Contact Malware Bytes Customer Service

Contact Malware Bytes Customer Service

Contacting Malware Bytes Customer Service Center

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware company selling software to protect your personal computer from invading malware. The company also sells backup plans to keep the files on your personal computer and mobile device safe – up to 50 GB. You can purchase both products on the official website, but there is a huge gap in customer support as there is no contact phone number just a forum and email contact form to choose from.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

You won’t find a contact phone number for Malwarebytes customer service, because the company does not offer phone support – as far as we can tell from the outside looking in. We even checked the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for a contact phone number of any kind. We did find that online orders are processed by Cleverbridge, an e-commerce company. There is a contact phone number for Cleverbridge if you have trouble downloading the software after purchase.

Cleverbridge Customer Service: 1-866-522-6855

International Callers: 1-312-922-8693

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Malwarebytes is also missing from the supplied information. The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy list the address of Cleverbridge once again. The address for the fulfillment company is also listed at the bottom of the website.

CleverbridgeAttn: Malwarebytes Customer Service360 N Michigan Ave. Ste. 1900Chicago, IL 60601

Official Website

You can find the Malwarebytes customer service page listed at There is a bunch of information about the software, but little information about how to contact the company. You can order online, but all orders go through an outside fulfillment company so Malwarebytes doesn’t even have a hand in that process.

Customer Service Email

There are two email forms for Malwarebytes customer service – consumer and business. Both contact forms claim a customer service representative will contact the customer back as soon as possible.

Consumer Customer Service Email:

Business Customer Service Email:

Our Experience

There is no phone number to call for Malwarebytes customer service, but we did give Cleverbridge a call. We pressed 0 to contact a customer service agent. A message started as soon as we pressed 0 warning us that Cleverbridge does not offer customer support, technical support, order support or any other kind of support for products they sell. The customer must get in contact with the manufacturer of the product for support. It appears the contact form is the only means of getting in touch with Malwarebytes.

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65 Comments on “Contact Malware Bytes Customer Service
  1. I have never ever had so mush trouble contacting a company to buy their PRO edition. I guess that I will look elsewhere !!!!!!!!!

    • I AM ON AFREE TRIAL AFTER MALWAREBYTES TOOK OUT ONE PAYMENT OF $24.99 then another $39.99 no way to reach them . I m on my way to BBB to report them

  2. Up to this point, your program SUCKS! I had no problem with the previous version. I downloaded and installed the new version because the old one expired. When I click on the icon, a malwarebytes pops up stating my version is out of date. I can click on, FIX NOW or START SCAN. Both options starts an update process. Half way through the process, another window pops up stating, THE PROGRAM HAS QUIT. I deleted the program and re-downloaded and installed it, getting the same results. I liked the previous version and would like to get this one working. IF NOT, I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED.


  4. I think it stinks that I can not call you to order your software. If this is how you do business I don’t want to work with your company when I have issues with the software.

  5. I think it stinks that I can not call you to order your software. If this is how you do business I don’t want to work with your company when I have issues with the software.

  6. I recently picked up a malware program called “sweet packs”. I went to my malware bytes program and it didn’t pick it up. upon further investigation I was told SPY HUNTER was the program to used to remove sweet packs.
    I left spy hunter to come to Malware Bytes. Please let me know if you have a solution short of going to Spy Hunter. I can’t have both I am on a fixed income with nothing extra
    Dennis Poulin

  7. I am not a happy camper–trying to get in contact with Malwarebytes is too impossible!I still haven’t been able to activate my purchased policy.

  8. I paid for something that’s not working, like to have my money back. Took the money out from my credit card so why its not working.

  9. I keep getting a message that my trial of Malware is up. But
    I ordered one year of service and received confirmation of it.
    I have given them my ID and Key numbers, but they didn’t accept the key number. Not a very good start with a new customer.

  10. I want my old vesion of Malwarebytes back
    I want full scan not a hafe ass scan.
    now I get a about a12 min scan, used to take a hour or longer

  11. Malwarebytes sent me this message “Your Database needs to be upgraded’ With a green button that said FIX UPGADE. But the button did not work. I ask Google for Malwarebytes phone support and was given the 800 number for GuruAid in India. I was told they will fix my problem for free and gave them control of my computer. An hour later I was told they could fix everything if I would pay them $179 and install an antivirus. I told them I was a paid up member of Malwarebytes. Their antivirus is no good but bwe give you a break an only charge $120.00. NUTS I hungup but my computer is a mess and I can’t get rid of their software. WHY DOES GuruAid take Malwarebytes phone calls? Try this go to Google an type “Malarebytes phone” I think Malwarebytes owes me a free computer clean-up.

