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Contacting Maybelline Customer Service Center

Maybelline is a makeup and skin care brand offering beauty products for men, women, young and mature. The Maybelline name is a brand controlled by the L’Oreal parent company. The About page claims the brand started as a small business and evolved into the trendy cosmetics company it is today.

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When you visit the Contact page you are actually taken to the sites Beauty Advisor. This is nothing more than a collection of FAQs used to fend off some customer contact attempts. You can search for an answer to your question or contact Maybelline customer service using the contact information below.

Phone Contact Number

On the FAQs page, if you click the button that states you want to speak with a representative, you will be shown the phone number to contact Maybelline customer service. The customer service staff is available from 9 AM to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-456-5287

We found a second customer service phone number with agents available from 10 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service 2: 1-800-944-0730

Mailing Address

In some cases a letter may seem like the best way to contact a customer service department. If that is the case with your Maybelline customer service issues, address your letter to:

Maybelline New YorkConsumer AffairsPO Box 1010Clark, NJ 07066

Official Website

Visit for more information on the latest Maybelline beauty products, customer service details for Maybelline and information on promotions, deals and more. The site is clearly focused on beauty and helping the visitor achieve the satisfaction of loving the look they’ve created with Maybelline products.

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If you’re a social person, you can find Maybelline pages on the most popular social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Service Email

No answers to your questions in the FAQs, but you don’t feel like calling the Maybelline customer service department? You can send an email to an agent faster than calling and the answer will appear in your personal email account.

Our Experience

Contacting the customer support team was quite easy. We have to note there are several options to choose from. To expedite the call, press 0 to speak with an operator. The operator in turn connects customers to the customer service department. I all, we waited less than 90 seconds before speaking with a customer care agent. When the agent answered the call, we exchanged pleasantries and proceeded to ask questions relating to returns. The agent explained the procedure and also provided additional information regarding shipping, considering some makeup is hazardous.

The overall experience was what we expected. Did you have the same experience or was yours better/worse? Take a moment to comment below.

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202 Comments on “Contact Maybelline Customer Service
  1. I like a mascara with a very thin brush. I found your Lash Discovery Mini Brush my favorite. In January, I made a mistake and bought the waterproof type at a Target in St. John, IN. It was chunky, leaving my lashes thick and ugly. I don’t know if it was old or just the formula. I no longer have my receipt and wanted a replacement, but not the waterproof type. Can you help me.

  2. Unbelievable! I tried to ask the question of how to advance the usable part of your Master Shape eyebrow pencil and you want to charge me $38 dollars for an answer? You have lost a customer.

  3. I have used Ultra Brow Brush on eyebrow for many years, to my surprise walgreens does not stock it any longer and I can’t find it anywhere else. Has maybelline discontinued this lovely product? and why? Eyebrow pencils are waxy and don’t work for everyone.

  4. Hi, my name is deedee Murillo i live in Logan Utah.i started using your products sence i was 14 yrs, me it was my,(must have item,) sometimes i would forget my books or a pincil to class but i would never be with out my mascara and eyeliner.
    As time went by and i had my own children i showed them that maybelline is the way to go.we are 4 generation of maybellibe users. At first i had such a hard time finding what worked for me,since i have small streight eye lashes so when i used regular mascara my lashes would get to wet and they would go straight again and the mascara would when i found ,water proof dial-lash it was haven to my eyes and having the brush with a curb edge it was a plus even thou it was water proof i had no problem takeing it off…then for no reason i was told it was no longer availabe i have surched for something similar and to this day i have not found one…if i find water proof the brush is not curved, and if the brush is curved its not watef proof,also you have taken off the market the only eyeliner that i used ,its the simple 2 pk blk velvet eyeliner and the out side of the pincils are red,i still see the brown but never the blk,the last time i found it, it was in Yuma Az,while i was on vaccation i also notice that the quality is not the same most lipliners that i buy are broken inside,and the white creamy eye pincils that i use to buy are dry most of the time,the almound honey creamy fundation is slitely different shades.i have purchased so many products that i was not satisfied with and they all end up in my granchildrens play makeup bag so you could say thats another generation right there..please help me find similar products,i don’t like buying brand after brand ,please, please help. And thank you for the wounderful job do,you realy make a difference in our lifes…..

  5. Have you changed the formula for Great Lash Mascara. I have been using it for years and yet the last several tubes I have purchased have clumped my lashes!!!

  6. I like to use Maybelline mascara –The Classic Volume Express–black/brown–I do not want the waterproof kind. For several months now I have been unable to find it in any store in Mobile, Al. Have you discontinued it? Why doesn’t Walmart, the drug stores, or grocery stores have it any longer??? Please tell me where I can get it. Please reply. Thank you.

    P.J. Owens

  7. Dear Sir or Madame

    I have to write to tell you that I love your Stiletto line. I use the mascara and eyeliner and I am very choosey about my eye makeup products. I also like your combo eye shadows and always peek each season to see if new one come out. I have been using maybelline products for many year and felt your company should be commended on it hard work.

    Thank You
    Dawn Dessureau

  8. Hi,
    we use your lipstick ( super stay 24 color) for a long time.
    it is impossible to use the whole quantity of the formula because the way to take out the lipstick doesn’t let to use the whole liquid that is in the formula.
    at least 33% can’t be used because of the bad entrance to the box of the lipstick.
    we like very much this lipstick, but third of it is not used ,and me and many friends of mine are wasting a lot of money for nothing.
    I can send you many used lipstick that I have that are not used only because of that reason.

    I demand that at least you have to give me either money back or at least 20 units from the colors: 185 and 760.
    Waiting to your response,
    Adina Broida

    • I have used your 24 hour Super Stay Lip gloss for years. The ‘snap’ feature to keep the gloss on the opposite end is not sufficient. I have bought many and the gloss continues to disconnect in my purse/bag. The gloss then becomes dirty and it cannot be cleaned. The lipgloss quality is not as it once was. I cannot determine if it is because there is no way to mix the gloss after it settles therefore you get what comes out of the tube as is. You will be losing a long time customer of this product as the packaging has become smaller and nearly impossible to work with ie; gloss end coming lose, and unable to ‘stir’ the gloss for even coverage.

  9. I have used Maybelline products for years.
    I recently purchase Instant Age Rewind, radiant firming makeup and found upon applying that it has a strange odor and also leaves my face “sticky” until removed. What’s up with that? I cannot use because of this and am afraid to buy another bottle for fear of the same problem. Please advise.

  10. Hello, I bought the Great Lash Waterproof Mascara & its a Nwe one, well theres like nothing in bottle to get on the brush to do my eyelashes with! Never had this happen before Ive used this for years & years , Could I get a coupon to replace this one please, would appreciate Thankyou Patricia Mead

  11. I purchased the following product at Woolworths Smithfield Qld Australia

    Instant Age Rewind® Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
    Anti-aging concealer targets and erases dark circles, puffiness and fine lines instantly

    I was unable to accesss the product inside becuase the bottle could not be opened. Myself, my husband and the shop assistant all tried without success. moreover none of the instructions were written in English. This was extremely annoying as I could not use the product and also then had to go to the trouble of returning it. I will be very reluctant in future to puchase any further products made by this company

  12. I do not UNDERSTAND why when so MANY people have requested that you put the Charcole Gray eye brow pencil back on the market that you do NOT do so as it will certainly be utilized by MANY Seniors who have gray hair and do NOT use other colors as it looks so fake. PLEASE, PLEASE put it back. A dissatisifed customer

  13. I bought Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Makeup and applied it as instructed. Well the first time I thought ok not even. Next time I applied less in the area same out come. Now again today again not good. This product does not in any way spread evenly or cover any area on the face evenly.. As far as pushing the so called top to relieve the liquid well that’s as joke no matter how slowly you try to relieve the liquid it comes out with force. You spend quite a long time messing with the product by the time you apply in little area than try to spread it and start all over again to cover you all face I could cook a ten course meal.. I will not purchase this product or advise anyone else to. I give this a thumbs down !!!

    • 24 hr color stay lip color. 2nd time this has happened. It got hot in the car and when I applied it, it dripped all over me and my clothing. I got it out of my top in May but I don’t recall what I used. Now, it happened again. Do you know what works best for cotton. I tried hairspray, alcohol, ammonia and peroxide. Please respond.

