Contact McAfee Customer Service

Contacting McAfee Customer Service Center

McAfee is a security company known for anti-virus software that comes preinstalled on many personal computers. Customers see the link for McAfee on a new personal computer and they immediately start the free trial. They enter a credit card for the trial and tell themselves they will not forget to cancel the subscription before being charged. They, of course, forget and they are charged

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service hours for the McAfee contact center are 6 A.M. to 6 P.M. 7 days a week. The call center averages wait times of up to 15 minutes before calls are answered and most calls take about 10 minutes to complete. That is around 30 minutes on the telephone for customer service.

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-408-346-5101
  • Business Customer Service: 1-888-847-8766
  • Tech Support: 1-800-937-2237
  • Home Office Support: 1-866-622-3911

Mailing Address

McAfee Headquarters, Inc. 2821 Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054

Official Website

The main website for the McAfee company is located at You can read more about current and upcoming McAfee products and purchase products directly from the company. There is a business and personal side to McAfee’s website. Business software and services tend to be tailored to a larger scale or different approach to security whereas personal products are offered on a smaller scale designed for home use. If you click on the Support link at the top of the page you will find corporate support, customer service, threat updates and more.

The service and support website for McAfee products and services is located at

Customer Service Email

Customer service for McAfee products and services is available by email. There is an average wait time of 48 hours for a response, but it could take much longer than that to resolve a problem. If you are requesting a refund you cannot use the email contact form, according to McAfee. You can access the email form on the Customer Service tab of the service website. There is also a chat option for immediate assistance with customer service issues and refunds.

Our Experience

With a total average time of 30 minutes for one customer service call we had no idea what to expect when we called McAfee customer service. The call was answered by a message telling customers how to resolve a known issue with McAfee. You cannot press 0 to skip the automated list of options. If you press 0 the options will simply repeat. When we talked to a McAfee representative we asked about cancelling a McAfee subscription. The agent offered to take our information to process the cancellation and any refund we would receive.

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188 Comments on “Contact McAfee Customer Service
  1. I think McAfee is some illusioniary firm that demands
    money from naive individuals (like me) on the pretext it is securing your computor.

    I have paid but I have no indication my computer is secure, nor can I contact McAfee , without being directed to ghouls just waiting to lure me into their service.

    Getting me to pay is the name of the game (for all) Giving support or service is non-existant.

  2. Today on 16 April 2013 I have renewed McAfee anti virus through credit card payment of Rs.993 (Indian Currency)and my order No is CS1294313491. My query is how it will update and start working. Will you provide me any CD or device to upload in my PC? How it will start working and how can I understand that it has started working? Kindly resolve my query.

  3. About every two or three days I receive down loads from Mcafee. This is very annoing because it slows down my computer for 30 minutes. I will not be using Mcafee after it expires.

  4. I agree with Dorothy. I think McAfee is a crap firm that demands
    money from naive individuals (like me) on the pretext it is securing your computor.

    I have paid but I have no indication my computer is secure, nor can I contact McAfee , without being directed to ghouls just waiting to lure me into their service.

    Getting me to pay is the name of the game (for all) Giving support or service is non-existant.

  5. On 06/08/2013 I googled McAfee customer service phone number for technical support regarding pop-up adds on my laptop. It stated I had over 2,000 viruses. About a month prior to the pop-ups I had purchased McAfee virus protection. Anyways, a link on the top of the page displayed McAfee tech support and provided their phone number. So I called the phone number and let the operator take over my computer to diagnosis the problems with my computer. About thirty minutes into the conversation, the tech support man requested that I pay $465 EVERY THREE YEARS IN ORDER TO BE PROTECTED!! He then requested I type in my bank account number on a website he navigated to, but “assured” me that he would be unable to see the pertinent information (I.E. bank account numbers, expiration dates, etc.) because they show up as asterisk signs. He was very adamant and persistent. He stated that I HAD to do this in order to protect my “great computer”. Throughout the conversation I asked him MULTIPLE TIMES if I was in fact calling McAfee and he assured me I was. Still, it didn’t seem right to me and I felt extremely uncomfortable and hesitant to relinquish anymore information, especially financial information! He then proceeded to tell me “I’m sure you have a credit card……. surely you can afford this service…… you can’t afford not to…….. surely you don’t expect us (McAfee) to fix your computer for free, etc.” After I told him I could not afford it and restated I already paid the yearly subscription. Why would I have any viruses and have to pay an ADDITIONAL $465 to be protected??? He continuously raised his voice at me. I couldn’t believe the unprofessionalism he was exhibiting!!! By the end of the conversation I was literally in tears. I stated that this just didn’t sound right to me and therefore he hung up on me.

    So, I googled again and this time got the correct phone number for McAfee technical support. My only regret was not writing down the technician’s name that helped me today. This man got on the phone and asked how he could help me. I immediately started crying because of the incident that had happened just prior to our conversation. I was extremely nervous and scared that I would again, try to be taken advantage of. He assured me this was not the case. The technician was so incredibly caring and sensitive to my situation. He then resolved all of my computer problems.

    I am writing to you because I am not sure how to go about recognizing this technician for his excellent customer service. I can only hope that more customers are aware of the scams I encountered today and how this technician in particular, is the epitome of exceptional customer service. The case number is 113-781-6606. Initially, I was calling to cancel my service with McAfee because I was under the impression the man I spoke to earlier was affiliated with McAfee. In the end, I am more a believer in McAfee and the products they sell more than ever.

  6. What a circus!!! Just wanted info on product before purchasing…the person on the phone tried to help me but due to both customer service agents having a very heavy accent I had a terible time getting the info. I only got a portion of the ifo I was looking for. I sure hope your product is easier to use than customer service.

  7. I have mcafee on my old computer which I just recently bought and now I have a new computer and I just want to transfer but there is no option on how to do this. Please help

  8. to whom it may concern I have been trying to cancel my subscription with no luck I have been charge twice, the time I went on o subscribe I was having problem and then I cancel without knowing it went threw till I got my visa bill now I need to cancel everything has I am with Norton I will not pay for 2- different company how can I cancel ?????

  9. I dont need and use McAfee antivirus since a year. You send me a e-mail that u renew for 2014 for $39.99 . without my autorisation. pls cancel my renewing and pls send me a e-mail . It seem that u charge peoples without asking them before. thats a very bad way for ur customers.

  10. used your produces for years…but never again!! Had the cryptol virus take down your software in minutes and destroy thousands of dollars of my software. Spent hours with your people today and they could not get your software running to protect my computer.

