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Contacting MetroPCS Customer Service Center

MetroPCS is a mobile phone company that offers multiple plans without being stuck in a contract for one to two years. The official website allows customers to order phones, add money or minutes to their accounts or upgrade/downgrade to a new cell phone plan. Coverage is not available in all areas. The customer service portion of the website is listed under the Support tab at the top of the page.

There are several complaints online about MetroPCS customer service, including lack of support and overcharges on accounts. We also noticed quite a few complaints about poor phone quality.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We found one phone number for MetroPCS customer service on the support page. That phone number is for all incoming calls, including lost phones, stolen phones, upgrades, downgrades and all customer questions.

  • MetroPCS customer service: 1-888-8metro8

If you are simply trying to contact customer service to make a payment, you can dial *99 from your mobile phone.

Mailing Address

The mailing address for customer contact is listed on the support page of the MetroPCS website.

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
P.O. Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360

Official Website

The MetroPCS official website is located at You can log in to your account, order new service or alter current service from the official website. Customers can use the official website to learn more about MetroPCS plans and available phones.

The support page of the MetroPCS customer service website is located here:

Customer Service Email

There is no customer service email or contact form listed on the MetroPCS website. We have contacted MetroPCS from the Facebook page about a customer service email address. We will update the email address if one is available.

Our Experience

When we contacted customer service, we encountered an intense automated system. After approximately 5 minutes on hold and the system repeating multiple times, we finally reached a MetroPCS customer service representative. We encountered a language barrier due the strong accent of the customer service representative. This made us believe the call center was not local. After a few attempts, we asked about signing up for service. The rep explained that customers have the ability to sign up for service and ask questions on the official website. Unfortunately, you will need to be a currently be a MetroPCS to ask questions via email. This is the response we received when we contacted customer service through the MetroPCS Facebook page.

When we sent a question to MetroPCS Facebook page, the response time was fairly quick. The administrator of the page responded with 30 minutes and detailed the steps of asking a question. This information was helpful, but we felt the information should be readily available on the offical MetroPCS website. See the communication below:

Hello Richard, have you set up a “My Account” at our website yet? If you have a “My Account”, once you login with your username and password you will see the option “Manage & Pay”, select it. When you select any option under it, you will see “Contact Support” to send an e mail. Also, once you have logged in you may chat with an online agent as well. Simply select “Chat” and an online agent will assist you. Please visit to set up a “My Account” if you do not have one. Thanks, KD

Original Message:

Is there a customer service email address? I’d like to ask a question of customer service via email.

When you wanted to sign up for service, what was your experience dealing with customer service? Did you have a long wait time or did you speak to someone immediately? Share your experiences with us?

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474 Comments on “Contact MetroPCS Customer Service
  1. I visited the metro pcs store, pleasant hill commons, kissimmee, fl on a sunday and their opening hours were advertised as 10-5, I waited until 10.25 and no one had come to open the store. Whitlst I was there five other people arrived to go into the store and all of us left – potential business well and truly lost !!!

  2. Hi, I already made payment 6/25 morning and it has been over 1 day. But I couldn’t make a call because evertime I try to call, it says my status is nonpayment. Can you please fix it ? Thanks,

  3. i have being trying to talk to a live customer sevice person at 1-888-863-8768 it is not for live customer sevice when dialed from my metropcs phone.please post a correct phone number to speak to someone live.

  4. On July 17, I went to a store to replace my phone who was lost. I purchased a 4G phone. I have a family plan for 125.00 for 5 lines. I received a text message said that:”A changewas made to your account. $195.66 due for next month. Why?

  5. Customer support does not exist. My phone will not connect with my network. “service rep” would not help!

    • same with mine! and now i have to wait for a tech rep to call me in 5 to 6 days, thats crazy for one i am paying for a phone that i can’t even use. and for 2 why the hell could they not just send me to a tech person. this is insane i am getting so annoyed!

  6. well I think that Im done with metro. I enroled in metro total protection and it lost all my contacts. I have made 5 phone calls to metro and there was no awnser for this. I had a hard time understanding what was being said to me and each time they had me do the same thing.

    Less than two weeks ago all my contacts were on line and now there not. TELL ME WHY. I have had a metro account for 5 years. Now I dont want to be treated this way any more. I will tell everybody about this. Its time that some one makes a stand.

  7. Dear Sir Madam, I need my account number and pass word of my MetroPCS phone number : 404 447 3673. It would be highly appreciated if you kindly e-mail me or text me my account number and pass word.


    Abdul Howlader
    226 W 111st Street Apt. 6
    New York NY 10026

    • Hi there. Just curious if you ever got a response from them with the info you were asking for? I’m wanting the same thing but their customer service SUCKS BIG TIME!!! I’ve been with them for a little over 2 years now and once I set up my account I have NEVER been able to access it. Have gone to the store where we purchased our phones and they said there was no problem accessing it. Have tried talking to support via my phone and every time after about 1 minute we strangely get disconnected. The worst customer support I’ve ever had!!

  8. I made payment on 8/1/2012 through green dot money pack and Im getting a recording saying that my account could not be validated. What is the problem? Also, this problem occurred during midday of 7/31 which is much too soon to cancel my service.

  9. I have a samsung galaxy indulge phone. This phone was purchased after being misinformed by a metropcs sales rep.for replacement on a Huwei phone. I have been having problem since replacing my water damaged phone. The latest incident was having a metro rep. Breaking the SD card in the phone because you asked to transfer the contact to the new replacement phone. I was credited about half the price I payed for the 30g SD card, and I am paying for a upgraded phone service which I can’t utilize, and I am currently in possesion and using a phone with a damaged SD slot inwhich I can’t download certain application or set up MetroStudio onwhich I have a MetroStudio plan. This incident and problem occured in the store and should have been resolved there. To continuously replace a phone via UPS is a great inconvence. Especially when you have disabilities and your phone service is cut off each time you replace a phone. I am very unhappy with MetroPcs (mainly staff or representatives) and am currently looking for a new service provider

  10. I paid my Metropcs phone bill with my credit card in the store. The cashier made a mistake and entered one number wrong from my Visa. Next thing I know my service is cut off for non payment. I called metro to find out what the problem was. When I called I was connected with an automated voice that told me that my service was disconnected. When I tried to speak with a customer service Rep I was told that I could not speak with one until I made my payment in full. (Talk about holding me hostage) So I called from an outside line and finally got someone. Of course by this time I had thrown the recipt away but was told to call another number so that they could launch an investigation. I was told they would reconnect my service immediately and then investigate. When I called the number of course I was put on hold for an eternity. When I finally did get someone the absolute best of her investigation was to tell me…. “I don’t see a payment” I said “I know this that’s why my service was cut off. Can you call the store and verify”? She told me that I had to do that. (That’s what I call customer service. The customer has to service themselves). So I go back to the store and lucky me the same person was there. She told me that she was hoping that I would come back because she made a mistake with the credit card number. (Now I’m pissed). Not at the mistake, everybody makes mistakes. It’s just that She had my phone number. Why didn’t they train her to call the corporate office and explain so my service wouldn’t be cut off. Or at least let them know to expect my call. Or have corporate text me that there was a problem and for me to contact them. Instead of “Oh he’ll come back once his service is disconnected” and sending me through all that. I went to their web site to complain and there is no way to contact them online. I called the number from the site and if your a customer there is no way to contact them with a live person unless you pretend that your having a problem sending them money and then they’ll get you someone to talk to. You have to call from a landline or with a phone that is not listed with MPCS and go through a lot of B.S. to finally talk with someone. (Bad customer service. They have several ways for you to pay your bill but It’s hell when I comes to receiving help).

  11. I think your service STINKS I have tried for 24 hours to speak to a HUMAN about a problem with my phone. I am handicapped and a trip to the mall for elp is very troublesome

  12. 0n 7/26/12 my bill was due as I eperenced some financial difficulties and could’t pay entire bill.lost one of three lines.on 8/16/12 reinstated line paid $81and change was supposed to be for two lines. on 8/26/12 was notified by text that $78 was due,when I went into company store I was told due to fact Ihad let one line be disconnected I no longer qualified for family plan and all three lines were now single plans. After further questions about the sum of $159 for my service for ten days I could not get an answer. Perhaps I should close all lines and get another carrier

  13. y is my bill so high it jumped from 70 – 90dollars y when i have the same features that i always have also i try n contact u by phone n the number doesnt work

  14. Hey im a big fan of metro.pcs and i do have a metro phone but the reason why im complaining is that my phone bill came out to be pretty high and i called them & they said i had downloaded a payed app which i didnt snd they chsrging me for it i usually pay $50 something like nomal and my bill is 93.17 and i dont know what im going to do because i didnt pay any payef apps can you pleaze take that off my account and let me please pay my regular bill 🙁

  15. Like many others have stated in their comments it’s not fair that you can never speak with a live person. It is impossible to get a live agent at the customer service number provided 1-888-863-8768. It seems as though after you get signed up all you can do with metro is pay your bill and purchase and up grade to paying more eventually. I will check them out for a few more months then I will probably decide to change to another company.

    • Customer Service = Screw You

      Call Kathy (KG by chat). She won’t help you but she’ll make you feel like you got screwed. Leave her a voicemail and tell her how you really feel. 469 330-4701

  16. cannot turn my phone on, this will be the second time I have had to replace this phone in less than 30 days. I cannot afford to replace my phone every time it malfunctions I am currently in college and I do not have a job. If my phone is not replaced free of charge I will be forced to move to another phone service carrier.

  17. buenas mi situacion yo le compre un 4g zte anthem el dia10/2/2012 y no guiere funcionar bien fui a la tienda para gue me dieran otro del mismo precio o mas barato el muchacho no guiso tnderme porgue el no fue guien me lo vendio gue no podia hacer nada.yo guiero uno mejor o igual o mi tienda esta en la 13ave brooklyn .y.11218.mi id 01171950.

  18. I bought anyLG phone frome metro after a week it was giving me same problems took to metro after a day a got a refurbished phone from them even though I had bought a brand new one.withing a day the problem was still there took it to metro.foe any exchange of the shook of my life only metro you cannot return a phone but on there polices there take there phone with no questions asked.this people there do daylight robbery.even when you buy a car and you don’t like it you can return it….it is a different think with metro.please don’t buy this phones there don’t work and you will be stack with this refebshed phones from china.go to any other net work but don’t go to Metro where in the world you find silly polices like metro in Dallas.I am so disappointed in them please don’t do business with this people….

  19. Metro PCS is a Big joke for sure people be warned live this net work alone please.If you want to have BP do business with them all there want is money and don’t care about the service you get.Go in there store paying a bill there are all smiling .Go there with a faulty phone there are all giving excuses and telling this whole world Metro is a disappointment when it comes to costumer service and public relations .sing up with them and you are stuck believe me fellow costomers…This LG phone there are selling and saying its the latest I s day time robbery.I am so mad with them.there is no manager who can even help you.Go to a car dealership buy a car for 20.000 you will be able to return it surely with no silly questions a metro phone you are stuck With it and there don’t care.This refubshed phones don’t work trust me.I am one very disappointed customer in this world.

  20. I will appreciate ifyou can sent my password and account number my # is 774 386 0912 also the number to talk ur customers represenative directly please.thanks jsm

  21. I will appreciate ifyou can sent my password and account number my # is 774 386 0912 also the number to talk ur customers represenative directly please.thanks jsm

  22. I bought a Samsung Galaxy in February. It stopped working last month. I sent the phone in to Samsung because it is still under manufacturers warranty. They could not fix it so Samsung sent me a new replacent phone. I however can not use activate the phone. After 4 days talking to 14 different customer service reps and 3 calls to Samsung. Still no activation. I have been told i have to take the phone in to Alpharetta, Ga. 742 miles from me each way. Needless to say I am fed up with Metro PCS.

  23. Hey, I want to know what I can do on my phone because is not working. Then I have payed my account already and my phone is not making calls and sending text msg. However; I have pass my number from a new phone online and then I want it to work on the new one and is not working, but my new phone is showing on the informations that my number is passed but I saw on the website that I need to wait until 24 hours and already has 24 hours. So is not working already and I also called to metropcs.
    So can you say it to me what to do ??

    Thank you!

    • I just  got the galaxy s3 from metro pcs no more than 5days ago and the phone was working fine youtube was superfast everything it was a dream come ture now heres where the problem sets in so I pay 600 for the phone with tax and all cause I like metro instead of going to atandt where phone only woulda been 200 well the past 2days this phone has sucked everything so slow I even reset it and the 4G is on .. I am very upset and disspointed I was promised something and didnt get half of it. If I payed 600 dollars for 3 days somthing is wrong with me so please tell me what to do.

  24. You gotta be freaking kidding me. We have been trying to pay my daughter cell phone bill for over an hour. Can’t on line it won’t dispaly security question please lets not talk about by phone even worse. Adding her to Verizon.

  25. I have purchased a LG Motion 4G on friday (11/2/12) and its not monday (11/5/12) . When I placed the order I wasnt signed up for … I wanted to check when would it come and if i even put my apartment number. How can i access the payment or just look at it to see if i put the apartment number ? pleeeaseee hellp ):

  26. By the way: When ANYBODY signed up for this crack head ass service were you told that they didn’t give monetary refunds? I know I wasn’t told. Just thought I missed something, and I didn’t read it in their contract either, or I would have left a month after signing up. Their business practices and policies are shady and I am done with them (until court).

  27. This is the third month in a row that I’ve gone to the website to pay my bill and was told my password was not what they have on record. I asked for a new password & received it on my phone, signed in with the new password and a form to create a permanent password. Once that was done I tried to sign in again, and was told my password was not what they have on file. Last month I paid by phone but that isn’t what I want to do. There seems to be no one we can talk to, no email address and it’s really tiresome now. There is nothing hard about signing in, especially when you’ve just been sent a new password. I need an email to talk to someone or at least get my account straight so I can sign. I noticed when I clicked a dozen times it did take me to my bill pay and once that completed, I could not sign in again. This is a mess!

  28. I want to know who contact to see if somebody is tapping to by line. I spoke to my neice to see why see hadn’t retuen my call. She she was very upset stated that she has being calling me and a female answere and tell her not to be calling and calls the B and F word. I explained to her that the phone had not rang and no one answere my phone except me. Can you provide me a phone number so I can speak directly to representanative who can help me with this situation
    Thank You
    Mr Carrillo

  29. Hi my names Jesse garcia I never received my fifty dollar rebate its been over six months where’s my rebate I sent in all the info I also moved please send it me Please email me back or just send it I need it

    • Don’t hold your breath on that rebate I been waiting on one for over 2 years it was a back to school rebate I’m going back to at&t they have unlimited calling too

  30. I had paid my bill at a metro store and changed the due date and I was told to call a number to have it changed so I did and I couldn’t and now my phone is cut off because of lack of payment on the old due date that it was changed from.

  31. I recently signed up for the 25 dollars re activation of my old yesterday it was stolen so i didn’t want the thief to talk freely on my account so i switched to a very old phone not knowing the the automated system does nt give you a choice and the next business day i contacted metro pcs to inform them and to my surprise you guys told me you couldn’t do anything about my problem on top that to add insult to injury you agreed and verified that i was on the 25dollar plan and still offered no assistance to a paying customer why have an automated system that cant do the job right or be set up right to help people with the right thing this is so very ridiculous and disturbing i would really like so assistance with this matter. thank youn

  32. My Metro PCS service was canceled because I was off net and in violation or so they said. I was on my way back from a trip from out of the country when I found out. I called the customer service number they provided and finally got a live person who gave me little information except another 1-800 number. I called that number and could only get a worthless automated voice mail that would not transfer me to a live person but said I had to go to their website and send an email online, then gives me it’s annoying goodbye. I go to their website and can not find where to send an email.
    I’m very frustrated with the customer service. They accepted my payment on 11/29 then shut me off on 12/6. I am owed a rebate if they won’t turn my service back on.

  33. Recently, I called about an International calling plan. When I visited the Battle Creek Office I was told that all I had to do was add International calling at a price of $10.00. Not a problem there. The problem when I got the phone number I needed to call and called Metro PCS I encountered 2 problems.
    1. I could not understand the individual who tried to assist me the first time. causing an error in communication and not being able to add calling.
    2. When I called back with the information, I was told by the operator that I had to double my calling plan to $50. dollars / currently 25. This was not the information given to me in Battle Creek, I was told all I needed was the International calling Plan.
    Shame to Metro PCS, for 1 having customer service individuals who cannot speak english clearly, 2 Lack of correct communication between Offices and yourselves.
    Now I have to look for a calling plan, cheaper than what I am paying now so I can call my friend in the Peace Corps overseas. And When I find that plan you will lose a customer….Shame, shame, shame

  34. On Dec 2 I went into your store (metro pcs)on stacy rd in allen texas 75002 i purchased a LG android ph the price was advertised at 149.00 which was the sell price it’s normally 349.00 I had been had a old school smart phone which I loved but my husband insisted that I upgrade because of my business well the android ph have been a problem from day one I purchased it before I walked out the store the bluetooth machine didn’t work to program my contacts I went back the next day because of problems nobody can hear me on this ph because its static and interference everybody say I sound muffled or I break up yesterday I was on a call and another call tried to come thru and it just cut me off so I tried to make another call to see if it was my ph and while I was dialing the number the other call just start talking while the other persons line was ringing now when I’m on the ph it don’t ring or indicate another call is trying to come thru it just say missed call of course when I go to take it back its ok it don’t do all those things right then in the store the store said they don’t exchange phs well remind you this is the very next day of purchase the battery won’t stay charged it never have I have to charge it 4 to 5 times a day the battery get so hot I can’t hold the ph even within a case it feels like its going to explode everyday the problem is getting worst but everyday time is passing I am in a wheelchair and can’t keep running back to their store they never answer their phones when I call they only answer the ph the day I purchased it I call to let them know I was coming in because of the sell I guess cause it was a sell that day I’m tempted to change carriers all together because of the poor service I’ve been having with metro pcs I been with you guys too long to be treated like this the ph I wanted to buy the sellsperson talked me out of it and said it was a bad phone he said people have too many problems with it so don’t get it he said he would get the LG android so I did and one reason was because it was on sell I guess this explains why it was on sell so if he call this a good phone then you guys need to chunk that other phone he talked me out of I don’t think it fair to me as a customer to have to keep something that’s never worked properly since day one and I guess if you don’t apply me with the help that I been trying to get that means you don’t stand behind your product. I want to be a satisfied customer!!!

