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Contacting Lexus Customer Service Center

Lexus is a luxury car company that claims to reinvent the car industry every chance it gets. Lexus was started in 1989 as a luxury line and the company’s mark on the car industry has grown with each passing year. When hybrids became popular, Lexus released hybrid models to meet consumer demands though hybrid luxury models tend to consume more fuel than non-luxury hybrids.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Lexus customer service is open from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday and 10 AM to 7 PM Saturday, EST. Roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day.

  • Lexus Customer Service: 1-800-255-3987
  • TTY: Call 711 and ask the operator to dial 1-800-255-3987.

Mailing Address

Lexus offers a customer service address. The address can be used to contact the company whether or not you own a Lexus vehicle. Customers should not send payments to this address.

Lexus Customer ServicePO Box 2991Mail Drop L201Torrance, CA 90509

There is also a US-based corporate address for Lexus customer service.

Lexus Headquarters US19001 S Western AveTorrance, CA 90501

Official Website

You can find all the newest models at The site gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the car company before choosing to purchase a Lexus vehicle. There is a section for sedans, SUVs, convertibles and other models. Customers can also check on individual model performance and access customer service. For social media savvy customers, check out the Lexus customer service team on:

Google Plus:

Customer Service Email

Lexus customer service can be reached by email using the contact form on the site, but the company believes many of the questions customers send can be answered by the FAQs section. The FAQs sectionis available 24 hours a day.

There is also a Live Chat available for customers with general Lexus questions.

Our Experience

The automated response for Lexus customer service can be bypassed by pressing 0. We reached an agent in less than one minute. The agent was happy to send us out a brochure for the newest Lexus models, but we were pressed for our phone number, which was a little surprising. When we asked about the energy efficient or hybrid line of Lexus vehicles, the customer service agent didn’t have any information on the estimated MPG, but he did tell us the information was available on the Lexus website.

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31 Comments on “Contact Lexus Customer Service
  1. My name is Manuel, I own a Lexus GS 350 I’m pissed off with how lexus misleads their customers. In March of this year I took my car to Lexus of Towson in Maryland about my VSC light being on. I was charged a fee for the Inspection and one of the Lexus Representatives along with the Mechanic advised me that my catalytic converter and oxygen sensor is bad and needed to be replaced. I was advised the cost would be around $2000 dollars to complete. The mechanic advised me he will clear the code for now but it would need to be replaced. I was issued paper work from lexus stating the diagnoses along with the price for repairs. I felt I needed a second opinion, based on what I was advised as well as the pressure from the customer service representative to have the work completed. I then took my car to Firestone auto car care in Baltimore, there I was advised by there Master Mechanic that there was nothing wrong with my catalytic converter and o2 sensor. I was then advised to bring my vehicle to the Lexus in Owing Mill Maryland. I took my car there the next day to have my headlight changed and inspect my vehicle for further issues. They found NOTHING WRONG with my catalytic converter and sensor. They then issued me paper work stating NO OTHER ISSUES with my car . I felt like the people at Lexus of Towson were trying to take advantage of me. This is the second time at this location where this has happen. I called the lexus complaint office and filed a complaint . I was told the Towson office was private own and they will forward the complaint, but there was nothing further that should be done. I wanted a follow up from lexus advising me on the issued. NO CALL.. NO RESPONSE!. I was interested in purchasing my second Lexus but based on this past customer experience. I will be looking at other companies possibly for my next purchase. I will not recommend Lexus of Towson to ANYONE. I don’t understand how you can allow Lexus of Towson to represent the Lexus name.

    Sincerely ,
    A Mislead, Mistreated, Pissed of Owner off a Lexus
    Manuel L.

