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Contacting Marshalls Customer Service Center

Marshalls is a reduced-price retail store similar to TJ Maxx. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are in the same family; TJX Companies. Customers come into Marshalls with the idea of scoring name brand clothing, home furnishings, shoes, hand bags and more for less than you’d pay in a typical retail store. Prices can be reduced more than 90% on some items.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When customers start looking for Marshalls customer service information, they often click on the customer service link only to find a ton of FAQs and no contact information. On Marshalls website there is a small link on the customer service page to call customer service. That link is also the link to the customer contact form.

  • Customer Service: 1-888-627-7425
  • Corporate: 1-508-390-1000

Mailing Address

There is no mailing address on the customer service or contact page of the Marshalls website. This is common as few companies actually want to receive standard mail from all the customers who have bad experiences in store. We look around and found the corporate address for TJX, the mother company responsible for Marshalls.

The TJX Companies70 Cochituate RdFramingham, MA 01701

Official Website

Head on over to visit the official website for Marshalls customer service. The site also provides listings of current products that may be available in your store. Marshalls does not support online ordering, but you can purchase a gift card online for use in the store. Marshalls customer service is also available on:

Customer Service Email

Marshalls customer service email department is only available to answer your call if you use the contact us form on the customer service page There is a security message included with the contact form that warns customers to leave out personal information like credit or debit card numbers. Other personal information that should never be included in a customer service email includes driver’s license or social security numbers.

Our Experience

The Marshalls customer service department must have been expecting our call. We anticipated a long wait, but after selecting the option to speak with the customer service department, we were connected without hesitation. The agent pleasantly greeted us and asked how they could serve us. We asked if the customer service agent could explain the return policy as it relates to intimate undergarments.

The agent expressed interest in our question, but explained undergarments could not be returned due to health issues. They explained customers should make the correct choice prior to leaving the store. The agent provided a lot of details for such a short call. Do you want to tell us your experiences? Share them below in the comment section.

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44 Comments on “Contact Marshalls Customer Service
  1. I was in the Marshalls in West Hartford, Ct on Thursday, April 11, I was shocked to be told I could not take my shopping cart out of the store, it locked when I tried. I had a bunch of large items, comforters, mattress covers and other bedding. I am shocked by this, mainly because I read in the newspaper a few weeks ago that TJX was rated madly for their customer service. What are handicapped people, or elderly people suppose to do. I know Marshalls policy is not to go to peoples cars with merchandise. Is this a store policy or a town policy?

  2. Myself and my family came in to shop ar Marshals and they all dispersed to different areas on the floor. I, the dad had to use the restroom (it was locked with a key pad) and this cashier (Kristine)told me wait one to ring up a customer. It was taking forever and it was just upset with her attitude and service. I retrieved my wife and daughter and took them to Ross dress for less.
    If the attitude of this lady is what Marshals considers as good customer service I will no longer shop at Marshals and I will tell all my friends about the service there at the Caramel mt. Rd Marshals.

  3. Your sales associate, Yolonda at your Temecula, California store demonstrated exemplary customer service during my shopping experience at the end of August, 2013. Thanks so kindly Yolonda, for a great time.

  4. I called the marshalls store at hudson mall jersey city I asked to speak to a manager at 12:30pm on 12/06/13 the lady that answered the phone responds go ahead what u need I feel in a work of business phone calls should not be answered as if you are on your personal phone who hired that manager she needs more training on how to talk to people I will spend my money in another store

  5. Marshall’s in calumet city, il. Is the worst in cust.service always have been. On 12/20/13, I bought a Ralph Lauren 100% cashmere sweater@ another location. They had to print a tag for it because there wasn’t one on it. I asked the cashier would I have a problem returning it if my husband didn’t like it. Oh no, just hold on to your receipt he says. Well when I got home the tag was nowhere in the bag but I had my receipt, so I’m good right? Wrong. He takes it to the above location Sandy (the manager) says it’s not showing on her system as if she has a different system from the other Marshall’s, so she wouldn’t refund my $149. Now I have a receipt an have no idea what she means about it not showing up in the system. Because it most certainly showed up in Marshall’s system when I bought it. This is not right and Sandy had nothing to say but the above ridicules statement. I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx but you guys will do anything to sell the goods but you don’t seem to show the same concern when the customer us returning your merchandise. You guys go far and beyond to reject a refund. Not good. I’m done, and please believe I will go far and beyond to let all my friends an family know to do the same.