  11. I bought my new Toshiba laptop on 15 April 2014 and in it McAfee 30 days free version was pre-installed. I registered with Mcafee website but I still could not run a scan of my computer. It simply is not working.
    Another surprise was when I saw my subscription expired some 1390 days back in July 2010. How come my free trial subscription that came preloaded with my Toshiba laptop expired in 2010 when it has been only 10 days that I bought my Toshiba.
    To my surprise There is mentioned an invoice number as well for my purchase which I never ever bought.
    Few years back I bought a Lenovo and Dell laptops and my subscriptions are showed expired which is OK.
    Please look into this as something is not right .I never bought anything from McAfee website and I still cannot run a simple scan of my computer because it keeps on saying due to an error scan cannot continue…..
    Thanks for feedback.

  12. For days I have been trying to find out how to contact customer services to cancel my renewal for anti virus protection. I have spoken to somebody abroad who told me he could help and progressed to talking me through the process. I was getting board after 15 minutes of talking then he finally said he could take all mcafee off my computer but I would have to pay a lot of money for him to clean my computer. Even though I informed him that Mcafee did not protect my computer and a week ago I have to pay over £100 to have it cleaned of thousands of viruses.
    All I want is somebody to tell me how to cancel my renewal.#HELP.

  13. this company is a joke. bait and switch.plain and simple! run, dont walk, mcafee is a con game not a anti virus program!idk how the got c-net to rate it so high, i trusted that site.btw i am still disputing it with my credit card co, but i think at the end i will be legeally robbed by McAfee…meaning i really have no beware

  14. 09.06.2014, Onda

    Estimados señores de McAfee,

    Mi nombre es Teodora Negoitescu, vivo en Onda, Castellon de la Plana y vengo a presentarle una reclamación.
    En el año 2013, 20 de mayo, he comprado por un año un programa antivirus Mcafee, pagando 34,95 euro. Hasta aquí ningun problema.
    Este año ( 2014 ) he rechazado todos sus propuestas y advertencias de comprar de nuevo ese programa.
    Para colmo, resulta que en 21 de avril 2014 en mi cuenta aparece un pago de 74,95 euro, que usted a cobrado por algo que Yo no he dado mi consentimiento.

    Estoy sorprendida, para no decir algo mas fuerte.. y os pido que me devuelve mi dinero, por favor.

    Ese programa ja yo lo tengo desinstalado y no lo quiero mas, esta claro?
    Espero una respuesta por su parte para decirme cuando y como puedo recuperar los 74,95 euro.

    No lo se si me exprimo corectamente, porque estoy estranjera, pero pienso y espero que lo importante se ha entendido muy bien.
    Estoy esperando su respuesta y que me indique que datos necesita para hacer la devolución, la direccion de correo….. etc.
    No es correcto a pagar por algo que no lo quiero y nececito.
    Gracias con antelacion
    Teodora Negoitescu

  15. I am Really PISSED OFF. Paid for McAfee subscription, they cashed my check, but NO coverage. Just spent almost THREE hours on the phone trying to get it straightened out. No one told me I was transferred to “iYugi”,who spent most of their time selling and upselling. Six hundred dollars and three hours later, I still have no idea what coverage I have. Tried calling McAfee, no number. Very aggravated. I am taking this to BBB and my credit card.

    • Hey Cafra Purgeil,

      This is john from McAfee support i work there as technical assistance i read your problem and i want to say sorry first of all. As you are looking for McAfee customer support number here is +1-877-301-0214. This is toll free number you can call any time they will definitely short out your problem.

  16. On June 14, 2014 placed an order for one (1) year extension (to November 17, 2015). This was confirmed by E-mail dated 6/14/14, order No CS1396004358 and a charge of $58.43 made to my Visa account. Three (3) E-mails from your firm have been received asking that the order be completed. What more is required – order is placed, order is confirmed and payment made. Please confirm by E-mail that the order is complete

    Frank dupre

  17. Worst customer service that I have ever experienced. Would not provide a name, laughed at my problem, told me could not assist for 2 days, could barely speak english

  18. Trying to CANCEL this service is like pulling hens teeth. PLEASE CANCEL ME FROM YOUR SERVICE. IT SUCKS and let my computer get a bag full of unwanted stuff.

  19. I would never use this company I did not sign up for auto renewal, I got an email saying it had been renewed for another year. I checked the bank sure enough it is a pending transaction. I’ve tried calling for a refund and chatting no one will answer my call……thief

  20. I pay my antivirus the day May 07/2014 Order # CS1386690429- 2 years of subscription – Total price of $ 74.98.
    The day September 4/2014, you send oder pay for $ 49.99- 1 year of subscription.- Order # CS1419860758. Take of my credit card.
    What happen?. This is a robbery or what?. please check my purchase and send information abaut of my case.

  21. To whom it may concern and I hope you care. Just spoke with the RUDEST PERSON ever in a customer service position. I purchased a malware and anti virus protection when trying to install I was directed to call an 855 # which I did. After this person got into my pc I was told I HAD TO PAY $325 or $425 to fix my pc. When told this man I couldn’t afford that right now he started Yellin at me saying WHO IS THE TECH here!! Then he wanted to bargain with me on the price! Seriously! If this is an example of how this company works I won’t be back. There something seriously wrong. My pc is now in hands of local experts and I’ve not been yelled at.

  22. Have recieved an unknown charge from Macafee to my Irish Visa account – Please send on details of a contact Irish phone & email address .

  23. I had my phone locked by McAfee while I was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with very little population or phone service. We were looking for a business, when I was locked out of my phone. This prevented us from using the GPS, depending on gas station attendants to get us to our destination. I have NO idea why I was locked out, but the McAfee lock-out message told me that an email had been sent so I could unlock the phone. Of course, though, I could not access my email because my phone was locked. I could not unlock the phone until I got back to our home in central Michigan. THERE WAS NO REASON TO LOCK MY PHONE. Furthermore, I received another email with a picture (me) that McAfee had taken while I was unlocking the phone. WHAT? I didn’t even know my picture had been taken. There is no question that I want virus protection, but I don’t need to be protected from myself.

    I spent an hour on tech support yesterday to get some answers. I was transferred THREE times by representativess who did not have a reasonable command of the English language: That made it almost impossible to understand them. After waiting an hour on the phone, the third representative asked me to start all over again to state the problem I had. That was it for me! I hung up and decided to try a different approach.

    I looked and looked for a mailing address so I could write about my concerns to McAfee, but found nothing except the customer service number I had already called (and WON’T call again) and this site. At this point what I really want is a refund for the program I purchased, and everything put back to its original settings. What a ridiculous customer service process–you may as well have nothing.

    After looking at the above comments it appears to me that McAfee does not review any of these comments because I see no responses. I will post this here, and on their FB page, and anywhere else I think people will find useful for future information.

