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Contacting Mazda Customer Service Center

Mazda is a hip, crossover care company that has a hand in sports cars, family vehicles and powerful trucks. The company’s eclectic styles are likely rooted in the long business history, with roots dating back to the 1920s. Mazda’s first major exports were to India, but today the vehicles are found in China, Europe, Japan and the US.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Mazda customers have access to dedicated customer service lines and roadside assistance. If you need assistance, call Mazda customer service between 6 AM and 4:45 PM PT, Monday to Friday. Roadside assistance is available 24/7.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-222-5500
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-866-1998
  • Mazda Capital Services (Loans): 1-866-984-7718
  • Mazda Capital Services (Lease): 1-866-984-7716
  • Mazda American Credit: 1-800-945-6000

The hours for the Mazda American Credit department are 7 AM to 8 PM CT Monday to Friday and 9 AM to 5:30 PM ET Saturday.

Mailing Address

While mailing a letter may seem a little outdated for some, there is something about sending a compliment or grievance that feels powerful. For customers who wouldn’t contact Mazda customer service any other way, the mailing address for your customer service team is:

Mazda North American OperationsPO Box 19734Irvine, CA 92623Attn: Customer Assistance Center

Official Website

The US consumer website for Mazda is published at You can use the site to read about new Mazda models or contact Mazda customer service. The website also lists social media sites where customers can read Mazda news or contact an agent.

Customer Service Email

Sometimes the time it takes to call Mazda service just doesn’t fit into your busy schedule. You can contact an agent using the email form online for a happy medium between calling and writing the customer service team.

The customer service page also lists quite a few FAQs; some of which may include the answer to your question. The top 10 most frequently asked questions are listed on the page.

Our Experience

When the automated answering system picks up your call to Mazda customer service do NOT press 0. Pressing 0 just causes the entire list of options to repeat. Press 1 for roadside assistance, 2 for nearest Mazda dealer, 3 for loans and leases, 4 for recalls, 5 for general information or 6 for the customer service department. We managed to make it through the automated system in less than 45 seconds and an agent picked up almost immediately after we were transferred. The agent was happy to check for any recalls on our Mazda vehicle.

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19 Comments on “Contact Mazda Customer Service
  1. Had no problem with agent..he was, i suppose doing what he was told to do..with the dealer recommending a $2500.00 manual transmission replacement on 2005 Mazda 3 with only 77,500 miles was shocking and surprising, non the lease..just because the trans pop’s out of 3rd gear..just asking for a liitle help from Mazda, besides, “you are on your own”..on a dealer serviced, well maintained vehicle..on a problem that was known by Mazda..TOO MAZDA, THANK YOU FOR NOTHING AND YOUR CONCERN FOR YOUR OWNER’S.

  2. I’m looking to buy a small AWD diesel powered crossover. I live in the boonies drive through heavy snowbelts and need a vehicle with exceptional MPG and ground clearance. Please consider bringing the diesel CX-5 to the US market. It is long overdo!

  3. Hi,
    Our company COMOVEP SARL has been specialized in importation of cars and spares since many years. We are in Benin / West Africa and interested in the cars Mazda. Then we want to do business with your company.
    We would like to be Mazda sales representative here in Benin and we will be honored to get an appointment from your company to come there and visit your car factory. Anytime you want.
    Looking forward to your reply, please accept our best wishes.
    Thank you .

  4. I have read in internet forums about the many customers who have steering problems with the Mazda Tribute and are getting no help from Mazda. I like my Tribute a lot. I do not like having to pay for a common defect that was recalled in the 3 and the 6 cars. $1100.00 for the module to repair my steering. This is crazy. I had bought Fords for years and never ran into this type of problem. I was all set to purchase another Mazda when I replace this vehicle, not now. Anyone can sell me a car, not everyone provides the customer service needed in this type of situation. I believe this to be a dangerous condition that from what I have found seems to be quite common. I am going to report this to the proper agencies within the state of Wisconsin who investigate these sorts of things.

  5. I bought a Mazda Tribute 2005, it rode loud and no much room. A coil mis fired and fried the computer. Mazda design is to change or fix the computer you have to change all 6 coils at the same time. The dealership wants to charge absurd amounts and even when I got the computer and coils changed they can not for some reason “because the system is not designed that way” program 1 key. Which means now I have to buy a secondary key even if I don’t want it. The whole thing is a money drain and I am a completely DISSATISFIED customer. I will never buy Mazda again nor deal with these people at Delray Mazda. This has totally blown my trust in a company like Mazda.

  6. October 9,2014 I have brought my car in twice for the same air conditioning problem so on this day of Oct. the air went out again brought my car in no one to look at it and the one person that could look at is on vacation so I have to drive in Louisiana hot weather with no air because they have no one to look at my car so I asked for a car to drive and they said they could not do this either. Now my air is not working ,no one to look at my car and no car to drive ThANKS foryour help which means they DID NOT HELP Me

  7. As an advertiser on ESPN, I will not consider purchasing a Mazda product after I have seen the inappropriate and unfair reporting of ESPN of the Patriots situation with footballs these past weeks, which came to a head today. I am writing all advertisers on ESPN and sharing their names on all social media sites that support the Pats. I would suggest you stop your support of ESPN as they are unethical and immoral and you will lose customers as a result. Or, insist they stop their inept, unfair practices.

