked to be 20 years old and grimey. The room had no microwave or refrigerator and the “dresser” was what appeared to be a bookshelf layed on its side. The furniture, including the beds, were something you would find at the local thrift store. It had one small cheap bath towel, one washcloth and hand towel. The bed spreads were those thin yellow/brown flower prints from who knows what decade.

    Here’s the kicker … when I pulled back the bedspread, to lay down, there was a large spot probably 8″x 20″ of dried blood. Not stain but blood.

    It was late & I had just driven 650 mikes straight … so I threw the bedspread on the floor and stayed there.

    When I took pictures and showed them to the manager the next morning, she just shrugged it off with a half hearted “sorry”.

    I hope Motel 6 has standards enough to send someone there to see this dump for themselves .

  164. I do not understand why you can not print out an itemized receipt. I have been paying for my nephew to stay at Motel 6, Simi Valley, CA and he stays 5 days at a time. I pay with my credit card and then a trust account pays me back; however, because the receipt isn’t itemized, I don’t get a full refund. The receipt only shows a total due and total paid; it doesn’t break down the daily charges. No one seems to know how to print out a decent, itemized bill. If you charge different daily rates, then the receipt should reflect that. I need help getting my money back from the trust.

  165. i am very concerned about how Motel 6 operates in the reservation services any more. I call to make a reservation at a specific motel 6 in a specific town and that was always great. Now I get charged a fee because to make a reservation at a Motel 6 , I end up having to call this or and that’s where a hidden fee comes into play.l Unbeknownst to the person making the reservation until after the fact. Personally this is not legal because it is not made in good faith at time of booking. I am pursuing this situation as my credit card ends up with an unknown charge. I have called your and made my complaint k nown.

  166. I stayed at the motel 6 near the Airport in Montgomery Al Last Sunday night Nov 5. I told the front desk i was senior citizen gave her my Drivers license and everything for the discount. The next morning I noticed I had paid full price. Went to the desk to complain and it was a different person. Said it had went through and she couldn’t do anything. Its only like $5 discount but over a year it adds up.
    Principal mainly. I stay at Motel 6 in Mobile all the time. Its what you expect for $41.
    No complaints with that.

  167. Didn’t stay at the Motel 6 Ventura Beach, but my daughter-in-law and granddaughter did. I tried to do a third-party reservation through central reservations, and they screwed it up twice. Finally, a nice young man at the front desk took control and made it happen. Gabriel is to be commended.

  168. I just read that you denied a reserved room to an active serviceman because he was not yet 21 years old. If he is old enough to defend his country, he should be old enough to have a motel for the night.
    This took place in Atlanta, GA.
    Thank you,
    Nancy Mason

  169. At approximately 12:10 AM On Monday 1/9/2018 a total stranger walked in to my room soon as I was coming out of the bathroom. It startle me as it would anyone at that time in the morning. This stranger had his own card to enter my room. You best to believe the shock I was in. At first I did not know what to believe. All kinds of thoughts entered my head. Was this an room invasion about to take place or what I asked myself. Me and the stranger stared for a few second not really knowing what to do or say.
    This sort of thing is dangerous, hands down. Someone could have got hurt at that time in the morning.
    I asked my intruder what was he doing in my room and how is it he had access to be here. He told me it was the room assigned to him a few minutes ago by the receptionist.
    My whole night is just ruined by this and I think he would agree to feel some of what I felt. Things could have gotten ugly real fast but I tried my best to keep calm.
    I waited a few minute then called the front desk about this terrible mishap. I was told it was just a mistake and it would never happen again.
    It’s like telling me yeah it happen so just get over it.
    After sitting in my room for a few minutes I felt I need answers because just being here is not making me feel safe and secured. I just couldn’t get over it. In fact I cannot sleep now.
    Talking to the front desk clerk didn’t help much after. I walked back to my room just to find out I was locked out again because she had deleted the intruders card with my room number, affecting my card as well.
    On my way back down I ran into the same person that had walked in on my secured door only this time he identified himself, trying to keep cool about what had just taken place he had requested another room they gave him two doors away from me instead of leaving motel 6 all together. I could clearly see this man was shaken by this experience on this cold and rainy morning.
    This is a time to remember and I will never forget this night, early morning madness. it’s a good thing I was not in darkness and sleeping when he walked in. things could have gotten ugly.

