Contact Los Angeles Times Customer Service

Contacting Los Angeles Times Customer Service Center

The Los Angeles Times is the hub of information for the greater Los Angeles area. The paper is delivered to local residents in paper form. A digital format is also available for customers who wish to access the paper via digital device or personal computer. Newspapers are all about communication, so there is a ton of information (possibly too much) on how to contact customer service and various departments of the LA Times.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Below is a list of the most important contact phone numbers for the Los Angeles Times.

  • Main Newspaper Phone: 1-213-237-5000
  • Readers Representative: 1-877-554-4000
  • Readers Representative Fax: 1-213-237-3535
  • Customer Service (Home Delivery): 1-800-252-9141

Mailing Address

Contacting the LA Times for customer service reasons may include sending a letter or other form of communication by mail. We’ve included the mailing address for the main paper. Letters to the editor must be submitted via online form or email – not by mail.

Los Angeles Times202 W. 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Official Website

Whether you want to read the newspaper online or subscribe to the Los Angeles Times, you’ll need to visit the official website at But, if you need contact information for customer service, you won’t find it there. Customer service contact information is published on,0,2253528.htmlstory. From this page you can access phone numbers and email addresses for nearly every reporter, photographer and author for the LA Times.

The Los Angeles Times is available on various social networks for customer service and news, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Customer Service Email

Contact emails for newspaper publications are simple to find. Many are even published in the newspaper itself, but here are some customer service email addresses that may help you contact the correct service department.

Our Experience

We called the Los Angeles Times to see if they would be willing to send the paper via USPS to customers outside the delivery area. The automated system is setup to handle calls without having a customer service representative ever answer the call. You can press 0 to bypass the first list of options and then 9 to be transferred to customer service, but you still have to choose one of the available options for the final transfer to be made. The choices are useless because our agent asked us how she could help us despite the fact that we chose delivery problems as our automated choice. We asked about mail delivery to the east coast and the agent told us digital delivery was the only option.

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261 Comments on “Contact Los Angeles Times Customer Service
  1. I’ve tried over the years to use the WEB site for vacation holds. Sign-on never works. I contact them, have it re-set, it works only once & then again doesn’t work. I call and no one seems to care that it doesn’t work. Fortunately, I can set up holds over the phone. I just clicked on myaccount… above & nothing happened.
    Since they lack internet competence, I would suggest they out-source to someone who knows how to make it work.
    I don’t normally “participate” in comments responses, but have been very frustrated with the “on-line” LA Times over the years.

  2. In todays la times business section there was an article where several senators , including Barbara Boxer stated a closure of the college is necessary. Please note Diane Feinstein’s husband is or has been on the college’s board.

  3. For the last 25+ years I have had a subscription to the LA Times. My subscription was about $48 every 2 months, then you raised my subscription to $57.60 then to $60 then in 2013 you went a bit crazy. It went from to $76 in Jan 2013, to $80 in Sept 2013, and now again another raise in May 2014 to $88 and now they tell me because this time, July 26, 2014, I need to add 2 more weeks it’s now up to $109.42. This is an all time high and I don’t understand why?

    It’s just ridiculous over charging scheme!!! I understand that not all months are equal but I want one consistent billing amount every 2 months you are not selling electricity by the unit, you can figure out a consistent price for billing without raising my bill every few months.

    Understanding some months are short some months are long but it all balances out in 12 months. This billing is unreasonable and I don’t appreciate you trying to sneak in another increase or raise.

    If you keep raising my invoices, you will force me to step back and reduce to much smaller subscription size like the weekender?

    $88 is where I am drawing the line in the sand this year, I have had enough.

    Ilene Weingard

  4. I cannot explain how many persons griped about the paper fron page again but you better wake up. there is little interest in seeing the damage in Afghanistan or Gaza Strip on the FRont page of the Los Angeles Times. Your Editor knows better than to do this . it belong in the WORLD SECTION. NOT THE.. FRONT OF THE SECTION WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE HANDLING.. ISSUES OF LOS ANGELES AND CALIFORNIA… GET REAL. WHO THE HECK HAS TRAINED THESE YOUNG PEOPLE.. A GOOD REPORTER KNOWS BETTER..SO SHOULD THE EDITOR.

  5. When you get a live person they are in the Philippines. I have had issues with getting the correct number of papers I ordered delivered and no matter how many times I call and they redeliver they never get it right. Horrible customer service as they aren’t able to follow up or fire the delivery guy or whatever needs to be done. Supposedly, I’m getting a refund, but I paid in full for the year and I haven’t gotten a check yet!!!

    • Hi Charlotte,
      I know just what you mean, I have been having the same problem w/my subscription. My paper is never delivered on the correct day and when I finally get thru to customer service they say the same thing. “we have escalated the problem and have let the manager of the carrier know about the problem.” Yeah right, that’s why this is an ongoing problem! Sooo frustrating!!!
      Hope u get yer check soon!

  6. Why are you running stories glorifying young Illegal Aliens coming to the U S ? Why did you not cover the story of one Dreamer who ran over and killed 2 beautiful sisters , and then tried to cover it up. She will not be deported.Why are you not showing the real impact of quality of life in Ca Illegal Aliens have brought ? Increased crime,streets littered,traffic,hit and runs,welfare and tax fraud, identity theft,violent gangs, drugs,and the list goes on and on. Why are you ONLY giving ONE side of the story? No wonder your newspaper is failing

    • After twenty years receiving the New York times seven days per week to a private house in New York City without incident, I have found the LA Times delivered to my neighbor’s bushes, on the street or not at all. In New York the paper was delivered to my front door, rain or shine! I am now 86 years old and I do not want to go hunting for my paper. We receive the LA Times Thursday through Sunday. Please help. When the paper was not delivered I was told that a replacement would be sent with the next day’s paper. This is not acceptable.

    • but i have been on every tv channel and magazine(business ) including People.dont like politics but have to today get involved

  7. tape me and give me a polygraph- barbera walters and brian williams and others will say i will have something to say(richard worth 20-20 sloting fees with brian and barbara.

  8. i am a new customer..sunday only..need sports/ads/& formost
    coupons…did not receive sunday paper> got a REPLACEMENT..WHERE WAS THE FIRST ONE? why r the ads and coupons NOT INCLUDED IN
    the customer service department is in THE PHILLIPINES..WHAT THE HEY…….

  9. Trying to subscribe. Waited on hold for 40 minutes without any answer. No paper is worth this kind of service. Great first impression.

  10. Ordered Sunday delivery only, got it last week for the first week. Today, not happy, NO PAPER!!! Called asked for delivery twice and sent a nasty gram email…. NOTHING!! Awesome customer service. I will yelp about this fantastic service, cancel my subscription and I want a refund!!!! And as others have experienced you don’t talk to anyone, just push numbers. No wonder they don’t give a crap how they treat people. But they had no problem taking my money.

  11. NO PAPER AGAIN. I have called twice today. The first time I was told the paper would be here by 9 AM. 10:45 AM still no paper & then I called again & was told the paper would be delivered tomorrow. OLD NEWS What’s up ????

    Nancy Stock

  12. It has now been four days and I still can not get this paper delivered – if I don’t get a delivery soon I will cancel my subscription

  13. Cannot believe it. I switched to this paper on 11/17/14 from another carrier thinking it would be better. What a joke. I signed up for Thursday through Sunday service. So far have not received Thursday or Fridays papers. I have called each day, only to be promised my papers to be redelivered. Yeah, right. Never got my papers either day. I just called again and their call center is in the Philippines. So after 6 phone calls, they
    tell me a district manager will call me within 24 to 48 hours. Wow, great customer service. I just want a stupid paper. What is so hard about that. I told them if I do not get my paper on Saturday, that I will cancel it and go somewhere else.

