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Contacting Michael Kors Customer Service Center

Michael Kors is a designer line of clothing and accessories. The brand is available online and in select stores. The brand is part of the Neiman Marcus Group, but there is no About Us page or history page to tell visitors the details of how the line was started. With a little more research we found out Michael Kors was born Karl Anderson Jr, but he changed his name when his mom remarried. He attempted to attend fashion school, but dropped out after a few months.

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Contact Info:

The contact information for Michael Kors is simply divided into e-commerce and general contacts. Choose the contact information for the department you need to contact.

Phone Contact Number

There are no hours listed for online order support, but there are hours for other departments of the Michael Kors company. We’ve listed the hours provided for the Michael Kors customer service departments.

  • Online Order Customer Service: 1-800-908-1157
  • Handbags: 1-866-709-5677 – 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET
  • Footwear: 1-866-709-5677 – 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET
  • Watches: 1-866-709-5677 – 7 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and 9:30 AM to 6 PM Saturday CT
  • Jewelry: 1-866-709-5677 – 7 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and 9:30 AM to 6 PM Saturday CT
  • Fragrance: 1-888-378-3359 – 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday ET
  • Phone/Tablet Cases: 1-888-SENA-USA

Mailing Address

Michael Kors Corporate Headquaters11 W. 42nd St.New York, NY, 10036

Official Website

The entire Michael Kors line is available on line at The official website provides information about customer service and products, but the primary goal of the site is to sell merchandise. If you plan on ordering you’ll need to register for an account. If you’ve ordered in the past, you can log in to your account to contact customer service about a previous order.

Social Media

Michael Kors is a connected company, which means there are multiple social sites where the company is active. While you can visit the sites without logging in to an account on the social network, you must have an account to send messages to the Michael Kors customer service team.

Customer Service Email

We prefer email to all other means of contacting a customer service agent. You can send out an email and receive the response anywhere without ever having to wait on hold or spend your hard-earned time sitting in front of a computer chatting.

Our Experience

The customer service team representing Michael Kors is doing the brand justice. We called and did not have to wait. The agent answered the call without us waiting. At the end of the call, all of our questions and concerns relating to seasonal returns were answered. The experience was perfect. We want you to share your story to better benefit other customers.

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154 Comments on “Contact Michael Kors Customer Service
  1. The customer service I have experieced thus far from Micheal Kors is unexceptable. I have left three messages and have been bounced around from department to department. I am trying to rectify a problem with a Metallic purse that I bought at Dillard’s in Cleveland, Oh for $398 that has fading and I want to exchange the bag for a different type. Can someone PLEASE CONTACT ME. Thank you!

    • I have been trying for two months everyday after work-leaving messages. I have the same exact problem. I guess I will not be purchasing ANYTHING FROM THIS LINE………

  2. Purchased a Michael kors Fulton shoulder tote bag on December 24, 2012 and the inside is unseeing, I have called Michael kors everyday for a month and still haven’ t heard from them yet, they engnore your phone calls and all they seem to care about is making money, If they don’t get there act together they will end up out of business.

  3. Where is my bag????????/
    I returned a bag to you with tarnished buckles for replace or repair in February PER INSTRUCTIONS FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have never received it back. I have emailed several times, called and been promised a call back several times. It’s July. Where is my bag????????
    Terrible customer service lots of lies. Last call June 27 and promised a call back. none yet. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER MK PRODUCT OF ANY KIND AGAIN.

    • I’m experiencing the same problem right now! Called, emailed, online chatted and still nothing. Did you ever get your problem resolved? Thanks,

  4. Bad customer service!!!!!! Bad products!!!!! Bought a monogram satchel for$ 328.00 eight months ago, already falling apart, call and was bounce around,,will not take responsibilities, for there product,,, bags are made in china….

  5. The Website will not take my mastercard this really upset me because why would I pay this amount of money when they apparently do not want to take it.

  6. I have tried to contact them every day this week and no one is answering their phone. Terrible customer service!! I too have a bag that the leater is peeling but guess I am stuck with it after reading the reviews!

  7. These comments about MK’s Customer Service are a bit disappointing. I too have a purse that the leather is starting to peel. Hoping I have a positive experience when I call them Monday.

  8. I’m very dissatisfied with Michael Kors customer service. I have purchased multiple purses, watches, wallets, belts, shirts, dresses & jeans. I spoke with a customer service representative on September 13, 2013 about a white pair of capris that I had worn twice & they split completely down the back. I usually do not have issues with any of their items; however, my capris are not able to be fixed and they were over one hundred dollars. The customer service representative told me to email pictures to MK’s customer service email. On September 13, 2013 I emailed them multiple pictures of my white capris and a detailed message. It is tremendously unprofessional that they have not compensated me for their product that is lacking quality. Honestly, Michael Kors is charging too much for products that don’t even live up to the name. I’m extremely dissatisfied.

  9. I am very dissatisfied with on of the stores in Calgary as far as customer service goes. I had purchase a winter coat at the Chinook mall with the understanding that I will be able to exchange it at any other store for size only since Chinook mall did not have any other jackets in stock. However, after purchase I immediately drove to SouthCenter mall with the hope to exchange it for my size as the lady at Chinook said they will have a few in stock etc. However after the experience at Chinook mall I can not say the same for your store in Southcenter the lady there she was so rude so cold so negative and yet so unwilling to help what so ever, all she kept saying I do not have this jacket I can not exchange it it’s a final sale. yes it was a final sale but the receipt clearly said I could exchange it for SIZE. So now I am stuck with this adorable jacked in extra large and no store any longer have it in my size.I will continue to shop at you’re store as I love the quality of the product and have many purses, shoes dresses pants and now a two size two big coat. As for shopping at your location in southcenter never, never again after that experience with the tremendously rude service from the one lady that I my add she mad my cry to how rude she was and unwilling to help what so ever. To bad the customer service is not as good as your product she will attract more bees with a smile a positive attitude that is for sure. As for now I am hopping you can advice to what options do I have to achieve the proper size coat…..? I won’t hold my breath to hear back. I thank you much and hope and only hope to hear back with a positive answer. Sincerely Ashleih Desrochers.

  10. I have phoned MK customer service 11 times today without once getting through to an operative. It makes a nonsense of their message that the call is very important to them – if only they meant it!

  11. Today Anita Ramos helped me at your Katy tx location. She did a great job. Does she have a company email address do I can send her a thank you email?


  13. My new bag that was (Christmas bag gift from my husband and had only been worn once) both a shoulder bag and a cross body broke when I tried to use it in a cross body style. The ring that was suppose to make this changing of styles possible snapped in half. I went to the Plaza las America store (Puerto Rico) to exchange the bag. I was told by a salesperson I needed a receipt. I explained that it was a Christmas gift and I didn’t have one. I was told this is their policy that without a receipt nothing could be done. The store manager Lisa was called to help. She was very calm and patient as she listened to all the details of my story. She searched the computer for my receipt and she then search her stock room for a replacement bag. Since the bag was purchased in December and it was now February it was no longer in stock. She finally was able to locate the hardware to repair my bag. She was great under pressure. A real professional. Thanks

  14. Recently i had excellent costumer service from your store, in Brea California. I am very happy with my experience with your brand and employees that represent your brand

  15. Im sorry but I have bought 2 bags and a wallet from michael kors and Im extremely dissapointed and disgusted about how cheaply his products are made. The wallet broke, hardware tarnished and fell off, my Astor bag the chains tarnished and my favorite bag which I am so upset about recently the handle broke off!!! Im disgusted and so extremely upset about the Michael Kors quality and I wonder if he even pays attention to all these complaints!! Ive kept my bags nice in the sleeve they have come in and in a cool place and I cannot believe that my cheap ninewest bag has better survival than my expensive MK bags. Unbelievable. Never will I buy another product from Michael Kors!!!!!

