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Contacting Moneygram Customer Service Center

Moneygram is a service designed to help customers pay bills and send money to friends, family and businesses. You can send money online via the official website or you can visit a Moneygram location. Customers having issues with bill payments or money delivery can contact customer service by phone, email or in store. It is important to keep all paperwork and emails associated with all Moneygram transactions to ensure the best customer service.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The main customer service phone number for Moneygram is listed as 1-800-MONEYGRAM, but there are too many letters (numbers) so we’ve listed the numeric version of the customer service phone number below.

  • Main Customer Service: 1-800-666-3947
  • Alternative Customer Service (Headquarters): 1-800-328-5678
  • Spanish Customer Service: 1-800-955-7777
  • Global Contact Phone Numbers
  • Andorra: 901 20 20 10
  • France: 0805 540 406
  • Germany: 00800 8971 8971
  • Ireland: 1800 558792
  • Italy: 800 785 353
  • Netherlands: 0800 023 3880
  • Spain: 800 098595
  • Sweden: 800 8971 8971
  • United Kingdom: 0800 8971 8971

Mailing Address

If you need to contact Moneygram by mail you can use the corporate address.

Moneygram International
2828 N. Harwood
Flr. 15
Dallas, TX 75201

Official Website

Everything you need to know about Moneygram is located on the official website at Several times when we were researching the customer service department for Moneygram we were given an Error Message that claimed the site was not available at this time, but when we reloaded the site everything was fine.

From the official website you can also access the Facebook page Moneygram. Customers often use the page to contact Moneygram for customer service or general information.

Customer Service Email

While you won’t find an email address for Moneygram customer service, you will find an email form on the Contact Us page The email form requires you share some personal information like your name, address, zip code phone number and email address. You are also required to tell Moneygram how you want to be contacted and the type of request you are sending. If you’ve made a purchase from Moneygram you can enter your Money Order Number, Transaction Number, Rewards Numbers, or Case Number to speed up the process.

Our Experience

We called the 1-800-MONEYGRAM phone number to learn how the customer service system works for customers. The system is voice driven so you can speak what you need – so we said Customer Service and the call was immediately transferred to a customer service agent. The agent took our zip code and quickly found our nearest Moneygram location.

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38 Comments on “Contact Moneygram Customer Service
  1. I don’t understand why you can’t publish an email. The contact form you have supplied for email inquiries needs a certain type of upload which my computer does not have.

    I need an email address for customer service so that I can report a potential scam email I received.

  2. i sent money to a relative in Kampala Uganda from Kenya but the agent there has refused to pay even after giving the secret number that a driving license is needed. Must all your customers have this?

  3. Received this email. Probably a scam. You should have a fraud email to send these to so we do not have to fill out a long form with personal info. Is it a scam ????

    From: Money Gram International ( Microsoft SmartScreen classified this message as junk.
    Sent: Fri 7/18/14 4:56 PM

    This message looks suspicious to our SmartScreen filters and we’ll delete it after ten days.


  4. contacted your office monyhs ago pertaining toloss money orders,r106354426662 and others,still no response,date contacted last,oct.13,2014

  5. I, urgently, need to talk to a moneygram agent. Money was sent one week ago to William M. Blake who has not been able to get money. I sent 200.00 dollars to Detroit, Michigan. Please call me!

  6. Your customer service sucks my money is lost and all I get is some robot sounding person in the phillipines money gran you suck

  7. Moneygram response rate is too slow. I would like to report a fraud case and it takes more than 24 hours and still they have not revert back to me.
    Lousy service.
    Will ask reject this service in future and for future company transaction, we will stop using moneygram.

  8. I had three money orders stolen in the us mail. They were illegally cashed, I have followed the rules, paid $75.00 for the trace, which was useless and $105 for the affividavit. I sent it registered mail, it arrived in Minn. on 2-1-2016. They still do not respond. This is the most unsecure way to send money and the worst customer service I have ever experienced. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE

  9. Customer service is the worst, I’m trying to get reimbursed for a money gram that I purchased in November and I even sent a form and money gram of 40.00 and I’m getting the run around this is ridiculous.

