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Contacting Macys Customer Service Center

Macy’s is a high-end retailer available online and in stores. Macy’s also owns Bloomingdale’s so the two websites are nearly identical and the customer services lines may be routed to the same call center. There is a Macy’s store in almost every state in the US and the District of Columbia, but that doesn’t mean there is a store near you. Macy’s stores tend to be located in malls or as the cornerstone store in a shopping center.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Finding a phone number for Macy’s customer service was a bit more difficult that we’d expected. The Contact Us and Customer Service pages provide links for various questions or concerns, but no phone numbers are openly listed.

The customer service call center is open from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. weekdays. You can also call on Saturday from 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. or Sunday from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

  • Order Help: 1-800-289-6229

If you’d rather not wait on hold you can enter your phone number on the Customer Service page by simply clicking the Click to Call link.

Mailing Address

At the very bottom of the page there is a small line of words – that is the customer service mailing address. This is the first time we’ve found the address placed at the bottom of the page like this. We don’t know if the customer service department is trying to hide the address or if so few customers use the address that it is not really worth a more predominant space.

Macys Credit and Customer Service
P.O. Box 8113
Mason, OH 45040

Official Website

The official site for Macys is located at Customers who’ve placed orders online should have access to the My Account portion of the site, but offline customers will not. You can register for an account, but that new account cannot be linked with your physical purchase. You can contact customer service using the information provided for both in store and online purchases.

Customer Service Email

We were unable to navigate the customer service page to find the contact us form, but we eventually managed to find it using a search engine. A company like Macy’s should not hide the customer service contact form where customers cannot access it quickly and easily. Simply fill out the contact form with your order number and submit the form. If you don’t have an order number it looks like you’ll have to contact customer service for help.

Our Experience

We called Macy’s customer service to test the call center system. We were not able to bypass the system by pressing 0 and the automated voice spoke very quickly. The customer is given no time to press a button before the next option is read. There were no options for general customer service, but we eventually managed to sort through the button pushing to reach an agent after more than three minutes. We asked the agent for the phone number for the Macy’s credit card. We were placed on hold for two minutes before the agent picked up and told us she was still looking. She then attempted to place us on hold again and disconnected the call.

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94 Comments on “Contact Macys Customer Service
  1. Dear sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you regarding a very poor quality  Mickael rose gold  bracelet that I bought from your Glendale Macy’s store 3 days ago ( please see attached e-receipt and picture) .
    The bracelet literally broke on my wrist after 10 minutes of wearing it !
    I do not live in the US so therefore I am unable to go back and return it. However I will be back in 4 weeks time, could you please tell me what is the best solution?
    It is a pricey bracelet 65$ so I was expecting it to be of high quality unfortunately it wasn’t the case.
    I have been a Macy’s customer for many years and I hope that you will do everything possible to solve this issue.

    Kind regards,

    Aouali Si ali

    Glendale Galleria
    2100 Glendale Galleria
    Glendale, CA 91210


       10129420  0067  3:43 PM 10/09/2012


    M M KORS HDBG                  313.20
    884485311857   313/4  
    Orig 348.00 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    76.95
    691464900151   294/36 
    Orig 95.00 Today’s Price 85.50 
    10% Off 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    58.50
    691464797829   294/36 
    Orig 65.00 10% Coupon  
    STATUS JWLRY                    58.50
    691464881481   294/36 
    Orig 65.00 10% Coupon  

                  Sub Total        507.15
        8.750% CA  RGLR Tax         44.38
                      Total        551.53

    Cash                           551.53

    Total Coupon Savings is $56.35
    Your Total Savings is $65.85


    OF $23.50 OR MORE
    Visit the Clinique counter
    for more details


  2. Hi,I’m curious, do you have some kind of blacklist? I think I’m on that! Because all my online order are refused. I never ordered online successfully ever! Once, I called the customer service after a failure order, the customer service said i passed and send me a confirmation letter. But it cancelled again the next day. I tried all my credit card and I’m sure it’s not the cards’ problem. Are there any way to solve this problem? Very disappointed.

  3. What horrible service. I placed a large online order that included Christmas dinnerware and linens. My order shipped in numerous different deliveries. I received smashed dishes and the wrong tablecloth. The wrong tablecloth baffled me because it was totally different than all the other linens. They were all supposed to be the same. How do you not notice that even when you don’t pay attention to the packing list. I had to go into a store to experience the further nightmare of getting the right tablecloth. I am still waiting replacements for the smashed dishes. Macy’s is horrible, I will never order from them again.

    • Macy’s customer service is horrible I recommend calling their presidential offices at 877-887-8781 and discuss your problems with president terry lungdren. By calling this number you avoid all red tape and non English speaking robots. Good luck and call 877-887-8781 9 to 5 m-f located in mason, oh!!! Tell them jarrett sent you!

  4. I have been trying several times to order on line, however it doesn’t allow me to put anything in the shopping bag. Am I doing something wrong? Also your website is not at all friendly, I have been trying to contact you however, it just answers all kinds of questions but you can’t find the right one. I had to search on goggle to find this.