  16. I felt the need to write and let someone know about the poor customer service that I experienced at the Michael Kors outlet in Foley, AL. The best way to explain this is that it was like a scene out of Pretty Woman. I walked in, walked around, NO ONE spoke to me at all. I was only looked at up and down. Let me tell you, this really set the tone for the rest of my day. I am sorry I ever set foot in that store. I was in there to purchase a cross body purse for my daughter’s 14th birthday. Sadly, she WILL NOT be receiving a Michael Kors anything for her birthday. I don’t want her advertising for this company. Hopefully the employees at this store will get some customer service training in the near future.


    Becky Maxted

  17. For Christmas I wanted a purse, I wasn’t sure which one so my aunt and I went shopping and I found a gorgeous Michael kors purse I loved.. She was with me and so bought it for me… And I bought her one also… Well as I wore it and was wearing a white shirt, the black from the purse was rubbing on my white shirt. I had never bought a big black purse from there so thought maybe this is what happens. Also little by little I noticed the black was looking more brown… It had not even been 3 months since I started to wear it so I went to the Michael kors store. They said I needed the receip but my aunt no longer had it and she paid cash and didn’t put her name down, needless to say they couldn’t find it in the system. Well the only thing they said they could do is charge me a fee of any where close to 200 dollars to re-dye the purse!!!! Which is ridiculous!!!! My aunt paid almost 400 for this purse which is ruined now because it looks like the color is fading!! Not evenly either!!! I have never had this problem before! But it has truly made my thick twice when buying a purse!!!!

  18. Very dissatisfied with the service I received at the Michael Kors Store at Tanger Outlet at National Harbor, the evening of May 12th 2014. After purchasing a watch, I was told by Jessica, customer service rep / cashier she was unable to print the gift receipt I had requested. I asked her to cancel and re ring it again on a different register to solve the problem and was told “unfortunately I can’t do that” this was her exact word with attitude. She was extremely rude, disrespectful and not attentive. During the time I waited (more than 20 minutes) waiting for her to get the printer issue resolved she did not once apologize or acknowledge our existence. She completely dismissed us. There were more than 7 reps on the floor and not one of them approached us to ask why we were standing around by the register waiting and if they could help. I will never spend a penny at that location

  19. My first time trying to contact the customer service department.

    Just read all the feed about customer service at MK. Dosen’t look to good. Hope it dosen’t happen to me.

    Looking forward to hearing from customer service department


  20. I too am an unhappy customer. Teachers don’t make a lot of money, so when I had the chance to order a genuine Michael Kors purse on line for half price I was thrilled! The purse came with a card of authenticity and everything- if this is an authentic bag – I got screwed. The handles are not leather and are already falling a part. I wrote to customer service but have gotten no resonse

  21. I bought a handbag at the outlet store a couple months ago and it has come undon on the side I naught it back to the outlet store and they would not take it back I don’t think it should fall apart after a couple of months I would like to take it back and get something else I don’t want to get the something I’m afraid it my happen again please let me know wT to do I don’t think I should loose my mony after a couple of months thank you.

  22. I received a watch in 2011 and within 3 months the watch dial came completely out of the watch face. I called MK and they sent me a three option letter in which I could choose from three different watches because the original was no longer avaialable. I wear the replaement watch every once in awhile as it is more of a “dress up” watch and two days ago, the pin that connects the watch band to the face broke. I called MK and they explained that the pin is not a separate part and that I would have to spend $60 on a new band / pin combo. Mind you, the part that needs replacing is literally 5mm in diameter and maybe 1mm thick. $60 for that part is ridiculous. I understand that this isn’t customer services fault but I’m not spending $60 on a part that may cost $.02 cents. Add that to the fact that this is a replacement watch that broke (with very limited wear) after my original watch broke (with very limited wear) and you have a fairly irritated customer. Neither myself nor my girlfriend will be buying MK watches again. Ever.

  23. I wrote about the bad experience I had with a Michael Kors store, which is located in a mall in Wayne, NJ. I felt that I couldn’t go back there but I wanted to buy my daughter a graduation gift and we decided to go back to the same store. I felt uncomfortable from our last experience but I was really surprised on how much of a difference the staff treated us. I still was in my sweats and torn shirt and the staff treated us very well. They took us from point A to point Z and ended up buying a purse and a watch. I guess my college tuition have to wait.

  24. I was given my first Michael Kors bag for Christmas, and after carrying it for less than 2 weeks the handle broke. I took the purse back to the store only to find out that they would not replace it in the store. I was given a number to call, and after leaving several messages for a returned call, I gave up and called the customer service on the internet. Third disappointment, I have to send the bag in for repair and PAY shipping for returning their damaged product. Wow, I have always been a Coach fan and I had to return a purse there and it was exchanged no questions asked! The purse was obviously in new condition upon my return to the store, so I am very disappointed in the return policy of your merchandise especially given the cost. I have since purchased many items for myself and family, but I will be rethinking my decisions at this point.

  25. I bought a 100.00 pair of white mk jeans and they r like Justin bieber pants !! Crotch down ,, butt hangin!! Uy yi yi AWEFUL!! I’m sooo disappointed !! I am poor soo this is a big deal to me! I got them on sale,, but still,,,,, consumers r left in the dust !! And so r the kids in china that make these bogus jeans!! I’m ashamed of myself for fallin for this crap!! Oh well

  26. I bought a 100.00 pair of white mk jeans and they r like Justin bieber pants !! Crotch down ,, butt hangin!! Uy yi yi AWEFUL!! I’m sooo disappointed !! I am poor soo this is a big deal to me! I got them on sale,, but still,,,,, consumers r left in the dust !! And so r the kids in china that make these bogus jeans!! I’m ashamed of myself for fallin for this crap!! Oh well

  27. Hello my daughter applied at the MK store at the citadel
    Outlet. The hiring managers looked at her an said she was to preppy or
    Should I say to fashionably!! So they didn’t hire her. The girls in there look horribly dressed
    I find that really hard to believe that the store managers will say that. Very bad service.Also
    I my husband had bought me a watch the black chain leek black with black face 600$
    An some of the little stones came right off what can I do about

  28. I returned a bag with problem with the handle. I explained the issue with customer service and they told me they would either fix it or send me a new bag. Neither happen. I just open a box with my bag that wasn’t fixed and it had no explanation. I don’t understand. I want an explanation for your poor customer service.

  29. Hi the handle from bag totally broke due to the stitching i took it into the michael kors store and they said they would send my bag off to be fixed and that it would take 1 month. REALLLY!!!!??? 1 MONTH? What do i do in the mean time its now been 3 weeks im really disappointed they didn’t just replace my handbag, Clearly a problem with the bag and i have to suffer without a bag for a month. I love Mk products i literally have lots of Mk items im just disappointed that they don’t have a better process.

  30. I am very displeased with Michael Kors handbag that I pursed the handle is peeling. For the price I paid it should at least be durable. With a name like Michael Kors you would think you are getting good quality material but NOT.