  24. I want a phone number where I can speak with someone about why I am being charged for your service which I do not have. the program would not download and the customer service from India or wherever were of no help. I told them to cancel my order but it was not done and now I received a bill for two of your services and I do not have any. I want these charges taken off my credit card and get this settled.

  25. I’ve been having an issue with my Real-Time Scanning turning itself off, and having to turn it back on every time I log back in. I’ve tried several times to reach tech support by computer and all I’ve got was “error.” McAfee didn’t waste anytime getting that “automatic” renewal at the highest rate from me, but if you’ve got an issue they’re gone. Very disappointed with this service.

  26. Have recieved an unknown charge from Macafee to my MC account – Please send details of a contact phone & email address. I want a phone number where I can speak with someone about why I am being charged for your service which I do not have. Mcafee has no responsible customer service, and are ripping off customers by charging their credit cards without authorization and no why to contact anyone about it.

  27. Virtually all of your customers have computers. Why isn’t there an email address where we can contact Customer Satisfaction directly. I don’t expect to get Chris Young, but it would be nice to get someone who can just refund my money and not try to sell me more stuff. Nothing in your ads says McAfee can’t fix malware already attacking my computer- it can only prevent new stuff from joining the attack. So, give me my money back now, please.

  28. Your popup are making me angry enough to cancel our subscription. We have a subscription and it is paid for. SO PLEASE SHUT OFF YOU POPUPS TO OUR COMPUTER. THANKS…..

  29. 1/8/15 my computer acquired an intrusionvirus worm or what have you, which locked up my use of the device. Called mcafee and got youR tech support who advised that mcafee does not stop this type of intrustion. your TECH MASTER SERVICE CHARGED 69.95 to
    remove the intruder. on 1/9/15 received a new computer and experienced a problem installing mcafee. c this alled your tech support and they advised that my whole network, of which I have none, was infected due to the previous days foreign intrustion.
    it appears the TECH MASTER did not have the expertise to remove on my other computerthe previous day. It would take the services of PC EXPERTS 247 at a charge of $450.00 US. What kind of scam tech support services does your firm hire. I opted for a second opinion which resulted in no intrusion of my new computer and a separate cleanup of the old one. Needless to say, I will not be installing mcafee in my new computer, your support is shoddy and the anti-virus inadequate for today’s internet. Besides all of the above I was attempting to speak with foreign people, India and Phillepines, with English diction hard to understand. No Americans avalible?? I was reluctant to give them my credit card information.

  30. I purchased a new computer in November, 2014 and put in the information for a years subscription for McAfee LiveSafe. After 30 days they said it had expired. When I called the support (which does not support anything but sales!) informed me that it should have automatically renewed until November, 2015 but for them to correct it would cost an additional $149 for a subscription for a year of support. Even though the coverage was $79.99 I am going to delete this program from my computer and download another program. This company does not know the meaning of customer service and is a rip off!!!

  31. necesito que alguien de servicio al cliente me atienda es para una facture que cobraron sin mi autorizacion y necesito que me devuelvan ese cobro ya que estoy con Comcast y ello me dan el servicio de antiuvirus

  32. I do not want mcafee and I was charged automatically from my paypal. I want the refund money returned to my paypal.
    I do not like Mcafee.

  33. I H_A_T_E McAfee you cannot cancel they LIE about how easy it is to cancel. It is like going to HELL. The only thing to do is to cancel your card and get a new number or go with Discover there you talk to real people.


  35. I received a email this morning that said to send you all another copy of where we bought the product and when you received it you would send me my refund back of a product that I never used I tried to but it kept messing up on me

  36. As a new McAfee customer, I was unsure of what contract I ended up with. So, I called the customer business telephone line. The lady I spoke with cleared up all my questions. Am quite pleased with her help.

  37. I no longer need McAfee services because of the new service I have included with my new computers. I called customer service, had a very short wait time maybe 5 minutes at most. I received a very polite lady in cust. svc that was not mad at me for cancelling. She was professional cancelled it but I know its their job to try to sell more & I declined with my reasons–she got what I was saying, so we finished the process.

  38. I had money removed from my bank account for McAfee. Please return this money. I did not know that the account was on an automatic withdrawal. I have changed security on my computer. I’d appreciate a quick response to this request; I’m recently retired and on a tight budget. Thank you….Carol Greene

  39. I have McAfee installed on my pc. when my time runs out, I will not renew. This is my pc not yours, you have no right to block any programs that I choose to bring up. You do not run this pc, it is mine and only I decide what I want to bring up, not you. I want what I want, not what you want.

  40. I had the worst experience with one of your chat people. I bought one of your
    antivirus programs and could not install it after following our instructions. I then
    spoke with the chat person. He was a nightmare and very ignorant. After wasting my time he told me that my computer had to many issues and therefore your program could not be installed. I just got my computer out of the shop and it works OK. I do not know of any computer that works perfectly. I thlnk it is a shame that you hire people that don’t know their job and take advantage of customers. You must think that people have money to waste. I shall not forget this horrible experience.

  41. I am trying to get rid of your program from my phone but I am unable too no matter what I try. This should be against the law when something in your program is not allowing me to do this. if you can’t tell me how to get this program off my phone I will find a way to make you even if I have to go to the STATES ATTORNEY OFFICE or the FCC and file a formal complaint.


  43. Purchased a year subscription of McAfee LiveSafe in May 2015 and installed on my new computer. But when I checked subscription status it registered a 30-day sub-trial instead. When I called McAfee support# located on subscription page I entered “Bizzaro Land” . After explaining to tech I only needed date of subscription changed, he told me I needed to pay $50 dollars for a driver? Mind you that my McAfee was already installed, working fine and only needed subscription date change recognition on their part. I had sub proof and registration# but he didn’t seem to care. He just kept on about driver, that I knew meant nothing! He also wouldn’t answer me when I told him McAfee worked fine and what was driver for? He definitely was trying to scam me! I uninstalled my McAfee, and will never use again. 15 year customer down the drain!

  44. Are baba main pareshan ho gaya please phone no. Q nahi dete ya mera paisa fokat gaya. Snapdeal ya aour koi aisa gumrah nahi karata.muze bus mere window xp per chalnewala mcafee antivirus chahiye

  45. When I was seeing in the computer the mac anti virus + was of windows xp but after purchasing it we saw that it will only support windows 8 and windows 10 We haven’ t scratch th e no. so can you replace it and give us the anti virus of windows xp

  46. wish I had read these comments before buying the mcafee product. I purchased the anti virus protection about 3 weeks ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. Tried today to get help from a customer service provider. I think he was speaking martian and I guess I must have been speaking Swahili, because neither of us could understand the other. I do not blame the boy as I think if these big multi national companies want the cheap labour provided by third world countries, they should at the very least help these people with their English. I have decided to forget the $AU130 and just move on, (uninstalled all mcafee) but will be watching my credit card account very closely in 12 months time. I might add that I uninstalled all mcafee software earlier today but according to my mcafee account (which I am unable to delete) my devices are still being fully protected…..what a laugh.

