Contact Mapquest Customer Service

Contacting Mapquest Customer Service Center

Mapquest is a free online mapping system that offers website visitors, both mobile and PC, directions, maps and local business information. You can view maps in standard format or using satellite imagery sensitive enough to show the roof of the building you’re trying to reach.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Due to the fact that Mapquest is a free service, there is not likely much contact information available. Typically, you’ll have social media pages, a contact email address or form and nothing more. We were able to locate every piece of customer service contact information we wanted because Mapquest is an AOL property.

Phone Contact Number

You can reach Mapquest customer service through AOL or by calling the US corporate office. Monday to Friday 7 AM to 3:30 PM MT are the hours for Mapquest customer service.

  • AOL: 1-212-206-4400
  • Mapquest Phone Number: 1-303-486-4000

Mailing Address

We were shocked to find not one, but three Mapquest customer service mailing addresses. Two are for Mapquest proper and one for the parent company AOL.

Mapquest Denver1555 Blake Dr3rd FloorDenver, CO 80202


Mapquest Pennsylvania1090 N Charles StLancaster, PA 17603


AOL Inc770 BroadwayNew York, NY 10003

Official Website

Go to on your personal computer or for mobile devices. From the site you can search for a map of a single location, directions between two or more locations or plan an entire trip with stops along the way.

Social Media

Social connections are the fastest way to connect with long lost friends and potential customers, but even applications like Mapquest use sites like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with application users.

Customer Service Email

The one piece of information missing from the Mapquest customer service page is an email address or form. The privacy policy, which usually offers some form of email contact information, is an AOL policy, so there’s no information for Mapquest.

After a bit of searching, we did finally find a Mapquest email address. It is located in the Help section of the site. You have to click around a bit to access it, but eventually you’ll reach:

Our Experience

When customers call the Mapquest customer service number, you cannot press 0 to skip the list of options – this will just restart the options. Press 2 for customer service and your call will be answered by a customer service agent. We reached our agent in about two minutes with most of the time spent listening to the automated messages and options.

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93 Comments on “Contact Mapquest Customer Service
  1. I travel 30+ days a month,,,,faithfully using classic mapquest…..You must of never heard the phrase ,,,If its not broke,,,,,DON’T FIX IT !!!!For whatever reason,you were bound and determined to change it,,,Myself, and people I know, in the transportation industry,,,,changed too,,,,,,to another map site….

  2. I thought that after 50+ years of computer programming, use, etc., I’d have it all figured out. WRONG!! You’ve said your ‘new’ MapQuest is easier, faster, and so forth, but I can’t get past GO! Can you help?

  3. It seems that the powers that be at Mapquest do not want to be contacted. There is no email address listed for them. Perhaps they don’t want to listen to negative feedback?

    If someone could please list the email address for contacting Mapquest it would be appreciated.

  4. As i’m trying to look up directions, ads kept popping up and making it impossible to see or effectively use your product. so frustrating! wont be back!

  5. Minneapolis. Mapquest said exit 9. LOST for almost an hour. There was NO exit 9. IT WAS EXIT 11. only 1 HOUR DRIVING IN CIRCLES. Guess I shall Never depend on you AGAIN. Plus tell everyone I can contact.

  6. You give the absolute worst, most convoluted, insane directions. I would give you specifics, but it’s obvious you have no understanding of maps or directions so what would be the point? Whatever computer program you use is a joke. I think the reason Jimmy Hoffa was never found was because he used mapquest and was never seen again…

  7. I do not understand why MapQuest shows far away locations as a starting point when I go to the site to get directions. When I lived in Boise, ID, it started every time in Sioux Falls, SD. While I was visiting family in Spokane Valley, WA, it actually showed my location. Now that I live in Coeur d’Alene, it starts in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’ve never been there with my computer and I try setting a location in Preferences, but it does not work. Any advice you can offer? Thank you.

  8. Hi, I need to know how to add a business address or personal address into MapQuest for free. Or do I have to pay anything?
    Please let me know.
    Thank You

  9. I have used MapQuest for years and have never had any reason to use another site. However, I find your anti-Obama political advertisements extremely inappropriate. This is not a political forum. I use MapQuest for work purposes, and unless I deliberately select to NOT print the ad on my directions (which I may or may not remember to do if I’m in a hurry), I run the risk of showing up for a meeting or giving someone a ride to a business function with a set of directions with a divisive political ad which would seem inflammatory to many printed on the top right corner.


