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Contacting LinkedIn Customer Service Center

LinkedIn is a social media website for businesses and professionals. When the site first started users were not able to integrate social updates from other sites with their LinkedIn profile, but recent changes have made sharing possible. Now, users can share updates from blogs, other social media sites and more along with standard LinkedIn updates.

LinkedIn offers both free and paid services. If you are inquiring about paid services via customer service, do not reveal your financial information by email or contact form.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The phone number for LinkedIn is not listed on the website. Users are greeted with a searchable FAQs section when they visit the help page. We were able to find the phone number for LinkedIn Headquarters on various business listings online.

  • LinkedIn Headquarters: 1-650-687-3600
  • Fax: 1-650-687-0505
  • Press Inquiries: 1-650-687-3560
  • Executive Chairman: 1-650-493-5525

From customer service reviews we’ve read, this phone number is not much use for customers having trouble with a LinkedIn account. We will test the number to see if we can speak with a representative.

Mailing Address

The headquarters for LinkedIn is the only mailing address available to users.

LinkedIn Headquarters
2029 Sterlin Ct.
Mountain View, CA 94043

If you need immediate help with your account, sending a letter is not going to prove beneficial. It is best to visit the forum or search the FAQs for an answer to your issue.

Official Website

The official site address for LinkedIn is If you need help with your LinkedIn account you can find the FAQs section on the LinkedIn Help Center.

Customer Service Email

You can contact the LinkedIn customer service department using the email contact page The customer service agency suggests sending a screenshot of your computer page if you are having a specific problem that you need to show the customer service agent.

We also found a customer service email for LinkedIn:

Our Experience

With all the problems contacting LinkedIn by phone we decided to try out the phone number. We were greeted with an automated system that gave us several options, including entering an extension or pressing 1 to find out the address or fax number. We pressed 5, as suggested by other callers, to contact the customer service department, but we were not taken to a customer service department. The phone number does not allow callers to talk to anyone from the LinkedIn company.

There are a huge number of complaints against LinkedIn. The customer service department does not exist and customers claim they are being charged huge amounts of money for ads and premium services. There are also reports of profiles being shared without the knowledge of the account holder.

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108 Comments on “Contact LinkedIn Customer Service
    • I agree. I am being charged as an employer looking to recruit, and I am actually just trying to find a position. I have been charged as if I am recruiting with a charge of $650.

      I have not been able to speak to a person yet!!! Very frustrated and unable to reach a human being

  1. How can I stop your unwanted emails? I am 75 years old and Linkedin has no attraction for me at all. Please remove my email address forthwith.

  2. 1- Every time I go to, I get the following error There has been an error with your request.

    2- I had profile and I have contacted you several years ago if you can kindly delete this profile, I already have switched to profile. the keep coming back and I do not know why. It seems that every time your IT team implement changes that profile keep coming back. Please advise if it is something that I have to do to delete profile for ever.


    Matt A

  3. remove my name from your lindkedin membership immediately. I do not want to see any your mail sent to me. Otherwise I will report to BBB to complain.

    From: Hwa Luh; liberty realt

  4. I have an enhanced account that costs close to $50 per month.

    1) Can I advertise a book on the site with that type of account?
    If so, how is that done?

    2) On my profile, I would like to show a number of assignments I have done, such as studies for clients and presentations.

    How can I do that? Please advise.

  5. What happened to my page which I never saw but could tell by people and nueric response to be popular. Now its an empty pge. Before it had brandso/chopra on it. Now nothing at all.

  6. Since yesterday I have tried to cancel my profile, as I have not been the one to put it there. I want to have cancelled my name from the FrontPage, as I have problems with the countyhall. I am not working at MediaTech. I am 64 yeras old in pension, and I am not looking for a new job, as I am very sick.LG
    So. please cancel it


  8. The customer service is less than useless. The people responding can’t read English. I say “I have a billing issue” – they respond, “Here’s how to subscribe.” I say, “I don’t NEED to subscribe, I am a subscriber, this is about billing for renewal”, they respond, “Oh, sorry, here’s how to upgrade.” IDIOTS!!!