  5. Macys have the worst cutomer service ever. I do not know if woman could not understand what i was saying or what. I will no longer shop with macys because if you have people that work in your customer service that can’t understand english it is a problem. She should have stick to answer question in what ever language she speaks. I am done this has total turned me off. Very poor customer service. Then just called there store operator transfered me when she did she diconnted my call.

  6. In January, I made an error in setting up my Macy’s credit card payment online, therefore a payment was missed. When I received the new bill, I realized what I had done and promptly reset the payment(in full)to be made 2 days prior to the due date in February.I received a call last week regarding my missed payment, I explained what I had done and that payment is scheduled. Today, I received another call from Mason, Ohio regarding the same scenario, but this time, your customer service rep had no clue as to how to do his job. I do not know if there was a language barrier or not, but he would ask me a question, such as my phone #, and there would be a long pause and then another qustion, another long pause, etc. Also, I lost count as to how many times he asked me my social security # which I would only give him the last 4 digits. I have NEVER lodged a complaint like this before, but I have never been so frustrated! @ the beginning of the phone call, a recorded message said that the call may be recorded. If you are at all interested, I am in Conn and the call took place on 2/11/13 around 3:45pm eastern time. If he told me his name , I did not understand it.

  7. Macy’s is impossible to contact by e-mail unless you fit into their standard questions.
    I am sick to death of all the “reward cards” I receive and can’t keep track of all the dates and the exceptions, so I just throw them away. Customer service needs to know this.

  8. I bought a coffee maker to give as a Christmas gift. The published shipping window showed my gift would arrive in time. When I received the order confirmation, it showed arrival 3 days after Christmas. I called to cancel the order 2 hours after I had placed it. I was told I was too late. My poor family got the thing, and it took 4 attempts to return it. Now – 3-months later, I’m still being charged (with interest!). I have called over 20 times, and each time told it has been taken care of (return received and account credited). My most recent bill still reflects the charge — and more interest. Now -NO ONE answers the phone at customer service – just a recording listing their normal working hours (I am calling during normal working orders). So terrible I am cancelling my long time credit card with them. A shame.

  9. I live in Uganda, Africa. I bought a Franco Sarto healed shoes, blue in color from Macys Green Acres mall in Newyork on Saturday 30th march 2013. I was on transit through JFK. I was given two different sizes. One 8.5 the other 9.5.I bought them at $79. I lost the receipt while on transit I hope to travel to Miami some time in May 2013. Please advise if I can take the shoes back to a Macys in Miami and get the sizes rectified or get another pair of shoes altogether.or is it possible to trace the receipt because the purchase was between 2.00p.m. and 4.00p.m. On the same reciept was a Bandolino metalic grey wedge shoes size 8.5 at $69, Alfani black wedge shoes size 8.5, ALF page f0121 at $69.

  10. Dear all,

    I have trying to buy some items form Macy’s online store. In fact, Macy’s couldn’t allow my international Visa card.
    This is bagging ID: 2032-20818. I have tried to complete this order with ANjelya and another 2 staff who is from Macy’s with live chat -it wasn’t completed.

    Now, my request can we send confirmation mail to me about this order uncompleted. Cause i need to get deposit, on my bank account.

    Macy’s said it will automatically get back in my account in 3-7 days, i asked bank they said still need mail from Macy’s order cancelled or uncompleted.

    Thanks very much.


  11. This is my third attempt to get a scheduled interview.I was contacted by phone,attempted to set up time for interview was unsuccessful.Could you please let me know what my next step is.Appreciate your help,this is urgent.

  12. I don’t even know where to begin. The customer service is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE – you cannot speak to a person who knows what they are doing. You cannot speak to a supervisor. I made an error and instead of making a $75.00 online payment on my account I made a $7,500.00 payment (ok dumb mistake on my part) but trying to get it resolved was a NIGHTMARE. I had to fax a letter and a statement from my bank, which I did. I kept trying to call to see what the status was, they said it could take 5-7 days. Meanwhile, my bank ended up returning the funds to my account and not paying Macy’s. I had already faxed the letter to them. I even got a notice from “” where I made the online payment saying that my bank had returned the funds. However, Macy’s turned around and sent me check for $7,500.00! haha what a joke, so I am now in the process of sending back the check, I serioulsy can’t stand the thought of calling their customer service line one more time.

  13. I tried twice to place orders to Macy’s via a couple different websites. After shopping for a considerable amount of time and trying to place the actual order…neither one would go through. The first would cancel the items in my shopping cart if I switched departments I.e. apparel to shoes. The second time wouldn’t accept my phone number. Crazy.
    I found it difficult even finding an accessible contact for reporting problems. Guess I will not be shopping Macy’s online…or the store for that matter

  14. My wife and I would like to commend Gary who works in the household goods department in the downtown Sacramento Macy’s store for the excellent customer service we received. We had a problem with an order we had placed. Gary researched and found the problem, attempted to find a solution, and explained it to us. He then went back into the store system ,found an alternative solution which turned out to be a better deal for us and saved us Fifty dollars in the process. Gary then went into three different storage areas to find all of the items needed to make a complete set. Much to our surprise he was successful in doing so. Gary saved my Wife’s Birthday and made my day as well. Great customer service. Thank you Gary.

