Contact Lumosity Customer Service

Contact Lumosity Customer Service

Contacting Lumosity Customer Service Center

Lumosity is a brain training game that allows users to use fun games to improve core functions required for optimal cognitive health. After finishing Lumosity training, according to the official website, experts have measured improvements in attention and working memory. The training programs were developed with based on many hours of research and collaboration.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

When it comes to contacting Luminosity by phone there is just one phone number for the corporate headquarters. There is Luminosity customer service, but the customer service team works via email and online support only.

  • Corporate Headquarters: 1-415-651-4561 – Mailbox system is full – no customer service available.

There is a phone number listed with the Better Business Bureau for Luminosity customer service.

  • Customer Service: 1-877-777-0502
  • Fax: 1-415-651-4561

Mailing Address

Luminosity has been located on Kearny Street in San Francisco for years, but the company has grown to the point it needs extra space. With an eight-year lease on New Montgomery St in San Francisco, the company is expected to move into the new location by October 2013. For the sake of contacting Luminosity customer service at the correct address we have listed both addresses.

LuminosityAttn: Customer Service 153 Kearney St. San Francisco, CA 94108


Luminosity Attn: Customer Service140 New Montgomery St. San Francisco, CA 94105

Official Website

The official website for Luminosity is available at The website asks visitors a series of questions to personalize the brain training program. When all the questions are answered, Luminosity requires an email address, password and user name to create an account to view the personalized training program. Some of the games available on Luminosity are free, but others require the consumer pay a fee to access additional tests and training exercises. You can choose to pay a monthly fee without contract, a recurring monthly fee or a lifetime access fee.

Customer Service Email

Luminosity customer service is available via a request system. Customers visit to submit a question. An email address is required as this is how Luminosity customer service will communication after the request is submitted. You can attach files and/or screenshots if the issue requires such documentation. Many requests become part of the Help section of the Luminosity website in hopes of helping others customers address similar problems.

Our Experience

When we called the Luminosity corporate headquarters phone number we received a mailbox not a corporate headquarters. When we called the customer service phone number listed with the Better Business Bureau we received the same mailbox full message we heard when calling the corporate phone number. The fax number listed for corporate office appears to be functional.

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76 Comments on “Contact Lumosity Customer Service
  1. I have started to subscribe to your program several times, and then I become disgusted with your web site and how you do business. Just when I am ready to complete my application, up pops now another price and divisions to add to your beginning request. Can I not just have a simple one year subscription with the option to renew on my own, rather than you automatically billing me for another two years. And what if I were to forget, then you just keep billing me. I do not trust companies that do that kind of business. Particularly when you may me dealing with people that may need this type of brain stimulation. I have run a successful business for 40 years and if I used your business mode I am questioning if I would still be in business!

  2. How do you rate someone you cannot communicate with?
    Been trying for over a month I keep getting cookie cutter emails that have nothing to do with my questions

  3. This is the most deceitdulcompany that I have ever encountered. They are thieves, stealing money from my account when not authorized to do so. There is no one to contact to right the situation. They have illegally took a large sum from my account and will not respond. I have twice told them to close my account in 2013 when the same procedure was executed. But they steal from me again. Return my money to my account. Legal action pending if this is not done soon. I plan to go public with this continued stealing

  4. if i pay in full for a year membership for a family how hard is it to get reemburst if dont like and how do i do it and do i only have 30 days to cancel or can i pay monthly and can stop at anytime

  5. I need to talk to a PERSON! I want to find out about my subscription expiry date and do not wish to deal with email 3 days from now! I want to deal with this right NOW… Do you understand this concept!?! I also WAS going to do a lifetime subscription until I hit this wall where your company doesn’t want to deal with customers… and why not? This is insulting to the very intellect that you are trying to promote… WTF eh?

  6. I am trying to unsubscribe from Luminosity it keeps going back to the game. Please quit sending me your e-mails I do nott like this game Thank you

  7. I have been on the system for a couple of weeks. I will be traveling for 3 weeks on business. Since I have a second version iPad, I running Lumosity on my Macbook Pro. Since I not taking my Mac on the trip I will be unable to do any of the games while I gone. Will this effect the second benchmark. Thanks for help on the issue.