  9. I never requested to be put on LinkedIn. I did not even know what it was. Some how my name was added. I am retired and not seeking a job. Please cancel my name and any other information from your website. Your customer service name is useless and just repeats itself over and over and you never get any help or information. Please remove my name ASAP. Thank you

  10. I have tried repeatly to sign on and each time it
    That the password is wrong so I tried to chnange it several times and still can’t
    Get accepted . No problem!!! I’m sick and tired of your incompetent web sites!!! You are a JOKE!!! DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE E Mails.

  11. I have requested on serveral occasions that you delete my email address from your system. Please no more emails to me. I have no need for your company. This is my last request. Please resolve this as soon as possible.

    Thank You

  12. I want the premium account cancelled. I did not ask for it to continue beyond the 30 day trial. Your organization should be turned over to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General for the state of CA for doing business this poorly. To not be “accessible” in any format for “Customer Service” I would suggest be a form of fraud and false advertising.

    • Same thing is happening to me as of now. I didn’t ask to continued beyond 30 trial neither, complete rip off…

  13. this company sucks and now that I know where they are located I am calling the BBB and the State’s Attorney generals office to report them as being non-conformists with their customers. Bad company. Fo0rget any phone number that even exists with them!

  14. PLEASE!!! Help me change my email address and password on my LinkedIn account. I no longer work for the company. Someone has changed my password without my permission. Thank you. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Sherrell Johnson

    • Their “customer service” is very weak, if in existence. If you can’t fix your problem with their FAQs, then you’re out of luck. I would NOT recommend anyone to set up a profile with this company if you value your identity or privacy. They are not nice nor helpful.

  15. no customer support… And a year after deleting my profile- it keeps popping up with people wanting to add me as a contact… Despite following all of their “rules” and assurances my profile was deleted – insanity. Agree with reporting to BBB and state attorney general. How does this company get away with operating a business this way?

  16. I am 75 years old. I have no desire to be on LinkedIn. Please unsubscribe me and do not send anymore emails. My name was put in by mistake. I have tried calling and asking to be unsubscribed. I have no money and cannot afford ANYTHING! UNSUBSCRIBE!!

  17. There is not such a thing as Customer Service for Linkedin. I’ve been on linkedin for a number of years and my account was recently hacked, this is huge to me as all my 500+ connections were on there, all my endorsements and the worst is some type of spam email came from my Linkedin acount that I did not send. I have contacted customer support via email numerous times and no response. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. Horrible!

  18. I haven been trying to get someone from LinkedIn to call me this whole week. BMC Software has licenses to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and I need to know how many licenses we have.

  19. Your customer service does not exist. I can’t believe that a company that deals with professionals can call itself professional with this level of disdain for its customers. If I didn’t need you for business, I’d cancel my subscription yesterday. I would cancel the account, but my account is locked…which is the problem to begin with.

  20. I’d comment if I could get any service. I can’t connect to your help desks and the like.

    So, my problem: when I sign on to LinkedIn and send a message or make a comment, it goes out under my wife’s name and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

  21. I have absolutely had it with trying to reach someone to help me manage my account. I wish to CANCEL my subscription IMMEDIATELY. HOW DO I DO THIS IF THERE IS EVEN A HUMAN BEING WHO WORKS HERE????

  22. Please be informed that you have renewed my linkedin membership for this year automatically without sending me notification or reminder, you have charged more that 500 dollars which is a lot.. so please I need the basic linkedin membership which is the free of charge instead of the category that I am in. Please cancell this membership fees that you taken few days ago and return the money to my credit card.. Also I have noticed that people sending me congrats to my link for work anniversary ( 7 years ¡ when I am working with same company since 1999 ¡ with same company I work on this september ,i started working on May not september ¡, your corporation is highly appreciated

    Ayoub AlMarzooqi
    VP Corporate HSEFD

  23. Worst customer support
    I have an issue that has not been resolved via back and forth emails. It takes almost an entire day for someone to get back to me. They ask me one question. I reply. This back and forth for one question may take three days…for 1 question.
    I like the site but if you need help with a complicated issue, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

  24. I find it very frustrating that it is so difficult to find an email address to get help. I have gotten 2 emails that are from linked in that I suspect are spam but there is nowhere to simply forward them with an inquiry.