  15. I wanted to purchase a $7.99 necklace and noticed it was tangled. As I tried to fix it a jewelry manager offered to help me and got a tool to try and unravel it. I also needed to pay my bill and she said we’ll take care of that for you. She and the cashier were wonderful. This happened 4/3/14 at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville, NY. It’s a pleasure when you have a shopping experience like this.

  16. I take this time to let you know that since you donot support or hire Veterans My Family will no longer shop at your stores.GBA

  17. I was wonderfully helped by one of your sales associates the other day. I had been looking for a certain bracelet and needed eleven of them. I called the Macy’s in New York even though I live in the south. Barbara Errico who works in the jewelry department was so helpful. She went to all sorts of lengths to find me what I wanted. She did such an excellent job. I just felt she needed to be commended for all she did.
    Annette murray

  18. On and before Fathers Day, your adds run showed, little about Fathers Day, but all about women in underwear. What did that have to do with buying something for Fathers Day? I guess you didn’t have any sales for Fathers Day, or don’t carry mens clothes? I guess not, so why would I want to shop at Macys?
    I won’t. Don’t care to shop at a store that runs adds that I find offensive.

  19. Lost my wallet and cancelled my credit cards. New ones arrived almost immediately except for Macy’s. I have called five times to customer services; they all give me the same info and nothing comes in the mail. I’m done with Macy’s; they laugh at you on the phone and do nothing to help you

  20. Joined the Thanks for Giving, was given a $25 certificate to use until yesterday. Must have gone shopping three times with this coupon not once was it good for purchase.

    Not a certificate was a coupon buy $100 get $25 off. Then it had everything I wanted on the no eligible list. Never got to use it.

    Yes I know for charity then don’t give anything as I don’t want your junk and anything good was not able to purchase on certificate.

    Not liking Macy’s anymore. Very disappointed.

  21. Last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was in two of your stores. I was surprised to see that
    “The miracle of 34 th street store” had Season Greetings and not Merry Christmas.
    I did all of my shopping at Dillard’s and anywhere but “Macy’s”.
    Haven’t shopped there in a year and will avoid the store until they change to the original Macy’s.

  22. Dear Sir or Madame
    I have always enjoyed shopping at my Macy’s. Yes, I claim it as my favorite store to find mostly anything I want or need!! Saturday, October 25,2014 around, 5:00. I was returning to have another link taken out of my lovely MK watch. I was wearing it out that evening. I stopped at the jewelry counter and a “Ms Dixie said she would be right with me as she was understandably helping another customer. As I watched her with the customer, it was quite apparent he was undecided about purchasing a new watch… And she was helping him try to decide. This was taking a very long time? I politely told her we had dinner reservations and would it take long to pop out a link and I could be on my way…while he was trying to decide? The customer even said, “You can help her.” Again, Ms Dixie says to me, “I’ll be right with you.” I was literally waiting 30 mins.
    Finally, after she put his name down on her (Special Guest contact list) she was took my watch, popped out the link. Which took less than a minute and I was on my way.
    Unbelievable? What kind of customer service was that? Mind you this was a late Saturday afternoon. Now that I think back… I should have asked to see a manager!

  23. I have recently been on vacation in USA and I shopped in Macys in Philadelphia & New York. I bought a pair of Dockers Chino pants, which I am delighted with.
    I’d like to purchase another pair but I am back in UK. According to Macys website I cannot do this.
    Why is this? And if so, how can I obtain some more Dockers pants?
    Macys was very impressive…a real shopping experience for a British tourist.

  24. The last few days of shopping with Macys has been a BIG disappointment. I tried to use the Macys gift cards that were given to the customer based on Macys merchandise purchase. According to Macys rules, the Macys gift cards (Macy’s Money) could be used online or in the store during 12/16/14 thru 12/18/14. I tried to used them online and the cards did not work. Call Macys to place a phone order, the representative could not apply the card to my order. The representative told me to go into the store. On 12/17/14, I went into the Macys store and purchased the Estee Lauder Beautiful Ultimate Luxuries Set ($120). After my purchase, the store representative told me that the store did not have any more gift sets. That was the reason I decided to purchase the set. I contacted Macy Customer Service (1-800-289-6229)twice. The first attempt (waited 30 minutes)for some reason I got disconnected; Called back the second time and spoke with a different representative and next the supervisor. At this point, I have spent close to $500 via online and in the store during the few days, and I have been put through the ringer over free gifts that I should have received with my Estee Lauder Purchase. As a customer, I following the proper protocol with regards to trying to use the Macy’s Gift Card, attempting to place the online order; and going back to a Macy’s Store. By the way, the sales representative did not tell me that there were no more free gifts until AFTER I made my purchase. Based on the advise from the Macy’s representative that take phone order, I actually decided to go into the store. According to her, it would probably be best to go back to the store that issue the Macy’s Money. What has happen to customer satisfaction. Macy’s does not have the capability of checking to verify purchases. In summary, this ordeal has been a big disappointment and an interesting learning experience. Once I pay off my charge account with Macy’s I will not be using it. So much for satisfaction guarantee.