  35. this is ted dames 954-297-5022 i am on the family plan with jessica ribisci and she is requesting for my password to my email please deny her access

  36. Metro pcs customer service sucks u get better service at mcdonalds,they dont tell u that when your using 4g that your data usage is being used,then they told me if i wanted to upgrade made data usage i can. Pay 5.00 more when i pay 55.00 all i can say to that is haha,that wont happen,metro pcs needs to train there employees better

  37. No entiendo por qué me han dado de baja en mi teléfono: 786 308 0400
    Deseo permanecer como cliente de Metro PCS

  38. Metro PCS has the WORST customer service EVER known to mankind. Not only did they cut my son’s phone service the day after he had confirmation number of payment, but after 10 attempts at getting to a real person, they spent 30 minutes taking our info, then came back and acted like they didn’t know who we were and had to start over again, then when we asked to talk to a manager – -they hung up on us. Then when trying to call in again, they wouldn’t let us talk to a person because they said the account hadn’t been paid… this is 1 day after payment was due, and was paid at 6pm that night. This is just incredible – -no wonder they are so cheap…..

  39. saludos,tengo 2 cuentas en metro hace mas de 5 anos,hasta ahora no he tenido problemas con su compania,en ocasiones he pagado tarde porque he estado fuera del pais,pero nunca he faltado a mis pagos.el dia 20 de noviembre 2012 fue el ultimo dia que use mis dos celulares puesto que mi padre fallecio en cuba y me vi en la necesidad de irme alla,pais del cual regrese el dia 25 de diciembre a eua,supe en el pasado que cuando esto sucede uno paga el bill y el ciclo de la fecha de pago del celular se corre y yo no queria hacer eso,asi que espere al dia 1 de enero y pague 45.00 para activar mi celular.para m i sorpresa cuando llamo a metro me dicen que tengo que pagar otros 45.00 para activarlo porque cerraron mi cuenta.por mas de un mes no use ninguno de los 2 celulares los cuales estaban pagados hasta el dia 1 de diciembre.considero que su compania ha sido injusta al aplicar esta medida puesto que deben analizar lo considero justo y aunque en estos momentos no me encuentro en posicion economica de cambiar de compania,si dios quiere y lo mas pronto posible cerrare ambos contratos con ustedes de esa forma quizas en el futuro alguna otra compania sepa apreciar un buen cliente.atte.marta quesada.gracias.

  40. My mother added me to her phone service as a Christmas gift. Little did anyone know it was against policy. Well,I don’t believe Id consider this company for a phone nor recommend it to friends or other family members.

  41. I have paid $50.00 every month for my son’s metropcs phone bill and nothing more.Metropcs has never charged me extra or any less.I don’t understand why my son’s phone is off for $4.00 after i paid his bill via the internet on their website every month. What the hell is going on with this company ?

  42. I been in P.R. many times and my phone always worked no problems at all.
    But Im here now and is not working . The internet is good but I can’t make or receive any phones calls or text messages. Help me please.

  43. i paid my cell bill on time, but my cell won’t turn on. this is the only phone i have so i cannot call customer service. i’m on disability so i don’t have the resourses to get another cell. i paid my bill, where is my service!!!!!! please turn my cell on now, i paid for it katherine scott r.i.

  44. I can’t log on to the website with the account and I change my password and it still won’t let me on! Even though I just changed it! Please fix this crap so I can check on my stuff. Its bad enough the lazy idiot working at the one on mowry in fremont, CA got my plan wrong….. what the hell…

  45. I cannot believe that as long as the LG Esteem has been available Metro PCS has not realized the need for replacement Sim cards for the Esteem. The phone has held its value and continues to be a seller. I bought one and did not know the sim card had been removed, now I have a phone and no way to use it. Waited a long time for it too.
    Maybe its time to look for a new carrier that has replacement parts………..Esther McCollum

  46. I would like to block numbers off my phone, I notice you don’t seem to have that. What or how can I block certain numbers offf my phone?

  47. I have had a plan with you about five yrs im a traing store mgr for dollar general and i got a phone on the 817 378 7066 phone number in may and have had to have it replaced once allready now itis not working again i went in your store on henderson st in cleburne tx and the man that works for you said i have to order you another phone and it want be here till tue i HAVE TO HAVE MY PHONE FOR WORK,,, i ask him is this phone a lemon it si a 400.00 dollar phone and its not working again .he said its a eltronic device what can i say they break .i said do you have a loner phone .he said no and continued to be a rude ass i work with customer 6 days a week if one of my employee was that rude i would fire him .at work i would tell people to gst merto pcs and sent youll many customer but i no longer will this redulous now i have lost all my stuff on my phone yet again just like you want to be paid i cant be without my phone im on call 24 hrs a day when other store call help i have to go take care of it when my alarm goes off at 2am in my store they call my phone THAT dont work now ….tue really tue it might be in tue he said you should overnight phone to people when they break and they cost $400. dollars .. ill let everyone on facebook know how you do treat customer

  48. I have ringback tone that i pay for monthly, all off a sudden i can’t get into my account. I even went to the headquarters in Pontiac to get help and still no one is able to help me, so i am paying my money for something i am unable to use and i am very, very upset.

  49. I’m trying to pay my phone’s bill with my debit card since february 18, I can’t, because the system decline it. What’s the problem? Please let me know.

  50. Absolutely Horrible. Don’t put ur self thru it with this company. I paid my bill they shut my phone off still its been over the 2 hours, and then when you call to talk to someone it says call back when you are ready to make a payment after being stuck on the phone with there stupid recording forever. Piece of trash company!

  51. they need to be tooken to court. maybe the greedy jerks will listen then. I would not recommend metro pcs to anyone.that rebate is a scam.I had problems with that too.their service just plain sucks.

  52. I paid my bill in the store located on 3rd street in Jacksonville Beach, Florida two days before my bill was due. My phone was disconnected on the due date so I looked all over the internet for their number and couln’t find it. 20 minutes later I find the number and call in the afternoon during store hours. No answer. I continuously call back and after a few tries I finally get an answer. I can’t get my service back on because I need the recipt to have it turned back on (which I threw away not thinking anything of it). So I go into the store to figure something out (and may I add that I am keeping my patients and being very kind) and then end up needing the bank statement as proof of sale. The lady told me that she would go ahead and turn it on trusting that I would send her the email. I email that to the lady I spoke with and no response. I call the store back several time and I still get no response. My phone service is still inactive and im still working on getting the issue resolved. Very inconvinient and time consuming. I am extremely unsatisfied with the service Metro PCS has given me. I would not recommend anyone to sign up with their service.

  53. Metro PCs keeps texting, and leaving me advert. messages….so stupid
    Then when I call to complain the guys says ” so you want us to text you and leave you messages” and after repeated my self three times he figures it out!

  54. the way you have it set up to contact customer service is horrible. I have been calling over and over and your customer service reps cannot hear me or are acting like they cannot hear me. I desperately need to change my phone number becaus I have been getting filthy calls from over 50 different numbers since Friday evening. Please call me and help me change my number.

  55. I have tried to contact MetroPCS for weeks without results. Is this the way to do business? Their store on Jamaica Ave opens after I go to work and closes before the scheduled time of 8PM when I get off from work.

    Question: How does one reactivte my cell phone after a few weeks of inactive-service because I was out of work. How can I reconnect and how much will it cost. My service begins on the eighteeth of the month. I have an LG cell phone for well over one year. Do you want my business or not?

  56. dear metro pcs,

    my service is terrible at my own home, what could be done to solve this problem? Might just have to switch carriers if there is no immediate action.

  57. Dear MetroPCS,

    I want to do business with the company and is there anyway i can take the service to over sea? or to take technology to over sea, If it does what kind of information you need from me and how much money company need from me? in the mean time could MetroPCS sent me some information.



  58. i got new services from metropcs since february 2013,and in the store no one told me to send the receipt for rebate,oke but in two weeks,i received post-card telling me they did not reveived the receipt.i sended back receipt,all forms that are signed in the store in the first day of opening an account ,and guess what they never replied to me now they have no other excuses to i called and someone told me i have to fax everithing all over thats mean i will have less than my $50 dollars back of my rebate like i was told the first day. thank-you for reading my post.

  59. i have and account with metropcs for around 3 to 4 years.not bad good prices good service,ive call from N.J. to Puerto Rico very clear..i pay for my service & my sons i got mixed up & payed 5 dollars less thru internet for him,pay it the next day & no problem it was added to the account in a few seconds it was credited.very good.thanks

  60. On 4/13/13 I ordered a new phone on line to replace my damaged phone. Had a little trouble with online activation, then I got a bigger kick in the face when my $30 family plan payment was changed to a new plan. That was such bad customer service. I was only replacing a damaged phone. My plan should not have been increased. BAD CuSTOMER SERVICE METROPCS you will lose good customers to other carriers with that kind of service for a damaged phone replacement. I was only changing a damaged phone.

  61. MetroPCS and T-Mobile, joined forces maybe not a good idea, because:
    1.t-mobile have not bein serving their customers right and have lose in the market.
    2. T-mobile is now looking for a success company to hang on, and bring their mess over.
    3. T-mobile customer service lies a lot to their customers, and treat them really bad. Fost them with on justify bills to pay so they can make money to pay their workers.
    I can not tell u all. But I promise you will see for your self how bad is t-mobile, then u can then call me or send me a thank you letter.

  62. Why do I have to receive several alerts regarding missing persons. I find them very annoying and a bit of harassment, over a period of time it drains your phone battery. I seriously doubt I will come in contact with anyone mentioned in these Alerts

  63. I got lock out my phone.i put in my PIN number wrong an they lock me out.can I call them on they hope it..

  64. I have had three phone stolen here in Los Angeles California my huge question is how and why Metro Pcs keeps turning these phone on for other people considering all of them had total protection and two security codes

  65. hate there PHILIPINO customer service they all have same voice an th ssame accent grrrr… been a valid customer for 3 yrs and lately they arenot what it was then… I got caught up buying the 4g mobile 30.00 plan it suks I have replaced the phone 4 times n the last 7 mos …. finally arranty center said to go to corporate office and explain so they an give me a new phone and from a differ company… sounded faboulos I went as directed to run into the gCSR that takes his job a bit serious… he charged 5.00 diagnostic test all returnd good and tells me as a suggestion to upgrade that because the phone is 4 yrs off the front row… I was upset to know tht I was swindlded to a 100.00 phone that is realy worth crap HUAWEI 4G it freezes constantly it turns off on its own battery life is 3hours for a day if not you are running to every charger to not loose call th reception bad and the speaker is like talking among a cage of birds…. its ridiculous… last incident was 3 weeks ago when I was woth no phone for a week due to the crappy phone and I wasn’t surrendered a lender because there was non on stock I went to 2 other locations and no luck I found an old metro phone I had I called to have it turned on meanwhile I have phone shipped they say no because its a non 4g and it would alter my plan I have, I was like excuse me im doing your job now and you are refusing it because its a non 4g they said yes I asked for manager they kept loosing my call 4 times and as we know the 5 minute wait to speak w a csr later they wanted to offer a 10 rebate on next bill for inconvenience.. I wa like oh so should I jump for joy… either way they are misleading false advertisers to many people….I later was told that the plan im under is only 150 mb and it can be quickly consumed with n an hour… because I also have dragging internet service. their solution is upgrade to another plan yet they were the ones that sold me the plan how is that…

  66. why is it that I’m trying to pay my bill and your automated service is not working internet service is not working for MetroPCS when I went online to pay my bill 3 or 4 hours ago my phone is not working steel and it said my payment was taken care of

  67. Your company seriously needs to recruit SALES people in some areas. I would be willing to do it but trying to make email contact is a no go as you have NO EMAIL! That is a red flag, also your dealers are pretty lazy and they open their stores when they want to. As you people know it’s a huge market out there and mistakes can be made but not become the norm. I was in Fl, recently moved to N.Y where the market is HUGE. I had Metro in Fl and never had a problem aside from the people running the stores. I could get you so many new customers in my area that it would boost your sales big-time.

  68. At the age of 68 I’ve seen and experienced a lot of things. I have been told my intelligence is a little above adverage as well.

    I was wondering about my dollars spent for service not given that was promised. I’m supposed to have 4G service. When I call someone it’s supposed to work especially when it always did before.

    Metro PCS Customer Service tells me they can’t help me because the service is being updated. If that is the case what good is customer service, my phone, or my dollars given to Metro PCS.

    This has been going on fo a couple of months. Can anyone tell me why I should keep throwing away my money? Maybe there’s someone out there who can answer my question that’s smarter than me.

    I think Metro PCS ought to reimburse all its customers for their lost service.

  69. I purchased the LG smartphone with a “mail in rebate” of $70. three months later, NOTHING. Now they are saying that I already had an activation and so I do not qualify!I did not already have activation. It is a scam, and will be fiing a Class Action. So, all of you that never received your rebate for whatever BS reason, please respond so to be added.

  70. Good Afternoon, how are you OK my bill was due on the 28 of may. when i payed my bill it gave me code saying that i did pay. every since i payed my bill my phone still was off. i called customer service and it was no help. i been trying to call but every time i do they give me the same answer. i’m trying to stay with metro pcs because you all have GREAT phone deals that no other company can beat. i don’t know what else to do. please help if you can ….. THANKS I WOULD REALLY LIKE THAT

    • Try Consumer Cellular. Very few retail outlets but good (SO FAR) service and phone deals. Go online
      Just make sure you know what phone you want. Look at the ones they offer then go to metro (or another cell company) to see and hear the phone.

  71. I just wanted someone to listen to us .we have contact costumers Service about our 4g service is horrible . nothing seems ti work . So, we have decided to move our phone service eles where .there is one payment location y’all have in Conyers signal rd and hwy20 i willnot go there they have the rudest manger in there the place always closes early i see people tring to get in way bwfore they are to close .i have said something to them , they looked at me like i was a freak wNting to pay my bill .that is all had to let you or who cares . Susan smith

  72. This phone has died for the second time, Texas/Samsung MN180 flip replaced the first after a three week period at their facility (still billed the $30 monthly fee against no service quotient), and now I have cancelled the service after reading the above comments regarding a lack of common consideration against the fact that the company has failed to understand that customer perception is an extremely valued component of the relationship. Failing to understand that it is MY MONEY, I’m out over $400 for the year I’ve had the phone and little use occurred (sic, bought as an emergency value– essentially it was worthless), so I’m cutting my losses by categorically avoiding METROPCS. I told their account operator that if my Visa card was accessed by them, via my bank, I would charge them with WIRE FRAUD UNDER KNOWING INTENT.

  73. One phone died. MetroPCS said it was an insurance issue. Assurion said to take the phone to MetroPCS. Tried to pay my bill on line. Was told my information was incorrect. I don’t know my own zip code? Really?
    Charged a fee, after going out of my way to pay it at the store. Wanted to update, but was told that would cost me an additional $15.00. Good bye Metro PCS. What a hassle. What poor service skills of those employed by MetroPCS. By the way, I’m paying for two lines. Paid $500.00 for a Galaxy as a gift for my son’s birthday. Forget it. Metro PCS will never get another dime from me. Service is horrible. Phones with the exception of the Samsung Galaxay, are horrible. Employees are horrible.
    I’m with you George F.

  74. This has to be a cruel joke because people do not run company like this I am red in the face for you I just tried to pay my bill they would not take my money because I did not know my zip really

  75. Hi my name carolina i notsure how can you help me but there a email in my account does not belong too me so how can remove any email i wanted removed.and nobody can go add nothing without my permission..

  76. Since May I have had 3phones…the worse phones Ive had ever. From dropping calls,not being able to hear,hear my own voice echo,having to be on speaker only,cause sound doesn’t work,date and time changes on it’s own,,,I’ve lost it’s affected my presonal life and work.I can’t even send this text right,it won’t let me correct or fixanything…and in store I signed up with can’t find my contract in the computer…I Need Some HELP and in the old phone they can’t transfer my pics.It’s a Nightmare!!!

      I’m really sorry for this but the good way for this company is shutdown their door .because they don’t know nothing only steal customer .
      last Thursday on 80 church street “New Haven “they stole my money for unlock my phone $58.49.
      but I don’t know how long we gonna take for this problem ,I need my money .give me back my money

  77. 1 Nov 2013 I find getting to a metro-pcs person to talk about bill payment, is really is almost impossible to get by their automated telephone numbers and on line. My bank sent the money and you cut off my phones now I need to pay the bill again . This is not the first time this has happened and again I spend my over two hours to get it sorted out and days to get my refund. You need a better system as I am the victim of computer network failure. You should make attempt to contact the person before shutting off the service.

  78. I replaced a telephone and received it today. Made several attempts to reach a live person to activate the phone due to the automated service is lousy an that’s an understatement! The automated system ended providing me with a new tel number and requesting payment. Which is something that I never requested. I only need to re-activate the current number and I do not owe anything. I pay every 23rd of the month under my husbands account.