  14. Recieved 1paper in last 7 days. Every excuse in the book. Gate code didn’t work,new to area,( that was after they were already here once). Call every morning and get same response that someone will deliver in 45 min. That only happened 1 time. Who ever this new delivery company is is making the LA Times look silly and incompetent. FYI




  16. Let me tell you that since I have changed my address, your delivery service sucks. I did not receive my paper today, Sunday, and while attempting to speak with customer service to get a delivery today, I was on hold for more than 15 minutes before I got too frustrated and hung up. No wonder your print version is losing readers!

  17. I would like to look through your Los Angeles Times Sports Sections from thee 2002 Lakers Championship series. If I find the copy I want, I’d like to buy it. It has a photo of Kobe, Shaq, Fisher, Fox and Horry in their purple uniforms walking off the floor.


    The worst delivery of newspapers ever. Who ever heard of the paper being delivered at noon! Today I didn’t receive the paper. If you are reading this DON’T ORDER THE LA TIMES!

  19. LA Times customer service sucks and their delivery service sucks. Don’t waste your money people. I did not get my paper again. I stopped complaining because the last time I complained they brought my paper 3 days later. The delivery guy even left the note with my complant attached to my paper indicating my gripe. This is the second time after that complaint that I did not get my paper.uggh.. So pissed! So far ive had 3 missed issues. What’s the point of getting the paper delivered if their unreliable. If you’re looking for consistency and wish to get your paper every Sunday right when you get up dont order the delivery. FYI just reached a live customer service after 15 mins on hold. Told her I’m expecting my missed paper today. She said the redelivery will be in 19 mins…sure!!!!!!!

  20. I have subscribed to the times all of my adult life(I am now 78). Due to injury from a recent auto accident, I was late on a recent payment & my delivery was cut off, I phoned the times, gave my card # t0 restart my delivery. I gave my card information, & my delivery was resumed. I did not receive a Sunday paper today & when I phoned the times. I was told it was because I had NOT paid my bill!!! Then who was I speaking to from the LA Times on 01/27/2015 that took my card # and re-started my subscription??? My account # is: #010010039734. Please correct your error and restart my delivery daily ASAP!! My card was charged $38.38 on 01/27/2015 by your customer service dept. Fiona C. Forbes

  21. When will you send my $ 25 gift card for the La Times special.?
    It was promised two weeks ago. My address to confirm the one I gave
    To you. Michelle martin Please send it now! Thank you.

  22. I subscribed to one of your “sunday newspaper specials” and never once did I receive the Sunday newspaper. I called a couple of times to report the problem and had no resolution. Called a third time to cancel and ask for my money back. Yeah, I am still waiting for my money to be credited back to my account and no newspaper yet on Sundays. Horrible service.

  23. The delivery service leaves a lot to be desired. They deliver the paper in my bushes so it gets wet, miss delivery days and when we requested that the paper be delivered to our steps, they purposely stop delivering.
    Complaints to customer service have not fixed the problem.

  24. I am sick and tired of going out to get the paper and either it’s not there or it’s the damned Orange County Register! If I WANTED the Register, I’d subscribe to the Register! Get it right or just deliver one paper. Paper delivery is not rocket science. You have two choices. Get with it Times. No wonder nobody wants print anymore. This happens about once every two weeks and you obviously aren’t getting it when I make you deliver the correct one over and over. Sheesh.

  25. As a very long subscriber to the L.A. Times, I must say, up until the last 2 weeks, which all of a sudden changed, I was ready to cancel my subscription. 2 out of 3 time, the Sunday paper was late. Your time frame of late being 8:00 am is not mine. I’m up by 6:00 and used to having the paper then. I called and called and called. Nothing changed. Then, out of the blue, my paper started showing up early. My guess is you probably hired someone that appreciates having a job. Brilliant! Thank you.

  26. I have been having the same problem.I was promised an early delivery by 5:30 am. Since I requested the delivery 3 months ago it has happened once or twice a week. I have called customer service many times.Don’t know what to do,maybe cancel my subscription Any other ideas????

  27. After waiting for your million megabit home page and conflicted with an untold amount of advertisement popups I finally get to an interesting article you pop up a movie advertisement that takes up the whole page. As I try to get rid of it I lose everything and have to go back to the endless home page to find the article I was reading. I hate paying to waist my time. You guys suck.

  28. I have tried to pay my bill for 3 months, I have been a subscriber for over 40 years. I would like to be speak to representative and not have to wait many minutes and have that person speak broken English.Please have someone who can solve the problem.

  29. Wow, after reading all the other complaints maybe you would like to go read something on a more positive level. I have been taking the Times for 2.5 years.. Started with the weekly then had to go to just Sunday. In all this time I have never had a problem with my delivery person. He is never late and always on time. His name is Willie Berry, 11.And I think he deserves a raise.

  30. Today@ 905am 08/30/15 called the customer service nbr to report that the Sunday paper was not delivered this morning. The recorded message was to assured me the paper will be delivered in next 90 minutes. After 11am called and reported the paper has NOT been delivered. Again the recorded message said the same as more than 2hours ago. At 1230pm my wife called and SPOKE to Daisy
    and explained to her this was 3rd time asking for the paper to be delivered. She told my wife that our paper will be delivered today and do NOT call after 1pm the customer service will be closed due to Sunday schedule. What is going on?
    My wife would like to discontinue to subscribe as of Sept 01… How can I take care of this..please contact us SASPO. Our address is 6 Klamath, Irvine.

  31. I’ve been a subscriber for many, many years. I’ve retired and am on a fixed income now. Unfortunately I have to cancel my subscription because it’s too expensive. I tried to call your number and three times I was cut off so if you like email me. Thanks, John

  32. When you get a live person they are in the Philippines. I have had issues with getting the papers I ordered delivered and no matter how many times I call and they redeliver I never get it. Horrible customer service as they aren’t able to follow up or fire the delivery guy or whatever needs to be done.
    Please have someone who can solve the problem. They said someone will get back to me still waiting over three weeks I am at the end keeps happening will cancel!!!!!! Do you care????

  33. I did not receive last Sunday’s delivery. I called to request it, which was ignored.
    I would like a partial refund for the undelivered Sunday newspaper.

  34. Good news-My newspaper was delivered about an hour earlier than usual.

    Bad news-It was wet! It was single bagged so water got it.

    No, I don’t want a replacement paper. By the time it gets here no one will be here to read it.

    If you want people to continue with the paper version of your publication, you need to ensure that it is dry when delivered.

  35. Called several times today to report a wet paper delivery and I could not get a confirmation for delivery.

    Also, 45% of the time the delivery is late by and average of 30 minutes.

  36. Delivery address 1950 S. Mountain, GH 1011, Ontario CA 91762

    Delivery is getting later, particularly on Sunday. The day starts wrong if the Times isn’t at my doorstep by 7 a.m. Sundays now after 9 sometimes, after 8 a few times during the week. Seems to be getting worse.

    I live at Inland Christian Home, where many papers are delivered at same time.

  37. I went paperless. However when I attempt to the bill the services ask for an account number. I have tried to access through my account but get no option to pay
    I am going back to paper billing if I can contact someone who is able to help. The call center is particularly inept. James, a subscriber for decades

  38. Your delivery person must thing it is funny to place my newspaper very close to my rain downspout. This is the second time this week that it has happened! The next time the paper gets wet, I’m cancelling my subscription and demanding a refund. The delivery person is trying to get even with me because I complained about not getting the paper several times in the past month!

  39. Your newspaper is excellent. Unfortunately your distribution system fails. My paper is frequently in a neighbor’s yard (no biggie), often missing sections (disturbing), but is too often in the gutter and wet (not acceptable). I am ready to cancel my subscription. I have waited for the man to get it right, but he’s getting worse instead of improving.