  31. My husband purchased a grey leather jacket online for me Christmas 2013. I have only wore the jacket 4 or 5 times since then. I just broke out the jacket for Fall 2014 and noticed that the armpit of the jacket is ripped out. It appears that the leather has actually come apart. (not the stitching) I called the customer service and spoke to Ralph who could not appear less interested. I was given a ticket number and told return information would be sent to my email address. I inquired as to how I would know if the jacket would be replaced or repaired. Ralph informed me that there is no way of knowing until the warehouse received the jacket. Once I send it in they would not return it unless they are able to repair it. Bottom line? I am very disappointed in the product quality and customer service with Michael Kors.

  32. I recently bought a MK clutch and the second time I used it the wrist strap broke off. On closer inspection of the strap it seems as it was not sewn on properly. We pay so much money and get poor quality product. Smh… Sticking with coach never had a problem with their products.!

  33. I am very disappointed with Micheal Kors. I bought a wallet that I loved had it for about 4 months and the buckle on it tarnished .I sent it in to see if they could replace a buckle and sent a note to return the wallet if it couldn’t be fixed and they destroyed with out my permission and then wanted to give me a credit Not refund to my card. I feel for what you pay for the product they would have better customer service and quality of product. I just feel very disappointed about my experience.I would like to buy a watch but the one I want is only sold at Norstrom’s so I can’t even get the watch I want.

  34. i am very unhappy with my purse that I purchased as follows:

    1. Purchased on 9/08/2014
    2. Amount of $318.40 original price $398.00
    3. Brown Hobo bag

    The leather that was attached has come loose so Iam unable to tighten the top on one side. Iam a very careful with my purse and take great care of my purse. Iam a 71 year old woman that have purchased other Michael kors have not had any problem. Really disappointed!

  35. Michael Kors have nice looking bags. I found them to be of bad quality. I have bought several bags and have problems with them.Im unable to get in contact with customer service to get them repaired. I would not recommended any to buy their bags.

  36. I am sorry to say I contacted your company last june or july the girl I spoke with was no help she told me they could not help me . I then went into the Macy’s dept store in my area as I was walking around looking at different handbags , the gentleman at the Michael Kors since I was caring my handbag he stated it was a nice purse , I explained to him I really like it but it was falling apart on the inside and I hardly use the bag . He looked at it and said that should of never happened. I need to call the company and get it replaced. I came home and called the company they stated it was out of warranty . I explained to them what the man told me and that I had called last summer and got no help . this bag cost me a lot of money and should of never spreeded on the inside like it did . the man I spoke with on the phone told me he would email me a place to send a picture and they would decide if it could be replaced . He assured me as soon as he got off the phone he would email me , as of today I have never received a email or any notice . This leaves me with idea of the fact that Michael Kors sells their products but doesn’t stand behind them. This was my first handbag of this designer , as of now it will be my last . I know this means nothing to you but I saved for along time to purchase this. I would so appreciate a replacement,a credit , or at least a coupon for a discount . Please help me

  37. I have purchased several items from the Michael Kors line, and very disappointed. A gold handbag shows imprint of where I had my wallet on INSIDE pocket. A pair of slacks with a Brooke seam in the front came apart, and a gold jacket ripped at the sides and lost the button the first time I wore it! No more MK for me!

  38. Don’t buy wallet with Mk on pantone leather. My sticker all came off. You past one hundred dollarsat Macy’s to watch it just go almost all black. Not satisfied

  39. Ridiculous store return policies. I received a gift for Christmas with a Gift Receipt. When I went to return the gift because it didn’t fit, I asked for store credit (I was planning on buying a purse a later date….after my xmas bills were all paid). I was told that I could not get a store credit because the 30 day return policy had expired. I explained it was a Christmas Gift and only wanted a store credit. The receipt had no notion of when Xmas gifts had to be returned by (I returned it Jan 10th). The Store Manager said that she would allow me to make an exchange for something else in the store but I had to purchase it today. Nothing like pressuring your clientele to make a purchase. In the end I decided I would purchase a purse (at least I was putting the exchange towards something I would have purchased at later date) There were 2 that were nice but wasn’t certain which I like better. I asked the saleslady if I purchased the one and then wanted to exchange for the other if I could do that (sometimes the purse doesn’t match your outfit) she said sure…then the manager said NO because of the exchange for the xmas gift she couldn’t do that…. Frustrating!!! I’d like to add that the purchase price of the purse exceeded the the original gift by $300.

    Never ever again will I purchase from Micheal Kors and I have told my friends and family to longer purchase gifts for me from this store….all because you wouldn’t give me a store credit.

  40. Im not sure this website for canada or not.
    I went to Michael kors in Crossiron mills in Calgary, Canada on Jan 20, 2015.
    I felt upset when I was buying my bags the day before yesterday.
    One of my bags was the last in the store and the buckle was dirty, so I asked the clerk for a discount.
    It was fine if I didn’t recieve a discount, but her face changed and she said “No”.
    Instead I asked if she could clean my bag.
    She tried to find cleaner and Her co-worker told her something,
    then she complained about cleaning the bag to her co-worker in front of me.
    It seemed like I was bothering her.
    She didn’t clean the buckle, just slightly wiped the leather.
    She also made a mistake when I paid for my bags.
    I had to give her my card twice and she threw my card back on the desk.
    I understood the mistake when her co-worker explained to me.
    She never said “sorry” or “thank you”.

    And I went back to Michael Kors Jan 22 2015 to exchange my bag and make a formal complaint about my last experience.
    The salesperson I was bothered by last time, Turned out to be a manager.
    I asked where to make a complaint and two other managers came out as well as she.
    They claimed to not understand my complaint.
    They said her behavior was fine. They sided with her and said she wasn’t rude.
    My english may not be the best, but I can still tell when people are being disrespectful.
    I felt like I was being ganged up on, I feel that I should be respected more as a well paying customer of your company.

  41. Purchase 2 bags from Michael kors on line shopping, received the bags and they are not to my satisfaction one very poor made the other one the wrong size, sent many e-mails to the costumer service rep Amy Smith at requesting the Return merchandise Authorization form and the address where to send the bags, so far she did not send me the form and I, contact her the next day the bags were received.
    I, need the form and address to return the bags.
    Thank You.

  42. I purchased a winter coat Michael Kors for my daughterinlaw for a Christmas Gift. And the zipper is not working it splits open when you close it. I feel I should get a replacement, since she just started wearing it. I purchased it on line thru Macys on line please let me know what to do. I would appreciate Thank you

  43. Over one week ago I contacted you in regard to a repair or replacement of a M K handbag. You were very kind and I gave you a rating of 5. You were going to send me a return ? from Fed Ex. Since that time I have checked my e-mail and spam and nothing. Why don’t you try snail mail because it is not coming
    on my computer. My ticket was #519387. I have also called your
    customer care # trice and each time you have told me to check my
    e-mail and spam. I have and nothing. Please help me. Thank you.

  44. I have never had such inept salespeople in my life. A salesperson did not link a 400 return to thr gift card.
    With the exchange , and receipt I have been to the store 5 times to fix it. 6 hours out of my life. No one has called back. You are stealing. Take care of your customers! I have my paperwork!!!!

  45. I purchased my MK watch on February 14, 2015 it is a Rose/Gold tone and the paint or metal is chipping off the band. My watch is not a knock-off I sent over $300 and purchased at an MK store. I still have the receipt. Could you please assist me in getting the watch replaced.