  6. The at the fitting room was excellent her name is reda she us the best I’ve ever seen at that store the address 13955 new halls ferry

  7. First visit to a Marshall’s Store. Savannah, Ga. I actually live about 30 miles away. Looking for an outfit to wear to a graduation. Found a nice blouse as well as a beautiful dress. Not having been there before I didn’t know the layout of the store or see the cashier right away. Finally saw a long counter with a line of cash registers on it near the door. There was only one young black girl behind the counter, no other customers were present. I started to approach the girl/register & she said (loudly) “you’re going the wrong way.” I glanced around but didn’t see any signs or arrows giving directions. I hesitated a moment since no one else was around but the girl just stared at me. A moment later another customer walked up, apparently from the proper direction, & the girl took the other woman’s merchandise & ignored me. I think she wanted me to turn around & walk to the far wall & approach her from that direction. I would have understood if there were other customers there before me, but there wasn’t. I dropped my selections & walked out. It was both embarrassing & infuriating. I doubt I will shop at another Marshall’s again nor will my daughter-in-law who was with me. After reading other reviews on these stores it’s apparent they have employee issues as well as poor customer service.

  8. On Friday 5/16/2014 I went into a Marshall’s store in Flemington NJ to return a diaper bag and wind chimes. I had the receipt in hand and the two ring circus of abuse I have gotten from a righteous cashier and a store manager. On the receipt it wasn’t rung up properly from another return I made prior buying the diaper bag and the first return I made was returned on the new receipt which I paid half cash for and store credit. The new receipt says return with receipt which the cashier from the other store didn’t return my old receipt. So this cashier made a huge stink of not wanting to return my money while the other higher ups told her to return my money a whole 35.00 so this cashier called a store manager up and he came up to the front and I explained to him what the situation was and in return he degraded me, talked down to me in front of other customers waiting to be checked out. He wouldn’t return my receipt and tried to get the other cashier fired from the other store fired for not doing a return correctly! He was aggressive and had a death grip on my receipt and made it clear to RETURN my receipt as he was walking in the back! This manager had an open cut injury on his thumb which should of been covered, his breath smelt like alcohol and he was so abusive, arrgumentive, abusive! I will never ever shop at Marshall’s in flemington NJ. He scarred me so much with his emotional abuse and toxic behavior over a return! Jerk didn’t even have a name tag on!

  9. I’m a regular customer at Rio Hondo Shopping Mall’s Marshall’s store. I’m a federal attorney with a private civil practice at San Juan, Puerto Rico. I’m (7) months pregnant. I’m doing my baby related shopping during these days. I visited the aforementioned store today with my husband and we liked a sofa for me to relax and breastfeed after delivery priced at $399. I wanted to be sure if it was comfortable enough to this important phase, so I decided to sit in and try it in a relax normal posture. An employee from the store told me to get out of the sofa because they were on top of wooden bases underneath. I understand but, how am I suppose to buy furniture if I don’t try it beforehand? If Marshall’s is displaying furniture you can’t try if offensive for customers if warned by employees. If Marshall’s wants people to stay away from furniture, please put a sign on top of furniture so this misunderstanding doesn’t happen. Considering I’m pregnant, the situation made me uncomfortable and I left the store without buying anything and with a bad feeling towards what is still my favorite store. Hope you can do something about it.