  47. Mcafee has billed me $86.00 for an automatic renewal. I called MCafee and told them I purchased and IT service for my computers and no longer have the service on the computer that you automatically renewed renewed the service on.
    I have called Bank of America to cancel that fee.
    You guys are going to have to do better than this. I do want this fee cancelled. I will not be paying it.

  48. I purchased and installed McAfee Antivirus Plus 2015 in Sept 2015. Now my computer keeps notifying me that my antivirus protection has expired. This notification is occurring every few minutes. This is so aggravating and I would like to have the computer notices ended.

  49. I am currently on a chat waiting for a technician to help me ,I was transferred 25 minutes ago, how much lonmger can I expect to wait?

  50. please cancel order# cs1623239546

    just realized I have protection from another source which is free
    please the order is cancelled.

    thank you

    Jim wilson

  51. I tried desperately to phone McCafe security-to let them know that on my laptop and theyre home site also this pops up on screen–CONTENTWAS BLOCKED BECAUSE IT WAS NOT SIGNED BY A VALID SECURITY CERTIFICATE, can any one let me know how to rid this? please respond,thank you

  52. Could not install CVG antivirus on new Dell Inspiron 1500, so

    Sucked it up and bought McAfee for a year, $79.99

    Would not download

    Called McAfee tech support

    3 rd party in India and no help unless i bought another 1 time support service for $99.99 for India to take control of my pc

    Much carping by me, but had to agree, i felt violated!

    Then after a half hour of high sales pressure to buy a lot more maintenance, they took control of my pc and eventually fixed it.

    Claimed that i had thousands of contaminated files including trojan horses on a new pc

    I watched the deletions

    McAfee tech support is 3 party india and they wanted $100. each quarter to ‘service my machine and keep it running’ in addition to the $100 per call fee

    I declined

    They insisted that i had to take pc to BestBuy or some such for the $100 necessary quarterly service

    Said i would reinfect even with McAfee

  53. In November 2015 Office Depot installed a new hard drive on THIS computer, and also added McAfee Virus Protection. I found out that I can add two other devices onto this one-year protection purchase. I have a cell phone and another computer to add. When I asked how to do it, all the tech at Office Depot said was to us “admin 001” as a password or something. Once they got almost $200 out of me, their help is almost non-existent. I will be contact their home office about this.

    HOW DO I ADD MY OTHER DEVICES? I am not computer savvy, so I need simple instructions. Not computer talk. I will be watching for a return e-mail. Thank You.

  54. After purchasing a 1-year subscription to your anti-virus application, I found it to be completely useless; it would not let me install any applications on my new computer. I Contacted your customer help line who transferred me to Guruaid Branford who, after a 30 minute phone call, agreed to cancel my McAfee application.
    I have since received a bill for £80-00 for cancellation, this is in addition to the £41-00 I was charged for purchasing.
    I ask you to refund my purchase and the additional cancellation fee as I consider this to be poor business practice and one which I would not normally associate with your company.


    Mr. G.Wilkinson

  55. I think McAfee is some illusioniary firm that demands
    money from naive individuals (like me) on the pretext it is securing your computer.

    I have paid but I have no indication my computer is secure, nor can I contact McAfee , without being directed to ghouls just waiting to lure me into their service. I do not want your service and will fight any further charges!!!!

  56. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    January 11, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I think McAfee is some illusioniary firm that demands
    money from naive individuals (like me) on the pretext it is securing your computer.

    I have paid but I have no indication my computer is secure, nor can I contact McAfee , without being directed to ghouls just waiting to lure me into their service. I do not want your service and will fight any further charges!!!!

  57. I no longer have a PC, due to a storm lighting “crashed the PC” You have debited my credit card with the amount of $79.99 when converted is R1279.84,
    I get a disability pension which is +/- R2500.00 which converts to $156.25, you will see that I just don’t have the money.I need to have the refund to pay my medical bills so would be very grateful if you would refund the money. ASAP
    I ask you too really consider this as the money will go towards my medical bills.Please take me off your books as I am not sure if I will ever get a new PC.
    ONCE AGAIN PLEASE REFUND THE MONEY back into my credit card.
    here is a number that may help 866-622-3911Us

  58. Hello !
    If someone checks my account, it should show I have McAffe Virus security services until sometime in February before it expires ! Ever since Windows 10 was downloaded I have yet to see an Icon, or any sort of link on my computer. Nor have I been able to perform any Virus Scans..


  60. I’ve cancelled my subscription since last year. Today I’ve noticed from my statement that my visa card has been debited in the amount US$ 89.99 for the anti virus protection.I kindly request you to refund me above amount soonest.

  61. I bought a McAfee Total Protection on Black Friday from Walmart! What a piece of crap!! It caused all kinds of problems on my computer, I had pop ups and all kinds of issues that was causing my computer to act up! It wasn’t until I bought Webroot that I was able to get rid of the problems caused by McAfee. I feel like I was TOTALLY RIPPED OFF!! Is there anything I can do about it?

  62. I want to cancel my account I need for you to return my money back into my account in sum of $89.99 into my bank. I did not know that I had that account anymore. I call the bank and they told me to let you know to return my money. I will give you a call.

  63. I purchase coverage on HP computer Jan 2016 I returned the computer and purchase a Dell.
    I would like to transfer the coverage from HP to Dell.

    Order# CS1661545781
    Date Jan 17 2017
    1 year subscription


    Harold F Hill

  64. To send my call to India & to have to speak to a person that I cannot understand & has no solution to my request is intolerable. Your company should keep customer relations in the US so we can receive proper customer service. I am disgusted with this whole process. I wanted the $96.25 refunded from my MasterCard, I did not request that it be charged & for you to charge my account in this manner should be illegal. the credit card # ends in 68015. It should be done in 5 business days.

  65. Now that I have read all of the other complaints I am sure that your company is operating some type of illegal venture that should be investigated by the communications commission & I shall call my congressman to request an investigative hearing. I have had this Dell Laptop since March of 2014 & never been charged before so I expect immediate action on this request.

  66. I have just received notification of my renewal has been done automatically and wish to cancel it as it is now too expensive.