  46. I’ve purchased two Michael Kors handbags and will never purchase one again. Love the handbags but very disappointed in the durability of them. I own several designer bags and use them daily and they have not fallen apart. I use the MK bags occasionally and both are coming apart. The saying is true…you get what you pay for. I’m hoping Mr. Kors reads customer complaints and does a better job on the quality of his merchandise.

  47. I’m very disappointed in Michael Kors return policy. I read the
    return policy before ordering the Collette Bag. It was $100.00
    less than original price. The bag was larger than I like to carry so I wanted to return it and order the smaller version of the bag. I was informed that I could not return the bag because it was a sale item. I have quite a few of Michael’s bags that I purchased from Macys. I have bought my last Michaels Kors bag.The Return Policy that I read does not state what I was told.

  48. I have a beautiful black leather bag. The handles are the light tan. I was wondering can I send the purse to you as have the straps replaced at my cost..thank you. I love the bag the the handles are dirty and takes from the look of my purse….my name is Connie.

  49. I love this brand for it’s commitment to God’s Love We Deliver,charity organization and other humanitarian efforts. I am disappointed in the fact that I had my leather wristlet written on in ink, only to wipe it off and have the leather come off…..what’s wrong with this picture. I thought I was alone…but not from reading these other postings…

  50. Fake scam website under Michael kors brand   selling bags 80 percent discount…millions of people bought and nothing received …call police

  51. We bought a wristlet in December 2014. We have receipt and tags. We called customer service because the leather strap fell off. We have all parts. They told us to bring to a MK store and they would send off for repair. We went to the brandon mall MK store in brandon fl. Those ladies both of then were so rude and said we never even carried that in our store we can’t return or repair. Then they were whispering to each other and Said we can’t help u. I was so upset. I am a rn nurse make more money then them probably. I drive a 2014 $60000 BMW and they treated me like a peice of trash. My daughter 15 years old was like mom seriously can they do that! I called the store in Orlando where we bought it and they said we can bring it in for repair that is the policy it’s under 1 year. We only went to brandon because it’s closer we always buy in orlando when we are out there MONTHLY. I buy thousands between me and my mother n law in your store. Please this is just to let you know how rude and stuck up your brandon fl store ladies acted. I will continue to buy because we love michael kors.

    Christy Bun
    2117 creekbend dr
    Lakeland, fl 33811

  52. This morning I received a package from you via US Postal Service in Puerto Rico. When I opened the mailing box, the inside box and plastic bag where the watch supposed to be were broken and the watch is not there, was empty.
    Immediately I called and reported to customer service and the person who attended told me to take a picture and send it by email to you and the payment arrangement will do by Visa.

  53. This is by far the worst customer service ever! I have been waiting on a purse replacement for 3 MONTHS! Each time I call I receive varies explanations that contradict the explanation I was given before. The supervisor has yet to return my numerous message. To have spent as much money as I did and have to go through this is ridiculous! Very UNHAPPY CUSTOMER.

  54. I bought the rca voyager II online and have had nothing but problems with it. I made several attempts at returning it by mail to no avail. I sent two pleas for help via According to the info on line, the last day for returning this particular product was Sept. 2, 2015. As of this date, I still have the tablet that I can’t use and have had no response from walmart to assist me with returning it. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Ann Wallace

  55. Not here to write a review, I’m desperately seeking assistance in returning an item by mail. While waiting for a response from walmart customer service, the final return date on this particular product has come and gone and I’m still waiting for assistance from walmart customer service.

  56. I purchased a Michael Kors red pea coat & after wearing it a short time noticed the color bleeding onto my car seats & purse that I carried, anything that it was close to. I sent letters to them 4 times since January with no response, it’s now the end of sept. & still no response!!!. I was asking if there was something I could do to stop this. Terrible company, no customer service. I am considering contacting our state about their terrible product. What a rip off, poor quality & no service!!!! Will never purchase another product of theirs & will tell others of my experience!!!

  57. Dear Sir/Madam

    I visited New York July 2015 and whilst there purchased several MK bags as gifts one of which I handed to my sister in law this month whilst in Poland 

    She has used the bag but a handful of times and the strap has given way from main bag 

    As I understand the bag is guaranteed for a year

    My dilemma is I’m now in the UK and the bag in Poland 

    I really need your assistance to resolve and would be very grateful if you could kindly provide a suitable solution? 

    I have attached the receipt of purchase as well as a picture of the damaged bag 

    Please excuse my ignorance but fail to identify which product code is for which bag however the picture attached of the damaged bag may shed some light 

    My sister in law is a very humble lady who has found this very upsetting and has been brought to tears so would very much appreciate your prompt response 

    I look forward to hearing from you..

    Kind regards 

  58. I purchased a Michael kors pocketbook for my birthday this year. I saw that the strap ripped on the bag and only used it for seven weeks. I do not have the receipt so I am not sure what to do. Please send me an email at

  59. I bought a crossbody at Michael Kors Outlet Monroe, Ohio on sale in September 2015. They didn’t have the signature crossbody I wanted but sales associate said I had a month to come back and exchange it. She assured me it would be in stock within a month. Today I drive 30 miles to exchange it. They didn’t have it. Associate Mgr Jennifer at Monroe Oullet was not cooperative and downright rude to me. Almost refused to exchange crossbody and I wound up with wrong lighter color signature crossbody when my daughter wanted darker signature one. This is to be a Christmas gift for my daughter and in Sept. I spent $1300 there buying watches and purses. Do NOT appreciate Jens rude and offensive behavior, especially since I spent a lot of money at that store! And then wound up with wrong crossbody! Wth! Receipt #00013801001951100315

  60. Pathetic service. I have made the payment for a bag and haven’t got any confirmation email and no response. Please refund my money or get my bag delivered tomorrow.

  61. I have had nothing but issues with my watch from DAY 1. I have not been able to wear the watch for the last yr simply because the back of the watch “fell off” and will NOT snap back on! Ive taken the watch to a watch smith and he could not even “pop” it back on! Ive taken it back to the store in the beginning due to a condensation issue! In which I was told that they could not do anything so I would have to contact Customer service! I have placed a call and sent an email and received no return call nor email! So today I sent another email requesting a response. I believe this is the worst customer service I have ever had! Has anyone else had issues with the back of the watch falling off?

  62. I purchased a year ago the MK parker pave all silver watch at Dillard’s Department store. The watch no longer works. Do you offer a provider that can repair the watch or a benefit of a reimbursement. The watch will not keep correct time and the second hand no longer works.

  63. Pls can u help I ordered a michael Kors handbag and purse online from john Lewis the purse is a Christmas present but it arrived in a plastic bag and that’s it , I would of thought that it would arrive in a nice presentation box after spending 260 pounds on the bag and 85 on the purse I’m not a very happy customer !!

  64. Hi.i hope you can help.i bought 3 handbags on 30th of August on line at michaelkors-retail company my order 1202075.i received 1handbag.i sent email to the company,who in oct told me to wait 10 days and they would give a refund.i waited.and now we are going into December.i have sent emails again and again to them.and they have not replied to their anything you can do as i cannot afford to loose this cash.i look forward to your reply

  65. I have a pair of Michael kors boots that I bought last year and the heel has worn off and on both heels the nails are poking thru shoe..I cant wear them until they are fixed…Do u repair shoes or if u can point me the right direction of what to do with them..I bought them at belks in Macon ga

  66. I received a email from retail me not for 50 percent off my purchase WELL I went to check out and pay BUT NO HALF OFF OF MY HANDBAG. I COULD ONLY PURCHASE SOMETHING I HAVE BEEN WANTING MY WHOLE LIFE THAT’S WAS THE ONLY WAY I WAS GOING


  67. i am trying to find out the status of a watch repair. i may have sent to the wrong location for the repair, but you have had it for a month.