  10. i just returned from you south land store in middleburg heights Ohio. It was not a pleasant experience. I picked up a pair of lands end clogs and headed to the register. There was no line. No other customers. But three women who worked at the store were gathered around a register chatting. The one standing where a customer might be had a three ring binder open, apparently dealing with store business. None of them acknowledged me some asked if there was an open register (it was meant as a hint as that was the only staffed register. The woman who turned out to be the store manage explained that the cashier was busy with a customer. I apologized and said I assumed she was an employee. The cashier then told me in a frankly snotty tone that ’employees can be customers, you know’. True but the binder being open misled me and the counter had so much clutter I had no idea it was a purchase. But they then decided to ring me up. The cashier made a comment about there being no sticker on the shoes and that the people responsible had screwed up again. I told her they were $19.99. ‘Ha’, she said. ‘I highly doubt it’. Off went the manager to check. I pointed out the tag in the bottom of the box that said $19.99 and she told me they would just wait and see. I felt like she was saying id put the lable there. I am 67 years old and not used to being suspected of stealing. The manager returned. They checked me out. And I will never return. They were incredibly rude even after discovering their mistake. Something is wrong with that manager.

  11. I AM SO UPSET. i bout a ” new” conair home haircutting kit
    for my husband. As soon as I opened it to look at the quality I found HAIR all over the clippers! There were sold as new not even as a returned iteam… i payed 19.99 plus taxt only to be discusted by this i am so outraged.

  12. Marshalls is the best for me !! I need HELP. to do my First payment. I went to the Store but they. Do not let me do it.! Wich is terrible for me because is easy ! HELP PLEASE !

  13. Shopping at your Marshall’s store on Coral Way and 34th Ave in Miami, Florida, was very disappointing.
    I couldn’t believe how many of your best leather handbags were all over the floors of the bag section. The worst was when some customers carelessly or intentionally stepped on them. The same situation was seen in the lingerie department where there were underwear piles all over the floor
    I have seen how children play in other discount.stores and and how

    adult clients “mistreat” merchandise and open packaged and boxed
    items ..with my incredulous eyes…
    I have approached store managers, sales persons
    and security employees, and it seems that they do not have the moral
    to stop the “destruction” and careless handling of your merchandise.
    It seems everyone is AFRAID of the insensitive

    and uneducated masses
    I thought I was going to hsve

    ome relaxing hours shopping at your store this evening, instead, my heart shrank when I understood quite clearly
    that the freedom of the individual is excluding decency, good manners and ethical values.

  14. Shopping at your Marshall’s store on Coral Way and 34th Ave in Miami, Florida, was very disappointing.
    I couldn’t believe how many of your best leather handbags were all over the floors of the bag section. The worst was when some customers carelessly or intentionally stepped on them. The same situation was seen in the lingerie department where there were underwear piles all over the floor
    I have seen how children play in other discount.stores and and how

    adult clients “mistreat” merchandise and open packaged and boxed
    items ..with my incredulous eyes…
    I have approached store managers, sales persons
    and security employees, and it seems that they do not have the moral
    to stop the “destruction” and careless handling of your merchandise.
    It seems everyone is AFRAID of the insensitive

    and uneducated masses
    I thought I was going to hsve

    ome relaxing hours shopping at your store this evening, instead, my heart shrank when I understood quite clearly
    that the freedom of the individual is excluding decency, good manners and ethical values.

  15. Today at the Hialeah Marshall’s, store #146, my Chase card was declined. This was, as I was told by Chase, that a new system is in place, and it’s requesting a pin, blah, blah, blah…bottom line, my card was declined. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes for my son and daughter. I called the store after I left to ask if the manager, who was familiar with my ordeal with the card, could hold the 2 pairs of shoes until tomorrow. I was surprised when he said no. Who made this guy a manager??? Will file complaint tomorrow with his boss, Nelson the store manager and will contact corporate as I called today but they were closed. Then will do my best to find the shoes elsewhere so that I do not give this store my future business.

