Contact magicJack Customer Service

Contacting magicJack Customer Service Center

A viable alternative to the high price of phone service is magicJack. This service allows customers to merely plug up their phone to the jack and plug the jack into the router and make calls. Using this service is less than $20 per year, with no additional hidden costs.

Benefits of using magicJack include:

  • No computer required
  • Transfer existing phone number
  • Free local and long distance calls
  • Free call waiting
  • Free international calls
  • Free voicemail

The company wants to put the customer first by offering multiple methods to contact a customer service representative. The available methods include calling the customer help center, mailing correspondence and even communicating with a representative via live chat.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Although the customer care line is available on the official website, the normal business hours are not listed. We feel as if the company would respond to call Monday through Friday, but are not certain.

MagicJack Corporate Office: 1-561-594-2140

MagicJack voicemail box: 1-561-722-0433

Mailing Address

Customers can send questions and concerns to the corporate office listed here:

5700 Georgia Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
P.O. Box 6846
West Palm Beach, FL 33045

Tech Chat

Customers can communicate to a live agent by using the Live Chat feature. The questions are answered promptly. The live chat section of the website provides previously asked questions for customer review.

Official Website

The official magicJack website provides information from the creator as well as information regarding the new product magicJack plus. The website promotes several free options as well as the overall cost savings. We found customer reviews and testimonials from customers excited about the service and the savings. The company also features a 30-dasy risk free trial.

Customer Service Email

In order to send an email to customer service, you must have an account. You will visit on the magicJack site and enter an email address or phone number as well as the password associated with the account.

Our Experience

The company is prideful of the savings it passes along to the customer. MagicJack also presents itself as a company committed to the customer. Unfortunately, we did not have a positive experience. We attempted to call the corporate headquarters several times throughout the day and all the phone did was ring. We even attempted to call the corporate mailbox and leave a message in anticipation of speaking to a live representative. This attempt failed as well. The only communication we had with a live agent was when we utilized the live chat feature.

We hope you had a better experience dealing with magicJack. Comment below.

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380 Comments on “Contact magicJack Customer Service
  1. Please let me know what I can do?
    I have the original Magic Jack andhave 1 year left, what can I do to get Magic jack and will i be able keep my same number?

    • I bought the original magic jack in 2010 which i purchased time till 2016. I bought the new magic jack in july 2012 with the regular time of one year. I would like to transfer my purchased time to the new magic jack. I received a call from an anoymous number stating being from magic jack. I told him what I needed and he wanted to charge me 299.00 to transfer the time over to the new magic jack. I said no, i am retired and living on a budget. He then said he could drop the charge to 99.00. I got mad and stated that I would facebook what magic jack was trying to do. shortly again anymously a call came in and said I had won the mega millions and a brand new car. I asked what did I have to pay and I was told that it would cost me 100.00. I asked if I could pay the 100.00 the day the car arrived, and was told it would have to be paid in advance. I said no thank you and hung up. The person called back again and asked me if I had ever won anything before. I said yes, but I never had to put up money on anything legit. I hung up again. Two days later, I received a call from 876-405-8281, a Mr. Shaw who stated he was from magic jack. I told him my story and he said to get a green dot card for 50.00 and to call him with the information so he can help me transfer the time. I was not avaialble for the next two days, but i noticed that he had called through my caller i.d.
      finally the third day I tried to call that number for Mr. Shaw and it was a overseas call so I could not get through to him. I kinda of feel this was all a scam. can you help me with this?

      • I’ve Facebooked them too. Also both of my U.S. Senators, Congressmen, FCC, BBB. I can’t imagine that they want to charge $38 to answer a question on their website.

        What you describe is absolutely a scam. MJ will not allow you to switch paid for time from original to plus. I lost 3.5 years when my duh, wife bought a plus without consulting me.

      • I installed Magicjack Plus and It never worked. I was not able to get hold of customer service or fix the problem. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. You will regret it!

        • I forgot to add the mail box number posted in the website is not a working number. AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!! you will regret it as I did.

    • I had magic jack and then got plus. When do I need to renue? I think I deleted magic jack icon instead plus.
      I cannot get my messages. I do not have what you say to click. I do not want it take messages after it says that is not available.

      My phone #260-768-4744 I need help!

    • I have a magicjack for one year now and when i want to renew it and pay with credit card they asked me about the email and passward but unfortuantely i have this magicJack as a gift from one of my friends and i cant reach him now to tell me about that. my magic Jack no is 2243655993 . u can contact one of my family at his no.3233810377 his name Giuseppe Scalora, to tell him what i have to do to renew and pay .or he can pay for me where? U have to make it easier than that to pay. I want to keep my no. as it is. pls help me ASAP. thanks. Habiba

    • I have reported MJ~~~~~ I have reported you to BBB we shall see. I really think people need to cancel with you and start reporting you for the SCAM that you are!

  2. Last friday I contacted with one magic jack employee for home phone. He took my credit card number and told me to send my account number and tracking number. But still now I did not get any message from magic jack. So Please send me information to my email address.

  3. I have just spent 10 minutes trying to connect to the live phone number to speak with someone. I was on hold for 8 minutes and then kept calling back and the call would be dropped.

  4. About an hour earlier I renewed my magicjack no. 6173346004 for one year. Payment debited from my credit card. But still waitng it has not been renewed. How to catch you, finds immpossile.

  5. Apparently, magic jack’s system determined that I violated the section 6 of the terms of service…what a joke…now, there’s no way to reverse their mistake.

  6. I do not remember my password. But I can not call everywhere on my Magicjack phone. I cannot call Oklahoma for instance. I do not know why. It ells I need to get prepaid minutes.

    • I Just want to renew my account, but I forgot my e-mail address and password. What can I do, please help me … thanks.

    • i contacted magic jack they put me through to log me in rescue well 2 hrs later they say you have a virus we can fix it for 98.00$ well wasnt to happy i just pd 39.99 hadnt used my magic jack since i called them now my puter is freezing up pop ups cant get rid of now 3 windows on start up page of log me in rescue i cant get rid of i had magic jack 5 yrs never been so upset as i am now still not working no 11 give a sh—– so fed up donna from tn

  7. i bought magic jack i.mnow in poland.ihave problem with says; your magic jack’plus. has already been registered.password does not match amail on file?reminder has been sent to your email adres on file . amail adres is password is julia18 .please help mi. whay was collect from visa money as fort first year isnat pay thank you ia wait for answer

  8. Magic jack worst service I ever had.I go through 4 0r more people and get no help.Japan can.t call me some locals can,t call. Today it said I need to dial a 1 and area code to get a number well 404 and 678 are area codes.Yesterday every local number I dialed said I need operater assistance.I can play messages. They should go out of business!

  9. Hi friends,

    i have one expired magicjack . but i forgot the email id , password & phone number as well . so could you please help me out . can i renew my magicjack again .

    Please Help !!

    • The tech I talk to about my Magic Jack not working was not helpful. He said it was my computer that made it go down. Mine is not connected to my computer. By process of elimination I finely figured it out myself. It was the adapter for the second time. Not being able to understand the tech as he had a very thick accent I asked to speak to someone else, but he would not do it. This tech needs to go back and learn about your product as he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He hung up on me three times and more times saying there was a lot of static in my phone and he couldn’t hear me. He was trying to sell me things I didn’t need or want. You do not post a customer service # for people to reach you. This is very upsetting not being able to talk to someone you can understand or understand your problem.

  10. I renew my magic jack for on yaer 10/10/12 $31.38
    I forget I me pai to time i want u give me my nomey ba
    ck .62.76 -31.38 for poute an my credy carte visa

    tel.631 824-3720

  11. Hello I made the renewal of my servise, but mistakenly charged me three times the payment the references are as follows:
    301127, 318537, 318745 at 8:00pm, 8:06pm, 8:06 pm respectively by the amount of $ 31.39 dlls. the day October 11, 2012
    I want a refund of the remaining two payments or apply for me the following years.

    • Hello I made the renewal of my servise, but mistakenly charged me three times the payment the references are as follows:
      301127, 318537, 318745 at 8:00pm, 8:06pm, 8:06 pm respectively by the amount of $ 31.39 dlls. the day October 12, 2012
      I want a refund of the remaining two payments or apply for me the following years.

  12. Hello I made the renewal of my servise, but mistakenly charged me three times the payment the references are as follows:
    301127, 318537, 318745 at 8:00pm, 8:06pm, 8:06 pm respectively by the amount of $ 31.39 dlls. the day October 12, 2012
    I want a refund of the remaining two payments or apply for me the following years.
    Sorry my phone number is: 631 887 6748

  13. I just purchase the magic jack plus and I give you my e mail address and I still waiting for the code that you talk about in the instructions that come with the magic jack plus can you please send that code asap please because I am ansious to start using the magic jack plus asap thank you for you attention to this e mail address is

  14. hi the call quality i get with magicjack is poor at best so because of this i would like to cancel my phone service for a full refund. thanks bob 10/30/2012

  15. hi i would like to say that the call qulity with magicjack is poor at best so because of this i would like to cancel my phone contract as of today 10/30/2012 thankyou for taking care of this for me. bob shaw

  16. my subscription to my magic jack will end up soon. I am going to renew it. but they’re asking me for a new card. i called up my bank asking about the status of it. they said its ok. so now, how am i going to renew? my last day is tom. thanks.

  17. I bought a new magicjack plus and set it up. However, in the setup process I associated my magicjack number with the following email address: The problem is that this email address does not exist so I am unable to retrieve my activation code. The correct email address is Please help me get an activation code for my new magicjack plus.

  18. I have been a magic jack customer for several years. Until recently I only had minium problems with my service. Now that the Magic Jack Plus has hit the market my service is horrible, no connection, dropped calls, calls not going through and the list goes on and on. Try getting help from custom service is impossible to say the least. I guess you get what you pay for…. I won’t be re-newing my contract.