  10. From:Nguyen Canh Sy. To:MoneyGram
    Because now,today I still not/yet withdraw money in agents Banks at Nghe An,Viet Nam,by code confirmation number of me and code reference number of me.
    So I wish want who in MoneyGram come contact direct me,caal phone:+84 1666105889 and meet me at Nghe An for help/support me for me has been withdraw by codes confirmation number and codes reference number(has in phone and has in email,document of me).
    After help/support me withdraw by MoneyGram at agent finish,success, me will give number money about $ 100,000.00
    Contact to with me by phone+84 1666105889 for meet me immediately,and work on software MoneyGram and Western Union.
    Remember help/support me soon urgent,please do not laters.
    I sincerely
    Nguyen Canh Sy
    Now today 06/04/2016(16:00 time Vietnam)

  11. Well Moneygram has blackballed me and labeled me as “A victim of scammers”!
    Logic would have it Premise #1 “Every man, woman, and child on the Continent of Africa is a criminal scammer” [A falsehood!] Premise #2 ” this person is in Africa” [A truth!] Conclusion “Therefore this person is automatically a scammer by location” [A false conclusion!] A falsehood and a truth do not make a true conclusion. I have been using Moneygram for a long time without any problems and Moneygram has made made good money off of the fees I have paid! Now it would appear that my money is no good to Moneygram because they have used conjecture “Advancing an opinion as factual without EVIDENCE OF PROOF” I have asked to see the evidence that Moneygram has in their possession that proves “Beyond the shadow of doubt” that the people I am sending money to are indeed and in fact “Scamming Me” and was told I would not be allowed to see this! So you see Moneygram intercepts my Moneygram transactions and forces me to get a refund. Hell now Moneygram will not let me transfer money across the street let alone to people I have been sending money too for some time now. Also I was told a lie
    in the form of “We do not do any business transactions only money for friends or family”. Well what the hell is making bill payments through Moneygram all about? If this is not doing business through Moneygram then what the hell is it?

  12. All of my MoneyGram account information I will send in by email if you will kindly send me an email so I can have an appropriate address to send it to.

  13. Contact Moneygram Customer Service

    Contacting Moneygram Customer Service Center Moneygram is a service designed to help customers pay bills and send money to friends, family and businesses. You can send money online via the official website or you can visit a Moneygram location. Customers having issues with bill payments or money delivery can contact customer service by phone, email […]
    Posted in Financial Services/ Banks | 20 Comments |

    Note: In plain English it states “businesses”???

  14. Hi this is Ronalyn Evans I’m making a complaint to y’all I’m realunhappy and disappointed with MoneyGram service in Wal-Mart I went in two Wal-Mart to get a refund to get my money back and the person working in both Wal-Mart wouldn’t help me and wouldn’t refund my money cause they wasn’t comfortable given that kind of the amount that they suppose to give me back it mad me very very angry. That’s not no excuse for them to not give me my refund back cause they didn’t want to handle that much amount

  15. Terrible service canceled transaction over a month ago giving me run around send proper paper work always say never received it call in couple day same old nobody knows any thing, will never use again, all from India cant understand them,

  16. why dont you cowards answer the phone. why are you ripping me off. i get a 12 dollar charge then an 8 dollar charge then a 38 dollar charge to send 100 dollars from the same place to the same place. i want answers and to speak to a rep to explain this bs. if not i will mass media this thing showing my bank statements then talk to my lawyer

  17. hi good day I’m Kimisha Wallace I sent off some money to my best friend June 30 for her birthday in Jamaica she didn’t get the time to go pick it up and today she finally got the chance to do so and after standing up in a line for two hours the agent told her that she can’t get it there’s a earro I call back Massy chagunas and they have me on hold for ever until my minutes finish I need to know what’s the problem

  18. 21/08/18 I sent an online message a few days ago & got a reply. I got your Ph. # online. Something weird
    has just happened on your “Estimate Fees” page. I used to be able to scroll down and click on the sender country, and then the receiver country,- and then click on pick up any place. This no longer works. When I try to scroll down for a country, it won’t move and just puts United States on. I have to click repeatedly and then type in the country/ies, and then I have the same trouble with the amount blanks. It is very miserable to work with. Before it was very simple and easy. What has happened? Who has changed it ?? Maybe some hacker, or someone (I am sure) is interfering in my computer. Many weird things are happening on it. We are being
    hassled worse and worse by some intruder/s. A friend has the similar complaints. Are there any internet cops to report to? It is very frustrating the way things are being more and more interfered with. We seem unable
    to use even our OWN computer. ———Thanks.

  19. 21/08/18
    P.S.- I just like to check the rates before sending a transfer so I can calculate the amount to send.

  20. J’ai achetté ACDSee Photo Studio Standard 2019 – Français
    Commande n° >14068260098073503
    Clé de licence >FFZ7LN-YT2HP6-BHFLWD-LJ7NMR-NR020A-ABZB23-6LBXWB
    Je n’arrive pas à accederaux fontions de cette licence, car chaque foi on me
    signale que cette clé est erronée.

  21. I need to how many moneyorder can I send I want to Walmart Monday the 26 and Wednesday the 28 of Novberm 2018 the lady she could not send it please let me know ok thank you

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