  40. Apparently there is no way to halt delivery for vacation, nor to do anything without giving a phone number. And if they do not recognize it for any reason you are just stuck, because you never reach a human being. VERY bad customer service! I have considered canceling service for some months and this may be what pushed me over the edge.

  41. We called this morning, before 10:30 a.m. to notify you that
    our paper was not delivered. We have taken this paper for
    over 40 years at this location, and frequently have a problem on Monday mornings. Whassup? No delivery yet (2:50 p.m.)

  42. My delivery service at 12950 Hartland St. # 206 has stopped since Saturday & Sunday. I just want to know if the delivery service is still in effect and if so up to what period in time. I have been contacting your customer service and I get no valid results of the problem. Appreciate your advice on this.

  43. I have not received my paper 3 times this week, I have called 2x and today(2 calls) I not only didn’t get my times, i didn’t get my weekly Barrons which is delivered by the same delivery service. Frankly,after subscribing since 1965, paying by autopay, etc. I am at the point of cancelling the times and doing my Barrons online.

  44. Your Ocober delivery service is totally unacceptable. I have repeatedly phoned to report non receipt of the paper, with recording stating a replacement paper will be delivered within 45 minutes. No replacements received. Today, 11/1/15,
    recording said delivery time is 8AM. This is Sunday, and 8AM is when I leave for church. We are accustomed to much earlier delivery and assume your delivery policy is to drive us away to a different newspaper subscription. Why you are treating us so shabbily is hard to understand. Herb Parks

  45. No paper delivered this morning. Called in and pressed appropriate buttons and recording said paper would be delivered. No PAPER. Called back again, talked to a live person. Said paper would be delivered . 3 pm, still no paper. Newspapers are in trouble today. One would think they would step up their game to make their customers happy. This type of poor Customer Service affects their bottom line.

  46. Today I called your Customer Service and talked to Nick. I told him I did not want any automatic payment for my subscription. You were making an auto payment to my checking acct without my permission.
    Over the yrs your subscription fees have gone up and up.. I have been subscribed to L.A. Times for more than 20 yrs and intend to continue BUT I am an old man with a fixed income so what I can pay may be limited. For example: In Sept my checking acct showed a pmt of $116.50 to you. I didn’t agree to that. Today Nick told me my next pmt would be $96.00. Please bill me for subscriptions; do not automatically take money from my Bank Acct. My Times acct # is: 010001108926. Please confirm this matter. Lincoln L. Willard

  47. I tried to call about no Sunday delivery just now and was on hold for over 5 minutes and that is unacceptable considering the price you charge for home delivery. Please tell me, when will my paper be delivered -some time soon? or when?

  48. For the past month my Sunday Paper has been coming late and I had to make calls on each of the deliveries to re-send. I have tried using your automated service to report my Sunday newspaper has not been received today.
    I do not know why every Sundays my paper gets to me by 9:00AM or later prior I would receive it by 7:00AM. I have been a long time customer for at least 13 years and should this continue I will have no choice but to cancel my LA Timer and just refer to daily news on television.
    I hope somebody will review this dispute and resolve it ASAP also I have been on hold with your automated service for 10 minutes and I finally got through I was informed I need to wait 90 minutes for a re-delivery this is very inconvenient to me, I always look forward to my Sunday Paper on my day off to relax and rest this is very stressful to call and trying to locate my paper ………..

  49. Unbelievably bad experience trying to get your customer service on the phone to report that I got no paper delivery. First call, I waited almost 10 minutes until I was cut off on your end of the line. Second call, I waited another 10 minutes to report the non delivery. You need to do something about this lack of responsiveness. Customer service should mean something.

  50. It’s 8:30am on Sunday, and our Sunday (only) paper has not been delivered. Our address is: 12870 Admiral Avenue, L.A. 90066

    Nobody answered at your 800 number!

  51. I have not receive my Sunday paper for the past 3 weeks and I’m wondering why. This is the reason that I stopped taking the Register. I paid in advance for service so I don’t really understand why I do not get the paper. I have to go out on Sunday morning now to get the paper and I’m not happy about that I can tell you.

  52. I continue to have issues with my service. I have left many comments over the past few months and am about to cancel my service. Unfortunately I can not switch to the register because I believe my delivery person must deliver for both newspapers. At least once a week I receive the register instead of the times and that’s only if I receive the paper. I have given up on Sunday. the paper doesn’t arrive till at least 9 a.m. and I have left the house by this hour. Today it came at 7:45 and I leave for work before that. So much for coffee and paper in the morning. That is the only reason I get the paper. This shall be my last comment before finally having to accept reading the news on my laptop like everyone else.

  53. I know that the delivery people work hard to get the Sunday paper out early, however it continues to be a problem at our house. My family loves to have our coffee and read the Sunday paper together and discuss the issues. When the paper is late, we are very disappointed and feel like cancelling the paper.

  54. Our Sunday delivery is getting later and later. It’s been around 8:30 and, today it is 9:25 and still no papers (we also get the Sunday NY Times). I called the customer service line but there is no pick up. You need to fix that.

  55. This is a new account and 2 weeks ago I responded to a add I received. I mailed in a $9.88 money order for 52 weeks of Sunday only L.A. Times delivery.

    I am writing to inquire as to when I can expect delivery.

  56. For the past 3 consecutive weekends we have not received our Sunday newspaper. We call and the automated system says it will be delivered in 90 minutes. We call again and we leave a message and it is supposed to come the next day. The next day we call when no Sunday paper arrives and speak with somebody from India. Still, no paper, 3 consecutive weekends: address: 1000 S. Courtney Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92833 phone 714-738-1600. Is there anybody who works for the paper in North America paying attention! Thanks, Greg Adamson

  57. I am at the end of my rope! My newspaper is always late and I’ve had to call customer service to complain so many times over the last few months that I am about to give up. Today, I tried calling customer service and the phone just rang and rang. No answer. When (if) I get my paper, its only after I’ve complained and there is no excuse for this, week after week. I’m about to just get the OC Register and forget the LATimes. We’ve had them as our paper for over 30 years and lately the service has been awful. No one seems to care.

  58. Worst delivery person on the planet. I am shocked when he actually gets out of bed in the morning. I cannot recount how many times I have driven to a store to buy a replacement paper after delivery failures. No paper at all again this morning. Wondering why I even pay for a subscription

  59. Hello:

    Our paper is on time and we rarely have any delivery problem. We like our L A Times delivery person very much and would like to send him/her a token gift for the Holidays. If possible, I would appreciate his/her name and address so we can send the gift. Thank you very much.

  60. Gentlemen. Check out your sports page for Xmas day. It is a shame that your loyal readers had to see this from the L A. Times. No numbers on the pages no ink on last two pages. You would have to see to believe this.

  61. I’ve twice requested delivery of a missed paper, with no success. Friday, 1/1/16, delivery was missed. I called and was told that it would be delivered on Saturday. No delivery, so I called again and said that I received Saturday’s paper, but not Friday’s. I was told it would be delivered within 45 minutes. That was over 3 hours ago. I still want Friday’s paper.

  62. We placed our delivery on hold when we went on vacation. We’ve been back for a week, called everyday and still no paper. The delivery service phone number is in the Philippines and their objective seems to be to just get you off the phone.

  63. No paper for second day in a row so called to find out why
    Of course they don’t know
    Asked repeatedly to speak with someone here in So Cal
    They don’t have anyone
    Been a subscriber for 30+ years
    If I can’t get a response here
    Will have to cancel subscription
    Extremely disappointed with your customer service
    With all the articles about the unemployed here in the south land you can’t find employees here?
    Not for pennies an hour you can’t
    And that’s why they don’t know where my paper is

  64. Customer 10065698437. The service is awful and calling the 800 number in the Phillipines is truly a joke…… All I want is what I paid for no more and no less.