  19. Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with ‘Mary’
    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK554084590125X
    Mary: Hello, how may I help you?
    Susan: Why did Pricilla just hang up on me
    Mary: I am sorry you got disconnected, Susan.
    Susan: I am angry
    Mary: Let me assist you today.
    Susan: I want a straight answer
    Susan: I am getting a conference or platform error on a number I have been dialing for year, right in my home town.. now why all of a sudden can’t I dial that number
    Susan: I hear your pre paid canned answer you click
    Susan: I want a supervisor or someone who can answer me
    Susan: I called the phone company here in town
    Susan: they don’t require me to purchase a prepaid card to call any 207 948 numbers
    Susan: I have prepaid 5 years of service
    Susan: and if I can’t call anybody on my call list
    Susan: what is the sense
    Susan: numbers I have been calling for years
    Susan: this is the 4th year I have had magic jack
    Mary: Susan, even if I transfer you to our supervisor or to anyone else, you will still get the same answer. The message you are getting implies that you need to purchase prepaid minutes for the call to go through.
    Susan: WHY all of a sudden do I have to do this
    Susan: and NO the Local phone company does not require me to use one
    Susan: I called them to check
    Susan: they have no issue with magic jack users
    Mary: As stated by the Terms of Service upon the Registration:
    13. Modification
    magicJack, LP and/or magicJack VocalTec, Ltd. reserve the right to modify or discontinue the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device, magicJack APP and Software, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to you. YMax reserves the right to modify or discontinue its services, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to you. We will not be liable to you or anyone else in the event that we exercise our right to modify or discontinue the magicJack and/or magicJack Plus device, magicJack APP or Software and/or YMax
    Susan: NO
    Susan: you not understand
    Susan: I have been calling them for 4 years
    Susan: using the magic jack
    Susan: now I can’t
    Susan: not in any terms and condidtions when I started using the magic jack
    Mary: Susan, the voice message required you to purchase prepaid minutes for that certain number.
    Mary: Please check the Terms of Service Agreement through this link:
    Susan: Why can the other 2 people I talked into purchasing a magic jack call that number with out a prepaid card?????
    Mary: You have an option to call that certain number to your magicJack phone number so that you will not need to purchase prepaid minutes.
    Susan: What
    Mary: The voice message required you to purchase prepaid minutes for that certain number. If you want to reach that certain number, please purchase prepaid minutes on your account portal.
    Susan: Well I guess I will be contacting the BBB
    Susan: Thanks and I will never convince anyone else to use this devise

    I believe I have provided all the necessary information that you need. I will end this chat now. If you have any other concern, please don’t hesitate to chat us back. Thank you.
    Since we haven’t heard from you, we must release this chat. Please click here should you need further assistance:
    It took her and Pricilla only several seconds to say that we haven’t heard form you. Then disconnected me. Rude customer service..

    I work in customer service .. doing live chat.. I would get fired if I hung up a chat on someone. As I said .. I have called the local phone companies of the areas where Magic Jack says They get charged to use their lines so we have to purchase prepaid minutes. Well NO the don’t none of them have ever heard of such a thing. I have done my research before coming back to chat with information only to get hung up on twice because they didn’t like what I was asking. I want to speak to someone who is in a supervisor position.

  20. Why do I always get this message “Please connect to the internet and double click here (error 3)”. I am connected to the internet and still gt this message.
    MY PHONE NUMBER IS 989-545-5569

  21. Its been a month since i talked to 2 different ppl,worst customer service, still waiting for a email,have no other phone to use, people do not waste your money on crappy jack. Really pissed off.uhhhhhhhh.

  22. hi this is xhevaire hysa i use to have a phone number whith magic jack but its been to years i dont have that number today i check my bank i seen that 31 one dollar was taken from my acount for magic jack i do not use magic jack any more so pkease refund those money back i try to contact costumer service but i could talk to any one so please e-mail me back thank you

  23. I have the old magic jack and I am trying to hook up the new magic jack. I am a senior citizen and I am not good when it comes to gadgets or computers. I have had the magic jack plus for over two weeks and I have not been able to use the old magic jack because it keeps going out. it would be so nice if I could speak to a live person. Please help me. I have put the pug in the wall.there is a plastic on the other end do I take that off? Your product is good, but not being able to talk to a person is terrible. I am still not hooked up. Please help me. my magic Jack number is 323=3253492. I would greatly appreciate a call so I can hook up my phone, Thank you,
    Jeanette Baker

  24. I have a magic Jack phone and I want the special offer you are making that does not require a computer.
    I have moved from Lewiston ID to Kennewick WA. I have a new telephone number and e-mail address. I can’t log in with my new account information as a current customer as is required by your present limited offer.
    I would like to change my magic Jack to local 509 prefex.
    Please Advise.

  25. Received a recorded notice from Magic Jack that my subscription is expiring after one year. When I signed up I paid in advance for five years. I calculate that I have four more years left on my subscription. What do we do now?

  26. I think your service is ridiculous. I neede to clear my billing area up and you can not be reached via phone anymore. No one would give me a number where I could call. What about the people who may not use the computer well or can not type. They will never get anything cleared up. You rate 0 in customer service.

  27. I have 3 magicjack devices, and only using one. I thought a year ago through my account status, I deleted the requirement for 2 of them. Can someone please advise me how to delete the devices not in use? Thanks Steve Merricone

  28. Magicjack customer service is the worst on planet earth. If you can, change it to some other VOIP! These guys are worst, a** holes no respect for customer what so ever!

  29. I have instaled my new Magic Jack plus on my old regular
    Magic Jack # and Your system did,nt let me call
    and tell me,that I have to pay more money to get service
    Please, do something to make it right!!!!

    Your customer V. Duchacek.

  30. phone number magic jack is 4388044126

    we change our credit card, it not same number

    but we want give to us our new card, ? we want to be

    sure, it is security..?

  31. Good morning! I have had magic jack service for several years I have not used my equipment in the past few years I have an existing account with your company magic jack I have an existing phone number for at least one of my magic jack phone computer units, I paid for three years in advance for the use of four magic jack plus units I have three computer magic jack units I have an existing account with Magic Jack I have been trying to contact someone, that is a human being on the telephone for several months but to no avail it seems you have no telephone service to your company for customer care. If someone could please e-mail me, phone me on my cell 760-580-1606 I truly would like to use the equipment that I have and have had for some time now it’s very frustrating not to have something that I purchased and not be able to use I am not very technical but I have spoken to people at RadioShack, and best buys stores they have told me what I need to do for the technical end of setting up the phone the Magic Jack plus I have been successful in the past and using the regular Magic Jack which is attached to the computer.
    What I am asking for at this point in time is that if somebody could contact me and let me know what my account number is what my phone number is how many accounts and phone numbers I may have what monies I have left with you that I have paid for services at least three years in advance but that has been eroded by time I’m sure. So please get back to me as soon as you can I would appreciate it tremendously.

    Happy holidays the best to yours and you

    Douglas J Linkogle

    • SCAM! Magick Jack IS a SCAM! Ripping off the public! I cannot believe ANY Reputable store would even carry Magic Jack!!! My nightmare is too long to get into but let me tell you it IS a Nightnmare brief synopsis, I was suppose to get refund 2 mos later called told me I was not entitled to a refund would not let me talk to superviser said he didnt want to waste my time I insisted he said clearly NO. I called back spoke to a supposed superviser he gave me customer service and it was a BOGUS #!! This whole thin is a SCAM!

      • Emailed inventer and email sent back as no longer active and I can see why!!! No matter WHERE you turn even corporate office the phone CONVIENTLY Disconnects!!! Dead ends with NO answers tells me Major SCAM!!! $25.00 to port your number on top of the $39.00 you pay for the mj itself! Cancel and they want $32.26 to port your number back to original carrier! Gave my current carrier the run around for a WEEK!!! NIGHTMARE!!

  32. I ordered MagicJack and never got a confirmation number. I used the LIVE CHAT multiple times and they could not find my order, so I ordered again. I recieved my MagicJack 2 months later. It worked for 30 minutes the first day and has not worked since. The customer service (if that’s what you want to call it) was pathetic. My 5 year old niece has more common sense and helpfulness than the Live Chat agents. I would not recommend MagicJack to my worst enemy.

  33. When I first got magicjack a paid for 5 years and now every time I dial a number, I hear a recording that I must contact magicjack because my contract is about to expire.I also paid $20.00 to keep my old number this was a one time payment.Please explain why I have to renew contract when Im still under contract for four more years?

    • They charge whatever they want apparently, it was $25.00 for me and Another $32.26 to port my number back when I canceled. SCAM is what it is called!

  34. It is worst than pulling teeth trying to port your number from magicjack to another provider. Magicjack will not respond to the number portability request and when you do live chat, all they say is that you will get an email which never happens. When you call them on (561) 594-9787 after being on hold for 15 – 20 minutes, you are just disconnected.

  35. Anyone thinking about buying Magic Jack – Forget About It – Constant problems with phone. Absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to get any feedback on what is wrong with the system. The phone service just does not work

  36. I had the old Magic Jack and I ordered the new Magic Jack.
    I am a senior citizen and a care giver. I left At&t to come to you (magic jack) They did not tell me that it would take ten days to get it hooked up. When I found that out I wanted to retunn to at&t. As a result I have family members of my people, who can not get thru to me. And doctors calling for me to change a precription and my computer is down. My magic jack is now running on Magic Jack plus. My office phone is not working. I then put the old magic Jack back into my computer and it is not working because Magic plus is now hooked up. This is an emergency.Please take magic Jack plus off of my telephone, because I have put the old magic Jack back into my computer My magic Jack number is 323 3253492. My password is Melody my email is I have been trying to get my old magic Jack to work. I have sick people here and their families can not get thru and the doctors can not contact me. I want to go back to at&t. I have had this problem for two weeks HELP!! I belong to fourteen organizations and I will tell everybody about your poor customer service. I am also on facebook. I am a senior citizen and this has been a horrfying experience. I have sick people here and their families can not check on their family members because my telephones are down. I beg you please undo Magici Jack plus. I have Magic jack hooked up to my computer. I have ordered two Magic Jack plus one for a Christmas present. I will send them back. My name is Jeanette Baker my magic Jack phone number is 323-3253492 My at&t number is 323-2239178 I have had that number for almost forty five years I would like it to go back to at&t. Thank you. I can not use my Magic Jack number

    • I am still getting calls on my mj # which should NOT be active!!! It was canceled 2 months ago when I went with brighthouse!!! I better not even find out that they took one red cent from my account!!!! Lawsuit!!!!!

  37. I mailed my magidjack back because it didnt work at all…It was Mailed on the 18th of this mo..and you should have it by now..and you billed my credit card anyway..I told bank not to pay it..and bank said to call again by the 28th for i was being billed again today for 81.63…and already put stop in today for 81.64 and a108.68…why would you charge me again today for something you already billed me for… this is a rip off…

  38. Trying to renew my service after one year for the 19.95 price that is stated in most of your advertisements.
    In my attempt to renew the only plan it shows is the Gold Plan for
    one yr. at the cost of 29.95,or a Five yr Plan at 99.95.
    Would really like to renew for one year at 19.95 as previously was informed.
    Have spent too much time trying to locate a way of getting my
    renewal done. What now?

  39. I wanted to renew my old number and try the new Majicjack plus but this company missed up the order. They renewed my oldone then also renewed the majicplus whichIi dont have. It’s hard to get support from them. hard to find a number. When I tried to cancell the renewal for the number which I did not order, they cancel the other order which I wanted for the old number. It’s all missed uo. I ended up cancelling all orders due to frustration.