  2. Recently repairs were done on my 2003 Lexus at the Toyato Servie Department. During the visit I was inform that two gaskets were leaking & repairs are needed. After getting them replaced spending lots of money the oil smell remain the same while driving the vehicle. Why is this happening regular oil changes are done when schedule. I don’t believe that was the problem. I believe I was taken advantage of due to the fact, I am a women . It has been known all over the world that this happen to women when repairs are needed. On Saturday, January 17, 2014 the vehicle return back to the service department. The oil smell is still there now the findings are the Master Cylinder is leaking. This repair cost thousands of dollars. This is a company issue not the customer. I trusted Lexus with providing me with an adequate vehicle. I am truly upset with this finding! Research was done to see if this is an occurring problem and it is talking to some of the people. This problem doesn’t happen with Toyato vehicles. The Lexus car is suppose to be a better car since it’s consider to be a luxery vehicle. I have keep up my end of the bargain and I hope you keep yours! I would like for my vehicle to be repaired at no cost! You have my permission to look at the tracking records for service. Hoping to hear a respond from your company.

  3. I was. So delighted with the service I received at Jim Faulk Lexus on Wilshire blvd in Beverly Hills. Everyone was so pleasant and tried to be helpful! I have been driving a Lexus for fifteen years and have never had such a great experience!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. I have owned several Lexus over the past 15 years and I can assure I will never own one again. I am extremely offended by the Spanish commercials Lexus felt it necessary to air on an English speaking channel. There are several Spanish channels airing in the us for Lexus to advertise on… While I speak Spanish, I assure you that many social problems come from this sort of pandering.

  5. write to express my deeply disappointment toward Lexus quality parts detrorate as well as services that I found indeed radiculuous.

    I am the user of this Lexus ES250 and my car registration number is AJR8090 registeted in Malaysia which our company bought in last March but I am astonishing to learn about the following are non making sense and ridiculous after 40,000 km service done in Lexus Ipoh Service Centre recently.

    1. Brake pad cracked

    2.Defective Oil sealed cap

    3. Leather seat (driver side) appears burble mark

    With the above detroration, I have been informed by the service centre adviser and the response was extremely unjustified, they told me this was because of wear and tear problems, not able to troubleshoot them, but it seems radiculuous answer without professionism. I feel great disappointment of Lexus quality performances and I will not buy anymore LEXUS in view of my fear.

    • write to express my deeply disappointment toward Lexus quality parts detrorate as well as services that I found indeed radiculuous.

      I am the user of this Lexus ES250 and my car registration number is AJR8090 registeted in Malaysia which our company bought in last March but I am astonishing to learn about the following are non making sense and ridiculous after 40,000 km service done in Lexus Ipoh Service Centre recently.

      1. Brake pad cracked

      2.Defective Oil sealed cap

      3. Leather seat (driver side) appears burble mark

      With the above detroration, I have been informed by the service centre adviser and the response was extremely unjustified, they told me this was because of wear and tear problems, not able to troubleshoot them, but it seems radiculuous answer without professionism. I feel great disappointment of Lexus quality performances and I will not buy anymore LEXUS in view of my fear.

  6. Hello,

    I bought Lexus LX 570S in Qatar from the main dealer Abdul Abdulghani Bros in August 2014. I have paid Qatari Riyal 410,000.00($-112,000/) and it done 6000 KM. I used my car not crossing 100 Km speed till 4000 KM, because it a expensive car. After that i used it above 120 KM speed there is a vibration in the car and the rear view mirror vibrates in which we cannot see whats in the back. I complaint to the main dealer and they told me in 5000 KM service we will check it. Then when i took it for service they told that the balancing to be done, i told them that it should be under warranty but they charged me. Then the problem was same.I called the service and they told to take to the main service center, then they told that the balancing was not done properly and we have check it again and it ok now. then i check it again it was the same vibration after 120 KM speed. Then the next day they told me i have to change the tires, i told the this is under warranty but they refused and the next day i met the service manager and they accepted to change under warranty. then after changing the tires same problem vibration after 120 KM speed plus when they change the tires all the alloy wheel got scratch and one place damage. then i told them this is a expensive brand LEXUS and i want accept it to be repaired. Then the after sales manager from LEXUS QATAR call me to meet him the next day in main service center and told me that there is a Japanese technical engineer in Qatar and let him check it. Then the next day morning i went there and they took the car for road test with the equipment’s fixed for diagnosing the the problem. the result was manufacturing defect and they wanted to change the drive shafts. They told me to leave the vehicle there for changing. I did not accept to do so because i didn’t buy this car for the service center technician to learn and experiment in my expensive car. My request is to change my car or give me the reports for my car, so i can take the issue to Lexus Head office. If LEXUS HEAD OFFICE receives this mail , please check with your Japanese technical engineer who was in QATAR last week for the report and you can find my name in your owner list.