  25. Here it is Christmas Eve and I was just informed that Macy’s only guarantees Christmas delivery for some items by the 24th. Called the 22nd to verify the delivery by the 24th and was told to expect it today. Called today after receiving the “your item has shipped” e-mail indicating a December 29th delivery and was informed that this item will be delivered on the 29th and didn’t I notice the “usually ships in 4 days” despite the guarantee plastered on the website on Sunday the 21st. Kim Spiff at your call center was barely able to apologize for the inconvenience, even when prompted, preferring to place the blame on the customer. Macy’s Christmas Eve message to me was, “Don’t trust our large banner indicating a guarantee. If there is any idication in your order that there will be a delay (even if you call to verify that it is on the way, do not trust what we say). We will use this information against the customer if we fail in our promise and offer nothing in return. The shipment happened on the 23rd and if shipped overnight, I could have it today. Macy’s saved on shipping costs, prevented me from resolving my issue by ordering overnight elsewhere by giving false information (apparently) on the 22nd. When calling today, I requested a supervisor and after 10 minutes of waiting was informed that the supervisor was still busy and could he/she call me. Macy’s trying to make even the call schedule fit their needs rather than the customer. Guess they manage their call center staffing as well as they manager their customers’ expectations. I will avoid Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s going forward and suggest others do the same. There are other options with significantly better respect for their customers.

  26. I would like to let Macy’s know what a good experience I had recently at the fine jewelry dept. of Arbor Place Mall, Douglasville, Ga. Tamora and Julie worked with me to satisfy me about a diamond bangle bracelet I purchased and the lock broke. Macy’s was having a fine jewelry sale on that day I was there and I was able to get another piece of jewelry that I am very satisfied with. Way to go Macy’s and thanks!!!!!

  27. Macys has over charged me. All I wanted was for them
    to provide me with the Original order information . You know like an itemized list that might have the original cost of everything. First time I called the guy just flat out hung up on me after me explaining to him 3 times and he kept telling me about something totally different, then I got loud because he wasn’t listening to what what I was saying. 2nd time I called a girl answered and after explaining to her 2 times, I asked to speak to her manager, she said will you hold? I held on for 10 minutes, and at no time did she say anything. I do not like their kind of customer service. Ill never shop there on line again!!!! I won’t shop there period.

  28. I wish to extend a special note of thanks for the exceptional service I recently received from Rich Cardamone at Macy’s Store #830 at the Tampa Westshore Center in Florida. I had purchased a piece of costume jewelry several days prior at our Countryside store in Clearwater. When I went to wear it, I noticed that the chain was coming loose. Since I was heading to Tampa that morning, I visited the Westshore store and asked to exchange my new bracelet for another one. The employee who originally helped me was unable to locate another one but Rich was kind enough to step in and go beyond the call of duty. He personally ordered up a new one and had it sent to my home – without any additional delivery charge. It wasn’t even his department but since it was early morning and the store had just opened, he was more than happy to provide some needed help. Way to go, Rich! Give the guy a commendation. I left Macy’s that day feeling as if I’d stopped at a high end department store. Thank you so much!

  29. Just wanted to give a shout out to Bill from the men’s department in the Echelon Mall. (Voorhees NJ). I have shopped on two seperate occasions at this Macys and have had the luck of his service. He is friendly without being over the top….he is efficient…..and he is very helpful. He also went out of his way to assure that I used my coupon to my benefit! Bill is a terrific example of an outstanding employee. I will now make this Macys location one of my preferred locations! Thank you for your awesome hiring practices which landed Bill in your store!

  30. Hi,

    My name is David Im and I am a producer of Korean Radio Station.
    I want to announce to korean about Macy’s Advertisement.
    It is promotion period.
    if you have a TV AD File, send me.
    Thank you.


  31. I am angry. Received a clearly fraudulent contact letter about a Macy’s acct. I do not have in a state I do not live in and have not visited. My attempts to get assistance locally met with (finally) talking with a female I had a hard time understanding. Gave up on that. Tried calling the number on the letter and the first thing I was asked was what my acct. # is. Hung up on that as the partial # on the letter is not part of my actual #. Looked at my card to get a customer service #. Can’t read it as the acct. number is punched on the card directly over the contact #. And, when I called the number I thought was the correct one, was offered a Holiday Cruise Lines trip. Macy’s, I’ve had it. Your customer service is non-existent. Such a shame as I’ve enjoyed shopping at Macy’s.

  32. I have tried for 2 days to check out. I keep getting a “Bad Request” message. I love Macy’s, but this is the worst site ever! Maybe you should pay me for my wasted time trying to spend my $’s!

  33. I have spent 2 days trying to place an order. I love Macy’s but this is the worst site ever!! Maybe you should be paying me for the time I have wasted every time I visit your site. “Bad Request” is the message I get when I click the Checkout button.

  34. I will no longer being supporting Macy’s because of your reaction towards Donald Trump. I will be cutting up my credit card and I am done!!!

  35. i have been trying for days to get onto macy’s site to order a purse. it has been down. i even called and they said it was down. so i bought the purse from another site. couldn’t use the discount that had been advertised at macy’s.