  170. This place is a joke…no coffee maker or hair dryer, vending machines are empty. They charge for internet and you can only use 1 thing for that charge. We were locked out of our room at noon, when we left and had to go down to get new keys. Bathroom is dirty. Will never stay at this over priced place again.

  171. We booked room online for Motel 6 in Cheyenne for 3/24 and prepaid. But when we arrived we tried 3 different room and all we unacceptable. Reeked of smoke in all non smoking and all were hot ac did not work and two were dirty with hair in bath and in beds .
    So we could not stay had to go across the street to another hotel. This place is really horrible and I know it’s not a lot I paid (42.00) it should be refunded and someone should check this place out soon for your main office. Gives you a really bad name where we have usually had good experience with your hotels

  172. We booked room online for Motel 6 in Cheyenne for 3/24 and prepaid. But when we arrived we tried 3 different room and all we unacceptable. Reeked of smoke in all non smoking and all were hot ac did not work and two were dirty with hair in bath and in beds .
    So we could not stay had to go across the street to another hotel. This place is really horrible and I know it’s not a lot I paid (42.00) it should be refunded and someone should check this place out soon for your main office. Gives you a really bad name where we have usually had good experience

  173. I stayed in a Motel 6 for the first time on May 20, 2018…..Franklin, Indiana. I will never stay in a Motel 6 again for the following reasons:
    The hall was littered with pieces of trash
    No safety bars on the shower walls
    Paint splotches on the floor
    Broken safety chain on the door
    No guest book containing local informatioj
    No comfortable chair
    microwave buzzed
    no telephone
    no kleenex
    no pictures on the walls
    a clerk with no command of English

  174. My brother checked into the Motel 6 on Wednesday, May 22 at around 5pm and I got off of work at around 10pm and met him there. Upon entering the room, I tripped and stumbled. When I looked down at the floor, I saw that one of the boards of the floor was warped and peeling from the floor causing s flap that was essentially a hazard. I then noticed several other boards throughout the room warped from water damage. Due to exhaustion, I temporarily dismissed the damage. I went into the bathroom area and heard water running and thought my brother had left the shower running. I turned the knobs and realized it was just leaking. I told my brother to let the front office know first thing in the morning. In addition, I have seen several roaches in the room. I paid daily online and my brother has informed the management daily about the condition of the room and they have yet to send maintenance to look at other fix the issues.
    We were told that we would receive 10% off our next night but we have not seen that reflected. Due to our financial state, this is the only hotel we can afford in the area and we have had other experiences at the same hotel that were exceptional. But this time I feel that nothing has been done to accommodate us nor fix these problems. I feel like if there is water damage then mold Is guaranteed and mold is dangerous. What can be done to rectify this situation? I feel we should be compensated not only for the state of the room, but additionally for the lack of attention this matter has received.

  175. Good afternoon ,my husband and I had
    bad experience at motel 6,first were were double book we walk in on a couple that were in bed. Then when we got room next door there were mosquitoes or insect forming from the mole on bath rooms

  176. Stayed at motel 6 In Green Bay Wi, this was pathetic, we got a room that we has to set up ourselves, we reserved two double beds, one was laid down but pushed against the desk and the other was on its side pushed against a chair, the shower was filthy and so was the ice bowl, and there were dead bugs all over. One of our keys didn’t work so I asked an employee why the key didn’t work and he said let me try, so he tried and he couldn’t get it to work, than he started to walk away with it, I said to him are you getting me a different key and he walked back gave me the key back and said no you have to so that (well than where was he going with it). There was no microwave or fridge. The other guests stood outside our door smoking and making a lot of noise. On a positive note at least the beds were comfortable

  177. This is by far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed at
    People on office are rude and don’t answer haven’t had cleaning service in three days
    Filthy and no amenities
    Will be calling my attorney for my money back

  178. I have been on hold for several minutes wanting to speak to a representative. I really need to speak to someone at a front desk rather than the reservation desk, but it is not a published number and difficult to get because all I get is the auto prompts. I want to speak to someone at a location on I-30 in Ft. Worth, Tx.

