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Contacting Money Magazine Customer Service Center

Money Magazine is one of the longest running publications dedicated to personal finance. He publication began in the early 1970’s and transformed the industry by captivating readers with insightful analysis of topics, including home improvement, career advice, college savings and credit planning. The magazine is also known for its annual Best Places to Live segment. The publication is operated by Time in conjunction with CNN.

With a readership exceeding the millions, an important facet of the company is to answer questions and concerns relating to content and website issues. The company provides several ways to contact the customer support team on a daily basis.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers have the ability to contact the customer service team through social media, email, by phone and by traditional mail.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-877-604-6510
  • Customer service (tablet): 1-866-772-8924

Mailing Address

Money Magazine1271 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10020

Official Website

The official Money Magazine website features content relating to business, financial markets, investing, the economy technical products and personal finance. Additional categories include small business and leadership articles. Customers can find useful contact information on the customer support page.

Customer Service Email

There is no dedicated email address for Money Magazine, only a customer contact form on the main website. Customers enter their name and email address, then submit their question. We asked for the hours of operations for the customer service department. We are still awaiting a response. We found the following social media pages and Twitter accounts useful as an alternative to traditional means of communication.

Our Experience

The customer support hotline connects directly to a live agent. After holding for approximately 5 minutes, we were able to ask questions relating to canceling a subscription. We wanted to know if customers would be charged if they cancel a subscription using the online form. The agent explained the billing cycle is approximately 30 days, so customers canceling during the middle of the month could potentially see a prorated bill the following month with the residual charges.

The positives of the experience were the lack of automation on the customer care hotline. The worst part of the experience was the wait time. If calls are connected to the customer service department, waiting 5 minutes is unacceptable. When you contacted the customer support team, did you have to wait for your questions to be answered? We want to hear your customer service story. Take a minute and share with us in the comment section below.

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74 Comments on “Contact Money Magazine Customer Service
  1. Quit killing trees to market me. Get a decent customer service system. This is ridiculous to receive your magazine which I DID NOT ORDER then be unable to cancel it because of a site that either doesn’t exist or can’t be understood on the EXTENSIVE VOICE MAIL NON-HUMAN “customer service.” I’m not customer and don’t intend to be after this.

  2. I tried to renew MONEY magazine online, I ended up on the online only version. So I then called customer service and immediately was served by a woman from some Caribbean island who had an accent so thick that I gave up trying to communicate my needs. Now I am again online with no luck.?????

  3. I’m a subscriber simply trying to change my mailing address on line.
    After 30 minutes of trying, I give up.
    Your website is horrible.

  4. I subscribed to Money Magazine for my son in the fall of 2013. I received a notice from you on November 11 that an issue would be sent within 4 to 8 weeks. It is now Jan. 29 and no magazine. I talked to your representative and she said the March issue would be sent in February! Either send the magazine promptly or send my money back. Lousy service!

  5. I tried to renew last Nov. sent in the renewal and a gift subscription for my son-in -law for the $49.90. I sent in the money but for some reason the scanner only got the gift subscription and not mine. they returned the $19.95 and I never got the magazine delivered to me. They said they could not do anything to rectify the situation so I’m cancelling the whole thing and find another magazine.

  6. I have been trying to change my address. All I get is a firm that wants to charge me $39.95 to do so. What a rip-off. Can’t you make it easier. I have never had so much trouble.

  7. I enjoy your magazine but I don’t understand why you continue to include Vanguard Wellington VWELX in your charts and recommendations. This fund is closed to new investors.

  8. i did NOT order the magazine but it keeps coming. i wrote an email to cancel which did no good. please cancel my “subscription” immediately.

    thank you
    steve chodos

  9. I did not order this magazine. Don’t know how you got my information. I want it removed and quite sending me this magazine. I will not pay for it and just throw it away when it arrives.

  10. I am VERY disappointed in the new format for the annual mutual fund tables in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue. This format is much harder to comprehend and to directly compare the performance of various funds. This issue is the main reason that I keep a subscription. I also don’t see many funds from the past such as Fidelity Contra Fund and Vanguard Wellesley Fund. PLEASE return to the former format. This is minimally helpful!