  40. Trying to get a hold of a live customer support is basically impossible. What do I do to get there? Yes, I have tried calling, and a recording refers me back to the website and the live chat. Well, I cannot enter into the live chat because it requires an email, along with other info. I enter in my email, and it states: “Does not recognize email”. So I add any and all emails and it still will not let me access a live chat. A simple question has turned into a frustration! HOW DO I TURN OFF MY CALL WAITING? Any answers? I have MagicJack Plus.

  41. I paid a subscription for 5(five) years. Now after 1(one) year you have cut off or limited my service and sent me a message that I must renew my subscription. I use this phone for business, therefore I am considering talking to my lawyer next week if the service is not restored.

    Ralph A. Yoak

  42. **Save yourself the headache and READ ALL THESE REVIEWS before you order!** I just wasted an hour or more, ordering this product! I followed all of the misleading online prompts about their so called 30 DAY FREE TRIAL. Looks as though my family will suffer financially thanks to this joke of a company.

  43. So far I have nothing but problems. Att disconnected my phone service suddenly even though agreed upon at a later date and magicjack has not connected as yet, so what is next for me?

  44. i don’t feel so alone now that i read the disappointed and upset majic jack customers. i renewed my subscription this month jan. my phone was reactivated but i can only receive calls and when trying to make calls, i get the recording( thank you for using majic jack, your subscription has expired as of dec 2012. please visit majic and renew your subscription. then when i finally reach billing, i give the 1st 4 nbrs of my card and the last 4 nbrs, and i am told by the representative that they show no payment. but i checked my acct. the money was taken out of my acct. if the bill wasnt paid, why was the svc partially turned back on. i have sent 3 emails to the rapid response line. still waiting on a resolution. the service sucks. there is an old saying that goes ( if it sounds too good then it probably is or another favorite is ( if you pay for S–T, YOU GET S–T. I’M GLAD I DIDN’T RENEW FOR THE 5 YEARS LIKE I STARTED sister and a close friend are experiencing problems also, and cant reach anyone to resolve their issues either. i will go back to a company local, so i can at least reach a human being when there is a problem.

  45. my order# ts14603406 phone # ***-***-****. I feel you trat your costumers like dirt. I payed for a 5 year service that you have shut off, you claim to own my number. It.s insaine I don’t think yuo can own my #. the way I have been treated stinks. so I will start to work on a class- action law suit Wish I had never contacted you.

  46. Mi servicio ha sido cortado estoy intentando pagar de nuevo mas me sale que no coincide el password uds me lo enviaron y aun asi no sirve por favor que hago aunque pienso que aun deberia cubrirme el pago anterior

  47. Yesterday I spent 6hrs to set phone up in kichen and I spent 5hrs again and could not get anyone on the telephone. I guess they do not want to TALK ON PHONE OR DON’T WANT ANYMORE CUSTOMERS I HOPE YOU FALL ON YOUR FACE! JERRY BLANCHARD

  48. I do NOT have Magic Jack, nor do I want it. I am attempting to find out why I am receiving unsolicited phone calls from the for three days now? I have sat on the phone for endless amounts of time to request that they stop calling me, only to listen to these horrendously long messages that only hang up when the long message ends. I am a kidney patient, waiting for a transplant, and on a daily basis, checking blood sugars as much as 20 times a day. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how Again, I do not have their product, nor, because of their practices, would I EVER use it. I’d talk through a tin can first; I CAN GET THESE PEOPLE TO stop calling me?

  49. I encountered TWO very rude CSRs via live chat. One, Shane, simply disconnected from me after being too incompetent to understand what I was trying to explain. The other, Dory, told me “Take it or leave it” then disconnected.

    This is HIGHLY unacceptable. I had a legitimate question about DOWNGRADING my account. Instead of telling me how I could, both disconnect me. After I did my own research, I found that what I was wanting wasn’t available on my device. Had EITHER of them simply SAID that I can’t get that on the “PLUS”, everything would’ve been over and I would have had my answers without all the headache and RUDENESS.

  50. Renewed my account for 5 years. After having a number for 2 years, they wanted to charge me for a vanity number.There customer service sucks!! Customer service ( haha ) Jay very rude!! I cancelled my service. Save yourself a big headache, DO NOT BUY OR USE MAGICJACK. They tried to extort money after paying. 5700 Georgia Ave West Palm Beach, Fl

  51. i’m very upset wuith the service i got from magicjack i have bought2 devices a regular magicjack ,since 2010 and a new magic jack plus 4 months ago.the first one expired on january 2nd because of that i have not been able to r3eceive or make any calls even after contacting 3times the live chat tech .The last one i spoked to got tired and without notice just quit and let me on the page waiting for more than 15 min.until idecided to log off this bussinesis awfull.

  52. Usually I do not learn article on blogs, however I would
    like to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so!
    Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, quite great article.

  53. hello, i am trying to renew my magicjack subscription, but i cannot. can u help Me? after i try to subscribe,i cannot proceed. thank you. ralph m. black.

  54. I had a very good service from RANDY two days ago, I was able to use my MagicJack #305 *** **** for a day. Today I try to call and has been impossible.
    I try MagicJack’s customer service and got MANUEL who is no help at all, his only interest is to sell he requires the credit cad’s number for payment. I am currentwith my payments. This is the second time that I need assistance and if I get Manuel I do not get any service.

  55. soy seline Reyes y mi majicjack no trabaja 1347 635 14 30
    es pagado el valor de 4995 mas 795 y mi majicjack no trabaja quisiera ver que esta pasando si no tendre que canselar mi numero de tantos años muchas gracias?

  56. Sometime’s i can’t login, and when i can my call forwarding is not in the menu under call features.
    I have had this problem several times now. when i chat with live help they give me a link to click on, it works the first time i try it, so i bookmark it. but when it try it again it does not work and call forwarding is still missing in the menu.

  57. I have been charged twice for magic jack and I have not receive a magicjack please CANCEL MY ORDER AND GIVE ME MY MONY BACK ON MY VISA

  58. Want to make sure my service is continued for 386-736-6327. I received an e-mail dated 1/31/2013 advising that I would be renewed on February 3 automatically. My
    Order # is TS26304432; Reference ID 43681087, but when I dial out I am advised to go to “phone numbers tab” and I can’t find it. Thank you, Nancy Baranet

  59. our magic jack cuts out so bad that we cannot contact you . it is totally unuseable .please help us or replace it.our phone number is 765 356 6007

  60. Your “Customer Service” STINKS! I used the “chat” line to advise you that my MJ telephone number was evidently assigned to TWO other customers! After 45 minutes of ‘chatting’ I was told “the problem could not be addressed at that help center and that I would be contacted by someone who could help. I have been waiting for at least three weeks and haven’t heard from anyone!!! I know what to do when it comes time to ‘renew’ my contract!!!!!

  61. Sorry,
    there is a system error. please try again. I have been getting that message for three months.How do I get this corrected I have a magicjack plus. I had an original magic jack plugged into a usb port that worked fine

  62. When I am on the phone with someone, sometimes the call is a long one. When the timer on magicjack hits 1 hour and 30 minutes and 4 seconds, magicjack just ends the call! It goes totally dead. One of us calls the other back to see what happened. This is so weird. Not 100% of the time either. Maybe 90% of the time it cuts us off. The other 10% of the time we could talk for hours. Why is that? Can you stop the cutting off of the call?

  63. magic jack – (3) triple billed I have statements will not fix – I tried to send email but they will not let me log in to do so — crooks and NOOOOOOO customer service!

  64. My subscription expired and your web page traps me in an endless loop whenever I attempted to renew it. At the end I keep getting a message saying the subscription expired. I have spoken to your live chat rep twice. I was informed that someone would be sending me an email but no such luck. I have been trying to renew for over two weeks. Do you think that this long wait is reasonable? I don’t. While the first agent was helpful and created a report the second one responded like a broken recording repeating I should wait for an email over and over and over again. My experience, so far, with your customer service has left me underwhelmed. How much longer do you think I should wait to get this issue resolved? I am asking because checking for an email which is not forthcoming is a very unproductive exercise for me.
    Issue ID for first chat is LTK554093809179X
    Issue ID for second chat is LTK554094264068X

  65. my number is 1-516323 6429 and my access to using magicjack has expired. I am trying to renew but the payment fails each time i try. on 05 Mar 13, i tried about 18 times and on 06 Mar 13, i tried again and it kept showing oracle failure. please help my payment go thru as i need to use my magicjack.

  66. I currently have my land line service with Windstream. My bill keeps increasing and I am not paying what I was quoted. I want to know what (Magic Jack) includes: Can I get unlimited internet with this service, can I get unlimited local and long distance landline phone service?
    What is the price for the service that I am looking for?
    Thank you,
    Wanda Combs

  67. hi i made a mistake I paid for a new magijack, but i don´t need another oner, also i never recive this to return, what i need to do?

  68. When will the $104.00 refund be put back on my card from Magic Jack? I need it to be put back on card. It was promised a month ago, and as of now it has not been. What seem to be the problem?

  69. I have 3 services – 2 Majic Jack phones and 1 Android App. Today I was displeased to find out that all 3 do not receive calls. when talking to support though the chat, I was told that “Engineers are doing some work”. terrible services – My service is down and even though MajicJack has my email, nobody bothered to even let me know. When I asked when to check back I was told to do it from time to time. AWFUL Service.

  70. I only used my MagicJack Plus for five days and was very dissatisfied. I would call landlines and the calls would suddenly get cut off. People would call me from their landlines and the calls would get cut off as well. I have very good hearing, but the audio quality was extremely poor many times. I was charged 20. something dollars to port my number in and 30.+ dollars to port my number back to my original carrier. I called the 561 number and the rep. hung up on me stating that she ‘gave me the answer already.” I had called in about the double port charges. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  71. Ive had the magic jack for alomost four weeks and the seven days it took for incming calls, still cant get incoming calls. Had live chat and they basically told me to do what i been doing over and over again and still not working. Very dissatisified of the service and want a refund. People that chat with u hang up on u before the problem get fixed.

  72. I brought MJ to use to forward my office calls to my secretary that at another location. I saw no where that call forwarding was not offer. When I went through the process if was not listed on the drop down menus. So when I called they gave me the routine spill about creating a APP on my phone that only works if your in a WIFI area. So I brought a cell phone services to get my number ported back to where I can call forward. I have email so much I think I have been blocked. But i do not recommend this phone service you get what you pay for and to this moment my number has not been ported and the request was made on Sunday!

  73. I’ve been dealing with customer service thru the live chat since Jan 20th 2013 with rep as follow 1. Tony ( LTK5540490411142X) 2. Reyna 21 Jan 2013 (LTK544090443159X 3. Claudia 25 Jan 2013 (LTK554090718488X) 4. Micheal 12 Feb 2013 (LTK554092114205X) 5. Daphne 20 Mar. 2013 (LTK55409531298X) 6. Jan (LTK554096106301X) AND 7. Carol (LTK554096106301X transfered from Jan all with the bottom line WE WILL REFER YOUR ISSUE TO THE REVIEW DEPARTMENT, NO HELP 2 MONTHS HAS GONE BY HOW LONG DOES THIS TAKE TO HELP US, THATS HOW LONG I BEEN WITH OUT MY SERVICE JUST TRYING TO RENEW IT AND NO LUCK. Who could actualy help me with this situation? How long will it take?