  68. I recently purchased McAfee total protection for unlimited devices. Shortly after my purchase I noticed my current McAfee stopped working.I couldn’t get it to work. I tried to install my new McAfee, The key was accepted but wouldn’t install.Did a live chat then he called me on my phone and told me my internet not PC was hacked.The representative wanted to connect me to another representative to fix my problems with a payment on my part. I knew something wasn’t right and ended my conversation with no. After checking my PC I found no issues other than my McAfee product. This is so wrong !

  69. I have McAfee virus protection that I purchased after the trial period ran out. I have been having many problems with my computer and took it in to Stapes for service. The cost was $170.00. They told me that I had 522 issues and viruses on my computer. The question I have is what did I pay McAfee for protection that don’t work. I have had this computer for around 8- months and have already paid $170.00 to clean it up. Not very happy.



  72. Your latest download cost me $75.00 to remove your worthless service from my computer. I want a refund from the renewal I recently paid you and you owe me the 75 bucks to fix your screwup. Cancel this contract as of 3/3/16. Your company should be banned from doing business in the U.S.

  73. Unable to download the MacAfee that was bought with a new computer. the system activation download means that they phone you to give instruction but I have a hearing defect and cannot hear the instruction. This means that I have paid for a software but am refused access to download it . The activation code system is a failure for senior citizens

  74. Hi, I need you put back $78.98 in my Chase bank account, which is what I spent tonight buying the virus program for my laptop. I bought such program, and McAfee recommended to buy a software to update my drivers, because that is the reason why can’t activate the virus software and the “slim cleaner” included.
    I bought both programs, installed and still can’t activate the virus program.


  75. Dear sir,
    I purchased a mcafee antivirus plus but at the time of installation e-mail id was too old and also redeemed the product code through old e-mail id.
    i don’t remember the password of old e-mail id .
    So, how can update the antivirus with new e-mail id.

  76. $94 was taken out of my bank account for subscription renewal and I do not want it and need a refund of my money. Got an email today 4-6-2016 to that effect. Please respond and let me know if you are doing this.
    Doc Neal

  77. I canceled my subscription last November after my computer was hacked 3 times when I was suppose to be protected. I called for help and never got a response. I just found out you had charged my credit card. Please refund my card and delete my name and card from your system or I will file legal papers.
    Sharon Bujan

  78. Just billed over $80 on credit card for renewal and am not a McAfee customer for at least 5-6 yrs. And the old computers that had it are junked. How ’bout that. Now if I could just find someone among the thousands of employees to give my money back. Hmmmmm. Don’t see a refund website.

  79. customer service is a joke as they cant be bothered to answer you when you have a problem I will not be re-newing with this bunch of con artists

  80. I Did not fill out the quick survey at the end of troubleshoot and repair.I’m just letting you know my issue was fixed.I’m not seeing the Youndoo on my browser.
    So yes at this point I’m satisfied. Thanks

  81. Hello, I need to return the money take from my account without notifying me. I will not have computer at home and notifies the bank and the say writing, so I want my money back o my account. Never authorized renew one antivirus. Thanks for you attention.

  82. Trying to download McAfee to more than one device is very complicated – is
    this really necessary??? I am still not sure whether my computer is protected
    or not!

  83. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I want to let you know how much I enjoyed using True key to log in on all my passwords. Unfortunately, a technician working on my computer deleted the program. Incidentally, many of my passwords were generated by True Key.
    I would appreciate it greatly if you can help me restore True key or allow me to download True Key again.
    Thanking you in advance for you kind assistance,
    Sincerely yours,

    Abelardo Lacano

  84. I want my Macaffe account closed now. I have been on the phone with Justin? From India a total of more than two da yes trying to set up my computer. A total of 7.5 hours. He keeps trying to call me, even though I told him that was all I do not have the time or patience to wait until he keeps me going through the same. It is sad that there are no phone numbers to talk to any one in the USA. Very difficult to talk to some with broken English.I will not recommend your service.l also stopped payments. If you call customer suppott you also go to these foreign countries.

  85. Please stop the pop-ups that say my cover has finished, it hasn’t I just changed the type of cover which was recommended by a member of your sales team.

  86. I have been trying to tell you people that I don’t want to renew my subscription & to no longer send me notices that my subscription has elapsed. What do I have to do to do this. I tried calling but since your representatives are not in the USA I cannot understand them.

  87. I just tried to close my account(s) to my home computer
    because I had a better deal from one of your competitor.
    I did manage to close the account but I had hard time
    communicating with your CSA who seems to have accent
    that I could NOT understand plus when I tried to speak to
    the agent, there were disturbing background noise which
    caused your agent to keep asking same question over and
    over again. I tried to be patient and be civilized but the agent
    who was a young lady kept irritating me and I don’t appreciate

    Lastly I want a full refund from you due to me having NO computer
    at my home. I only had one laptop computer. So please take care
    of my requests. Thank you.

  88. I closed my account a few years ago and all of a sudden I got billed for a renewal effect 7/20/2017, of course I didn’t receive a notice that it was being renewed prior to that date and I received the bill 8/2. I will not be paying this fee, so please cancel my account immediately.

  89. case # 2294159454 i am getting a complete run around trying to get a refund. i cannot get your internet security system installed. just spent over a half hour with jayanthi n. to be disconnected. Mcafee seems to just steal money from customers. i will file a complaint with better business bureau. I would like my refund. i would really appreciate speaking with someone i can actually understand.

  90. Hello,
    Your program says … Essential antivirus protection for your PC’s, Macs, Smartphones and tablets* so you can browse, bank and shop safely online.

    I was looking into a subject when a box colored black and white was saying – virus and other things similar. Usually your virus program came up the screen saying that a website or program was not safe…

    I did not think it was a problem until I found out that all of my programs and the audio program had been erased on my PC. Some how a virus or something similar had get into my PC and erased everything but the Windows software.
    Later I found out that somebody had turned off the virus program part of your software. That is how the virus had removed the data and software from my PC.

    I had to buy another Windows program and I had formatted this PC. Whenever somebody wants to get into your program to adjust anything a password or something similar should be stop anybody from getting into that part of the software. Thank you. Terry Stepp

  91. I have been using McAfee for 5 years and today renewed McAfee. My wife tried to download McAfee and couldn”t. She talked to McAfee for a long time and couldn’t get it done. I called Guruaid and it took about an hour to install on a MAC laptop. Then guess what. The guy said that it would cost $80.00. I think that it is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told him to cancel the download!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a shame for McAfee to charge that price to download McAfee on our computer!!