  79. Ok i bought a new lg-l9 phone my old lg phone that i had for a
    Almost a year shorted at the charging port the new phone i bought doesn’t get service half the time i have called customer service eight times reset my service started a ticket and still nothing i took this phone back to the store i bought it from not even ten hours after i bought it and told them i wanted another phone they informed me my purchase was final how can this be if it hasn’t even been twenty four hours that i took it back im stuck with a phone that drops every call i make and i have been a good customer i pay my bill at a minimum of ten day ahead most of the time i know it’s the phone that as the problem my old phone got perfect service on this same account this phone has been update by satellite three times i dont understand why they wouldn’t give me another one i am totally disappointed with the way this has been handled if i can’t get it resolved im going to drop this service buy a new phone with another company

  80. I would like to thank the staff at metro PCS on Malabar rd, Palm Bay Fl. I bought a phone there Saturday and by Monday I still didn’t know how to use it. I upgraded from an old basic phone. On monday I went back to the store to get help to use my new phone. I was so excited to be able to use my phone that when I left I forgot my purse. Afew hours later I realized it so I called the store. They said they found it. Having left my purse at Auntie Anne’s one time,when I got it back all my money was gone. I didn’t know what to expect but when I opened my purse all my money and jewelry was still in there. One of item in there was 2 carat tw ring. Thanks for such honest people. Mary Aker

  81. i like to known why i have nt got my cell phone turn back on i paid $60.00 on nov 30,2013 @ 3:45 pm n here it is Dec.01 2013 7:35 am n my cell has nt been turn back on what do i have to do to have it turn back on .plz Help me .

  82. Hi, Could be possible to obtain a link to download an User Guide for my Alcatel fierce Phone.( in METROPCS compatibility ).

    Thanks you.

  83. services in Jackson county Michigan, on a scale 1-10 would be a 2…..lost calls, can’t dial out, 4g is a joke works 10% of the time. people calling my number say they cant reach me and it said the number dialing is incorrect and try the number again?
    overall my 4g Lte, is a good phone but trying to work on metro PCS tower’s systems, this is what I would say networks SUCKS… metro PCS is selling something they cant make work. thanks to wifi I still have some use of communication. cant say I didn’t give you a try, and you failed…… rated poorly…

  84. Today was the 1st time I dealt with Metro PCS and after reading the comments It will probably be my last. I called a few minutes ago after an I tried to purchase an advertised phone online. The phone cost $49.99 yet I was being charged $99.99. Naturally, I called customer support to find out why. Like most call centers this resulted in me talking to a person with limited English proficiency. This girl just kept telling me to check the terms and conditions. I read her the terms and conditions over the phone 3 times word for word. No where did it say you will be charged $99.99. I asked her to show me where it said anything about paying $99.99 on a phone that was $49.99. She just kept repeating, “read the terms and conditions.” Is this the only English she knows? Not helping. I know you are a low cost carrier and need to keep cost down but your not going to have any customers if your customer service is this deplorable. You just made me, a potential customer, very frustrated. If this is the way you treat you plan to treat me while I am using your service I think I will look elsewhere for a phone.

  85. One of the worst customer service companies I have ever dealt with.

    These days, just about every other company I deal with has access to online assistance (customer service chat). I have spent the last hour trying to find an email address to contact you as no one is picking up your phone and you have an incredibly annoying commercial that keeps trying to sell me crap (or whatever she is saying — one time was annoying and I have heard it 80 times) — while I am on hold.

    I understand it is late, but everything I have seen and heard states people should be there now.

    Tonight’s current nightmare is by NO MEANS my first frustrating or unpleasant experience with your company.

    All I want to do is PAY MY BILL and there is a problem with YOUR service that is not letting it go through — and you are making it impossible to get through to you. It’s like you don;t want my money!

  86. Now — after two hours of trying to pay (as there is an issue with Metro PC’s system!!!), my phone has been cut off and they are not even allowing me o call THEM TO PAY.



  89. now I know why they have guards at there stores to protect their
    employees as customers are beening lied to get aggravated with their
    ignorant help they hire. I am still waiting for rebates. I have had no problem with my auto pay though this has been good

  90. My daughters phone got soaked in water and the sound doesn’t work at all is there anything you can do?

  91. I bought a Kyocera hydro and like everyone else who wrote a review …its a piece of junk. I sent mine back 5 days later. its been over 2 weeks and no refund to my account. whats up with that?

  92. There Customer Service is non existent. The number you call is automated and just brings you to your phone screen to see your balance, payment info, ect. You can never log into your account online ever. Your password will never seem to work and then your account gets locked for trying to log in too many times. I have only been with them since 10/2013 and I have just about had it. Their phones completely suck too. The memory seizes on it all the time and the phone was expensive when I bought it. They won’t take it back either. METROPCS SUCKS. Will be looking for a new phone and a new carrier very soon!

  93. On 4/3/14 I went to the local Key West MetroPCS office to upgrade my phone and have my contacts, photos, videos transferred. Instead I was embarassed and berated by the supervisor. After I chose the new phone, the agent told me it would cost $10 to transfer photos & videos which I agreed. She saw that I had an SD card and removed it stating that this would be easier. I gave her my account PIN and she preceeded to transfer the info. Meantime she asked if I want a screen protector and I said yes which she then applied it to the new phone. After 30 minutes, she handed me the new phones with only half of my photos transferred, some of them friends that have passed away. I stated that it was important to me to have these photos. She then asked my gmail 4 digit PIN which I stated I did not recall having one. She had not told me at any time that the photos that were not transferred were on Autoback Up and I needed the gmail PIN to access them. I said to her that the photos were more important than a new phone and if we couldn’t transfer them then I would keep my original phone. At that time the Supervisor (Lana) said to me that I was rushing, this after 45 minutes waiting for my new phone. I asked her to explain and she said to me “you made her (the clerk) work for 45 minutes and it was my fault because I did not know my gmail PIN. The probelm was me and that I had “mdae” her put the screen protector on”. All of this in front of quite a few customers. I was upset with her attitude and told her so, she continued to berate me stating that I was at fault and should not have made the clerk work for 45 minutes. First of all I was not told of needing a gmail PIN when we started transferring the photos, nor was I told that this would not be completed with the gmail PIN. I DON’T KNOW A GMAIL PIN! I gave her my account PIN and all other info she asked me for. I am appalled that a valued customer would be treated like this. I have auto pay for my phone, no complaints with the service and have been pleased up to now. This Lana has to be repremended and sternly spoken to, customers should not be treated like this. I want to upgrade my phone which is more expensive than the one I now have, but not if I have to deal with someone like Lana. When I went home I received a text from MetroPCS to reset my gmail PIN, which I did, why wasn’t that offered. I feel I am entitled to some compensation and also an apology from Lana and MetroPCS. Please respond to me and inform me of your actions and what actions I should take to upgrade my phone. Rosemarie BeBe Clark, Key West FL

  94. I updated my Lg motion 4g software and it deleted one of the apps my phone came with. The app that got deleted by updating the phones software is Metro PCS Easy Wifi. And i really need that app back. I akways use that app. I was wondering is there any way to get it back or downloaded it again?

  95. Hello, my name is Mrs Thomasina Diatta. I came to this phone company last year & I was expecting a rebate in the amount of $50 for bringing my own phone number with me from Boost Mobile. I was with a honest phone company that said if you pay your phone bill on time for 6 months, they would deduct $5 for every 6 months. Guess What, they did. I let my husband talk me into leaving a sure thing for a dishonest company. How ppl like y’all can lay down at night & sleep knowing that y’all are ripping ppl off, by having us wait on a rebate, that we’ll never get. It’s about time for y’all to be honest with your costumers. Bcuz, honesty is the best policy. If I don’t hear back from y’all with honesty, than I’m going back to a sure thing. I’m so grateful that Boost Mobile will allow me to come back. Please have a very bless day.

  96. I am going to contact the bbb. It is sad that not only is customer service bad, they refuse to help you. Metro is owned by T-Mobile. How sad that they screw you out of your money, and then laugh at you when you call. Add your voice– file your complaint. Together we can make them remember us their customers.

  97. Im tired of your service you know cus after i paid my bill i can watch videos or the web for like 10 days an after that the rest of the month. Nothing is the worst company. I ever had

  98. Now about paying my bill is better to go to a location because you guys have to much crap to get to your service and paid…i have 2 lines and my family 5 lines but everyone is tired of your service….its better to end with you guys…..and all my friends and relatives. Gonna change service you guys suck

  99. I’ve had good days and bad days with metro, but today I got on line found a # and without too much trouble I got an operator named Hector, ID #17140 who was very helpful and got the job done in about 5 mins ,and he was courteous to boot! thank you Hector!

  100. I’ve had good days and bad days with metro, but today I got on line found a # and without too much trouble I got an operator named Hector, ID #17140 who was very helpful and got the job done in about 5 mins ,and he was courteous to boot! thank you Hector!

  101. I would like to file a formal complaint on Employee number #12469 Elvira. This rude woman represented herself as a supervisor, did not display any professionalism and ultimately hung up in my face. She should NOT be in customers service department. If it were not for the kindness of Jasmine#705039 or John #9017556 on my return call. Metro would have lost this customer. I would like my complaint to be noted in this employee records. Hopefully followed by termination.

  102. I went into the Metropcs store on argyle forest rd in jacksonville Florida. Excellent service! Alicia answered all of my questions was very informed and beautiful to boot! I suggest everyone going there if u need some good service! 2 thumbs up Alicia!!!

  103. Everyone looking to contact metro pcs through the phone, The correct number to call is on there page. Google metro pcs number and it should pop up numbers. Try them all until someone picks up. It’s simple.

  104. I have being a metro customer for a long time and I just bought a phone from ya”ll about 2 month ago and its being giving me trouble I can”t charge it up, so what should I do about it the order me a new one I just didn’t have a ride to go and pick it up and I HAD TO PAY 16 DOLLARS SO THEY SEND IT BACK SO IS THERE WAY i CAN GET ONE ORDER UP WERE i live up here in jonesboro ga to pick it up?

  105. metropcs has the most inconvenient customer service delivery as their system stops you from making online payment before due date. When spoken to customer care rep who has false name as Mandy was of no help.Its cheap and so are their customer service// worthless.

  106. DO NOT USE METRO PCS. I have had nothing but headaches from the first day that I went with this company. The first METRO PCS office person lied to me to get me to sign. He assured me that if my phone was defective in the first year, that I would get a NEW phone in exchange. Well, it was defective, but, didn’t show up too much the first month, because I was too busy learning how to use it and setting it up – but, once I was trying to text – the phone would shut off and I would loose all my text, it doesn’t save to outbox or to drafts either – and I would have to do it over and over in order to get it through — and once I turned the phone back on, it wouldn’t let me text at first. Anyway, I found out that I would have to PAY to get another working phone – and it wouldn’t be a new one either – and it could have another problem – like, how many times are we going to pay to get what we should have had in the first place. What a run around. Then the guy got mad at me because I wasn’t coming to his store to pay – because he got money when I did, very angry and rude to me – not good or called for.

  107. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with — I can’t believe the way that they are treating people with their automated run around and the nasty rude service people in their stores and the service fees – and the bad explanation of the phones and selling stripped down products with false advertising – I don’t know how they are staying in business – I am out – going to another service before they take away any more of my life or money — no more for me

  108. Really horrible customer service agent who hung up on me.

    I am a Texan and used to Spanish accents. This fellow had trouble speaking English. Even “yes” or “no” answers; I asked him if I would be charged a service fee for paying on the phone, and I could not understand if the answer was “yes” or “no.” When I asked him to please just say one word as an answer: yes or no, he hung up on me. (This was after a 15 minute wait to speak to a human being.)

    So I will switch to another company.

  109. I have had my Samsung galaxie with metro PCS for almost one year. It is buy far the worst cell phone service in this country. my phone goes in to (NOT REGISTERED IN SYSTEM) mode all the time, with no bars showing but when at the local metro store one half a mile away there are all bars full service! I am paying $50 a month for this crappy service. I am going back to Sprint!!!!!!

  110. overall rating for this company and there franchises is minus 5,didnt check my location for service,practically have NONE ,SPOTTY IF CONNECTED TO WIFI,franchise in leesburg fl is useless ,money hungry ,really thinking about civil action against them,spent what money I had for phones with these people ,cant just go out and do this ,again and again,real situation,mother was rushed to hospital with a stroke,didnt receive the first three call,and so many more since then ,go anywhere but metro,these are just facts ,can go on and on ,but why waste time ,hope they get bought out by cricket or something soon,and this has only been just a couple of months,will find the money and go else where

  111. this company sucks ,tried to post acomment and it said I had already posted,no service,,leesburg fl franchise is wortless find no decent reviews,buyers beware

  112. When I bought metro pcs smart phone lg 70 . At 06/03/2014 mountain view ca.spend $151.37.after I try to return from same store when I bought phone .because after I know I cannot get any rebate $50 . Because I am not switch my carrier number to metro pcs when I buy the new phone . BUT manager she NEVER tell me .i have to doing this step . She just told me . Just keeping this phone 3months after metro pcs will send you the rebate check .wrong information. If I cannot get rebate why I buy this phone??!i want to return get my money back .BUT she don’t want to take .I very understand about metro pcs return policy . Must have receipt .and Box .not over air time 60mins .and in the 7days .when I try to return this day was 06/08/2014 only 5days and talking time was 21 mins . Everything is good .Phone still like new too.BUT problem is this store refuse my return request .Manager told me she is BOSS .she don’t care about POLICY . she can handle anything what she want !!!!! OMG what’s wrong with her ??? Who can let me know HOW TO DO pls

  113. The customer service department can not answer a question with a direct answer.My problem was never resolved after talking with three agents…


  115. you make paying my bill such a pain. It takes forever to find a phone no. for comustor service. Cant you just put the no. down in number form. and when asked my high security you never have it right, and paying 3 exter is a rip off specially when paying in person./ Im just saying!

  116. ever since t moblie took into metro pcs this are not the same as far as a good signal…why are we getting bad signals or no signals at all….i really dont know what to do…i think sommething should be done about this matter…


  118. Atleast three to four time a day I am called by a 246 number (metro number) by a Spanish speaking tele-marketer claming I won a prise. When I call the number back the person knows nothing about the call. They do how ever have the same problem with receiving these calls also. The number is rarely the same, but always for the same Metro Number 246 Please stop these phone calls…I don’t want to change my number nor should I have to… “please Help me”

  119. I have had your service for years. Always liked it till today I bought a phone 6 month ago. Never dropped or got it wet. It stopped working not of my doing. Goes on and off won’t charge right. And they won’t warranty it. It is a problem with the phone itself that is just not right!!!!!!!!

  120. I’m now stuck in Tucson with no tech support to help me with my phone?????? can this possibly right??????

  121. Customer service sucks, upgraded to new cell cannot download apps because my number does not exist. Talked to a customer rep to assist with log on to acct before i got my cell reset my sign on did not work. Phone number does not exist, I paid for these additional services i cannot even sign on. I wish i would have just went with other carrier, do they change your sign in everytime you sign in what tech do they have dumb asses.

  122. Horrible service, store not open during posted hours, refused to give us promised rebate, contacted district manager who said they would call back in 20 min…been two days no calls. Left voice mail for her, still no returned calls. Obviously metro does not care about their customers and these same complaints have been posted on here for years and it is still the same old story! Now im out 200 dollars due to their errors and nobody to help.

  123. Horrible service, store not open during posted hours, refused to give us promised rebate, contacted district manager who said they would call back in 20 min…been two days no calls. Left voice mail for her, still no returned calls. Obviously metro does not care about their customers and these same complaints have been posted on here for years and it is still the same old story! Now im out 200 dollars due to their errors and nobody to help.

  124. Greetings! After a long reseach, I come across this page and I would like to express the difficulties we are facing: we under what is called family plan of which we joined when we were in Michigan. We were told that since one phone was paying 40 dollars per months, we will be paying 35 dollar after the first payment of three phones. Unfortunately there is no proportion of what they told us with the bill notices we still receive for the third payment and we are not informed why we have to pay more than expected. To make the matter worse we no access to any assistance since your company has no branch to our earlier(Abilene, Texas.) Right now we are failing to pay. Best wishes.

  125. Right now am so unhappy with metro pcs and there customer service they be lying so bed I will never recommend metro pcs to anyone cuz OF there customer service

  126. hi I reset my phone this morning because I don’t like some apps and I click the wrong button and it reset everything so now I go to call someone it says mobile network not available so when it told me that I went to text and it says currently unable to send your message it will be sent when the service comes available

  127. I couldn’t be more dissatisfied. I ask to speak to a human and you ask me to pay fifty bucks? I’ve started my search to look for another company. I’ve never before been treated with such cruelty.

  128. I can see I’ve made a call to Hell [tm]. I look at the comments and there are so many negative ones complaining exactly as I’m complaining. Now, here’s what I want: refund my three bucks. You ripped me off. Do the right thing. Give me back the three dollars. Thank you.

  129. i paid my phone bill today, the boy behind the counter gave me my receipt i didn’t check it until i didn’t receive my comf text thanking me for my payment. i looked at my receipt and realized that the boy paid someone else s bill. i called the 888 number stayed on the phone with cus service was told that everything was fine they fixed the mistake only to notice at 835pm my mf phone was off now im sitting here with attitude and mad ass hell. my mf phone is off. wtf????????

  130. What terrible service metro provides every month I have to wait for my service to be cut off in order for them to be able to change the due date then the following month the same thing happens and I have to do everything again actually I am so tired of this service I have been treated badly the last time I have asked to speak to a supervisor after holding for an hour the supervisor hung up on me.