  14. I just wanted to write you so you could know how much I LOVE Maybelline Lash Stelleto mascara it’s the only mascara I love and use and I’ve noticed they no longer have it in stores it upsets me very much I’ve tried all your other mascaras but they don’t seem to compare to lash Stelleto please bring it back

  15. My sister introduced me to the instant age rewind. She has had several and loves it. I have tried and returned all 4 of mine due to not being able to get the concealer to come out. IT says it may take several turns before it comes out, but just how many times does it take for it to work. Not as easy user product.

  16. I’m also writing on why I can’t buy Maybelline Expert Wear Light Brown Eyeliner/brow pencil.I’ve used this product for over forty years and I have been trying to buy more. I’ve looked for several months all over the area in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I would like to know if Maybelline has found something wrong with this product. I would like to know also, many millions of women would like to know if this product is dangerous to use. I’m really really worried. Please contact me.

  17. I purchased Mastershape eye brow from Mayelline,soft brown crayon.It does not roll up.I used it about 3 time. I would like a new one .
    Please respond.


  18. I have been using Maybelline products for years now. I have recently been very disappointed in the quality. The last 3 eyeliners I’ve had have broken and I have to resharpen then over and over again to where they only last about 5 days. I even tried buying a new sharpener.
    Please respond

  19. The only thing Mega about the Mega Plush volume mascara is the MEGA CLUMP. This happened immediately with the first application and only worsened over time. I’m sadly disappointed in this product and sorry I wasted my money. I’m going back to cover girl products.

  20. Recently purchases maybelline lash mascara, upon first use only to find it was empty, no mascara. It was so funny because I was thinking , is it my age ,have my lashes changed to where they won’t take mascara.After wiping wand on Kleenex I discovered it was empty.. That’s all I have to say except I’ve always used Maybelline and will be 70 my next bIrthday.

  21. Hi, I purchases Maybelline eyeliner waterproof from Kmart it must have been old because it clumped when I tried putting it on I never had that happen before I love the liner so I hope you can replace the old one? Thank You

  22. I bought Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Treatment and am anxious to use it. Please tell me how to open the bottle so I can use it or send me a replacement. I can’t afford to pay money for something that I can’t use.
    Thank you.

    • Funny, this was exactly one of my complaints in my letter to them. I don’t even remember how I finally got that little cap off, but it wasn’t easy, and my complaints was that you can’t get the cap off if you have any makeup at all on your fingers. Plus it broke after a few uses and the dabber at the top dried out so I couldn’t use the prodct any more. The cap is really flimsy. But for the couple of weeks I did use it, it worked really well. I’ll let you know their response.

      • I love your products. I do have a complaint. Your compacts do not hold up. I have blush and pressed powder. The compacts always fall apart. The hinges break and the lids fall off. I do not carry them in my purse. I keep them in my make-up bag in a drawer. So they don’t get abused. They don’t last as long as the make-up. I have to keep them in a plastic bag,so the make-up doesn’t fall out. I use other make-up products you make, and I am very satisfied. Also, do you ever have coupons for your make-up? I never see them. Thank You, Sondra Wyss

  23. I have finally ended my search for the greatest mascara. I have fallen in love with your Full ‘N Soft. Finally a mascara that makes my lashes look longer!!!!!!! I will never have to buy any more junk to find the perfect mascara. Thank you!!!!!!!

  24. Please do not discontinue the eyebrow powder in light brown. It is such a great product . I have been using it for years and can’t find anything as good as it.
    What is the reasoning to take it off the shelfs? Thank you At Rite Aide today the clerk said many customers have come in looking for it. Please think about it.
    Claire Almeida

  25. I have attempted to contact Maybelline via their website but all I get is a blank page!
    Anyway, What happened to PINK SHOCK #125 Express Finish Nail Enamel ???
    All I can find is Pink Shock #90 which is DEFINITELY NOT the same shade! It has a terrible Orange tint … YUCK! Bring back #125 !!!!

  26. I recently used your concealer/correcteur affinitone and it caused me eye fungus and i was really disappointed so you should do some testing on this product and check if its formula is good as no other women have the same case as i did because it was a sealed batch not a tester.

  27. I am writing to ask if you have discontinued the production of MAYBELLINE EXPERT WEAR BROW & EYE PENCILS in Black (twist up one. I have looked for it at every store I can think of, but cannot find one. If it is NOT discontinued, please tell me where to find it or may I order directly from you. Sadly, if it is discontinued, please PLEASE bring this product back for the millions of loyal customers who have used it for years.

  28. First time buyer of your Dream Liquid Mousse. I really like the product but don’t like the container. This is the pump type top on the 1 oz. size. After the first few pumps the top clogs and the only way to use the product is to open it and wipe or tip it onto the makeup sponge.
    Nice product – poor design. Hope you can get it fixed before I need to buy it again.

  29. I love only one makeup and that is Maybelline’s 24hr Superstay CARAMEL but for some reason they have discontinued it. The rest of the colors are to light for me and this color has been discontinued at almost every store I used to get it from. If I can’t find this color again I will be forced to pursue a love for another makeup that will stay on the market.

  30. i have been a long time user of maybelline mascaras and i am extremly disappointed in all your new mascaras. the last one used that i thought was a good waterproff mascara was the turbo volum express waterproof. since you discontinued i ave tried every waterproff you have placed wih the most recent being classic volum express…all unsatisfactory. this one is supposed to be waterproof and all it does is flake off. the mascara is so dry it seems old when u first buy. u have so many different new ones and i do not understand why!! some the brushes are so big u get more on your face than u do on you lashes. none of them do what u advertise they do. all the consumer wants is a mascara thats enhances their lashes, does not flake all over there face and if it is waterproof stay on better than non waterproof.
    a dissatisfied customer!

  31. I purchased the Volum’express, Colossal Volume in glam brown and cannot use it! The fumes are so strong that it burned my eyes before applying it. I’ve use Maybelline mascara in the past and never experienced anything like this. This is going in the trash and I’ll find a product that is not so toxic!

  32. I wouldn’t use anything else than your Micro fibre Mascara it has 2 ends white for the false long lashes that is Fab” as you can have your lashes as long as you want, the other end is the colour … Have you stopped this as i can only get it on ebay and it’s rare now the one I use ,,,,, please tell me if you’ve changed the look of this ( xxxl “not the waterproof one

    thank you ; Carol

  33. I love the MEGA PLUSH volum’ express!!!!! I hate the brush that is provided with the tube!!!!!! I have come to save the brush from my old stand by Lash Blast Volume! That works great with MEGA PLUSH! The brush provided with your tube is limp and wimpy! It clumps my lashes and and a lash comb doesn’t even touch it! Trash the brush and copy the Cover Girl one!

  34. Why did you stop supplying Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment makeup with the inbuilt applicator sponge??? Now you just sell it in a bottle with no applicator and more expensive? This was a fantastic idea and obviously a big seller because my supplier was always running out and then we find you dont supply it at all .I understand if they dont sell but this decision makes no business sense at all! And judging by previous comments I have read you seem to do this to a lot of items just when consumers warm to them? Sometimes it takes years for people to get a product that works for them and I think you people are out of touch with the everyday consumer and the challenges they face.

  35. I recently bought your Stilleto liquid eyeliner at a local Walmart. i have bought this eyeliner before and have always found it satistying to my eyeliner needs. however, i recently bought a new one and had a problem with it. the consistency was really watery and when i would apply the eyeliner it would come out very watery to the fact that when i would try to make it darker it would just run down. i have never had problems with this eyeliner before and i dont know why i am having trouble with it now.


  37. I purchased maybelline 24 hour super stay and it was just unbelievable how terrible it was, waste of money and I’m never complain about anything as things don’t tend to bother me but wore it out on a Saturday and it wouldn’t stay on, kept going all over my teeth and was just plain awful, maybe it was old. I would really like a refund or replacement.