  11. I sent in money to continue mag several week ago and still nothing what is up with mag ? I am getting a little disappointed !!!!!!!

  12. I just received a letter from you with a heading “THIRD RENEWAL NOTICE” in bold. This was in addition to the tacky cover placed on my March issue of MONEY. On this cover you used the phrase ” WARNING! YOU’RE ABOUT TO LOSE MONEY MAGAZINE.” Your intended meaning here is “If I don’t respond immediately, my subscription will be terminated”. I have beem a faithful subscrber to MONY for several years. My subscription expires on 7/1/05. I didn’t think I would see the day when scare tactics would be used by you to induce people to subscribe. I’m disappointed!!!

  13. I just renewed my subscription for 3 years,but
    you sent me notice mysubscription is
    about to expire. please update and correct
    my account. jerry shainock june 19,2015

  14. Great magazine. Terrible website. Tried for 30 minutes to change my delivery address. No luck. Advice.. Make your website more customer friendly.

  15. For the last two months or more we have been getting two identical magazines on the same day at the same address, one to me and one to my wife. We did not want this set-up and would be glad to have the extra magazines added onto our current subscription when it is about to expire. I believe that is probably what we tried to do, but this is what we’re getting instead.

  16. I am receiving money magazine. I did not subscribe to it. How do I stop it?
    How do I contact you to end this? I do not want it.

  17. Just read your article “SS Strategies”. Why don’t I ever hear about what I did? I worked until I was 70, but took my SS at 65. I sent every check for 60 months to my financial guys and when I was 70, I had $135,000 cash. My SS checks averaged about $2100.00 a month. If I had died at 70, my family would still have the $135,000. If I had waited and took it at 70 and died,my family would have had zero. Waiting until I was 70, my checks would have been $600.00 per month more or $7200.00 a year. My $135,000 would cover that amount for 19 years if I did nothing with it, which I would not have done. At a reasonable return of 5 per cent the bulk of the $135,000 will last far beyond my life and go to my family. Why isn’t this alternative ever presented?

  18. In the past I have asked not to renew my subscription to this magazie. Im not longer interested and I cant afford it anymore. However, despite that fact that I did not give consent, my credit card was used and subscription renewed. This is my last reques to cancel my subscription. I have also notifed my credit card company to dispute this charge.
    Please note that failure to cancel and refound my credit card will result in legal actions.

    Thank you

  19. A/C # 1168098083
    In October 2015, I sent you a check #6657 for $ 80.85 for a three month renewal.
    A few days ago I was Emailed that I was being dropped for cancellation.
    I have checked my last two months of bank reconciliation and do not find your check
    as being cashed—it must be lost. Notify me and I will issue a new check for $ 80.85.


  20. I called last year to cancel my subscription. I do not want this renewed and do not want this put on my credit card.


    Thank you,

    Linda Nowlan

  21. Thank you for cancelling my magazine subscription, for Money Magazine!
    It was difficult for me to find the telephone for customer service, but I finallay found it, and talked to the representative, who agreed, to take my cancellation order request, and also promised to send me a refund, for the unused portion.
    I also had to wait on the phone for a long time, and I only have a cell phone, sos, I used udp a lot of minutes, but enough of that, it got done, and I am happy, that I don’t have to get it anymore.
    then, I also started getting a lot of fmagazine sales, brochures, and Iknow how they are, but I think MOney, is a goo thing to have, and make, I wanted to also make alof of money, but the magazine, did not help me to find a job!

  22. I renewed Judith’s subscription in Dec of 2015 using the special renewal price.
    I even received the e-mail thanking me for the renewal. I have yet to see the January issue, or the Feb issue. Please investigate and correct the issue.

    Thank you
    Hugh Gordon

  23. I found an unauthorized charge on the AHH LLC business VISA card renewing Money magazine for 14.95. Please remove this unauthorized charge before this month’s statement is sent as I will deny the charge.
    Incidentally, I will NOT renew the subscription due in March.

  24. My comment is the same as Kayce Glasse’s: “Stop killing trees to market your magazine to me! — I DID NOT ORDER it!” Thanks to Republican indifference to the poverty of millions of retirees, dependent on Social Security, I have NO DISPOSABLE INCOME! Your sending me glossy ads for travel to exotic places is INSULT, added to injury! STOP KILLING TREES only to bother me!