    • I have been unable to continue to access my lumosity account since the subscription for the new year. I have missed it and if I cannot continue with the games, then please refund my subscription money. I have enjoyed doing it but the frustration is mounting.

  8. I cannot access my games because I can’t get my password and username reset. please help or just refund my account

  9. Your web sit is really poor when dealing with subscriptions. Every time I log on, I get an ad trying to sell me a more expensive deal. I am NOT paying for this so it had better be taken off my charge card. Totally agree with the previous post,

  10. Would like more information on Lumosity but would feel more confident if I could speak to a person. First time I’ve posted a message.

  11. I can’t even get into my account, and want a refund, including the last week I couldn’t use it. The number is dysfunctional!

  12. I just found out you charged me $80.00 to renew!!! I was not notified tht you were going to do that, and I would have NEVER authorized that chg. Refund the entire amt immediately! I do not want a lumosity ‘subscription’ at all.

    You are not authorized to withdraw any money from my bank acct ever.

  13. I selected only 1 star for Lumosity as you charged my card without my permission! However, your computer program automatically overrode my 1-star vote and entered 5 stars! I tried it again, and your program did the same thing again. You are not worth 5 stars. Attn reviewers: The twice-shown, 5-star rating is WRONG. Lumosity gets ONLY ONE star. These people will charge your card and NOT notify you they are going to do that. We have the right to refuse paying for something we did not authorize in the first place. Egregious and dishonest business practices.

  14. There should be a contact number so the customer can talk in person. I found it very difficult to communicate online with Lumosity and now I was charged unknowingly for another year!!! Still trying to contact them!

    • I can’t believe you don’t have any phone numbers I’m trying to download the app & can’t You have terrible reviews about all this How to talk to a person?!!

  15. Charged unknowingly for another year. Having a very difficult time contacting Lumosity !
    Should be able to talk to a person on the phone! ,

  16. You guys are driving me crazy. Your unsubscribe process is just nuts. I tried several ways to unsubscribe and have been unsuccessful You are so concerned about customer service yet you are not available by your telephone number. Your organization is like touching tar…once you touch it, it is hard, very hard to get rid of. Please, please remove me from your e-mail list. My brain is functioning just fine without you…oooops, no it is not. I am loosing valuable cells just trying to get you out of my life. Will you help me? (a good salesperson always asks for the sale).

  17. Their customer service team refuses to speak to anyone on the phone. 2 times I have signed up for family plans. 2 times the order and attempts to add members went wrong in their system. Both times customer service sent emails back and forth for days making up reasons why it could be and error, that I needed to fix. Never solving it. Both times I had to cancel my order. Great games, lousy service. Find another game company. Their own brains aren’t smart enough to figure out bad customer service kills companies.

  18. I would give them a ZERO in customer service and how their website works. I am missing several days as they want me to install Adobe which I have and it still won’t work. I am contacting the CA Atty General about this.

  19. I need to login. I paid by CC on 1/6/14.
    Am of the old school of mind…business is business…do not put personal information out for all to see…thus have no Facebook or other line of contact.

    Please help me log in…

    Thank you,

    Betty Dunnam

  20. I had taken a family membership for one year,but now I want only a single membership. Please refund the fee you have taken for year 2014
    with regards g .Sebastian

  21. I had taken a family membership for one year,but now I want only a single membership. Please refund the fee you have taken for year 2014
    with regards g .Sebastian

  22. I have my application filled in up to the part where a payment is requested, which I do not want at this time. I do want to try this program, and may want the programs that I need to pay for in the future. Thank you.

    Shirley Burke

  23. Have tried to continue an account set up for my son. Several requests to the on-line system have not been responded to. Your on-line help information does not help. Cant understand why Luminosity to negligent in helping someone reestablish their account.

  24. My husband bought us a family membership, but no longer wishes to participate. I asked that the membership be reduced to a single, and could I get a prorated refund? Matt said it was possible (after numerous emails to get to that point) then after I took the time to gather the supposed “sensitive information”, he sends me a FORM LETTER telling me that because the account is more than 30 days, a refund is not possible, and that he’s sorry I’m canceling my account. WHAT?!

