Contact LL Bean Customer Service

Contacting LL Bean Customer Service Center

LL Bean is a specialty retailer that offers clothing, backpacks, bags, shoes and other outdoor gear perfect for life in the great wilderness. The quality of LL Bean products is what helps the company stand out from the rest of the retailers offering similar products.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customers can pick up the phone and contact LL Bean customer service any time of day – any day of the week.

  • Customer Service (US and Canada): 1-800-441-5713
  • Customer Service (UK): 0-800-891-297
  • Fax (US): 1-207-552-3080
  • TTY (US): 1-800-545-0090
  • Outdoor Discovery School: 1-800-441-5713
  • Fly Fishing Advice: 1-800-347-4552
  • Hunting Advice: 1-800-785-8268
  • Winter Sports Advice: 1-800-972-4552
  • Summer Sports Advice: 1-800-226-7552

Mailing Address

You can contact LL Bean for customer service and ordering. There are multiple addresses listed for customer contact depending on the reason for the letter.

Customer Service

LL Bean Inc.
Freeport, ME 04033-0001


LL Bean Inc.
P.O. Box 1205
Albany, NY 12201-1205

Direct Business to Business

LL Bean Direct Business to Business
15 Casco St.
Freeport, ME 04033-0001

Official Website

Visit to find out everything you want to know about the company. Click the Contact Us link to access customer service information. In addition to traditional means of contact, LL Bean also allows customers to request a call from LL Bean customer service, chat with a representative life or email customer service. If social media is your thing – contact LL Bean customer service on Twitter by tweeting to @llbeanservice.

Customer Service Email

You can open your personal email account and send a message to a customer service representative, but you can fill out the customer service contact form Contact Us&aicEscDWUrl1=http%3A// Page&aicEscDWUrl2=http%3A// This form asks for your name, email address and zip code. We chose to request a catalog, but we intentionally left out our address. We plan on updating this piece as soon as we get a message back from customer service so you know the average wait time for a response.

Our Experience

LL Bean is well-known for offering fantastic customer service without the hassle of many larger companies so we tested the customer service phone number. We were completely surprised when the call was answered by Linda, a customer service representative and NOT an automated system. All LL Bean calls go straight to the customer service center. If there is a HUGE volume of calls, which almost never happens, you may be placed on hold. We tried the call center at various times of day and we NEVER waited.

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9 Comments on “Contact LL Bean Customer Service
  1. I have been waiting for your catalog to arrive and it hasn’t yet. I am a regular Christmas customer and this is the first time I have thought of ordering on line. I am thoroughly and completely disgusted at all the popup ads you show.

    I am hoping your catalog arrives in time for me to order as I enjoy giving the quality products you sell, If it does not come shortly I’ll Go to Sears much to my sorrow.

    By all means stop the popup ad,s they arenot the professionalism folks expect from L.L.Bean & Company.

    E. Cavanaugh

  2. I visited your store at the Promenade Shops in Bethlehem, PA. A woman named Heidi waited on me and gave me great customer service and personal attention. She was friendly and extremely helpful. She was knowledgeable about the products and made my visit very pleasant. Thank you very much for the great shopping experience. Keep up the good work.

  3. I made a phone purchase and returned one item to a newly opened nearby store. Easy or so I thought.
    When bill arrived from llb VISA the return was not there. Called customer service and told the store did not enter the return yet. Paid only portion of bill. I just received a new bill for MORE than previous bill. NO credit noted for returned item.
    Spoke with customer service who told me the store receipt was not correct and I really did owe more. I spent over 2 hrs on the phone between customer service with LL Bean and llb Visa. This was not resolved to my satisfaction. I ended up paying for the slippers that were returned. I was not offered any compensation or apology for their inefficiency. I was asked to have someone I trusted review the statements and receipts for me. I may have brain damage but am not stupid.
    I feel like cutting up the llb Visa card and never ordering from this company again,although this would hurt my excellent credit.
    After being a long time customer I was thrilled that a real store opened near our home. It is no longer a thrilling thought. It will take much to win me back as a customer.
    When something good happen you tell 2 people. When something bad happens you tell at least ten. I’m well on my to telling many more than that.

  4. I placed an order on the 17thh of February and requested the fastest possible delivery to me here in France. I am very disappointed with the shipping results since it was supposed to be delivered by DHL within 4 to 7 working days !!! Twice I called to ask what the status was and each time I was told it was with DHL and given two different tracking number s which were not recognized by DHL TrackingI would like to be informed of the status of the order and when I can expect it !!!!!!!! I have really been shocked by this failure on your part !!!!

    Order No. E4Xàà&025510827.

  5. It’s the first of March and I don’t see anything for spring and summer yet at
    L.L. Bean. I love your v-neck tee shirts BUT I don’t like them in Heather. They
    are way too hot. Even though I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have cold
    weather in the winter, they are just too much. When will you have tee-shirts
    that are not Heather?
    The quality of your shirts are superb, the sewing as well as the fabric. I prefer
    your shirts over your competitors but at this point there is nothing to buy except
    Heather! Looking forward to come beautiful summer colors!
    Grandma M. in Idaho

  6. Once again, I wish to commend a member of your staff at the Promenade Shops at South Windsor, CT!!

    His name is Austin Gregg. He was cordial and patient and extremely helpful in assisting my shopping!! Because of limitations I have regarding hearing and walking, – and AGE!! Its difficult to shop without asking for help.

    If I did not have that assistance, I would be unable to go to your wonderful store!!

  7. I tried to order from LLBean online catalog and have it sent to an address in the US. It is not possible, as your system does not allow it. I had to order by mail. I think that you should fire your programmer, because there is no reason for it.
    Maybe you are trying to become a retro operation!

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