    Previously, I could enter my home address, enter in where I want to go and get a map and written directions.
    NOW – I do the same thing and get a bunch of business that ARE NOT NEAR WHERE I WANT TO GO.

    If this is the best you can do, please recommend another site that CURRENTLY DOES WHAT YOUR WEB SITE USED TO DO.

  11. Just drove from NY to Florida …… satisfactory mapquest directions.
    Now, asked for a map of Crystal River Florida and received a page that was 2/3 mapquest advertisements and 1/3 map … too small to easily read.
    Google maps provided a full page map for Crystal River ….. Much easier!

    What am I missing? I look forward to your reply

  12. I cant print maps on my canon mg2120 anymore.i called canon and there is no problem with the printer.HELP.

  13. For years your computer directions were great. Now, the advertisements cover the directions to the point you can not read the directions! Well, what good are directions you can not see? I won’t go through the frustration again but I would sure like to know why you are running off all you business?

    C Robert Huntington — lost client —

  14. I suggest you investigate your “new” website. Can not link to customer service and remote locations that were easily identified on your previous version are not longer identified on the new site- an address in PA is identified as an address in MO!!!
    Such a shame:( Would get the kinks worked out before you launch a new product!

  15. My first time on the “NEW” mapquest. It sucks! I printed out the directions and I cannot read them! The type is so small that I literally need a magnifying glass. The old one had settings for the size of the type but I could not find such settings on this one. Horrible. I will never use this again.

  16. To set the tone for this review imagine me banging my head against the wall over and over and over again while screaming very loudly. I tried using your “new and improved” site. Yeah, right! Whoever improved your site must have been on crack because this site is completely jacked up. The site won’t let me type in my start or stop points. When I tried the “help” button, guess what, that didn’t work either. When I tried to look up your email address for customer service, I got a web address instead. Seriously, get your s@%$ together!

  17. I did a Mapquest last week. The normal, same old, properly working site came up on my computer. I typed in my start Point and my Destination. I got very simple easy to understand, large print directions. A GREAT EXPERIENCE. ! ! !
    I went to the same site a few minutes ago only to find out that mapquest has been taken over by inhabitants of Mars. Duh ! ! ! !
    You “fixed what wasn’t broke”. What a Bunch of Schmucks. The site was TOTALLY USELESS. BRING BACK THE OLD WEB SITE.
    Looks like I will have to find a new “mapquest” alternative.

  18. OMG! Not only doesn’t the “New Map Quest” work, the “feedback” link is broken as well! Why on earth would you take a perfectly good app such as Map Quest, actually the “Go-To” in Map Apps, and change EVERYTHING about it? MAKES NO SENSE!!!! This new model is HORRIBLE!! They took away ALL the features we use! and “DUMBAFIIED” it! WORST UPGRADE OF A SOFTWARE THAT I’VE EVER SEEN!

  19. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU DONE???!!! and what on earth were you thinking??????????????????? Your “NEW” MapQuest is totally impossible to use. Totally impossible to understand it. Have no earthly clue how to use it now. I agree with LIsa above and Ronald above … so I will just copy and paste here what they put: “To set the tone for this review imagine me banging my head against the wall over and over and over again while screaming very loudly. I tried using your “new and improved” site. Yeah, right! Whoever improved your site must have been on crack because this site is completely jacked up. … . Seriously, get your s@%$ together!” AND: “Congratulations on your newly reorganized site! Its completely unusable!” AMEN!!!!!

    Congratulations on losing me as a former faithful user. If I were someone who used expletives, I would use them here and now. …
    Someone at MapQuest is seriously messed lacking common sense.

  20. WHAT ON EARTH HAVE YOU DONE???!!! and what on earth were you thinking??????????????????? Your “NEW” MapQuest is totally impossible to use. Totally impossible to understand it. Have no earthly clue how to use it now. I agree with LIsa above and Ronald above … so I will just copy and paste here what they put: “To set the tone for this review imagine me banging my head against the wall over and over and over again while screaming very loudly. I tried using your “new and improved” site. Yeah, right! Whoever improved your site must have been on crack because this site is completely jacked up. … . Seriously, get your s@%$ together!” AND: “Congratulations on your newly reorganized site! Its completely unusable!” AMEN!!!!!