  16. shopped Marshalls manchester CT store on Saturday morning 8/28/2015.
    Small table set up in front of store with final clearance items. I picked up a pair of navy denim espadrilles marked down (yellow ticket) to $3.00 .
    i brought those, along with several other items to the checkout. The clerk peeled the sticker off the shoes, stared at me and then wothout saying a word, turnmed around and went to other end of the registers and spoke to a peson (assume it was a manager). After a good 5 mnutes, the clerk returned to me and told me that the shoes were incorrectly marked and ‘implied’ that I had somehow had a part in that. The shoes were on a FRONT TABLE, well in view of all of their associates and had at least 2 additional yellow markdown stickers under the current $3.00 tag.
    I was completely embarassed both by the fact that the clerk refused to sell me the shoes at their marked price and very pointedly stated this as well as the embarassement of being kerpt waiting with no explanation for over 5 minutes with other people in line aware.
    Customer service and retaining customer relationships is obviously not soemthing Marshalls takes seriously. If a Marshalls associate mismarks an item (although since the shows were clearly summer items I believe that they were marked correctly for final clearance), that item should be sold to the customer at the marked price.
    I will think twice about doing business with this store in the future and have no problem stating my reasons to others as well. If Marshalls does not amrk an item correctly, that is an internal problem that should NOT be foisted on its customers

  17. Your manager Traverse of Elmont store is managing this store to the ground.. It’s awful very inefficient.. Customers are dropping there stuff right on line and walking right out… He has 4 active cashiers with over 35 people on line… When I approached him as he stood there leaning against register for some time… I asked if it was possible to get more cashiers he proceeds to talk in a nasty manner and mentions everyone is on break… And when asked if he can assist to speed the process.. He said he’s not a cashier… He could at least help pack up, clean up, take returns etc… It is a huge mess in the store and so much service is lacking in this store… Just look at your camera and see the horrible show.. 4:50 on Sunday Sept 13 2015 It’s disgusting and dirty… Please fix your management… I’ve been at this store for years.. And I rarely want to shop here.. I find myself only coming in emergency.. I’m going to other locations where they are cleaning and kinder

  18. On September 29 at the Turnersville, NJ location my Mother and I walked in to the store at 9:10. From the time we got there until the time we left at 9:20 they announced four times that the store was closing. We found that one of your store associates that we encountered this evening did not display appropriate behavior. I was unable to get her name but she had curly brown hair and wore glasses. When we first walked in we heard her loudly curse and complain about customers coming in. She specifically said to her co-worker “don’t worry we will get out of here”. Upon checkout she rudely yelled “I can help you”. We both frequent this location often and have always had good customer service. This time that was not the case. We were both completely turned off and am not sure we will ever return. I have previously worked in customer service for several years so I understand that customers coming in near closing can be frustrating. However, I know better than to act that way and rush customers out the door. This associate should not be working for your company or any other customer service job for that matter.

  19. 5400 westpointe plaza Columbus Ohio.

    I was at this location this evening looking for some stuff in the cosmetic area. I was on my phone and threw it in my purse. GOD FORBID I PUT MY PHONE AWAY. Because a young blonde saw me do that and followed me all around the store. I even went to different parts of the store because I felt like she was following me, low and behold, she was. Then I saw her talk to her little blonde friend and she followed me too. THEN I saw them talk to the manager. I was wanting to look around some more but I felt very disrespected and got out of there ASAP. I even bought a shirt. Now if I was stealing stuff, don’t you think I wouldn’t have checked out!? Of course when I walked out, I assumed they were hoping for the beeper to go off. I called as soon as I got in the car and complained to anther worker and all he said was “ok thanks”. This location is known for “following” shoppers. I will never go back here again. I assume those little blondes were trying to be heroes or something…good grief.

  20. I bought an avalanche jacket from Oregon and traveled to Virginia for a Marine Corp marathon. 2 days after the marathon the weather was kinda cold so I took out the jacket I bought in Oregon for this reason. yank the tags off and tried to put it on and I realized it is kinda tight. I Checked the size to see if it is the right size. It turns out I picked S instead of M so I went to the nearest Marshall @ Lee Jackson Memorial highway in Chatilly Va. The casher informed me that the tag wouldn’t match the merchandise so they can’t exchange or refund it. The manager was called and she repeated the same thing. I was treated v badly. She could have offered score credit or something. I wasn’t asking for cash refund. And it is not my fault if they put a wrong tag on the mech endorse as I have no way of knowing. I have been going to marshalls for a very long time but this will be my last one. I will let as many people and friends know as well.