  12. I paid for service to your company after I had used the free trial. I am told over and over that I have no coverage.
    Please correct this so I will be covered.
    Thank you.
    Patricia Lagarde

    • I would like to know how you were able to contact them for any help as cannot find a number to contact them anywhere. One number said that they do not offer customer support at all. Please write me back as soon as you read this. I paid for a subscription and downloaded it. It will not open or work at all. I would like them to fix this problem or credit my money back. Thank you.

  13. I have to admit these are some of the finest people that I have had the pleasure of working with.
    My grandchildren wiped out my malware bytes pro, and my anti-exploit premium. The customer contact was very pleasant, and sent me all the information to reinstall it, and he said that if I had any problem at all, to call him back. Fantastic service. I am very pleased with this company. They say what they do, and do what they say.

  14. my computer keeps coming up with run time error and I do not know how to get in contact with you to correct. I am concerned my computer is not protected.

  15. how do I remove malware window on bottom of screen I remove it and it keeps coming back it drives me up a wall??? please help

  16. how do I remove malware window on bottom of screen I remove it and it keeps coming back it drives me up a wall??? please help

    First time comment.

  17. Want to thank you for the hard work and expertise that every one at Malwarebytes have displayed! Only sorry didn’t try product sooner, found 40 threats in computer including Astromenda and Brs.exe thanks everyone

  18. I wish they would offer a 1 PC license and also their 3 PC license as well. But no, they want you to buy a 3 PC license, and another 3 PC license on top of that doubling the subscription price. They just don’t want you saving any money when it’s time to renew your license. Also I wish they would offer a toll free support and order number to order their products. These people are Malware by themselves. Do your research before purchasing this software by not just the internet, but by talking to your frienda and family before reconsidering a subscription plan.

  19. Cleverbridge ref. # : 72048782…I made a purchase through my credit card of the Malwarebytes Premium (Upgrade) and Power Tools CD – 34.90. They took my money but I never got the products. My attorney is looking into this now. Don’t know if this company can be trusted. Beware!

  20. I purchased the Malwarebytes Premium version for a 1 year subscription. Yes, they quickly took my money but to this day when I access the software, it shows that I am using the FREE version instead of the Premium version. Tried for a hour to find their customer service phone number on their website, but found nothing. Is this company for real?? Now contacting my credit card company to get the money refunded to me. Don’t buy their software as they are totally short on any services that are needed including the phone contact information.

  21. See Dave #4 above. My same sentiments. Chat line or phone would have been perfect, I needed help installing. E-mail required info I didn’t know as a recreationl user. Exsasperated, unacceptable to leave email to play tag. License, key, delivery, service #’s more. I just bought Malwarebytes, and didn’t have a clue to their “required” questions to leave a email. I don’t remember a time my sole form of communication to a business was e-mail.

  22. I think this company is nothing but a big cheat.My subscription is up in 21 days.I thought I would go ahead and renew it now.A message popped up and it said we will contact you at the apropiate time.I though maybe I made a MISTAKE so I done it twice again the same message popped up.Now I am thinking that in 21 days they will charge my account 3 times,i only want a 1 year subscription.I tried to call them with the phone number listed on their web site but nobody would talk to me.I like their program but their coustomer service stinks.I contacted my banker they are in for a surprise if they try to charge me 3 times.I did call and got a hold of a tech but I think he left his brains in a rice paddy.

  23. I want to cancel my subscription. I did not download the program but was charged on my discover bill. I would like to have that amount re-imbursed to me immediately. I chose not to take the program

  24. So far I have been pleased with the software. However for the past several days a prompt from malware keeps popping up on my screen urging me to update my version. When you click on accept you get a message to ask you to let down your firewall and disable your antivirus program. This to me is unacceptable as in early July this year I have been the victim of hacking by a company called Easytechy and doing what malware is asking out of order. I hope that someone in Malware will read this and act upon it and stop the incongruous messages popping up all the time. I SIMPLY DO NOT WANT TO PUT MYSELF IN ANY DANGER

  25. I was charged for subscription renewal in November. When I try to use malwarebytes I am told my subscription has expired. I received a message that it was renewed but it was not renewed. I know I was charged because I received a statement from my credit card that shows I was charged $24.95.

  26. Very difficult contacting this company to speak with a live person when I need help!! I paid for product but have not activated it. I need help.

  27. My malware is not working and I am paid up to date with 300 days left.Please contact me and correct this problem my original ID1kw59-e61yc . KEY WDOC-T8ON-VDY2-E28M

  28. I am in my third year of paying for this product but this will be my last. I am fed up with the windows that constantly pop up revealing useless information. I click them closed and they come right back. Enough, no more ! I have notifications turned off but still have this problem. Forget this product and find another

  29. your program has not been good. it appears that your program works with scammers. it has happen to me just tonight, and other times. I cannot download anything I want without your program, calling everything , there are
    viruses. when there are virus your program does not do anything.
    for example. I did an upgrade on java, out of no where comes a spammer
    telling me what I should do bottom line your program does not do
    anything. except run at an assigned time. sorry bud its no good

  30. Was billed for continuous service which I do not need as changed to other sevice on new computer. Have tried numerous times, ways to contact you.
    Perhaps you should not use cleverbridge or discontinue your service, Charges to accounts are deceitful w/o notifying customer beforehand.