  68. Dear Sir/ Madam on Friday 27 November 2015 i purchased a Ladies Michael Korrs stainless steel watch (mk5165) from a Retail shop in Germany .(Gold Heinrich Jeweller Blaubeurer Str. 95+49 731 9316703).The watch was a birthday present for my wife on the 30 November.
    My wife was very happy with the birthday present of the watch for the first two hours ,then after this time my wifes wrist started to become irritated from the stainless steel band , so my wife took the watch off and wiped with a clean cloth and placed the watch back on here wrist.The next day the irritation had become a full blown reaction from the watch , my wifes wrist was red and the skin had bubbled like a burn.
    I then took my wife to a doctors who inspected the irritation ,he stated it was a reaction to nickel which can be present in cheap stainless steel and the only thing i had worn was the watch.
    I decided to return this watch to the shop and received a full refund on the 3 December 2015.The shop manager stated he would contact the customer complaints department to notify them of the situation and the cosmetic skin problem the watch had caused.
    Please see pictures and Doctors notes.
    I would be pleased to hear from your department about this matter and with your solutions .

  69. I made my first purchase through the website and mailed the handbag and matching wallet on November 21st because the purse was too big. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a bag I liked in the same color in order to keep the wallet. I sent it back with the prepaid postage sticker inside. I thought maybe the ticket would be crossed reference to my purchase but I guess not. I just called and spoke to a Julian who wasn’t interested in helping me. He said looking my order up by the order number which I had would not tell him if my order was received back to their Returns Department. I hope and pray the two items arrive safely to the Returns Department.

  70. I bought a dress from Michael Kors shop in Buchanan Street, Glasgow on 3/12/15. When I took it home I tried it on my husband and myself thought the dress was not a good fit so decided to return it on 11:13/15. I waited about 10 minutes for an assistant to come and process the refund . First she picked the dress up, sniffed it and said have you washed this dress it smells of fabric conditioner . I assured her I had not worn the dress never mind washed it. How could it have been washed when all the original labels were still in place . She then said the smell must be from your home , I have returned many items all in original condition and I have never felt so embarrassed and humiliated in all my life . I don’t think this is the way to treat customers and I will think twice about going back into this shop, I love Michael Kors products but will buy elsewhere from now on.

  71. I recently purchased a handbag in Charlotte N.C. only to get all the way back to Atlanta and realize that the medallion(MK) was missing off the bag. I went to Macy’s in Atlanta( where the bag was purchased) and they told me to contact you to let you know what happened and that you could send me one through the mail. It was the brown MK trimmed in denim blue. the straps are denim blue and the trim also. Could you please contact me about this matter? I really love the bag, but I would like to have the medallion. Thank you..
    Warmly, Mickie.

  72. I have been calling customer service they take too long to answer I was half hour on the phone and had to hang up. I bought a hand bag at Macy’s and the side of the handle came off I have the rebits here I but can not fix it. I bought the hand bag last june at macy’s in McAllen, TX

    Maria Vecchio

  73. Hi. I love Michael Kors products , everything is well made and a pleasure to have. I’ve purchased watches, purses and shoes and I love them and treasure them.
    Unfortunately, yesterday I saw a purse that was just so devine and it was on sale. I asked the sales representative if the purse was leather and she assured me that it was. I love leather purses and I only buy leather. So I made my purchase and payed. At this time I asked again at the cash register and to my surprise cash register clerk said it was plastic. You can imagine my disappointment . First it took me one hour to decide on a purse then another half hour in line to pay and then to give it back. How sad I was to go home without a purse. It was a Christmas present to me. Because I can’t affor it on a regular price , I always wait for a sale .

    Rosanna piccolo

  74. Absolutely horrible customer service. Have been waiting over one week to get info on when my order will ship. Have also sent three emails to customer service without any response whatsoever.

    I will never again place an order with this vendor!!!

  75. Placed an order on the 20th which was Sunday. I understand the order won’t be processed until Monday which is fine. But I paid for overnight delivery, it’s now Thursday and I still haven’t received my package. I look on fedex and talked to fed ex customer service and they said a label has been generated but it hasn’t been sent out yet. I’m furious trying to call Michael kors customer service and no one will answer. I waited two hours last night and still no answer. I even left emails and no reply on them. I’m now on the phone right when they open at 8am and still they experience high call volumes…bull**** I’ll never order from them again!

  76. Own two watches. One gold face with leather band, one silver. Both faces are losing the lines that indicate the hour. Very disappointed in the quality of these watches.

  77. My gift card was stolen a few hours ago that is worth $250. The person grabbed it out of my hand and ran off. I still have the gift card number and the pin and called the customer support to cancel the card and get a replacement, but they said they dont have the resources for that. How can MK not have any consumers protection? Yes, it is considered as cash but it is in a card that should have been on their records that can be cancelled in cases like these. There should be something they can do! What kind of company that doesnt give a certain protection to its customers and why dont they keep records of such important things especially if its considered as cash. Shouldn’t that be a priority?

  78. Hi Rosanna,

    My Sister gave me a Michael Kors coatl for Christmas and I love it. The only problem is the feathers are coming out they are all over my car and my clothes. I do not see a rip in the coat anywhere. Is there anything I can do?
    Thank you!

  79. Dear Customer Service,

    My Sister gave me Michael Kors jacket for Christmas and I love it. The only problem is that the feathers inside the coat are coming out all over my clothes and my car. There is no rip in the coat. Is there anything I can do?
    Thank you!

  80. I have the perfect, for me, Micharl Kors purse. There is just one huge problem. I had it for about a year, and the straps began to have numerous splits in them. At one of the stores, I was given a NYC phone number to call. No one ever returned the call.
    My purse is black nylon with brown leather trim and straps. It has a zipper on the outside and one on the inside.
    Apparently, this is not a singular problem. I was at the shoe repair store, and an identical purse was there with the same problem.
    I have had other purses, not Michael Kors, for years that never had a crack in them.
    I love the purse, but I will never purchase another MK, considering the problem with it and the lack of a response from them!

  81. On January 2, 2015 I returned merchandise to your Arcadia, CA store that was purchased from the Arcadia store. I have a receipt for the returned items which states a check would be mailed to me for the amount of the returned items, total $213.64.

    To date I have not receive the refund for the returned merchandise. On December 15, 2015, I received correspondence from Michael Kors Accts. payable, that back on January 6, 2015, you issued and mailed a check to me. The letter states that the check has not been cashed and asked that I sign below and return the letter to you and a new check would be re-issued.

    That was 2 months ago and I have still not received a refund check for this return. We have not moved from the address you sent the letter to and have been at this address for 30 years so the check you indicate you issued back in January 2015 would have come to the correct address.

    Please advise what further steps I need to take to receive my refund for the returned items. I do have the return receipt as well as the letter from you dated December 15, 2015.

    What exactly does it take to get a response from you??????????