    Congratulations on losing me as a former faithful user. If I were someone who used expletives, I would use them here and now. …
    Someone at MapQuest is seriously messed lacking common sense.

  21. Once again, some idiot decided he/she/they need to fix that which was not broken.. And once again, I find it necessary to take my mapping needs to another site. However, this time I doubt very much that I will be coming back. Why do you people deem it necessary and or beneficial to change a basic program that is consequentially harder to work with? IDIOTS!

  22. I cannot for the life of me understand why your took a user friendly mapquest and changed it into a horrible user unfriendly mess.

    bring back the old format !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Why did you change map quest. It used to work perfect now its all messed up. Your maps and directions are all wrong. Just to let you know .Google Maps are 100% better sorry to say.

  24. I hate the new MapQuest. I can’t print out a copy of a decent map to put in someone’s file or to have with me to go to an appointment. I will have to find another map site and quit using MapQuest. HATE THE CHANGES!!!!!

  25. New MapQuest DOESN’T give directions! The map shows the locations I want to go from/to, but when I ask for directions, the program keeps “thinking” – over 2 minutes – and never gives directions. I did find in the help area that if you click on the button at the top/left in the area to put in locations, you can get the old “BETTER” MapQuest back – that gave me the directions in 1-3 seconds. Don’t even try to contact customer service, everything is in the “new, improved” format and doesn’t work. As I don’t use Twitter or Facebook I guess I don’t exist.

  26. good job

    you have taken a wonderful, easy program and made it impossible to use. (plus all it does is lock up, if it finds the address at all)

    if you need to find driving directions – just do what I will do from now on – go to bing driving directions

  27. Who designed your NEW MapQuest. It is awful! I liked when your website showed different routes, and the user picked one or checked out all of them. I also liked that fact that a user could make a small map to indicate the exact area the user was in. What is the matter with your new programmers. I do not have a smart phone or a GPS, MapQuest was my only answer. I am now going to use GOOGLE. If if is not broken, do not fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Congratulations on creating the new and useless “MapQuest”. I agree with the previous comment. You broke what did not need fixing. I have tried seven(7!!!!) times to print my driving instructions. After going to your help(less) webpage to learn more, I found the answers you provided did not exist back on the print page. You all most be on some kind of Rocky Mountain High, since your offices are in Denver. Oh, by the way, I was able to print directions last week, and the new tiny print you need to read with a magnifying glass, is great while you are driving. It seems the only question MapQuest now wants answered is “We would like to track you. Can we?.” Maybe because I said no you will not let me print driving instructions. Great way to destroy a good service in no time at all!

  29. Oh, and one other comment. I called customer service several times in Denver, Rocky Mountain High, CO. No one wants to really now your tech “geniuses” destroyed a great website overnight.

  30. Since trying to use your new format after using Map Quest for 10 years you no longer can find my address. I do not like Rand McNalley, but they had no trouble finding my address. 822 Braefield CT. Chesterfield MO 63017

  31. MapQuest contact to comment on website doesn’t work; never was able to “contact them”.
    Had a terrible time trying to figure out how to print directions…had to go thru too many “steps” to get the print button to even show up.
    I “zoomed in” on my map so I could see streets at destination, but when I print, it won’t print “zoomed in” map.
    What was wrong with the “simple” format that we knew how to use? I’m not opposed to change if it is in fact “better”, but this one was not, in my opinion.
    Do not respond to my email…I just wanted to get my comments to Mapquest.

  32. after using mapquest for years this new change is impossible, perhaps your advertisers should put their money elsewhere, as I am leaving for another site. this is horrible.

  33. My husband needs a map to Arkansas by morning. After it loaded for 30 minutes I was able to get in the site. Make a map. He wants another map & I can’t get in. Loads for hours!! I have tried to ‘talk’ to them but as yawl say you can’t!!! The new site is AWFUL!!!