  65. I called about my paper not being delivered on Sunday and chose the option to have it delivered in 90 minutes then that one did not come. Then I asked for a replacement the next day that one never got to my house either. This is about the 3th time i haven’t gotten a sunday paper i have only received 2. I am disgusted that you guys can’t get a paper on a consistent basis
    my account

  66. How do you put a “vacation hold” on daily delivery without getting on the phone? I have been on how many I don’t know websites for about the last half hour and still can’t find a way to do this simple request on the web. Customer service at the LA Times is a joke. I have gotten request taken care of via telephone from “local” customer service rep located in the Philippines. Can’t recall how many options I had before getting a very nice gentleman named Mark who filled request.

  67. We have missed 4 or 5 papers in the last two months. Not sure why our delivery guy is not leaving a paper. It is getting a bit frustrating as we only get the paper 4 times per week. I hope this is corrected soon.

  68. For the second time this week we did not receive a paper. I called today (did not call last Thursday) and the message said we would have a paper in 45 minutes. I’ve heard that message before. The last 5 times I’ve heard that message I haven’t received a replacement paper and have not had a credit to my account. I’m very unhappy with your customer service. Your polite responses to my phone calls do not initiate any corrective actions.

  69. I need to try to get a hold of this person Anne cusack she is a reporter, I need more info on vicom selling paramount on this date of
    Nov-12-2015. I need more info about them?
    I need to fine out who other persons she talk to about this and how to fine more out and try to pass this info on to alo more people who love Star Trek and get it back into the pictor and get the CBS and vicom to sell it now to us people. They don’t like or want no more Star Trek clubs in the USA they want to sue us in any club in our country.
    I live in rancho Cordova ca It is in Sacramento ca.

  70. So annoying to speak with a representative in a foreign country. And, there’s no way to be connected to the United States. Shame on you Los Angeles Times for not employing Americans. Like for shame!

  71. I have been subscribing to the :A Times at my current address for over 16 years. In the last week the delivery person HAS NOT delivered my paper 3 times, which makes four for the month of February! When I call “Customer service” I get the same “We don’t know why the delivery person didn’t deliver” and some mumbling about how they’ll contact the delivery person. They’ve failed the last three days in a row. I notice that the LA Times has no problem depositing my money in the bank, and that the delivery person takes my generous Xmas tip with no apparent difficulties. So WTF!

  72. In contrast to the WHINNING I read, my delivery situation is VERY EFFICIENT. If you think the people who deliver your paper are getting rich doing so…THEN YOU GET YOUR ASS OUT EVERYDAY in the darkness and in foul weather. Lets be real folks, missing a deliver, wet papers, etc. are SMALL ISSUES. Life is full of difficulties far more serious that this. Sure sometimes we don’t get what we pay for, but lets keep the proper perspective. I ‘m a subscriber to the SOCIALIST/MARKSIST/ANTI-AMERICAN LA. TIMES,(To know what the subversives are up to) dont deride the LITTLE GUY trying to make a buck delivering my paper.

  73. Your customer service is abysmal. Unable to speak to anyone in U.S. All I get is a condecending foreign person in the Phillipenes.. Tried to get number of my delivery person, as I frequently DO NOT GET a paper. Been at the same address for over 20 years. Judging by some of the previous complaints, I am not alone. No wonder your paper is failing, and getting smaller and smaller. I also get another local paper delivered with NO PROBLEM, and the same delivery person. Does he not get his papers from you????? Why I continue my subscription I do not know. Not for much longer, I am afraid.

  74. Still no Sunday paper (more than 90 minutes after I notified you of no delivery—after 8am—-and received email back promising delivery within 90 minutes); ?

  75. I have been a la times customer for many years.On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have received the orange county register instead of the la times. Tuesday and Wednesday you sent out a la times. when I called Today I called again and a replacement was supposed to arrive at 814am 9am I called again , still no paper I called again at 11 45 and was promised again the paper.It is now 6 00pm and NO PAPER

  76. I started daily delivery in September. To date I have had to call about Nondelivery at least 8 times. Now today they delivered the wrong paper to my home. I can’t believe how poor this service is. The distributor is angry that he has to come deliver my paper personally. I think I will not renew in the future

  77. I did not receive my paper last Sunday. I also did not receive Thursdays paper and again NO Sunday paper. Trying to reach you guys is crazy. Why not a number for the delivery person so they can bring the paper when they miss us?

  78. I spoke to a customer service person today and could hardly understand her english. She told me she is from the Phillipines. When I asked to speak to someone in the USA, she said the only people I can speak to is someone from the Phillipines. I am so upset because we need to put people to work in the USA and our newspaper won’t hire customer service people here. This has got to stop…no wonder “nuts” like Trump get in when our local newspaper can’t hire suitable people.

  79. THIS SITE DOES NOT BELONG TO THE LOS ANGELES TIMES! I have seen several comments here that indicate that the writer of the comment believes that he/she is directing the response to the newspaper. If you have a complaint, make sure you deliver your complaint to the Los Angeles Times, not to some independent website that has nothing to do with the actual newspaper.

  80. Left a restart date when vacationing 3 weeks ago. Now must call everyday because of no delivery. Can’t get things straightened out after reading the times for 60 years. It’s not the paper it was but I still read it but one can only take this crap for so long. DO SOMETHING.

  81. Having trouble getting my paper lately in Cathedral City. Either delivered to next door or not delivered at all.
    Today: not delivered at all.
    What do you intend to do about it?
    Tom Milner

  82. How bold are people these days!! Too bold! Americans Now Worship _____! I forgot the actresses name. She played Dana on XFiles years ago. I’m an American but I’m not going to worship the show or any actress or actor!! How can you place all Americans in one bucket and say we will all love and worship her and or the show. THERE IS NO MORE FEAR OF GOD!! You want a bucket or basket. Americans are going DOWN in a hand basket because of NO FEAR. NO RESPECT. Sinful shows do change people, not for the better.

  83. Please have the delivery folks toss the paper in the center of driveway away from the lawn sprinklers. I’ve been a reader for many years.
    Jeff Ramsey

  84. I am still trying to put in a vacation hold and am unable to do so from your purported customer service center

  85. On Tuesday, June 28, your team of editors and writers didn’t see anything wrong with divulging a huge spoiler for one of the best shows of all time-Game of Thrones. Not all of us keep up with the week to week episodes for one reason or another. Mine being I need to enjoy more than one episode in one sitting. I understand the stigma attached with sensitivity of spoilers and the blame that comes with it. I understand that one of the only ways to avoid spoilers is to either be caught up or to avoid any literature about it. I believe the front page of your Calendar section with a huge photo that gives enough information of a spoiler at a single glance, is taking this to another level. I’d like to believe the LA Times was a more neutral piece of literature where you would be safe from such spoilers. Still in shock that intelligent editors and bosses over at your headquarters simply allow this to pass. The damage is done and you have officially spoiled a great source of entertainment in my life and nothing can be done to fix it. I will be canceling my subscription at the end of the term and will look into alternatives. So disappointed in you people…


  87. I enjoy reading the paper every morning, but lately I don’t receive the paper 2 or 3 days each week.

    • What a way to start the New Year having to get aggravated over not getting the paper that I subscribe to & pay for. Offices closed for the Holiday, so I could not get any where or speak to a live person to get the Sun. paper delivered. Not a good way to service subscribers………If I have the same problem next Sun. I’ll cancel the paper…………..Thank-you & perhaps I can get the Sun. paper delivered tomorrow………..

  88. love the LA times but the computer access system is absolutely HORRIBLE!! unable to access an account I set up for trial; I had cancelled previously for the same reason and I will not subscribe again. Very sad because there is no delivery in my area (Ramona California)

  89. After waiting 18 minutes, I must say that you have the ugliest hold music I have ever heard. It was the musical equivalent of water-boarding.