  7. I own a 2006 IS250, I do love the car but your Lexus service is pitiful. EVERY time I’ve gone to Lexus of Queens in L.I.C. New York there has been an issue when I get my car back. this was the last straw for me with Lexus. just recently I brought me car in for a recall when I got it back there were issues with scratch’s on my fenders the 0 was missing in the 250 and when the manager came out to look at these issues he pretty much called me a liar by saying he didn’t believe what I was saying. at this point I will never by another Lexus again. I know this probably means nothing to you because I am just one dissatisfied customer. but you can consider me another one down.

  8. The sales department at Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston was amazing but their service was horrible which is very disappointing. I have a 2015 GX460 and in early May the driver’s seat began to have this roll under the leather. The cushion and leather has been replaced 2 times, but the car has actually been in 3 times for this issue. I just picked the car up on 08/22/15 and on 08/28/15 I noticed that the roll is there again, but this time in a different place. What is it going to take to get this resolved? I even called Lexus Corporate which was absolutely useless! I totally agree with the Mike Miller and Shannon, shame on you Lexus for how you treat your customers with respect to service. Especially for the cost of these vehicles!

  9. I just leased a Lexus 2011 IS250 from McGrath Lexus in Chicago, Illinois. I am a long time customer of Lexus and have been very happy with the customer service I have received in the past. My las Lexus was a 2000 with 90,000 miles in excellent condition but someone ran me off the road and totaled my car. I am convinced that car saved my life. I went to the Lexus dealer for another car specifically because of the customer service and the quality of the cars. I did lease the above mentioned car late on September 28, 2015. I have driven the car for several days and this last Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 I stopped at the dealership and spoke with the general manager about the possibility of swapping my car for something equivalent . They smiled and proceeded to give me a sales pitch on what a great deal my car is and that another car would be much more expensive, ( like I couldn’t afford it. REALLY). I am totally responsible for my decision to lease this car and was only hoping to continue with Lexus but was hoping for some help. None came. I will honor my lease but I will never consider another Lexus in my lifetime nor will I refer Lexus to anyone. Thank you.

  10. I bought my Lexus 330 RX at Santa Monica Lexus in 2004. I have taken it for service there since then. I have noticed a marked decline in the service for a while but this last time was more than offensive. I brought my car in to have the dash replaced per a recall (Thank you!). My advisor by default is Mario. I was so happy to have my car with a new dash. I brought the car around the corner to visit my friend and after an hour, we decided to go for coffee. I noticed that the leather next to my radio on the dash had a HUGE gash. I immediately returned to the dealership and had Mario summoned. I showed him the new gash, with clean fresh fibers showing, and his first response was “We only fixed the dash”. I explained that it wasn’t there when I brought the car in. He asked me to wait and summoned his manager (name escapes me now). He comes out and says the exact same thing! I was horrified that both of them insinuated that i was making it up? or that I was trying to get something from them? I am appalled that no one even bothered to check the area but assumed that it couldn’t have been one of them who made an error. Why not take ownership of the mistake and repair it before they return it to the customer? How difficult would that be? Why not take the onus off the customer and actually provide customer service. The manager said I should leave the car and they would repair it but I had just returned the rental and had appointments already planned. I explained that I would deal with this issue when I brought it in the next time. That didn’t seem viable to them and they walked away. When did the customer NOTbe in the right? I should not have to be so inconvenienced because they are so inept!!! I also got a suggestion of things that would need to be done on my next visit, as opposed to being asked to have some service work done while I am already in the rental car. I just don’t understand. Am i wrong to expect a little special service from a luxury car? Please advise.

