Contact Medicaid Customer Service

Contacting Medicaid Customer Service Center

Medicaid is a government-funded health insurance program for low-income or no-income adults and children of low-income or no-income families. Medicaid is run on a state level so applications need to be made at the local Department of Health and Human Services, but the main Medicaid website provides detailed information on the federal program and each state’s version of the program. CHIP, the children’s health insurance program for families who don’t qualify for Medicaid may go by a different name in each state. For instance, CHIP in Washington State is called Apple Health and in North Carolina it’s called Health Choice.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

All communication about Medicaid programs needs to be made on the state level. You can call the Insure Kids Now program to be connected with the Medicaid office in your state.

  • Insure Kids Now: 1-877-543-7669

If you’re having trouble reaching your state Medicaid customer service using this phone number, visit the Medicaid programs page and click on your state. You will be given a list of phone numbers you can use to contact the state Medicaid agent. You may have to click on the link that reads Medicaid Program Information just below the Kids Now phone number to reach your state website.

Mailing Address

Medicaid is operated on a state level. If you need to send income verification or other documents to your Medicaid case worker you’ll have to contact the local office for the mailing address. The federal Medicaid mailing address is:

Medicaid Services
7500 Security Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21244

Official Website

All the information you need to know about Medicaid and CHIP are available on the website. This site is a portal that leads to many other websites. It is easy to make a few clicks and find yourself on another government property like or

Customer Service Email

There is no email address for the main Medicaid website, but you can contact CMS, the department that runs Medicaid by visiting This link is for a Q&A page. You can ask a new question and wait for an answer. As for emailing a form or sending a traditional message, there is no form of contact email of that kind for the federal Medicaid program. Visit your state website for local email addresses.

Our Experience

When you call Insure Kids Now to connect with the Medicaid system your call is automatically transferred to the state where your phone number directs. For instance, if you have a cell phone from Michigan and you live in South Carolina you will still reach the Michigan Medicaid department. If you call from an online program like Google Voices (and you haven’t setup a local phone number) you will reach an agent. The agent will ask for your zip code to route your call to the state department. Our agent quickly connected us with the appropriate state office, but she was unwilling to answer any questions about the Medicaid program.

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11 Comments on “Contact Medicaid Customer Service
  1. i have been trying to get medicaid for my son set up for almost 3 monts. i cant get in touch with anyone via phone. i did get one person through email and provided me with a medicaid number that doesnt work!!!! it is crazy. i ahve called many number multiple times on different days. sat on hold for countless hours prolly up to days now. I just get transfered around, hung up on, or given a number to call where noone answers!

  2. Trying to reach someone thru this number is impossible. You are usually on hold for over 45 minutes or you get so frustrated you try again the next day or the phone just disconnects you. It is a shame that customers have to go thru this and risk loosing benefits because the system does not work, especially when you helping someone whose elderly and can’t do it themselves.

  3. medicaid requested info about foodstamp case being terminated in colorado.Colo. said it was terminated 12/29/2014 but they won’t seem to send confirmation to Nev.Also Colo. Medicaid was terminated also.Can not physically make it down there yet.Am afraid they might cancel my medicaid.Finally found a specialist referred to me that accepts my medicaid and medicare secondary insurance.Is there a certain phone # I could contact?Thanx for your time. Scott Duke

  4. I wish to file a complaint about my brother’s Caregivers service. The Company that was assigned to him is Continuing Care in Strausburg, Virginia. I have picture I can provide but there seems to be no way to fill a complaint. It is a shame that a company that does care about the care an elderly citizen is receiving can get by with and there is no way to have anything none, accept to try and deal with Warren County, Virginia’s Social Service. You leave a message and they never return your call. We tried to locate a new Caregiver but Social Services is saying they are going to cancel all his services. Nice to know how well our tax dollars are being used.

  5. Why does it say Florida Medicaid and you dial the number listed and you get some person that says you have to call medicaid and offers no assitance to getting the right number? That is just plain stupid. I will let my Humana rep try and contact medicaid as I am to frustrated dealing with this crap!

  6. I feel the Franklin county service office needs investigating. Yes they are helping
    many people but if I call at 8am and stay on phone waiting for someone to answer up until3:30pm – people need help in servicing the people in Franklin county possibly all Ohio counties. All I want to do is cancel services because of move to another state. Ky. WOW!!!

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