Contact Louis Vuitton Customer Service

Contacting Louis Vuitton Customer Service Center

Louis Vuitton is a fashion company that sells luggage, women’s bags, shoes, clothing and more. Almost all pieces have the famous LV logo somewhere on the piece. Collections are available for men and women.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

If you need to contact Louis Vuitton customer service you may become aggravated with the website very quickly. We sorted through all the flash pictures and pop-ups to find all the information you’ll need.

Phone Contact Number

From 6 Am to 10 PM Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 10 PM Saturday and 8 AM to 9 PM Sunday, you can contact Louis Vuitton customer service.

  • Louis Vuitton Phone Number: 1-866-884-8866

Mailing Address

There is no reference to the Louis Vuitton corporate office address or customer service address on the official website. We searched around and found the New York address where you can send your letter.

LVMHAttn: Customer Service19 E 57th StNew York, NY 10022

Official Website

The official website for Louis Vuitton is located at The site is based on flash and extremely difficult to navigate. After moving through the site for about 15 minutes, we finally got the hang of it. You can access collections and Louis Vuitton merchandise from the Shop Collections link at the top, but if you need to reach Louis Vuitton customer service you’ll have to click the Can We Help You link in the upper right corner of the page. Contact information, though minimal, is displayed.

Social Media

Just like every other link on the Louis Vuitton website, the social media links at the bottom of the page open the pages for you. Just click the link for Facebook or Twitter to connect with Louis Vuitton customer service or visit:

Customer Service Email

The customer service email form is hidden behind a pop-up on the Can We Help You tab. Click the link at the top right of the page then click the Contact Us link for the customer service email form. To make it easier for you to contact Louis Vuitton customer service, we asked for a direct email address. We’ll update this piece if we receive a response.

We did find an email address in the privacy policy.

Our Experience

When we called the Louis Vuitton customer service number we expected stellar customer service and that’s exactly what we received. There is a message that answers the call, but only to validate you’ve called the correct number. We did have to wait on hold for more than three minutes before the call was answered, but we didn’t have to sort through tons of option lists.

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48 Comments on “Contact Louis Vuitton Customer Service
  1. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own blog and was wondering what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like
    yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very internet smart so I’m
    not 100% sure. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

  2. this is kinda off topic but i was looking foward to work with you to open up a louis vuitton shop in my country

  3. I purchased the Palermo GM for more than $1600 and the trim began peeling only days after my purchase. I ordered the strap pad and handles support the same day but never got them or heard back from the reps in the store or customer service despite multiple calls weekly. this wad six months ago and I am still waiting. I took the bag in the store in New Jersey at the Pier Shops where I got it but was told they had to wait on quality before they could help me. this was two weeks ago. Just spoke to them again and was given a million excuses. Needless to say I still have a bag that cost almost $2000 that I am not carrying.

  4. Louis Vuitton it’s the best. I’m regular costumer in new bond street , but I would like to get informed ,

  5. Much like Erica I had an extremely poor experience with LV. I purchased the never full GM and it was too big. I asked the girl who sold it to me if its too big and I don’t like it can i return it. I put my things in the bag and carried it for a day and realizes the straps hurt my me k so I bagged it up and put in original box. I flew home to Denver to return (purchased in boca ration store) to be greeted RUDELY by the LV salespersons dn they immediately said we can’t take this back. She was so rude and basically steamed there was a spec in the purse so she couldn’t take it back. I literally put it on for a couple ours if that. She offered nothing but…sorry there is nothing I can do….to state exactly what she said…the purse is yours. Are you kidding me. That is what spending $2k will get you. Nordstoms, asks and Newman Marcus would NEVER treat you this way nor not take an unused item back. Very misleading when I purchased the bag. I reviewed comments on line and if I read them before I thought of making the purchase I never would have bout a louiy. If you research them you will se. It’s all true.

  6. Hi, I want complain in the garden Louis Vuitton store, how I should to do ??? Which email I can get it ? Pls get response to me. Really make me disappointed !!!!!!!!