  11. Im so disappointed with my experiences with Lexus vehicles as well as their service. I took my vehicle in for a safety recall, and a concern about the interior cabin panels and dash melting into gooey mush gunk. The shape and structure of the entire cabin has lost all integrity. So Lexus says they will fix the problem. Ok great, so they said they will call me in a year or so. THEN! they said they will give me a loaner vehicle till they fix the safety recall. Then they called me after the weekend and put me back into my vehicle covered in black sludge on the inside that also now runs like garbage! I am in shock !! I am a college student , I purchased this car when my mother passed away and this is the experience Lexus has given me to remember. Thank you,
    special thanks to the courteous mechanic that gave me my vehicle back in the condition it was. I can spend 40k on the car, I shouldnt have to feel nervous bringing my car in for recall service, that since Im not spending money during my visit he may make it to where I have to once he is through “fixing” the safety hazard. Very sad.

  12. Would like to share my Lexus experience. I purchased a used 2008 Lexus ES350 earlier this year from Superstition Springs in Mesa, Arizona. At the time of purchase, I noticed the passenger side door panel lock/unlock switch was glued in and not functional. The sales manager went to the service department and had the panel ordered and it was to be replaced when it arrived. After waiting for approximately 2 months without any contact from the dealership, I contacted them and was told the panel was there and I could schedule the car in to have it installed. I drove approximately 100 miles to the dealership only to be told that the incorrect part was ordered. I was assured the correct part was now on order and would be contacted when it arrived. that was June of this year and I haven’t heard a word. I have emailed the service manager, James Black and also the sales manager who had the part ordered originally, Matt Samselski. Yesterday I emailed the service department and received no response. I am a first time Lexus owner and left wondering if this really the
    Lexus experience? I myself working in the service department at Learjet, know how important customer satisfaction and loyalty is. I will say that I am less than thrilled with my experience with Superstition Springs Lexus, who were all very nice when I was handing over the check for the car. Hope for a response soon, next stop will be the sharing my Lexus experience with the social media via the Superstition Springs Facebook page and Instagram to start. Stating just the facts of course and the trail of emails to Superstition Springs Lexus.

    Just Frustrated in Tucson
    Matt Stuart

  13. I’ve had horrid Lexus service! First damage was done to my car when company was supposed to repair dash! I had to run for a week trying to accomplish repair! Finally I had to sit at Lexus Company over 3 more hours after that to get repair managed. Then company claimed it could put XM Radio in my car! That was another nightmare! Loss of my time & possession of my car! Why did I ever believe company! XM install claim in my car may not be valid! I was likely gypped! I can’t sleep, have headaches and anxiety, & elevated blood pressure! I have to go back to that horrid place to get refund-company claims parts are in my car! I don’t believe any parts in my car and afraid company will damage my car again!! Service Mgr was rude! I will report this awful experience, may have to get lawyer, & more! Lexus Corp doesn’t seem very concerned either! To top all this I’m disabled. What an disaster! What a company supposed to be Premier! Sorry I ever bought a Lexus! Horrid experience-when will it end!

  14. Following to the General Manager of Lexus of Santa Fe. I am very disappointed with the service I have received after purchasing and paying in full for a 2016 ES350.

    Audrey Allison
    Manager, Lexus of Santa Fe

    Thank you.

    Let me make this clear. Steve Robinson did a fine job for me. I have no complaint about him. When it became clear that your title people dropped the ball, he tried to correct the problem. But then they carelessly sent the necessary papers to the wrong address. FedEx was unable to deliver. They called me. I corrected the address with FedEx and with your office. The next day the same thing happened. When I finally got the papers, the invoice showed a balance due of over $48,000 after I had already paid in full weeks before at delivery.

    It took me several requests and at least three communications with you finally to get a clean bill of sale showing payment in full.

    Bottom line, I’ve wasted several hours trying to get Lexus of Santa Fe to do what it should have done in the first place.

