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Contacting Michelin Customer Service Center

Michelin is a tire company with locations spanning North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The company mascot is a huge white, fluffy man that looks eerily similar to the Stay-Puft marshmallow man. If you visit the main site you will need to navigate to the US site to find the correct contact information for Michelin customer service.

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Contact Info:

If you’re looking for contact information for the Michelin US website you have to choose the specific URL listed below. Otherwise you’ll connect with the corporate website.

Phone Contact Number

You can call anytime between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday to Friday or 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Saturday ET to talk to a Michelin customer service representative.

  • Michelin Phone Number: 1-866-866-6605

Mailing Address

Head over to your writing desk and grab a pencil and paper so you can note the Michelin customer service mailing address. This is the address you can use to ask questions, complain about products/service or compliment the company. Financial issues should not be addressed by customer service by mail.

MichelinAttn: Consumer Care DepartmentPO Box 19001Greenville, SC 29602


Michelin Attn: Customer Service1 Parkway SGreenville, SC 29615

Official Website

If you want the corporate site for Michelin you can visit, but this is not the website for US business. Michelin is a multi-national company and with that comes a series of websites based in different countries. The US website is located at

There is also a FAQs page that may prove helpful for some customers. You can access Michelin customer service FAQs at

Social Media

If you are active on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter you can connect with Michelin.

Customer Service Email

The customer service department for Michelin is available by email if you use the form online. There is no email address for the department, but you will receive a response in your personal email, which means you have to use a valid email address on the form.

Our Experience

We understand when customer service teams have an overabundance of calls. When this occurs, we have noticed other companies will offer a message system. This is not the case for Michelin. We waited on hold after selecting the option for the customer service department for more than 5 minutes. When the customer service agent answered the call, we noticed they were flustered and appeared to be uninterested in assisting us. We voiced concerns and instead of helping, the agent transferred the call to another agent. The new customer care agent addressed our concerns. This is not what customer service is about. Do you have a different story to tell? Voice your comments, questions or concerns below.

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16 Comments on “Contact Michelin Customer Service
  1. Paid $960.00 for a set of ltx ms2 tire. Thought I was getting the best tire on the market. Boy was I wrong. 46,000 miles and they dry rotted bad enough that the tire dealer said they were dangerous to drive on. Then comes along Michelin. 113.00 was all the help I got on these premium Tires. That my friends is an insult. Will be removing Michelins from all my cars and my truck as well as my motorhome. That is 2800.00 worth of tires and Michelin will never get another dime from me. Worst tire ever owned and worst customer service I have ever experienced.

  2. Called Customer Service on 07/09/2014 and spoke to customer representative Joe. He was very knowledgeable and extremely helpfull and polite assisting me with my concerns. He should be recognized for this exemplary service. A job well done.

  3. my mother who is 84 years old has a 1996 buick with the tires from the factory. they only have 30,000 miles and the front passenger tire has a bubble on the side wall. what can I do for her.

  4. 7/7/2015: I have been driving on Michelin Tires for years; however, I am greatly disappointed that you chose not to manufacture white wall tires anymore. Just to let you know that the new and used auto dealers in the State of Florida are very upset that this is your choice. I went to my local tire store this morning and was advised that there are no Whitewall P225/60R 17 Michelin Energy LX 4 tires anymore. Shame on you Michelin for taking away the classy look of the whitewall! Now, tell me where in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Latin America can I find these tires? And the Florida dealers that I visited would also like to know as well. Thank you!

  5. I bought a complete set of tires in March 2011. I thought the tires would still be under warranty. The side walls cracked. The cracks were in between the treads. The tires had less than 9000 miles on them . I had to pay 15% of price of each tire to get a new set and plus all the other cost of mounting,balancing, discarding of old tires and plus tax. The tread wear should not be used for adjustment when the other part of the tires were material failure. The way i see it , Michelin should have replaced the tires with a new set at not cost to me.

    If I had not noticed the tires were cracked, busted and dry rotting, my family could have been at risk of tire failure.

    If this is how your 6 year warranty works then this will probably be my last purchase of Michelin tires.

    Thank You
    HP Jordan

  6. Welcome!
    I have had in mind name Michelin beacuse some relatives have had that name in year 1691 birthyear; Birthname Michelintytär Carin female person from some place on Earth one hole book for that reason Bertill Mäkipään jälkeläisiä Sortavlan seudulta osa 1 Anja Kukkonen sukututkimus. I was about 7-8 years old me myself when I heard there was something with MICHELIN….. maybe thought at time one phone… surely did some nice phonecalls self then in the air… asking her what would she say if people running with tires away whit here name, she came from Archangelsk its a town in country little bit unknown. Have relatives in usa stood in the book. Thankful for that!

