Contact Makita Customer Service

Contacting Makita Customer Service Center

Makita is a power tool company specializing in the commercial or industrial site of the business. There is a ton of information on the tools Makita sells, but customer service information is lacking. Surprisingly, all the information customers are looking for is located on the Makita customer service page, but some is a bit hidden from the naked eye.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Makita customer service call center is open from 8 AM to 6 PM (ET) Monday to Friday. All calls, including technical and billing, are handled by the same call center.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-462-5482
  • Corporate: 1-714-522-8088

There are no hours listed for the corporate office, but customers should have luck calling during normal business hours PST. Unlike the call center, Makita Corporate is located on the west coast of the United States.

Mailing Address

You won’t find an address listed for the Makita National Call Center, but you will find an address for the company in tiny letters at the bottom of the contact page on the official website.

Makita USA14930 Northam StLa Mirada, CA 90638

Official Website

The official site for Makita Power Tools is The site does a great job of describing Makita tools. There is also a website at that appears to be an alternative website for the Makita company. This second website is listed on the Makita Facebook page.

Customer Service Email

We could not find a customer service email address or form for Makita customer service. There is a free registration page, so customers who want to contact Makita by email may be able to access an email form from there. We attempted to access the contact page for the website, but the site was extremely slow and frozen several times during the loading process. The main Makita website was also very laggy making it difficult to navigate the site.

Our Experience

When customers contact the customer service department, there are three (3) options. The third option connected customers directly to a live agent. In less than 2 minutes, we were able to ask the agent what is the typical return time when sending in a product for repair and is there a direct link to the return center.

The agent answered the questions as followed. Although the company attempts to return products as soon as possible, the return time depends on the nature of the problem. Also. the customers can press two (2) when calling the customer support hotline for return services. Do you want to share your experiences? Shout out below.

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29 Comments on “Contact Makita Customer Service
  1. i recently brought a 18v 1834 it only last 30 minutes of continuous work is this normal? the battery pack also sticks in my jr180d what can be done to cure this problem?

  2. Called Makita April 11th with a question about the 1830 batteries. Was told someone would call me today well it 9pm and did not receive a call. I wanted to know if the batteries were rebuilable? I spent over 1500 dollars on some cordless tools and I have had 4 dead batteries. I have 2 dead batteries now. I cannot afford to keep buying batteries. If they can be rebuilt I will go that route if not Doesnt anybody need to buy some used cordless tools? I will make a real deal on them. Then I could go buy some more, but I will gaurantee you that they will not be makita. I also have a cordless drill that is less than 3 years old that I purchased when I needed some replacement batteries that needs a new chuck. I also have a Makita circular saw the needs repair that has probably been used for 3 hours total. If these tools were used alot I would not be so upset, but these tols have been used very little. A few home remodel projects. What ever happened to taking care of your customers?

  3. I received a orbit makita sander as a gift model BO5010. I didn’t try to use it till now. OMG! The pad is completely black stick crumbs. I thought this my a good brand name. Never got to use it once. It’s sitting in the box.

  4. Received a Makita drill bit chuck to go in my Dewalt driver as a Christmas present in Dec 2013. First time I used it, today, May 1, the shaft snapped off the chuck. Called customer service and they kept asking for a serial number on the chuck. And I kept telling them there is no serial number, just Makita, Cap. 1.5-10 and USA and UK patented , Japan. Only alternative is to ship to a repair center. Believe me this will not be repaired. Shaft looks like pop metal and cost of shipping will be half price of a new one. I am very disappointed in the quality of this Makita drill chuck and the remedies for replacement or return of initial cost. It will be considered when I purchase my next tool.

  5. This week I bought a cordless 6.5 skill saw my cordless about four years old comes with a charger and two battery so what is so wrong they made a change so I can’t use my battery pack with out buying a new drill t can’t see the reason totally wrong

  6. Recently purchased a 1/2″ impact. The Makita has excellent power however the battery doesn’t have the longevity I’m used too in a tool. I went to purchase additional batteries and was shocked at the $100.00 per battery price. How much profit do you require? Made in China and they sell for $100.00 its unreal. Probably cost $5 to produce. Oh well pawn shop here I come.

  7. First of all Makita does not make it easy to contact them by email, so I will yelp them, maybe that’s how they want to be contacted. On there Makita 4000 electric drill gun there is this tubular plastic thing on the power cord that rolls around, I kind of thought it was for security purposes but was not 100% sure until my foot rolled on it and sort of wrenched my back, that really pissed me off and I broke the black plastic tubular piece off with my hammer , not out of madness but so it would not happen again just to find that indeed there was a security strip inside there. why didn’t Makita think that someone could get hurt like this, bottom line is my back injury was traded for there security of the tool I bought a couple months ago at home depot,,,

  8. As homeowners (non-commercial) we have a Makita power drill, but neither of the batteries seem to be holding their power. They are labeled: Ni-MH 12C 2.2Ah

    How long should these batteries normally last?