    First, NOWHERE did I say I wanted to cancel our account. (I may now.) I also explained from the first email that I knew the account was more than 30 days, and REITERATED THAT in every subsequent email. He indicated he could still resolve the matter within a day if I would provide the sign-up information for the account. Obviously, it seems he had no intention of helping me — only sending me on a wild goose chase and in the end, I received no help whatsoever. HORRIBLE SERVICE!

  25. I’m very upset/frustrated that you have shut down my service and keep charging my credit card account!! I’ve had no internet service for months due to power outages and my computer broke and I had no computer to work on. AT&T and DTE credited my account due to the outage but you have continued to charge me!! I have tried to contact you but you are unavailable by phone or email. This is unacceptable and I want you to stop charging me and credit my account for months that I’ve not received your service asap. BB

  26. I am in the same sinking boat as all the postings state. I am low income on disability from brain injuries. The website games have helped me track my healing. I went online to renew and the option for monthly billing 6.79 a month. They immediately charged me full rate 79.95! that overdrew my cking account with a fee from bank. I can’t reach a real person to reverse this today. I go to food banks to survive and this is a nightmare for me. As a posting stated, if their response is unacceptable, I will take this to legal action quickly. Wish now I read these postings, I would have never renewed. I am devastated by their actions, their stealing system has me broke for 2 weeks.

  27. My nightmare is just beginning….stunned to see almost $80 taken from my account….where I have about $20, with not enough overdraft protection. I tried it last year, didn’t follow up, and forgot about it, until now….the worst possible time to have this money taken! Had to search the web for a long time just to get a number to call, and no human…a two day wait for review of the call. Sick to my stomach.

  28. What a pleasant surprise…I didn’t talk to anyone, but someone was paying attention, and refunded my money to PayPal instantly!

    Thank you!

    I still have some days to wait for it to show up in my account at Paypal, then more days for them to transfer it *back* to my bank. Rushed to borrow enough to cover it, and, luckily, got it there in time, but now have a balance of 0.03 cents until they return it.

    I have to make sure no auto renewal is set to go through PayPal ever again! (Didn’t know this one was) Wish I could just close my account there, but they have become so embedded in so many online checkouts, that, in some cases, one has no alternative.

  29. Terrible time to contact this company. I like the tests but I will never subscribe again as it is too much aggravation dealing with them as attested to by the many letters above. Each time I change my email or such I cannot get back on without jumping thru hoops not fun to deal with.

  30. It’s easy enough to sign up for lumosity but just try to cancel the account. There is no telephone number, no E_mail site for this. I cannot use it anymore but they can just charge my acct. every year and I don’t even get the site, just the charge. Stay away form the Co. and tell your friends to do the same.
    If anyone out there has managed to cancel the site, I would like to know. just say how you did it and I will keep track of this site.

  31. I am extremely disappointed your customer service it’s extremely poor. I have sent an inquiry 10 days ago to your help center and I am yet to receive any assistance with my technical issue. I am extremely disappointed I’ve been your customer for the last two years and you are about to loose my business if I don’t receive a response by tomorrow. I am unable to log in from my computer or IPad theyour app is only now working in my phone why? You automatically drafted from my account to continue my service but have absolutely failed and assisting me with my technical issue. Please contact me A.S.A.P

  32. I am very disappointed in the accessibility of your customer service and your product. After trying it for a few months, it appears to be a scam, one which is nearly impossible to stop from appearing on my computer. I would not recommend your site to anyone.

  33. I need to update my Flash Player but the only option I am offered is a package deal at 449.99 mo.
    Lot of luck. I just want to be able to update and continue but if I can’t then I want a refund. I signed up for two years.

  34. When I try to log in I get a message telling me my e-mail address doesn’t look right! I have been your customer for several years and my e-mail address has never changed. If I can’t access my work out I would like to cancel my account.

  35. Don’t Don’t Don’t Don;t Don;t Subscribe,this is the worst company I;ve ever had any dealings with. You;ll never get it right ,don;t try. Until this point I;ve yet to find anything I couldn;t fix,enter lumonositty,,I can;t even get started, the worst thing they have my credit card information. I just can;t believe it.