    Thank you~

    Theodore Sartinsky

  82. I tried to e-mail Michael Korsrs. Impossible. No UK contact, would not let me enter UK as Country. Purchased a watch for an 18th Birthday Gift, strap to big. Went to London store to have it altered and they refused as the watch not brought in that store. As this was a gift my Niece would not know which shop it came from. This is a Customer Service. Will not buy any more Michael Korsrs products. Customer Service rate -10.
    Sue Symes

  83. I bought Michael Kors 3/4 length jacket#122537 which is down and waterfowl paid close to 100.00 at Tj MAXX in Amherst NY about 10 months ago.
    The jacket is great but every time I wear it feathers come out somewhere in the lining and get all over my clothing. Is there anything the company can do for me? Or make any suggestions.
    Help in Amherst Thank you

  84. Spoke to customer service over the phone 3/8/2016. I have two rose colored bracelets that the metal has started turning colors or peeling. When I contacted them, they told me they would send me the forms to return them by email and as of yet have not received the forms. Also told to send in 8.50 with the form. I would either get replacement bracelets if they still have in stock or a piece of paper with a gift amount. And if I get the piece of paper with gift amount I still pay the 8.50 for them to send me that piece of paper. Really? It doesn’t cost that much to send a piece of mail. I am giving customer service another day and then things are not going to be nice. But then again, I’m not sure I want to send them off to customer service, because it doesn’t seem like things return from there. MICHAEL KORS, I really suggest you take a look at the unhappy customers and come off the pedestal and take care of the people that put you up there. I have bought a lot of MK and am disappointed with the customer care and treatment of returning damaged/defective products.

  85. i went to the micheal kors shop in bitmingham bull ring . i wanted a black medium bag. i ask the shopassistant for one and was told they hadnt got any in store after a cuple of hours of looking around everywere elae for on i decided to return to the store for one final look around. i was told they had actually got them but they didnt look properly. so the shop assistant gave me a bag tht she stated had only just gone on the shop floor . when i returned home qith my bag it had been used and had scratches all over it ! i have picture of the state of the bag was sold to me in

  86. I have purchased a pair of shoes for my mother size 9 at the McArthur Mall in Norfolk Virginia. After shipping the shoes to my mother in Norfolk she told me she wore a size 10. I went back to the sale manager to see if any size 19 shoe was in stock. No size 10 was in stock the store manager said she can order them online and ship them straight to my mother in Staten Island. The following week I brought back the size 9 expecting a credit back to my credit card instead the manager pulled the old bait and switch claiming I could only get a get card .You mean to tell me if I would not have ship the shoes to my mother by the store I could have the money back to the credit instead I stucke with a hundred and five dollar gift card

  87. I would like to shout this from the rooftop. Michael Kors will not replace a watch that is definitely a lemon. It has been back to the Service Center three times since I bought it in Jan. 2014. It was in the shop in Feb. 2014, March 2014. I called Michael Kors in New Jersey and talked with Juliana Toala and she informed me it had to go back 3 times before they would replace it. It was back in the shop July 2015 and they returned it replacing the “guts”. I has quit again. I think they should replace it. You can check with the Service Center in Dallas to verify this information.

  88. I just called MK customer service and was immediately connected to Eddy, one of their reps. He asked me for the code on the small tag inside the bag. He said within 30 minutes I will get an email with instructions that I will have to follow and they will check to see if they can either fix or replace my bag. I’ve had a MK bag for 1 year and the handles are peeling off. I tried to fix it at a shoe/bag replace bag, but the guy there told me there is nothing he can do.

    I hope something can be done through MK.
    I will keep everyone posted about the future of my claim.


  89. I contacted MK to inquire about having my rose gold Cindy dome large satchel handbag (cost: $300) repaired due to the handles looking worn and frayed after only less than a year of its purchase and only seldom use. I was advised to send it to them to inspect it to see if they could replace the handles (repair) and if they could not they would notify regarding other available options. I recall advising the Rep if they could not replace the handles I wanted my handbag returned! I was assured before the call ended that if they could not repair it I would be notified to see what I desired to do after the inspection. I mailed the purse to MK at my out of pocket expense ($20). A month later I received “a letter” in the mail not giving me any option or choice to request the return of my handbag, yet, stating they did not replace the handles on the handles and I could choose from list they provided of handbags of lesser value, quality, much smaller size and none in the color (Rose GOLD) or style (LARGE DOME) of my (paid in full) handbag. I called immediately upon read the letter and I was very displeased being told by the Rep that “THEY DO NOT RETURN CUSTOMER’s MERCHANDISE BACK TO THEM IF THEY DECIDE DURING THE INSPECTION NOT TO REPAIR IT…THAT’s MK POLICY! In other words they STEAL the customer’s merchandise and hard earned money, rather than repair it. EXPECTED Resolution: I want my same handbag returned (repaired or unrepaired), either a new handbag exact/identical (color, size and style) to the one they took or a refund of the full retail value or purchased price + Postage Paid to send it to them for repair!!!!!!! Unacceptable customer service and business practices!!!! I am very upset and shocked with such a highline retail fashion chain/establishment that they are!

  90. I would like to express my gratitude toward the manager of Michael Kors in the galleria mall in Fort Lauderdale Florida.. Her name is Jill Ally, and could have easily rejected my daughters complaints that their phone cases were chipping. Instead, she expressed her apologies for the excessive wear and replaced the cases. I really appreciate good customer service and her efforts should be commended!!!!

  91. I made a purchase on Sunday and was told item would be shipped on Monday but I would get an email.

    Today is Wednesday and have not heard a word about this. Money taken out of my acct

    Style # 32T6GELL7L sad guano leather phone case. In bisque. Can you check on this order please

    Thank you

    Karin Seaberg

  92. Horrific Customer Service. They lie to you. They delete your calls from their system and say that the previous rep didn’t log anything in. Then you have to start over. They say they will call you back before their shift ends at 5pm but they never do. No matter how many reps you speak to, it is always the same story. They say they will mail you a refund for product you returned and they acknowledged that they received but you will never ever get the check. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone. They are not honest. They do not care. They are trained to deceive you. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!

  93. Good Afternoon
    I would like to complain about the service at your George Street Sydney store
    My daughter waited for over 20 minutes while the sales assistant pursued another sale. She ended up purchasing the bag but was very upset with the service. As she was also after a purse she went to your Westfield store she was informed by the lovely staff member that if she purchased two items another 10 percent discount applied. Obviously your other store didn’t have the same discount ?
    My daughter loves your bags but I am truly disappointed that what should have been a lovely experience for her has been marred by this unfortunate event.
    Kind Regards

  94. I purchased one of your bags at Atlanta airport in October 2015, I paid over a £100.00 for the bags I don’t use it every day, I am very disappointed that the handles have started to fray, very shoddy for what is quite an expensive bag.