  179. We stayed at Motel 6 in Ft. Stockton worst place the room was set at 60 degrees that was an easy fix but tires squeling outside and gunshots wife and I packed up and left after only two hours have stay in motel 6 many times not sure if I will again. Coroprate needs to check First the clerk said he didn’t have a room then found on and charged $100 for one night after I told him my daughter worked for motel 6 We went to the next exit and stayed at another rooms were better and half the price.paid twice for one nights sleep

    • After making reservations almost two months in advance for the Naperville, IL Motel 6 for the night of July 28, we were dismayed when they fell through. We arrived early in the afternoon and showed the clerk our printed reservation (confirmation #4963M26996) for a room with two queen-sized beds for myself, my husband, and our grandson. We were informed that the only accommodations were a room with one queen sized bed. There was no roll-away bed or hide-a-bed option available either. They had no explanation of why our long-standing reservation was not honored.

      We thought Motel 6 would be a good option for a reasonably-priced room for a quick one-night stay after flying to Chicago, then traveling the next day to our final destination. The price that was quoted and that I printed out on the reservation was $66.23. Apparently, there was a large demand for rooms in Naperville that night and several other hotels that we checked were also full. Eventually we found a room but had to end up paying $244.19, almost four times as much!

      Needless to say, our budget took a hit on the first day of our trip. I wouldn’t send a complaint if it hadn’t been for the fact that we had this reservation many weeks in advance. We will probably look for another reasonably priced option the next time we are in need of a quick one-night stay.

  180. I have stayed in many Motel 6 around the country over the years and had good experiances On july 31 2018 I had reserved a room in Rochester Mn. and arrived later that evening. The room was filthy, the shower and bath room floors hadn’t been cleaned in a long time the carpets hadn’t had been vacuumed the airconditoner didn”t work. I complained to the staff but nothing was done. This was no better than a flop house. It was already late so I stayed and sleep on top of the covers
    Unless something is done about this I will never stay in Motel 6 again

  181. My remarks are on your Motel 6 on Plaza Drive in Oceanside,California. My stay at your site was very enjoyable. THe staff was professional and personable. The clerk..Isaha,,I believe..was exceptionally accommodating. Just wanted to play it forward in my reaction to the excellent service. Thanks for making a stay away from home very enjoyable…..A happy traveler.

  182. There’s a guy that works the nightshift named Eric. He was not professional by any means. His clothes was dirty, he smelled and it doesn’t look like he ever comb his hair. He was rude, judge mental, and not customer service material. He didn’t even have coffee ready by 6. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. Please handle it.

  183. we stay at motel six a fair amount. You should have your financial people go to the State of Texas unclaimed property website While reading from the State of Texas unclaimed property website I discovered that your company listed lots of times. see below just part of the list on Texas website.
    15955422 MOTEL 6 2710 INTERSTATE 10 WEST ORANGE TX 77632 METABANK CREDIT CHECK OR MEMO $1,703.97 2015
    19145142 MOTEL 6 3113 TEXAS 21 BRYAN TX 77803 Not Disclosed Not Disclosed $165.39 2017

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    I thought youd be open to checking into some strategies where I think could develop a new avenue of leads.

    Would it be OK to have a few consultants I work with to quickly give you a ring at your phone ? Theyre highly experienced and have a strong feel in your industry

    If more leads/calls is what youd like, simply respond here, and reach you soon


  186. we stayed at the motel 6 in Altoona iowa on Adventureland dr, worst stay ever room was nasty in the bathroom there was dead bugs and hair all over the floor the pool was closed down so not very happy

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