  7. HELLO am trying to buy bags online from Louis Vuitton bags discounted i want to know if this site is safe and provide the real and original product


  8. Purchased Speedy BAND 30M M56702 $1,200.00 (new style loved it when I purchased it pricy compared to reg speedy, but wanted new style) Well wear on the corners (all) horrible…took back to store in Charlotte and girl was rude and said normal wear and tear, Wrong! I have had Louis Vuitton bags for years and love them still…This one although only used 1/2 year off and on…..will never last a few years, never mind a lifetime! I would like something done to this bag and sent photos to Louis Vuitton and will wait for a response and keep you all posted.


  9. I bought this LV tote bag 2 years ago,and it ripped in the handle,do you guys repair that,such expensive bag don’t expect it rip within 2 year,please email me bag thanks

  10. I purchased a shoe, with the help of the store team member, that encouraged me to buy the size, as the leather would give somewhat…It didn’t. I wore the shoe 3x’s, really in good faith that the shoe would give a little and it didn’t. I shared my issue as the shoe is too narrow, the store mgr said, well it’s not my employee’s job to know how your feet feels in a shoe. I’m so saddened by the experience.

  11. I purchase neverfull mm and after two uses I noticed that the side glazing of the strap is starting to have cracks. The side glazing is so thin that won’t be able to support the stap from the weight of the bag. Eventually, it will cause cracking. Is this normal to a luxury bag? I don’t think so..! When u say Louis Vuitton, first word
    u will think of is the exceptional quality which was prover overtimes. This is not my first lv bag, I have seems that the quality now a days is compromise probably because of hight demand on neverfull and speedy. Right now, my request for replacement is on process.

  12. My only with is that they resurrect the Pochette Secret circa 1988. It is the ideal piece to stow passports and currency underneath a blouse/shirt. There are several “rare” pieces on auctions sites not be be named but I WILL NOT WEAR COUNTERFEIT.

  13. Louis Vuitton has the worst customer services in the world. As high end as you guys are, you couldn’t better educate your staff to be classy but instead make judgements based on how you look when you walk in that door. I bought lots of stuff from Louis Vuitton and each time I just want to kick myself in the rear because honestly you do not deserve my money!!! This will be my last time and matter of fact I rather return and take my business elsewhere and tell your staff at the houston galleria to shove it up there behind. I do not see why they are sooooo rude and unhelpful. Just because I dress casually does not mean I can’t get services. People who got money are sometimes not flashy. It took literally an hour for someone to come help me and when they do they talk to you like your nobody. Excuse me, who are you? I mean I’m sure Louis Vuitton don’t pay you doing retails? Just because you work at an high end place, don’t make you better. Sorry your paycheck probably won’t pay for a Louis Vuitton bag so yes do not shop and carry this brand. I rather take my money to places that treat you worth respect. You guys sucks

  14. Louis Vuitton company is racist the use the Muslim in middle east the make big money and if your in Europe ore usa to be seller the refuse to sale you the goods only if your Jew this message for all Muslim and Muslim country please stop this pigs the talk bad about Islam and you give them you money for cockroaches bag company Louis Vuitton sude be out from all Islamic country and thank you for you support

  15. hello mister loui vouitton .my name is elizabeth and i`m 13 favoritelessonis painting and from5 years old i design dresses shoes and bags and lot of things, i want to be a fashion desinger but i don`t have a lot of money for studys so please can i send you my design and if you liked please give me a change. i live in kastoria in greece my adress is palio nosokomeio street and my adress is nosokomeio 6.
    thank you

  16. Well, I’m not usually one to write review, but here goes…
    I’ve been carrying my LV Artsy MM for just over one year. I wear it nearly everyday. I have noticed in the past 2 months that it is starting to crack around the top.
    I contacted LV customer service, and was told that I must be carrying it wrong… Um, what?? I carry it at the elbow, as the strap doesn’t provide much drop, so it feels weird under the arm. I was informed that LV will not repair or replace, or even offer a credit for this poorly made bag.
    Just keep in mind if you are thinking of buying a LV, do not buy a hobo shape bag… Stick to something that zips up.
    I’m bummed, and I think you would be too. $1,700.00 is a lot of money to not be able to be carried for more than one year.