  38. I have loved your products since I was a teenager. Well, that was a long time ago, as I was a teen in the 1970’s. I notice your commercials feature young people–beautiful, striking, amazing young women with incredible skin. So…on behalf of all the other “young” ladies my age–what do you have for an old lady like me? I adore the commercials of those lovely youngsters all done up in thick mascara…but this would look hideous on someone like me. I would love to see a commercial with someone my age. After all, you know, Baby Boomers will spend the dollars to look their best. (grin)

  39. maybeline 24 hr colour and lip balm is the best product for my lips I have purchased for a long time. Its great that you can purchase additional balms as normally they run out quicker than the lip colour

  40. Greetings,

    I triend the Mega Plush mascara and am SO disappointed. One of the higher end priced mascaras at Walmart and it is aweful! It doesn’t show as the ultra black as on the label, it clumps on the brush and after 3 coats it is still thin compared to my last mascara. After 2 hours it flakes and got into my eyes and sticks to the inside of my glasses. I will not be purchasing this again and will move from Maybelline products all together as I understand all of them are in the same plant. Hope you find the problem and fix it for other people who thought your commercial might lead them to a better product.

    Sincerely, Rickina

  41. Bought Maybelline dream fresh bb cream, 8 in 1. Have bought this product before and was very pleased. Nice and thick, first time.. perfect mixture of make-up and moisturizer. But I Bought it this time and when I went to squeeze it, it was the consistency of water and literally half the tube came out, got all over my clothes and I was late for work! Very disappointed with Maybelline!

  42. Purchased their new Rocket Volum’Express. Even tho it’s been on the market for a short while, I can’t believe it’s still on the shelves. 1)It felt like I had applied glue to my lashes, very uncomfortable. 2) I looked like a raccoon all day. Everywhere your lashes touch when you blink, you’re sure to have black smudges. Pure crap!!! Maybelline? Come on!

  43. I love your Maybelline Ultra Liner BUT do you
    have it available NOT IN WATERPROOF?????
    Please let me know. Thank You.

  44. i bought maybelline 14 hr stay lipstick on 2 aug 2014 by exchange letter of sm maybelline product,the lipstick cost is nearby 500rs,bt the lip color broked from the base,nd if i m complainting regarding the broken lipstick,d experts r saying tht how could it broke by its own nd bring the bill,am i fool who will break d lipcolor?nd who keeps the bill after 20 days of purchase.
    i need d imediate response for it as lipcolor is expensive.hope u will reply.

  45. I was informed on the Internet that Maybelline Great Lash was the best Waterproof Mascara on the market. I’ve been using L’Oreal for years & am very happy with it, but to satisfy my curiosity (and I go swimming at the Bay), I purchased 2 #120 BBLK Maybelline Mascaras (buy 1, get one 50% off) at CVS ($5.99 & $2.99). I just tried it today — was listening to a sad song, “Memories” by Gladys Knight which made me cry! When I looked in the mirror, to my chagrin, the mascara had run under my lash line and looked terrible. That never happened with L’Oreal. Also, I purchased Maybelline “Baby Skin” pore eraser for $8.00! That’s expensive. Was is it made of? Please reply. Thanks!

  46. I have been using great lash washable mascara for a very long time. (The one with the straight brush – classical volume brush). Today I opened my new mascara to find the tip of the the brush having a curve on it. I hope this is a defect on the brush as I find it very difficult to put on. I do not have my receipt or I would be returning it to Walmart where it was purchased.

  47. The Maybelline eye shadow I recently purchase contains glitter, although that was not stated in the store display, on the package, and is not visible when you look at the colors. While that may be an appealing look if you are in high school, or are headed out to the clubs at night, it is not a look most mature or professional women are looking for. I purchased a second color, and had the store clerk help me to be sure I had selected a matte color but alas….more sparkles. Although the products are not expensive, I am a retired school teacher and must be careful with my finances. I cannot afford to purchase any item that is worthless to me. The packaging and display should indicate that the eye shadow contains glitter.

  48. I used Baby Lips moisturiser 25 Pink Punch which was wonderful and moisturized my lips and was long lusting. Since I had no more left I bought a new Baby Lips Crystal 135 Gleaming Coral Lip Balm, new and improved which burns my lips and does not moinsturises my lips at all. I am very disappointed with this lip balm and I am brinking it back to the store for refund. Never again I am buying new and improved cosmetics. Valseline is better and cheaper.

  49. I have been using Maybelline ULTRA BROW BRUSH-ON COLOR 402 598UB-10 (LIGHT BROWN) for years, but can no longer find it. Help? What to do?

    Thank you for your reply to my question.

  50. Baby lips states that is for adult use and my daughter was able to buy it and then had it taken away at school year old daughter. i am disgusted she was able to buy.

  51. to whom it may concern hi my name is Lynn pretzel I live in Tulare California I’m 54 years old I have four loving children and four grand kids I’m a widow and after all these years I finally got my calling on the rise uprising makeup artist don’t have a lot of money I’ve been using my own stuff my own products but I’m asking you is Maybelline could donate some cosmetics to me that would be very very helpful I mean I’ve been using Maybelline for years my first Maybelline product in when I was 13 withmy first eyeshadow that I bought from Maybelline was a sparkling blue I would never forget it it was so pretty but I’m finally got my calling I know what I want to do for the rest of my life and I love makeup I have four years so I just thought it doesn’t hurt to ask if you would help me with some products I mean your products are just wonderful so pigmented the pigmentation is fantastic the colors beautiful your new trolls on the neutrals person I love the Browns and the smokyeyes so I just thought I’d ask I really appreciate you taking the time I’m reading over this email thank you very much and have a beautiful day

  52. I’m really upset I recently purchased a Maybelline age rewind dark spot eraser. and couldn’t make the tube work wouldn’t click,
    and it wouldn’t let anything out. so I took it apart thinking well I could use it and keep it covered only to find that brand new and still in package it was empty, just nothing in at all not even a hint of color as though something might have been in it. of course because I broke into trying to find out what was going on I couldn’t return it to the store I bought it from. but really how often does this happen. this is truly a rip off

  53. I recently bought a Maybelline age rewind dark spot eraser.
    only to find that no mater how much I turned the container
    it would let anything out. figuring ok this is broken I will pop off the top and just use it like that. well it was empty completely empty no color in it at all. so it was never filled
    this really is a rip off. and because I opened it I couldn’t return it. but I showed several people and they agreed there had never been anything in it. thought you would like to know though I wont try anything out from you again.

  54. Hello Maybelline,
    I just thought you might like to know that there is a beauty guru on YouTube her name is Kathleen lights,she is sweet and adorable and she raved about your products mainly your fit me foundation and concealer and your master drama eyeliner in black.on her channel she is selling a crap load of your products and it just thought maybe you could put her in a commercial or something I know we all love to see the models that where your products but this girl is beautiful young talented and super sweet.I mean who’s going to sell more products supermodels that most of us know we’ll never look like or the girl next door with the sweetest smile and the most greenest eyes you’ll ever see,she’s already selling your products through her recommendations of these products I have purchased them myself . I don’t know who may see this post but I’m telling you it would be the smart thing for your company to at least check her out like I said she’s already selling a crapload of your products why not pay the girl,she deserve that!!!

  55. Hello, I absolutely love the Illegal Length mascara. I have only one problem, the silver on the brush end starts to peal off, so then I get flakes of silver all over my face. I have sanded off the ends of the 2 tubes I have, but just wanted to let your company know, so maybe a different kind of paint could be used.

    Thank you, Sue Josoff- Gretna,NE

  56. Hello..i am pooja from Maharashtra,India.I am a college student. I use maybelline kajal since 3-4 years and faced the same problem with the product for my 3 back to back kajal . Actually after using the kajal for a month or two the kajal stick stops letting the kajal to rollup.though the spining continues but the kajal does’t comesout.i am a student of pharma field just to make you know about the defect i texed..but would surely show my thumbs up for its everlasting effect.

  57. I bought maybeline eyestudio in black. I dont like it because it dont stay. The product is suppose to be long weare but it dosent. can i be refund?

    thanck you

  58. I have visited at least 6 stores in Fayetteville, hope mills raeford rd, NC and no one has the eyebrow pencil I’ve been using for the past 10 years. Nothing else works for me but maybelline. Twice a week I stopped by each store nothing. It’s a medium brown. Not a really happy customer at this time.