    Thank you.

  9. I have been buying Makita Tools for close to thirty years . I have to say their cordless multi tool has been one big disappointment , within a 3 year period 3 tools have broke they just are not built to last . It really sucks it looks like I will have to transition to another line of cordless tools to get a multi tool that will last which means other batteries and chargers . Why Makita ever released this tool is a puzzle it got terrible reviews but trusting in Makita I bought it anyway but wont waste money on another one.

  10. I just bought a Makita palm sander. I have multiple Makita tools. Eachbine of them came with a case. But not the sander. Why? I feel cheated. The Rigid sander had a case. I don’t know about the others. Just very disappointed. I don’t know if I’ll be buying Makita again. Too bad too. I’ve had good luck with them.

  11. Hello:
    Trying to find out who to contact about a career at Makita in CA or Az
    as a Retail Sales Rep. I would like to know if there is a department with an email address so I can get some information.
    Stephen Becker

  12. I’ve been using Makita cordless tools for about 7 years as a residential contractor and thought I would give a positive review. I own 4 sets – each including impacts, drills, circular saws, recipe saws, jig saws, right angle drills, right angle impacts, multi tools, grinders, chargers, batteries, flashlights, sanders, etc. in 12v and 18v versions. Aside from a couple drills that stopped working due to overheating and batteries failing after god only knows how many charge cycles, I’ve had nothing but excellent performance from our tools. I got in touch with a territory sales rep once to discuss options for a bulk tool order and he was very helpful. Makita cordless tools are among the best on the market IMHO, I switched them after being disappointed with DeWalt cordless tool performance and limited tool selection.

  13. Hi : I have been using Makita power tools for 4 years now, changing from Dewalt because of the selection of cordless tools Makita provides. However, I purchased a brushless cordless hammer drill and corded 4″ grinder that have both broke within a couple uses. The hammer drill will not allow my bit to be removed anymore so I guess I have a 1/2″ only drill. The grinders gears stripped so will not spin the grinding wheel with any force. My cordless LXT drill perished two years ago which I replaced already. I am having a hard time staying with Makita due to the quality that I thought they produced but seems to be slacking. I use these tools on a daily basis in remote locations which makes it difficult when they continue to break down. I am hoping Makita will do something about my issues which I will be contacting them Monday but I am sure they will say send them in and I will be without these necessary tools for weeks.

  14. I love your tools. I am a lineman for a PowerLine contractor. I am searching for a tool to staple ground wire to power poles. I am not seeing that you sell one currently but I think if you did it would really sell to a market that doesn’t bottom out. The increase in efficiency would far surpass the cost. Thanks for the consideration

  15. I got alot of makita cordless tools and I’m very unhappy with the power of the drills and the others as well! I’m seriously thinking of switching to dewalt or Milwaukee cordless tools! If people ask me on what brand to buy I really thinking of telling them not to purchase makita! I got a rotary hammer..multi tool..jig saw… Skill saw two sawzalls..and impact drill and a normal drill ..5 battery’s and charger and a grinder all makita and I unhappy with them they don’t live up to the power that the reviews say they have!

  16. I HAVE A 14.4v Makita drill and lost the battery charger #CD1414T. I have found a few CD1414 AND THE ONLY THING I CAN FIND DIFFERENT IS THE “T” IS MISSING IN THE MODEL # DOES THIS MAKE A DIFFERENT IN IT’S OPERATION OR HURT MY BATT’S

  17. I own, for quite some time, a Makita Recp. Saw model JR3000V. I had a place in the cord that was fraying and finally the wires broke and I had an instant short. I thought that being it was close to my saw I would cut the wire and wire it back into the switch. Wrong, when I went to open the switch ro remove the old wires everything just came apart. Where can I find a diagram of these parts so I could put this back in working order. I have had many years of great service from this and just hate to see it go to junk.

  18. I bought a set of nice Makita Ultimate Impact Compatible drill bit set(balck-oxide), I thought it would last me one year or longer, the guide bit(the one can put diff bit on it), already broke so I cannot use the short bit anymore. the 3/16 drill bit broke off the bottom, and the 3/4 to open up the wood for hole, the head also broke.
    Does the product got one year warranty?


  19. I recently purchased the referenced ANGLE grinder and I am very unsatisfied!! Wanted to express my concern about the durability. Used this maybe 20 times as I am a welder. The casing on the bottom warped that holds the base of the armature which resulted in the teeth warping and inability to effectively use at this point. I have always used Dewalt with a longer shelf life. Would just like to know if this is a consistent issue or maybe if you have a recall on this particular model #GA4534? Thank you in advance for your attention to the matter.

    J.P. Baty

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