  25. I can not get past the “numbers that show on the screen” that says “write the words u see ” they are not words they are numbers Help!

  26. Hello

    I have been trying to post some articles, but your system does not allow me to download the photo as recommended by your site to size of 700×400 pixels.

  27. I have tried to reach Linked In several times without any luck. My problem is that
    they want me to link to my son Adam Rider who passed away 2 years ago. Very heart wrenching everytime they do this

  28. Hello! I am sending this email because you charged my Wells Fargo account in the amount of $31.88. This needs to be refunded immediately. I did not request this. My social network was hacked and I have had fraudulent charges against my account. This was reported to Wells Fargo and I received a new debit card with a new number but this was still charged. Please refund these charges immediately.

    I have also provided the below email address that I used to have. I have since changed it to the one above because of the fraudulent activity.

    01/07/16 =

  29. Hi, I keep getting a message stating I have been temporarily restricted from using Linkin. I do not have Facebook, but my wife does on the same home PC. Maybe this is causing confusion.

    I have attempted to close out my account, but have been unsuccessful so far.
    Yesterday I had forgotten my password and was sent an email and successfully
    changed the password, but then the restriction showed up after logging in to Linkin.
    I have attempted to follow the directions to close out the account, but it says someone else is using my Email?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Gary Wood

    I WISH TO UNSUBSCRIBE !!!!!!!!!!

  31. I have been trying for two months to cancel my premium membership. All I get is the run around. There is no customer service. This is all a scam and not worth the money or time

    Be warned, do not subscribe!

    Rick Toot

  32. My GOD!!!!!!!
    Linkedin been billing me every month for past years few dollors USD, just in Feb 26th 2016, they billed my Citibank Master Card the following, what the xcuk!!!

    2/26 LinkedIn $497.40
    3/1 LinkedIn $8.00

  33. I want to unsubscribe from linkedin but am unable to do so. Please terminate me from your system: no emails, no ads, no anything from linkedin


  35. I would also want to unsubscribe from linkedin but am unable to do so. Please terminate me from your system: no emails, no ads, no anything from linkedin.

    Thank You

  36. I want to unsubscribe IMMEDIATELY to Linked In. I am unable to do so and I never subscribed to it. If I am not unsubscribed within 48 hours I will go to nighter headquarters. Terminate me from your system, no emails, no ads , no anything from linked. I am going into the hospital for major surgery and do not want to be bothered by linked in. Thank you

  37. Hi
    I really need to talk with a person to solve my problem. My linkedin profile uses an email address of my previous employer. I need to change the email address and can’t figure this out. Can you help?

    • Customer support what a joke, no phone number or contact info anywhere. Is this a professional site for professional people? I have another LinkedIn account from a previous employer but remember the email address and would like to transfer info from this account to my new one.

  38. I HAVE TRIED TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT FOR 3 MONTHS CAN’T GET TO ANYONE. KEEPS SENDING YOU BACK TO SELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE .. YOU WERE GOING TO CONTACT ME BUT NO MESSAGE OR PHONE CALL. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING,SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT A COMPANY LIKE THIS IS DOING IN BUSINESS. SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME. BUT NO RESULT!!! Please shut my accounts down. I have deactivated it so many times and it’s not gone. I suspect suspicious activity going on and through all of my accounts due to this type of hacking. Shut my accounts down. This is ridiculous that there isn’t a customer service number to your company where one can receive help and the false advertisement to pay a technical expert because of such is a shame.