  59. Customer Service,
    I purchased Brow drama By Eyestick at Target in Front Royal, VA, January 22, 2015. The first time I ‘tried’ to use it it seemed like nothing was inside. I tried again, and the same thing.
    I would appreciate your feedback on this product.
    Janet Mannon

  60. I purchased your new mascara a month ago and couldn’t wait to try it, I have been a maybelline user for many years and have never had a problem , this mascara was totally different than any I have tried .it made my eyes really sore , in fact my eye lids swelled and were sore for several days after I used it, when I told my daughter about it, she said she’d try it and see if I was allergic,well she got the same results I did, her lids got itchy almost as soon as she applied it and when she tried removing it ,her eyes were bloodshot, the mascara is Lash sensational. .i still have it but will never use it agin , I feel the money I spent on it was totally wasted . I hope you can give me a refund or a coupon for a different product, I look forward to hearing from you , thank you ,

  61. I recently purchased “Maybelline Brow-drama By Eyestudio Sculpting Brow Mascara” at a Walgreens and a lovely little elderly lady helped me pick it out…unfortunately she directed me to the Sculpting Brow Mascara which was supposed to be great and since I was in a hurry I bought the one she suggested…it was auburn instead of brown and $7.99 which was more than I really wanted to spend but I did try it out…it was terrible, it clumped up and made it look like I had pieces of wire on my eyebrows…I have the receipt and if I can return it and get my money back I would appreciate it but don’t want to send it back until I know you can refund me the cost…Thanks, Maggie Tamulis

  62. I have been useing Maybelline mascara for years. Latley I have been having trouble with the mascara staying on, it flakes off it smears under my eyes. Years ago you had one called Ultralash, it was in a white tuve with gold stripes. It was far the best of all you have now to choose from. But for some reason you quit making it about 10 years ago. I wish that you would bring it back. Thank you

  63. Well, I purchased Pumped Up Colossal 2 weeks ago. The one I have sucks. It seems like it is dried up. I have tried to use the email address to ask about it but all I get on my computer is this picture and a slide for new products, no place to write anything. I hate to use this venue to ask for assistance in this matter, but I have no choice. I leave for work at 7:30 AM and don’t get home until 7:30 PM, so making a phone call is out of the question. Good luck everyone else!!!

  64. I like Maybelline products. But even more I care about the humane treatment of animals. What is Maybelline’s policy on animal testing. Please give me an honest response.

    Thank you!

    Valerie Binder, Eastpointe, MI

  65. I have been buying pressed powder compacts from your company for at least 55 years. Your latest offering of the Fitme , square, black, ugly compact that doesn’t fit in your palm or your purse, is mostly an empty space where the thinest puff in history was and is of no use for anything now, containing the much reduced amount of actual product ( .03 oz 9g to the .39 oz 11g and .35oz 10g) of earlier compacts, is a betrayal to your customers. The designer should be fired. Shame on you for presenting such a rip off to loyal customers. I shall never buy another Maybeline product.

  66. I am very disappointed!!! I purchased a new maybeline mascara as I normally do. But for the past 3 months- My eyes itches, flakes off and is not lasting. I expect to hear from you A.S.A.P as I wasted my money, I would appreciate a refund. Regards Erica

  67. Maybelli’s super stay 14 lipsticks are terrible. I have 2. First one felt, after being on, very dry on my lips and then after using it a few times, the lipstick in the tube because dry and did not go on smoothly at all. well, I like the shade so thought maybe it was just old stock, but stupid me, the same with the next one I bought. This was about 6 months ago and I put it aside because I wanted to write this, procrastinator. I almost through it away but out of curiosity, I opened them up. Even more dried out now, and hardly every used.

    Disappointed. Revlon’s was the best and I been buying it for a couple years but they changed their shade, catering to the younger woman – too bright for me.

  68. I purchased your new MasterGraphic eyeliner about a month ago. I DO NOT like it, it has too thick an applicator and pulls on your eyelids. I have to go over it with your older brand eyeliner that has a thin applicator brush. I would like to return this item.

  69. Having thin, fine hair all my life, at age 65, my eyebrows have practically disappeared. Eyebrow pencils made me look like a 1920’s Gibson girl, so I was brushing on eye shadow to enhance my eyebrows. Then, I discovered Brow Drama. I bought the blond shade and once I mastered the technique of putting it on, I LOVE it! Just enough coverage to bring out the brows. This may be another great product that gets discontinued, so I’m hoarding all the Blond Brow Drama I can get.

  70. I have been a Maybeline customer for 30 year and loved your products. Whenever I think of my eye make-up, I think of Maybeline. Well, I am disappointed with two of your products. I recently purchased: Super Stay 24Concealer and Brown Precise Eye Pencil. Each product last only 30 days. Your products have physically been diminished in size. I feel as though I am not getting my money’s worth. No longer will I purchase Maybeline products. I am sad that I have to change from Maybeline.
    Patricia Rose

  71. I recently purchased the colossal volume express “cat eyes” waterproof mascara in very black. I am very disappointed in this product. My eye lashes look as if there is no mascara at all. I buy many of your other mascaras and decided to try this one out. I am very disappointed in this product. Wish I knew the quality of it before I decided to switch up mascara styles.

  72. I was using 24 hour lipstick and was applying as usual when it splashed on my white cotton blouse. I could not get the stain out even with oxiclrean oar Clorox. I then called customer service and explained what had occurred. The operator kept repeating that One should pre treat. What was I doing. Asked this question and complained that there was not solution. She then said it was good to hear myfeed back and hung up. Just what kind of person do you hire?????? I hope no one lllllllllllllllbuys this product if theta want to keep a clean dress shirt or any other article of clothing. Bad for business!!!!!!

  73. Very saddened to find out you have discontinued Royal Blue Great Lash, I have worn this product since I was a teenager and I’m now in my fifties, I absolutely loved this product, please bring it back!!

  74. I would like to tell people not to purchase the COLOUR SHOW 60 SECONDS NAIL POLISHES !! This product is a waste of money its absolutly discusting it is extremley sheer and lumpy and very taccy… DO NOT BUY Also I do love the DREAM FLAWLESS NUDE FOUNDATION however its doesnt have a wide range of colours therefor if you have a unique coloured skin then you have a dilema

  75. whats with the new eyebrown pencil with the powder on the end? It does not work….Another trip to the store to return it. Good idea..too bad it doesn’t work!

  76. I bought your make up compact face powder and after using afew times
    the compact came apart now the puff cannot stay and its veryvery difficult
    to carry it and to use the mirror. I have always bought your products and wouldlike a replacement. THE SHADE IS MEDIUM DEEP 50

  77. I have used Great Lash Royal Blue mascara for years. I’am fair skinned and blonde black doesn’t look good and brown just isn’t like the royal blue, please bring it back

    • I am totally with you Gloria, have not find for the last three weeks. I am so upset, black and brown is not working for me either. What happened to this beautiful color we both love?

  78. I just finished the (45th!!?) tube of Super Stay 24 hr 2-step lip color. It is a great product…only one major thing. Why is the container so designed that I leave at least 25% to 30% of it inside and is unreachable with the little wand applicator. These beauty products are not cheap and I feel I am basically being cheated out of $2/3 worth of lippy every time. Haven’t you had lots of complaints like this?

  79. Has the 24hour superstay foundation bin discontinued??? And replaced by the Better Skin foundation if so this is ridiculous I have bin using the 24hour super stay foundation for years it was one of the best drugstore foundation & I’ve bin seeing reviews on the Better Skin foundation very bad reviews I’m so pist of & if they were discontinued because they wernt being sold it was maybe the price maybe if you lowered the price by at least $2 they would of bin sold more its better to lower the price than to bring a cheap foundation out like Better Skin people will try it & stop buying it eventually.

  80. I recently bought your Maybelline cover stick. After a couple of applications it broke and I can’t reapply it. Very disappointed in this product. I’ve used many of your other products, I.e, mascara, compact face products and was always satisfied with the results.

  81. I have bought my last two “Bleu” about six month ago and now I have been looking all over the city and stores that use to sell it and cant find it!!!!! Why did you discotiuned the best ever worked for my eyes looking good, never had to put on carcoal or bla-bla they just looked nice and natural. ( Got alot of complimance). It may not be the best color for everybody but it is perfect for me. I am living in the USA but I am a German, with blue eyes and black mascara is not fit me. You have so many black shades (20) and and little of brown selection which is not bringing out my real color of my eyes. This may be great for the younger generation but I would prefere to stick what I have been for years with your product. So needless to say I am very disappointed that you have left me hanging dry. Please let know if I can find it anywhere else do I have to order? An answer would be very much appreciated. Thanks


  83. Dear Sir
    I am BASHIR SAZEGAR ,I am distributor of cosmetics good s in Iran.
    I looking for manufacture or main brand to have exclusive branch of cosmetics good if interested for your company to have business with us please send us your full catalog and price and packaging and GMP any health certificate and details that can help to start the conversations.