  35. whenever I open the new mapquest it hangs up my computer and doesn’t work at all. I’m sick of re-starting every time I try to open mapquest. I’m using windows 10 on my HP PC

  36. Why fix something that is not broken? The new mapquest is just awful. Everything I type in appears to be 9 to 11 hours away. Surely you can just put the old site back up? Like Coca Cola Classic.

  37. Your new mapquest is less that desirable! Monochromatic pictures are dreary!! Map doesn’t work. Tried to drag route and the whole map stayed the same, and route did not move. Rectangles indicating the different routes on the map get in the way. Tried to contact you through help and just get your icon going round and round and round. Clicked on “Report a Problem” and nothing happened. Clicked on “Twitter” and wouldn’t you know, it instantaneously went to it. I am not a user of Twitter, so that did not help me. I spent WAY too much time trying to find Customer Service contact information. Everything took me back to the page that is not working. Not sure how I was able to make it here. New is NOT always BETTER! Go back to the old mapquest that worked. I have used mapquest for many year and I always thought mapquest was far better than Google maps, but looks like I will now be googling it.

  38. I’m happy to see that you are allowing people to use the “old” mapquest. I especially like the option of zooming in to map for a step to give me a detailed look at how to maneuver thru exits, etc. I found that this was not available on the “new” mapquest and was disappointed. Keep making the old mapquest available and all of the disgruntled users will return.

  39. You service has gone drastically downhill since you changed your website a few weeks ago. Specifically:

    1) printed directions are harder to read–not bold where it’s needed
    2) the last set of directions on the bottom of the page gets cut off, which makes the whole set very difficult to use
    3) directions for multiple sites either don’t download or take forever
    4) the “contact us” icon on “help” doesn’t work

    I’m not the tech-iest person in the world, but I think your new format is pretty much unusable. I am searching for an alternative. It was so easy to use before, and generally reliable. So I’m wondering why you made the kinds of changes that were made. I can’t imagine that the majority of people who use your site think it’s an improvement.

  40. I have used your service for many years by simply entering my start address and then my destination. With your new website I cannot even enter my start address. I realize that you are a “free Service” but I don’t imagine that your sponsors will pay much if you lose those patrons who quit using your site as I will if you continue using the new format.

  41. has taken the live operators offline probably because of what they did to mapquest classic. AOL customer service, the owner of, is not much better. If you have not read all of the complaints about the new yet let me just add – what were you thinking? One changes to improve things. You took steps backwards on this. Give people a chance to decide whether to use the new “junk” you put out there or the classic Is the management so disconnected from their users that they are completely shooting themselves in the foot?

  42. Your new version is terrible! 1. It does not allow me to ZOOM in at any one point to see the surrounding streets. 2. When printing out the new version, the line at the top of the second page was covered by your insertion of the starting address. 3. The old version was much more user-friendly. For what reasons did you change it??? PLEASE ADVISE HOW TO GET BACK TO THE OLD VERSION.

  43. The new Mapquest format is NOT useful or user friendly. (I could have used other comments to voice my comments, but they would not have been kind.) I have not been impressed with the system or able to print an itinerary from my system any time I have used it. (Fortunately, I have a friend who has and earlier version of Mapquest.) Please get back to something that is akin to your previous map and directional information that was useful.

    In the meantime, I think I will go to Google Maps as that format is at least useable.

    • The new version of Mapquest is terrible, to the point on unusable, for all of the above comments. is there an option to return to the original mapquest format???? also, your help line number goes to an AOL representative who did not mapquest existed.

  44. I thought Mapquest was simple. I believe they even had a blue thread showing their directions that you could pull one way or the other. Their directions from my house send me down the road to I-275 and then turn left on !-75. This just send me back to the main road by making a V shape. I am at the end point of the v and I want to go to the other end point of the v. There is no reason to send me so far around when I could just go straight across the open part of the V

  45. What happened to mapquest? It is in shambles and should be taken off line as it is deceptive in thinking you can find directions. It does not allow you to enter anything. Is anyone going to fix this mess? I guess it we got spoiled by the old program that worked for years.

  46. The map for sun city az has the incorrect name for the lake on the west side of 103 ave; it is “Viewpoint Lake” not Dawn Lake which is the name of the lake on the east side (dawn lake on the east side is labeled correctly).