  39. Please shut my accounts down. I have deactivated it so many times and it’s not gone. I suspect suspicious activity going on and through all of my accounts due to this type of hacking. Shut my accounts down. This is ridiculous that there isn’t a customer service number to your company where one can receive help and the false advertisement to pay a technical expert because of such is a shame.

  40. Please shut my accounts down. I have deactivated it so many times and it’s not gone. I suspect suspicious activity going on and through all of my accounts due to this type of hacking. Shut my accounts down. This is ridiculous that there isn’t a customer service number to your company where one can receive help and the false advertisement to pay a technical expert because of such is a shame.

  41. No customer service with Linked in. It’s awful!! Interesting that it states it’s a professional organization but they don’t have a way to get support if their online problem solving suggestions doesn’t fix your problems. What a joke!!! The phone numbers only give you a fax number. It’s shameful. All I want is to get into my linked account that I don’t recall the email for and I don’t have the password. I verify on their little robot picks but don’t get through. Why don’t they have where if you can’t remember your account login or password like the banks that they can help you out?

  42. Customer Service has been substandard. I cannot call and I cannot get someone to call me. I need to cancel a subscription and we keep getting billed because no one will respond to my request. This is unacceptable. I need to speak with someone from Linked In. My “contract administrator” never calls or emails.
    Must I call an attorney?

  43. I left a company and they deactivated my e-mail. Now I cant get back in to view or edit my profile. How can i get back into it without redoing my whole Linkedin page ???

  44. All I want to do is remove my page and listing since I NEVER USE it and I can not since it is so old I have no idea which email or phone number I used to sign up.
    Should not be this difficult to do.
    Explains why our country is so unproductive.

  45. Due to hurricane aria hitting my town directly I have been unable to contact Linked in to cancel my premium membership. Please have someone stop payments and refund my last payment. That money is vital to my survival. I have no phone service at this time.

  46. Dear Sirs,

    I joined linkedin a couple of months ago, but had difficulty getting anything up and as a result have not used it. It appears I have been billed £647.86. I have as far as I know done nothing at all. I do not want the service. I wish to cancel my membership and require that I get my money back.

    Yours sincerely,
    Michael Seymour

  47. Customer service is unacceptable! I am shocked at how hard it is to find a way to contact someone at Linkedin. My account was compromised, but I was not notified of this. I was just locked out of my account. No explanation was given to me. I had to hunt through the internet to find someone that would talk to me. I finally found your tech person Dexter that told me that someone was trying to get into my account, and after $300 dollars he said my account was fixed and would be up in 24 hours. My account still isn’t up. I have several contacts that I am working with, and I am unable to see their information. It doesn’t send a very good message to the people that I am doing business with, when my Linkedin page just disappears. The way Linkedin chose to handle this entire situation had definitely let me know where I stand as a customer. I am more than disappointed, and I question if I really want to upgrade from premium now. If there are going to be further delays, and you are unable to get my account up by 10/30/17, can I get an explanation and a refund please. I have enjoyed Linkedin, but I very upset.

  48. I have a LinkedIn Premium Subscription and I have been unable to send InMail since the first month I signed up. What is going on? I can’t find a phone number to call or any way to complain. So, I either contact my bank for help or I hope someone responds to me here. Your customer service options are terrible.

  49. My account has been hacked and I am being impersonated. The verify ID process automated process to regain control of an account does not work. I have tried everything to have someone get back to me and nothing. In the meantime my account and fake email with my name is being used to spam the public with phishing emails. Unacceptable!!! My last resort is contacting IC3 if I hear nothing shortly.

  50. I join Linked in September of 2017. The first month they charged my credit card $547.50. They are assuming that I’m posting jobs instead of applying for a job., No customer service and if you are lucky and someone pick up they don’t speak ENGLISH!!!!!! Better yet I don’t know what Lange you would call that. This have really been a nightmare for myself. I have miss out on several job opportunity because of the company. Overall I really think this is a scam….

  51. I’m blocked from LinkedIn and I don’t know why. I’m trying to put in my passport picture and it’s not accepting it. Please help asap!!! I can email you my info if necessary.