  84. Hello –
    Just wanted to say your product ‘Baby Skin’ is FABULOUS!
    I’m 68yrs and looking younger!! I can see a difference.
    I highly recommend this product to women.
    My mother-in-law is using it too. She’s in her 80’s.
    She went out and bought more!
    Thank you for the ‘Baby Skin’
    Mrs. Gill
    Victoria, British Columbia

  85. To whom it may concern.
    Last week I purchased a BB titanium dioxide sunscreen which proceeded to give me a skin allergy immediately after using it; I had to stop at a Smiths Store in
    Kingman, Arizona in such a hurry that I couldn´t notice it didn´t mention all the ingredients it contains except for the 1.15 titanium dioxide; I´m making the comment so that you could take the necessary precautions.
    Att. Claudia P-T.

  86. Please tell me where I can find eye lash curlers? I have checked Walmart, Publix, Walgreens and Targets. There is a brand I have never heard of, but the design is different and I would need replacement rubber for curlers.

  87. I am trying to order Maybelline express make up shine conrol – buff stick makeup

    I cannot find it under discontinued products???

    I would like to order Maybelline Express Make up stick – bluff I cannot find it.

  88. How do you get the package open!?!?! I just bought the age rewind eraser neutralizer 612iareye50. This is ridiculous. Then there was no one to call on Saturday to ask about it!

  89. To Whom It May Concern,

    Yesterday I went in to a Boots store in London and bought your ‘Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color.’ I put two coats on yesterday afternoon and it’s already started to chip at the edge of my nails.

    I bought the varnish because of the alluded promise of 7 days perfect cover. I actually am pretty disappointed that with about 24 hours the nail colour has already been damaged.

    Kind regards,

  90. RE: produce number X693LS-600 Line Stylist eyeliner

    I am an avid fan and purchaser of this product. HOWEVER: I was disappointed to see that there is no more dark brown on the market, only the Onyx.
    Why is the brown discontinued? It was the perfect colour for anyone with a lighter complexion or lighter hair.
    Anywhere I can get some?

    Please respond if possible to d

  91. I live across the street from Duane Reade 1191 Second Avenue, NY 10065.
    I cannot seem to find Maybelline Define A Brown in light blonde- eyebrow pencil
    in a location nearby which should be 1191 Second Avenue & East 63rd Street.
    Can you have it sent there and I will buy 3 of them.

  92. I bought a black eyeliner and spent over $4.00 on it. I tried to sharpen it and it kept breaking all the way down to the end. I will not buy the Mabelline eye liner again. I basically used it a few times and now it is gone.


  93. I just bought and tried Brow Drama Pro Palette in # 250 and I LOVE, LOVE it!! I have tried everything for brows from ‘drug store’ to specialty counters to online this by far is the best product!!
    Thank you!!!

  94. Hi,

    Can you please tell me which nail polish products (if any) don’t include: 

    1) Toluene
    2) Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
    3) Formaldehyde)
    4) Formaldehyde Resin 
    5) Camphor)


  95. Hello,
    I m jyotsna ,i want to purchase your maybelline foundation in lipstic form .But there is not availabe in bhopal in any mall n retail store.they said company was stopped to made this product .please help me how i purchase this product.
    i m from bhopal mp.please responsed me on my email id.

  96. Last week a bought a nfew eyeliner called linerefine eyeliner matic.
    I live in France and I paid 7 euros and 10 cents. It does not stay on and I ALWAYS have black under my eyes. This is the first time I have had a
    problem with your products, which usually are of a good quality.
    But I would like a refund, because I cannot use this product.

    Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

    LouAnn Prestgard

  97. I have used royal blue mascara for 35 hrs where is it ? I have went to 6 stores.please bring it back.It is the perfect accent to eyes without being too heavy.

  98. Sir i wants to take distribution of maybellin products . So pleas contect me n tel me about contect no is +9109041106551

  99. I’ve been a Maybelline mascara customer for 35 years. I don’t wear a lot of other makeup, but, I’ve been using the Royal Blue mascara daily since Sept. 1982. Now I can’t seem to find it anywhere. What has happened to the supply of Royal Blue? I am dissatisfied with all of your other mascaras whether it be because they are the wrong color for me or they aren’t as easy to work with due to the mess they seem to leave around my eyes. I am a fair skinned, blue eyed woman and any other colors are too dark. Plus, for years and years the Royal Blue has caught the attention of a great number of people who find my eyes attractive, if not intriguing, to the point that 5 minutes into a conversation when they’ve been staring at my eyes the whole time, they compliment my eyes. I always give Maybelline the credit. I mention this not so much to brag about myself, because I am a very humble person, but to convince you of it’s relevance and persuade you to continue producing this color. At least for 30 more years until I’m 80 and I won’t care anymore!

  100. I am a fans of your Brand from foundation to eyes make up. Last week I bought the Baby Skin instant pores primer. I saw the review from and bought it to use for covering my pores. I apply it before foundation.The outcomes was made me so disappointed. It could not cover any pores. My pores was still visible. It was not as good as described and rating. I was so disappointed.

  101. I contacted Maybelline Canada today in regards to a customer complaint about a lipstick I had purchased within a year from today. It was a discontinued product and I told the customer service representative that the colour did not last long, it clumped, and I had to reapply it nearly every 5-10 minutes depending on where I put my lips (i.e. cups, tissue, etc.). She said she will deliver the complaint to the correct department and when I asked if I can send the product back for a full refund, she stated that was only possible for manufacturers’ defects. Until this point, she did not ask for my contact information and when I mentioned it, she asked me for my e-mail address and phone number. I’m severely disappointed in the quality of their service seeing as they claim to have started out as a small company and expanded into the cosmetic giant it is today. They should have a better idea of how to care for their customers especially if they cared enough to call and complain. It’s with a heavy heart that I will not be purchasing any lipsticks from Maybelline from now on.

  102. I bought 3 Maybelline sensational full fan effect mascara water proof at CVS a month ago and . this glops, lashes stick to bottom lashes. I’m so disappointed and want either a refund or replaced with better mascaras. Please contact me to replace with other types..its black.

  103. Hi! I had just recently bought a non sharpen black eye liner pen from superstore only to fined every time I went to use it it would break into pieces. This is disappointing because I did spend at least 10$ for it.

  104. Hello. I have cuastion. I want to open my internet storage and sel your production in lithuania. Later open some shop in bigest cities. can I do this? and what I need to do to get your production? waiting for answer.

  105. I can not get in touch with you with the email address on the Eyebrow pencil card. I would like to let you know the pencil is great except it breaks off every time I roll it up to use it. I have a scar in my brows from a car accident and it forms a V. I use the black/brown pencil and love it except it breaks off too much. It cost $6 approx at walmart. can you repackage it so it won’t break so much at no more increase in the cost. thank you.

  106. I used to be completely utterly and in love with maybelline, I always bought it, I’d consider myself once extremely loyal when it came to buying maybelline products, I absolutely loved them. Recently I have found out that Maybelline does in fact TEST ON ANIMALS. I miss the products so much, is there any thoughts about possibly making changes to higher standards on animal protection? Making the bottles out of recycled glass? Recycled plastic? These options are very important to so many consumers out there. If changes are made I will switch back in a heart beat, however now a days before I cast my vote I do the research before I consume or buy a product. Lots of people are doing it, switching from fossil fuels to green, animal testing to animal protection and mass produced to mass recycled. Any ways its definitely something worth considering. Thanks for hearing me out.

  107. I have been a customer of Maybelline’s for many many years. I adapt to change very well – when there is enhancement within the change. You have discontinued the ULTRA BROW PRODUCT – Again. Whomever, it is making these decisions NEED TO STOP and Revamp. You should never fix what is not broken – if you have what you consider a better product – let them compete!!! Let the money spenders made the decision!! BRING BACK ULTRA BROW or make your Product Supporters LEAVE – as I and many others I know of will do.