  131. I’m done with metro PCS,too much! Yeas,when I sign up,was good,that’s it!That was first and last! they is no assistance if I need a help!,but good customer service about a payments!what I have to say? I have a problem again with my phone and Metro PCS customer service offering me change a phone number,”it’s just $12″,maybe more????? This time,I’ m going to change a company,or be better without a phone…

  132. I have had MetroPCS for a year now and I cannot call customer service. I keep getting a message that my account information cannot be accessed. In the last week, I have had 2 different people call me and tell me that my number has shown up on their incoming calls but I have not made those calls and they do not show up in my outgoing calls. A cell phone company is only as good as their customer service. I will be changing companies real soon!!!!!

  133. Metro pcs is the most disrespectful company ever. I post a payment over the phone and the agent put it on another account. No phone call, text to let me know about the error. The 6 agents I spoke to either hung up in my face or laughed at me. I explained to them I cant afford to have my phone off, because I get daily calls to work. I miss a call my kids dont eat. Agents jeffery id #907478 and agent 61186 were rude, using sarcasm. They stressed me for 4 hours. I am taking legal actions. I was a grown woman crying and begging for simple answers. I had a major migraine.

  134. For at least two or three days I’ve tried getting help over the phone. I can get past the recording. I’m very frustrated. It shouldn’t take so long to get through to customer service. I’m having a problem installing things I need on my phone. I’ve had my phone updated with more memory and can’t download anything. What is wrong with my phone.

  135. My fiancé and I both have the Kyocera water proof phones, until about two weeks ago we were able to receive text from our friends and family, now we can only send them, we have talked to customer service and they reset the phones,so they say, and that was a few days ago, they told us to wait two hours and that all will be fine, guess what we still can’t receive text messages. I am taking my phones back to my dealer and demanding new phones, thank god we have insurance on them, please take care of this matter,

  136. Do Not use Metro. They take your money then shut your phone off 2 days later for “non payment” This is the most un-organized cell phone company i have ever delt with.

  137. Metro PCS has the WORST customer service. 4G – where. I was advised I would have 4G service in my area – since they can’t speak English they must not know the difference between 2 and 4.
    Trying to be my unlock code – which the government states they must now do – can’t seem to get it. Kept this lousy phone and service for 3 months as promised un-lock code. Now I have to buy another phone to get service with another carrier. What a rip off. I wouldn’t recommend Metro PCS to anyone – not even OBAMA!!!

  138. I attempted to pay on my account yesterday(8-21-2014) and today (8-22-2014)and both times failed due to your website. I have texted you a couple of times, but have failed to receive some kind of response from your company. Why isn’t there some kind of acknowledgement from your company on this matter. How should we proceed on this matter. When will your website be up and running. I NEED TO MAKE A PAYMENT! Thanks!

  139. Hello, I have been with Metro PCS since December 2012 and for the first year or more, I always had good service, but I have noticed over the past several months (ever since you made changes with your cellular towers), I get terrible service at least 60% of the time inside my house. Half the time calls cannot be made out if I am in most parts of my house (especially the basement) and have trouble sending texts sometimes. And I almost can never get onto the internet from my phone. It seems like most of the things I do on my phone, I have to wait until I am somewhere else. I am paying 40 dollars a month and feel like my service should be much better than what it is. I don’t know if I would get better cellular service by going with a bigger company, but I may have no other choice if my service doesn’t improve.

  140. YOu people have the worst service anyone would want. I have spent the past 30 minutes on the phone trying to talk to a “LIVE PERSON” and all I get is a tape that does not allow me to leave a message because “OF THE HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS” (this seems to me is YOUR problem) as you CANNOT OR WILL NOT support your growing client base. All this is OK until ALL CLIENTS get FED UP and go to your competition. THEREFORE, I WOULD APPRECIATE IF A LIVING HUMAN BEING READS THIS MESSAGE TO HAVE SOMEONE CALL ME TO DISCUSS SOME CHALLENGES I HAVE WITH MY G4 TELEPHONE.

  141. Hello I just called customer service about my trip to Germany. I went on vacation there and had no service, I was told I had international service but I didn’t. My wife and me had no service for over two months. I was really mad about the situation. We have the family plan and I think I should be credited for the two months, my wife is still there with her family with no service.

  142. I have totally changed my mind about the carrier! Not one (1) good comment??? Shame on you, because you have the opportunity to take a multi million dollar company and expand to a billion dollar company. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE…SMH

  143. I have totally changed my mind about the carrier! Not one (1) good comment??? Shame on you, because you have the opportunity to take a multi million dollar company and expand to a billion dollar company. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE…SMH

  144. I answered the security question in my account correctly…was told it was incorrect…then was told I needed to go to a metro PCS store …I had insurance on my cell phone but for some reason the speaker volume was not working….so I took the phone to the metro PCS store where I bought it..I was told the speaker was no good…must get another phone..I had insurance…it was not honoured…so I purchased another cell phone thinking the speaker went out…the price on the new cell phone said 20.00…I paid it..and then was charged 15.00 more (purchasers fee I was told…what happened to my insurance????
    went home..speaker started working fine on old cell phone…new cell phone drops calls everywhere…went back to store and was told Metro PCS was having problems and it would take some time before things got better…I waited 2 weeks…things got worse…went to a different metro store..was told I needed to call Metro PCS and ask to get my phone refreshed..tried that…had forgotten my pin number so was asked the secret question…what street did you grow up on..answered it correctly…was told answer was incorrect…had to strain to understand the agent (India..they learn british English with Indian accent…good luck) now I am sitting here on my computer ..wondering what to do insurance is no good ..I have been conned with the price of the new cell phone…and also my old one still works and the new one continues to drop calls..north…east…south…west…it is for my job..I need it to talk to the dispatcher and he needs to call me…both of us have trouble doing this…meanwhile it is so far imposible to talk to an agent because I am told I have answered my security question wrongly by the agent wondering if the agent could understand me anyway

  145. I have just spent 20.00 talking to some one that doesn’t speak English.I want to change my billing info. If it your desire to keep me as a customer please contact me at my e mail address.

  146. After 2 years I lost my cell to the pool. A new one worked fine though after a while it started to get off all the time. I was told it is bad and bought a new one. This one did not get off, it simply did not pick up service. The representative told me the old one works with old network, the new one with new. I needed another cell. Well, each time I loose the text messages though each time I bought a back up storage for $ 40. The pics are lost and the text too. Now I get the new phone and loose everything again she says. It sucks.

  147. I bought my galaxy 4g exhibit almist two months ago and my 30$ rebate hasnt xame in the mail. Is that normal or did they forget? Great phone though and everyone at the mansfield debbie location were very helpful

  148. I have spent the better part of 20 minutes trying to pay my bill online. When I click on make a payment, it goes to a screen with different titles and subtitles underneath, however, when you click on the make a payment link it brings you back to the same screee. I just want to pay my bill without having to pay an extra $3.00. I need Metro PCS to stop nickel and diming me and give me a service I can use.

  149. There customer service just sucks big time, don’t dare want to talk to a live person who could actually solve a problem for you. Their number only goes to a automated system, i have repeatedly tried to access my account online with no success, and my phone isn’t shutoff or late on the payment. The same old tired message comes up, were experiencing technical problems call us at 18888metro8, but every time i call it, it only throws me into their automated system. Does a live operator really exist at “metro pcs crap”?

  150. Whenever i try and pay my bill online, i keep receiving message (we are expericing diffuculty). This is and on going problem and real pain in the rear. please fix this problem or its time for me to switch carrier.

  151. Please provide a live operator to eliminate this problem. That causes my payment to be late. by the time i get to a payment center my service is off. I have 3 phones on that account for my grandkids.

  152. I am very disappointed with my Nokia phone purchased August 7, 2014 at the Metro PCS store here in Virginia.I am a senior citizen and already have taken the bus two times to discover the issue with the phone. Just yesterday I took the phone back to the store because it would not charge from Sunday. I was told t was the battery and it was replaced. So why now I must keep the charged plugged in all the time in order to use it. This is unacceptable. I am have been told the store will not take the phone back. There is a planned trip and not enough time to send the phone to be serviced and returned in 4 days So I am struck without a phone within less than 30 days of my purchase The phone is programmed for YOUTUBE but keeps referring me to my desktop and won’t allow youtube to download and keeps erasing random contacts from my phone. This is not good.

  153. I am very disappointed with my Nokia phone purchased August 7, 2014 at the Metro PCS store here in Virginia.I am a senior citizen and already have taken the bus two times to discover the issue with the phone. Just yesterday I took the phone back to the store because it would not charge from Sunday. I was told t was the battery and it was replaced. So why now must I keep the charger plugged in all the time in order to use it. This is unacceptable. I have been told the store will not take the phone back. There is a planned trip and not enough time to send the phone to be serviced and returned in 4 days. So I am without a phone within less than 30 days of my purchase and on a fixed income unable to purchase a new phone. The phone is programmed for YOUTUBE but it keeps referring me to my desktop and won’t allow you tube to download and keeps erasing random contacts from my phone. This is not good. I was sold a defective product and your policy needs reviewing.Why should the consumer be stuck?

  154. Metropcs has such bad customer service that I am giving them up and moving to another phone carrier. I spent numerous attempts trying to reach a person and was repeatedly put back into computer hell. It is obvious they have no intention of letting you speak to someone for verbal help. There was no one to speak to online on their website either. It made me frustrated and just plain mad that they would treat their customers this way. So bye bye. I can spend my money with some other service that actually lets me talk to a service rep without wasting my time having to go to a store where the store associates are able to call and talk to someone to find the answers I need.

  155. I am about to agree with my children that Metro PCS really stands for Metro Piece of S**t!! For the past three days have not been able to make or receive phone calls from residence. Customer Service rep said would reset my phone…not my phone as three of us have Metro PCS. All are having issues. Can not tell me if it is a tower issue or what. Since pre-paid, not much they will do except credit my account $5 for the inconvenience. Finally got a customer service rep on the line by screaming “Customer Service” about 5 times while listening to their automated info. People, there are other pre-paid companies…try them!

  156. I am paying for the $40 plan. I also pay $5. monthly for the insurance. So my question is why am I now being charged $46. a month?
    I paid $46 last month too.
    Please respond.

    Thank You Karen Raebel.

  157. I have had metro since the day they opened the doors i now have had a art phone and have a mobile hot spot i pay for hsve had it several months. SuddenlLy i am using all ma data up becuz ofy hot spot ! Never happened befor but i am noticing every month something changes because of. T- mobile! I am noe about to change my. Business elsewhere ypu should not mess up the ones like me because ur gping to loose my bussinrss!

  158. Run from this company….the worst! Service ever! Filing a lawsuit against them if they don’t honor my insurance

  159. Hey guys I have two phones under my name which I pay at the same time.I only want to pay for one for now on but would it still give me the service or I need to pay for both?

  160. Customer service is nonexistent the app was down the day the bill was due had to pay a service fee in order to pay my bill that is unacceptable I like the service but I feel customer service needs a lot of improve

  161. I am a happy customer once again thanks to Amy at the Metro PCS store in Orange City FL. I have been with Metro for 10 years and recently upgraded. Since the upgrade, I began having problems with my phone and visited the same store twice to try to resolve the issue which I was lead to believe was caused by Metro transitioning to T-Mobile. On the third time going back to the store in two weeks, I finally got help from Amy, who fixed the human error that the original salesperson made, got my phone working properly, all the while I watched her help two other people, AND, she was the only service person in the store during this time frame. I witnessed three separate transactions with three satisfied customers in the midst of about an hour. Great job AMY!

  162. I’m soo, sooo dissatisfied with Metro. I can barely make calls as I always get “celluar network not available, connect to WiFi to make a call. I finnally got someone in customer service and supposed to trouble shoot and half way in, call lost signal, haven’t been able to reach anyone since. Went to a store, before I couldn’t finish my question, I was told the only thing I could do was re-set my phone and I would loose everything. Evidently, customer service isn’t at the top of the list. I left Sprint after 12 years for a cheaper plan. I pay $67 for Metro plan which they advertise $40 for everything which is a LIE!!! Evidently the CEO is rude and unprofessional because it it allowed by store representative as well as customer service reps if you can ever speak with a live person. They want their money on time or cut your service, but what about all the period of times I’m unable to make calls?? I absolutely will be leaving Metro and people please make formal complaints with Better Business Bureau so someone else won’t have to deal with this miserable company.

    • well said and i am with you. on the 10th of this month i will not be returnming to metro and i will go to some other service provider.

  163. Can not make my payment by phone.The store charges 3.00 service fee plus a 2.00 debt card fee . WHAT IS THIS ? AND WHY????

  164. I have the Nokia luma 521 it’s the worst phone I have ever had it’s a shame that in the store they will not let you return for something else if you are not satisfied.

  165. I must say I am extremely dissapointed in your customer service. I work very hard on top of taking care of my terminally ill father and time is something I never have enough of.. I got off work tonight and rushed to your location at 370 N LaHabra Ca. 90631. I know on Sundays this location closes at 8:00pm. I arrived at 7:56pm to a locked door and a employee inside with two of her friends. I knocked, held up $73.00, told her I had four minutes & I desperately needed to pay my bill. She looked at her friends, lauphed at me & bluntly said NO!!! Normally I woundn’t even bother arriving so late or pay my bill online, but unfortunetly this months medical bills for my dying father have exceeded my credit cards, making that impossible. The cash I had for my bill was all I have for the week. Tomarrow consist of cancer radiation, chemotherapy, & 3 doctor appointments, with a man who cannot walk & is in constant pain. I needed my phone to consult with doctors & verify appointments. I have know time to make another trip back to a store that didn’t want or care about my buisness the 1st time I was there. I know I’m knowbody & $73.00 means nothing to a multi-million dollar company, but I truly hope your employees attitude & straight disregard for others is not how you view things as well. I use this service because signing a two year contract is not in the best interest of a man who does not have that amount of time to live. Maybe I should reconsider & sign with a provider who cares. After her represention of your company I’m not sure this is the rite place for me.

    • Im sorry to hear Faye Palmers situation and she is right the customer at metro does not matter just making sales margins and the appearance of working in the store. They should have allowed her to make her payment with timing remaining since there was time left to come into the store. that is terrible business practice

  166. I encured a problem yesterday and today who ever calls the phone erases the call manually .Does this mean read the manual thoroughly.

  167. I need a new password for code to remote activation for the internet.I have left my codes on another pc and need them changed for security.Or I will have slow throughput due to over used broadband of more than enough broadband.

  168. Getting text messages at 04:30 in the morning is getting annoying. Tried calling customer service to correct this and no one was able to help. After jumping through so many gate keeper messages I spoke with Mark #22403 who was less than helpful and would not let me speak with a supervisor as there were none there and no idea when they would be in. You my have better luck in getting to the White House than speaking with or ever e mailing someone. Also not every phone number on your account has to be notified as to how much you paid or when, this should be private only the person responsible for paying the bill. One of our lines was a gift. Spend the extra dollar and hire some knowledgeable people to answer the phones like any other service industry in America. If it is necessary to text do it at a reasonable hour to the person paying the bill. Or if you would please post the CEO’s phone number and I’ll text him at 04:30 and request any imfo they have for me.

  169. Signed up for a $60.00 monthly plan. Then it went to $70.00, then to $79.00. Not at all happy. Hope i have some luck with customer service, but with what i have already read,doesn’t look good.

  170. i can turn my phone on and it has the wrong time and my sd card and phone memory will not be scanned. after about a few minutes, the phone will turn off and restart the process all over again. this has been going on for about a week and a couple of days, almost about two weeks now.

  171. Im disgusted with metro pcs customer service line. All I wanted to do was pay my phone bill. The metropcs website was down and on it was the number to call. I called that number. After talking to outsourced customer reps who were reading a script, I was told that I had to pay a service fee because I couldn’t remember my passcode and test questions. I don’t remember what I set up 6 years ago. So of course I couldn’t pay my bill because I refuse to pay $3 extra service fee for being inconvenienced. Then they gave me a headquarters number near me (Deerfield Beach). I called the number and of course there was no customer service rep to talk to. Crappy job metro pcs…You have sunken to a new low……Im switching my service to another carrier.

  172. i am upset that metro customer service is horrible. Im not going to mention the independant service providers but the corporate locsation are ran by no uman robotic eople and why does metro not try t provide good customer service and stop trying to pressure the customers to pnly purchase from them. I purchased a Alcatel phone last year to upgrad my flip phone which i never had any problems with but after three months og having the phone the phone stopped working period. So I was told my only solution was to purchase another of the same phone which I did with reservations. Now six months later my phone will charge or come on or keep a charge for more than ten minutes. Of course I get the same story from the corporate location and they are dumb founded in giving any human knowledge that they have sorry phone service. I just want a good working phone and not to have problem every three to six months. I do not feel after having two of the same phone some better customer service should be granted other than contact customer service or some one in a foreign land who can not assist you. Also, it sucksd that thaty make you buy a ohione and not give you a battery.

  173. i am upset that metro customer service is horrible. Im not going to mention the independant service providers but the corporate locsation are ran by no uman robotic eople and why does metro not try t provide good customer service and stop trying to pressure the customers to pnly purchase from them. I purchased a Alcatel phone last year to upgrad my flip phone which i never had any problems with but after three months og having the phone the phone stopped working period. So I was told my only solution was to purchase another of the same phone which I did with reservations. Now six months later my phone will charge or come on or keep a charge for more than ten minutes. Of course I get the same story from the corporate location and they are dumb founded in giving any human knowledge that they have sorry phone service. I just want a good working phone and not to have problem every three to six months. I do not feel after having two of the same phone some better customer service should be granted other than contact customer service or some one in a foreign land who can not assist you. Also, it sucksd that thaty make you buy a ohione and not give you a battery. Using my battery out of my old phone is sloppy business practice when i purchased the phone. You are some cheap people. metro give your consumers some better service.