  21. Today is Christmas Eve and like most people running around doing my last minute shopping . After waiting in line for 30mins & paid for my purchase using my debit card the cashier informs me my card was denied . Although I showed that my account was charged cashier insist she received no payment & very rudily asked if I had “any money”. I asked for some type of proof that the card was denied & after getting the manager ( whom was no help) told me there was no form of proof on their end to show transation was denied . I was forced to pay cash & just accept what was told to me . Luckily my bank is located in same mall so I went immediately , was told by teller that my card had no show of being denied . Being that I had no proof of the mistake at your store I am now forced to have to go through the the long process of filing the transaction as fraudulent . Because of this inconvience , lack of
    professionalism my kids forced to have a Christmas without presents . Such a simple think can ruin an entire families holiday.

  22. Manager on duty,12/26/15 at 9pm. Was extremely rude. I drove across town after checking store hours on Web site, says 11pm. I let him know that and he says to me pointing at ten door, “hours are on door. I explained websites wrong , he demanded I show him on my phone “where it says that’. Was only alerting you not there to fight with him…very rude customer service. Won’t go back to that location

  23. I bought a jacket as a gift for my son. He didn’t like it, so I went to return the jacket to the Longmont, Colorado store. The tags were still on the item and I had his gift receipt. I was informed that for gift receipts, Marshalls issues store credit only. Had I inown that I would not have bought it in thw first place. I asked the managwr to show me where this policy is stated so the customers can know this bwfore making purchases. He said it wasn’t written where customers can see it. Okay the, how can you inforce a policy that ypu don’t make known to your customers? I have been shopping at Marshalls for over 30 years. I a, angry enough with this underhanded store policy that I will take my business elsewhere. There are more than 10 other stores within a 2 mile radius of Marshalls that I will make my purchases from in the future. I will also post my experiences on the social media sites, and working for the local govt., will let everyone there know as well. You give crummy customer servicw, you lose customers. This will not end here.

  24. I shop regularly at Marshalls and Tjmaxx. I spend a few thousand a year there. This past Christmas I purchase a few hundred dollars on clothing for my boyfriend. I have the receipt with all the items on it. On a couple of items I ripped off the Marshalls tag but kept the original tag on them. I repeat I have the recent in hand so if there is any issue they can key the item in the system. I went to return a few of the items for they did not fit properly. I approved the counter with the employees standing there and showed the receipt thinking it’s going to be an easy exchange or return I immediately felt negative energy from the marshals employees that were working this evening behind the counter. I asked if I can either get a credit back on my account or they can even give me a stroke credit which ever it was easier for them again I have the receipt now three people are at the register trying to figure out a couple of the items that were not scanning in the system for whatever reason obviously I have the receipt any and all they have to do is punch in the code in their system it’s your system says that they don’t see anything like that in the system then what are those purchases for clearly I purchased it from Marshall’s I purchase it all in one transaction it’s not my problem if the system can’t read the SKU that’s on the Marshall’s receipt they made me feel as if I was lying to them they made me feel very uncomfortable they also gave me an attitude as if I was doing something Bad or unlawful all I wanted to do was return a few items on the receipt that I had they would not take back a couple of my items. On top of it they made me feel like I was a criminal when clearly I have the receipt in hand I will never shop at Marshall’s again I am so turned off by the customer service and by the people working there. I will tell my experience to anyone who wants to listen. I also work for a high-end department store for the past 15 years and I deal with a lot of people. Whether they have a receipt or not I am very professional and I give them outstanding service I keep the customer happy and coming back unfortunately these people working for marshals need to be retrained on how to deal with the public. I am so disgusted and turned off by the way I was treated in by the employees there that are not professional by any means looking at one another making snide remark’s to each other giggling and made me feel extremely comfortable when I was doing nothing wrong but just being a consumer..

