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Contacting Medco Customer Service Center

Medco is now part of the Express Scripts company. Express Scripts is a prescription medication company and plan that patients can use to order prescriptions at a discount. Users are given an ID card and that card is used to track and process prescriptions. When you order a prescription by mail from Medco, you agree to allow the company to fill that prescription at any pharmacy within the network. Medco also offers the Medco Medicare Prescription Plan, which will soon carry the Express Scripts name as the company makes the name change across all properties and programs.

Medco Health Solutions is responsible for more than 700 million medication prescriptions annually. Express Scripts reportedly paid nearly $30 billion for the company.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

We were unable to find a customer service phone number for Medco, but we did find a customer service number off the site. We tested the customer service number and found it did connect us with Express Scripts customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-987-5269
  • Corporate Phone: 1-201-269-3400

Mailing Address

You can contact Medco Health by mail, but you should not send prescription medications or financial information to the company in writing.

Medco Health Solutions, Inc.
100 Parsons Pond Dr.
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417

Official Website

To learn more about Medco Health or Express Scripts you can visit the official website at This site is currently undergoing several changes to bring it in-line with the Express Scripts image, so the navigation, look, feel and name will likely change in the near future.

Customer Service Email

No customer service email address is listed on the Medco contact page, but there is a link to a secure email response form This form requires you to answer a few questions before sending your message to customer service. You’ll need to choose one of the available options explaining the purpose of your email. You’ll also need to include your name and email address. Other information like your prescription number and phone number are optional.

Our Experience

When calling the Medco customer service department you are asked to speak your response. You can say customer service, but you will need the telephone number on the account and the patient ID to access an account. We were unable to provide this information, so we need your help. Leave us a message below telling us how the Medco, now Express Scripts, customer calling center handled your call. Were the agents genuinely interested in your issue or were they reading from scripts and giving general comments to your concerns?

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11 Comments on “Contact Medco Customer Service
  1. John P. Snook MD supposedly ordered a prescription today 11/20 for citalopram (CELEXA). I am asking that this order be cancelled due to the fact that I already have this prescription being filled elsewere. This was my doctor’s error.It had already been sent when I called back. To verify this request, you may want to call Dr.Snook at 317-862-6609 or Fax 317-862-4617

  2. I called the number and I gave all my info to the recorded input system. I said Customer Service and I was able to talk to a live person. However she did not understand my question, gave me false information & apparently Medco can not be used as a secondary insurance

  3. They’re horrible! They give me wrong information all the time. I really dislike going through Medco and wish things weren’t so difficult and frustrating ALL the time them.

  4. As a physician, and a consumer, I have had the opportunity to utilize Medco for personal needs. I have found, after multiple calls, that their personnel often give conflicting information, are rude and totally unprofessional, and elicit the feeling that you are bothering them with your call. Clearly, given my profession, I understand customer service and the regard that should be afforded to patients. It seems as if Medco’s representatives should embrace a much higher standard of decency for those patients which are actually providing them with a job.

  5. Off-shore call centers need to be dismantled as these minimum wage foreigners who barely speak understandable ENGLISH screw up our information and delay services. Talking to a supervisor in India or wherever is NOT WORKING. Med-co will lose my business as a result.

  6. Medco-Express Scripts denied my prescription stating I didn’t have at least 1 comorbidity, however, they fill my prescription for Hypertension WHICH IS a listed comorbidity. They provided me with an Appeal Filing Form which I faxed to the number listed on the form on June 6, 2014. Waited for a response for a month, called and was told they had no record of my appeal. The phone Rep. told me to resend to another fax number, which I did on July 10, 2014. I called the following week . . . again, no record of my appeal. I was then contacted by another Medco-Express Scripts rep on July 16, who confirmed my appeal had not been received. I asked for a CORRECT mailing address which she supplied. Surprise! Not the same addrees or department listed on the actual Appeal Form. Now I have to mail it to the address she gave me (or do I take the chance and mail it to the address on the form???), and wait another 2 weeks, after they receive it, for a decision IF they EVER receive the form. Worst customer service ever! No one has the same information to give. I sent a complaint to my company Benefits Office.

  7. I have never experience a company like Medco Express Scripts before, when they take your personal information and use it without your permission and provide you with wrong information and tell lies on you that is not true. Several supervisors told me that you have my word, that this information has been deleted from our records, and you will not have this problem again. Well, within 2 weeks on May 4th, the same thing happen. I was in disbelief . What an experience SMH.

  8. I went to get my daughters medicine & the Pharmacy informed me that she hasn’t had coverage since 2013 .Although my husband has our benefits taken out of his check wkly to pay for this. Need answers quickly! I’m confused & upset!

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