  90. In addition to subscribing to the Times, I subscribe to Barrons, which is supposed to be delivered on saturdays along with the Times. My Barrons has failed to arrive today and the two previous saturdays. Please contact distributor and delivery person on my route and remind them to deliver the Barrons along with the Times. If there is an alternate driver on Saturday they should be informed also.
    I would appreciate a response to this email


  91. Good morning. I would think that your delivery people would understand that some people are asleep during your delivery times, and yet the delivery person for 23750 Highland Valley Rd, Diamond Bar, CA continues to throw the paper against my bedroom wall, with some “vigor”. Please, ask your people to have some consideration for residents. Most of us have jobs, and we may not all enjoy them, but there’s no reason to make others pay for our unhappiness.

  92. Several months ago we got a new man delivering our newspaper and the delivery times have gotten more erratic and later, particularly on the weekend. Our Sunday paper comes so late that it is of no use to me, as I customarily take it to the coffee shop. Is there a time by which you require your employees to have all papers delivered?

  93. Once again I did not get my TV Guide, which I pay extra. Called the person who handles the delivery. Told her son was on vacation and did not know who delivered my paper but would send a message. Called the paper and spoke to ARLENE, who is in some other country she contacted the paper. Still no TV Guide. Call the delivery person again she said still I had until 11:30 for delivery, it is now 11:35 and still no TV Guide. Once again REALLY great CUSTOMER SERVICE. I probably won’t get an answer back just like all the other times I’ve sent in my comments.

  94. Why can’t I contact someone to deliver my LA Times who is not in the Philippines?
    I have called customer service over and over during the past four days to get my paper delivered along with TVWeekly on Sunday. The recorded message says the paper will be delivered the next day. NOTHING for the past four days. This is no way to run a business. I have canceled automatic credit card payments, and if I don’t get the paper delivered today, will cancel it altogether and demand my money back, not a credit.

  95. Tell your politics staff that they should investigate the conflict of interest that Mitch McConnell has with the White House and Trump. McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, has a cabinet post, so will he ever oppose Trump? He might not, for fear that his wife will lose her job.

  96. Mitch McConnell has conflict of interest with WH since his wife Elaine Chao has a cabinet post. He will never oppose Trump for fear his wife will lose her job..

  97. We did not receive our daily e-newspaper from the LA Times. We are in the Eastern Sierra’s which has no print edition delivery. Can you resend the email with the link to the LA Times newspaper.

    We have found the enewspaper a pretty good substitute for the print edition and much superior to the LA Times app.

    George Smith.

  98. I do not want you little ads on my property. I don’t get a paper as it is a waste of paper and is trash that I need to get rid of. Now two or three times a week you litter my yard with those little mini ads. I find the one intended for my home as well as my neighbors in my driveway, under my cars and in my flower beds. Stop it already. I don’t want your trash. I would complain to the paper itself but appears there is no service number to make this stop. I do believe this is littering.

  99. Using unrecyclable plastic bags to deliver the Times is ILLEGAL in the city of Santa Monica. I’ve reported this previously to no avail. I’ve called the customer service line and it was a waste of time as the paper came today, AGAIN in a plastic bag.


  100. Hi there, I’m a new subscriber and the 3 days since my subscription started I have yet to receive the paper!!!
    I have called each time and yesterday there was a replacement paper left at my front door, BUT today, 9/14/17, the paper was left on the walkway leading into the complex where ANYBODY could have grabbed it.
    Why can’t the paper be delivered to the door at the time I was told?
    Help & Thanks!!!

  101. Your service is horrible and has been with me for a long time. Today, September 17, 2017, by 9:15 am I hadn’t rec’d my Sunday paper. I called and was connected to someone in the Phillipines. I was told my paper would be delivered this morning. I called again at approximately 12:00 noon, still complaining about non delivery and was told that they could deliver my Sunday paper to me tomorrow, Monday, September 17. I immediately said this was unacceptable and she said she would put an escalated delivery to me. I am APPALLED by the treatment I rec’d with your paper. If my delivery person runs out of papers or running late for something else, I do no rec’d my paper. You aren’t giving me this paper for free and I expect better service. Come Christmas, there’s always a card to send this person a Christmas gift. NOT. WHY WOULD I WANT MY SUNDAY PAPER DELIVERED ON A MONDAY? NOT ACCEPTABLE AND I’M VERY ANGRY ABOUT THIS.

  102. Third time I haven’t received my home delivery within a month!!! Customer service is non-existant. Cannot speak to a live person in the US…only the Philippines….sad. Quick to take payment but extremely poor in maintaining customer contact. Requested a replacement paper but haven’t received it. Anxious to see if anyone replies to this notice??

  103. My husband called customer service yesterday to get our newspaper restarted, after asking to have it stopped from Sept 26 until Oct 13, due to a vacation. Because my husband became quite ill, we had to cut our trip short, therefore we wanted to restart the delivery of our newspaper ASAP. The customer service rep was not that helpful and said he could not have a paper delivered to us, yesterday Oct 1. It was before 9:00am when we called. Today, Oct 2, we received no paper. Please help.

  104. Hi I want to cancel my subscribe I don’t want the Sunday newspaper anymore, moving to Mexico, if You can apply my request ASAP,Thank You.

  105. The remarks about Sarah Huckabee Sanders are terrible. If you think she is not doing a good job fine, that’s your opinion, but leave her looks out of it. Whoever wrote this is no gentleman, he’s a bully.

  106. After taking and cashing my check, LA TIMES refused to delivery my paper last sunday and now the most important paper .. Black Friday.

    I even had to drive down to Vons in which …you guessed it.. No papers. They did not get their delivery either. Good job LA TIMES .. no wonder you have barley a 2 star rating. You are hurting sales for all the retailers.. good job guys

  107. I did not receive a paper on dec 3 2017 and today dec 17,2011. I contacted customer service and was not satisfied with the result ,could not understand half of what she said. five times within the last month, I have requested my paper to be delivered in the driveway but it continued to be delivered in the lawn. I have been a subscriber for over 40 years. I am very disappointed in your service.

  108. I cancelled my subscription. L.A.Times took payment of $15.96 . I want to have you STOP PAYMENT from my account, AND, I want payment of $15.96 to be mailed to my Larry Williams

  109. You also caused a overdraft in my account as I was not expecting you to bill me when I closed my subscription. By the way, You billed me when my subscription was cancelled. Do you do this to others? How many?

  110. I have not received my morning paper for 6 days. Please deliver my paper and include the missed issues. I have had no communication from you regarding delivery problems. 1-9-18 to 1-14-18 no paper.

  111. The paper arrives later and later. I understood it would be delivered by 7 a.m. and it is now half past 7 and no paper. Last Saturday we did not receive a paper at all. For a print media that delivers news a day after it has been released on internet and television, this seems like a risky practice. At least get the paper to the subscribers on time or you will lose the last few subscribers you have.

  112. For the second time in about a week, my copy of the LA Times did not show up at my door. Please credit my account accordingly.

    • This is the second Saturday that I have not received my copy of the L.A. Times. My address is 8472 Delco Ave., Winnetka, CA 91306. Can you do something about this.

  113. Once again I had to contact you for a replacement paper. Your delivery service leaves much to be desired. This happens far to often. You can check my records to see how many times just in the last year I have had to contact you because I didn’t receive my paper. It’s almost like you don’t want my business. If this doesn’t improve, you will lose my subscription.

  114. I received a vmail today saying that you could not process my print subscription renewal. I called and told the rep that my debit card had been compromised and I switched my subscription to a Visa credit card. She told me only that i would receive an email confirmation of the payment. In the five hours since, i have received 3 more vmails saying you couldn’t process my payment. I finally TOOK TIME AWAY FROM MY WORK and called again to see what the problem was and why you were nagging me, and was told by “Alfred” that it will take 3 DAYS before your system processes the update. THE FIRST PERSON I SPOKE WITH SAID NOTHING ABOUT THE TURNAROUND TIME REQUIRED FOR THE CHANGE. Maybe you should consider supplying subscribers with COMPLETE INFORMATION the first time. How many calls a day are being taken up with these types of issues that could easily be avoided with a competent script on the part of your employees? Perhaps the new LAT owner will resolve some of these problems. I certainly hope so.