  108. I like the new pink shade you have changed super stay 2 step color number 35 into. Will the change be permanent or will it go back to red again? I also like the red too and you really need both colors in the line.
    FYI the ladies looking for a great blue mascara could try Benefit beyond blue they’re real mascara. I hope you will bring out
    a blue waterproof mascara for the summer

  109. I have used Maybelline Super Stay Makeup for a long time now, Recently you have changed your product to a new brank Super Stay 24 pump. Very upset, i cannot found my colour, so one day i saw your chart with old and new clours so Sand Beige 20 – True Ivory 03. so i bought it. i put on my face and i thought i was a ghost it was so light it was horrible not the colour you said. also, it was very thick. i have heard many customers angry about this. so i am too. Spent my money for nothing. disgusting, chart should be in the bin. Bring back the old ones they were good. Now i have no makeup i have to look around for a new brand product because i was so disgusting Very upset customer and unhappy,

  110. It gets harder and harder to find Maybelline Superstay 24 hour Porcelain Ivory foundation. So I purchased the Superstay Better Skin Porcelain version. The color is drastically different. I purchased 2 from Amazon. I opened one. And to send the other one back will cost me almost as much as it cost to purchase. So I’m sort of stuck without makeup and out the cost.

  111. I purchased your product Dream Velvet foundation, which is advertised to be moisturizing; when I use it my skin feels very dry and does not leave a good finish like the other liquid one I have used which is brilliant. But needing a more moisturizing cover this failed. It shows the lines on my face more, Help what can I do.

  112. I bought the Dream Wonder in nude 40 from Shopper’s drug Mart. There is no tester. I asked the cosmetic lady helped me to pick the right shade. She said nude suited my skin tone rather than classic ivory 20. When I got home and put on my face. The shade is not match, it’s little bit dark. Shopper’s Drugs Mart is refused to provide exchange because it was opened. I am not happy with this shopping experience.

  113. I am looking for eye makeup number #80 its eye liner. I always found it at all the stores in my area. Every store I go to buy this product no one has it. Did you guys discont. it and why I love that color. The color is grey matter#80 I hope you can help me out.
    Thank You,
    Martha McEntee

  114. i buy lip gradation today..its really upset me because i cant twist the lipstick. the liptick seems like broken down before i use it. where should i claim about this..tq

  115. I bought maybelline brow define+fill duo pencil. When I opened the box I noticed pencil side was cracked . Usually with any other pencil I could unscrew pass that broken part but there was no more pencil what a rip off!!

  116. My lips are burning from your baby lips moisturizer lip balm that are peeling and are very dry they hurt I’m am very upset with this product my lips are having a allergic reaction and I am a very upset customer

  117. At 65 years of age, I have been using Maybelline eye mascara with never an eye problem since I was fourteen. My forever favorite mascara was Great Lash– Royal Blue. I am so very disappointed in the fact not only have you discontinued this product but with no advance notice. I went to purchase many months ago and it was not shelved.
    For all of us lighter hair women who can not wear black well nor like black mascara colors, we so appreciated this pop of blue color.
    Now your product is like all the rest: shades of black and brown. Where’s the diversity here?
    I suggest that you canvass your users and you will find that there are many other disappointed women who were using Royal Blue mascara.
    My other suggestion is to bring it back!!

  118. I bought lasting drama eyeliner 2 weeks ago. After attempting to sharpen it with an eye pencil sharpener, it was completely destroyed. Thinking maybe it was a defective liner, I bought another one. Same thing. I have used this sharpener on several different liners, different brands, different shapes. After googling this, it is indeed supposed to be sharpened with an eye pencil/liner sharpener; however it was suggested that perhaps it needed a special one? I have never heard of such a thing after 25+ years of wearing makeup. Destroyed, in the trash. Bought another kind, the skinny one which just needs to be twisted instead of sharpened, the tip broke off every time I tried to apply. I have easily spent $30 in Maybelline eyeliner in the last 3 weeks and have zero product. What are you going to do to fix this?

  119. I would like to say, having bought my first ever Maybelline product Matte Mouse SPF15 21 Nude, how utterly shocked I was to find no more than a small teaspoon of your product in the jar. It was obviously deliberately arranged to deceive the
    customer in believing the small jar was full. Well done you have achieved just that.
    How many of your other cosmetic products are of similar deceit I will not know.
    Back to my good old Boots the Chemist cosmetics. My makeup was bought at Sainsburys who will be informed.

  120. I bought your matte lipstick last night, I put it on and my lips felt weird. I thought maybe it was just the product. going to sleep last night my top lip felt strange, I got up and went to the bathroom to check it out. my lip had swelled to 2x’s it’s original size due to YOUR lipstick. I called the 811 telecare nurse cause I didn’t know what was happening. the nurse assured me to put ice on it and the swelling would go down, so that’s what I did. waking up this morning and it being still quite swollen I stayed home from school because I didn’t want to get pointed at. your product made my lip swell about 2x’s it’s size. I want something done.

  121. Just bought the maybelline stay matt but not flat foundation. I applied it with a foundation brush and even tried to set it with powder. It made me a oily mess within 3 hours. So badly I ended up removing my makeup. The 2nd time I tried it without a primer. Again oily mess within 3 hours and a cakey looking. So disappointed with this foundation. I hate that I spent money on it

  122. Called during their business hours and they said they were closed with no option to leave a message.
    Tried to email them but they want too much personal information.
    Personally i dont thick they want to be bothered by the very people who they want to sell their products to.

  123. I would like to know iwhat the source of your vitamin E is?
    If different from one of your products to another…then i will ask about fit me foundation Matt poreless 120.
    Or…are the gluten proteins removed?

  124. I have a complaint and would like to contact customer care. Please email the details.

    Kind regards
    Vivien Armitage

  125. Hello I am having isuues with everyone of the Mabelline define a brown eye pencil when you roll the tip up it breaks right away like there are too dry and brittle ai purchased many from kmart, riteaid and I also have aitodelivery swt up for every month o get one from amazon prime. i love the product butbit only last less then a week each one from all the prodeuct breaking .Can you let me why this is happenong I tried everything an wasted probably over $100 so far on these pencils I am very upset I love all Mabelline products Helen Stermel 2517 dunks ferry road apt c108 bensalem, pa 19020 if there is any way to make up for this so i can continue to purchase your products that would be great.

  126. First let me tell you I love your new Push Up Mascara. It really makes my lashes long. However as a consumer and a beauty advisor I have to tell you it does not dry very fast. I always reccomend Maybelline mascaras over Cover Girl. Plus your new ad for the brow wax crayon ,although artistic does not give a true impression to the consumer for colour. People are always asking about colour and without a tester it is hard to convince customers. Thank you.

  127. Hello. I wanted to advise you I recently purchased two mascaras from you and after use my eyes became puffy and itchy. I normally never had an issue with ma mybelline products was wondering if it was a bad batch that was sold at my local grocery store. I am bummed bc I spent over 18$ on them and I can’t use either of them.

    Please advise if you changed the way you make the mascara or it was an old
    Batch they were selling.

  128. Good morning I’m contacting you because I recently purchased the 2Pac black eye by pencil and I believe that it is defective every time I used it I get little balls from the pencil and I’m just wondering if you had any other problems this is actually the second time this has happened but I figured the first time was a fluke so could you please let me know if you changed your formula. Thank you for your time

  129. Consider using “Glossamer” as a product name. It’s a word play on gloss and gossamer for your next lightweight lip gloss.

  130. I always use maybelline lipstick and lip gloss i am always satisfied whith the product but this time the results are unsatisfacory i am not satisfied with the product

  131. Hi, I putchased your duo liquid black eyeliner that has the fat and skinny tip this week at walmart. I am so disappointed in the product. It was already dried out and the applicator was horrible. Can i get a refund on it since it is already opened and i can’t return to walmart? I buy your foundation all the time and am so disappointed in the quality of the eyeliner.

  132. I’m very disappointed with the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder. I recently purchased and used it twice and the powder has crumbled everywhere and is a mess to use now. This is the second time I have had this happen. The first time I returned the product to the store and bought a different brand. I thought I would give it another try but the same thing happened. The powder was in tact when purchased and after two uses cracked everywhere and made it unusable.

  133. Maybelline you should wrap your lipsticks in plastic because there’s some people that are abusing your cosmetics.

  134. Afternoon~ Back a few years ago you carried a lipstick color called Plum Motion that was discontinued. I bought every tube I could find back then and I’m down to 5 left. By chance will you be bringing this committee or of retirement? Thank-you in Advance!!!