  92. I hereby wish to cancel my McAfee Account effective on its’ renewal date, as I already have Anti Virus Protection with my Tech Support contract which is good for 2 years. I would have cancelled sooner, but decided it would be an impossible attempt so I just let it run out, However I do want to cancel it as of it’s expiration date.
    Thank You for the Service I have had and used and I will be back when the opportunity is available.
    Thank You, Clark G. Whitman

  93. Please do not renew my contract, as I already have it with my Tech Support Company.

    Thank You for your Service !!!!

  94. mcafee is worse is than any virus. this is the worst rip off in computer history. I chose another company but mcafee pops up and ruins what I was working on. I would rather catch a virus than deal with them.

  95. I am suppose to be refunded $59.99. this amount was charged on my bank account and I did not authorize it. what is going on? its been past 5 business days. no answer.

  96. We keep getting notices that our McAfee protection has expired. Our service is good until Feb. 1918 according to our records. Could you please check into this for me? Thank you

  97. Dear Sir /Madam When my cover expirys according to your records on 22nd febuary 2018 please cancel further payment and oblige.
    Geoff Neil

  98. I observed that my card has been charged USD 99.99 on 21/12/201. I immediately inquired from my bank and they informed me that you have without my permission charged my card for the above amount. The bank has given me the transaction cord as 798411, Standard Charted Bank. Colombo, Srilanka.
    Please note that I have renewed my subscription on 14/07/2017 for 1 year and paid USD 89.99. As I have not made this transaction, I would kindly request you to reverse this transaction, and I consider it is highly irregular and high handed act that you have charged from my card without my approval.

  99. My computer experienced problems a few months back. The company who I took it to, erased all my files and reloaded, but Mcafee was uninstalled and not reinstalled.
    As such, I requested that my subscription not be renewed in Feb/Mch 2018 (I have turned auto renewal off)
    If this is renewed I shall have to request the Bank to reverse same.
    A reply would be appreciated.

    Thank you
    Sandy O’Brien

  100. Do not renew my subscription. I have tried to call you but it has been to no avail. So, understand, as of 9:30 a.m. est on January 6, 2018 I am NOT authorizing you to take any money from any of my accounts

  101. On January 5th I received an e-mail from Mcafee stating they already cha rged my credit card with a renewal subscription.First of all I do this myself.Secondly its a
    month early. Thirdly you are charging me more money than if I do it myself.
    I have already contacted my credit card company and I will be disputing this .
    I expect a reply .

  102. I purchased a Lenovo computer from PC world branch 2175 Medway Megastore on 26.11.16. Along with the computer I also purchased 3 years McAfee security.
    Unfortunately I had a problem with the computer around June 2017. It took me until December 2017 before I received a new computer from Lenovo. I had no computer for 6 months. When I finally received the computer it came with just one month McAfee security. I would like you to provide me with the security I have already purchased. The security on this new computer has now expired and I am not prepared to buy more as I have already done this when I purchased the original computer on 26.11.16. Thankyou.

  103. According to massive amount of negative comments from McAfee customers, your company and your customer service department is a total disgrace. Employees with very strong accents can not be understood. Customers are left on the phone waiting for customer service people who never return to the line. Emails are not returned. I mailed a check for $34.99 for PC protection for one year on 12-13-17 and over a month later I have not received confirmation that my PC has been secured. What’s with you people?

  104. I am concerned about a large charge on my account. Please explain. I did not give anyone authorization to take from my bank acct.

  105. I have been billed three times for my antivirus protection. $42.49 on 8/29/17, $53.11 on 10/04/17, and $42.49 on 11/22/17. Would you please explain this to me? This can’t be correct.

    Louise Williams

  106. I need my product key back since you would not download my anti virus for me so I can return the product. I tried but it accepted my product key but wouldn’t download so I called customer service. The supervisor tried to sell me a lifetime package after 20 minutes of lecturing me on my computer. I explained that I could not afford this right now. The supervisor then yelled at me and told me he would not download my antivirus without it. I had someone to check my computer. It was fine and I purchased another anti virus and downloaded it without any issues.

  107. I have been trying do download McAfee Total Protection,and it keeps telling me
    I am not connected to the internet. At present, I have Live safe. I do not want live safe. I have so much trouble I am going to delete what is on my computer, and never deal with you again! I do not want Live Safe

  108. I am trying to find a contact number for your service dept to no avail!!! I have your software and it has blocked my wireless printer – not much use and very annoying I have tried to correct this and it will not accept (after an hour of useless information and too much technical speak to get through) – if nobody contacts me I will cancel my purchase and get refund – why are you not contactable? Awful customer service – so far!

  109. On Jan 8 I called McAfee because their anti-virus software was not working. The first tech guy uninstalled & reinstalled it. Didn’t fix it. Second guy was very nice & when he couldn’t fix it he said it was because the update would not let him install it.
    He decided to force an update & left me with a Blue Screen. I talked with 3 supv who were vague but said they would not do anything to help or reimburse me for my broken computer. The computer would not work at all, could not get into even the menu. I also talked to another man who called me a week later. They totally refuse to admit any liability although they claim the repair calls were recorded so they know what happened. I took my computer to an expert who found a recent msg from Microsoft sent out to McAfee saying not to try this
    procedure because it would cause the Blue Screen exactly as it happened to me. I am preparing to sue McAfee because I can prove what their tech did.

  110. I wrote a long comment about how McAfee ruined my computer & caused a blue screen but it was wiped out & a msg said they would not print my comment.

  111. I have tried to find your email address as I need to cancel my direct debit that I never knew I had I was just charges $149.
    peas reply

  112. I would expect the transaction to be reversed asap.
    our family is going through hard times with our daughter passing away from cancer in January and we need the money returned as I haven’t asked for this renewal.

    regards ray

  113. Why am I unable to use from a new device to activate purchase of security products. Very disappointed that I have to turn over control.

  114. I cancelled the subscription but was charged for renewal under PayPal. Would like this resolved and to be refunded! I already have a security system.

    • Vous avez renouvellé mon abonnement à Mcafee Total Protection avant la fin de ma présente inscription qui se termine le 20 Novembre 2018.
      Vous avez de ce fait débité mon comte Visa au montant de C&89.99.
      Comme j’ai annulé ce renouvellement automatique (que vous m’avez confirmer par email du 21 octobre 2018 à11:42,)je vous demanderais de bien vouloir me rembourser ce montant de 89.99.
      J’attends donc de vos nouvelles dans le plus court délai possible

  115. I have tried to sent an email to the address given on this site – I am getting a message to say it is invalid – can you please let me know correct email address without delay – I am trying to download the LiveSafe premium product and despite having entered the 25 digit product twice I am still getting a message telling me my security has expired and offering me the facility to ‘renew now’ – I have already paid for the product which should be able to download to 5 users. How can I solve this problem.