  174. I went to the Metro PCS store on E.Warren and Conner in Detroit. I was not helped and was talked to disrespectfully by not one but two employees who refused to call their superior. I was made to come back two more times where there was no manager and literally threatened. The man named Matthew insulted me and then told me if I didn’t like it sue them( assuming that I did not possess the resources to do so). His co-worker whom I spoke to the previous days was to busy watching football to help me then was ruder still going as far as to lie about the events of our previous encounter. This is a terrible branch and if u have to pay your bill I suggest you do it elsewhere. If you need accessories shop online because they will super inflate the price. Before this encounter he tried to sell me a micro sd card for $80, I did research and discovered you can get the exact same card for $17. The E. Warren Metro PCS store in Detroit is ran by rude, disrespectful, lying con artist and I highly recommend that you go elsewhere.

  175. I paid my phone bill on the 29th of DEC. it was not due until Jan. the 4th on the 7th of Jan. my phone lost service . I have never miss a pay ment of my bill. but for five days now I am without phone service.
    very disappointed LCB

  176. I paid my phone bill on the 29th of DEC. it was not due until Jan. the 4th on the 7th of Jan. my phone lost service . I have never miss a pay ment of my bill. but for five days now I am without phone service.
    very disappointed LCB

  177. They need a new method of customer service because their existing set up does not work. I paid my monthly amount but the funds from my bank sent it to the old phone account (my fault) and when I went to fix it, metro cant find their way out a wet paper sack to connect the dots. They need information I cannot provide, now it involves getting my bank involved. The bank and metro will not talk so i am stuck in this nightmare. What a waste of time!

  178. This is the worst ever. I can not believe how hard it is to pay your bill on line with Metropcs. Its like this corporation makes it so you have to go into the store and pay the extra 3 dollars to pay your bill this site don’t even recognize my phone number. Also the system is down when you go into the store. Guess I will be looking for a new cell phone provider and encourage all other customers to do so and never suggest metropcs to No-One

  179. poor customer service at metro center chargin bld in Cleveland Ohio I waited for pin unblock for 30days now Very Unhappy pls help

  180. Metro crossed my account with someone else an wont fix it, Now I have to go in person to pay my bill an get charged a service fee every time I was always able to pay it online till they messed up now I have to pay for it.


  182. Why is there no phone number for a real human to talk to? My brother has an account and myself and girlfriend have phones on this account. He pays for his phone and I pay for mine as well as my girlfriends (we just got on his account)and I need a real human to talk to so I can pay my part of the bill. WTH??? The online phone number takes you to the same # by dialing 611. Not good customer service at all. So MetroPc sucks for customer service!!!

  183. It was the worse experience I had ever had to deal with. They kept repeating that I didn’t know my info and when I get it together I was suppose to call them back. The service you have well you need to get rid of it. It’s completely useless. I never lose my temper the way I did talking to your machine…. Never again will I ever call customer service!

  184. I purchased a phone and had phone turned on paid for it but service never work, finally spoke to customer service and they stated they would see about refunding account, but however never did they charged $40.00 to my account and to this day the phone do not work and they kept my money.

  185. Why is this the only site I can get to? I’m sitting here trying to get online and can’t. When I steered toward this site my phone blazed me right here. The “unlimited high speed internet” really isn’t high seed at all. In fact, it isn’t internet access period. Wouldn’t it be nice if one could find a phone company that was full of something other than lies? One that actually provides the services they promise. Once again I have a phone company telling me lies just to get some money out of me. Are they that broke? I’m sending them some food stamp applications and the locations of some area food banks, I hate to see anyone go hungry. In the meantime I’ll attemp to find a company that actually provides all the services they offer. I’ll post that company should I find it.

  186. Last year use made everyone upgrade phones do to text’s 20 times that we would loose service.I would like to no how many have went through this bull.As i was made t turn in my galaxy as was to slow for the Service only 3 g.Yet its bull .As i was onky given a $20 refund towards a new phone as everyone else at the mall that day. An use pushed the alcatel onetouch as they was. so great.First week it completly crashed.Freezes up every day.An since i have had it nothing but shut downs in middle of calls locks up .Text’s dont come threw or 50 times same text’s. An the big kicker to this is only gets 3g .An ive askedso many online got dooked into this crap phone. An all say same as 3 friends alcatel onetouch phones all same some died within a month batteries. As i an so many i no paying the 3 fee as is when paying your bill with the company .Not like its a 3rd party. Year’s i contested this an if more did .Im shaw they would do something
    as merged with team Mobile an they dont do this scam.

  187. I need to have all service stop on my phone. It was stolen. But there is nothing on MetroPCs website that I can request a stop service. Its like they say you get what you pay for. Unhappy customer…. I hope not to see my email address on the posting. A concern customer.

  188. I visit Metro one wireless and dealt with Tulio who is a great sales/manager. He takes the time to explain the phones and listens to your needs. He understands older folks want easier cells and I was very satisfied
    with his knowledge and eagerness to assist with the initial set. I felt comfortable with Tulio and I know I can go back if I need his
    assistance. Fantastic customer service. Thank you Tulio for a very
    satisfied customer.

  189. I have had no service and I can’t watch anything from Netflix to movietub or showbox and ad I am writing this there is something super exposed or flushing over the message about doors I think this site is bogus b u 5 what can I do

  190. Hi, I am a loyal Metro PCS customer. Recently, I’ve needed a couple of days to pay my bill. I looked up ways I can get an extension with you guys and the Bill Float option came up. I read up on it and it said that if I approved, I can pay $10 and have 30 days to pay my bill. I couldn’t find the option to do so on the website. I called customer service and the representative was rude and said I needed to contact the corporate office. My bill is due April 2nd and I only needed time until the 9th of April to pay it. This is the first time that I need extra time to make the payment. Help about this manner would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Delisha Holmes

  191. It is almost impossible to get thru’ to the on-line payment and support for Metro PCS. I would not recommend this telephone service. I have been forced to eventually get a representative to take my payment. This is an extra $3.00 charge. Is this a way of getting more money from the customer. Very, very unsatisfied

  192. it is impossible to pay bill on line I cant pay on automatic either! I have this problem 4 years sometimes I’m lucky and go thru.. today is eastern and I have no phone I cant pay on line I don’t have time to running in store to pay my bill !! why not fixing metro pcs their website???? ,years and years!!!!!

  193. I am very disappointed in my service with Metro..I have 4glte but it never seems to work my status always shows an E and I read it goes for 4g to 2g. My phone service sucks as well takes forever to dial out a call and I always lose signal and drop my calls. They tell me at store their service is the same as straighttalk but I never had any trouble with straighttalk. And they have never compensated me for my service with them as straightalk has when I had a problem with their service. I pay for a month service and over half the time it never works

  194. My husband I started with metro 1 month ago. We have had problems since day 1. Went back to the location we were purchased our phones and Tony said he couldn’t help us and that we had to go to the corporate office. When we purchased the phones and package Tony said to see him if we had any problems. So in the past month I have been to the corporate store 7 different times. My husband and I have been given new phones and they still don’t work. New sim cards still don’t work properly. Very disappointed. When I walk into the corporate office they know me by name. They poke a couple buttons on my phone and send me on my way. We will be leaving metro, they ripped us off.

  195. The store in Seminole Florida Has an employee the has revived my faith in a generation that I thought was lost to only thinking about themselves . A good man is Meshack Tapales if I say so myself . Thank You Sir , K. Johnson

  196. hi ….i would like to say will you guys do for free call to nepal during earthquake many telecom did that so we will happy if u listen to us and do free call to nepal ho call during earthquake period ….thank u …..

  197. Good evening,
    My name is Jeimmy Leiva and I work with P2 Cleaning Services.
    Our main goal is to help maintain a clean and safe environment for you and your company.
    We are very flexible with budgets, we always try to adjust as much as possible with what you have, and what is best, all estimates are FREE!
    Below you can find an attachment with all of our information.

    If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an estimate appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Have a good day!


  198. I have had a lot of problems in the past with customer support with a LOT of companies, but I have never had such wonderful support as with Metro PCS customer service! Every question that I have had is answered clearly and quickly, and in a friendly, professional manner! Thank you to all who have helped me with my problems and questions! I appreciate doing business with you.

  199. It took 3 hours for the young man to get a phone setup for me. The one I picked he set up 2 and then they didn’t work. It was 199.99. Then I had to get another one. He sold me the Galaxy Note not telling me it was old. He told me he would give me a case for taking so long to setup. He said they were out of them but he would get me one. That has been 3 weeks ago. I fell and damaged my hip so my son went and asked him about my case and he now says he has to check with his manager. He is the manager at Town East Mall, Mesquite, Tx. I was told by another Metro PCS today you cannot even find a case for the Galaxy Note One and it is pretty much outdated. I am 79 years old and he just took advantage of a senior citizen. The place I went to today had a updated Galaxy note for 50.00 less than what I Paid which was 249.99. I am a very unhappy customer.

  200. My son William Cail had one of your phones. The screen went bad and when he tried to obtain a replacement and or refund he was denied. He and I will not recommend your product. Your ads on TV are very fraudulent.

    Arlene Thompson on behalf of William Cail

  201. I just signed up for service this month, it is the Biggest blunder I ever made in my life,the antenna service is beyond horrible, there are more towns in Connecticut that don’t have service than do,my Obama state phone gets better reception than this piece of crap phone,metro PCs stands for metro piece of crap service

  202. I brought a phone from MetroPCS in Jamaica Ave and I traded it for a new phone and they told us that they were going to transfer the pics and my contacts and I never received them as yet I am very disappointed at the way the employee lied to us I have pictures that need to go to court I need those pics. and I need an answer


  204. In representation of your company and service in the last month has really resented your company in manner of unprofessional. I have been with your company for several years and have been pleased with the service. Unril relococating to Almogordo NM. I trasfered over to a newer model of phone that is with your company and carriers and in this area the frequency is very poor. My payments have not been recorded correctly nor efforts to resolve them has been esttablished in addressed propwrly. My loyLity to the company has stood in itself as redeemable as one. With the issues at hand I was not going to renew my swrvice and trasfer to a different carrier. In that attempt your call center here is not of support as directed and the contract should be pulled from the direction of present and handed over to Diocese of Orlando Florida will correctly represent your company as needed. If you have any questions my poaition is 1st Lt of Providence of Miami. We will allow others to use and equipment the service as needed.

  205. I went to switch my phone from Verizon to metro. As your service personal was helping me they had this rap music playing on the tv. Every other words in the songs were either the n word or the f word. When I asked if this was the appropriate music to be playing in a business I was told ” it don’t bother me why should it bother you”. Then the manager proceeded t turn it louder. This is how you manage? Needless to say I went back to Verizon, horrible, disrespectful, and extremely rude.

  206. hola como estan disculpenme pero llevo desde el dia julio 4 2015 sin telefono pues el cell que compre a los dos dias tubo un problema y aun no me resuelven el problema si fueron tan amable y decirme a quien puedo dirigirme pues metropcs no me le da solucion al mismo y me esta creando problemas estar sin comunicacion pues yo tengo familia he incluso enfermos



  207. I have the Microsoft Windows phone BLU my internet don’t work. The people from the metropcs store said to me cant fix the problem. My phone is New. The problem for conect the internet come from metropcs sistem

  208. Hi..
    I would like to leave a comment on my last visit to the metro pcs store on Charleston store off of Torey Pines #8301. July 22, 2015. We had been helped by an amazing service agent named Michael. (sorry did not catch his last name)When we entered store we were upset by 2 other metro pcs stores who chase around town on a hot day because they did not know how to think out of the box to help us. Michael went over and beyond to help us and I am so happy with my new phone and I will never to any metro pcs store other than this one from now on.

  209. i walked up to the metro pcs store no# 5004 in the pouring rain cause my charger is defective and the heavy set woman so so mean and I have ins. on my cell phone an amd now I don’t have any phone till I can buy one im am thinking about calling a.b.c. action news to show everyone that you don’t value your customers I was disappointed that no one there could help me thank you for having this space to write to you

    • she said to buy one at 25 dollars I don’t know why when I paid money ins. for the service on the phone if they told me the ins. was just on the phone it self I would not have got ins. iitss not my fault the charger is defective

  210. that sound like a job for a.b.c.acttion news I would I paid ins. for my phone and it don’t cover the charger when it got hot and it killed the charger an now I cant use my phone but you should call an fight back good luck

  211. Your service is very good and I will other about you your customer service I really like. Your agent Sara is awesome her I’d number is25137 her work style is great I thank Sara for helping me 1+404-468+2662 if you wanted to call me

  212. Trying to get my service back on, and trying to deal with MetroPCS email.So I can get my service back on. Cause metro pc have cancel out my account, cause of some extra calls that I was supposing made.Which I don’t use my cellphone like that.So I’m trying to start over again to get my service back on.To who it may concern to help me get my service back on.cause I really need my service from metropcs.Thanks for trying to help me with my situation. Ms Mills

  213. Yes I would like to transfer my metro pcs number to another phone. It’s also metro pcs phone
    Sim card # 8901260682994068527
    Imei # 359563064442670
    My password # 01142014
    Jose Fernandez

  214. Hello, I have a phone line (815) 999-6752….

    I moved to Shanghai, China for a year in early August and my phone bill wasn’t paid for so it was turned off…

    I want to pay to have it turned back on but I also need a new phone and SIM Card to go along with it.

    If you can tell me, will I be able to use my text messaging and data in Shanghai and also, how will the minute situation be if I pay for the Unlimited Plan?

    Thanks for your time,

    Take care and God bless!!

    Constantine Dactelides

  215. To get a live representative it is almost impossible. By far the worst customer service I have experienced in my life. You get what you pay for. Unlimited talk, text and web for $30. Must have very low payroll. Nobody to answer the phones.

  216. Metro pcs cuztomer srvice live help sucks!! 40 minutes on no live person. Custo

    mer service stinks big time! V

    Metro pcs customer service sucks!!! 40 minutes on the phone and no live help,,,they suck big time.

  217. I switched my service from T-Mobile to MetroPCS on August 31, 2015. My son’s phone and my phone worked for a total of 10 days before the service stopped working. I called tech support on 9/10/2015 after going to my local store here in Savannah, Ga , which was closed when it was supposed to be open, and got a rep that was very unhelpful, so I hung up and called again. This time I got a rep that seemed to know what he was doing, He had me remove my SIM card and tried to switch it to my daughter’s phone to see if it was the SIM card or the phone. Nothing worked. I took the phone to my local store on 9/12/2015 only to find out that I could not use my phone because T-Mobile had blocked the IME numbers. Had the Rep told me that I could not use T-Mobile phones I would have gotten different phones. The issue is that I nor my son can use our phones, yet and still I paid for service. So right now I am out $110.00 dollars, because we can not use our service. The Rep in the store said that there was nothing he could do. But I know there is something someone can do. I need to be credited for the days I a without service. I have seen the reviews on this company and they are not very positive. On the other hand I know people personally that have had very positive experiences with this company. I would like to be one of those people. Please help me fix this issue.

  218. Was put on hold for over a hour, to speak with manager.only to be picked up and hung up on called once again and had the same sitiation.3 to 4 hours of my life i will never get back. I will be sure to mention what kind of customer service and sales tactics they use in order to get people to buy my next union meeting to all my union brothers and sisters. I am very displeased with the way this company represents itself. Horrible experience i would not suggest this carrier to anyone.

  219. Charging 3.00 to pay for your bill is insane. I go online through my phone and it won’t go through. The same card I turned around to use my electric bill,and it went through. I called customer service and he wouldn’t waive the fee I was online and in the store already. He was rude and when I asked for a supervisor he denied me and kept telling me it was the card and would not let me pay without extra charges. Very unprofessional and not customer service friendly.

  220. Thanks to your inept program error my bank acct is frozen for at least anothet day. No debit card. And to top it off i used all my cash to pay my phone bill so that i could find out what the heck happened. Not a im sorry, let us make it up to you but just a “thank you for calling”

  221. every month TRY to pay my bill on line ,but it does,nt accept my payment,then I have to go to store and get charged $3.00,what,s up with that??this us 2 months now!!

  222. Metro PCS customer service is the worst. I called to see if there is anything that can be done about my poor service. When I’m at home, I can’t complete a call without it being dropped several times. I found it impossible to communicate with the customer service representatives well enough to determine if anything could be done or not. It is clear that English is not their first language. That is fine. But, they don’t speak English well enough for me to understand them. That’s a big problem. I’m just going to go with a different phone provider. I see no other option. I have to be able to communicate with someone there or I can’t use the service.

  223. Customer Service Representative Jose ID #11638
    On 10/15/2015 I waited 10 minutes for a customer service rep to answer the phone; then spoke with Jose. Jose was not much of a rep. He could not help me with the fact that there had been no service for over 2 hours. He could not issue a credit to my account. He could not transfer me to another person. Ultimately, though Jose was not rude, he was not of any help either. What is the point of customer service if the customer gets a run around?

  224. I recently added five dollars for more data after receiving a text saying I had used all my data but instead of it going to my data it went towards my next bill which isn’t due til Nov 3 so can you please fix this I’m running off free WiFi because my data wasn’t recharged with the five bucks I added

  225. I am current with my telephone metro PCS bill. How come my telephone sercice has no net work available. Customer service has not been able to help on the net.
    I have emergency calls to make now. How can you help?

  226. The Services is horrible!!!!!!! I would never recommend any of my friends or relatives to use this services. I Would stop anybody who I know that has Matropcs services. First, the sales person talked so rose about the PCS, he did not explain any disadvantage about they services. Do not trust them, they are chaters. We you call customer services, first, the stupid person does not even speak English, then they put me on hold over one hour after a bounch of stupid useless messages. Then you got a real person, they can not solve the problem, then she transferred me again, an other person which I can not understand her English as well said I have to wait for 72 hours before the phone can receive calls, I asked why, she hung me up.