  135. First, I want to say how much I like your Browdrama crayon product. However, I won’t be buying anymore. When the first one wouldn’t advance after using the exposed crayon, I thought I had a picked a random defective item. When the second purchase did the same thing, I took it apart to find there was almost 1/2 inch of product left that wouldn’t advance. 2 out of 2 does not show good quality control. If you ever improve your delivery system, please label it as improved and I’ll try it again. With the current delivery system, it is too expensive and frustrating.

    • Jan This has happened to me also with Browprecise twice – totally misleading – shame on you Maybelline – will never buy from them again.

  136. hello i continue to buy the define a brow in medium from and when im in a week of using it every time i buy it the pencil breaks! it continuously breaks and i cant return it because they tell me i used it and it looks really used within a week. i dont think its right that the piece always breaks and then i have to twist it to get more out of it and then it breaks again which means i have to by more when if they never broke i wouldnt have to buy so many define a brows i buy like 5 a month please fix this issue because i might not be purchasing this item again

  137. Hello guys, we usually buy your products because your cosmetics don’t harm our skin and its really nice but lately your products becomes a unsatisfying.

  138. Dear Maybelline

    I recently purchased an eyebrow pencil in dark blond from a new range the company are making. The crayon in the pencil was very soft so needed lots of sharpening. This is understandable however the crayon finished very quickly as it did not fill the entire pencil casing. This means I still have three centimetres of pencil that does not contain crayon. This is misleading and unacceptable. The goods sold to the customer, in this instance, do not accuratly represent what the customer is actually getting. I was left with only one eyebrow as I did not realise that the pencil was running out which also was very inconvenient. I can only imagine that this kind of misrepresentation ensures the company can stretch their product further whilst still charging the customer for what they think is a full sized item therefore maximising profits.

    I am hoping that by drawing your attention to this matter you can assure me that this was an anomaly and offer me some kind of recompense.

  139. I’m disgusted by the xenophobic, bullying performance of your spokesmodel Gigi Hadid directed towards Ms. Trump. Her behavior is reprehensible and disqualify her as a role model for women. As long as she is in your employ, my family and I will be passing on your products. Disgraceful.

  140. Every year I purchase Maybelline products for the holiday gifts I give,and myself, every year. I have always loved that your company has been an American staple for as long as I can remember. This year I see that as a falsehood. I am sickened by your spokespersons attack on our First Lady to be and her half witted apology, portrayed as a response not apology.
    I certainly will not be buying your clothing this year unless a public denouncement of this behavior is made by your brand. There is no excuse for the level of racism and innuendo during the AMA’s. Americas First Family are fine people voted in fairly by citizens. From what I hear there are many that will be boycotting.

    CA Jones

  141. Hi,
    I recently purchases two super stay 24 colour lipstick in no.125. When I got home the first one I opened was bone dry with nothing in it. I returned it with a receipt to the shop I brought it but, they would not exchange it or give me a refund because of hygiene reasons.

  142. Don’t expect it to last long!
    I purchased my first Curvy a few weeks ago. As a Makeup Artist I’m picky about formula and the value for your money. It applies beautifully, formula is decent (I found wear longevity good), but .01 OZ size for $9 here in Canada, it’s a rip off. I apply once a day and the liner lasted maybe a week and a half. I’m now on my second liner, thinking maybe the first was a fluke, but it has also run out, I’m tapping the tip on my hand to encourage the last bit of product out. Very disappointed. As a writer during the day, I will not be recommending this product.

  143. Hello:

    I recently tried the Lumi pen and have to agree with some of the reviews I’ve read. Although the highlighter/concealer is pretty good, the manner in which the product is dispensed through the pen is horrible.

    Each time you use it, you have to keep twisting multiple times to get the product to appear, but worse than that is the pen dispenses way too much product, resulting in wasted product. I don’t think I would purchase this particular product again for that reason alone.

    I think Maybelline needs to go back to the drawing board on the pen.

    Thank you.

  144. I love your products, expecially the big shot mascara. .. can you send me some coupons, I do make up videos on snap chat and always show what product I use thanks

  145. I purchased DREAM CUSHION foundation from my local CVS and when I got home to use it the next morning, the sponge was completly dry. The compact had no foundation in it. The drugstore told me to contact the makeup company. I am hoping that I can get compensated for a new compact of foundation.
    Thank you for your time.

    Denise Faison

  146. I bought the age rewind concealer which I have purchased many time. The sponge applicator fell off but their is still 1/2 make up left. I would be happy to provide pictures.

  147. i have been using Maybelline make up for years now. I used Everfresh until it was discontinued, don’t know if its just South Africa. Then someone recommended the Dream matte Mousse, I was skeptical at first but ended up liking it. I have been using it ever since. Last month when I went to buy my make up I could not find it and was told the packaging has changed. I usually use the Cocoa 3. I was given the Cocoa 70 and it was 2 shades darker than the Cocoa 3 I usually use.
    I went back and the Nutmeg 063 was suggested. Now I’m 3 shades lighter. Can you please advise which mousse I should be using because I can not anything close to the usual Cocoa 3 I have been using for years now….or can you just bring back the Cocoa3 I have been using??

  148. Not satified with lash sensational p30001 clumps flakes and washes with pieces stick in bath or shower floor .etc. doesn’t fan out nothing on bottom lashes it does at all

  149. Hello
    I am writing to you asking if you would change the wand on the Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer. I really like the product but the wand is terrible it makes a huge mess it doesn’t grab the small brow hairs like the Benefits Give Me Brow does. I feel your product would be very comparable to the higher end product if your wand was smaller and had bristles instead of the plastic arrowhead looking thing. It just does not work.
    Also I like your brow drama but again the wand is terrible the huge ball on the end is just not a smart design for eyebrows unless you have Groucho Marxs eyebrows.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  150. hi, i want to complain the fashionbrow duo shaper. I bought 2 times already, and 2 times the poweder part can’t use at all, the powder wont out, first time i bought i never care so i just use another part, second time now i bought it from watson store, again the powder can’t out.

    this time i took out the cotton to see inside got what blocking or not, i found out inside nothings, even powder also dont have.

    so famous brand no have quality at all

  151. I bought The 24K Nudes eyeshadow paying a huge amount
    Whenever I use it, I get a severe headache
    Pl advise what can be done

  152. Ive had to throw away my last two brand new bottles of define-a-lash mascara due to them being a clumpy mess. Ive now switched brands of mascara after 12 years of using same maybelline brand.

  153. Just got done writing an extensive email about your mascara, and there was an error message and my email disappeared without sending. So, here I go again. I bought your Colossal Big Shot and was and am disappointed in the terrible clumping. I finally threw it away. I recently bought 2 more mascaras at Rite Aid – Lash Sensational Luscious and Full Fan Effect hoping to have more luck with these. All the mascaras I bought are waterproof as that’s all I ever buy. After throwing out the Big Shot, I bought Lancôme’s Hypnose Drama and found it is wonderful. But, since I like Maybelline products I figured I’d try the other 2 when the Lancôme runs out. If these other 2 mascaras clump too, I’ll have to throw them away and won’t be buying anymore from Maybelline. Just wanted to let you know my disappointment as I use mascara every day and love it. Thanks, Trudy Thiemk

  154. Hi I would like to make a strong complaint about your product Maybelline BROWprecise micro pencil in soft brown.
    ( Barcode No 3 600531 357634) I was delighted when I found this eye brow pencil, at £8 thought it a little expensive but gave it a go. I was not disappointed until after about three or four times of using. The part that turns the new crayon up seized and I was unable to turn it back or forward so had my receipt still and returned it for an exchange. I got another as I liked it so much, but then was annoyed to find after about two weeks the same thing happened. I did not have my receipt but as I say it was a good product so just bought another one for another £8. I have been using this one for a month and today the very same thing happened. I thought it may be a store issue but I bought the last one from my local Morrisons supermarket. Needless to say I am really cross about this and would appreciate your comments on this. I have two of the faulty pencils here and will not be wasting my money on buying a further one. I asked the assistant at Boots if I was doing anything wrong and she tried the pencil and said no so it was faulty. I really am at a loss to understand the malfunction of three of these pencils. I can send two faulty pencils to you for a refund or replacement, but it goes without saying, I am really un
    happy about this product

    Thank you
    Lyn Long

  155. Your web site is a pain in the butt. it took forever to find this page, & after writing my problem it timed out & didn’t send 3 Times!!

    I always buy cheap dollar eyeliner.
    I wanted something better so I bought your Maybelline NY Eyeliner from Walmart.
    I wear a single black line on my lower lid.