    151 West 34th Street
    New York, NY 10001
    Macy’s, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a diverse and inclusive work environment
    Good Evening Macy’s I would not write this letter if I didn’t think I had something to offer Macy’s… Proven ability to effectively resolve complex service and administrative issues; maintains strict confidentiality with highly sensitive materials and ensures efficiency in all operations
    Demonstrates exceptional communication and program planning strengths, necessary for leading administrative initiatives and interfacing with internal and external teams
    Works well independently or in team environments; effectively prioritizes activities to complete tasks in a timely manner and ensure successful execution of practices
    Adept at developing and maintaining detailed procedures and processes that reduce redundancy and improve accuracy and efficiency; maximizes overall performance and productivity.

    Macy’s I am saying all this to say I have applied for position with Macys’ FIVE (5) times in Fredericksburg VA and Springfield VA. I have conformation letters …even one that states “you have applied for this position and my questioner was complete”. However, when I call no one can find anything about me
    Sheila R. Shepherd I even visited Springfield’s Macys’ and no one was able to find me. What happened I am a good worker could someone help me.
    Sheila R. Shepherd


  37. Worst Credit card service. They issued me a credit card and it does not register and the no one at call center has any idea how make sure if the credit card is active or not or what is the balance on the credit card and the best of the case I have to wait 60 mins on phone to get this information and when I asked to cancel the card the call center people don’t know it too. The call center seems to be in a busy fish market in manila with so much back ground noise that it is hardly audible.

    Horrible Credit card service.


  39. I have never ever had such rotten customer service in my whole life. I was on the phone for almost 1 hour and still didn’t get any where. I was trying to order the 32 degrees down vest for $33.99 that had a promo code of red. I had given my credit card number at least 4 times and was told that my card was not good. I said it was, and then she sent me to the credit department. The credit dept told me that my card was valid and not sure why they said it wasn’t. So I am never going to deal with Macy’s again.

  40. Purchased sheets in September. They are already ripped near the corners. Very thin fabric. I hope they take them back.

    Website does not work half the time. Pages will not load in, orders not placed. Macys has gotten horrible and I have been a customer for 20+ years.

  41. I drove 40 miles to your store in Boulder, Co. after looking online for store availability and then looked for coupons to print. I’m sure you know where this is going, apparently big retailers are using bait and switch tactics this year. You claim to have certain products on sale, yet they cannot be found in the store, the coupons of course are no good due to the lengthy fine print that eliminates virtually all products from discounting. Coupons alone are yet another scam on the web for there is no reason to have to download programs etc. just to get another phony coupon in order for yet another mysterious company stealing my personal information against my wishes.
    If you don’t want people going to your stores then close them don’t waste our time it is not a clever tactic despite the idiots that set up your system. Because you chose to waste my entire day based on bait and switch tactics and outright lies YOU leave me no reason ever to return to your stores which aren’t doing that well are they?

  42. your customer service is so UN Helpful it is absolutely so frustrating. Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to talk to a person and you do not give us the option. This is how you loose customers. I know as soon as my bill is paid off I am gone
    G O N E

  43. surely you jest, there is no customer service via phone at Macy’s. I spent 2 1/2 hours trying to order one item. you had my info correct re my credit acct, But the people who were supposed to be helping me place my order, seemed to not have a clue as to how to accomplish this. I repeatedly tried to order on line and even though a live person had verified my information your system wouldn’t accept the information. I was trying to order Xeryus by Givenchy, for $90. I couldn’t find out if the stores close to me carry it. Trust me Wal-Mart as crapy as they are has better customer service. ”””””””””GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

  44. I’ve been on hold for almost an hour and still have not been able to get anyone on the phone to help. It’s ridiculous. I have $80 worth of Macy’s bucks & placed an order and of course was unable to use the money. I need the $80 adjusted off of my order That was placed tonight.
    Please give me a call at 281-731-5847 to get this straightened out. I’m also waiting on part of my order from the 19th and have not been able to get an update and would like my merchandise. Customer service tonight was terrible it almost seems like a scam so that people can’t use the Macy’s bucks.

  45. I never ever would have guessed that Macy’s would have such a horrendous non existing customer service. There is NO one to talk to just a press this button operator that leads you in a circle over and over. I will never order a thing from Macy’s on line again that’s for certain and if I don’t get my order resolved then they just lost a customer. Shame on you Macy’s you can’t hire an live operator for your customers to talk to. Guess you don’t care about your customers.

  46. Kudos to On a, Darci, Cheryl, Lia and Dolly at the Macey’s Gazebo, Kaneohe, Hawaii.
    Great service, lots of smiles. Delicious wing dings with fried rice, lemon bars.

  47. On the 7th of May – I ONLINE ORDERED A PAIR OF TROUSERS SIZE 40X29
    The trousers I received were 40 3/4 waist and 30 length.
    So I returned them – suggest Macy’s desist from buying from manufacturer that marks trousers 40×29 and actually makes a different size.
    Even/so I will continue to buy from Macy’s .

  48. I bought a ryan seacreast slim fit suit , but when i recieved it said modern fit. so i took it to my area macys which told me that was normal. i explained that the web site said slim fit. can you help me ?

  49. Good afternoon,

    I’ve been trying to get a question answered with no help. Called and waited started talking and got disconnected. My husband purchased me a Brahmin handbag for Xmas. He used 35.00 of macys money he got in the month of December. I went to Macys to try and exchange the bag for a different Brahmin bag and apply the 35.00 macys money to it and the clerk would not do it. I understand you can’t get money back but I wasn’t trying to do that. Please explain why I just couldn’t do a exchange.