  116. I purchased a 1 year subscription of McAfee LifeSafe Virus Protecton on 3/16/18 (ref. Order #CS22178223075) but have not been able to download it. I contacted McAfee tech support and the support person said I would have to pay $120.00 so he could make some changes to my computer before he could do the download. My laptop is less than 3 months old and I did not allow the changes for obvious reasons, plus I refused to pay $120.00. I am requested a refund for purchase amount.

  117. Hi Customer Service
    I keep being billed for a service which I asked to be cancelled. this is the second such deduction which has been made. Please desist and refund me immediately.

  118. I am increasingly disappointed and disillusioned with McAfee.

    on a daily basis my computer is running slow. If I am on the internet it will freeze completely. Why am I paying for McAfee protection if it is incapable of protecting my computer?

    It is a waste of money and effort. I have to run the programme to get rid of cookies every 5 minutes. Your system is flawed, FLAWED FLAWED

  119. I have a 1 year contract name: Asbjorn Stensen Order no; CS 1913609244 Date 19th June 2017. MDS Valid 1 year through DnB Norway. Every month I recive a message about my account has expired.

  120. I no longer have a CREDIT CARD so how can I pay my account, Direct Debit Cash or Cheque. You have sent me the same renewal email adnauseum


  122. my name is Kingsley from Nigeria l need ur whatsap contact number because l want make request for charge controller for wind turbine .

  123. Purchased dell laptop 2018. Paid £24.50 by Visa on 10.03.18 for virus protection. Money moved from my account on 12.03.18.Repeated messages on laptop informing me that I have no protection. What have I paid for? Please advise.

  124. Dear Sir,
    I have a laptop Acer R04TU111 and my McAfee Internet Security expires at the
    31/05/2018. I want to extend it for two year. But I have today 22/05/2018 subscribed for McAfee Life Safe for two years. I ‘ve given the number of my master card but I must not bring my bank code. My question is : Have I payd because I haven’t received any confirmation by e-mail. I want also that the new software replaces the Internet Security not today but when this one expires. Do I have to to something to remain protected after the 31/05/2018 ?

  125. McAfee is great but I have a contract with a cable company that takes care of my anti virus protection. Thank you for your offer. Have a nice Memorial Day..

  126. Am having a problem. Am getting opo-ups on my computer about my MsAfee Anti-virus expiring or about too! My program is good for a year, from the date of activation, February 22, 2018 till February 19, 2019? What are you having computer glicheses, please correct this problem.

  127. I just paid for 2 years. Now you are asking for more. Correct this now and let me know that you have. Thanks

  128. My subscription was automatically taken from my account without first
    confirming that I wished you to carry on with the service.I have subsequently
    cancelled this and am looking for a rebate of £89.99.In any event why do you advertise a cheaper rate and the. Make a charge of much more.?

  129. Paid twice for Mcafee , contacted for removal of 1 charge but the other renewal is still not active and I only am told via computer that service is expired and I need to renew….please activate my computer… is shutting down via


  131. your customer service is a non event.On 19/4/18 I subscribed to MacAfee and
    $38.95 was credited to you on 20/4/18 and after my pc had 2 virus attacks I wrote
    2 letters to your Australian headquarters and received no reply and when I have tried to login you reject my p/w thomas567
    which I have changed to Boncel_1931 You have 48hrs to reply or I will lodge a
    complaint with Consumer Afffairs

  132. Scam Scam Scam keep getting message that need to run a scan scan doesn’t exist just a site demanding payment not paying anyone for computer security I just remove the site and get a free download

  133. I am very pleased with McAfee Internet Security, that is why I was very dismayed to log into what I thought was my account, but it was my prior account I had with McAfee privately. Now, I am with McAfee provided by my internet provider, Verizon Fios, Security Suite powered by McAfee. I was confused at first by now I realized that my previous account on my old computer shows expired. This account should be cancelled. I am now with Verizon Fios and it is showing active on my computer when I checked.

  134. I would like to unsubscribe but I cannot log in to your website, or whatever, because my password, which I had asked to be saved, sorry password(S), are all unacceptable to you, which makes you unacceptable to me.

    I am now with Bitdefender.

    This password thing is becoming a pain in the butt.

  135. I see from above comments that I am not the only person who is frustrated with your communication deficits. You were tardy in informing me I was unprotected for a month or so, leading me to renew without considering how I had been dealt with. Hence, upon advice, my reluctance to deal with you, the more I learn.

  136. I have not agreed terms and conditions after reading them. I understand I am legally allowed not to agree and therefore not to renew McAfee.

    Why had McAfee used my bank card details to overdraw my account?

    Order #CS2275176165 is not an authorised by me on 23 Aug 2018.
    Please refund my bank immediately.
    Many thanks.

  137. my name is margaret i paid 39e 99c and my computer keeps telling me im not protected can you please look into this nd contacr me please i got notifacation that my payment was susesful

  138. I agree with the first three letters I read. They are correct, I left McAfee after a year of going around and around.. They even blocked my devices for a time. Besides this automatically renewed months after I left them and charged $106 dollars that am trying to get returned.

  139. How do I stop message telling me to renew subscription?
    I am a BT customer with Net Protect so do not pay a subscription.
    I have clicked on RENEW to no avail and no other options appear.

  140. my mcafee as been paid and runs out on the 27/05/2020 via Hewlett Packard
    ivoice number PL2237006265 AND THE OLD ONE AS RUN OUT NUMBER PS2237OO5704 ON 29/09/2018AND IS NO LONGER NEEDED,

  141. my name is Judy and I have McAfee on my computer now , and it has to be renewed by Nov 25th this year and I was needing to get this cheaper then $99.00 because i’m not working just on my s. s check . can you help me so I can stay with you . i’ll put my e-mail address for you but think you already have all this I get e-mails now , don’t want this taken out on my card til I find out something .
    Thank You ,
    Judy Moore

  142. I too had the same experience, McAfee taking money out of my account without my authority, and through pay pal. Charge £89.99, and now only for one year.
    On top of that, they keep giving me messages saying my subscription has elapsed and I am not covered with security, The money was taken out of my account on the 12th of June.2018 . My question is, what happens if I don’t have a computer anymore,. My old one is nearing the end, and I don’t intend to get another, .McAfee has no right to renew without permission. Something has to be done about this

  143. My McAfee subscription was renewed recently. I still get reminders that my subscription expired. Could someone call me at 1-876-815-9904

  144. HI,
    I got an email from Mcafee asking me to renew my subscription now at a discount. The email is official no problems with that.
    But now that I have purchased the subscription how do I input the new license to extend my expiry date for another year?