  52. Lifelock said there was a breach to linkedin so I got on your web page and was told to change my password. Then I got an Email to Heather Mc Nab which is not my name and when I tried to reply an attachment had all my files. When I clicked on Heather Mcnab’s name my name came up. I want something done about this I don’t appreciate my name linked to Heather’s with my Email address. I don’t even know what LinkedIn is.

  53. I am also attempting to close my Premium Account. The Customer Service number provided is not of help. Please contact me, or provide me with a phone number that I can call.

  54. For some reason my account is restricted. I have tried to upload my license but the “submit” button does not respond.

  55. My account is restricted for some reason. I have tried to upload my license as proof of my identity but the “Submit” button does not respond.

  56. What customer service? I tried to follow the help page to change my email address that I could no longer access. When uploading my passport it gave me an error message and started me over. I went in circles until I couldn’t take it anymore and tried to find a real person. I still haven’t been able to find help or get resolution

  57. I deleted my Linked In account years ago, before you were hacked and x
    million email addresses were stolen; I’m still receiving emails from
    ‘Linked In’ requesting me to add the sender to my contact list. I
    regard these as phishing expeditions and delete them

    Yesterday I received an email from ‘Linked In’ with Updates to our Terms
    of Service in the subject line. While this too may be a phishing
    expedition there is the possibility that my account has been resurrected
    by a bad actor and is being used for wicked purposes.

    Tell me: has my Linked In account been taken over by someone else? I
    went through the procedure for deleting the thing. I’d like input from
    you on this matter, please. I want my account deleted, never to be seen
    by man again.

  58. Customer service number only yields the address and there is no option to speak with a representative. My account has been hacked by someone in Nigeria. I cannot get into my own account any longer because this person changed the email and password. I tried the email addresses for LinkedIn and they don’t work, either. It’s as though the company doesn’t really exist.

  59. I am very disappointed in the lack of help that is received from linkedIn. They have plenty of little videos and forums to tap into, but when you need specific account help or immediate assistance there seems to be NO way to get a hold of someone. I have sent FOUR (4) messages to the help center and have not received a reply in 4 days!!! I pay more for this subscription than my cable, internet, cell phone and cant get a hold of ANYONE. Very, very, very aggravating.

  60. there is no customer service. I tried the two numbers listed and neither one gets to the correct customer service desk. I want to cancel my premium subscription for which I was just billed on March 10th for 299.88. Please call me to confirm that I will be credited this amount or prorated for the month.
    Carol Bridges

  61. Every time I get ANY kind of correspondence from LinkedIn, I get tons of spam mail afterward. And it is ALWAYS the same type of spam email. This is no cooincidence–there is a problem with Linked In. I think it would be best if the individuals filing charges against Facebook for privacy issues should look at Linked In extensively. I’m going to write to them and suggest it.

  62. Dear LinkedIn:
    I have a complaint to make.
    I have been trying to build an orbit of interesting people, people of substance and of knowledge.
    But you are restricting me, not allowing me to invite these people, saying that I have too many outstanding invitations.
    Well, stop standing in my way.
    I am a premium account and will not cancel.
    I intend to stay a premium LinkedIn account for a long time.
    So, stop restricting me.

  63. Your Company reeks. Please delete my email address from your data bank. If you do not delete my address immediately, I will register a complaint with Sen. Maria Cantwell’s office in Seattle. Perhaps you would enjoy being called to WA/DC to face a confessional.

  64. I am so upset with LinkedIn!
    They restricted my account I sent them a copy of my drivers license (which I was not comfortable with) then they tell me not good enough they want my Passport. I said no way. I have tried to find a direct e mail address for someone to help but it just sends me back to the log in screen which then takes me to the “restricted page”
    I cant even create a new profile as all of my info is connected to it! Linked in STINKS!