  227. no tengo senal 2 dias hoy, el telefono se active el voice commander y no puedo desactivarlo no encuentro soporte tecnico online, que desastre, deseccion espero y reconozcan todas sus deficiensas y den major servicio asi como cobran , cuando uno no cumple a tiempo con el pago inmediatamente desconectan el servicio ,me cambiare de compania hojala y todos lo hagan.

  228. I tried contacted Metro and could not understand the person I was speaking to. I actually had to ask if she was in the US because she had a horrible accent from the Philippines. She thought she muted her headset up she didn’t and I could hear all these people talking and laughing in the background. Extremely unprofessional and I ended up hanging up because she would mute my call and we would be talking with her co-workers. I usually have no problem with Metro but this experience is something that makes me want to find another carrier. I never got my issue resolved and so I would appreciate someone calling me back!

  229. Sounds like you are a bunch of scammers. I got new service and mad about 4 calls and 10 text and touch screen stop working I go to get replaced and they want a little paper to say I got from then they got computer in front of them can’t they see in new costumer so now I have to look for a little paper because they can’t f.. use computers.NOW I SEE WHY YOU DIDN’T HAVE PHONE NUMBER

  230. I have been a customer for over 7 years and this is my appreciation award. In September last year I decided to finally get a smart phone. I paid my bill always on time with my monthly social security check. Now knowing this I am limited to my income .Well out of the blue after paying my bill for the month you just decided to discontinue my certain phone without any kind of notice. I would really like for you to straighten this out or return my money. signed VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  231. All u had to do is reply to open new service again and only pay extra 20$ for new phone I will be doing this each month thank you I will get new phone all the time

  232. In the beginning I thought this was a great deal and very personable employees. Having a problem with the phone, I was advised by customer service that only the store location could help with a hard reset. I did this, however, I was never told of the possibility of loosing my phone completely. So, again I called customer service, again referred back to the store and again I was told that there was nothing they could do, but they suggested that I buy a new phone. I have to buy a new phone? partly because of the problems with the phone, but, I feel caught in the middle with only, according to the Metro store, there is nothing left to do. Couldn’t anyone from Metro have informed me of the possible ramifications and then trying to sell me a new phone. I think not, I will go elsewhere. I am expecting Metro will refund me the prorated amount of which I have paid already, not being able to using any Metro services. VERY unsatisfied….. Lori

  233. I would like to know why my is cut off, and my bill is not due until the 4th of the month. This month was already paid thru my debit card.

  234. I am really thinking about not using metro pcs anymore…you can never get in touch with a actual person on my ph.All want to do is make a payment on my phone and it won’t let me.i am highly discussed with this company…and the auto mated is horrible.

  235. Metro PCS. customer service is terrible. I have yet been able to talk to someone about my phone service. I will be terminating my service and informing all of my friends that Metro PCS is not a place to get phone service.

  236. Recently I visited your web site, as I was considering a subscribing with your company. That evening I received an unsolicited phone call from a Metro PCS representative. The fact that you are tracking me to the extent that you can identify who i am merely by my visiting your web site is to me totally unacceptable.

    As a result I have blocked any phone contact from Metro PCS in my phone. Also as a result, I will NEVER subscribe with your service. No chance in hell.

    I don’t know if in the aggregate you get customers by tracking people this way, but in this case you definitely lost one.


  237. I recently visited your website as I was considering subscribing with your service. That evening I received an unsolicited phone call from a Metro PCS representative.

    The fact that you are tracking your website visitors to the extent that you can identify them personally, I find totally unacceptable and pretty creepy. As a result, I have blocked any phone contacts from Metro PCS in my phone and will NEVER subscribe with your company. No chance in hell now.

    I don’t know if tracking your customers in this manner pays off for you in the long run, but in this case it cost you a potential customer.


  238. I’m very upset. Last night my phone kept getting these typed stupid messages all by itself and I was no where near my phone, look like a bunch of gibberish typing talking about these list of people was now apart of the conversation, with whom I don’t know because I was in my bed starring at the phone from a distant. Now today I tried to view my account and I keep getting this message that my two phone numbers and password doesn’t match any Metro pcs accounts. I beginning to believe what some customers are saying, and its time I look further for service

  239. I paid for a phone in Calif. on 11/14/2015 while visiting my daughter for thanksgiving who highly push me to buy your phone. I pay $65.00 for unlimited service plan the phone work fine while in Calif. until went by home to Arkansas by
    when we arrive in AZ my phone stop working it would not charge or anything.
    I call customer service they was no help the closted place to me dfwireless in Texarkana,TX the service that they gave me was very bad I have calling every two days to see if my replacement have come in they still say no. What kind of business are running. Now I have buy another phone to replace your.

  240. I paid for a phone is Calif. on 11/14/2015 I pay $65.00 for unlimited service plan the phone work fine while in Calif. until I went back home to Arkansas my phone stop working it would not charge or anything. I call customer service they was no help the closest place to me DFWireless in Texarkana, TX they service that they gave me was very bad I haave calling every two days to see if my replacement have come in they still say no what kind of business are you running.

  241. I have been a customer of metro pcs for a long time and I have never been more unsatisfied with any phone service. While im inside my house connected to my wifi I still cannot use the internet because the tabs crash? I cannot make or receive calls or text msgs in my home. can you tell me why I should continue using your service with all of these issues? when I call customer service to try and fix the issues, the problems have not been resolved. im thinking of switching services. please give me any reason to keep using metro pcs. I probably wont receive an email from metro pcs until I leave my house to get service! I don’t need an apology I expect to be helped out with these problems im having.

  242. I’ve been a customer of MetroPcs for almost a decade. The service has been reliable for the most part but the customer support has always been atrocious! I’ve stayed with them for one reason&one reason only:they’re cheap&I get an ample amount(data,talk,etc). However I think I’ve had it with Metro. Cheap is good with me but horrible in store customer service(or lack thereof)is unacceptable!! The a corporate store(store#7007)located at 23121 John R Hazel Park Mi is abysmal!! What a horrid experience. The only person in the establishment that seems to have a clue about customer service is the manager,Marq. He’s the sole exception there. The clerks I encountered during my three visits to this store were pitiful. They were very curt and downright rude. How this store became a corporate store&more importantly how it stays open is a mystery! If this store(corporate mind you)is the best MetroPcs has to offer in the way of customer service they’d best shutter it&close down entirely!! This is the LAST straw for me. MetroPcs may be inexpensive but they’re not the only game in the arena. I’m taking my business elsewhere after almost a decade&it’s all because MetroPcs has a corporate store manned by rude inept employees.
    Good bye MetroPcs&good riddance!!

  243. I have tried numerous times it contact Metro regarding my account that I signed up for to view account details for my metro account . I have not have any sucess in doing so. If you are not going to help me please do not deduct $2 from my credit card. I am very frustrated that no one has contacted me like the customer rep said. This is not good customer service on your part metro pic.
    Thank you

  244. I was interested in becoming a NEW Smart phone customer and called “Wireless Future” (zip 33004) a few minutes ago 4:45pm
    The woman (Spanish accent) I spoke with was RUDE, would not answer my questions, insisted I needed to bring a phone into the store for her to answer ANY questions about the Plans available, and then hung up on me when I asked for her name.
    I called back and spoke to a man (Spanish accent) who ALSO would not connect me with the previous woman, would not answer ANY questions and ALSO HUNG UP on me when I asked for his name. He said “THEY” do not answer any questions over the phone and do not give their names over the phone!! Then hung up abruptly.
    Well. If I was thinking to buy a plan with METRO PCS, I am not now…!! Larry

  245. I just discovered that anyone can find out where I live by using the reverse cell phone web site and entering my metro pcs cell phone number. I am appalled by this inability to protect my privacy. What is the solution?

  246. Store 484 US 1 Sebastian is to busy – 3 reps- 1 customer to finish new phone purchase. My 4th time back tomorrow.

  247. MetroPCS customer service is the worse I have ever encountered. I been having problems logging on to my account. Several calls to technical support have not resolved the issue. Although I have received several text stating that the problem has been resolved. A very frustrated, soon to be ex-customer of MetroPCS.

  248. I am currently not a MetroPCS customer though today I had a $60.00 charge show up on my checking account as a debit charge. Someone has stolen my account information who is presently one of your customers and used it to add minutes to their phone. I have attempted to contact MetroPCS to report the issue, but your IVR systems are ever efficient to make sure you can’t get to an actual real person. Nor do you post a number or contact information that would allow reporting this type of fraud. From my standpoint you sure aren’t giving me any reasons to ever consider your services.

    • We are former customers of Metro PCS and I wish I could say that I have no but complaints, but that is so not true; we, in all good faith, attempted to secure your services, however, we had no service at our home; we went back to the store (Cumberland Rd. in Lebanon, TN) four times to rectify this problem and nothing worked; they were unable to furnish a contract in English; I met the entire family, including 2 babies, of one of the employees, who were just hanging out; when we arrived the third time, the new employee had to call the manager and it took him 2 hours to get there; we paid $94.00 and have been told we could not get a full refund and we have yet to receive even that; and, of course, we lost the phone numbers that we have had for 14 years; seems to me that Metro PCS took a lot from us and we got nothing in return; we feel that it is only fair that we get our entire refund back, and soon, as this has gone on long enough. a reply from you would be appreciated posthaste.

  249. I think Metro PCS does a good job of messing up your phone when you call for tech support and is NOT willing to replace your phone when they break it. I am unable to get in contact with a manager. I get a representative and then they advised they are going to escalate the call to a manager, but no one ever seems to answer my call. I got a hold of one manager and he advised he would escalate to the corporate and STILL have not heard from anyone. They said they would credit my account, but I won’t be able to use it towards a new phone. Really if I have to pay for a phone you broke….. I WILL JUST GO TO CRICKET… I am so frustrated… I want my phone back or someone to call me!!!!!!

  250. To management I am writing this note to make a complaint against metro pcs because I made a payment on my account and my money was not applied to my account, and my phone was turned off. but i have the conformation number and the transaction number from my card. you all are taking peoples money, I want my money back . Naomi James

  251. For 2 days my phone has not worked properly. I have taken it to 2 different stores without any solution. I requested a new phone and was told I had gone past the return of 7 days. I bought it on the 16th of February 2016 and todays date is February 20th, 2016. You need to tell me why a 4 day old phone is not working properly. I am disabled and have had by-pass surgery, I need a phone I can trust my life with. I need answers, or all of my money I spent on the 20th of February2016 returned so that I can find another carrier that can give me proper use of my cell phone 24/7, 365 days a years. I switched from Cricket because you were supposed to be so much better, now I’m not sure I should have. I need you to call me. I need this corrected before I cannot return this phone. I have until Tuesday or I will seek legal advise.

  252. Metro PCS really needs to have an available customer service email address. People can’t talk from work so calling isn’t feasible. It’s the 21st century, people don’t talk anymore. TRYING TO GET A NEW NUMBER, to no avail. I will have to go in person.

  253. March 3, 2016 6:30- 7:00 pm EST

    Just wanted to let someone know about the excellent customer service received by your representative (Keontay Maddox). My son had his phone stolen and Mr. Maddox was helpful in the process and offered helpful suggestions. He made sure that everything was taken care of with the old account by cancelling the access…etc. He was very courteous and the whole experience left me with something that I wanted to share. Many people are always quick to complain about bad service but never hardly take the time to commend good service.

    I have what you call an antique phone, not anything fancy…pretty basic. My plan is to upgrade in the near future to bring myself up to date. Because of my this experience with my son….Metro PCS will definitely be my first choice when the time comes.
    Mrs. Goins

  254. the website is rediculous you spend all day and cant get your payment through they keep changing the format.I cant reach the payment centers and need the free payment plan.I dont want auto pay.and the system keeps asking for password.the normal procedure seem to have been taken down.I tried everything.I dont see why there is a fee for phone payment.The system is frustrating

  255. Tried to call but could not get an agent on the phone. My bill is due today and I need a few more days to pay.

  256. I forgotbmy password on my metro PCs account so I typed in my phone number and your site came up with the wrong security question for my account.I didn’t choose the security question ur site is saying I choose I don’t know the answer since I didn’t pick that one.I know my phone number. All I’m trying to do is change my current phone number to a new phone number please help me thank you

  257. I was told over two weeks ago that I could expect an refund since I was never able to use their services! Was suppose to take seven working days…well it been more than that!! Talking to their customer service representatives overseas…we can barely understand each other? I had them to activate my phone at their store
    1485 New Walkertown Rd. in Winston Salem and deactivated it on the very same day! Why can’t I talk to someone here in America about my refund? Look like I will have to hire a lawyer to get my money back? If I do…I will try to get more then the $60.00 that they owe me!!

  258. Metro’s “Service” is the worst in the industry, bar none. First off, this is the United States of America, where English IS the official language, yet most of their reps do not have command of it.
    When I ask for Technical support, and a rep w/o command of English refuses to connect me or give me s phone number, but insists THEY can resolve the issue and ends up scewing up my phone more than it already is, its time for a different service.
    2) Get rid of your lousy automated menu, and when a client requests Tech Support or Customer Service, just connect them w/o dragging then through additional automated suggestions.
    1) I think rather than saying press 1 for Spanish, say press 1) for English and give them a rep who speaks and LISTENS clearly in English, not with an accent so heavy, a bubbly giddy attitude that you have to continually ask them to repeat what they said. Or asks you to repeat what you said. And last:
    Fix your websites so information can be found quickly.

  259. We have been fighting with metro pcs . We want my phone unlocked
    I have reported metro Pcs to the BBB now I will call or write them tell them that metro pcs was a great company and unlock my phone . It didn’t matter if it’s one day 3 mos 1 year .
    Thank you so much
    The phone is the LG K7
    I except it will be unlocked in the hour . Or I keep my complaint to the BBB . Then I will look into a attorney .
    Because your store on 47th Shawnee drive kcks 66106 couldn’t find in the paper about a 3 mos policy on unlocking a phone we bought outright . Here a picture to show u . I’m not playing games

  260. Have yet to sign in without having to first reset my password. Today was no different except that when using the “forgot password” option I never get the reset password. Very very very frustrating.

  261. Forgot password.Tried to have it sent to email. My phone number is showing as invalid. Also forgot my pin. Why am I unable to access my password?

  262. I had paid up to April 9,2016. this happened March 8,2016.
    I am elderly,disabled,live alone out in countryside,& have stage iv breast cancer.I NEED a working mobile.abt Mar for 8-10 days I was alone,no phone service.I was scared,one thing to be alone,but no phone is undue stress. I could do nothing.after4days I got a ride to groc store where I bought new phone with new took 4 days of calling to get phone back on.I was no longer in data base.could not call611.I paid $60.for fast full service asked for credit,told no.I had hang ups,dropped calls, can’t hear on both sides. no service,etc.on YouTube I was left hanging charged with full useage but no service lost connection. not conn to internet,etc.I did not get full use of YouTube as I was charged as I was not on YouTube. all the watched signs are there but I clicked on and no service,I went elsewhere! I had to pay for service I did not get.and it was slow,really I pay for a service I don’t get. bait & switch? at&t had to go to court for this 10 years ago,lost many customers.what hoops do I have to jump thru to get my money back.this is a fat scam.more but I am stressed from being lied to today. why?

  263. My complaint is if I’m a valued customer for over 10 years we’re are my up grades?? The only thing you have to offer me as a token of appreciation is to spend $& buy a new phone? This is not what you promise me 10 years ago?abt my bill going dwn? I feel jipt&lied to.what can you do to make this right.please get back to me thank u.

  264. Hmmm do they even read this or is this just another way of blowing us off online like ya ya ya we not going to help you this is are online we don’t care site your on hold and we’re not getting back to you till 2017 yada yada no hoble’espanyol no English leave message after beep press 3am thn pound leave your number and will call u back’sorry I’m just disappointed pistol metro pcs person

  265. I pay every month never late I am soppose to be paying 47 dollars. I had this plan 3 yrs and now i get notices telling me my 4 g is over and I have only 10 percent left I have never had this problem till now what am I paying my money for if it does not stop I will go to another company

  266. metro PCS has been playing wiyh my phone service and every time i call with a problem they keep asking if id like to make a payment itold the facebook wasnot

  267. My girlfriend and I arrived at metro pcs located in charlotte nc at the corner of Monroe and wendover. We were early so we waited in the car till 10 o’clock. Around 10 04 he came and opened the door and proceeded to curse out my girlfriend for pulling on the door before he was ready and told her if he wasn’t done until 11 then she would still be waiting. I am disgusted by this and if handled rudely from another store we will be taking our money to smarttalk

  268. up until about 2 months ago my signal strength at home was 3-4 bars now it fluctuates from 2-0 and 50% of my calls are being is only happening at my residence. whatever piece of your equipment that is malfunctioning should be replaced or a signal booster installed 19 burlington ave rockledge fl 32955

  269. I purchased a new metro phone to upgrade my camera. I trusted the sales person
    to sell me the right upgrade. I was not happy with the phone and tried to return it the very next day, the sale person said we don’t take phones back or exchange them. My Samsung phone took better pictures then this junk.

  270. Why is the Metro PCS dealer in Crystal lake IL, 60014 at 19 Berkshire dr, is doing money transfers and bill payments? Please stop them I have the evidence of transactions of this location of money transfers to Mexico and pictures!

  271. The customer service at your Williamson cannon location is Terrible. The people dress like they work at a corner store and they are so slow. I went to pay my bill in person, and after waiting 20 minutes, I gave up and left.

  272. been with metropcs for YEARS, seems IMPOSSIBLT to place a call to metro for tech support? Very disappointed and disatisfied there is no numbr readily available? benn wasting over an hour getting nowhere. words that come to mind include: horrible, very bad, not customer oriented, etc.