    Thank you

  50. customer service is a joke I have tried calling several times today only to not be put through because my SIN # as a pw doesn’t work. Even on website – cant login same thing, no option to change pw – nada! All I want to do is pat my freakin acct. I am from Canada so am travelling to the Bellingham store tomorrow. Just unbelievably bad service. Did not used to be this way.

  51. The CFO and / or CEO should really really rethink how they handle customer service and who they let answer the phones in the customer service department for their credit card holders. The current set up is probably causing them to bleed money if not just cost them plenty. I had liked to shop at Macy’s but I will not be spoken to in an abusive, nasty, accusatory, uncivilized manner. I will not be lied to or bulldozed into paying a bill I have not yet received. I will not deal with street people, so I cancelled my card which they were more than happy to do in a heart beat. Money for Macy’s out the door. Can they get people to answer the phone that realize something very simple, I am the customer. I am the one that sends you money every month ? Obviously not. Also any connection with Citi is always a very bad choice.

  52. Dear sir/madam.
    I’ve been shopping with Macy’s for years. I recently bought 2 colognes from the store in Voorhees last week.I opened it earlier today to find out it’s not colognes but deodorants. I called the store to change it & i got negative responses saying all sales are final. This isn’t my fault that i was given the wrong product. I was not bahind the counter. I dont want my money back i just want the colognes. I still have my receipt via e mail

  53. I would like to send a special note of ‘THANK YOU’ to MARIA who works at the FASHION FAIR COSMETIC COUNTER AT MACY’S IN LAKEWOOD CA AT THE LAKEWOOD CENTER MALL.. I was in on March 28 2017 at 12:52 pm.. She was very patient, courteous and quite helpful..Macys really need more employees like Maria.. It keeps a lot of customers coming back.


  54. Recently purchased a couch from Furniture store in Eatontown, NJ. Sales was excellent but delivery service was as far from white glove treatment as is possible. The extraordinarily unprofessional delivery team couch could not get the couch to fit no matter how hard they slammed into the door way. To the point they cracked my brand new sliding door. I have pictures. I rejected the delivery and contacted the local store. They provided Sales Check Number 29048075 and then asked when they could redeliver.
    Am rescheduling a delivery, for now, of August 18th. Was told by the Delivery Service team in Florida (sorry for spelling Yasmarise) that an insurance adjuster will attend the delivery.
    I have no claim number, no contact from claims, and no contact from the insurance company. But I have a delivery date for the couch.
    Frankly, i do not see the two issues to be tied together and would much prefer to hear from your insurance company and get a claim reported…. irrespective of delivery.
    Disappointed that both sales and warehouse care ONLY about setting up a new delivery date and nothing about my broken door.

  55. To Whom it may concern,
    I have been to Macy’s in many locations. I would like to give the Macy’s in Hampton Bays a 10 in customer service. The experience that I have each and every time is like shopping in a boutique. All associates are pleasant and
    Thank You!

  56. Complaint for the Este Lauder Counter At Norhtpark Dallas Texas.

    I was in the area of the Macy’s at Northpark.
    I did an in store order. I only received half of my order.
    I called Macy; they directed me to the store, where I placed my order.
    I tried 10 times to call the Este Lauder counter. I finally got through only to be told they were to busy to help.(Really>???) The clerk was helping 3 people so she said. I have stood at the counter plenty of times while the clerks helped a phone customer. I was told to come in and discuss the problem with a manager. The whole point of having the order shipped to my house, was not to come back to the store. I do not live near the Northpark Store. I only stopped there because I was close to it at the time.
    I had to call the men’s department just to get through to speak to a live person. Alejandro was very nice and tried to help me. (many thanks to him) He told me me which department managers were available if I could get to the store that evening.
    I am very disappointed in the Service from the Make up department at Macy’s.
    I have been a faithful customer for many years.
    I will be bringing my half order back to Northpark. I truly hope I receive better service this time. I highly doubt it. If you cannot help 3 customers and take phone calls how will you make it through Christmas? It is very sad to see the lack of customer service at one of the best Macy’s in the Metroplex.
    I am sure my situation will go unchecked. I am just one person in a multitude of individuals that will continue to shop at Macy’s. What a sad day this is.

    • I bought 3 sets of “Assorted Fashions” queen sheets. Mason Collection Luxury 800 Sateen RN#113585,bar code 8 42164 08957 2…They have fallen apart,ripped and are so thin they are shredding. I did not open the 3rd set because the 1st 2 are so poorly made. We have always shopped at Macys and never found a purchase this poor. We look forward to some resolution…Thank you

  57. On 9/20/2017, I took my mother-in-law to Macys at Biltmore Fashion Park in Phoenix. On the way out of Macy’s, my mother-in-law lost the items we bought at Macys. We had to go back to the 3rd floor to buy another set. On our way out again, we asked 1st floor sales ladies if they saw the package. Sandra Pestone from Fine Jewelry department called the lost and found department and took my number and walked to the 3rd floor to check if the package was lost there. Luckily, we found the package outside Macys. I have been a Macy’s Member for 14 years and this is the first time I have encountered that a sales clerk who goes above and beyond to help a stressed customer. Sandra gave us a warm hug to help relieve the stress and wished the best day for us. I couldn’t say how much it means to us that someone who cares about a customer that not in her department. I just hope this can reach to her department manager that she deserves a best customer service.