  25. My boyfriend and I went into Marshalls store #1057 on outlet collection drive in Auburn, Washington around 715pm on February 6th. We were passing through, we travel the country for work and needed to buy clothes for him. At 750pm he went in the dressing room to try the clothes on. At 8pm someone started yelling saying that they were closed and we needed to leave immediately and come back in the morning to finish trying on the clothes. We were surprised by the tone of this lady and started to speed up the pace. A couple minutes later she came back and yelled again. I came out of the dressing room at this point livid. I told her that we are moving as fast as we can and we wouldn’t be here in the morning to come back. She very rudely said “we have families too and we want to go home” amoung other things. Now, I have worked in customer service for 10 years, retail being one of them. This experience was one of the worst ones I have had in this line of business. I am guessing that this lady was the manager on duty and should have known that she should close the doors at 8pm, not let anyone else in and allow the customers to finish up their shopping needs that were already inside. I know she had to clean up the store amoung other duties and she wasn’t just waiting on us to leave so she could go home. Her comment was rude and uncalled for seeing as my boyfriend and I have not seen our families in 2 months because of our line of work. She should get a job that’s 9 to 5 so she can leave on the dot to go home to her family. We spent over $200 in that store that night. The cashiers were friendly and the fitting room lady Ginger was the best! She was very helpful and even apologized for the other rude woman. I am very unhappy with my experience at this store and will never go back. We do appreciate that they stayed 15 minutes later than when they closed.

  26. I just thought I would let you know that the marshalls store in exton, pa. Must have an awesome team because it’s one of the cleanest, well organized stores I’ve been to:) it’s one of my favorite places to go!
    -Jesse green

  27. Who it may concern
    I’d like to let you know that I have tried to return a merchandising today at Marshall in Hyannis and I could not do it because I didn’t have the receipt with me. So I told her I want to keep with me it anymore because it didn’t work in my bathroom. She told me it would not possible because I didn’t have the receipt.
    I’d like to make a question: is it true? I’d just bought it in 30 minutes ago and I could not return because I didn’t have the receipt? And I had made the payment with my TJMax reward. Could you please tell me something about it? Thanks.

  28. Last saturday I went shopping at the Windham Maine store. I found a few items I wanted o try on so I went to the dressing room. I was horrified by the dirty fitting rooms. The inside door had coffee spills running down, the huge golf ball size dust bunnies were so gross. I did t even want to take of my shoes, but I did. When I went to put my shos back on I had hair and dust balls in the zipper and all over my socks. It was so vross. I told the manager who jus happened to walk by and he said he would have it vacuumed. I went next door to go o a movie with a friend and after she de idea to go shopping so I went with ber. I found a shirt and decided to try it on, imagine my suprise when the dressing room had not been touched. The dressing room attended was standing at the booth yawning and doing nothing. I will never try anything on there again. I guess I will have to buy the item go home and try it on and hope I don’t have to make the 40 mine ride to retro if it osent fit.

  29. I visited your store in Sterling, VA this evening and I was extremely disappointed. I had 4 items 2 pillows at $12 each, a soap dispenser $ 9.99 and ear buds @ $6.99. The cashier have me a total over $60…I said something is wrong that is too high, without looking in the bag or going over anything she dismissed my concern and blamed it on tax. I am a high net worth person that happens to shop at Marshall’s, I understand taxes. The two identical pillows has a difference in price of $18. This made perfect sense to her and proceeded to argue with me. I asked to speak with a manager, to my surprise she was the manager, she barely spoke comprehensive English and she acted as if I was a fool to believe identical items should be priced accordingly. I then needed to wait for her to retrieve someone from another part of the store to go find another identical pillow with the same price of $12. This wasted 20 minutes of my evening and caused a spike in my blood pressure because incompetent individuals such as Maibelle have been promoted in your store. I spend thousands of dollars a year in this very store and now I need to question whether I can spend another dime of my hard earned money in a store with such terrible customer service. Maibelle was dismissive, illogical and rude. I expect to receive a response to this email or I will not be returning to your store as a matter of principle.