  273. i hate your stupid cheap service an your retarded customer service an stupid policies as soon as i can im switching services im fed up with your poor low morals an horrible employees who cant even understand one english word good luck you blood sucking jerks

  274. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AS YOUR CELL CARRIER THEY ARE THE DEFINITION OF BAD SERVICE AND LAZINESS. Worst company in the world next to the dmv these people don’t even know how cell phones work let alone know how to help you every time i contact them it is like talking to a 2 year old. None of their services work properly and they can barely speak English and act like they’re are not responsible for serving their customers. The horrible policies they have won’t even let you access your own account and they ask you too many questions to confirm your ID. I highly doubt any ones going to call in fraudulently to pay my bill you flipping retarded pond scum customer service agents and it really starts in corporate where the real morons are at. GOODBYE METRO PCS I DON’T NEED YOUR HALF ASS SERVICES

  275. Your automated answering service is so ridiculous you literally go around and around trying to avoid having to put a live person on the phone Super frustrating and also I’ve been a customer before metro was even popular and quite frankly your phones now are of a lower quality and your plans suck.

  276. On 5/24 I purchased a phone and the 30.00 a month unlimited call, text and data. Trying to make a phone call on my phone and it says “NO SERVICE”!!!!!. Please explain to me why???? I am very pissed off! I have a worthless phone with no service!

  277. We attempted to take advantage of Metro PCS’s two phones for $60 deal a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, after we got home that evening we discovered our home was in a ‘dead spot’ for coverage. We called Metro PCS in Springfield, IL (where we purchased the plan) that night and we were told to bring the phones in and we would get a refund on the plan ($60 for the plan plus $12 for insurance). They said we couldn’t get reimbursed the $30 we spent on the phone cases because those are merchandise and non-refundable. Nearly 3 weeks later, we still haven’t seen the money go back on our credit card (should be about $72). In talking to the store yesterday, we were informed that Metro PCS won’t refund us the money for the service we paid for but couldn’t use. We have made FOUR trips into the Springfield Wabash Avenue store (30 miles from our home) and we are still dealing with their crappy customer service, who is claiming we cannot be refunded. What do we do?? We have paid over $100 to drop AT&T and then go back to AT&T because of this and now we are being told Metro PCS wants to make us ‘eat’ $102 bill because they couldn’t figure out our zip code was in a dead spot of their service (should be fairly simple if you plug in a zip code to your computer).

    Additionally, I went into the store today and received more run-around. According to Lupe, who I believe is a manager of the store, we cannot get a refund of any sort because we ported our phone numbers back over to AT&T within 24 hours of changing over to Metro PCS. We were told because AT&T “owns” our phone numbers again and not Metro PCS, we couldn’t get refunded the $60 charge for the service we didn’t use and $12 for the insurance. Apparently, if Metro PCS still “owned” our phone numbers, we could get a refund. We were actually told by the Metro PCS Customer Service Rep (Andrey) the day we went to return our phones and cancel the service that we needed to port our phones back to AT&T ASAP and reach out to get a refund because she couldn’t do it in the store since it was charged to a credit card (if it was cash she apparently could have done it). After not seeing the refund on my credit card after 2+ weeks, we have talked to the store several times and given the runaround. So…..Essentially we are SOL for the $102 bill for the service we didn’t use, $12 for the insurance and $30 for the phone cases. There has to be a fix to this issue……Please help. I am blown away that Metro PCS is going to stick us with a $102 bill for a service we couldn’t even use. Please help…….Thank you!!!

  278. I am using your career and planning to visit Europe in this month. If you have roaming system, then please provide me details to use it.


  279. My phone was expensive. I can only talk on it if the speaker is on. So no privacy. There is no sound for games, music, or media. I have gone through the phone countless times all speaker functions are on. This phone is babied. Never been dropped or damaged in any way. In fact, it has always had a protective case since I walked out of the store. Please help. I cannot afford another phone. But, it’s mostly useless. Thank you, Jennifer

  280. I am very disappointed. I have tried 3 different ways to make a payment and have been unsuccessful.I work 3rd shift from 10-7 and have tried to call to pay over phone that did not work, I have tried to do the easy pay option for 1 time, i tried to log into account which is not working. I feel some type of way. I am at work til 7 in the morning without my phone. I cannot even pay on my phone that is cut off, but before it was cut off i could go to my metro. I do hate that I left boost. I could have paid my phone over the phone or thru my phone while it was off. I am seriously thinking about switching back.

  281. My segment on very popular etnic Radio was skipped and deranged 6 times through Metro PCS fault. A lot of times Metro Customer Service promised me to install my journalist pen-name at my Caller ID and allwais it was LIE, LIE and LIE. So my Radiostation was not able to give me broadcasting ether by my home cell phone and 6 very important political programs were lost. If I will not able to get Radio ether at 4 P.M. CT to-morrow on Monday 6/13, I will leave Metro PCS. I am tired of Metro NESTY service.

  282. I gave all my required fields: name and email. What is problem? You even play with Comments.

  283. I am extremely pissed bout my experience with metro pcs service u have suspended my account due to none payment cause my phone was stolen so metro pcs lady told me to wait and see if I can get it back 1st. Wait like 2 days don’t pay bill and my account will be fine well thanks to her now I don’t get my insurance claim cause my account was suspended thanks to metro pcs advice so did yall not only steal money from me for paying for your horrible insurance each month but I have a 5$balance on my account I want back asap metro pcs is the worst cell company that I have been with yall yall are not fair and I will broadcast about this and make complaints after complaints on you until I’m satisfied with your suspending my account and allowing me to file my claim and get a replacement phone from yall and you will make me a 100%happy customer or I will take further action thanks this is regarding phone #5129828656 claim # 425202161

  284. i am severely deaf i have been contacted by phone by pcs metro but i CAN NOT hear on the phone i did not answer because i CANT! i need to be contacted VIA EMAIL ONLY PLEASE. please respect my disability and do not call me again , if you wish to contact me use the provided email address!!!!!

  285. They keep changing my plan bye themselves an putting the price up which is bull.
    An anyone kinda think it’s bull to pay $3 cash at metro pcs i mean it’s seems to be wrong they charge you to pay your bill should be a law ..most companies love to get paid an in cash also it’s wrong to charge people $3 to pay a bill not like its a 3rd party western union or something been payng this for years even online you have to pay extra so its a rip off how many companies say sorry charge a fee only if there is a 3rd party like western union or a community store that takes a payment for electric or something an still its like. $1 to do that.Its the busy lazy people at these local metros sitting down an texting or on the phone an 90% i encounter are rude as all hell like sorry to interrupt your little game we no you are so busy so they charge you $3 i like to see how many think this is bull as paying the company instore or online am its totally wrong an it should stop they find loop holes for this payment .
    Believe im gonna start a petition on this as they must take in millions a year just to take your payment an give you. A receipt like making $3 a min it add all them up .
    Who is sick of paying. An extra $36 dollars. A year just to pay your bill its $36 total we pay just to pay are bills .Thats money single. Mom can use biy kids food or medicine as an example it $36 bucks to me hey Thatts money just thrown down the toilet.
    Stand up we don’t stop or make change if we don’t speak up.
    As grampa said
    A close mouth don’t get fed!

  286. I am so upset metro in Bethany Oklahoma has the worst customer service ever I am very hard working customer I tried to pay my bill online then called the store they tell me the online service is down and to come in the store and pay it I came to the store 6 minutes before they closed the lady had the open sign on and looked right at me when I said it’s not even 8 yet she told me oh well I. Have a few family members with metro pcs but after this experience we will be going to T-Mobile


  287. I switched service from Boost Mobile to you in December. However, since i have had this Samsung Galaxy Prime phone i get nothing but delays and problems with it sticking or shutting itself down. I am very sad because with Boost i never had this problem with the phone i got from them. Is there anyway for me to get a new phone? My phone is not damaged not one scratch on it it just shuts down or wont bring up anything at all and is blank. Please help.


  289. Tried to reset my password online. Received a message that the answer to the security question was inaccurate. I called and finally got someone in customer service after almost 10 minutes. she told me how the name of my school was spelled in the system. I entered it and i am still getting the same error message. Something is seriously wrong and this has become a major headache.

  290. Worst I have ever had. I went to the metro right by where I lived. I arrived 1 minute after closing. All I had was a question. All I want to know was how to connect to the metro wifi that is provided with my service there. That’s it. Nothing else. Would’ve taken no more than 5 minutes from the girls in the store precious store. They wouldn’t give me the time of day. The signaled they are closed (didn’t even have the curtesy to come to the door and tell me) I pleaded with them to “Please help me”. I used those exact words too. But nothing. So I am guessing that blowing off customers is ok there. I have never been so insulted. I have to sit down and think if I even want to continue with this carrier. I can pay a few more dollars and go somewhere else, and get better customer service. That few more dollars will make it worth it. Oh and by the way, there was 1 customer in the store at the time. Guess it takes two to assist one. I am gonna end this email now before I say something I might regret. But as stated before, customer service rating is a flat out zero. And would I recommend you to a friend, uh NO

  291. cannot get into the web site says it doesn’t exist I don’t know when it went down but I used it a month before and it was fine..not very good web customer service.

  292. My service keeps stopping. It says my sim is invalid. I just bought this phone last Tuesday. I’m using wifi at my job to send this email. WHST IS GOING ON!

  293. Hey i am really pissed here. i changed my plan from $60/month to a $30/month. and up till now my account is not active. what the hell is happening. i have stuffs to do and my phone is as dead and nothing.

  294. Worst company pay $95 for 2 line before my due date and got A txt conformation but the store denying the payment made!!! They said that I never made the payment and unhappy with the customer service .

  295. I went into the Metro PCS store in Seneca SC on Hwy 123. I bought a SXS Micro USB House Charger on 9/23/16. It only worked a couple of times, so I went back to that store 7 days later (9/30/16) to exchange it. The “so called” Manager, Rebecca (I think) very smartly told me that it was too late. I tried to explain to her that the day I was there was the 7th day (your receipts say you have 7 days to exchange). I have NEVER been treated so rudely at a store by the “manager”. She is the most hateful cs person I have ever dealt with!! If I hadn’t just changed over to you guys, I probably would switch back to Page Plus! If I spoke to a customer/patient like that, I would be fired on the spot!! Someone needs to treat that girl manners!! I will NEVER go back to that particular store. Now I am stuck with a $20 charger that doesn’t even work!! Please train your “managers” how to treat people!!! Thank you!!


    Candi Duckett

  296. I have been trying to see if I can speak to a live person. My phone does not let me call metro with the 611 because i HAVE NOT PAID.

  297. Hello,

    My customer service issues began when I first switched to Metro PCS from Cricket Wireless. I was trying to take advantage of a promotion that provided a free phone when switching. The associate who helped me claimed she/Metro PCS was unable to port my previous phone number from Cricket Wireless because it was from Nebraska. I contested the fact that what state the number was from should be irrelevant to the process. I ended up just getting a new local number and keeping my old phone.

    Secondly, I had been unable to create an online customer account on for two months due to never receiving the necessary text message confirmation code. I went in to yet another store and the associate this time refused to help me because my phone was not purchased through Metro PCS. I was able to call the toll-free number and got assisted.

    The service itself is great but your customer service associates in the stores are atrocious. Please see about better training your employees to help their customers better.

    Wade Anderson

    • I visited a store today to add a line. The experience went from OK to horrible in seconds. The rep shared a special which was contrary for my purpose and visit to the store. Ultimately, he was not able to honor the deal he’d provided in details along with a port in number from another company. As a result, my current number is in limbo as I am unable to access my number due to this horrible mix up. In addition, there’s a message I am receiving asking for a payment for service and phone never purchased due to the MetroPCS authorized dealer mix up. Unacceptable and needs attention immediately!!!!

      • Please let Albert know my Internet service is working
        He tried calling me but my voice mail picked up while I was going through the tunnel on the metro train
        Tell Albert thank you.

  298. My name marty i switched over to mpcs on 28th last month 2 later phone stopped working defect that Sunday a.m I on the phone with customer service and in and the local office alway til Monday til a new phone was ordered which took 3 days i do small jobs so i lost money mpcs told they would add the days back instead of giving me 4 extra days they want take $6 off bill na i was with My other phone provider 10+yrs. If knew it was going be this id stayed with them

  299. Hi there,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s several different areas I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few seasoned consultants I work with briefly get in touch to discuss?

    They’ll conduct an in-depth audit on me when they’re done. (I promise they’ll cover things you definitely have not considered)

    If increased visibility/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/phone number to have them briefly connect.


  300. I just found a metropcs phone at walmart. I was going to take it back to metro PCs but they don’t except lost phone. As I power on the phone it sends me to language and takes me to gmail. I don’t know the owner’s gmail account but I tried putting mines in but it keeps saying that I have to login from the owner’s account.

  301. I am a former employee and I had to quit because of a family emergency. Well now I have not revived my w2 yet and have no idea who to contact no one will help me can someone please tell me where to start if they know. I thank you

  302. Hi,

    I thought that I’d take a quick moment to get in touch: I’m on and have some particular strategies in mind where I think we can help bring increased traffic to the site, as well as convert a lot more of those visits into customers.

    Would you be open to having some analysts I work with briefly get in touch to explain what we can do? When they’re done, we’ll furnish a detailed Online Revenue Analysis — completely on me.

    At the very least, you might pick up some insights you hadn’t considered.

    All I would need to know is the best time/contact number to briefly get in touch to get this underway.


  303. Hi,

    I wanted to run something by you… there’s a few different areas I noticed on where I think we can help gain more visibility (for selected keywords), as well as drive more sales.

    Would you be open to having a few seasoned consultants I work with quickly get in touch to discuss?

    They’ll furnish an in-depth audit on me when they’re done. (I promise they’ll cover things you’ve definitely overlooked)

    If increased traffic/sales is what you’d like, let me know the best time/direct line to have them briefly connect.

    Ofelia A.

  304. Hi MetroPCS, please allow me to relay a situation that occurred today. My wife walked into your store on 9th and Creighton in Pensacola, Florida, 6873 N 9th Ave to be exact. She was going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy On5 you are currently advertising as $39. The gentleman behind the counter informed her the phone was $89. My wife then referred him to the website and he said that’s not really the case. She came home and told me this so I went to another Metro PCS store in town and purchased that phone for $39 as advertised. I told that manager what happened earlier and he said it sounded crooked. Afterwards I called back the first store and asked the gentleman about the same phone. This time he told me it was $95. Sounds like you have an employee running a scam. Please let me know what you’re planning to do about this. I’m not looking for anything, I just don’t want this person screwing or attempting to screw over anyone else and ultimately stealing money from you.

  305. Metro pcs is the worst service i have ever used!!!~ interent load is always slow , the so called LTE is not what they say , i cant even get a page to load most of the time , UNLIMITED is a total lie , they are NOT unlimited , they will throttle your speed in the middle of the billing cycle and there is no email contact to the company for people like me who cant hear on the phone i was a metro psc customer for a little over a year , as of next week i will be switching to a new carrier and Boycot Metro PSC because they suck and they lie!
    i live less then 1 block from the celluar tower and i should get a steady fast connection , even right after i pay the bill the service is slow as hell METRO PCS IS A SCAM STEER CLEAR OF THESE FRAUDS!

  306. I’m ready to switch to boost cause metro is really pissing me off I’ve been without a phone for 6 days now because I keep getting the run around about what store my replacement will be delivered I need to be accommodated for these 6 days I’ve been without a phone I deserve it I’ve been with metro for 5 yrs I even brought boost customers to metro please fix the problem and thank you

  307. How was my experience with the customer service with MetroPCS? Hell, I can’t talk to anyone! I’ve been trying for over an hour, 16 times the phone just hangs up. HELP! This is bull!


  309. Was told I needed to pay $11.16 buy one June 2017 the amount was taken out of my account by MetroPCS 30 May 2 017 . They disconnected my service on June 2 in order to reestablish service I had to pay an extra amount of money plus a two dollar service charge . Cannot get a hold of anyone to make this right or even complain about it. In the past I have tried calling the 800 number and found out they are located in the Philippines and do not understand us Americans . It’s a good plan if you do not have any problems their customer service sucks big time!!!!!!!!

    • Try to leave a comment would not take it said it needed modification why because I didn’t say you guys were wonderful and your customer service actually sucks

  310. I received EXCELLENT service today at your Store #7015 in Grand Rapids, MI. Just wanted to thank you for that!!

  311. I cannot reach live customer support. I paid my bill on July 20th and my phone was disconnected on July 26th? I was not aware or explained about the ‘Bill cycle reset’. I called every number available and NO HELP!!!!!

    • I’ve been trying since July 26th, this is very frustrating. WHERE IS LIVE HELP WHEN YOU DESPERATELY NEED IT.

  312. I am sick & tired of Metro PCS’ so called, Customer Service. They are of NO help! After LONG Repeated periods of being asked the SAME check list info to try, I get NO WHERE. After my Data Hot Spot Reset after payment, I was using my FREE WiFi for the first several days. I NEVER connected to my H/S. However, I noticed that my H/S Data Allowance was being “drained” at about 1 MB per day. Know that is not a lot, but it has been adding up and WILL negatively affect my final “end of the month” allotment!

    I was told by a Corp Store’s Manager that I HAD to call C/S with my issue then ask for Technical Support as the Store does NOT have that Number. So I did. And guess what, C/S did NOT have their Number either! PLUS, 2x’s in a row, I could NOT understand their foreign reps and some are “giggly” young girls of NO help whatsoever. They could not even get into my account???

    Seems Customers are NOT Allowed to speak to anyone within the United States who can help with problems. I find Metro PCS’s C/S to be of NO Help for MOST of my Phone Service Issues! Sure seems they are demanding we look elsewhere for a reliable cell phone service. Ok, they Win; I’m moving my business elsewhere!!!!!!! Ya’ll have fun with the limited, to no help, service issues.