  115. I have asked four times to have the papers (LA times and Daily News) delivered all way up my driveway (about 40′) to my garage instead of only half as is currently done as my wife cannot walk very well. I have been assured each time this was
    . going to be done but to no avail. I would appreciate if something can be done to make this happen………..Thanks

  116. I have called sooooooo many times.

    I am old, and keep asking for The Times to be dlelivierd on the right side of Garage.

    Yesterday my paper didn’t come again.
    They said that they would deliver it, but didn’t happened.
    I have been a customer for 65 years!!!!!!!!!!!
    Service to my home is so inconsistent!!!
    Shame on YOU!!!

    I have called to complain at least a doz. times. Check my acct.

  117. My paper is always at the wrong garage.
    Throw it to the right garage.
    Can’t walk.
    Yesterday there was no paper and you were suppose to deliver.
    Didn’t happen again????
    Shame on YOU!

  118. Again, no newspaper. Why is it so difficult to deliver my paper on a regular basis? When I was growing up we had our paper delivered by 12 year old paperboys on bicycles. There was never a problem. Maybe you should consider going back to that method as having adults delivering papers in cars seems to be a far too difficult of a task for them.
    If you don’t want people to get a hard copy of the paper, why don’t you just quit printing it?

  119. PLEASE do not print the daily crossword puzzle and the TV listings on the back side. I can’t cut out the TV listings without cutting into the crossword puzzle on the other side. Can’t you print them on separate pages?

  120. The recent LA Times Festival of Books was missing numerous contributors this year. Target support was not a presence. There were fewer tents and activities in the children’s area. LA Times Festival merchandise was sparse and of low quality.
    Fewer participants this year. Why?

  121. Once again I had to contact you for a replacement paper. Your delivery service leaves much to be desired. This happens far to often. You can check my records to see how many times just in the last several months I had to contact you because I didn’t receive my Saturday paper. It is almost like you don’t want my business. If this doesn’t improve, you will lose my subscription. This is the last time I will contact you regarding this situation. Next time I will definitely cancel!

    • For the last 2 Sundays we have not received our L.A. Times newspaper. I tried calling customer service, but each time it said I didn’t select an option which I did over & over again – to speak to a representative. We live on a corner & they are to deliver it to our driveway on Kelvin St.

  122. Account # 10011426172
    Some time ago I received an offer to have the Sunday LA Times delivered for something like $.99 per week. I may have renewed. I haven’t received the Sunday Times for many months now. I assumed that the subscription expired. I received a letter from your collection agency in today’s mail. that demands $32.18 before 6/1/18 or my bill will go to the three collection reporting agencies. I have never received a bill from the LA Times either via the internet or through the US mail. I am outraged. I never authorized delivery past the trial and I don’t know how the amount due could possibly got up to $32.18. It is unbelievable that the LA Times would turn my account over for collection without sending me a bill or even an email. I received NOTHING from the Times indicating that I owed money.
    I paid the $32.18 today because I can’t take the chance that this will go to Trans Union, Equifax and Experion as threatened in the letter I got today from your collection agency, A.R.M. SOLUTIONS, Inc. I am 81 years old and have never, to the best of my knowledge, had any bill go to a collection agency.

    Your behavior is inconceivable and I fully expect to receive a credit in the amount of $32.18. Please contact me by email or phone to confirm.

    Ronald Keehn

  123. it used to be so easy to do it online. now……forget it! way too confusing, convoluted and not user friendly.

  124. it used to be so easy to make a vacation hold online. Now, ……forget it.
    too complicated, convoluted and bothersome. very user unfriendly.

  125. I phoned the Times this morning at about 7:30 to circulation that we had no yet received a copy of today’s paper.
    I was routed to someone in the Philippines who told me I would receive a paper by the end of the day (!)
    When I asked to speak to someone in L.A.,about not having received today’s paper in 3 hours, I was told it could not be done, but that I could expect a phone call withing 24-48 hours(!!)
    This is totally unacceptable. I have been a subscriber for about 50 years, and in all that time I have never received such a run-around.
    It’s no wonder that the Times has been losing subscribers.
    I would like, no expect, to receive the courtesy of an explanation by the end of the day, or I will escalate this complaint.

  126. Although I did not order it, I have been receiving the Times. However, it has been delivered half way down my steep driveway. I am close to 90 years of age, and cannot reach the paper. Please cancel the delivery, call 310 377 3238 for address.
    I do not want to be charged for something I cannot access,

  127. My Saturday and Sunday paper has not been delivered for the last three months ,I call. Every time but nothing gets done,what is wrong with you people?? Do you want my business or not?i have complained time and time again,but to no your job if you want to stay in business actually DELI VER!

  128. No delivery of the LAT today, 8/10/18. The second time this week and the 5th time this year. LAT has a problem with the delivery contractor for this area, who must also deliver the Wall Street Journal, because we often get the WSJ instead of the LAT. Please extend our subscription another day—again.


  130. I have been receiving the Sunday Times for over three years but the last two Sundays I did nit get my paper.I call get some one who can hardly speak english promissing that I will get a replacement that day.Yea right so if no paper this Sunday 9/9/18 I will be cancelling my subscription which is ironic cause I just got my auto pay receipt.And I have recently called,left V.M talked to customer service and e mailed.

  131. I live in Orange County in an ENGLISH speaking neighborhood. We had an LA Times magazine distributed to the whole neighborhood that is completely written in Spanish. I really don’t understand the logic behind this since none of us can read the thing. It is very offensive to me that I live in a State that is continuously catering to the minorities. I liked it much better when the people living here were proud to be Americans and were proud to assimilate and be Americans. The LA Times and other news media is so out of touch with what grass roots Americans really want and care about. How about some unbiased reporting for a change. Just another step towards your demise!!

  132. What is going on with my delivery service? Three Sunday’s in a row we did not receive a newspaper. I called after 8am and received a paper after noon the last three weeks. One week the redelivered paper was laying in the gutter.I have had the Times delivered to me for over 30 years and this last year we have had countless delivery issues and the price for service keeps rising. 909-270-8419

  133. After two calls to customer service to get this morning’s paper delivered, I was told that I could read the paper on line. Wonderful. Credit my account for non-delivery of today’s paper.

  134. I am writing in complete frustration about the delivery service. Last month I received the wrong Saturday paper, no paper at all on Sunday, correct delivery on Monday and then no paper on Tuesday.
    For several days after I had complained numerous times to someone I assume was in the Philippines I had good service for several days; then today NO PAPER.
    Do I have to just cancel my subscription to put an end to this unsatisfactory situation?
    I live in Dana Point, South Orange County. Action please!

  135. After years of getting this paper -all of a sudden it stopped, even tho they bill my checking account. Try to talk to a human on Sunday!!!!!!! Can see why print papers are going the way of the dinosaurs-BLAH

  136. For the last 6-weeks my Sunday paper has come late from 10 to 30 minutes after 8am.

    I’ve made repeated calls to your 888# all to no avail. I have been a subscriber to the LAT for more than 40 years and I resent this shabby treatment.

    There is no problem with daily deliveries.

  137. My paper was not delivered. After 2 promises on the phone and 6 hours later all I can get now is a message that their offices are closed this is really bad service

  138. In the last 3 months we receive our paper on and off. In the beginning it was thrown in water and we were unable to read it. Suggested wrapping it or leave it by our door. Never received a new paper. Then the deliverer left it at our door or did not deliver. We receive our paper on and off and no one answers our requests. We are subscribers for 50 years plus. Just received a Christmas card which means donation, which we have always given. Again, today, no paper. Apparently, it is the same deliverer as last year, but no service, no one to talk to. Unless delivery improves, we will have to cancel.