  30. I have been a customer of yours at marshals and tjmax for many years, and this is not my first complaint about the marshals in Lawrence ny.
    The lines are long and it takes forever for purchases to be made. It appears that cashiers ignore the lines and continue doing everything but serving customers. Moreover the store is is quite a mess. I do whatever I can to go to tjmax instead of marshals. It seems that no one cares about quality customer service.

  31. I purchased many items from a Marshalls store in California on 4/28/2016. Upon returning to my home (flew home) I noticed I was missing items from my receipt. I called the store and was told to call back and talk to the store manager. I called several times requesting a call back from store manager so I could arrange the returning of the items I purchased. I have the receipt and the woman I spoke to said they did find a bag with my missing items in it behind the counter but she couldn’t help me. Very frustrated at this point.
    I spent $217.75 at this visit-
    Every time I call, I am told they cannot help me since they are not able to ship my items to me. I requested a refund and was told they can’t do that without me present. I live in NY- clearly I cannot fly to CA for a refund for this small amount.
    Please help- I am a very loyal customer and love Marshalls. I’ve never had any problems before this.
    Thank you,

  32. Hello, I hope you are doing well. today I contact you in regards to resale certificate. I was shopping at your store for the first time and showed my Resale Certificate and the cashier had no clue about it as well as the Manager it seemed. I showed proof that it was mine with my state ID and made sure to match the Addresses. I as well signed up for your Credit card just to show that I want to continue business with your stores and bring you business. What upsets me is with all that time I spent in to sign up for your Credit Card and showing my Tax Exempt Resale Certificate. I was still charged 9.8% sales tax. So Could you please send me an email that I can bring into the stores while purchasing products from you that says that I can be able to use a resale permit and to purchase for my store. This would be very appreciate so that my time is spent wisely when shopping. I thank you and look forward to continue going to your store

  33. Discounts of up to 90 percent off where I think they mean markup I recently the marshalls in morgan hill saw a pair of jordon slippers marshalls tag 49.99 the box with the slippers stated 48.00 suggested retail price???? Am confused is that not a rip off for customers

  34. I made a cash purchase this evening for a Michael Kors Purse that was retailed at $159 plus tax. Once I paid for the bag, I was told by your store manager I needed to leave the bag in the front whole I continued my shopping (as I wanted to). So I proceeded to leave the bag in the front of the store in the cashier section.

    I carried on shopping and shortly thereafter checked out. When I went to claim my bag as I was being ring up for my second purchase, I was told it wasn’t there. I then requested it be located as I had purchased it about 20 minutes prior to me making an additional purchase and that it had been left with the store manager in the front for said reasons stated above. So another 20 minutes pass by, when a cashier comes up and tells me the manager isn’t available and by bag was sold. When I became not only frazzled in disbelief, but very upset, I requested the manager become summons to address this issue, I was told I needed to leave and no one could help me!

    So now I’m out my bag and funds and VERY upset and left with a sour taste for the horrible transaction and treatment rendered.

    Knowing marshalls is a reputable corporation, I’d like this issue to be addressed and a resolution to this for me as a longtime customer of this store, and seeing as I just lost over $159 to your store and left with nothing to show for it. I very much doubt that this is the reputation this company strides for through their staff which represents the company wholy.

  35. 78th street broadway

    Beyond potential legal implications, there are many negative consequences, Kahn says. “By not treating everyone equally, a manager is fostering a sense of resentment and separation that can de-motivate employees and damage team unity,” he says. “Also, by focusing attention on particular employees, it’s easy to overlook growth opportunities and unique skill sets offered by others.”

    Hockett adds that by not giving other team members an opportunity to shine, the boss is not allowing the team or company to grow, which can cost the company more money in the long run. “There’s also a chance that the employer may lose good people, if they feel their talents are going unnoticed,” she adds.

    Payleitner says unearned favoritism also “leads to the unselected believing that your efforts will not be recognized fairly; that the yardstick for success has nothing to do with performance.”

  36. I was in a store today looking at purses and the alarms on the purses kept going on when i was looking at price tags. It was very annoying and it was not a good experience. It needs to be fixed!