  36. I have been on hiatus for some time and I would like to re connect. Please advise and tell me the status of the hiatus and how it worked. In short, how much time will be added to my subscription.

  37. In one word, ” Miserable”. One of the games crashes my computer every time and after I submit a request, I never hear from them ( as stated in their help section) and it appears “resolved” in my questions page when in fact nothing was done or was I ever contacted. I am close to suspending this account. No phone numbers work, either……….Begs the question, ” Has this company’s product reached a tipping point where they can no longer service their accounts?

  38. Not helpful at all. + you might review your info every few years. It says you’ll move into your new digs in “2013”. Plus you have the word “lumINosity” in the test. we expect YOU to know how to spell it.

  39. I have tried to cancel my luminosity. I am not sure when I began the process, but I believe it was in July. I tried to cancel by telephone, as well as by email. At the end of August, I spoke w/ someone in customer service (Mark?) Who assured me that my luminosity account would be cancelled, and my credit card reimbursed. This did not happen, and I am still getting charges to my account. I have been paying through my credit for some time, in good faith, believing that I could cancel my membership when I no longer wished to have an account w/ your company. I am extremely upset that my cancellation requests have not been honored. I have enjoyed using your service. I am disappointed that my request for cancellation has been ignored, and I have been paying for a service that I no longer want. This is an unfair and unethical business practice.

  40. I have asked repeatedly to have help with password. I keep getting the message that information should be checked with Spam. I still have not had any message back to my email.
    Thank you.

  41. I called to request a refund several months ago, and my call was not returned nor was my account credited. Also, do not withdraw the annual charge from my account again.

  42. I have been billed for and do not belong and have never played games. CALL me. I don’t want this billing on my VISA credit card. Ty.

  43. Please remove my credit card immediately!!! Your auto-bill account is horrifying and I never authorized a renewal since the last time I visited your site. My bank will be contacting you as I disputed this charge and wish to no longer do business with this company!!!! If no action is taken, I will report you to the better business bureau!

  44. Hi;
    I would like to sign-up for a family plan and would like to know how much it would actually cost to pay for that as a life time or for a year etc with out having to do a monthly plan.

  45. No one has gotten back to me with my concern. It has been 48 hours or more. The last time I posted a question, it was several days. You advertise that you return concerns within 24 hours. Again, I purchased subscriptions for family and one of the I submitted wrong.

  46. SIR/MADAM:

  47. I have been using luminosity for a couple of years. When you began charging I joined for one and have been unable to get connected to luminosity ever since.

  48. I am writing to ask for a refund of $119.95 taken from my Westpac Visa Account on the 7th February 2016.
    I only signed up for 2 years and didn’t get any warning that I would be charged again. I have tried to unsubscribe but with no luck so I wish you to do so as well.
    Yours Sincerely
    Barbara Lloyd

  49. When my husband renewed my subscription to Lumosity for this year, he was told that the price had increased for this year because the games would be more geared to my likes according to your assessments. I have found that I change games quite often, therefore, I don’t think they are being geared to my likes or abilities. Please check and let me know what you think. Thank you for your help.

  50. I am not receiving reminders on my email for Lumosity.
    They were very helpful. Please schedule them again.
    I paid for this in February and I keep forgetting to use it
    without my reminders.

    Thank you!

  51. What a scam! I want my subscription cancelled immediately! I have called and it is impossible to talk to a person as all you get is this recorded message. I left my information AGAIN as instructed and I also sent an email yesterday with all info requesting my membership be cancelled and a refunded issued. No response to anything. Has anyone gotten a response from this so called company and received a refund and gotten their subscription cancelled?

  52. hi there ,
    my yearly subscription is coming up this month , am wanting to switch to the french version , is that possible? please let me know before the 21 of july…. thanks Francine

  53. Why did you get rid of customer service PEOPLE? That’s not right. We deserve to be able to speak to a human being. Horrible cust. svc.
    I tried to e-mail via “Help Center” and even THAT was an “error”:
    “There was an error logging you into our Help Center. To access our Help Center without logging in, please visit If you need to contact us, please go here.” (“here” is a link)

    I have been with Lumosity for years; and now, when I need to speak to someone, you won’t let me…not even to get to the help desk.