    With Love Anne/Ängel

  7. I have Michelins tires on both of my cars , payed good money for your top all weather tires. Both sets are cracking all over , but the tires have good rubber on them but they are cracked and look bad , they are just Three years old , Three years and they are all cracked up. So you sell tires that jus last for three years . Maybe I need to go some wear else.

  8. Over anyear ago i bought the premiers for my daughters car(16yrs old).From day your product has had an aweful roar, ive contacted where i bought them, gave it time as they said then when it got worse i contacted you. I took the car to a tire dealership you requested and two expert techs stated something is wrong with those tires so you made me an offer which was ridiculous and the tire manager agreed and even stated he could beat that by selling me tirea ouright cheaper. Here iam a very very dissatisfied customer who I feel you have not madethings right with your defective product. I Demand a response and new tires even ifnthey are your uniroyals atleast at half price. I feel this would be fair and the right thing to do. You can find my call from before and your response in your records If I do not recieve a response i feel no choice but take my legal advice and move foreward. I will also contact the better business bureau. I dont understand your handling of this so far and am very disappointed as a life long customer in 3 generations of buying your product.

  9. I bought a new Honda Accord from Wang Loo Motor (JB) Sdn Bhd on 29/12/15.My car has run only 1600kms while driving on road my car’s wheel got puncture.When sent for repair i was told my shopkeeper that it could not be repaired. Tyre damage in very short period after bought the car. This make me doubt on the quality of tyre.
    Michelin is one of the world’s best-known tyre makes.1600 miles is all you can expect from a supposed quality tyre??? This is unacceptable. I am very much dissatisfied with the poor quality of the tyres.
    Could i please adk you to look into these matters. I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

  10. on 1/3/2016 I purchased 4 Michelin Premier tires, I filled out a rebate form and on 1/4/2016 mailed it along with a copy of my receipt from Mavis Discount Tires in Pawling NY. The rebate form was mailed to Michelin dealer Rebate. On March 1, 2016 I called the number that is on the rebate form to inquire about the status of my rebate and was told that my rebate form couldn’t be located, the rep. took my phone number and called me back later on that day to inform me that she located the form and that my rebate should be received very shortly. After not receiving the rebate I called that same number several times on 3/15, 3/16 and 3/17 left several messages and no one has called me back. Is there anyone in your company that can help me get my $70 rebate……
    Paul DeLello

  11. When I purchased my 2012 (new) Nissan Altima it came with Michelin tires. I expected to be set for 60,000 – 80,000 miles. I had them rotated every 5-6000 miles. In July 2017 I was told my tires had many thousands of tread wear left ( the car had 31,000 miles on it) but the tires were dangerous due to dry rot around the wheels. I am very disappointed with Michelin and had to spend hundreds of dollars on 4 new tires. This time I chose General tires. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with the performance/durability of Michelin tires and will never buy them again and will share my story with as many people as I can.

  12. I bought a Ford F150 in 2014 and it was equipped with Michelin “Defender” tires. I had my truck in for service today at a local Ford dealership and was told that by my next oil change, I should consider purchasing a new set of tires. The tread depth is 4/32 (the service representative indicated that 3/32 was the end of the useful life). I have 99,643 miles on the truck and this is the original set of tires. I am very pleased with the service these tires have given me. I have a quote for a new set of tires.

    Thank you Michelin. Your design and manufacturing quality is the best!!

  13. In April 2015, I purchased a set of new Michelin tires for my F150. Warranty was 48 months / 90,000 miles. At 40,000 miles, I am down to 3/32″ tread. I understand the tread warranty is pro-rated. 40/90 = 44%. Michelin’s first offer,which I refused was to cover 20% of the tire cost. Their second offer, also refused was to cover 34%. Michelin should cover 56%. I would agree to a 50/50 split.

  14. I was told by Town Fair tire after I waited in line that I had to call Michelin manufacturer and make the initial claim and they would follow up. Now your recording says I have go back to Town Fair Tire and have them inspect the tires and call you with me there.I called Town Fair tire and insist they were right. but will do it your way.I told them I am coming down tomorrow am I think there should be better way

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