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Contacting Mary Kay Customer Service Center

Mary Kay is a MLM cosmetic company. Once approved for the sales force, sellers receive commissions based on the products they sell, but if they sign up other agents under them they receive credit for a portion of those sales as well. Products offered as part of the Mary Kay lineup include skin care, lip care, makeup and fragrances. Prices tend to be higher than even the high-end products in your favorite retail stores.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Mary Kay is always recruiting, so contact information for the Mary Kay customer service departments is simple to find.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-627-9529

Mailing Address

We were happy to find both a Mary Kay customer service address and a corporate address. Some customers choose to contact on or the other and some choose both. If you already called the customer service department by phone or contacting them by email and your situation was not resolved, both may be the best option.

Mary Kay PO Box 799045 Dallas, Texas 75379


Mary Kay 16251 Dallas Pkwy Addison, Texas 75001

Official Website

The Mary Kay website is a great place to explore the cosmetics products the world has grown to associate with the company. Go to http://www.marykay.comto see the latest products, read about sales opportunities and more. Customer service contact information is listed on the Contact Us page. The link to this page is found at the bottom of the page.

If you are a consultant you can log in to your sales account using the Consultant link at the bottom of the page.

Customer Service Email

The best way to contact Mary Kay customer service by email is to fill out the form online at This form is for all types of contact, including questions about becoming a consultant, product inquiries and order inquiries.

You can also choose to contact Mary Kay using social media. Customer service agents are typically hired to handle communication on social networks as a means of helping customers quickly.

Our Experience

There was little to no wait when we contacted the customer service department. After approximately 3 minutes of waiting through the automated system, we were able to speak with a representative. We asked if the customers needed to cancel an order and the order was received, who is responsible for paying. The customer service agent explained the Mary Kay representative is responsible, but the customer may need be banned from ordering.

The overall experience was great considering we received valuable information. How was your experience when you contacted the customer service department? Share your story with us.

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17 Comments on “Contact Mary Kay Customer Service
  1. I have a customer who is changing foundation from the radiance oil free foundation mocha bronze. I am looking at a foundation chart and am wondering if she should try the
    TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation in bronze 5 or what shade she should use in the medium coverage and which powder she should use.

    Thanks, Linda Stewart, Independent Beauty Consultant, SN4579

  2. Hello. I ordered the Mary Kay product thur Chelsie Morgan in Reno, Nevada on March 7,2015 and my confirm # is 536638. I did gave the visa# for amount of $253.00. I have email to her and text her several times and still no words from her. I am not sure if this truly Mary Kay consultant. Please advise. Thank you

  3. Please do not quit making my makeup. Day radiance cream. It’s the only makeup that works with my skin. I’ve been using this for over 20 years. I will have to start trying other kinds from other places. Please care!!

  4. She’s a Liar, Olga Hasbun. Bribing an owner of a house to give her the ownership of her home, wtf. Is this what you teach your consultants? She, Olga Hasbun has thrown a bucket of dog poop to the owners home, wants the owners social security to obtain a house, Itself. She’s a disgrace to your Company.

  5. Why don’t you do a background check on your Consultants? Olga Hasbun has been bribing me since day 1, Yes bribing. Olga Hasbun has lied to me owner of two homes, where Olga Hasbun hasn’t paid rent, or on our agreement she said she’s a legal aid where she could help. She’s lied to 2 judges infront of me & isn’t a legal aid, nor a realtor; liars are not believable. She hasn’t fixed anything, but destroyed my property. She doesn’t pay any rent at all in 3months, enough is enough. Also why does she Olga Hasbun wants my Social Security for? To declare me incompetent & take my home and checks, This is not our agreement. 2days ago she poured a bucket of her 4dogs poop & pee on my porch & walls of my property, & at catching her she called the police on me? Why don’t you do a background check on your employees? At I telling her that I did, She’s (Olga Hasbun-Miami Fl) been acting up like a child with a tantrum. Enough is enough. I Amerika the owner of my property will not condone anymore BS from her.

  6. Dear Team

    Customer number 070310UK

    I mistakenly ordered some Beauty Books in my last order in August 2015 . I was in fact meant to order the Look Books. Would you be kind enough to exchange the Beauty Books in exchange for the Look Books.

    I look forward to your reply

    Miss Bailey

    Tel: 07904 139 276

  7. I got a text message that I won a facial for my boyfriend and i, a gift certificate and a number of other things. It was completely false advertising. I’m going to make sure me and anyone I know ever purchases anything from such a terrible company.

    Just to be clear, what I received was an hour and a half in a terribly lit room putting facewash and a bunch of other crap on my own face. Oh and we got to play “a game”….list all of your friends we can try to scam. Also, I have a full time job. This is the last thing my boyfriend and I needed after a long day at work.

  8. I recently purchased a timewise cleanser and moisturizer from one of your consultant. The product gave me breakouts on my face and I tried to contact with her multiple times but she is NOT contacting me at all!! I am sooo disappointed and unhappy.They call you hundreds of times to buy things but when you are not satisfied they vanish!! That is just pure scam !! Please somebody contact me and I will give you all the information you need !!

  9. Your telephone customer service was horrible this morning. Absolutely the worst! I had to talk to two people about my issue, and they transferred me to somebody who could replace the timewise night treatment jar I have that appears to be faulty, and your phone system said “call volume is high, call later, goodbye”, and it just hung up on me. seriously? So I called back again, was put on hold for several minutes, and then your phone system just hung up again. It never went to a real person. Unbelievable! What terrible service!

  10. Your TimeWise Day and Night cream jar is a joke! Are you serious? I pay top dollar for something that is completely unacceptable. What the heck where you thinking to create this container? MK should add instructions that say stand upside and turn your body 3 times counter clock wise…..what a joke! I WILL NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER AGAIN. Total waste of my money and time.

  11. Ounce again I can not get logged in to place an order. I do not know what the problem is with your web site but I am about to stop ordering just because it is such a hassle to log in to your ridiculous web site.

  12. I would like to report one of your consultants. Ashley McCord!..I ordered over 70 dollars worth of product from her on August 8 th and then on August 17th and I haven’t received any of it yet!!..She said she mailed it out twice..and has now blocked me from her Facebook group!!!…Maybe you should screen your girls better…what a horrible 1st experience and the last dealing I will probably have with your company!!

  13. My daughter, Rebecca Beavin, sells Mary Kay and has been a consultant for many years! I love using the products. Is there a possibility that the lotion “Kisses by Candlelight” will ever be brought back? It is my all time favorite and I always got compliments on the fragrance. Haven’t found another product like it! Thank you!

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