  74. Good Afternoon,

    MagicJack has robbed me! When I signed up for MagicJack I was very happy with it. When the subscription expired I signed up for another 5 years.

    My wife decided she wanted a MagicJack Plus. I expected they would just extend the time by the 3 years+ I had left on the original. No, they would not honor the time I had paid for. Well I figured I would just fall back on the original and use my 3+ years when the Plus expired.

    The year that came with the Plus expired today. I went to MagicJack’s site and told them via online chat that my original email address was no longer valid. A window popped up saying they would be glad to help me….FOR $38! I clicked on the scale that asked what level of service I wanted, chose Urgent and the price went to $48!

    They want to send my password which I forgot over the years, but will only send it to my original signup email address, which is no longer valid.

    Therefore, I have over three years left on a contract that I cannot use and paid $98.00 for. We cannot verify the old number because they will only reply via email and they have the wrong one.

    Lonnie Cross
    45 Mcintosh Estates Lane
    Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3009

    507-770-9254 Panama

    I haven’t received any calls on MJ yet, so the validity of my “we can receive calls” statement above may not be sure. Currently, I am at our home in the Republic of Panama. We have no access to phone service. When dialing anything on our landline a Spanish only speaking person or recording comes on. I speak enough Español to get along but cannot understand the rapid-fire recording I get every time.

    Please help me. I have to stay in touch with my children and doctor in the United States.

    All I really want is to be able to verify my old email address (Which I know) and password that I do not remember.

    Thank you,

    Lonnie R. Cross

  75. I think MagicJacks methods of doing business are not for the benefit of the customer, but for their greed!

  76. I have been trying since yesterday to use the magicjack to no avail and noone to help. Seems like the E-mail address and pss/wd have been changed or are not corresponding. On Nov. 5th I gave this information and It seems to be invalid
    Please contact me at E-mail address above, since presently I am overseas.

  77. Hi, everybody I am using MJ for about 3.5 years, and no had any kind of problems with that, I am experiencing an error #3 for 2 or more month, and no one who support the MJ can’t help me to solve the problem, I chatted with too many MJ staff members via online, they all go round and can’t tell the real or exact solution of that error. I am very angry and tired chatting with them. we had done all tricks to avoid an error #3. Also they advised me to install Hot Spot Shield proxy program, and make some changes in firewall, and add UDP ports 5060 and 5070. You know what, it really worked, but stopped working again when I reloaded my PC. I really can’t imagine of why I am experiencing this kind of errors that I didn’t have for 3.5 years. and why do I need to use an extra proxy programs in order to make calls. and why do I need to make changes in PC, this is craziness.

  78. I have an issue since ’12 summer when I switched to MJ+ (323-325-6791)- for about 9 mos. My MJ+ does not stay in Telephone (Volume Control…) and always jumps to Headset thereby ruining the connection. I turned to Live Help for hundred times (2-3 times every week when I have time!) and NOBODY there can fix this problem! I killed hundreds of hours on useless chats: my MJ works well only in USB! Please HELP!!!

  79. I did have a call from you and stated tha i better check the internet do to error 23, what is that , my majicjack is no working properly
    also I change the Internet services from AT&T to Comcast, approximately 5 days ago.
    So keep the phone # 3052859622 on my majicjack plus, and hopping you help me and I can used the System.

  80. POOR customer service…AVOID.

    MJ Plus unit failed to work within first month…company wanted to charge shipping and handling to send replacement. Had to dispute charge on credit card to get it resolved. Also filed complaint with the FCC and Florida Attorney General. Ordered WalMart BasicTalk to replace MJ. Good luck and buyer beware of these guys.

  81. We have had Magic JACK Plus for 2 days and after reading all above I’m taking it back now ! And will be changing payment number as of today 🙂 Thanks guys for all of the above updates

  82. the customer service suck, i call them and they say that the technical support is only for chat, and i think that is a robot chat. my magicjack plus, is not working more, i have 45 days and i contacted 3 times for chat and2 by phone, and only say that they will put my case like priority, but 45 days? on this moment i goint to make a complaint to FCC i hope they can help me, somebody has to put a stop to magicjack scam. and never buy the 5 years, they gonna still your money.

  83. I paid my renewal yesterday and my phone is not working since Monday. I did tried support online but still not working. all that I want is my money back. please. I speed two hours tring this and I only have a voice message

  84. Magic jack is garbage they have no phone number they put my nome in wrong and will not reply to any email

  85. Hello! I have a problem with my new number after registered ,I would like to keep the first one.can you please help me?

  86. Customer Service??????? There is none……they know nothing and all they do is hide behind the chat and fight fires with fire experience…..fix anything HA!!!!! Take a look at how long the beeping tone problem has been reported and not fixed……..

  87. I bought a lot of international calling form these guys. I have their jack. I have no problem with the jack. My problem is customer service. I spent a lot of money making international calls. When I was unable to buy more time I couldn’t. I called customer service to find out why. I was told i bought enough time for one month and was unable to buy more then they closed my session. Can you believe this. I want to spend money with them and they wont let me. Who ever heard of a company that wont let you spend money with them. They said wait a couple of weeks to buy more. That is the craziest thong I ever heard. I wanted to buy another jack but not now. These guys are crazy.

  88. I spent over an hour “chatting” with Carol about my international prepaid service. I am still in the dark as to what happened to the minutes I paid for and then I was disconnected. What is going on?????

  89. Can anyone help me to make these thousands of compalints to FCC or our congress man or senator. It is a below standard service ripping the customers. There is a class action law suit for this company. My brother paid for 5 year sevice and after one year the service dropped requesting for more money. Is anyone out there to stop this rip off from poor people.

  90. I have 3 device magicjack 2 with pc and 1 plus but not working and I cannot contact nothing rep and thecnical support cannot solution I not know what happened. I paid 5 years ontil 2017 .Is bad decision paid first. The corp. magicjack not support you service

  91. Hola necesito activar el magicjack para mi hogar si me pueden ayudar vivo en brooklyn ny necesito su número de teléfono para activar

  92. they took 33.00 off my card and wont give it back. and all she had to say to me was we dont take pre paid cards.want my money back.thank for taking my last bit of money u jerks.

  93. I recently joined MagicJack and paid the 5 year fee. I would also like to have access to overseas calls and have these calls atomically deducted from my credit card.

  94. no matter what I try the volume is too low. Computer sound is on high and the phone handset is on high and the volume is still too low

  95. Hi! I paid for 5 years service for my magic jack and you are asking me now that to reply for the next year. What is it. What about the money that I paid last year. Come on! I need some clear information about that please.
    My regards.

  96. Wonder, if you Magic Jack users, know about the 911 tax charge, imposed by Our Gov, according to Macie Jack. Got email, from them. My part to pay was $5.85.Do not know if this is yearly, or monthly. Sent email, to Magic Jack, but no reply, does not surprise me, after reading all the Compliants, about this co.

  97. The customer service for this company is TERRIBLE!!!!!! My device died. They reluctantly sent a replacement which also died. Tried getting a refund on unused service and their retarded chat support actually argued with me and disconnected the chat. This is a no class, low quality company and they should be avoided at ALL COSTS!!

  98. MJ has possibly gotten it’s act together – sort of.

    After about 10 hours of on-line chat. my MJ is finally working more or less the way I would expect it to. Certainly not worth the potential savings, though. Over a 5 year period,I’ll probably save about $750. That’s if they don’t scam me on billing issues before then. AND they won’t talk to you on the phone – EVER

    Tell all your friends – DON’T USE MJ

  99. I am ready to order an additional Magic Jack Plus however I don’t see any possible contact except for corporate office. Personally I want to deal with a person with a real complete name and last name. I want somebody in your organization able to take the order and also respond to a couple of questions.
    ´So please let me this person name and last name to deal directly with him or her. Your prompt reply will be appreciated
    Thank you

  100. hi,dear i have seen magicjack on web side.all we wan’;t to know can we use this in new what do i need to get magicjack plus.please get back to quick as you can.we are realy realy wan’t this unit thanks

  101. I,ve been trying more than 20 times to connect to magicjack tech/support with no results, voice through “chatter” no voice at all. Have magicjack 2 years, last year switched for magicjack plus, worked well until appr. 1/2 year back, now stopped completely. Problem is with adapter, since through computer “the old way” works, but poorly: voice scraches & dissapeares completely. How to get/buy new adapter? tried to connect to many wall units,-not working, suppose problem with adapter. Please respond e-maino workl, waiting too long for help from you. Have to make payment for following year, postponing due to MG not working. Please help. Lia

  102. Thinking of getting a magic jack and are travelling from Haliburton Ontario to Mexico. Should we buy a magic jack here in Ontario so that it will not be long distance for our family to call us.

  103. I renewed my magicjack several months ago and it has never worked this year, for some reason…will not accept input of area code and can’t receive any phone calls…..BEWARE, we should all be, of any company that can’t find contact number unless they show a cute little daughter insisting we buy magic plus….. PLEASE…nothin is for free, too good to be true certainly applies to the magic jack now that they’ve made theirs to keep

  104. The magicjack has never worked correctly. Poor transmission, cutoffs you name it. It is a SCAM and there is NO CUSTOMER SERVIVE number. You have to talk to a “computer” that they call a Live Agent. Don’t get sucked in!

    Highly discourage anyone from buying this 1 dollar device made in CHINA!

  105. This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. Do not buy their product. Mine never worked properly and when I returned it they said they never received it back. I haven’t gotten a refund and it has been 2 months. There is no customer service number to call!!!
    Please read all reviews I haven’t seen a good one yet!! Terrible product and company!!! Beware !!!
    I give them 0 stars!!!!

  106. I started a new phone service provider on 12-3-13. They tried to port my number 770992-0339 to their service. They tried several times. It will not port because Magic Jack will not release the number. I had this number 36 years, but now forced to use a new number. The magic jack devise has not been connected to my computer for almost a month, but I continue getting messages on my laptop from Magic Jack telling me who called. I don’t want the messages. I have written previously about this and never received a reply. Release my phone number of kill it so

  107. I received a magicjack about a year ago, I went to the po office & they handed to me & I refused it they mailed it back that day, I called & left messages it is now Dec.31.2013 and I still have not received a ,but my credit card nor any type of letter. I know you guys received the magicjack but for some reason you never credited my credit card. If I don’t hear from any of you that work there you will be hearding from my atty. Just happen to have 5 attorneys,a judge,a prosecuror,police chief in my immediate family. So take your pick which one do you want to hear from?