    I can’t for the life of me get this pencil to draw a clear black line.

    I would like it if you send me, one of your products, that you know will work. I can return what I have if you would like.

    Please advise,
    Thank you for your help,

  156. Has the Define a Brow eyebrow pencil been discontinued? I have used the dark blonde color for years and love it but I have not been able to find it. I tried one of your newer eyebrow pencils and the blonde color has too much red in it.

  157. I purchased two of your brightening creamy concealers
    one thebottom twister to elelavate the concealer did not work and the other ,Ihave to say i thought there would be more product. I have used your products since i started using make up and I am now 67 years old and this is my first complaint I SPENT 7.99 ON EACH AND WAS VERY UNHAPPY I AM NOT LOOKING FOR MY MONEY BACK BUT WOULD TRULY APPRECIATE REPLACEMENTS. i THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ANY CONSIDERATION YOU COULD AFFORD ME THANK YOU SO MUCH i love all your products.

  158. This email is in regards to the Maybelline eyelash curler. I have had my eyelash curler for many years. It is made of metal and no plastic on it! I’d like to know why the rubber refills are no longer made. I also use Maybelline Great Lash mascara. Love, love it. Have used this product for many years!!

    Thank you,
    Crystal Ropos

  159. I have worn Maybelline 14 hour lipstick for years. It is Maybelline called “Keep Me Coral” #055. Now I cannot find it anywhere as it appears you have discontinued it. Would you have stock where Maybelline keeps stock? I would buy more than one if you can find it for me. I love this lipstick and the color.

  160. I’m 82 and still enjoy wear makeup but don’t understand why all store have the eye shadow on the bottom shelf. Eye level would seem to work better than having to set on floor.

  161. I have been trying for hours to print $3.00 off mascara. I find the coupon go to print won’t let me print unless I let them change my settings. I just want the coupon don’t want to change my sendings. How can I get this coupon

  162. Hi
    I wonder if can you help .
    I purchased two 24hour superstar lipstick and love them , however the conditioning balm doesn’t last as long as the lip colour .
    I now have 2 colours and no balm left, I am reluctant to buy another as the same will happen , I only use once a day honestly I do and I love it am amazed how it stays on , i tell all my friends about it , but this is so annoying , surely the 2 should be equal , I was expecting the colour to run out before the balm if anything .
    Do you any other product that lasts as long as this product without having to use the balm?.
    My colour is no 310 Forever Heather .
    Hoping you can help

  163. I bought the Tattoo brow gel for $13.29. I wasn’t right for me & wondering if I could get my money back. I have the receipt & product to send back.
    Wondering if that is a options.

  164. I have used Mabelline Ultra-liner (dark brown) for years, but the bottles I have bought in the last year or two have been EMPTY so I have returned them to the stores where I got them. What has happened? Have you stopped doing any quality control? Please let me know why this is happening and when the problem will be fixed.

  165. The ‘Brow Define & Fill” is a clever idea but after buying three I’ve concluded it isn’t worth the money. The pencil end is too short and runs out quickly as does the powder.


  167. I purchased your new brow pencil the brow precise & I am highly disappointed in the way this can be sharpened as when you use a sharpening tool to sharpen the actual crayon part of the pencil breaks off and off and off as soon as you use it on your brows. I am disabled & on a disability income & do not have the means to simply throw away my money. I’ve used maybelline products on my life and this one is a miss not a hit!

  168. I purchased Maybelline lash sensational, its very thick and lumpy, and is a complete mess when applied. I have had Maybelline mascara for many years with no problem. since it was not that cheap could I have a replacement voucher.

  169. I have been using yourc3 day tattoo for eyebrows for a few months. I noticed that it is making me lose more eyebrow hair. They have been falling out. I am very upset about this. I have a bottle that I bought I would like to be reimbursed for. Also I think a warning should be put on the bottle. I am very upset over this. Jennifer burrowes

  170. I ordered your new product maybelle tattoo studio brow tint pen 350 from walgreen brooklyn,ny. I just tried it and I am completely unhappy with this product. there is no color / tint , it was dry. but I am completely satisfied with the tatto studio brow gel which I also purchased. I would appreciate replacement coupon.

  171. I have used Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser (250 Pure Beige) for years. The last 2 bottles I have purchased the sponge has come apart. The 1st one I just threw away & purchased another. Now this one has done the same thing. Is Maybelline having problems with this? Like I said, I have used this for years & until recently no problem. I am afraid to just st go buy a 3rd bottle. It may do same thing. Please advise.

  172. I have been trying to obtain uk telephone no. For Maybelline for two weeks unsuccessfully. Purchased 24 stay lipstick costing £9.99. It does not stay any longer than 1 hour. Very disappointed. Did send e mail, no response

  173. The New York Stiletto waterproof mascara is the best mascara I have ever had the pleasure of using. I can’t understand why you discontinued it. It lengthened and outlined lashes beautifully. I am pleased to say I saw some once again at Walmart today. The only problem for me is that I am a blond. Black or very black mascara is far too bold for my fair coloring. I would love to see the New York Stiletto waterproof mascara in brownish black. It used to come in that color. I would even order it directly if you had it. I used to stock pile it because it got harder and harder to find. Thank you for bringing back this product. I hope you can also make it in brownish-black, please!!

  174. I am very disappointed in the 24 hour color lipstick. I bought this a day ago and I was hoping that I found one that would stay on for a long time, not disappear after eating. I used it directly as stated on the package. I should have known better once I opened it and found there was a sealer along with it. I had the bad experience with another company that did the same thing. Totally disappointed and would not purchase one again. These products are not cheap. Hopefully one day I can find something that actually stays on……….I do not recommend this product

  175. Dream Satin Liquid!! I love it!! Been using it for years! So what is it with the awful new style packaging??!! I can’t seem to take the cap off without prizing the whole neck collar off; my wall has been spattered, my face and hair has been spattered, my carpet has been spattered (and stained), the blinds, yes even the blinds….spatter spatter spatter….it’s like a Dream Satin Liquid crime scene in my house. I’m on my second bottle of the new design packaging now….HATE it!!! Please sort it out before my whole house is redecorated in Fresh Beige!!

  176. Hello,
    I am having a real hard time trying to find the fit me 30 deep concealer, will you please email me and tell me where I can find it?. I live in Santa Ana, Ca 92704.

    I am a big fan of your make up, if you can’t find a place for me to purchase it I would like to order it from you. I went to Ulta but they did not have it.


  177. I purchased the Superstay Matte Ink 10 Dreamer. It would not come off with makeup remover..I rubbed my lips so hard and had to continue with makeup remover for three days!!!

  178. Are you kidding me??! You won’t put up my question because it doesn’t make you look
    Good. Wow. I’m returning this and never buying maybelline again. And I’m
    Going to tell everyone i know that you censor your reviews. I’m a cosmetologist and often get asked my opinion about makeup. I’ll be sure to NEVER recommend Maybelline!

  179. I was a huge fan of Lash Stilletto liquid eyeliner. The last four I bought however, the tip wasn’t right. It had extra material at the end and up the wand. It looked like an old one? One bad one I could overlook, but four? Now I have to find a different liquid eyeliner.

  180. Dear Maybelline!
    For the FIRST time, in 50 years, I found the PERFECT foundation:

    Fit med, number 128..!!

    WHY have you taken THIS color off the marcet..?!

    I’ m back, in searching for the PERFECT colour 128.
    But cannot find it, in ANY of the names…

    I bought all the rest of the tubes, in my town,when I realised it was stopped in production.

    I’m SURE that I’m not the ónly one who is in despare, because of this…
    PLEASE put it back on the marcet again..!!🙏❤️
    Best wishes from
    Hanni 🦋

  181. PLEASE advise me why in the world Maybelline stopped making Define A-Brow eyebrow pencil in SOFT BLACK ??? It is absolutely the best ever. I have no eyebrows and it went on and stayed on the best of any other brand. I have tried everything, from inexpensive to the most expensive and there is NO COMPARISON. What can I do, if anything, to make this happen.

    Please advise and thank you !!!!

  182. I bought your Maybelline New York tattoo studio white eyeliner pencil gel and every time I sharpen it the color just breaks off I paid a lot of money for this pencil and I’m very unsatisfied with the product you cannot even use it because it just breaks every time you try to sharpen it again and again and again you can contact me back at

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