  17. I bought LV speedy damier from Paris gallery Lafayette on March 2014 the brown one I still keep the purchasing document , I almost out it on for 10 times as u stopped wearing it noticed on both handles from the bottom down side in the handles that leather is coming out !!!!! I was astonished as the LV material is a better quality than that and this is not something in the surface of the bag so we can dah that this is due to a miss usage it is somthing in a totally hidden area where it is not exposed to any thing!!! Pls contact me ASAP on my email as If i will not receive a replay from your respective side u will escalate as it is totally unbelievable buying a life time bag with an amount of I think price was that time for the speedy medium size in 560 euros and have it ruined in less than 7 months !!! I can send Tiya copy of the purchasing doc and the bag itself , awaiting for your soonest feedback urgently

  18. I bought the medium Total MM LV December 2012. The purse is bottom heavy so the top of the purse slouches in, it’s unavoidable. I notice that on the top of the purse were it slouches the vinyl has started to tear not in just once place but multiple areas of the pursue. I took the purse into a Louis Vuitton retail store to see if the purse could be repaired. The sale representative stated that the vinyl is not repairable. What was really disturbing is that the sales rep stated that this is a known issue with Louis Vuitton but they continue to manufacture and sells purses that slouches knowing the purse will tear within a couple of years.

  19. On December 12 I made 2 purchases at the Macy’s heard square Louis Vuiton department.
    One bag was a gift for Christmas and the second was for Valentine’s Day. Well come to find out that the one I saved for Valentine my wife already has it, upon trying to exchange the bad and get a more expensive bag now I’m told I can’t make the exchange because the bag was put in the box wrong and it has a crease on it….. I will say very poor service even after talking to the manager, now I do have a picture that is stamp on my I phone from the store with the same crease on the bag?

    Just wanted to share my experience, as over the last couple of years I purchased 6 bags from your company and this is the last one, never though after spending all of that money on a bag this is the service your company provides.
    Already removed my email from your email list as I do not wish to see any future products from your company.
    I work in retail and customer service is a lost art now a days.
    Receipt number in case you care to look into my experience, 71079191 0757 5:23pm 12/12/2014
    Your manger was very happy to provide the customer service number instead of helping me with my transaction!!

  20. Hi, my name is Keith Banks and i just wanted to let you guys know how much i love the brand!! I have tons of gear and i will always support Louis Vuitton!! So classy and fresh!!! I was wondering if u guys could send me some stickers/coupons..anything would be greatly appreciated!! Either way i will always support the brand!!! Thanks again!!!

  21. I bought a pair of Louis Vuitton boots from LV in Selfridges. The heel broke after 5 wears. I returned them to LV and they refused to refund, replace or repair the shoes. I buy luxury products from all of the Houses and have never encountered such poor customer service. I will be following this to the end including the small courts. May 2015

  22. I bought some LV bags ih your outlet in Singapore 2 years ago.Two of them can’t be used anymore because the handle melted and become sticky,leaving dirty ,black sticky stains on the bag’s surface.I am very dissapointed.I know that LV is expensive,shouid not be like that.It didn’t happened to cheap bags also.

  23. Two of my expensive LV bags,bought in Singapore 2 years ago,the handle melted and stained the bags with dirty,black,sticky spots all over the bags,I am very dissapointed .I couid not believe it can happened to such a branded bag.I believe such a big brand will take the responsibility to mend the bags.Thank you for your attention. Yours sincerely. Dr listiani,jakarta,indonesia.