  108. I am able to send calls but unable to receive calls.We cannot hear the caller.I have tried to reach a live person by Tel.but have to wait endless speak to someone.I am a very unhappy custemer.

  109. To put this bluntly your service sucks. I having been trying to renew my account for a few days now and can;t reach anybody. I call the phone numbers that are provided and after listening, when I can because they are mostly garbled, I get hung up on, really? I have been a Magic Jack customer a few years and this is how you treat your long term customers?

  110. I had account on my android Tablet and lost my email and password now i cant install the program back on the device

    can u help me please

  111. I need help from somebody.there is a message left for me to renew my magic jack.just for the record in 2012 ,I have my service extended for 5years up to 2017.can somebody get back to me and explain why I have to renew my magic jack ?

  112. I SO regret ever getting involved with MagicJack. They are such a terrible company to deal with for any reason. Every year I have problems with them and they purposely make the account page where you “manage” your devices and numbers as confusing as possible so people will do what I have done for 3 years now: overpay and/or pay early and unnecessarily. They won’t do refunds for overpayments or unnecessary payments, so I have had to fight it out with my bank every time and have a 50% win/loss ratio. And honestly? My time is worth more. I had Vonage for a year or so and thought THEIR customer service was poor at the time, but at least I was able to speak with a live person and at least they did try to help. Little did I know what I was getting myself into with MagicJack. I implore you: do NOT do business with this company. It seems like a great deal, and it is – when the service is working. But when you get near that renewal date, you’re screwed. They will cut off your phone, you’ll login to pay, and find multiple banners telling you things are expiring on different dates, etc. This most recent time they suspended my service (no outgoing calls, inbound calls accepted) because the original “old” MJ I started with in 2010 had expired. The funny thing is, I upgraded to a MJ”Plus” device, which is all I have been using since. So why should I pay for a device I’m not using? Even after 25mins of circular, non-problem-solving tech chat with a stone-cold idiot named “Kelsey” (right – more likely someone in the slums of Calcutta with a name to match), I never received an answer to my question: Was my service suspended because a device I was no longer using had expired, or not? I know now that it was, but they got their $30 outta me so it doesn’t matter and they won’t admit that they screwed me for the 4th year in a row. It is such a nightmare to deal with this company, I would honestly rather pay a monthly fee to have a service like Vonage or similar. BUYER BEWARE!

    • I have the identical problem. They say I have a number that has not been renewed, but that number does not exist. I can receive calls now but can not call out. They try to charge $250.00 to $350.00 to FIX a problem, This is a lot for a service of $29.99 a year, which by the way they charged me $32.99, to go one more year. I had no problems the first year, BUT now it is crap. I will drop them like a bad habit before I enver renew again.

    • I have the same issue and it has been close to 6 months and still no response from magicjack. sorry about the bad news

  113. This company is ridiculous! None of the numbers provided are answered by anyone, or the corporate number is out of service or not working. Live chat doesn’t seem to know how to contact the company or resolve an issue. I purchased a magic jack from Best Buy and because it is over 15 days I cannot return it to them per their policy – so they told me to contact the company directly. The company said they cannot refund my money for the unopened, never used magic jack because I bought it at a retail store. So, I am stuck with it and I do not want it

  114. I stack with my MJ. Almost three months, we don’t have connection , after we lose the power ,when al call my number,the answer ” the MJ customer is not available to answer the phone”. I don’t know what I have to do.

  115. I would like to express my approval in the way Tara (LTK11153066878889X)helped me solve my problem with the Magic Jack.She was very responsive and encouraging.

    Thank Tara

  116. This is the worst company I have dealt with. The customer service does not exist. They keep telling you things and dragging things on but never resolve an issue. I had the corporate office hang up on me. My issue started when I bought a second upgraded magic jack to replace an older one. I registered the item to replace the old one which never happened and then started getting billed for both. Coustomer service did noting excpet tell me stories, I had to go through my credit card company to get my money back. Now my account for months is in review, I cannot renew my phone number or extend my service because the account is under review and has been since 2013. No one has given me the same or any straight answer and I am changing services to find someone reputable. I would watch out, it all works well to god forbid you have an issue then you will never get it resolved.

  117. MagicJack Plus charged me for service in Dec. my phone has not worked since I was on the computer with a rep and the services was not fixed. I would like to receive another phone or my money back for the money they charged me in December
    I have service on the Magic reg. which is fine but this service is paid for until may 2015.(Please return my money for the magic Jack PLus.

  118. I want to renew my plan but the number of my credit card has changed. I can’t renew it like I have done before because they dont’ allow me to insert the new number. Please tell me what to do!

  119. hi!!! i’m new costumer is it possible i cn use my old number here in magic jack? bcause when i call my present provider they told me to call my new provider first to reserve my cerrent number before i will cancel.

  120. hi!!! i’m new costumer is it possible i cn use my old number here in magic jack? bcause when i call my present provider they told me to call my new provider first to reserve my cerrent number before i will cancel.

  121. My MagiJack/ I pay for five(5) years but I can’t use my phone. Always, he said SYSTEM ERROR. If this system error can be repaired.

  122. No one get to you on the chat, I didn’t receive a confirmation number on my order…none of the phone numbers, even for billing, can you get a live person, they give you all these options and then it hangs up automaticly…..SUCKS

  123. I have been trying to renew for 3 days every day am told that the funds will be charged the next day hoping that i will not be charged over and over still have no service

  124. i paid for magicjack conection the magic jack plus is not working the soft pad is not coming up and the android appt is not working. what should i do?

  125. For what it is worth… it appears that MJ live chat team have the terminate session with out resolving or addressing customers issues down pat… Almost an art form. :O Add to this the new stunt of assigning out of counties & long distance area codes to BRAND NEW MJ PLUS ACCOUNTS. Oh, and did I mention MJ offered to reassign a LOCAL AREA CODE for a CHARGE OF $10.00. yep nothing like extorting MJ customers for any, all and totally unnecessary fees. I just wonder why MJ purposefully assigned a LONG DISTANCE AREA CODE FOR COUNTIES OVER HALF A DOZEN AWAY… in the first damn place. PixyIN

  126. You will *not* talk to a human. Ever. All the phone numbers I’ve found online refer you back to Live chat isn’t much better. At issue first was their lack of notification as to when the year was up. You think MJ+ is $29.95 a year…that’s only for the subscription (this is my roomie’s phone, btw). It’s another $9.95 for your phone (plus their nebulous little taxes & stuff). Then, there was an audio quality issue…conversations breaking up. I did follow their “Audio Quality” links, rebooted my modem & router (not for their suggested 3 minutes, but for about 6 minutes). Confirmed internet connection through my laptop…but got “Error” recording on the phone. Unplugged MJ+ dongle for a minute & swapped ethernet ports. So far (about five minutes into a phone call to test), no more issues. I gave up a landline about 10 years ago…trying to convince my roomie to do the same. Why magicjack outright refuses to have human-to-human conversations with their customers is inexcusable. Poorest customer relations I have ever experienced. The guy running this outfit should be totally ashamed of himself.

  127. Hey folks these people are in Isreal—what THEY should do is READ HUNDREDS of honest complaints about MagicJack. It is amazing how bad the company is, and evidently NO ONE in Isreal reads how unhappy thousands of customers are, including this one. I have tried for TWO months to reach a live person—thinking that I would RENEW my twenty or thirty dollar annual agreement—-but THEY DON’T WANT MY MONEY—isn’t this crazy!!! I have literally WASTED hours with this STUPID “company”.

  128. I paid extra to receive the device in less than 5 days. It didn’t happen. The device was delivered while I wasn’t home. When I returned the device, I was told that it’s outside the processing time and they are now refusing to refund my money. Of course, I intend to fight them. What a waste of time!

  129. I bought my magic jack last year and I really did enjoyed it and i saved money instead of paying a phone line monthly. My magic jack needs to be renue so i did my search to find magic jack office phone no. and i did. so i can renue my magic jack by phone. I’m happy i did my search.

  130. my magic jack has expierd and i renew it and am not getting true and it is telling me that my magic has expierd so i need help to get the true.

  131. I have a problem with my magicjack its not working no more I just renewed it in January it worked until 4 days ago now it says check phone line and the light don’t even light up on that end

  132. Magicjack customer service gets a big Zero from me. The representatives are very firendly and polite but they all repeat the same scriptted answers and never give a definit answer or a resolution to any issue. They always say someone will contact you and they never do. My issue with them started back in about October of 2013 and as of today March the 18th of 2014 I am getting the same answer that someone will contact me. I tried to get a hold of a regulatory agency that regulates them but so far had no success. This is the case I will follow to make sure they will not do this to other customers. if you have not started with Magicjack go with another company. They do not deserve your mony or patronage.

  133. I think a lot of businesses are going to go out of business this next year, because of the horrible customer service, not only M.J. but many others….at least I hope so.

  134. I;ve had a m j when they first came out and it works great. when I pick up my phone the dial tone is there. this service is great. keep it up MJ

  135. Staff at Magic Jack is EXTREMELY difficult to contact; in fact it is impossible to get my questions answered. Most companies have a toll free number – not Magic Jack. You pay for everything. I have reported Magic Jack to the Kansas Better Business Bureau. If I read the complaints of others, you know why MAGIC JACK is ripping its customers off big time.

  136. Have had MJ for about 5 months. Would be as well off hooked up to a brick. Can’t make or receive calls, can’t access voice mail, have to wait half a minute for a dial tone to show up. If I call my cell to see if MJ is working I get nothing for several minutes, then after I hang up the cell phone rings! Live chat communications (17 times now) would usually get it to work for the remainder of that day, then it was back to its old tricks again. Tried the live phone customer service once and it was terrible. They tried to tell me that my network, which is covered by Kaspersky, was infected, but that they could hook me up with someone who could fix it for a price. Went through my Kaspersky support people and they said it was fine. So now I could use a little help deciding which truck tire to run it over with.
    Doesn’t the FCC oversee problems like this? My state has a consumer protection division that I think I will contact. I smell
    a class action suit in this company’s future.

  137. A local number calls my house at 10:30 am every day and when answers it disconnects. When I call it back it says it is magic jack. I need these harassing calls to STOP.

  138. Have had Magic Jack for a year or so. Customer no-service sucks big time. Talking to numerous bozos in India isn’t my idea of fun. God help you if you get disconnected, then you start over with the next dipstick. Have wasted 2 plus hours, more than once trying to get something accomplished. When power issue damaged my Magic Jack,they sent a new one with me paying the shipping. Then they wanted me to, also mail back the old one……No way in h… bozos. Don’t get Magic Jack, there’s got to be an American company with better customer service. How about an e-mail address or a phone number at least !!!! An online chat only is total CRAP !!!!!!