    Now I have a new problem. Texas requires two license plates: one on the back and one on the front. But the car I bought from you has no bracket on the front for a plate. The penalty for driving the car without the front plate is $200 and it is sufficient probable cause for a traffic stop. Why did you sell me a car that is not properly equipped and what do you propose I do about it now?

    Stephen Moses

    Copy to Lexus Customer Service

  15. Re: GS 350 year 2007 Door Hinge Frozen and Can’t Open the Door without damaging the body area surrounding the door.

    I am disgusted with Lexus. My door hinge is frozen and in order to open the door the body shop had to remove the bumper. At first it started as being difficult to open the door, but then the bottom half of the door started to bend in order to open the door and cause the edge of the bottom of the door to bend. Lexus is saying they are not responsible. The car was not in an accident so how is a defective hinge that is causing the door and the surrounding frame to bend, not a defective issue. Nalley Lexus in Smyrna Ga is estimating this to cost $3,700…crazy.

  16. We purchased a 2007 Lexus RX350 July 2006. About 2 years later, the vehicle began to have small cracks on the dashboard. At first, we thought it was due to hot weather in Houston, but we garaged our vehicle and mostly in covered parking lot at the park & ride.
    From then, the cracks began to run across the dash board right in front of the steering wheel in several places. We now can literally break the dashboard like we break the cookie.
    It is very embarrassing when we have to carry guest in our vehicle. We feel unsatisfied with this vehicle from date one. We brought the vehicle back initially after a couple of days owning because the accelerator always gives a jerk motion when we stop and start.
    We want you to take care of replacing our dashboard immediately. We already brought vehicle into Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston and take care of us. Thanks.

  17. I am very upset, I have a 2008 Lexus ES350 I took my car in 2011 for a sticky Dash Board/Mold, they send me home saying it was something I must of used on it that created the problem, which I knew they were wrong, I didn’t know what to do, however we finally received a recall in 2014 they have me waiting now for the parts, mean while I’m driving this car for 5 years looking terrible it is so embarrassing.

  18. My mom has an 25 year old LS 400. For the last 10 years we have tried to get her to get a new Chevy or Ford. She had a terrible wreck in her Lexus a couple of years ago, she was rearended by a huge 12 passenger Van. The rear end was pushed into the back of the front seats. It was bascicly totaled. But she would`nt give up on her Lexus,and had it replaced by some great Hispanic mechanics. My Mom is Nita Faye Dowell, and she stands by your vehecle when everyone else said you have put so much money into that car every time it needs o be fixed. But my mom would`nt hear of it.. She is 82 years old , and if anyone deserves a new Lexus it is her. If you all would consider giving her a replacement Car it would make her the happiest neat Lady you ever met. She told me the other day that guesed she would never have a new car. What a testement to your product, and you could do a wonderful thing for a true lover of your Lexus. Please consider making a beautiful, inteligent, hard working true believer of your`e car. You would gain by meeting my Mom. Just saying, She is your number one Fan.

  19. The bad service department treatment is in oman muscat
    They not respect customers and today i receive the car not cleaned and scratch is there
    Where could i complain about it with no respond
    Bad experiance to buy lexus

  20. Horrible car buying experience – I saw a vehicle online and contacted Lexus of Orlando and I was told by the sales person that they would not sell a car with major problems. They send cars like that to the auction. Well trusting the sales associate I placed a courtesy hold on the car and sent my husband on the train to pick it up. Because it was a Lexus dealership we trusted them and he signed the papers without test driving or even seeing the car. MAJOR MISTAKE AND ERROR IN JUDGEMENT!! THE car has major problems that will cost $3500 to repair. They certainly knew of the problem and they sold the car anyway. THEY ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!! SHOULD BE RENAMED LEMON OF ORLANDO!!!!! DON’T PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALERSHIP

  21. I will NEVER purchase another Lexus, as they don’t stand behind their products. I purchased 2 brand new LEXUS from Johnson Lexus of Raleigh. Both my vehicles have only been serviced by Lexus of Raleigh or Durham. I have a 2008 ES350 which I purchase that had a bug shield installed by Solar View of Raleigh NC for Johnson Lexus. The Bug Shield deteriorated and Mold developed under the shield everywhere it was installed. Neither Lexus nor Solar View felt they were responsible. If this is the Quality Guarantee that they are talking about in all their commercials then I want no part of them. I am done with LEXUS FOREVER and will be purchasing something different very soon. Buyers beware they don’t stand behind their products.