    I got a high score (102,700) on Speed Pack, and was unable to “continue” to
    get it posted to see all results. Not having this total is not improving my overall score, which is very important to me.

    Now, after I log out, it’s going to be gone…thanks.

    What’s the point of having Lumosity if it won’t work properly ~ and what’s the point of having a “Help Center”, if it won’t work, either?

    FYI ~ In case you view my progress, the reason I haven’t been using Lumosity for most of the month, is because my computer has not been working due to Flash Player problems.

  54. I have called for a refund several times. My computer does not support the system. I cannot get a live person. I cannot fill out the normal refund complaint because it does not load. I’m charged $47.96 and would like a refund.

  55. PLEASE contact your state attorney general’s office if you are billed and want a refund. The company is a scam and has no phone number to reach a live person. Also – PLEASE warn your friends and contacts by posting your problems on social media outlets! Any company that tries to bill you and does not have a live, US based person to speak with nor a phone number listed should be run out of business. Please make sure you warn as many people as you can about this scam— and again— report this to the authorities. Let’s bankrupt this company!!!

  56. Often when I’m doing really well in a game there will be a pop up about updating my service by adding new family members etc. When this happens it disrupts my game and I have to start all over. It is extremely annoying and I find it very rude. If I want to update, I will do it when I’m ready. I feel this is unfair as I pay for the service, it’s not free. If there has to be a pop up, it should be set up before I start a game or when I’m finished. Today when I got interrupted I just gave up trying to equal the first game I had started. This happens often.

  57. Customer Service is HORRIBLE. I’ve been trying for days to get a hold of these people. No one to talk to. They say they strive to communicate quickly!@! Bull!!
    I was under the impression that I would be paying just 2.88/month and they charged me like $65. off the bat. Can’t get ahold of anybody. PLEASE ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO SPEAK WITH A REP. ARE YOU AFRAID YOU’LL HAVE TO PAY SOMEONE BACK!!!!

  58. My husband has dementia and is hospitalized–incapable . I have been trying to straighten out an account that I did not know about and worked through his a-AA VISA card & Barclay’s Bank, but am told that Lumosity must cancel the account. THere seems to be no way for me to contact them. I don’t know what to do and can’t find a way to get in touch with them. HELP!

  59. I now understand why I cannot get my refund they took out of my account for 2 years unbeknownst to me. I have been trying to contact iTunes which says the subscription was made through them. What!! I wouldn’t know how to do that. What a scam this is. There should be a class action suit created by all the bilked customers and I see there are so many of us. So iTunes got my money and cannot refund but 2 months. They said to talk with Luminosity to get the rest of the money. Ha Ha You know how that is going. But I am determined. found this number from the BBB, 1-877-777-0502. Will be calling them next after waiting for a Senior Advisor from iTunes. What a racket!!! illegal and fraudulent!!!

  60. I just found a charge from you .
    I cancelled you long ago because I cannot access the programs on my old iPad.
    Please refund my money.

  61. This app has given me countless upon countless hours of fun and not only is it entertaining it is beneficial as well. It offers challenging exercises without fail. The app is reliable and I feel from my experience the team behind this app has been on point through and through. When needing support the response time is average and whenever I had had communication with those behind the scenes at Lumosity I’ve exchanged info with a person which in this day and age I feel is over and above. I like the games, the amount of games is vast and new games are introduced as well. The work the team puts into its emails is top shelf in my opinion informative. I have paid for full membership and will again when I am able as I’m a loyal and avid fan of the app as well as those behind the scenes and all their work they dedicate to give its users, paid members as well as it free none paying users a well working and exciting method of entertainment. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO MAKE LUMOSITY A GAME THAT ANY CAN EASILY CAPTURE OUR ATTENTION WHILE GIVING US HELPFUL SKILLS AND BENIFITS WHILE WE PLAY. ALL THE BEST AND KEEP IT UP.

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