  31. I have a desktop computer and a laptop. I purchased the MB upgrade offer on my desktop for $19.95. I received an email from MB informing me that I purchased the MB antivirus for $24.95 but did not receive the product. The $19.95 product was also not delivered I believe my only alternative now is to cancel both products and seek another antivirus product.I will do so.

  32. Well… This is just lovely, no customer support!!! for a product that cost!!!
    I’ll wait till tomorrow and uninstall Malwarebytes since it is not performing properly
    and they(Cleverbridge) can just refund my money!!!

  33. My name is Linda Hardway you charged my credit union acct. for 26.45. I do not even have the computer that I used to have with Malwarebytes. I do not use it. I do not want it. please refund my money.

  34. I’m truely distressed about paying for an upgrade and not being able to compleatly able to install that. If I’ve paid the the money,this should be automatic.

    What’s up? This is apparently a scam,and reportable.

  35. Regarding your license agreement.
    Addendum to agreement: All rights reserved by user.
    This includes requesting an actual judge and a jury or similar in case of a class action suit within the United States. Preferably within easy reach and timeliness of both affected parties.

    Other than that, no problems or disagreement with the “Read and click this before installing.” User agreement.

  36. Your customer service line is horrible. Keeps giving ads instead of sending to customer service for help. Poorest excuse for service I have ever had.

  37. Please would you amend your records to show that I do not wish to renew my Malwarebyes subscription No 72873366 when it becomes due on 12/4/2018.

  38. What kind of company doesn’t offer telephone support? Not one that I want to deal with. When you need help and don’t know that much about computers it’s disconcerting. You feel abandoned;like you’ve been conned. I will try to remedy the problem myself then more that likely call Norton.

  39. It appears your claimed “maintenance taking place 01.27.18” is effecting my computer. New HP Spectra 360 running windows 10. You are crashing my computer, what is up w/this? Also web protection will not stay on, what is up w/this?
    It is like combat between you and other programs. Please advise immeditaely.

    Best regards

  40. I have paid for a 2 year subscription to your product y accident and cannot get a refund but neither can I operate it. The order is Reference no: 83123193 and seeing as it has been paid for, I wish to use it, but cannot do so. Why is this?

  41. If everybody would include the local Chicago BBB phone #, ( & use it ) in their comments about this nasty company, like I did, “hurt” progress would be a little faster. If you have to look up BBB yourself you may use it more often.

  42. Hi

    I just purchased Malwarebytes Premium a month ago. My laptop had a hardware breakdown and is dead. I want to reinstall Malwarebyte as I have the licences but can cannot find out how. Any clues?

  43. they can be a nightmare to deal with, and all they want to do is sell you another subscription. google “deuce software ecrater” they sell lifetime licenses for Malwarebytes.

  44. I would guess there,s a used car saleman running this company out of his parents basement. .good job my boy .make America great again.

  45. I have a constant problem with certain protection setting being turned off. I try to restore these setting to no avail. Cannot contact anyone at Malwarebytes? I have 90 days left on this subscription and then I’m done with someone who wants my business, but doesn’t want me to be able to contact them.

  46. I wish to unsubscribe to this service. I am not aware of how this or why this “cleverbridge” popped up on my credit card charge. Please cancel any further activity using my credit card. I do not wish to maintain this service. Thank you.

  47. You are the biggest pain in the ass I’ve ever seen!
    Get off my computer and stay off! If you insist on pestering me I’m contacting my Congressman!

  48. Hello

    I purchased Malwarebyes premium in about April 2017. Sometime later when I had a security programme added I think MB was disabled, so much so that I cant find it on my pc.

    I downloaded the free version but want to reinstall the premium one. Can you help me here please.

  49. I have contacted Malwarebytes previously to cancel service. I just received a billing for April 10th that charged my account again for $54.76. I no longer have this PC… Please cancel subscription.

  50. I recently bought this laptop and it came with the premium app. only 4 days ago. I like the app and would like to keep it. I seen where I can get it for 19.99. Can I get the app for a year for that price? If so send me the link for that and I will continue to use this product.

  51. Please assist….Credit Card information given….when asked to activate I was connected to company that I believe to be fraudulent and not Malbytes….I immediately told representative I did not care to activate with this company. Am I going to be charged without okaying the activation? I would like a response asap to take care of this matter…

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