  95. I am so very disappointed with your service!
    I was totally and utterly disrespected by
    Two member of your sakes team on 5th Ave store a few weeks ago!
    I had taken a bag ( one of 10 that I have of yours!) back to the store, after discussing the problem at another store a couple of weeks earlier, ( when I didn’t have the bag with me).
    The sales person in Newport advised me that the bag could be faulty when I explained that it had discolored so badly I could not use it, I had sprayed it after purchase with your recomended spray!
    Although the bag is now 18-20 months old it should not be like that!
    At the store on 5th Ave I was spoken to in such a rude manor, my son and Husband who were with me were very shocked!
    No answers were given, I was told they would send it away to be cleaned at my expense but couldn’t guarantee it would be white and clean again!
    Another member of staff came over and was the rudest person I have ever met in my life!
    I told her the bag is of no use to me looking like this (dirty white)
    That I would leave it for the store to send for head office response she replied ‘ yes and we will throw it in the Garbage when you leave feel free’
    I am still shocked as I type these words.
    I have photo’s of the members of staff!
    My son ( visiting from England) and my Husband witnessed this.
    To cap it all she told me to leave the store and taking photos was not allowed to get out!
    I hope this gets to the customer service Management.
    Athena Thomas

  96. I just had the most terrible customer service that any customer can possible want. Your store in Cardiff, UK leaves much to desire for when it comes to customer skills delivered by none other than your store manager Rochelle Howells. She was incredibly rude to me, a store customer, smack in the middle of the store in front of other customers. I have always liked Michael Korrs products however after today’s unfortunate and very unpleasant customer service I am not sure I ever want to see another MK product again; not without feeling bitterly about it when remembering the customer service I have received. And all I wanted was my sandals back that i brought in the store for repairs 3 weeks ago and still not been given back.

    I want an apology from the store manager and I want to know she’ll never be allowed to treat MK customers like that ever again.

    Kind regards,

    Raluca Hodgson

  97. Today, I called the Michael Kors and was helped right away and my problem was handled professionally. I was told to send and email with explanatory information to the customer service dept. I just wrote and email and tried to send it and it was not accepted because the inbox is full. Hopefully, all of the problems in the inbox are the same as mine, but the inbox should not be full. My need to hire someone to process emails if there are this many problems.

  98. To Whom It May Concern:
    I purchased this handbag from another website and I have discussed it with a customer representative just a few minutes ago. I need to know if this is an authenic handbag or not. It sold for $49.00 and the wallet sold for $20.00. It came to me in the mail but I think it may not be the real thing. I am forwarding pictures now. I appreciate your help.

  99. I purchased a down knee length coat and noticed that the emblem on the sleeve has come off. I have four small holes where the emblem was, and I can not wear it like it is.

  100. I purchased MK loafers not even a year ago from Macy’s and they squeak! They would not honor an exchange. I have them in every color and they do not squeak except for these. I called your MK department and they would not help me either and I asked for an exchange as a curtiousy and no help.

  101. My Daughter purchased a watch for me during the Christmas Holiday and I had her return it to Belk, due to no numbers being on the face and asked her to wait until Belk Charity sale thinking by that time some different watches with numbers on the facing will be in. When the Charity sale started, I was told that Michael Kors no longer participate in the event. There was no warning of this and now I am out of a watch because my daughter cannot afford one at the regular price. I would like to know if I can get the watch at the same price it was returned for. I really liked the watch, but I needed numbers on it . Can you help me with this by sending a coupon or something , or adding the watches back to the Charity sale. Thanks in advance.

  102. I own 3 Michael Kors watches, love them and get many compliments on them. However, two have each lost a small screw on the back and our local jeweler does not have a replacement in the correct size. Is it possible to order some of these small screws from you? Thank you.

  103. I purchased a pair of white sandles
    with a small heel and thong front
    at Macy’s First Colony in SugarLand, Tx. Wore them 3 hours and half of that time seated at a luncheon. The buckle dug into my
    ankles so badly I could hardly walk
    in them. Macy’s will not do a return
    because they have been worn. I paid $134 for them and feel that policy is flawed. I had my receipt and only had the shoes over a weekend. I feel Michael Kors should take the shoes back. Macy’s refuses to do so. My bad for not going to Nordstrom but was trying to support our local community.
    Can you help me, I am retired and
    cannot throw my money down the drain.

  104. I sent my purse in for repair about 2 months ago, i rcd a message that stating they could not repair the straps so pick another purse out. I did, they were to send it to me 3 to 4 wks ago. I called 3 times and they assured me they were sending the purse but as of today I dont have my purse or the one they promise

    I always heard nothing but good about Michael Kohr so please can you solve this problem

    Thank you,

  105. My purse was returned for repair, michael kohl said it was not repairable but to pick out another purse and they would send it out.. That was 2 months ago and 3 phone calls later and to this date I dont have my purse or the promised one.

    Please can you research this problem and get back with me. I appreciate your help.

    Thank you

  106. I purchase a handbag at the Lee Outlet on 10/22/17. When I got home and unpackaged my new handbag the price tag was $50.00 less than what they charged me before the “discounts”. So I went to the Wrentham Outlet for a price adjustment. In the store they had the same handbag, marked the higher price and one marked the real price. This is fraud. They sales manager told me that Kors Corporate charges more when the market is doing good. I have called Customer service as to this fraudulent practice to no avail. They keep telling me to return my broken cell phone case. What??? I have spoken with Lashana who told me I would here from someone in 48 hours. And then they told me the District Manager would be contacting me and that was two weeks ago. No its time to put it on-line and go public with Kors fraud practices.

  107. I purchased a watch for my boyfriend in Aprril for his birthday in early May – it immediately had a problem which I notified Kors and they had us send it in for repair. They returned it a few weeks later and it STLL had the same problem. I sent it back ONCE AGAIN and have not heard a word – I call, email – nothing!!!!
    I don’t think I will buying anymore Kors products and I will also make sure I tell EVERYONE I know so that they don’t get burnt like did.
    I am EXTREMELY disappointed with Michael Kors.

  108. My black studded high tops that I’ve worn just a few times is ripping off the seem of the left sneakers. The right one is fine.
    Can u repair my favorite sneakers please

  109. Hello, I am writing the company due purchased pair shoes on 12/02/17. I worn shoes once come home from look down noticed right foot shoe have came a loose at the seam top. The Amber Suede #4550AMFR2S in which extremely disappointed. I purchased them at Marshalls located at 11620 S. Marshfied Ave in Chicago IL purchased price $49.99.

  110. Hello, I am writing the company due purchased pair shoes on 12/02/17. I worn shoes once come home from look down noticed right foot shoe have came a loose at the seam top. The Amber Suede #4550AMFR2S in which extremely disappointed. I purchased them at Marshalls located at 11620 S. Marshfied Ave in Chicago IL purchased price $49.99.
    Deborah Fields

  111. May I extend a big thank you to Laura (Manager) @Trafford Centre for her superb assistance in helping me purchase a Ginny Crossbody Handbag (Silver hardwear). Where your other stores, (Meadowhall & Leeds), showed not to be bothered ,( due to this handbag been sold out in near enough all your stores) Laura went the extra mile and tracked it down to other locations and not only made contact back with myself but forwarded on our information to the 2 only stores that had this bag in silver hardware-. excellent customer service!!
    Then to Kim at Cabot Circus Bristol who finished off the purchase and again acted professionally,promptly and completed this transaction.
    I was a little surprised that your other stores, to say you are quite “high end, boutique”, some of your assistance (shall we say, perhaps need a higher level of training – rather than “its sold out” and didn’t appear to be helpful, despite late on an evening and shop very quiet ….and quite a lot of STAFF!
    Anyway we appreciate what the above staff have done- worthy praise in my opinion!!