  139. At this time I am so angry & frustration that it will be difficult to tell you how we feel about your delivery system. We have been customers for many, many years, & many times we didn’t get the sunday times, but this was even worse. We haven.t gotten a delivery this entire week. We have spent hours upon hours calling you speaking to a multitude of representatives, & customer service people & all they did was promise me that we will get a delivery either that day or the following day. It never happened, & we just cant understand what happened. My husband who is handicapped has been so aggravated that he called up & cancelled which mean that I have to go & buy a paper every day. He looks forwarded to reading the paper with his breakfast, & he hasn’t been able to do that all week. Again after he told me that he cancelled I got on the phone & spoke to Bill & he promised we will have a paper tomorrow. I was promised so many times that I really don’t think it is going to happen.We enjoy reading your paper @ we really will miss it.

  140. What has happened? No one in our neighborhood of 250 homes who subscribes to the Los Angeles Times has received a paper since Tuesday, December 11, 2018. Each day since then Customer Service has been notified of non-delivery and each time they promise to have the paper delivered before noon. It is now Saturday, December 15th and we are still waiting. Repeat phone calls to Customer Service and the only response is Sorry, we will send a paper before noon today. Still waiting………
    The last promise made was at 12:15 PM today, 12/15/18 when Simon assured us that we would get the paper on Sunday, 12/16/18. Will let to you know if another lie has been told to subscribers in this neighborhood in Dana Point.
    Shameful Los Angeles Times — you credibility is in jeapordy.





  142. Our paper has not been delivered for the last 10 days. Although this is inconvenient, I have called the la times home delivery service every morning and was told that a paper would be delivered. I have even tried to contact the distributor but calls are not returned. No one can tell me why I am no longer getting a paper delivered. Why can you not fix this problem?? After receiving this newspaper for over 50 years, and our last payment was $121.86, (outrageous), we have decided that we will no longer read it. We are subscribing to the Orange County Register.

  143. My name is Joel Bloom @ 22219 Village 22, Camarillo, CA 93012
    Tel: 805-987-7659.. I have a delivery issue – have not rec’d My LA Times
    from 12/19 to 12/22 (4 Days). I’ve called customer service every day to
    the supervisors, and been promised they would resolve this issue – which
    has not been done. I’m paying for my subscription, and getting lousy service.
    4 Days in a row with no delivery is horrible. I’ve been purchasing the Times
    at the store for the last 4 Days at about $12,00 Total so far. I WANT MY PAPER

  144. We have had no service for 2 weeks, have phoned, emailed, talked to representatives who promise missed delivery service and gotten NONE!
    My husband loves to read the paper….Where has your service gone?

  145. Phone, 5622864919. I called customer service yesterday/Sunday asked automated attendant to deliver missing Sunday paper today and have not received it.

    • poor response

      Lots of phone numbers………… but no responses

      You did not deliver saturday’s paper with Sunday’s as promised

  146. have not received paper for the last 2 days. Customer Service was suppose to call back to check. Did not call back. Hope we get paper on Saturday.

  147. I have no newspaper today. Your phone numbers for home delivery on your website do not work. I’ve spoken to the Philippines and they said there is no customer service available until January 2! Is this true?

  148. Horrible service and f/u service. No one available and phone numbers that do’t work. Can’t even contact anyone for no paper service…..Rediculous!!!!

  149. I had a problem with missed delivery, tried calling the number provided, I received a message that the call did not go thru tried a number of times to get thru to no avail is that customer service

  150. All I want to do is report a delivery problem. the old 800# doesn’t exist anymore, and if there is a less useful website, in existence, I certainly haven’t come across it. the other numbers are busy, busy, busy. it used to be so simple, a couple of clicks and done..

  151. I can’t even reach the Home Delivery with the number listed.

    I have not received my paper this morning, December 29th. Please contact me and let me know when it will be delivered.
    Please correct your phone numbers so that you can be reached for delivery problems.

  152. Today, 7:00 AM, and again at 8:30 AM – Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018.
    NO PAPER DELIVERY….called customer service # 213/283-2274 continuously and has A BUSY SIGNAL all the time. Tried your other # 1/800-252-9141 and reports the call cannot go through.

    I MISS READING MY EARLY LA TIMES…why can’t I just get thru to report it today!?
    Please re-send to 4009 Tropico Way, Los Angeles, CA 90065. THANK YOU.
    What’s with the busy signal on your customer service line..continuously!!!

  153. I did not receive a paper this morning12-29-2018 . I called the number that I always call ( 800 565 2323)and that number is not in service, I went on line and called the number given there a (800 252 9141) and get the same message. What is going on.? I NEED MY PAPER AND I NEED AN ANSWER.

  154. We did not get our Times for today, January 29.

    The address is 3671 Alomar Drive, Sherman Oaks 91423.

    Please let us know when to expect delivery.

  155. We did get our paper for today January 29.

    The address is 3671 Alomar Drive, Sherman Oaks 91423.Please call regarding delivery time!

  156. Have not received a paper today and have tried multiple times to call 3 different Times phone numbers – all busy. Decided to try your Customer Service webpage. 27 categories listed and not 1 for delivery problems. ???

  157. I have tried to reach Customer Service four times this morning. The 800/252-9141
    number says they can’t respond. I called two other numbers on your website, neither of which were available. This is the fourth time in two months we haven’t received a paper. Even after I have called to request a paper that wasn’t delivered, a replacement was never sent. This is ridiculous. The price of the paper is extraordinary. I don’t want to read the paper online. That’s why we have home delivery. You need to provide customers with a way to contact you when there is a delivery problem. When a customer reports that a paper wasn’t delivered, you should reduce the payment for the next month.

  158. I have tried calling multiple times this morning not receiving a response,
    to say I did not get my paper delivered, and would like it today, 12/29/2018. Delivery address is 1424 W. 171st Street, Gardena, Ca 90247

  159. We renewed our subscription 3 days ago. We received the paper for 3 days and today no paper. That is why we cancelled. If they are unable to deliver, let us know. Cannot go through this again. Every telephone # we call is busy.

  160. This is the fourth time in two months we haven’t received a paper. Today, I can’t reach anybody by phone to request a paper. All of your numbers are busy. This is ridiculous.

  161. Delivery system needs BIG HELP! Saturday delivery missing – third time in three weeks. Last Sunday’s delivery nonexistent with no follow-up from automated system. PLEASE fix it.

  162. very poor service, Difficult to contact. Delivery of paper is often incomplete or wet’
    difficult to contact anyone.
    rating one star.

  163. no delivery today again, unable to reach you via phone number provided for customer service. very disappointed as I always start my day with the la times newspaper.

  164. 3 times in the last 2 weeks…delivery problems. Today Saturday impossible to get to customer service. Phone numbers not in service, not responsive on e-mail. WTF!!!!

  165. My paper was not delivered. When I tried calling 800-252-9141 I got an error message. When I tried calling 213-257-5000 the line was busy. I’m not happy.

  166. No newspaper again this am. No answer at phone number provided on your billing statement. Very disappointed as I enjoy starting the day with your newspaper.

  167. I writing to report an ongoing problem with delivery, My mother has taken the LA Times for years. Over the last 3 days we have had no delivery and when I call they state the cannot get hold of the delivery agent, as there is a problem with the internet. This is bad customer service. My mother is 89 years old and does not do the computer so the electronic issue is not for her. Please do something about returning better customer service. This is an America Paper and the customer support should be in California where the paper is published.

  168. Delivery whom ever is delivering my paper on Saturday sucks I have to call at least once a month to get my paper and the number is constantly busy you guys need to do better.