  139. Majic Jack has very poor customer service. They owe us 2 refunds and we cannot get hold of them. I spent 2 hours on live chat without getting help.

  140. I am not able to get help with changing my pass word i have been trying to get help since march and im still out of a phone i have paid for 5 years and i only used 1 year and i cant get any service please help me

  141. 4-15-14,,,spoke to rodelyn regarding a magic jack I received in the mail,,,,already had an account for a number of years and did not need an additional magic jack equipment,,, wanted to return the magic jack I received totaling 53.85 and customer service agent named rodelyn would not allow me to do so even though I have been a magic jack user for over5-7 years,, total non helpful customer service experience for a product I use and love but have additional unit that I do not need and they will not allow me to return

  142. I am very disappointed with your online help! I have had a Magic Jack for several years, and cannot use it because it is broke. The MJ Plus. A little over one year ago I paid for 5 more years and 4 times I have had talked with someone and they tell me it is my computer, which it is not!!! The blue light is not on anymore. I asked to be sent a new one and was told I cannot have a new one because it is my computer. Magic Jack Plus works without my computer being on!!! In fact I have a letter from your company stating It does not even need a computer to work.
    Now either send me a new one or send me the rest of my 4 years of service, which obviously I cannot use, and if I do not receive either a new MJ Plus, or a rebate for the rest of the service, which is just under 4 years, I will write a letter to my newspaper explaining my situation.
    Nancy J. Ball

  143. I guess reading all these complaints wont hurt to add one more. I paid my money for a year and no one has emailed or called to say I needed to “pay up”. But now all I get is a dial tone but can not call out. No one with Magic Jack seems to care or tell me what I should do to fix this problem. Guess I will have to pull the plug on them. Tick for Tack !!!

  144. Can you PLEASE get my number off the list.I am a do not solicitate number and I have had 15 calls in a month.Evidently they did not put on the pc system you have and it will be reported if calls are not stopped.Harrassement you bet….

  145. i purchased magicjack plus on 4-30-12 i paid a total of $190.32 for 6 years. i keep getting billed each year for $20.00 for continued porting fees. I’ve had this number for over 30 years. if i don’t pay this fee i will lose ths number. i’ts a catch 22. i must say the only time i have problems with this service is when charter internet goes down. i’m actually satisfied with the service but pissed about the hidden cost that their ad says they dont have. What the hell

  146. I gave my number to an individual. They keyed it in their smart phone and immediately knew it was a magicjack number. I would like to know how they tracked my physical address.

  147. Good morning i have a problem my son lost his phone @ he as magicjack on is phone is their a way that we can find is phone with a trace on the phone .DEBBIE thankyou .

  148. MagicJack will not support their product!!!!Their device quit working,no line..called and they wanted to charge another 79.00–Hey MagicJack–look at my account-I already reup on 3/3/2014…I now can’t wait to tell all the people I know about this experience…Bad Company to deal with…And; I can’t speak Indian……….

  149. This is the third year I have had service with you and I don’t know if I will continue. I have your Magicjack Plus phone service and it was connected to my internet service although I knew I could use my phone jack. I disconnected my internet service and connected the magicjack to the port labeled interest,plug the phone jack into the port phone and plug the adapter into the power outlet. I tried the phone several times and it would count down and ask me to call you. I did and Rachel and Myrene on the phone for a 1/2 hour. My claim number is LTK111530121457317X and the chat was from about 9:30am to 9:55am EST. Please have someone review the chat and let me know if that’s the why your customer service people should spoke to people. They hung up on me. I need help for my magicjack so email me after you have gotten the facts from the chat

  150. I am trying to get rid of magic jack, I do not want it I have returned it to Best Buy and I do not want the service, get me off it now!!!!!!!!!

  151. I called magic jack because i had lost id on incoming calls. After an hour on the phone, a tech told me that my computer had been hacked. I fixed the problem with the computer, but I still do not have caller id.

    The call was not helpful.

  152. I’ve used Magic Jack for years now, switched to the Plus almost three years ago. Recently, my Plus stopped working unless it was plugged into a computer. I logged into my account, went to the live chat and the woman quickly determined that it was just a bad electrical adapter. I switched it out with my iPod adapter and it was working just like always. I dug out an old adapter I wasn’t using anymore and hooked it all back up, no more troubles.

    It does help if you are proficient with technology with a Magic Jack, but for the most part, once you get it set up, you barely even know it’s there.

  153. I signed up for their 5-yr. plan. After 1-yr., I got a message saying it was time to renew. I have logged onto the magic jack site, and have been unable to have anyone respond to me at both live chat and contact. The site sends me around in circles. You enter a question into the search line, and no one responds. It is extremely frustrating. I would not recommend magic jack to anyone. I believe some governmental agency needs to get involved as this concerns telephone usage by citizens.

  154. This is one of the worst companies when it comes to support. I get booted out of love chat. Get the royal run around on the phone. You should be ashamed of yourself! And Apple is no better for allowing you to mislead people.

  155. Sir, I sent money for purchase of magic jack for quick delivery on 9th june 2014 . My order no is TS42500419 . Why after 11 days it is not delivered yet
    Vinod dutt
    2089 boul thimens aap 108 vill st laurent qc H4R0E6 canada

  156. I have been trying to renew my subscription for 5 years, but I am not able to do so. They have asked for my code on my Master Card and when I put in they tell me its the wrong code.
    My subscription will expire on June 24, 2014 and I need to continue it, and also to add $10.00 on my International Calling on my Account.
    Tell me what I am doing wrong. This is the first time since I have Magic Jack that I have this problem. I enjoy using this service.

  157. Will someone be able to respond to my problem before my subscription expires? I need to have the use of my Magic Jack as I have an ailing relative in Long Island and I have to keep in touch with her.

    Please I need a respoNse AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  158. I am very appreciative for Leslie help this morning and I am thankful for my chat experience and I rate it an Excellent Rating. I also give Jhericko and Excellent Rating, also. Thanks a bunch. Mary Kincade

  159. spent b3 1/82 hours on the phone trying to get my mj to work. Had 6 different reps, as I kept getting disconnected. Now they want to sell me a new MJ even though mine is only a few months old. Spent over 4 hours on internet when my old unit went bad. Guess customer’s time means nothing. I have a usb to 110 adapter that went bad and probably caused the problem with my unit. Why should I have to pay for a new one, again?

  160. ihave been trying to talk with a live agent for the past week my bill isnot due until 2015 i have the magic plus i have not been able to use my phone it keeps sayingno line

  161. I would like to find out how I purchased a magic jack, with a one year subscription, installed same on Jan. 19 2014, and has now expired today July20. This is the second time I have experienced this problem, and would like an explanation. Please e mail me on this matter

  162. WOW Magic Jack, YOU have a Bad Reputation!!!!! This IS a SCAM!!! Wanting to charge me $32.26 to port my # back to my original carrier SCAM !!!!!!!! I had to get a NEW number after MANY YEARS having that # given to me by my current service provider!!! BBB needs to hear from everyone you Ripped off!!!!

  163. I with magicjack three years and have had issues on quality on static and other volume issues.I ported the number I had for three years and I paid extra to keep that number on renewl time,I decided to change service to at&t two weeks ago and mj is not only dragging their feet., they charged me $32.34 to port my own number back to me,and they haven’t responded to at&t request. Not a happy camper

  164. Phone number would not port told me I would have to wait 14 days to get new number or I could pay ten dollars and get my free phone number now took back to store

  165. I had an excellent experience with one of your techs (Maila). The technician answered a few questions and set me up very quickly. I hadn’t touched this phone in 2 years. Magic Jack worked great. Then I had to move to a new location, what a mess. Thanks for having good people on the live chat. Maila deserves an A++. Please pass this on. I could not complete the survey, some how I got bumped off-line. But I would have rated everything the very highest. Thanks.

  166. Please help me, I try to dowload the magic jack for my phone and it just do not work.Try un installing still do not work.What am I Doing wrong will like keeping my same number.
    Thank you


  167. i have been trying to talk to a live agent for at least a week i have been getting the runaround why cant i get some kind of responce my mj doesnt work

  168. i feel like i am just wasting my time and my money i have been a loyal customer for several years i even purchased the mj plus app. 2 years ago or longer

  169. I installed my magicjack about 1 mth ago and was billed for $129.95.Want to know what package i was charged for.I remember choosing $20.00.please explain

  170. I had a problem with my connection. An agent from a 3rd world country, who I had a hard time trying to understand his poor English informed me that since I was not a 6th level Microsoft rated tech., that it would cost $350.00 and 90 to 120 days to repair my software on my brand new laptop. This would erase all of my files, and I would also have to mail my unit to him. He then said for $250.00,he could do it on line and not lose any of my files. This would take 1/2 an hour. The problem I found was that I had my either net cable in the wrong port. That’s all it was. After an hour of crap, I notice this cable problem while listening to his scam. I will not renew my service when it is up in January, 2015

  171. Bought the first M.J. paid 5 years in advance, I then bought the M.J+, I asked to have the 3 years remaining on the first M.J. I bought, said they would/did..M.J. did NOT credit the 3 years I paid for to the M.J.+..tried calling, faxing, nobody answers, fax # does not work. I don’t care what time of day, day of the week you call, you will NOT get an answer. This M.J.+ cuts your conversation off, about 2 minutes into the conversation…then hear on the M.J+ ERROR, ERROR #2 and #3, Error, Error, no explanation to what the numbers means, co customer support, they have MY money, I get NOTHING….

  172. when my phone rings i have to time it just right to answer it or i cant hear the person on the other end. also i decided to change phone carriers. calledover a week ago to have majic jack shut off and was told that magic jack wont release my phone until the 30th of july. it is now august first and magic jack is still on. do i have to contact an attorney?

  173. according to the product’s label the magic jack hardware is supposed to be a plug and go deal but it is not so How can you help me get it going

  174. This is the worse company EVER!!!! No only is the phone quality HORRIBLE but good luck in trying to get your phone number released to port over to another phone service provider. I have been trying for the last THREE MONTHS to get my number released. I have just spent the last 30 MINUTES on the phone with Magic Jack all to NO AVAIL. I am giving up on trying to get my phone number back from them. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH MAGIC JACK YOU WILL BE SO SORRY!!!!!

  175. the fact is that the magic jack does not work.
    when I call out, soon as the line is answered, the line drops out and I can’t hear what is being said.
    many hours are spent configuring the modem and the firewall etc etc., but it is the system.
    and no one else is having this problem?

  176. customer service is nonexistence and their billing is a mess! very frustrating when you found a billing error but couldn’t find anyone to assist you to resolve it except through chat which you get the run around.

  177. I hate every year I have to renew because your customer service is none existing. Last year I was charge twice for same renewal. Now I am having credit care trouble with a card I know is good. I’ve been on the phone for hours trying to get my phone back on that I had no notice that a renewal date was coming up. I called to check on my credit card and found out I had been charged 4 time for the same renewal and my phone is still not working.