  65. Subject: You have no InMail credits left
    Hi, I am receiving the above message when try to send email ! I am blocked , cant send any email . Could you please explain me the reason ?
    Thank you

  66. very poor non customer service.
    Account is locked out with no reason given. unable to even contact LinkedIn unless our logged in. WHICH I CANNOT DO WITHOUT PUTTING A PICTURE OF MY DRIVERS LICSENSE ON THE INTERNET. HOW INCREDIBLY LAME.

  67. I have had zero luck contacting them. All I want to do is change primary email address no been messing with this for 2 hrs to no avail. glad it is not critical to my work

  68. Over a year ago a canceled my LinkedIn account as I no longer needed it. In the past month I all of a sudden started receiving multiple emails in 2 of my email accounts when LinkedIn only had 1 email. The emails are stating the following:

    You appeared in X-amount of searches this week. (The number of searches changes per email)
    You were found by people from from these companies.

    Since I have no account and I do not remember my password I no longer can access the help center online. I called 1-650-873-6000 the message says if you want LinkedIn address press 1. That’s all it gives. Then I called 1-650-687-3555 and the message said all of our agents are busy and you can’t leave a message on our voice mail. Please go to the LinkedIn help center online to assist you.

    This is really poor customer service. Contacting them through the help center online not only doesn’t help me when my account has been canceled for over 1 year and the calling via telephone is not useful either. How in the world LinkedIn can you serve your costumers adequately and efficiently. I’m reporting you to the BBB. I want these emails to stop. I should not be getting them at all. After canceling over 1 year ago people should not be searching my on a canceled LinkedIn account.

  69. I am not a subscriber, nor did I join. However, I am constantly receiving notifications. Unable to unsubscribe–your site contains MALWARE. Please help. I am not networking . . . nor am I seeking employment.

  70. Your company is pathetic, no customer service what so ever, getting the run around and told to go through the help page on the site, my account has been restricted for no reason and I am trying to find out why, I can not go on the help site because I am restricted, tried to send an email and got a reply that your help email is no longer in service. LinkedIn also asked me to verify my identity by submitting a picture of my ID, are you crazy?!?!?!?!

  71. Hello linkedIn,

    I was trying to find out how much can someone see when you are actively moving or chatting on Linkedin,

    1. For instance if I chat online to a recruiter can everyone see who I am chatting with?
    2. If I click on the job search in your site – can my current company who is all linkedin into my site see that?
    3. How private is the linkedin account – I realise they can see my photo but when I change my profite a bit – I think everyone got notified which I did not like – apparently you can switch off updates on your profile from everyone but I can see where.

    Basically I am looking for work elsewhere and I was wondering if I let some of the recruiters in my linkedin account know I am looking, will the rest of the my company who is linkedin into my account (we had to invite everyone working with us our site company rule) see that?

    Thank you for you help – sorry but this is the only please I can reach you

  72. I was just charged $608 to renew my Premium account even though I turned off the auto-renewal months ago. There’s no way to reach LI by phone, despite all the apparent phone numbers. The 650-687-3600 number only gets you a corporate mailing address. I have asked PayPal to investigate this unauthorized withdrawal, but for now I am just out the money.

  73. Absolutely no way to contact Linkedin for any kind of help. All numbers are voice recordings. They do not respond to messages. I have been billed for Premium services and do not even belong to this FRAUDULENT organization. Have tried for 3 weeks to contact someone.

  74. Been trying to merge accounts it tells me can’t help me to contact customer service and getting in contact with customer service has been terrible, no voicemail no numbers etc. I need help and have no were to turn.

  75. I am having trouble signing in. When I try, I get a message asking for my telephone number. When I put it in, I get an email with a link showing my how to access the account and change my password. The link doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do. please help. Thank you.

  76. someone changed my password and recovery mail, i cannot acess my account and customer service is non reachable cannot get help ,,, you guys have terrible customer service, phone numbers lead to nowhere emails go unanswered terrible customer service

  77. My account was restricted under cancel culture false pretenses and I was denied an appeal until I posted identity information: driver’s license, passport and government-issued ID which they cannot secure. There is no way to contact support unless you on signed into your account which you cannot do because of restrictions.

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