  25. I’m having the identical problems as Kayce Glass has well stated in their comment, following:

    Kayce Glasse says:

    July 5, 2013 at 5:30 pm
    Quit killing trees to market me. Get a decent customer service system. This is ridiculous to receive your magazine which I DID NOT ORDER then be unable to cancel it because of a site that either doesn’t exist or can’t be understood on the EXTENSIVE VOICE MAIL NON-HUMAN “customer service.” I’m not customer and don’t intend to be after this.

  26. I am trying to just change my address temp. as I am residing in Florida for 6 months and New Jersey for 6 months. This change should be a easy as pie. Not with your website. You Shuffled me off to a vendor who tried to change my life.

  27. I did not order this magazine and it keeps coming every month. I do not wish to have this magazine and I do not intend to pay for something I did not order! Please do not send any more magazines to this address. if this is not stopped I will contact BBB and register a complaint!

  28. I change my address and wrote to you re same, and a month later, you
    are still using my old address. Why?


  30. Your customer service contact page will not allow me to send an email. I am trying to cancel a subscription that I did not sign up for nor agree to receive. Your cancellation option online does not work. Your customer service phone line told me that they cannot cancel this subscription by phone and that I had to try another number from, which does not have the option of cancellation via phone either. You are a scam. There are no excuses or explanations you may offer further. You are a scam. What utter garbage your company is.

  31. I sent in my renewal for myself plus 2 gifts – I changed the address on one of
    the gifts. BUT the change was not picked up. I’ll call customer service since
    I did not see an easy way to do online. I agree with complaints about a lousy

  32. Received an invoice in the mail to renew our subscription, when I tried to renew on line it was a different price. When I called, they would not honor that price. Something stinks here!! Then I receive another renewal in the mail with a different price. I think someone is trying to screw us.

    Not going to renew our subscription.

  33. Please cancel the magazine I didn’t order and refund the money you took from my acct without consent. I once subscribed the magazine but i did not renew it.

  34. The magazine is great, but do not automatically renew my subscription. I now have access to a family members publication. Thanks

  35. Could I get the name of one of you writers (I think one is Leah)an their email address who writes articles for the retire section of your magazine?

  36. Customer service is notoriously poor, we are not getting our money magazines for the last three months. This is totally unfair.

  37. I want to cancel my subscription to Money Magazine. Until tonight I had no issues with the magazine but just simply do not read it and am tired of handling it from mailbox to trash can. However, Tonight I tried to cancel the subscription on line. After an unreasonable amount of time I gave up. It was link after link to read through and decipher fruitlessly. Please help me. HOWARD R. DANIEL.

  38. I have been subscribing to Money for years. My wife received a one year subscription for Christmas. We want to get only one copy. How is the best way to handle this?

  39. i did not order ‘Money’….I don’t subscribe to any magazines…please
    cancel the magazine…this has happened before so i’m going to have
    to change my account #s …thanks for your help .

  40. Hi, money magazine,
    i think i am missing April 2018 issue. Would you resend it to me please? Thank You.

  41. cancel my subscription! I just received the latest issue and it made me throw up! I am not interested in other people’s sexuality and life style! Since you are deviating from your vision of being a magazine that offers financial advice to being an advocate for social platforms then I don’t need you.

  42. I recently received the Money August 2018 magazine and based on the cover I am not sure if this was a tabloid or a bad joke. I did appreciate the great advice on page # 42 that to refresh a room you can always repaint. WOW, Great advice – Why didn’t I think of that. if this is the future of Money magazine I will cancel my subscription.

  43. change of address please from Joseph Civale 165 Preston Ave, Middletown, CT 06457 change to 3018 Pine Bloom Way, Leland, NC 28451

  44. Tell Max I appreciate his article on the new school.. It isn’t his school, but a full time day care center being paid by the city of Akron. Labron put in two Mil. A drop in the bucket for him.. 8 mil over 5 years for the tax payers for 240 this year and 480 next year. My question is, who gets picked for the school.. The most at risk? Be real.. If he were paying the 8 and the tax payers the 2, then I would be all in..