  47. The new mapquest “Welcome” page locks up IE 11 tab. Task Manager only way to end process and close tab. The “Help” page doesn’t offer any hints to solve issue and is itself very, very, slow. Many buttons are not responsive on either page. Unable to “Report A Problem” or “Tweet A Rep”. I prefer the look and feel of classic version versus other mapping apps, and definitely prefer it over others. New version looks nice, it just doesn’t work. So, until new version is made to work, I’m forced to make do with the competition. A great package containing a lousy product. Come on folks, take some pride in the work and do the necessary testing before releasing a third rate piece of junk. You are only as good as your last piece of code.

  48. I contacted mapquest several months ago and supposedly talked to the lady with the tweet address and picture, and told her about the poor new mapquest. Well I tried to use the feedback feature of mapquest (again) and of course no one has fixed it since that time talking with her. I selected residential map/errors and some green circle just spins and spins, so obvious feedback still can not be left.

    These other posters below are right, the new mapquest is really really bad. It does not have many of the small towns that used to be on there, and the interface is much worse than the old one. Maybe if they get enough comments they will just leave it alone and bring back the (old) one that worked…

    Wishful thinking

  49. Looking to skate the rivers.

    I can Ice skate.

    Skating the rivers/water improves the water location more distinctly.

    Christopher allen lanzarotta

  50. I have used MapQuest for many years and have been very happy with the service.
    I tried to use it today and all it would do is tell me to install an APP. I DO NOT HAVE A SMART PHONE!!! an App is useless to me. it would not let me get the information that I needed..! Why does everyone assume that we all have smart phones, access to social media, or the time to use them.

  51. Put in my address. Added a destination which came up as 7.4 miles time 2 hours & 57 minutes??? Second route said 3hours & 7 minutes. I drove it on number 1 & it took 20 minutes to cover the 7+ miles.
    The new MapQuest sucks. The people who designed it should be fired.
    The same thing goes for the help section . It never comes up to register a problem.
    Good by MapQuest.

  52. Boy have you guys screwed up mapquest. I was able to get where we want to go very easily but not now since you have a new format. I dont like it at all.

    We used mapquest when we visited Bryan Tx. a couple of weeks ago. We got directions on mapquest from the airport to the hotel and they were all wrong. we went in circles till we had to stop and ask someone for directions.

  53. New Mapquest sux. Used Mapquest all the time now haven’t been able to since they changed. No matter what I do to log in, following all help tips, etc. won’t allow me to get directions 🙁

  54. The MapQuest is EXTREMELY slow and unresponsive. I have stopped using it entirely and am going to use Google Maps from now on.

  55. If the initial Mapquest was this “new” version, it would have sunk like a rock and certainly have failed to register as a recognized name brand. In light of how good it was, it’s hard to believe how bad it now is. How, and why, did this happen?
    Hello Google Maps.

  56. To those in charge of this “Improvement????”:
    It seems to me, the primary function of a map service is to find a location. I have been trying to enter an address I want to find. After 10 minutes I tried your “Help” feature, completely useless.

    Companies that do not want to be contacted will not include an “800” phone number.

    Your “New and Improved” version is just a platform for everything but finding locations. When I am looking for a location, I do not need to find out where the nearest bar or coffee shop is. This is just a platform for jamming more God Damned useless ads and “Features” down our throats while spending 10-15 minutes looking for the field where addresses are entered.

    Whoever is responsible for signing off on this completely useless and frustrating version ought to have his or her ass kicked, as reflected in almost every feedback I have read. MapQuest used to be slower than hell. Now it is as useless as it is slow.

  57. I am sorry to see that classic mapquest is going away. The new mapquest is awful – can not get to the page to report a problem, can’t get directions to a location (system keeps picking an address it wants), it is very slow, not easily readable, etc. I can’t find a phone number or e-mail to send them my concerns. Unfortunately, after years of using mapquest – if the classic version is going away, then I will have to go to yahoo or google.

  58. I would love to comment on the customer service if they would answer their darn phone.
    The new mapquest is awful and unusable for my business. I used the classic and loved it as could zoom in and copy in the print page or could put in satellite mode for more clarification.

    What idiot came up with this new format that doesn’t work. You can’t even put the pointer on the map as then the map moves. You can’t zoom at a certain place. the print out is terrible. It doesn’t even label the roads. IT IS AWFUL AND WANT MY CLASSIC FORMAT BACK!!!!!