  22. Good afternoon,

    My vehicle was damage during Hurricane Irma and was dropped off at JM Lexus located at 5350 W Sample Road on September 19th, 2017. The body shop advisor, Tarik Lattie, who has done a great job at keeping me updated through the process, (which is appreciated) informed me that it was in paint on 10/18. On 10/23 he advised me that the car would not be ready until the end of the month, possibly November. This is excessive and unacceptable.

    This is my second Lexus and I am very disappointed in the level of service. I am paying for a rental out of pocket which is ending up being well over $1,000 because this is taking so long.

    Is it possible to escalate this to have the car finished sooner or, would Lexus would provide a loaner while this is taking longer than expected?

    Thank you,

  23. Just read another article where Lexus Cor[orate HQ is moving to Plano, Texas in 2017, therefore the address may be a valid one. Even despite the validity of same, Mr. Jimmy needs to learn much on Human Resources and Customer Service.

  24. Bad experience with RX 350, At only 68000,car was shut off. Repaired and paid 3500$ and can not drivable again ,now costing $4400 more. Do not know what to do.

  25. Over the years, I receive numerous phone calls from my Lexus dealership mostly telling me it’s time to renew my lease or service my car. Having leased a Lexus 12 times, I’m use to this communication process when they are trying to sell me something. Most of my leases were from Rockville Centre, L.I. N.Y. and it’s the only car my wife and I have driven in the past 25 years.

    Recently I reached out to my dealer in Rockville Centre to discuss an issue with one of my 2 Lexus’. Five times I left a message with the Dealership manager Steven Torrens. I also reached out to someone at Lexus Customer Satisfaction about my problem who responded by emailing my issue directly to Steven at the dealership. She said Lexus Customer Satisfaction could do nothing but reach out to the dealer. She did call me every day for 3 day to see if he connected with me. Can someone tell me what is the role of Lexus customer satisfaction?

    Apparently customer service is not Rockville Centre’s concern. After 25 years as a loyal customer never missing a payment do you think he should have made more of an effort to get back to me?

    Although this all very disappointing, I’m sure I’ll be hearing from Rockville Centre soon when its time to renew my car. I guess when I do get the call, I’ll know how to exactly how to respond.

  26. Have owned new Lexus LS cars for 28 years Have all recommended service done at Clear Lake Lexus for last 14 years . About a year ago dealer said my power steering was leaking and would cost $2500 to fix. If I didn’t fix it car could catch on fire. Fluid level always full so took car to Westside Lexus. They said power steering not leaking. However, the worst thing that happened was when CL Lexus urged me to change transmission fluid even though it is not recommended in Owner’s Manual, had not been done before, and transmission is sealed. Engine light came on CL Lexus said it was transmission. Took car to Westside Lexus who asked me if I had had transmission fluid changed for first time when vehicle had over 100,000 miles. I told them I had. They said it was a bad idea to change and flush transmission fluid in car over 100,000 for first time. Beware this dealer takes advantage of senior citizens.

  27. I contacted Lexus customer service on March 15, 2018 and spoke to (Jessie) reporting that I was involved in a bad accident January 9 in my 2014 Lexus having 19,800 miles. I was hit from the rear by a truck going 65 miles an hour and I was stopped and when I woke the seat on my driver side had broken and I was lying down. I was very concern about the seat breaking and not protecting me. Left with many injuries.

    He sent me a form to sign(Toyota imaging authorization and consent)sent it back ,asking him to contact Geico
    As soon as possible because they had totaled it and had ownership. He told me he would do it right away.