  313. I don’t know what to do . ive been with metro and im really thinking I have made a mistake staying. I need to speak to a supervisor can you help me please. ive talked to the store manegar with no help

  314. I just started with MetroPCS last month. When some calls me it takes 7 to 20 seconds for my phone to ring. When I text some one it takes up to 3 minutes for the text to send. I did an electronic payment on the 21st of July. On August 4th the shut my service off for non payment so I drove to the store and paid another $50.00. I brought up my bank statement and drove to their corporate office and showed them my statement reflects my payment of $50.00 to MetroPCS on July 21st. They tell me it will take 4 to 6 weeks to investigate. I called their customer service somewhere in another country and they were no help at all. At&t was expensive but I never had problems like this.

  315. I think you need to find out what happened to my July21st payment. I also believe that you need to bring your customer service department back to the U.S. You also need to find out why it takes 7 to 20 seconds for my phone to ring when someone is calling me and up to 3 minutes for my texts to be sent out.

  316. I can not reach a human through your customer service number. I have an unlocked metropcs phone. I need it unlocked to work with my carrier.

  317. One of your customer service agents was extremely rude and would not help me to understand why my online order was cancelled and refused to put a supervisor on the phone with me because they were just going to tell me the same thing. She told me I needed to make my purchase in a store and when I had explained that I had just left a store and was told that credit card payments we’re not accepted, She then had the nerve to tell me to try again when I can, “come up with the cash.” I have never been treated so rudely by anyone. Because of that experience I have switched my service to Sprint and purchased a brand new device through them. Never again will I allow someone to talk to me the way that woman did and I truly hope something is done about it.

  318. I ave been calling for 2 days to get a stolen phone shut off. I cannot get a human on the phone. The 3 stores in my area go to voice mail. This is harder than calling irs or rmv.

  319. ive been with your phone company since 1993. name is Charleen Miranda*Graycloud.i had faith in your company and i stuck with you when your services was not that good ,until now im afraid that i have to shop around for a new cell phone provider ,since you and t moble got to gether and all the changesvices have gone to the rats,why because i have never had any problems getting a replacement phone ever until now ive had never been treated badly by anyone from metro or the insurance provider,i stay with you for 20 plus,years and the two now three weeks ive had know emails or a call letting me know thst i was getting a replacement phone, until now i was on hold foe 25 mins never had to wait that long then iwas transfered to coustomer service three times and transfered to insurace provider who didnt or wouldnt listen to my delema or even ask me what they could help me with {i got you need to pay 250.00 $ for deductible and email proof of perchies of the phone and i said ok and i asked if they could do a credit card and all she keep repeting this is what needs to get done in order for us to mail you the phone three times} and then was transfered back to meto person who was very joyful but didnt understand the problem i was haveing with out waiting for me to ask a question she keeped interrupting me with all of her joy kept talking over me and started to guess what i was going to say,i have never had such bad service or had never had to go through such hoops for a replacement phone,im sorry metro pcs.from bad to good to the worst service ever,im sorry to leave you after 20 plus years ,all this trouble for a replacement phone and stll with out a phone,i also ask for my service to be suspendied that never happened ,i have six day to go and i also told my brothes to sell there stocks in your company because they are not worthy of anyones business exspeaicaly after 20 pluse years of great service,a service i loved.thank you and good by

  320. It is the worst…
    You are unable to contact anyone…As soon as this is straightened out. I am leaving. I have been with them for over 2 years. I am done!

  321. We had a very good service from Louise today. Both of our phones mysteriously had “color inversion” within the last week. We visited this shop earlier this week and was told by a (not very friendly )clerk to replace the phone at our cost (even though we have had the phones for less than 6 months). We did not feel like spending that much money for new phones. We visited this shop again and, this time, Louise fixed the problem in less than a minute at no cost. The phones are just like new. He also showed us how to fix it. Thanks you very much!

  322. Here couple days ago my phone got dropped in the screen got cracked I pay insurance every month to cover my phone in case of damage or loss and when I walked into the local Metro PCS store in Redding, Ca. Dana dr. and asked about having my phone replaced they told me I should take a screen cover and put it over it so I didn’t scratch myself, not once was I offered a replacement, but they did try to offer me a better deal on my service for more money, so I don’t understand what I pay insurance for can somebody explain this to me

  323. Ing to call my neighborhood Metro PCS, but they aren’t listed, there’s no number i can call, I would like some one to contact Metro PCS at 2015 ave. U right where the F train is and tell them to kindly take their loud speaker and bring it in into their business, the music is so loud I can hear it down the block it is done on sundays now also this is the only store that does this.

  324. When I pay my 30 phone bill every month it costs me 40 dollars why is it so high it shows be like maybe 35 dollars and no more your company owes your customer,s a refund of some of their money back check your customer account,s and you will see

  325. Data service this mth (late Sept thru October) has been lethargically slow (25-35seconds before web sites appear) and at times screen freezes while searching for aquired app or web site. This most certainly is NOT 3G speed or 2G speed. Never seen it this slow in a year. Must consider a different mobile service provider. An emergency use might not work given this response time.

  326. you guys are the worst and a rip off.went down to add wife.first he couldnt get free phone to he said he could use wife old phone.2 1/2 hours later he says all set that will be 30 dollers.soon as i pay he tells me he cant do i ask for my money back and he says he cant do it.real nice month i will go else going to tell everyone i can (including bbb ) what a ripoff and scame your the store so called manager was blearing music nice practice. rich store #178

  327. This contact service is the pits!!! I did what I was supposed to on my phone & nothing happened. I tried calling Metro & I get a recording that will not let you say anything & then a hang up. I need to talk to an agent & I can’t seeem to get one. This involves my credit card number which was stolen off the internet. It’s been reported so please do not ask that question. Can someone help me or am I going to have to go to another service?

  328. To: T-Mobile (Stacy – Supervisor for T-Mobile Rebate Department),

    Short note to let you know “Robert” gave me Great Customer Service today regarding my T-Mobile Rebate…

    Have a GREAT Day!

  329. Good afternoon, i bought a Alcatel Fierce 4 last November to take home for my son in Jamaica , now he wants to get it unlocked but they are saying i need the code from metro pcs try calling but not getting through, i don’t live in USA was just visiting, I bought it at one of the stores on Church Ave in Brooklyn,How do i go about obtaining the code.
    when i bought it this was my info:
    Sadie Marshall

    Thanks for your help

  330. I sent in a $90 payment on 10/28/17 for Nov, Dec, and Jan 2018. My phone service was shut off this morning for lack of payment. The post office tells me that Connecticut to Carol Stream should take 2 or 3 days max. My payment is likely sitting at your office and waiting to be processed and because it takes so long for you to do this my service was shut off. This is a disgrace. And its the second time it has happened. Your lack of attention to mail should not be subscribers problem.

  331. Today I called METRO PCS and customer service is childess and the supervisors are ignorant. For my text and phone recor

  332. Metro pcs is the worst phone carrier I have ever dealt with! It’s all about selling. Making a sale and getting the payments is all they care about. No support what so ever!!!

  333. My comment is concerning the fact that as loyal customer who has payed his bill on time for years cannot get more then a 48 hour extension. Other companies grant 2 weeks or more in some cases. With how hard people have to work to pay their bills and how important having a cell phone is a 48 hour extension is, in my opinion, not taking care of the customer. A week would would be more then generous. It has left me wondering if i should switch providers…. I am going to be following up on this rigorously. The general collective opinion from what i have gathered is 48 hours is not fair. Please consider what I am saying.

  334. Today an employee, who I think was the store manager, chased me out of his store yelling at me to get out. This was on November 27th at 4:15 pm. He refused to give me his name when I asked for it. He asked me why I wanted his name, and I told him I was going to report him to corporate headquarters. When I called to report him, corporate told me that it would be helpful if I could get his name. My wife called there and asked his name, and he refused to give it to her, and then started yelling at her over the phone.

  335. Explained to Sarah that from the first day of the contract 10/20/2017 there was no network connection.
    It wouldn’t even make phone calls!!!
    The numerous phone calls, trips to the metropcs store, hours of resetting, turning it off then on for a month still can’t even make a phone call!!!!!

  336. meetro pcs suspended my service due to excessive talk after talking to a supervisor i started getting text mss saying bill was’nt paid. there is a $52.00 credit on account. i asked to have my credit refunded was told I need to go to corporate to have credit refunded, went to there s/w asupervisor and was told since I did’nt pay my bill there he would not refund my money Unable to reach anyone over phone because they disconnected service completely.what do I do now?
    ps poor customer service

  337. I’ve been to corporate stores, the website and spoken to their phone reps. It’s been and EPIC FAIL in ALL instances. Funny thing is I wanted to activate 15 lines of service for my company and one personal phone for a family member. NOT A SINGLE person there could assist me with this

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    I have been following for quite some time now, and I love your content and the lessons you share with your readers.I believe I can add value to your audience on few different topics as I understand the need for unique and well-researched content.

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    The article will be free of charge. All I need is one or two Dofollow link back to my site.

    Awaiting your positive response.


  339. Terrible customer service experience: After over 10 years with Metro PCS, starting in Florida, I was unable, because my phone had been suspended temporarily due to my belief it had been stolen, to re-activate it, because apparently the person on the phone yesterday wrote in my password incorrectly. I was informed today that I had to go to a Metro PCS store. I cannot leave work to do pointless running around because of this company’s incompetence. I am going to Verizon.

  340. how to contact metropcs with email? i see email thru facebook but i don’t have facebook. there website is lacking email contact. seems they would like to have every possible contact method on the site.

  341. Why cAn i not make a payment 27days before the due date. Jscky 00276 said its because feb has only 28 days and i should only make my paymenton the due date. i am disabled and only nget paid once a month on te first. I then asked if I could pay one day before. she told my i could only pay on the due date

  342. can anyone from Metro Pcs call me on my cellphone, I just switch this number to T-mobile from Metro Pcs, and I not be able to call Metro Pcs customer service from my cellphone, or dial 611 to call metro customer service. As 3/10/18, I already call customer that I need to be unlock the my Samsung J that I bought from metro Pcs
    2 yers ago, and someone from metro pcs told me that I need to wait 3 days to be locked for me, but I wait 5 days already, and still not unlock yet, but my carrier already change to Tmobile, and I not be able call metro customer service.

  343. can anyone from Metro Pcs call me on my cellphone, I just switch this number to T-mobile from Metro Pcs, and I not be able to call Metro Pcs customer service from my cellphone, or dial 611 to call metro customer service. As 3/10/18, I already call customer that I need to be unlock the my Samsung J that I bought from metro Pcs
    2 yers ago, and someone from metro pcs told me that I need to wait 3 days to be locked for me, but I wait 5 days already, and still not unlock yet, but my carrier already change to Tmobile, and I not be able call metro customer service.

    today I went to metro pcs store, they cant help to unlock the phone for me, and told me to call customer service, but after I already swift my carrier to tmobile, there is no way to call metro customer service an tall to anyone

    Or email back to me

    Please again, anyone from metro customer service, call me at 1414-888-1739
    thank you very much

  344. I appear to be one of the project guniea pigs and need to opt out of being connected to the 3d printers I found (one in Japan and one in Germany) I never gave permission, nor would I for project rigel. please do not use any images I have taken, especially of my family for any sicko 3d replication.

    I don’t know anyone who would approve such an un-constitutional nightmare…..

    Steven Coker

  345. This is the worst company ever to deal with. They tried to con me in buying a more expensive phone for my mother and then when I told them once again that I was not going to buy that phone they threatened to turn off her phone service. My mom is very ill to the point of going on hospice and they threatened me to buy a phone or they would disconnect her service. All I was trying to do was look for a phone with a larger screen and the situation because hostile. I’m at the point of bring the news media to this location!!

  346. I bought a Samsung g 7 on Ralph avenue in Brooklyn in April , although I ask for a receipt , I was never given one. What I was given was a sort of contract in Spanish. The phone cost $200.00 . One day later I brought back the phone to get a smaller phone, the young man said it was not returnable. While I was there another person came to return their phone also, they told him he has to go to the main store on Flatbush avenue…….. I honestly think that store on R alph avenue , on ave K is a rip off. They are cheaters.. Ripping customers off. The boy and the girl who is there. I did call customer service to complain.

  347. I’m a senior and not up to date on galaxy j3 I received new contract with metro and surrendered my Verizon account which I had over 10 years Anyway I went back to the store where I purchased galaxy at lynnway lynn to ask few questions I was greeted by clerk who was real rude in fact raised his voice I had to leave he was so rude Anyway I went store at 1 Market Street Lynn and was assisted by Elise who was extremely helpful She is great asset to your company If I have anymore problems that’s where I’m going

  348. My service started dropping calls then would not send text, called cutomer service and was told my account was”lost”. “C alled India again and was told phone not properly registered but she would take care of that. Now phone does not work at all. I’ve had repeated problems with their company and its software and will be changing carriers shortly.

  349. I could not send or receive mail over half the time inside my apt. Alot of the time my phone calls were weak, broken or dropped off when I was inside. When I would send a text message it would take forever for it to go through.
    I guess you get what you pay for!

  350. I’m a current MetroPCS customer and wanted to share my recent experience while visiting the MetroPCS store at 12014 East Colonial in Orlando yesterday, Monday, July 30th. I wanted to request an upgrade to my cellphone plan and was already considering the potential issues I would confront based on past experiences with cellphone companies. I walked into the Orlando store and met the attendant who I believe is named Yahira. I explained to her what I needed and she asked me to follow her to the counter. I must have waited for a total of 8 to 10 seconds before she turned to me and told me that I was all taken care of. Some may consider this to be her job but, for me, as a customer, I see excellence.

    I stood there a little longer in complete disbelieve because in the few decades I’ve had cellphone service I have never received such a speedy and professional treatment. I kind of knew there was a reason why I switched from that other Walmart pre-paid program to MetroPCS but Yahira quickly reminded me what that reason was. I tried to express my appreciation to her numerous times while I was in the store but, as I said, my stay was short lived.

    I hope that this quick note makes it to whomever is responsible for evaluating her performance and that you find it favorably to recognize her excellent service on my behalf, I respectfully ask. It is not a natural or routine occurrence these days to find such candor and genuine service. My most kindly thank you to Yahira and her staff.

    Joel R Davila

  351. I’ve been a customer for about seven months, I just downgraded to $30 a month from $60 a month. Now they say I’m network locked no connection to server, I keep getting cut off from the internet,I can’t connect to the app store to purchase playback tunes, I guess they don’t need my business anymore cause I downgraded and I’m getting poor customer service that just customer off without resolving the issue, so I’ll go somewhere else

  352. To metro pcs hone people. How come it is that I have been a customer of yours for over a year with all on time payments with 2 phones and I still have to pay more than the people that are just signing up? they get 3 phones for less than what I am paying. I see why there is no email for the customer service as your inbox would be full all the time. How about you people make some changes and give the great customers a deal in order to keep them. I am about ready to go to Verizon or even sprint at this point. Im sure this comment will be ignored like all the other times I went into your stores asking the same question. you should probably fix all the issues everyone is having if you want to continue being a major player in the phone business. just a suggestion.

  353. I do not get reminders to pay my bill. It’s due the 21st of the month, I used to get 2 different text reminders. I do not get them any longer.


  354. Bad, Bad, Bad. Unable to contact on line, phone is down, cannot receive or make calls. How am I suppose to contact them?

  355. I want to say thankyou to Benton, Kerrie for all his help. He was patient and kind. This location always give remarkable service. Thankyou and God bless.

  356. SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. Block this number Regarding to fraudulent charges activity identity theft fraudulent fraudulent scammer person name Irish Porter #217-220-3319 and she took my old phone device look like she going to try and use it if she can get it set up,I filled a police report and,

  358. MetroPCS is the worst phone carrier ever…My phone number doesn’t work anymore and now my prime Amazon doesn’t work…Metro sucks as a whole…Even the stores and it’s employees are all about the money…I’ve been with them over an year and they never helped with the many issues I had…And again I’ll contact the Better Business bureau as before because metro gets over on the consumers….

  359. Yeah, Maximum people use Metropcs cells phone. They need to have a customer service number. And MetroPCS customer service is good.

  360. I have been a loyal customer for about 10 years. I am looking for a better phone but 2 locations told me no free phone and one store was going to charge me $99 the other store $49? Very rude and could care less. I am also a senior citizen. I am now talking with Verizon and TMobile. I do not want to change from Metro but I cannot afford a new phone.

    • Metro is part of t-mobile
      Don’t even think abuy t-mobile
      I was with them for 19 years and they became so bad in every aspect, including billing and customer service, I had to drop them. Now, they got metro and the same nonsense is being repeated

  361. Since yesterday, metroPCS/T-Mobile has blocked my access to certain news sites. None of the browsers can establish connection with the exception of tor browser. I can access the site on my other phone with another service provider. That is just plain idiotic and am looking for the 1st opportunity to drop them.

  362. I have tried to communicate with you, The reason why I have tried to communicate is because my W-2 was sent to me in the wrong address and the person who picked it up threw it in the trash. I would be grateful if you could send me another W-2 at my new address.

  363. I’m trying to get a hold of customer service regarding my bill. I can not pay and I’m trying to get a hold of someone.

  364. Having serious bill issue with metro pcs and cannot find any email address to get issue resolved. As contacting customer service was hard enough to get live person, they couldn’t seem to resolve my issue!

  365. When I try to contact customer service it keeps going to my payment screen. I dont want to make a payment I want customer service. And after reading what William wrote Im scared to make any payments that you will just charge my card. Im having issues and cant get any help.

  366. I am furious. I have called three times for this rebate that should Jane been received after 6 months of service. I’ve talked to three people and still have not refunded the rebate one month later.

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