  145. Hi,
    I have purchased a new subscription at a discounted rate.
    I have been charged for it by MCAFEE.

    How do I input my new license to extend my expiry date by a year.?

  146. Vous avez renouvellé mon abonnement à Mcafee Total Protection avant la fin de ma présente inscription qui se termine le 20 Novembre 2018.
    Vous avez de ce fait débité mon comte Visa au montant de C&89.99.
    Comme j’ai annulé ce renouvellement automatique (que vous m’avez confirmer par email du 21 octobre 2018 à11:42,)je vous demanderais de bien vouloir me rembourser ce montant de 89.99.
    J’attends donc de vos nouvelles dans le plus court délai possible

  147. i’m upset and very disappointed by my recent business dealings with mcAfee.

    earlier this year I had two occurences where my hard drive failed and I had to have them replaced. i need to have mcAfee put back on my laptop.

    the first time, I was able to do this by utilizing a link mcAfee sent to me. the second time I called into mcAfee, I reached a mcAfee customer service representative who, took the 10 minutes to walk me through the process of reinstalling mcAfee. this last time, i called mcAfee because the link sent to me was not working. Without telling me, the mcAfee rep. transferred me to a different company, supposedly to help me with my needs. i had NO idea that mcAfee couldn’t take care of this for me, without having to send me to an outside contractor this time, and without telling me.

    still without knowing, I talked to the technician (at GuruAid, now). right away I sensed something was off when the techie asked me for the name of my warranty and was it for software or hardware. when I told him I didn’t have a warranty specifically for software. I asked him WHY he needed to know and he just mumbled something, blowing me off.

    apparently he was going through my system, now I know it was so he could look for billable problems (which I didn’t authorize and my only request was to get mcAfee back–and I told him that). He brought to my attention a # of temp files, junk files,etc., which were slowing down my computer. he said he could take care of that for me. he brought to my attention other problems with my system–scaring me mindlessly.

    now remember, at this time I still thought I was talking to mcAfee. I accepted his offer to take care of these issues for me. I asked him if there was a fee for this service and he said only if he had to refer me to a technician. he said he was going to transfer me to technician matthew, but later, accidentally, I found out that HE was the one who was doing the work, NOT matthew.

    after I spoke to matthew i then knew i was no longer talking to mcAfee, but rather GuruAid. he pretty much scared me half to death, for my computer, and talked me into buying a $300, 2-year software warranty. I told him that I didn’t have the $300 available, but still, he tried talking me into a 3-year warranty for $400. and he went on and on about the monetary benefits of the 3-year warranty. I was not able to allocate yet another $100 but he said he would call me back the following week to see if I would be able to upgrade to the $400 warranty.

    i ended up putting the charge on plastic.

    and to make matters worse, he kept me on-line and on the phone for like 2 1/2 hours! I kept telling him that I needed to go to work and how much longer would
    it be, but during the entire conversation, he just kept saying: “now it’ll be just a minute” ( !!! ) finally, I literally had to hang up so I could leave for work.

    I’ve been a mcAfee consumer and believed I was working in good faith with mcAfee AND believed mcAfee was working with my best interests at heart. I feel I was taken advantage of in the amount of $300…

    when I called mcAfee (because the link they sent me was not working) I was under the impression that I was going to be transferred to a MCAFEE technician, NOT a technician from an outside company who I had not contracted with. I contracted with mcAfee. i believed that the mcAfee teckkie I was being transferred to, was going walk me through, to get mcAfee back on my computer.

    for me, it was a distressing situation. I’ve lost my confidence in mcAfee which from my account, has some shady business dealings. this makes me wonder if the mcAfee rep. I was talking to, gets a kick-back (?!) for each potential warranty purchase that is recommended to GuruAid.

    i purchased mcAfee by the recommendation of the store that sold it to me. i did not expect that mcAfee, would then turn around and transfer me to an independent contractor who would then talk me into an additional (and expensive) purchase. a company who i felt strong-armed me into buying the warranty.

    GuruAid asked if there was anything else he could do for me (BEFORE he told me about the fee), i told him i still needed to get ms office suite re-installed. he said he could also take care of that for me.

    btw, i could have taken care of this myself–and would have. Chrome was also installed. again, i could have downloaded this myself. Acrobat reader was installed just for the purpose of reading the sales invoice that was put on my desktop. this was not necessary since i have never had a problem with reading pdf’s. i didn’t ask for these functions and would never have agreed to paying for his efforts.

    i will research another option for protecting my computer. hopefully i will find another company that respects me. if not as a valued consumer, then at least, as a human being.

    i am just stunned that mcAfee would treat me (and my funds) like this. and i’m surprised that mcAfee could/would act in this manner. i don’t know how mcAfee could keep in business with practices such as this. if this happened to me, i can’t believe other mcAfee consumers haven’t gone through this.

    at a cost of $300, i’m glad i at least have the opportunity to express my dismay. thank you.

  148. I renewed june 2018 for three more years and really regret it $368.00 the
    service is awful. the first thing they ask is when was the last time you called
    and try to sell you some other service. When I was having a problem understanding him he asked how old are you? Why don’t you get someone
    to help you. The first year they were sort of helpful but that ended. I have to
    check with my bank if I can stop this.

  149. An idiotic business to try to contact by e-mail. Impossible to renew annual subscription by Debit Card as the idiotic form on the web site will not accept my ‘CVV’ number. Tried paying by Bank Transfer but the morons do not give you their Bank Sort Code so you cannot pay that way either. I am totally fed up with wasting time with this outfit and am looking for alternate security.

  150. I wish that McAfee had people to talk to when you need too instead of people from another country that either can’t understand us or we can’t understand them.I am not renewing my subscription with you guys, however I got a message saying that you guys tried to get a payment out of my checking account but couldn’t and it said for my to update my information. I called and talked to someone named Ruban and he looked at my account and said I am good till January and also that my subscription would not renew in January.

  151. Good evening I call myself Iurie Busuioc! I bought the antivirus on the internet and I have paid three times how can I have the rest of the money back?

  152. I have been with Macaffe since 2006. I have a yearly withdraw from my credit card to cover yearly costs.
    since July 2017 I have had $641.00 taken from my account by Macaffe. When I asked for an explanation a person with an east indian accent could not explain.
    When I said I couldn’t understand his explanation and told him to no longer access this card as I didn’t like it being used as a piggy bank he hung up. ‘Great customer service”
    July 20-17 = $93.35 Nov.2017 = $39.99 Dec. 2017 = $79.99
    July 2018 = $121.38 Oct. 2018 = $99.99 Nov.20 = $39.99
    Dec.18 2018 = $79.99 Dec.18 = $99.99
    Do Not Give them Access to your acct. under any circumstances!!!!!!

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