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Contacting Merrill Lynch Customer Service Center

Merrill Lynch is a financial company that recently paired with Bank of America to create one of the largest brokers for personal and business finances. Merrill Lynch is a global company with locations throughout the world.

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Contact Info:

The Merrill Lynch phone number and contact information listed below is for the main company. If you have a local office with which you work you can contact them for assistance, if applicable. Bank of America is also a Merrill Lynch company.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • General Inquiries: 1-800-637-7455
  • TTY/TDD: 1-866-657-3323
  • Online Account Access: 1-888-656-6546
  • Credit or Debit Cards: 1-877-465-2733
  • Online Benefits: 1-866-820-1492
  • Small Business Customer Service: 1-866-465-2874

Mailing Address

There are various addresses listed for Merrill Lynch customer service, including the corporate office in New York. If you need to locate the branch near you, visit the Branch Locator.

Merrill Lynch 4 World Financial Center 250 Vesey St New York, NY 10080

Though Merrill Lynch is a financial company you should not include detailed or personal financial information in your letter. There is no way to control just how many people have access to your letter once it’s received by Merrill Lynch. You can rest assured that the mail room will process the letter and an assistant or other employee may open the letter at some point. Use the Merrill Lynch phone number or visit a local branch for financial customer service.

Official Website

You can visit to find the official Merrill Lynch website or for Bank of America. The Merrill Lynch website works as a portal for financial information, customer service and account maintenance. Any account established through Merrill Lynch is accessible from the official website.

Customer Service Email

Choose the customer contact email form that describes the service you need.

Our Experience

Unless you have an account with Merrill Lynch, you will have a difficult time reaching a customer service representative. We attempted several times to bypass the automated system in order to speak with a an agent to no avail. Instead of giving up, we decided to wait through the automated options. After approximately 8 minutes, we were able to connect with the customer support team.

Since the lines of communication between the customer and customer service appeared strained, we asked if there was a more efficient method to contact the customer service team. In the event customers needed assistance with their account, the company recommends calling. For general questions not related to a customer account, Merrill Lynch suggests contacting the company through social media such as Twitter.

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11 Comments on “Contact Merrill Lynch Customer Service
  1. The short of it…I’ve talked to three men in the last month. Each one gives me two and three differant loan amounts that they say I took out. I did not take any of those. I want to know what the&&**&&78 is going on with my money, and I cant wait to get it away from Merril Lynch.

  2. Trying to get TOD statement included in my account. First filled out form lost (by you), many emails to one of your brokers in Florida and then one to broker in New Jersey. I now have to start all over because “something” (unexplained is wrong). I’m not the largest account holder by any means but service here is not good.

  3. Can someone email me back with the right number to
    be able to talk to someone ? I would really appreciate it.

  4. I recently worked through the onerus process of trying to transfer my Merrill Edge account to a fixed-income annuity with another firm. The process took weeks, in spite of numerous contacts with Merrill Lynch. Due to the continued delays, and a reply that came in form of email, I lost $3,000 value in my account. I feel that Merrill Lynch caused the loss, and should compensate me for their mishandling of the transfer process.


  6. I was on hold for 45 min. and still nobody took my call. All I need is my password reset so I can log on the Web site so I never have to call and be on hold like this again.

    • Yesterday, I received your
      jumbled 17 page mailing regarding individual retirement accounts. I am appalled with the complexity of what you are doing using the lame excuse of DOL rules. I will be looking for alternatives to using your company for my investments.

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