  178. I have a silver magic jack. I have it for years and still paid for years. Now I got a new laptop with windows 8. I plug my magic jack in and nothing happens. How and what should I do to get it to work?


  179. I haven’t heard or seen one good comment about this company all bad. I’m having the same problem can’t talk to anyone, was trying to renew, phone cut off I don’t think my time is up.
    Every company selling anything should be forced to have a number to call a speak with a human being. I guess I will forget it and get another service. I need to make some phone calls. Is this company located in the US or Bangladesh. If I do get through to a lot of these company’s I can’t understand the people on the phone I speak English. What has happened to the United States?

  180. Every company selling anything should be forced to have a phone number to reach a live human being to talk to when you have a problem.

  181. I purchased a 5 year # a year ago, now they cut it off. Could you please re enstate my phone . I have called your # and all I get is someone fron India wanting more money. What is going on???????

  182. I had my computer worked on and now I don’t have majic jack. He loaded Commodo Dragon and now Majic jack is not listed on my programs. What do I do?

  183. My phone was working fine till my internet service went down on Oct. 3 rd. My internet was fixed Oct. 6 th. Phone would not work. Called several # to speak with customer service, they told me I had to do it through pc which my hard drive has been broke for months. I am using a kindle. I finally got a hold of a tech who told me there was nothing wrong on there end. He then said he talk to a supervised and my pc was comprised by hacked from over seas and he was only a level 4 tech l would need a level 7. Tech and it would cost 129.00 I told him I didn’t have that kind of money and he said how about 99.00 I said no he said he couldn’t help me. I believe this is a scam and would just like my phone turned back on. Can u please help me?

  184. Had mj for a couple years with mixed results, then re-uped for five years, and one year into that my computer crashed and had to go to a series 8 computer and my magic jack with four years contract left is not compatible with it. I think I should be sent an new devise that is compatible so I can finish out my contract.

  185. Hola necesito el numero de magic jack por que se me daño y no tengo mucho tiempo para chatear con un representante x favor solo eso necesito gracias

  186. I just bought a new computer with window 8. Hooked up the magicjack device and tried to run it. But it said that it cannot access the internet. Please click here to start magicfix. However it led me to a promo page for a free trail. I am a regular magicjack user for the last 4 years. Please advise. Thanks for your help. Park

  187. I cannot login in. I tried chat. After a lengthy wait, “Rachel” stated she had changed my email address for login. Why would one assume to change my email address?
    I have had three different MJs, two different models, in three years simply because when there is a problem, one cannot get any help. It’s time to move on. Is MJ running a scam? When one’s time comes to renew, suddenly there is a problem and the equipment and the MJ rep always says it has to be replaced.

  188. A few days ago I had the chance to get in touch with your tech support group to find a solution to the problem that I have with my computer. I couldn’t get my magic jack to work. The problem was that the hard drive was just replaced and didn’t know how to make my magic jack work again.After talking to Jezel, Jessa, Micheline and Aya, together we had made my magic jack work again. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for their unending patience with me, again, thanks you for your help.

  189. cannot renew my phone number for 1 yr, they say I have to renew it for 5years or for life. What a cropping scam majicjack is, they need to be put out of business.

  190. I magic have been register my for two times each times they give me a new number and I still cannot get thru I cannot make a phone call need help

  191. Your service is the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Your tech people can’t even speak proper English, and must be reading from a script. I was on the phone for an hour and 34 minutes talking to a number of these people because I have no phone service. All I get is “error 23”, I have followed all the instructions, disconnecting the magic jack and re-plugging it in and nothing happens. Your site is a waste of time, I was never able to speak to a “live” person. I am going to another phone company, I may have to pay for their service, but it will be a much better service then I’ve received from your company. When I attempt to make a call, I put in the area code and the number only to get a recording that tells me “in order to make a call, you must put in the area code”. What the hell is that about, and your service is not crystal clear! Good riddance!

  192. i installed a new magicjack some time in december 2014, now my old magicjack had not expired but was giving trouble so i bought a new one and installed it using the same number, apparently the old one is due to be expired today 15th february. but my new one isnt i am not due for disconnection untill next december 2015, what should i do?

  193. My MJ was running fine on my old computer which had XP operating system.
    Now I have another desktop with Windows 7 Professional:
    When I plug the MJ into the computer or the router I get this message:
    “Cannot connect to Internet”


  194. My experience with the Customer Service of Magic Jack is disappointing, and DEPLORABLE. I bought a 5 years Subscription for 3 phones, one of them broke, and their Support is MISERABLE.It is in my opinion an Interstate Fraud. If there is a Law firm suing Magic Jack in the name of other Magic Jack I can be contacted to the e mail address.

  195. your expert customer service is horrible. I have purchased several magic jack units over the past 10 years. This is the worst service I have ever received. I cuirr4ently have two units in my business and one in my home all maghic Jack plus, not cheap, by the way. I have been tryin g tro gety customer support to fix the problems, unit 1 will not power up at all. Unit 2 cuts off unexpectedly, audio fades away, or crackles an a recorded magic jac is spoken and then the unit hangs up. They claim all of this is caused by my computer. My son does computer support for the statte of Wisconsin, He says there is nothing wrong with my computer. I had my second son look at it to be sure who also has a degree in computer sciences as welll as computer security and further more builds units from scratch, he also has looked at myu unit and it’s operation and says there is nothing wrong. Your customer sertvice just plain is pathetic!

  196. Soy extranjero tengo magic Jack desde hace tres o cuatro anos, mi Magic Jack expiro y quiero renovarlo como puedo hacerlo en este momento no tengo tarjeta de crédito americana solo colombianas , estoy en esta semana aca en los estados Unidos , quiero preguntar si compro otro puedo descargar mis contactos anteriores al nuevo Magic Jack?o que puedo hacer por favor necesito el servicio con urgencia.

  197. Soy extranjero tengo magic Jack desde hace tres o cuatro anos, mi Magic Jack expiro y quiero renovarlo como puedo hacerlo en este momento no tengo tarjeta de crédito americana solo colombianas , estoy en esta semana aca en los estados Unidos , quiero preguntar si compro otro puedo descargar mis contactos anteriores al nuevo Magic Jack?o que puedo hacer por favor necesito el servicio con urgencia.

  198. I am very discouraged about customer service. Why are we always dealing with another country.
    I renewed my magic jack and my credit card was debited. Now my line doesn’t work. I was asked according to the message on my phone, to go into and click phone numbers which I did, and didn’t see anything significant. I called customer service and got an East Indian man who I could not understand. He was SO RUDE!!!!! I pay for this line and service, I asked him to repeat the question, he says I am asking a simple question are you hard of hearing? I couldn’t understand his entire question…. Reasonable to ask How long have I what??? sorry I can’t hear you…..I’m so sick of customer service coming from India and Phillipines when they don’t speak English very well which is no problem, but when they are so sarcastic and rude….. That’s enough !!!!!!!

  199. I had my first magicJack way back in 2008, and my daughter gave me a new magicJackGO i can’t use my new one now everytime i tried to call there’s a message saying ERROR 404.

  200. I just moved from Rep of Panama to Wildwood Florida and wish to get the phone started here at my new address. I have several Jacks and have my computer one plugged in to the USB. Dial tone but not sure how to use the phone or how to get my contact list to show on screen.

  201. MagicJack is not a good service. Yesterday I tried to get service on my MagicJack I could not find any one to help me.Some people I spoke with I could not understand,I think they were from India or some Foreign

  202. I dare Magic Jack to return a phone call . Their customer service stinks. I have talked to India, Phillipines, and another country they are unwilling to allow me to transfer my phone # to my new phone company . All I want is my phone # tranferred within 1 hour

  203. I have been a magic jack customer for a few years now and have switched to magicjack plus for the last few months my mom and I also a customer have had a hard time we call each other and I can hear her clearly but she dosent here me at all what do I need to do to fix this can you help me please thank you Robin Schweyer

  204. please be aware FRAUDS are being committed using MAGIC JACK LINES. untraceable people calling through magic jack and taking people for thousands of $$$$$




  208. They have the absolutely worst customer service ever. I’ve spent the last week (over 17 chats with them) trying to get my phone service fixed. I’m not even sure it’s fixed now.

  209. Absolutely the worst customer support I have ever experienced. Bought a Magic Jack Go at Best Buy in Margate, Fl. Spent a week “chatting” with 12 different people all with “canned” answers to my problem. When I tried to get a return authorization which Magic Jack says I can do within 30 days I was told I had to return it to Best Buy who only allows 15 days for returns. WTF??? I live in Panama and would have to spend $90.00 by DHL or FedEx to return a $60.00 item. How stupid is this? No sympathy from either Magic Jack or Best Buy. The longer it takes to get this resolved the more negative my comments will be on every forum I can find. Miserable company. Don’t try calling their 561 number. You get someone in Bangladesh that you cannot understand.

  210. What customer service?? I am trying to contact by phone and evidently the magicjack company doesn’t believe in phones. I was charged for a renewal plus an extra 5 year renewal. What is up

  211. In 2011 I subscribed to a 5 year service plan with magic jack

    My service stopped working this morning. A magic jack tech has informed me that my service has expired.
    He also said the your system has changed separating the phone number service from the magic jack.

    The original contract has not had time to expire yet. You have breached the contract and engaged in deceptive marketing.

    Please advise on how you will remedy this situation. Elsewise I am filing a complaint with the FCC.

  212. total thieves they took my money and sent it to the wrong address and will not resend it.. wants me to buy another one

  213. i just bought a new magic jack, my old one is gone, but i can not get my new phone activated, can you help me. gerard

  214. allo
    j’ai votre service depuis le 20 janvier 2015. J’ai payé pour un an. je ne suis pas capable d’appeler depuis hier! pouvez-vous m’expliquer c’est pourquoi que je ne peux plus appeler, merci!
    I have your service since 20 January 2015. I paid for one year. I am not able to call since yesterday ! can you explain to me why it is that I can not call , thank you !

  215. WTF cant use IPP keeps giving me this message when I try to buy time: Write to log file /ymax/bloblogs/csrdb03.LOBLOG.20160130.txt failed for PK:400475178:LOGS.XML_REQUEST_LOG:XML_REQUEST (oracle_magicjack:live)

  216. A few weeks back when I started my magic jack a comment came up. ” please restart your magic jack. Code 401″. I saw a little dot above that and when I pressed it said, ” if you can get on other sights then our service is down.” I tried to contact you several times but no answer or now comment on my e-mail. If you are not going to give me service, then I want my money back. Or else I will report you to BBB and start a law legal process against you.