  58. Does Macy’s have people working there who can read English? I could kick myself in the ass for not opening the cartons and bags and physically checking the items picked up. I ordered one red turbo vehicle and one blue turbo vehicle, the receipt in the bag says that in plain English, instead I got 2 blue. If they ran out of red I should have been notified. Don’t buy from Macy’s.

  59. Received an e-mail from Macy’s telling me they appreciate my survey feedback and provided an extra 25% off coupon (X5AUUZ6DJYOF) for my time. The joke is that the exclusions that the coupon is good for takes up 1/3 of the page. Bottom line — good for nothing. Just a FEW of the exclusions Deals of the Day, Doorbusters, EDV,, specials, all athletic items, baby gear, costmetics, electrics/electronics, furniture, jewelry, rugs, services, all fashion designers and name brands etc., etc. and the list goes on. It makes more sense to list only the items it can be used for but, personally, I can’t think of any. Don’t waste my time with your surveys or coupons.

  60. I’m sorry but I don’t have my order number . I ordered a comforter a week ago and a message was sent to me saying it should have been delivered today, the 6th. I accidentally erased the email delivery info . so I’m in the dark. The product was paid by Lesley Jacobson and sent to my address. (Jon Hummel) can you help me? Thanks.

  61. I purchased a Chester draw and was never notified upon delivery date or time. Upon coming home it was just left outside. I have no manly power to help me get it in the house. I also would like to examine it for damage. I have tried to contact whoever was going to pick up the phone. This is so much of my time spent unessasarily. Please contact me via email what you are going to do to solve this.

  62. I’m giving kudo’s to Store – Sales Associate “Michelle Fernandez.” She works at Macy’s Kukui Grove; Store Number 472 on the Island of Kauai in the State of Hawaii. What an outstanding individual with excellent customer service! I was interested in a specific item and had the pleasure of speaking with her on the phone. I felt very comfortable talking with her. She was confident with such positive energy. She’s also a very good listener, told her what I was interested in and described it to her. She communicated well, made sure she understood me clearly, repeating what I’d described then checked if they had it in stock in which they did. She then gave me step by step instructions on how I would receive the item via USPS. I don’t live on Kauai, I live on Oahu. I truly appreciated her service and want to thank and recognize her for going above and beyond the call of duty. Keep up the good work!

  63. I would like to commend Jessica C from the Dresses Department in Newport Ma, New Jersey Mall. Jessica was pleasant from the start. She understood my request to move my charges from Macy’s to Plenti points. She explained her every move and transaction. The best part is her demeanor, she was very nice and just provided customer service with a positive attitude. Associates like Jessica surely makes shopping in Macy’s a fun experience. Thank you Jessica !

  64. The Elizabeth Arden saleslady at Macy’s in Arrowhead Shopping Center in Glendale Az gets into such long conversations with her friends that she totally ignores other customers that are waiting. I was waiting to buy some moisturizer and got so tired of being ignored that I walked over to Clinique where I was graciously helped by a waiting saleslady.

  65. I am very disappointed in the follow up process with injuries with merchandise. I purchase an item which had the lost prevention device needle sticking out of it. Upon receiving my item my finger was punctured. I made notes for speaking to several customer service agents. I notified them April 19,2018 I have not received a response yet. This is unacceptable because there should never be a time where a needle injury occurs. This is a liability based upon any type of exposure with a needle of any kind. I have photos and expect a response ASAP and this will go public I will seek legal advice.

  66. Your phone answering system sucks!

    Here’s my issue. My last payment was due on Sunday May 20th. Payment was made on the 21st. Still I was charged a late fee. When payment is due on a Sunday, there is a 24 hour grace period to make payment. Plus it was for an item that I haven’t even received yet! What the hell! Please remove this late from my account!

    Thank you.

    M Forbes-Skubic

  67. Went to your store in the Logan Valley Mall (Altoona PA) on Thursday the 15th of 2018. We like the store but was approached by a coswmetic employee, a guy in a dress with a wig on plus lipstick asking if we needed help. After the initial shock wore of not only was I offended but I also see the lack of values your stores/company hold. You have the right to hire whom you please just as I have the right not to shop there ever again!

  68. Your customer service is horrible. I’ve called several times and the phone connection is horrible. I got bounced around three times. The person on the other line spoke broken English at best. After getting transferred several times I was cut off.
    They were no help getting my problem resolved.

  69. The sales person at the store convinced my to open a Macy’s credit card for my purchase. When I received the statement I paid it IN FULL. However, they received the payment two days late which may have been due to a holiday (no mail delivery?).
    Since then they have been charging me late fees each month. When I called to work this out they transferred me to Citi – Bank who could not have cared less about my situation. They demanded payment in full for the compounding late fees even though they were paid in FULL! Are you kidding me? I will never shop and Macy’s again.