  24. To whom it may concern:- I visited your White City store at Westfield shopping centre West London on Tuesday 22nd December to purchase a ladies silk scarf at the cost of 210GPB. I was extremely disappointed in the service and the method used for making customers wait to be served and witnessed a lot of people not wanting to wait and left which meant lose of business for the store! Please let me explain the experience I had:- I entered the store at approximately 6.20pm and looked around for an assistant and finally managed to talk to a lady with a I-Pad and she asked what I wanted and I said a silk scarf and she showed me one and then said I had to go on the list and wait for the next assistant. My name went onto the list and I asked how long will it be before I get served and was told within 5 to 10 minutes. Then 20 minutes later a male assistant came over and informed me I was 2nd on the list and I said to him the system in use was so inefficient because I had now been in the store for nearly half an hour and had still not been served.. He told me he thought it was a great system and my reply was it didn’t work too well because the store wasn’t that busy and there just wasn’t enough staff there to serve people. Anyway, about 10 minutes later I was served by a young lady assistant and she showed me some scarves. I selected 2possible ones which I liked and decided to go with the one I bought. I asked the question if it would be cheaper for me to buy the scarf at the Airport store because I was traveling through Heathrow and she said they were the same price. I decided to buy the one from the White City store but was told that the display one was the last one then I asked the lady to call the Heathrow store and see if they had a new one. The assistant came back after 5 minutes and said they didn’t have any and then asked if I bought the display one would I get a discount and she said no and informed me that the display stock was changed every 2 to 3 weeks. I reluctantly agreed to buy that one and was then taken over to another lady to pay for it while my assistant went and wrapped the scarf. I was asked if my wife who I was buying the scarf for if she was in the system. My wife Jacqueline George and I have made quite a few purchases from various LV stores over the years and are registered in the LV system. My assistant came back withe the wrapped scarf and the lady that I had to pay the money too was still serving a customer so I had to wait about another 10 minutes. I eventually paid it and left the store after being there for over 1 hour and purchased a second hand scarf at full price and my assistant didn’t even say goodbye. The next day I went to the Heathrow store and asked if they had the same scarf and of course they did have it and also had new ones. I explained the experience to the shop manager there and she suggested I should write this note and also she informed me that the White City store didn’t refund as they would only exchange.. When I made the purchase I was told I had until 10th January to return it which I thought meant it could also be refunded. When I gave the gift to my wife and also gave her the receipt she noticed that he name on the receipt was a man’s name and not her’s. This is definitely the worst LV experience I’ve ever had and would like you to investigate this complaint. James Alexander

  25. I have to wait in line for over an hour to return an item at King of Prussia PA
    As a result I will no longer purchase anything from Louis Vuitton from this point forward

  26. Hi~ I purchased the 6 plus phone case and after a few days was not happy with it. Having to keep it open to have a conversation or fold it back so I decided to return it. The gentleman at the galleria Houston location told me I could not because it had a small mark on the flap that covers the phone that mark was there which was barely noticeably due to closing the cover and the glass protector on my phone rubbed on it. I have made many purchases from ya’ll and I am not happy they would not return it. Please have someone email me back concerning this matter. I would be happy to send you photos of the case and the mark on interior of cover. I ask ya’ll to reconsider allowing me to return this item.
    Kind Regards,
    Darla Bartlett

  27. Your customer service phone# has been out of service for several days(866-884-8866). Please email me a working number. I want to make a purchase.

  28. I would like to feedback on the bag that I bought 2.5 years ago in switzerland.
    I bought a metis ( full leather ) dark blue bag.
    I am quite disappointed with the quality because after a year of using it I notice the handle and bag sling is damaged.

  29. I purchased a LV purse, I also purchased the little case that holds the pictures. Every time I opened it the pictures fell out. I took it back and was told that LV could not repair or give me a new one. You would think that when people pay that kind of money for LV there should be some customer service available. It use to be said you get what you pay for, not in this case!

  30. This is very disappointing for luxury brand like Louis Vuitton have employees so rude and not helpful. I will not buy anything else beacuse of thier rudness. It is so disappointing. Emilia who works at Santa Monica and Tim @ Beverly Center. Terribly bad customer service. Hopefully the Company care about people opinion in order to have more sales. Also sales person Eddie Castillo only try to sell and make his commission and he did not care about anything else.

  31. I have purchased 2 LV bags at the Cherry Creek store since Xmas and am shocked at their service and lying to customers refusing to exchange or return a bag!!! You need to read their reviews. They’re pretty much unhappy customers!!!!’
    There was nothing wrong w my bag and I wanted to exchange it for a diff one. I’d had it Less than 2 weeks and had not used it. They said it was stained???? If it was it was because I bought it like that!!!
    The comments about rude sales girls is true!!! We had one Asian girl sorta helping us then she turned us over to another girl cuz she didn’t think we would buy anything. The girl she helped was only looking. Since there was nothing wrong with the bag and it was less than 2 weeks they drummed up an excuse to not let us exchange or return. I was so upset I put the bag back in the box and put it in a bedroom and don’t even want to carry it!!!what a terrible experience and will never buy another expensive LV ever again because of that store. That experience and store puts a bad name to LV and should be checked out!!! They should not be allowed to be in business or all FIRED!!!
    If LV policy in the USA is to return in 2 weeks or exchange- that store needs to heed their policy!!! Instead of downgrading customers so they can keep their sales up instead of Happy Customers!!