  45. Please inform the ignoramus who wrote the article, “Best Colleges in Each State” that New Mexico was not mentioned. Please let her know that New Mexico is a part of the United States and that perhaps a lesson in Civics class would be advised.

  46. Do not take any money from my bank account. .I have not ordered any magizines from you of any kind. I don’t know how in the world you got my account information but I want this stopped. This is bad that I go out and work all day and then have to come home and deal with such as this. No matter what the name of the magazine I don’t want it and I have not ordered anything form you. Please make sure of this mess.

  47. Apparently Money Mag seems to want to promote deviant sexual lifestyles instead of sticking to financial issues. Therefore, I want to cancel my subscription and request that my subscription payment minus issues received to be returned to me.

  48. Money magazine has started portraying deviant sexual lifestyles as normal instead of focusing on financial issues. The promotion of these deviant lifestyles makes me question if their financial information doesn’t have ulterior motives as well. Since these fine productions immediately went to the trash bin where they belong, I see no reason to continue with the subscription and have called in to have it cancelled. I was unable to cancel online since the “Customer Service” website was down and has been for several days.

  49. I am continuing to get a subscription that I do not want. Acct # 0729108191. Would somebody please confirm that this subscription has been cancelled? I wlll not be paying for it.

  50. Years ago this was a decent magazine but now it appears to have lost it’s way with fluff articles about sex powder, 100 year old seniors still running, inaccurate advice on investing and wrong info on high interest CD”s. Example Barclays Bank of Delaware rate is 2.55% on a 5 year Cd not a 1 year CD as published in your MAG. I think, since you are a part of CNN now that you are drinking their leftist KOOL-AID.I am glad to know that you love RU Paul, that speaks loudly to the community that you want to appease instead of the mainstream NORMAL HETROSEXUAL every day person.

  51. Why am I receiving bills for my gift subscription that claim only 2 issues left when the subscription doesn’t expire until March 2019 ? I’ve been receiving these bills since October 2018. If this continues, I will cancel both my subscription and also my gift subscription.

  52. I gave Money magazine for a birthday gift 10 years ago. the recipient decided he no longer wanted the magazine so I was not going to renew it when I received the notice. Meanwhile I moved and never got any renewal notices. also my credit card number changed several times in the last 10 years. today I found a charge on my card for the same subscription unauthorized- my fault for not catching it until now- however no renewal has been made in about 8 years. Customer service said this was a “continuous” renewal- sounds like fraud to me. cancelled the Money subscription and will certainly pass the word around about these practices by money magazine. evidently a tactic for them to make money off gift subscriptions with no authorization

  53. Am trying to cancel subscription to Money Magazine. Can not seem to find a place to do this. Under name of Kerry Clark Address 2910 Antero Dr, Loveland, CO 80538 former address that acct was under 13045 Harrison Dr, Thornton, CO 80241 Billed for $43.22 under Discover acct – would like this credited back to my acct Pls cancel and confirm

  54. I wrote emails, tried to call=busy all the time??? then find an other phone number no help, automated responses. Could only ask for missing issues (Jan-feb 2019= they did not have it anymore? so subscription 1 more issue (not the first time this happened. Then tried to see if issue was corrected so I call to check end of my subscription=not corrected. Could not talk to anyone about this….this is the only mag, I have problem with. …frustrated with ‘MONEY”

  55. I have subscribed to money magazine for years.
    I am a man for the record. Did you know that 75 percent of the people interested in money magazines are men. Your feminist writers do not get it at all. Your magazine is horrible and geared toward women with women ideas. Or maybe just beta males. I can not even get past the first 10 pages without tossing this rag in the trash. What use to once be a great magazine is shit now. I am only happy my subscription is over next month.

  56. I lost my envelope for renewal to Money Mag. I have the invoice but need the address to send the check.
    account 3461574703

  57. I am a very upset customer at this time!!!
    I cancled my auto renewal 4 months ago and this week I received two copies of Kiplinger magazine and they charged my credit accout for $39.95… This is a total misuse of my credit information and i am looking to foward my complaint in a more fomal way after talking to a Laura (supervisor) who told me i had to contact Kiplinger. I want to know why my credit card information was transfered to them so they could charge my account without my authorization??????

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