    I have called numerous times and he is always busy. One time he returned my call and said he would call me the next day. Never to hear from him.

    Is this the kind of customer service Lexus gives their customer….especially on a matter so important. What has happened



  30. To Corporate offices of Lexus,
    On 09/11/2019 I brought my Lexus in to Lexus of Rockville Centre for service. When I dropped it off for my appointment at 9.45am I was told that Richard Baldwin would be my contact person and he would call me with an estimate and what needed to be done. I assumed this would only take a couple of hours. When I did not hear from him, I called at 1pm and was told he was not available but would call me back shortly. When 3pm arrived and he still had not had the courtesy to return my phone call I again tried to reach him. I again was told he would get back to me. At this point I asked to speak to Customer Service and instead I was transferred to Kevin the mechanic who was working on my car. Instead of him explaining what was wrong with my car he said I would receive a text shortly. I did receive a test about 20 minutes later. I was finally able to speak with Rich and we decided that they would replace my front brakes and rotors. Rear brakes and machine rotors replace the rear differential pinion seal and then take it to the exhaust shop to repair or replace an exhaust pipe.
    On 9/12/2019 I was told my car would be ready on 09/13/2019.
    On 09/13/19 I called at 12:50pm I again was told the Rich would call me back. He did not return my phone call. I tried calling again at 3:25pm again I was told he was not available and would have to call me back. This was a consistent problem that he was not returning my phone calls. At this point I had asked to speak to a supervisor, and I was put on hold and when the phone operator returned, she told me my car was not ready but never placed me with the supervisor. I was texted a message at 3:30 pm that they were still working on my car and that they would have to order anti-rattle kits for the brakes that the ones I have would make my brakes make noise. I still don’t understand if my brakes are new why this would not just be part new brakes.
    09/14/2019 I did not receive any call or text about my car.
    09/15/2019 They were closed but that evening I sent a text asking why new brakes rattle without the clip.
    09/16/2019 I was told this is the factory set-up and they have anti-rattle clips for the back of the brake pads? Which if they are part of the brake pad why did they not come with the brakes. I was told they finally were finished working on the brakes and were now working on the seal. This was already 5 days to repair brakes, at this point I told them not to repair exhaust and just finish the seal.
    09/17/2019 Since phone calls do not get answered I sent a text at 1:20 pm asking when my car would be ready NO-RESPONSE. I again tried texting at 3:15 still NO RESPONSE. At 4:30 I tried calling and spoke to Millie She told me that my car was not ready, and Rich was gone for the day, but she would return my call personally or have someone call me back, No one had the courtesy to call me back again.
    09/18/2019 I received a text at 8:44am that the shop foreman was still working on my car but to do the job they have to lower the exhaust and where the hole is that the pipe is bending so that they need to send it for repair, or my car will now be very loud. I needed to know the cost and was told they have to send to the exhaust shop for a price.
    09/19/19 at 11:03am I received a text with price, and I approved the repair.
    09/20/19 at 9:08am I sent a text asking if my car was ready. I received a text back saying they had to go pick it up from the exhaust shop. At this point I said so it’s ready and I was told no and that he must go and get it back and rechecked it. At this point they had my car for 10 days. I told him that I would be there at 2pm to pick up my car. Rich again told me my car was not ready and he didn’t want me to waste a trip coming out. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told he would have a supervisor call me but he still had to wait to get a check from the finance dept so he could pick my car up from the exhaust shop, needless to say a supervisor never called me.
    I have to say this is not the way I expected to be treated. The customer service with Lexus should be outstanding and it was far from it. The way to communicate with customers should be an important part of the service. I feel Lexus of Rockville Centre did not care and I do not plan to use them again in the future. I would never recommend them to anyone. I don’t think expecting a return phone call is asking too much but I guess they don’t think it is important.
    My side view mirrors use to close when I turned my car off, but they don’t now. I truly don’t know if that was happening before, I put the car in.

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