  32. I just watched PETA’s video exposé documenting the cruelty to ostriches on South African farms and slaughterhouses for high-end fashions.

    After learning how alligators and crocodiles are abused by companies that supply skins to Hermès and Prada, I was appalled to learn that young ostriches are also killed to make bags, boots, watch bands and other accessories. PETA US documented that ostriches are forced into restraining devices, many slipping and falling while being violently handled, electrically stunned and slaughtered by having their throats cut.

    There is no justification for supporting such blatant cruelty. Please stop buying and selling accessories made from exotic skins immediately. Thank you.

  33. Hi there I had a pair of Louis vuttion run aways bought for me for a late birthday gift and the quality is awful I have worn them a hand full of times and the tips are falling apart they aren’t what I was expecting them to be like for the price they are is there any where I can send them for you to see the quality and repair them or somthing?as I’m not very happy about it I did take them to one of the stores and they said bring them back but London isn’t close to where I live and have no way of getting there. Many thanks

  34. Dear Mr ……..

    I’m writing to you on regards of the incident earlier today at New Bond St.
    I just want to apologise again and assure you that I am taking very seriously your feedback and that I have personally addressed the behaviour of our employees today.

    At Louis Vuitton we work very hard to train our representatives and its very disappointing to hear the way you felt today.

    I would like to take this opportunity to invite you back in Store at your convenience; I will personally ensure you receive the service levels you deserve as a valued client of our brand.

    Find below my personal details if you wish to contact me directly.

    Best Regards

    This is the proof of how unfrofetional this corporation handles their business.i have contacted my attorney to press charges for harassment.

  35. I have purchased a total of four (4) Louie Vuitton purses. I hardly carry them because I have so many other designer bag that I rotate the bags out frequently. I noticed on one of my bags the piping was coming apart and the wire was hanging. I took the bag to North Park Mall in Dallas Tx, to have it repaired or replaced at equal value, only to find out that I would have to pay an additional $180+ to repair the piping. I am very disappointed and I don’t understand how this supposedly Luxury bag doesn’t hold up longer than a year. I have other bag that don’t cost near as much and they are still like they were when I purchased them. Louie Vuitton really need to revisit their policy regarding the workmanship of their product. I was getting ready to purchase another bag for my birthday; after this experience I wont be doing so. I rather give Gucci my money…..

  36. A couple of years ago I received two Louis Vuitton gift cards for my 60th birthday. I have several designer handbags and wallets but my friends knew that I did not own any LV items. Initially, I was very anxious to purchase that special item from a Louis Vuitton store but as life would be, I had so many other priorities that I simply forgot I had the gift cards and never used them. I knew the gift cards didn’t expire so I wasn’t too concerned when I recently came across them. I went on your website and selected the Clemence wallet to purchase. I contacted the Riverside Square store in Hackensack, New Jersey and was told that the wallet was in stock.
    Unfortunately, when I arrived to the store the customer service had much to be desired. I arrived with my adult daughter, my close friend and her 1 year old grandson who was sitting quietly in his stroller. The initial reaction towards us as we entered the store was very guarded and we all felt as if we were being scrutinized rather than being offered assistance. I also thought it to be very strange that within a couple of hours the wallet I wanted to purchase had been sold. I was shown two other options that I didn’t care for.
    This experience I encountered today left me feeling very turned off by the Louis Vuitton establishment. My friend who was with me, who owns a couple of LV items, shared that she too experienced this same treatment in another store.
    Because I now view Louis Vuitton to be an arrogant establishment that only caters to the “wealthy and entitled”, I don’t expect anything to occur from my comments.
    As a retired public school administrator I always carried myself with a presence of care and respect for all students, their families and my staff. To experience individuals in their jobs to treat “certain” customers just the opposite was appalling.
    I still have the gift cards and that is a problem I’ll have to solve.