  37. I took a pair of cobalt blue Volcom shorts and beige slacks back for an exchange. I had not saved my receipt but I did have the a t m card I purchased both with.I was scolded very rudely by Theresa.She asked me if I had a dog or a cat. I said yes I do..why? she said these are “covered in hair”. I looked at the shorts (that I took a picture of and beige pants and I saw maybe 3 pieces of fur) I picked them off the dark shorts.She proceeded to call Mary the gum chewing unprofessional “manager” who said they had customers that were allergic to animal dander & refused to take them back. So I walked down to the grocery store & bought a lent roller (that you sell in your store)& rolled the shorts & pants for them to process an exchange credit. I frequent that store about twice a week and my bank account can reflect at the very least five hundred a month purchased at that location. For this pedy, poorly handled transaction they just lost a customer. “Covered in fur”… I would like to send you the pictures of what my shorts looked like. I am beyond livid for the treatment I recieved from both employees and quite frankly I thought a Marshall’s Manager might have a bit more common sense then to agree to let a customer roll lent off of their returns before taking them back. Again, I would like to send you pictures of what I was scolded about. For the cost of a one dollar lent roller that your store carries & maybe a 10 dollar hour employee spending 3 minutes to roll the invisable lent off the shorts they lost a pretty good customer & I will be sharing this story & pictures on Facebook, and every friend I know of. Terrible customer service in that store & no common sense by the gum chewing manager.

  38. dear.
    I have a large inventory left behind still good condition. 98 percent condition on the jeans and more like news no one wears overstock. in asia that is the most populars brand name . i would like to do business with your corporation also we have a factory too. on lady clothes .

    thank you
    have a greats weekend

  39. The customer service at the marshals store is terrible they r so rude to customers. I work n retail n customer service comes first!!!!! N this store they don’t no what customer service is?including the male assistant Mgr!!!! This marshals is located on bethel rd cols Ohio. They need all fresh new hires starting at the top!!!!!

  40. I am a repeated customer at Marshalls ( pratt street 21202)and it turned me away when I ran into a cashier ( older women) with an attitude. Additional, cashiers were called to the front. This one had an attitude (I guess because she was called to the front), She pushed my clothes in the bag, messed up the first time, when she rung me up. As she continued with her mouth poked out, continue to re-scan the items. As much as I like spending my lunch time shopping there, it will be a while before I return. Some employees need customer service classes (not all)

  41. Hi I bought a comforter for my daughter in Athens, GA and when I pulled it out of the bag to show her I noticed that the store did not take the “sensor tag” (not sure what you call it) was still on the comforter. So I had them go back to the nearest Marshalls to us which was at River City in Jacksonville, FL. My daughter was told that they could not get it off….WHAT? I mean, what does that mean? We need the sensor off, so I asked what they said they could do for her, the response was that there was nothing that they could do….? I don’t understand? Your store did not take it off and now our only option is to rip a hole in the brand new comforter…? Please tell me this is not how this works? What about offering to replace it with one that does not have a sensor that you cannot get off and mail it my house? Please help!

  42. I purchased a lotion few days ago from Marshalls at Ontario mills (mills circle st), I applied this lotion once only and developed rash all over the area with inflammatory papules this lotion definitely badly stored because I’m not known to have any allergies, I paid for a cortisone cream and applied it over the Affected area ( damaged by the lotion)for 7 days and I’m still suffering from post inflammation hyperpigmentation. Yesterday at 7pm I went to return back the item to the same store Marshalls at Ontario mills (mills Circle st.)the supervisor katty refused to refund the item,with all the given facts and the harm caused to me that supervisor instead of apologizing and refunding the item she was arguing and refused to refund. If such a person is a supervisor at Marshalls, and customers’ rights geteasily violated then definitely this is not the right place to shop at, my family and friends decided to support me and not to shop at any Marshalls shop forever.

    • Hello, I reached out to customer service the other day due to being overcharged for something I did not purchase and I still haven’t heard back I was told I’d be contacted and still no help. I have saved my receipt and I live 45 minutes away from the store I made a purchase at to take the receipt there.

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