  70. on 11/26/18 around 9:50 to 1000 Am, I was trying to purchase an item online and I decided to call customer service about my issues. However, the customer representative who was assisted me offered a 25 % discount as a courtesy. she explained what the final price would be after the discount, however when I was about to confirm everything; she placed on hold for about a minute and came back trying to tell unnecessary information which I did ask for. when i was about to explain to her that she already gave me that 25% discount as a courtesy and why is she telling me all that for, and unfortunately she hanged off the phone on me. I WOULD LIKE THIS MATTER TO BE INVESTIGATED SINCE I WAS ON A RECORDING LINE BECAUSE THAT WAS RUDE AND VERY UNPROFEEESIAONAL. I hope whomever reading this could listen to that recording and representative should be trained again about customer service i have been a customer to macys for a very long time. sometimes it is not only about the discount it is mainly about how you guys treat people. Thank you for understanding, and awaiting for a response.

  71. November 29, 2108 at approximately 10:55 am
    I had a wonderful experience shopping at Macy’s Oakland Mall in the Housewares Department. The Customer Service Representative, Nicole, who assisted me is well informed, knowledgeable, lovely personality. I had an amazing experience with Nicole. I purchased a box of dishes I told her I had a knee problem and wasn’t sure I could carry the box. She immediately said I’ll take your purchase to the car. I have been shopping for years and never received that kind of service. Please recognize her for a job well done. She is highly qualified. Employees like Nicole will make customers come to the store instead of shopping online.

  72. .. Last week a wrote a complaint and I have NOT RECIEVED A REPLY.
    SO I will state my problem AGAIN. I am a long time, dedicated customer for over 50 years. On October 11, 2018 I purchases a men’s bracelet (sterling silver & leather)
    at the Herald Square Store in NYC. It broke on or about Nov. 20, 2018 . I returned it to the Ft. Lauderdale Galeria Mall. They wanted to charge me $25.00 to repair it. I am annoyed and asking for a FULL refund. I WAS NOT GIVEN THAT SATISFACTION AT THE FT. LAUDERDALE STORE. Again, I want to return it and get a FULL refund. Thank you. William H. Corker phone 516-306-6465…….address 1017 Guildford A,
    Boca Raton, Florida 33434

  73. I placed my whole order and the receptionist could not understand the
    e-mail address as I told her twice. I do not know why Macys and other
    establishment us foreign people to do their telephone orders and this
    has not been my first time trying to call in orders in different establishments.
    very very frustrating.

  74. I recently shopped at Macys, Chesterfield Town Center, near Midlothian,VA, jewlery department. After choosing my Christmas gift and going to a counter to purchase, the sales person (Vandana) said she was closing her register and someone at another counter could help me. She also apologized .I watched her tell another customer she was closed but after a brief conversation she did ring up the customer’s merchandise. I then asked her was she sure she couldn’t ring my merchandise, then she said yes. However, the other clerk was finished with her customer and helped me. This was very disturbing to me! I felt I was being discriminated.I feel my purchase, time, and money is just as important as the next person.

  75. I am SO upset with your order department. I placed an order online and had a problem so I asked for a chat and I was directed to someone to help who caused more problems. I would like to speak with management and not representatives My credit card was charged twice and now they say the order was cancelled.

  76. In Nov. I tried to explain to customer service person about a delivery issue. Person very poor at English. Asked to talk to another agent, but was told I had to re-call the phone number. Eventually got another person that could not understand my problem…another poor English speaking employee. I gave up! Decided to just get the stuff delivered to local store. However, on Cyber Monday my items were cheaper, with FREE SHIPPING, so decided to reorder and not drive 20 mi. to pick up my original order. Just got my bill, and I was not credited with the items never picked up! Will not ever consider calling customer service, again, as the agents are too hard to understand. But where is Macy’s email address?? Very frustrating.

  77. i purchased diamond earrings on dec 23, 2018 and also a warranty price total about 514.00 i was told that i could have 12 months to pay. then when the associate rang it up, i was told no. i came back later to try and correct it and was told that i was given the wrong info…it happened at cool springs, franklin tn.
    i ahve shopped there for years and never had a problem before.

  78. My property (home) was damaged 4 months ago by Macys subcon Cory Delivery Company, the damage is $945.00 as verified by an indepdent receipt provided with my claim. I have in writing from Cory admitting to the damage and I have followed up with Macys several times. Today I am told that the check needs to come from Cory, and this company is NOT responding to Macys. This is NOT customer service, I bought my high end furniture from Macys and expect Macys should stand behind whoever they select to make their deliveries and not leave me the customer waiting.

  79. I like to speak to someone in customer service re: my experience at the Mac counter..

    I look forward to hearing from someone ASAP.. thank u

  80. Hello! My Order #1959356327 · 1 item and Order #1960491728 · 2 items are not delivered. Can you help me please.

  81. Hello! order at 06/20/2020 # 1978314350. My order is still on the way. Please check the track number. Can you deliver it faster please?

  82. I did not receive all of my order and I’m trying to contact someone in customer service!!!! I was told by the automated service that items in my order are out of stock!!! I would like to speak to someone about a refund or send the merchandise I paid for!!!

  83. Order number :2137100709
    I received an email that my order was delivered but I didn’t enter my room number. So it seems deliver to post office. Could you help me to ask poster office send back to sender?

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