  37. Wow. I am amazed to see so many negative complaints about your customer service department, BECAUSE HERE COMES ONE MORE. August 1st, two days ago, was my 60th birthday and a friend and I went to your store in the Houston Texas Galleria. Excited about purchasing my first LV purse. The Artsy GM, original Brown and Gold design. We were neither greeted nor offered any assistance. Your white and your black salespersons were ALL RUDE. It is pathetic that in 2017, people still have this stinking thinking. I work in the education field, and do not make a lot of money, but I was PREPARED to purchase this LV. I too, will make sure that I pass this information on to my friends as well. My friend and I did not come in looking like to unscrupulous characters. We were out having lunch, celebrating my milestone birthday. I thought that the day would end with me going home with my Artsy GM. Not so. The saddest thing of all, is that I do not really think it matters to your company. I say that because if it did, you would not continue to keep getting these same types of complaints.

  38. So for the past week I’ve been trying to purchase a luggage tag. At the Tysons Galleria in va. A luggage tag ppl. So the mgr refused to sell me one even though I had pictures of friends with tags on their bags with no previous luggage purchases. When I would call a rep they were nice/pleasant. After I was put on hold their whole attitude changed to rude assuming the mgr probably said something.. and I was correct t she had called the surrounding stores and told them not to sell me anything because I was a reseller… Wtf ?!? I have every piece of LV I’ve ever owned.. she’s now making lies about me. The employee is wiling to make a statement to my lawyer and friends who have bought tags from that location. I also have on my recorded the policy.. oh one rep told me yes we see all you and mom’s purchases and was even holding a limited edition item. Yet again after trying to figure out the issue. She came back on the phone and added that your mom will have to come in an show her ID, I asked why? She said to prove it was hers, but you just told me it belonged to her. I realize this all stems from the mgr.. and all I wanted was to get luggage tags, and of cu paying for them. I have several friends who have gotten them before. But now knowing the truth. I’m super angry. Why put in my profile that I’m a reseller? Like I said I just wanted to purchase luggage tags because I’ve been selling them on other ppl and gives it a personalized look. Oh I also asked her if I were to buy a purse (which I had my cc on me) could she put a tag on for decoration? Let’s guess what she said..,….. a big fat NO. My lawyer will be presenting the evidence plus statements of my friends with their tags on their several of their bag. This is discrimination and a attack on my character. She profiles me for some reason.. I was wearing red bottom tennis shoes a Givenchy T, and both of my wrists are covered in Cartier.. oh and a 40cm black birkin. I don’t know what her issues are? Maybe weight issues. Daddy issues but don’t take that on clients who are trying to spend money.. I hope I hear from you before my lawyer gets all the paperwork he needs..
    Tnk You Ferdinand Aulia

  39. Hello LV customer service.
    My wonderful husband has been purchasing LV items for me for decades. This Christmas he saw a purse in your website he wanted to purchase for me. WELL, he was treated SO very poorly by your staff in different stores. It is truly appalling… he had to argue with two different sales people to purchase this purse. I am SO disappointed that he had to endure terrible behavior to purchase YOUR product. I thought This brand was supposed to treat customers well. I know that in the past, at the Bloor st store we have repeatedly been well serviced. Not sure what happened except to say, I would rethink purchasing LV products, or purchasing NOT in our hometown.

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  41. I bought a LV bag model code :M53152 Alma BB at 16/10/19 on Bahnhofstrasse Switzerland around 11:05am . However I didn’t get the authentic certificate and official receipt for the bag. Can you email or send a hard copy to me ?

  42. I ordered 2 bags at your Budapest store and I was waiting for 2 months for someone to contact me. When I tried to reach the store via phone (I have records of phone calls I made) nobody was answering, today I went there phisically and the store manager told me that she sent me many emails and called me many times. When I asked her for some evidences she sent me only one email sent to incorrect email address (gmail.con extension which is a non-existing platform, instead of She said she has no evidence of her phone calls nade to my phone. I have clear evidence that she never contacted me. This kind of non-professionalism is shameful for a brand of your reputation. I am so incredibly dissapointed that I will really think through to ever shop with you again!

  43. Because of Covid, and all the precautions we need to take now, it would be wonderful if LV made a small hand sanitizer pouch to attach to LV purses. Something that matches would be wonderful. Just a suggestion!

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