  169. We did not get our paper today December 29 and the phones do not work. Would like a paper for today. Linda and Robert Plazer 5859 Barcelona Drive Palmdale Ca 93552- 6615338006

  170. Today is Saturday December 29th. My paper was delivered late at 8:00am and was missing two sections. The California and Sports Section. I called every number available to me and either the call fails(213-283-2274) or it rings and no one answers (1-800-252-9141).
    My account number is 10003701549. My address is:
    11821 Wembley Road
    Rossmoor, CA. 90720
    Someone please deliver a complete edition

  171. I have been trying to reach someone to report no newspaper and all of your home lines are busy. Please call me at (805) 750-5068.

  172. There was no delivery this morning – 12/29 – at 17602 Raymer Street Sherwood Forest 91325.
    I have not been able to reach Customer Service. The operator tells me your 800 number is not usable.
    Please send today’s issue.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Levin

  173. I called customer service at 213-283-2274 to report a delivery problem with todays paper. Saturday Dec 29, 2018. Your telephone is not working. Request I be delivery a paper at 6409 Willow Ave, Rialto, Ca 92377

  174. Never received our paper today (12/29/18). Tried to call customer services and either the line was busy or no one picked up the phone. This is the first time we have had a problem to get through to the Times.

  175. It is 9:45 AM, Sat. 12/29/18. We always receive our Times. But today there is no sign of our papers (la times and Union). I’ve called phone numbers only to hear busy signals. What’s going on? Our delivery is so reliable.

  176. Telephone numbers for reporting no delivery issues no longer in service. Phone number for reporting issues through main switchboard no answering, so WHAT GIVES? LA Times subscribers for over 50 years…..this is no way to treat your customers. Delivery today, Saturday, Dec 29th at 9:15am which is no use to our household at this time. Requested credit for today as well as contact from LA Times to supply us with a valid and current telephone number.

  177. Today I did not receive my paper until 9 AM. Approximately 3 hours later than normal. When I opened it up, at least two sections were missing, including Sports and California. I tried calling only to find that your customer service number was not working either. What’s going on???? Extremely frustrating!!! I have been a subscriber for more than 25 years and getting angrier by the minute!

  178. This is the second Saturday in a row that I didn’t receive my paper.
    I tried calling 800 252 9141 but no one answered

  179. Your customer service SUCKS!!! I called to report an undelivered paper. Got through one time out of over 60 tries. Still no paper at 10:20 am.

  180. I tried calling both the Customer Service number and 1-800-252-9141 all morning about non delivery this AM. Neither number works. Both ring and ring with no answer, or the phone recording says the call cannot be completed. This is outrageous. I am a long time subscriber and I expect a customer service representative to call me back today at 1-818-789-8314.

  181. I have mot been able to reach customer service to report no paper today. My local rep. told me to call the 213 # and I can’t get through and was put on hold for the”live chat”. I’m really angry and frustrated!

  182. I have not received a newspaper today (Saturday, December 22, 2018). I have been trying to call Customer Service for over an hour, and all I get is busy signals. I have also been calling every number I could find on the website. Same story. Busy signal! What is going on?

    I have enjoyed reading the “Contact Los Angeles Times Customer Service” comments. It is good to hear that other people are as frustrated with your online services as I am. As far as I am concerned you can dump your website; it is absolutely useless to me! It would seem there should be an easy way to report a delivery issue; but no. Also, enjoyed the history of price increases reported by some long time subscribers.

    Why can you not communicate to me what the problem is?

  183. I have not received my printed issue of todays L.A.Times.
    I have called many times but have not been able to complete the call.
    It is now 11:26 & a little late for the morning paper.

    I never received the printed issue for Sunday Dec. 23rd.
    Do I need to cancel my subscription?
    Or do you think I can receive the printed issue on time??
    Ouida Cox
    23502 Longmeadow St.
    Mission Vidjo, Ca. 92692


  184. No paper today? I sent an electronic request about 3 hours ago, it’s 1250, still no paper. I tried calling the number 800-252-9141, it rang and rang…. how do I get a newspaper delivered?
    Adderss: 62 W Alegria Ave, Sierra Madre, CA

  185. When you want to know why your paper does not have a sports section and the main reason I order or any other section of the paper delivered who in the hell do you contact. All the numbers you have for service do not answer or just go to a busy signal. I’ve tired for 5 hours and was hard enough to just get this which is damn ridiculous. But talking with my neighbors here in Palm Springs most of them have stopped your paper. I think I will be next. I’m sure you can find my subscription under my name.

  186. we did not receive our newspaper this morning (Dec 29, 2018). We called the 800 252 9141 man times. At first, the line was busy. Eventually, it just rang with no answer. Our address is 4274 Reyes Drive, Tarzana. Phone number 818 344 3734.
    Do we get a replacement paper or will there be a credit on our subscription?

  187. Did not receive the Times today, Saturday, December 29, 2018. Tried to phone all morning but always got busy signals.

  188. You promised that Saturday’s paper would be delivered with Sunday’s paper. I did not receive mine. I would appreciate receiving sections B and D.

    Thank you

    e garcia

  189. I’ve been trying to reach your office this morning. The phone just rings and rings and nobody answers. I did not receive my paper this morning and would like it delivered ASAP. Thanks.

  190. December 31, 2018 NO PAPER. When calling, the voicemail always says I will get a replacement paper delivered today! It is a terrible disgrace that the LA Times can’t seem to get their delivery issues straight. To top it off, I received your current billing and it has gone up $14.30!
    Every time you hire a reliable person who delivers as the last two–a change is made. Once again, we are back to no delivery!
    A very unhappy customer

  191. It is now 9:05 AM on Jan 1, 2019 and we have not received a paper yet. What is happening to the Times? I understood the hacking incident but what about today — did you decide not to publish?? Can I decide not to pay?
    It is coming close to not continuing my subscription.

  192. We have had an ongoing delivery issue with the LA Times. Request via your web site are responded to, saying that the missing paper will be delivered — but the paper does not show up.

    I am considering canceling our prescription.

  193. all your n umbers seem busy or not working I subscribed to the la times sunday about a month ago as of yet I have not received a paper

  194. I canceled my subscription in Sept 2018 an have not received a refund of the money I paid in advance. I have talked to customer service 3 separate times about this matter. Please send me my check.

  195. I have been waiting 1/2 hr. just to talk to a customer service. TERRIBLE waste of time! Today is Thursday, January 3, 2019.
    I have always done one annual payment to eliminate more checks still keeping close check, but now there are these billings for 5 PREMIUM ISSUES with additional billings as they are sent out.

    I WOULD LIKE TO ELIMINATE THESE CHARGES with no delivery, NO INTEREST IN THE PREMIUM ISSUES $4.49 per issue and keep my life simple with less billings!!!! Is this possible? LA Times is getting too costly! Please respond!!!!

  196. I’m aware that last weekend you have terrible computer issues — because you gave me terrible service and incorrect deliveries.

    but now it’s happening for a second week, starting with the fact your computer this morning had an incorrect delivery address, having apparently lost the house I’ve lived in and subscribed from for 30 years.

    i’ll try to do better if you will.

  197. No paper again this morning! 3 days in a row, your batting 1000! My wife love your paper, me not so much. But happy wife……your phone service sucks, your customer service sucks, actually your lack of customer service is right up there with your delivery service. Keep up the work,you’ll tick me off enough soon. Oh, good luck to the new owner. Percentage of you reading, no less answering this….0000.

  198. I am dissatisfied with your customer service. We have had no paper even before the virus affected the printing, now we have two papers every day. Of the two email addresses I registered only one gets the daily paper by email. I have reported these problems to you several times, but your associates do not seem to either understand the problem or to fix it. Who do I need to talk to? Please reply to my mail.

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