  217. Yesterday I requested an Uber from the Convention center in Manhattan to the JFK airport and they charge me $161… I think it’s ridiculous and it’s not fair I want to be charge what it is and not this obscene amount of money!
    I just want my money back . And be charge a fair price .

  218. A Total waste of time as it is always the customers fault.
    On March 16th 2016 credit card was charged for a years service and the same day service was cut off. Called the Customer Unservice and got nowhere as the robot on the other end could only tell me to pay to get the service back/

  219. My magic jack phone does not work, voicemail does not work. has not worked for a month. Recently switched from microsoft 8 to microsoft 10.

  220. At this point I am questioning my decision to buy this device. The telephone stopped ringing on incoming calls. When I called MagicJack number from another number, it rings once and goes to voicemail. Tried to initiate live chat. When I was placed in queue, I was 39. Finally got to #1 at 9:11pm est (supposedly available ’til 10pm est). No one came on the line and I was cut off. Obviously MagicJack only values or money and not us. The inability to reach someone to help appears to be deliberate.

  221. I can’t retrieve my calls. It show on email I have missed a call and will let me pull up the site but it won’t play.

  222. i keep haveing to reboot my magic jack go,i live in central florida,it summer + im getting tired of no phone service,perhaps id be better off with your older version phone ,like a non magicjack go,i have no phone as of now please,im 65 years old,its my only phone i own is a magicjack go,please send instructions to bem it back on please ?

  223. Awful customer service. Chat is NOT customer service. My MJ fails after one year, every year. I am a multiple MJ user – I need to find an alternative. Perhaps, sadly, you get what you pay for. Why no phone number? no address, no email address.

    I think the concept and product is great, it will never be a success with a lack of customer support.

  224. Got a new magic jack go today.Got it to work when plugged it on PC, but wont work with wall power. Get error 3002. Cant get no one at magic jack to help me with problem. They say they cant help me because I bought it form an outside store, not through them. Was told to take it back might be defective. Did that same thing. Why is it they cant help me even when it is still there product. Regardless where I got it. Don’t you guys stand behind your products. Please send me someone that can help. Thank You. Not Live chat, because I don’t have an order # through them, cant access.

  225. no comment just need some advise because my credit card will not go through and i need to renew my magic urgently have been trying for months

  226. Excellent service from your techs, Angel.Was very knowledgeable and patient and most importantly, he got the difficult job completed.

  227. Much a ado about nothing,the prosed solution, go out and buy a new device.I am paid up for service into the year 2018.Please contact me at the address deifned under ( email )

  228. My magicjack will not work. I’ve had it for over three years with no problem. When I attempt an outgoing call, I get a message that says “Error – 1 – check your internet connection or visit customer care at” I’ve checked and rechecked and rechecked my internet connection and visited customer care at, to no avail. My internet connection works for everything else except the magicjack. When I attempt to call my magicjack number, it says that “The magicjack customer you have called is unavailable to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone.” No message is recorded. I’m disabled and under the care of doctors that that call me almost daily to discuss my condition and/or schedule me for medical tests. How do I get help from you guys If can’t talk to you. Here’s your chance to do some really good customer service. Please call me so can explain the problem and can get it resolved right away. Thank you, Glenn Engle.

  229. This is the second or third time I am leaving a comment without response. I got my magic jack for the past one month not been able to use it.i registered it immediately with pst p. I have registered over and over again keeps telling me to register again. It’s so frustrating.

  230. I previously wrote a comment on this but was not able to finish, then comment disappeared so it was unfinished. Today i wish to commend David C from remote assistance of MJ for having the kindness, patience, understanding and generosity of helping me finish the process. All the otherrs from the chat dept did not know the product, repeated the questions over and over and by the time i get to inform of the problem i got disconnected. You can see the whole text from 1pm to 7pm yesterday and from 9am to almost 12 But at least David did not let go until the problem was resolved. I also asked for him only when I get connected to the chat dept. i also asked Cristian T that I wanted to speak to the supervisor because the chat dept are a bunch of know nothing, they do not know the product,and could be insultive sometimes. With utmost gratitude I wish to give to David C. You should have more employees with his know how patience and understanding. You see some of your clients are seniors with motor and physical problems. I wish the manager of the service dept would recognize David and vet the people from the chat dept before they get hired. Also I hope clients who may encounter the same problem I had would not the experience i had but if you do I hope you get somebody with the compassion capacity I had today. I hope this message get through to the service manager of magic jack .

  231. I have not had phone service for over a months, thanks to your system of not allowing verbal contact with the customer
    Once installed MagicJack is positively great to have BUT moving and changing phone has been totally impossible, thanks to your absolutely lousy help program.
    I had to drive over 40 miles to the nearest Wallmart to buy an other black box, which I did not really need! How can I chat with someone on MagicJackcares? It does not come up anywhere on any of the web-sites, You are just wasting my time in mega ways!

  232. had service, after renewing immediately no service. for 2 days now still says no line on phone What do we do/ You have all my charge card info and contract is set. Can’t get calls or make calls, again phone says No Line.

  233. i cannot type fast enough for your chat reps, i am 76 and would like to speak on the phone with a person…..everyone does not type well or fast enough to have a conversation….why can’t you afford to pay someone to answer the phone…..this is so frustrating…..well so much for that, my reason for writing is hopefully to get you to straighten out your record for my account ” mary king ”……you keep sending me emails for ” mary jackson ”….my renewal is nt due like your emails say, and i feel threatened by you saying i could lose my phone number if i don’t renew soon…..please fix your error and let me know when it is done…..i have written to corporate about this mix up…..hopefully one of these methods of communication will do the trick: ie, email, snail mail etc
    mary king
    p.s. i’ve had this number for a long time, please don’t take it away….it would ruin
    a few accounts for me

  234. He comunicado mediante “live-chat” que mi teléfono se descompuso y que deseaba instalar otro que tengo en mi poder. Me indicaron que si que lo hiciera así, y en efecto instalé mi otro magicjack, pero luego me llegó un cuadro de dialogo en el cual piden mi e-mail y contraseña para localizar el magicjack en mi cuenta. Cuando introduje dicha información la respuesta que recibí fue que “mi dispositivo magicjack no está en esa cuenta”. Supongo que es lógico porque es un teléfono que tenía guardado, el primero que adquirí, y tiene varios años en mi poder. Lo cierto es que no he podido usarlo, y despues que hice la renovación del servicio, ahora no tengo acceso al mismo. Solicito ayuda para resolver este problema y continuar recibiendo los servicios de magicjack con el dispositivo que tengo. Espero por su ayuda por favor.

  235. I’ve used MagicJack for many years, getting a new one each year. This year I had a different experience with them. I did my usual and went to Best Buy to purchase one. When I got home, I found out that MagicJack did not renew their security certificate. Without that the computer will not complete a call. I wound up driving another 30 mile trip there to return it.

    So I’ll wait 6 months or so to see if MagicJack is going under or if it cares enough to continue in business.

  236. Horrible, because there is no service to resolve complaints/issues other than some unqualified reps that give you silly replies to take you round and round until you experience frustration which is another way of getting rid of you and the issue.
    Government agencies like FCC? are to be blamed for allowing this to go on probably because if the problems were resolved with rules and regulations implemented, Then there would be fewer jobs at the agencies and this is with most if not all.
    This is how our government operates!

  237. A nice gentleman helped me today but I wasn’t able to leave a comment after disconnect. HIs name was Anthony and I chatted with him around 1:30 PM from Baja, BCS. He had to refresh my service and everything started working immediately. I soooo needed my MJ today. Couldn’t be happier

  238. My magyjack phone have not been working for about one month. I have not had any help from you even though I requested it. I realy do not know what to do. Please do not renew it.

  239. Live chat is awful and I didn’t get any issues resolved. Your tech people are no good at all. I still can’t call any one that has cox cable for a phone. My brother and several other people that have magic have run into the same problems.
    When we call from our land line we receive 3 busy signals than the phone goes dead. Please resolve this issue or I will request my money back for the remainder
    of my contract, which was for 5 years.

  240. Could you please apply to so that I can stop receiving robo calls. It is vey annoying there is no charge for lanlines.

  241. I just received the replacement magic jack plus ‘ but all incoming calls go to voice mail’ I have tried to register my device but nothing on your web site works. I hit the support button and it goes to a page titled voice over ip’ but nothing else, the page is blank.

  242. I let my MJ expire and tried to renew it a few days late. Now, I’m in some kind of fraud identification problem and naturally, you can’t use the MJ to call their numbers, even if the MJ is expired. Living in the Philippines and trying to fix this is a real pain in the butt. Seems their chat feature never works. Now the MJ won’t even get a dial tone. I tried renewing for 3 years and each time, they billed $1 instead of the correct amount and said call them, which is nearly impossible.

  243. I paid a 3 year renewal, I can receive calls but when I want to make a call, an audio message tells me to act now and renew if I dont want to loose my phone number. I cant use the phone to call for help.

  244. Magic jack has been a nightmare to me. I purchased 2 units and both units within a month of each other, literally, burned up. I tried for over a month to get help to no avail. You do not have a customer service department or even one person in your company who cares about a customer. After spending over $80.00 for about 3 months of phone service, I finally gave up. I no longer use Magic Jack, I have a new company and a new phone number. Please do not contact me.

  245. EMERGENCY call that my granddaughter called me via MJ approx 1 hr ago, uppoedly via a Cleveland, OH ac 440) 444 no other #, ?? orry. try to how me what MJ ha in a n urgent itu. I am 10 yr lotal MJ cutomer.

    Repectfully, Bruce R Nelon, Banner Elk, NC 28604 will type)

  246. I have a Magic Jack number and have had for sometime, I am having problems with the phone line, the phone is brand new. People can call me, but I can’t hear them but they can hear me. I was talking to a friend and the phone line was cut off. A dial tone will be on for a little while and then no more, I had my phone line outside checked and they say there is nothing wrong with the line, so it has to be Magic Jack, I am getting tired of this, I am a senior citizen and need my phone line. I got this as A present from my son a few years ago and it has been working just fine until about a month ago and it keeps acting up. My phone number is 651-342-6563 I need this problem fixed, I am at my wits end and sick of it happening. Please help to get this fixed Thank you

  247. I need to talk to someone about the Green Dot card that I had I didn’t spend all my money off of it and y’all sent me a letter tell me I still had money on it and I had to send a letter back with my driver’s license and y’all going to send me the remaining balance and a check to me

  248. Not good.Everyone is polite but can’t resolve the problem!
    Had problems with mj plus. Was told to upgrade to mj go, is worse then with plus!
    Want a refund for Go, and 2 years left on contract.

  249. I am getting no where with lack of customer service. I need an email address for customer service so I can learn my options and renew my contract. Customer service hides very well and since I cannot hear, your phone numbers are worthless to me.

  250. I’m very dissatisfied…..I need to be able to speak with a customer advocate…..I’m always getting transferred and nothing ever done

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