  112. Anch’io sono un cliente infelice. ho acquistato una borsetta E L’HO TENUTA IN MANIERA MANIACALE!!! Dopo due anni e qualche giorno mi si sfilacciano i manici e come tutte le case di moda serie, li sostituiscono, ho chiamato ma non sapevano dirmi…. nulla, sono andata in via della Spiga dove è stata acquistata e anche loro hanno voluto passare la palla in Galleria Passerella a milano, li mi hanno detto che la borsa se supera i due anni che copre la garanzia va buttata, i manici non si sostituiscono.Sono rimasta incredula, dico io,, ma se a un’auto si rompono i tergicristalli, si butta l’auto? Se a un vestito si rompe a cerniera, si butta il vestito? Ma ce la fate? La cosa più semplice è il cambio dei manici anche perchè costano pochissimo, e sono agganciati con delle fibie. Mi hanno proposto uno sconto del 30% sul prossimo acquisto!!!! CHI SE NE FREGA DEL PROSSIMO ACQUISTO!!!! Mi hanno detto poi che se si sarebbe rotta nei primi due anni, cambiavano addirittura la borsa sostituendola con una nuova!!!! AVANTI!!!!! ROMPETE PURE LE BORSE NEI PRIMI DUE ANNI ALLORA!!!!!! LA CAMBIANO CON UNA NUOVA!!!! Pazzesco, cose dell’altro mondo, mai mai mai vista una cosa del genere!!!! Mai più questa griffe!!!! Quindi fate attenzione, buttate soldi per nulla…… attenzione!!!!

  113. E’ successo anche a me. mai più borse o portafogli MICHAEL KORS. ma poi si poteva immaginare…. questi marchietti svaniscono nel nulla fra qualche anno.

  114. a parte il fatto che al customerservice non sono all’altezza e se ne infischiano di quello che il cliente dice. Tanto è solo tempo perso, non si fanno più sentire!!!!! Oppure temporeggiano fino a che uno si stanca!!!!! Bisognerebbe non acquistare più, allora si che quando vanno a casa….e si trovano senza lavoro, si svegliano, e pensano che era meglio se si comportavano meglio!!!!!

  115. Good Afternoon, I have 2 hand bags the metallic and the gold purse and both straps frayed out. I refuse to pay the price for straps and would like replacement straps sent to me. Please advise.

  116. I bought a Michael Kors Tote handbag at Macy’s but I noticed that the MK, hanging black eather string decoration on the side of the handbag is missing ,I would like to replace it , the handbag color is black , gold MK. and how much to replace it.
    Thank you

    Gilda Butners

  117. I visited you store in Cheshire Oaks on 10 March with my husband and 2 other members of the family . He wanted to buy a few more of your polo shirt range. There was 2 sale female assistants by the till they were chatting to each other. Tey never even look at us when we enter the shop. My husband pick a few tops and took them to the changing room. They never acknowledged us at all. It was me and my cousin to fetched different size and colour. They never asked if we wanted any help with anything. I really got fed up and so was my husband. In the end we left. Y husband was going to purchase 6 polo shirts which was £180 in salesales. I don’t even think they noticed us enter of leave the shop. My husband went to Ralph Lauren and Ben Sherman and gave them our custom. I sorry to say I was disappointed with their non customers service.

  118. On Saturday,March 10 2018 went to Tanger Outlets Riverhead to purchase perfume at about 6pm. We were told computer was down it was a global issue that all Michael Kors stores have often,come back in an hour couldn’t take debit card.So we returned 8:30-8:45pm and still not working? Needless to say we were “very disappointed”,we were prepared to spend $112.00 plus tax for the perfume? We do not like carrying much cash,not very safe today. This has happened before, we have been loyal customers for many years! We’ve purchased pocketbooks,clothes,shoes etc.We would appreciate a return comment.Thank You

  119. Hi I have a handbag that I receive in 2006 and the straps on the bag are coming apart wanted to know how I can go about getting it repaired.

  120. I purchased a shirt and love it. Tried calling customer service to see if it was made in a different color and if so, where could I find it. Called customer service 3 different times to speak with a “style consultant”, but was put on hold for 8 minutes, 22 minutes and 5 minutes, to no avail. I NEVER did speak with anyone and now have no desire to continue with this process. I recommend buying another designers product and who offers excellent customer service should you need it.

  121. I ordered a pair of sneakers from my phone and they aren’t what I thought, I know I can return them, however I am looking for the sneaker that is kind of like the scout, however it has the mk logo on the sides in the fabric, can you help me find them?

  122. I bought a MK Nylon (Blue) small tote bag (15″x9-1/2″x5″) about 2 years ago and haven’t had a chance to call customer service today…I will be call next week (Jul 23). Anyway, the two handles at the 4 points are cracking which doesn’t look too good and now I am NOT happy with this product. I normally buy other notable brands but when I saw the blue nylon, which is what I’d been looking for, I bought it !! I really had no desire to buy a MK purse ever because what I had been reading about, anyway, then look what happened and is unacceptable !!

  123. Hi, I have just recently purchased a Michael Kors watch. I was wondering whether or not it has a 2 year warranty or if i need to do anything, thank you.

  124. Please call Martha at 781-801-0601 as I will be traveling in the next few weeks and would like to get the watch sorted before I leave.
    thanks so much
    Martha Weldon

  125. Is anyone happy with MK customer service? After reading the comments, I wonder should I send back my jacket. It has 4 front zippers and one of the zippers has rusted and bled on the white jacket.

  126. Need my tote bag straps repaired. Bag is in good shape but straps are falling apart! Is there a service that’s dose this. Coach dose this for their customers. Thank you

  127. Hi,
    Shortly after my husband bought me a Michael Kora purse I noticed the plastic seam exposed. It has become more transparent and there is wearing down on the other corner of the purse. I would like to know if there is any guarantee on the product being that it’s so expensive. Thank you for your service.

  128. I have purchased two Michael kors bags. The Kelsey that I purchased last year has horrible tearing and shedding at the straps. For the cost of the bag, I expected better quality. I will not be buying anymore products.

  129. I am trying to reach Michael kors Vasant Vihar Delhi Emporio branch since morning but unable to speak with anyone.

    Please let us know how can reach them.

  130. Hello. I have a great number of Michael Kors handbags and wallets, so as a woman who loves her Michael Kors handbags, I have to ask you this question; did you folks know the COSTCO where I shop, in Issaquah, WA(20 miles east of Seattle, WA) are selling Michael Kors handbags?? Since when does COSTCO get Michael Kors handbags to sell??

  131. I have a merchandise credit that wasn’t used in a timely manner to your company so you deactivated it. Ive been calling since August 2018 to get it re-issued and no one will contact me. I’ve called August 17, 22 and again December 10 spoke with supervisor Emma and again today December 12 and spoke with Raphel. No one has any information because corporate won’t reply. This is unacceptable! I want a reply and my expired merchandise credit re-issued. No where on the receipt or card does it state that you have so many days to months to use it.

  132. Had brilliant service from their shop in the Bullring Birmingham, but very mediocre at the service centre. They could learn a lot from Kayleigh and her team at Birmingham!!!

  133. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was totally right. This put up truly made my day. You can not consider just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  134. First time ever I’ve received horrible customer service. I placed an order literally minutes ago on line. Updated the mailing address and processed transaction.

    Then I see that address update saved but it didn’t change I called to get updated. Without hesitation or even “trying to seem helpful” , never even aged my order number or verify anything. Agent says, no we can not cancel any orders nor can we make changes. “WHAT??” So why are you working if you are unable to do anything?? Un-FREAKING-believable.

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