  59. Why do you make it so difficult to print out results? Why do you make people play hide and seek for the print button? You are making your service obsolete.

  60. Why do I have to download your “app” to use mapquest?
    It doesn’t make sense. I would like to be able to use
    it right now,

  61. The changes you have made to Mapquest have made it impossible to find this address on your map, zoom in, and get directions!!! try it yourself.

  62. Mapquest is displaying Harrah’s Casino at 2 International Dr, Newington, NH. Not sure how this happened, but that building is an office building and NH doesn”t have any Casinos. Hap people stop by trying to find the Casino. The phone number listed is a Vegas number.

  63. I cannot believe how distorted and inconvenient your new system is. Wanted a 7 mile route and it turned into a calamity, with 18 hour trip to Heavens knows where. You have had the most reliable, simple, way to get to a destination and now it is like tramping in a pile of mud. Do go back to your old system which took only seconds to get going. Now it is embarrassing to mention how convoluted it is. Please go back… Forward is only good if it is BETTER. Thanks.

  64. In New Milford, New Jersey, the location of “New Bridge Elementary School” on Dalia St. is actually the New Milford Public Library. The school was converted to a library decades ago.

  65. I have tried reaching you all, to no avail. A problem needs to be corrected on Mapquest directions. The recording is giving out wrong information.


  67. Unfortunately, I had a very bad experience yesterday when using your directions for an address of destination. It was horribly WRONG so much, it caused distress & frustration. I finally had to seek help from a business in a nearby location.

  68. Every time I access Map Quest unsolicited adds pop up and cover the screen. This is very bothering and time consuming. It is getting worse every day!!
    Map Quest should stop this practice or I will have to use another source.


    JC Goodrich

  69. I maid a reservation on Sandman in Kamloops on April 27/2018 and CANCELLED
    same day I was charged 250.96 And up today i have not get a CREDIT I would
    like to now why

    • I maid a reservation on Sandman in Kamloops on April 27/2018 and CANCELLED
      same day I was charged 250.96 And up today i have not get a CREDIT I would
      like to now why

  70. Today I have had the most HORRIBLE service I have ever had! I cannot get directions to a home maybe 10 miles away from my house and have spent at least 10 minutes or more, if that! (guess because I dont know where it is!!! ) Have someone contact me on how to use the worst Mapquest ever. It was simple and wonderful until you changed it!!!

    I am FURIOUS> Give me directions or this is the end of Mapquest as far as I am concerned!!!


  71. Sorry, MapQuest. I’m not using this service again. It’s been a while, and now I know why. When the heck did you start putting so many ads on your page? I found it next to impossible to find the directions I was looking for. Ads kept popping up all over the page. There are other sources I can use, including my cell phone. Let me know when you get rid of the annoying adds.

  72. I called them and they said that I had to go somewhere else to talk to anyone. The reason for my call was to inform them that they were sending me to the completely WRONG PLACE. I GREW UP THERE AND IT HAS NOT MOVED. LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF 406 E. Dallas Street, Montezuma , Iowa. They have the east and west change in the wrong place for that street. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN THE SEARCH RESULTS AND THEN WHEN I TRIED TO CALL THEM THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG NUMBER OR THE COMPLETE WRONG NUMBER TO CALL !!!!!!!!!

  73. i live in northeastern new jersey. my job requires me to locate schools and travel to them. out of the last 10 visits, 5 of them have resulted in me not being able to even find the locations. i had to go to a house in bloomfield, new jersey and ended up in the forest hill section of newark, new jersey, due to following your directions explicitly. please perfect your website. it is absolutely nightmarish to be lost, especially in an area with such brutally intense traffic.

    for years, i have been using mapquest and the sight has become progressively more and more intimidating due to distractive ads, etc. keeping it simple and staying focused, like the former CEO of Eastern Airlines, Frank Borman used to adhere by religiously might be a good avenue to take.

    thank you kindly for your time and cooperation and have a blessed holiday season as well.


    p. dematteo

  74. My Mapquest App keeps shutting off right after I open it. I have a lot of traveling coming up & I rely on Mapquest. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks so much.

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