  8. Put a diesel in the CX 5 and I will buy one! I work at the BNSF RR. You will sell a lot of cars and SUV to rail roaders, when you get diesels in,

  9. I had very bad first experince with Mazda maintenance service in Towne Mazda in Redwood City, CA. I dropped my off to the service center 9am by the appointment. it was my first service since last November when I purchased the car. They asked me how they can help me so I said I needed the first service. They asked me anything else they can check or helped me. so I said the car had a little odor whey I turned off AC. they said they will check and they called me back when my car was ready. after 6 hours. they called me and they replaced the carbon filter. they said tried it out any help with new carbon filter. so I went to pick my car up. they asked me to pay $76 for the part and labor. I told them I purchased the service plan so I should not pay for the service. they said the carbon filter was not included to the service plan until 30,000 miles. I said OK then and I checked the recipe but there was no old change and tire rotation record. I asked them where was the oil change and tire rotation record as the first service. they said I didn’t ask them to do oil change and tire rotation and I missed the first service because it passed 6month. I complained there didn’t make sense to me. and then they said they tried to do the oil change and tire rotation but they needed 1.5 hours. so I asked them I needed the shuttle and they said the shuttle service was ended at 3pm. Finally, General manger helped me to get the real first service and I picked my car 5pm so I sent twice travel to Towne Mazda and waiting 8 hours for the oil change and tire rotation. I’m definitely not going back to Towne Mazda service center and I will try to ask to cancel my service plan to customer service.

  10. I want to report a dangerous problem with Mazda cx7 07 lower arm control. While Driving 65mph on a highway, my front driver side wheel detached from lower control arm. There seems to have been an issue with rust. I will investigate it further and have photos. Please let me know if there were any recalls on this?

  11. Emailed Mazda Aust twice and received no reply.had car back to dealer 3 times and am still breathing fumes in cabin and cannot use air Cond in my new Mazda bt50.Dan Warne

  12. Dear Mazda support team This is Dina El-Seddik,, I am an Egyptian lady who is working for the Royal Dutch Shell as exploration geoscientist – Egypt Branch. I owe Mazda 3 – 2008 high line … Agency service – Katameya Branch – Cairo Egypt – has exposed my life 🙁 I am so much disappointed and I was planning to get Mazda 3- 2016 but I won’t ever do — not because the car is bad … But because of stupid service after sale . In brief , On the 7 Jan my car showed check engine status and I called Auto Ghabour Mazda ( credited Agency) and took my car on a wench to Katameya Branch in Cairo. I asked them to check my whole car and know the problem in … And to change the water and I gave them the blue mobile water myself in their hands They empty my car from the water — and they didn’t replace it with the new one … I drove in high way on 80 mm speed without water in the car … I knew it when k heard water bottle shacking sound I stopped the engine and check … And I discover the catastrophe after driving above 60 km … This what Egyptian Agency did with me … Giving them my car to fix it … They create more problems in it …and when I called he engineer back … He told me I am sorry I forgot ! Zero credibility I have now towards them … And I won’t get ever the new Mazda … And I will let all of my work colleagues know my story and I will share it on Facebook too and everywhere …. Mazda exposed my life … I am sorry for my rude words I am expressing how this is so disappointing and not expected from a company like Mazda I am waiting your feedback Best Regards, Dina El-Seddik

  13. TErrible! I bought a certified used 2016 mazda cx5, really brand new but had around 600 miles on it so they had to sell as used, and the transmission was defective! Terrible, stalled in traffic on the freeway several times then lurched forward when finally went into gear. Stopped in middle of road while making a u turn, very dangerous. Several other dangerous situations, due to faulty transmission while i was on a long drive to and from california from Nevada. I brought back to the dealer and they put in a new transmission. I want some kind of compensation from mazda. WAS very stressful. I would have been better off driving my old car rather than this one. I only hope its ok now and i would actually like a different car as i do not trust it. whats to say something else is defective? please contact me to compensate for this problem. Now my car has lost value, because service records will show faulty transmission when i go to sell it or to trade it in. thank you. MYreen Aschenbach. This car was bought at Henderson Nevada Mazda dealership.

  14. I am writing to tell you how disappointed I am in Mazda.

    We purchased a CX about four years ago after the birth of our third child. We needed a roomy car with three rows, and room for storage. Initially, we were so happy as it has plenty of room, and looked sharp. However, over time things have started to fall apart. broken.

    The seatbelt in the third road broke, the pockets on the back of the seats have ripped apart, we are unable to move the second row seat back because the metal lever has broken, a piece along the outside above the wheel came off. It’s obvious to us now that many corners were cut or cheap materials were used in making this car. We’ve never experienced this before.

    We recently purchased another car – a Subaru that we have always had in the past, and had such incredible experiences with – so we are not in a position to buy a different car to replace the Mazda. It’s almost embarrassing to drive, because when someone gets into the car, seeing all the broken things looks so awful.

    I have taken photos of all the things I described above, but I don’t see any customer service email addresses on your site, or anywhere to upload photos here.
    I would greatly appreciate if I could hear back.



  15. I need to speak with somoeone ASAP!I need someone higher than corprate!
    please email me with a phone number.
    Thank you,

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