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Contacting Lexmark Customer Service Center

Lexmark is an international company specializing in residential and small business solutions, software and imaging products. The motto of the company is “Customers for Life”. Lexmark believes that once customers use their products and services, nothing else will compare. Aside from the products and services, the company also provides countless ways to receive customer support. Regardless of the product or service, Lexmark provides support.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service department: 1-800-332-4120
  • Corporate headquarters (U.S.): 1-859-232-2000
  • Corporate headquarters (Canada): 1-905-763-0560
  • Corporate headquarters (Asia Pacific): +65 6467 9898
  • Corporate headquarters (Latin America): +1 305-447-2200
  • Corporate headquarters (Europe, Africa, Middle East): +41 (22) 710 70 50

Mailing Address

Lexmark International, Inc.740 W. New Circle RoadLexington, KY 40550

Lexmark International, Inc.50 Leek CrescentRichmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4J3

Lexmark International (Singapore) Pte LtdLexmark – Latin America238A Thomson Road #13-01Novena Square Tower ASingapore 307684

2200 Lexmark International Technology S.A.Case Postale 508CH – 1215 Geneva 15 Switzerland

Official Website

Customers can locate valuable information regarding the company by visiting The website provides information regarding home and business solutions, services, products and software. All of the Lexmark products are available for purchase on the website. Customers can also use the provided links to contact the customer service department or locate information regarding products by visiting the customer resource page.

Customer Service Email

In order to contact the customer service department, customer must utilize the Live Chat feature. We asked the representative if the company currently has a dedicated email address for the customer service department. After several attempts, the representative provided the email address Customers can also contact the customer service department here:

Our Experience

Calling the customer service department was more challenging than we figured. We called and the automated system directed us to the customer service. Unfortunately, we were placed on hold for more than 10 minutes. We called as soon as the customer service department opened and the system stated the anticipated wait time was a minimum of 10 minutes. After waiting, we asked the representative if there is a faster method to contact the customer care department. They suggested we use social media I order to receive a faster response.

We didn’t care for the wait time. This makes us think Lexmark puts the customer last, instead of placing them first. Did you have to block out a large portion of your day just to speak with the customer service department? Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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13 Comments on “Contact Lexmark Customer Service
  1. I thought I would tell you that I tried to contact you by computer and telephone but did not get any help at all but just a runaround to call another number and finally they said that if I would pay $28.00 they would start helping me so I just tossed my new S815 printer in the trash. your service sucks and so does your product.

    Jack Coley

  2. I live and bought your product in South Africa. I have a query/problem and I cannot find a South African telephone number or email address for contacting your helpdesk if you got any. Can you help?
    Regards, Dieter Schmidt

  3. This is nothing but just another RIPP-OFF !!! you would kind of figure after spending good hard earned money on this product, along with the huge price of ink’ that Lexmark would cut you some slack, but no’ what they do is send you to third party crooks to steal the rest of your money. this just goes to show you that corporate and government is just out to rob the American consumer.

  4. I am getting so sick of your high dollar ink that does not last for crap. The ink changes colors when you print. I can see why you sell the things so freakin cheap you make bank on the ink. Do you want this printer back or do you want me to just throw it in the trash.

  5. You need to post an email address, for customer service. Every time I have a Lexmark problem, I either have to try and fix it myself or pay someone to fix it for me. I am a Disabled Veteran and I find it hard to understand what they are trying to convey to me, when I try to call Lexmark. Also, I don’t think you offer live email support,, but due to the disabilities, I cannot write my message fast enough to be able to converse with someone.
    My S515 printer is the third Lexmark that I have owned, and now that I have another problem, it will probably be my last.

  6. I want to buy Lexmark 50 (black) ink cartridges and 60 (color) ink cartridges LOCALLY. Zip Code 29432. Will you please notify me by email the address and telephone number within 75 miles of my location. Thank you.

  7. I have a Lexmark pinnacle pro 900 printer. It does a great job on scanning – however, the black ink I have bought is really crappy. I put a brand new black ink cartridge in and it runs about 2 or 3 times and quits working. I have had 4 black ink cartridges that have done this to me and I am sick and tired of wasting my money on a machine that won’t print with the black ink. I have done everything possible on maintenance for the Ink, but still does not work. I would not recommend the Lexmark product because of this. I have finally given up and gotten myself a new printer of a brand that I have used many times and do not have this problem.

  8. In spite of what appears to be negative comment about Lexmark’s service, I was extremely happy when–a couple of years or so ago–I wrote a letter to (but now I can’t locate the address I used then) a Lexmark office and requested a disk that would alow me to reinstall a scanner function from my x4698 “All in One.” Whoever received my request responded by very quickly mailing the disk I needed. However, now I have a new problem that I should think be answered by someone at Lexmark by means of an email. The problem is that
    a little warning that prevents using the machine involves something I do not know how to repair: “Carrier Jam.” Can someone there please tell me how I might fix it and, also, how I can get back the opening page for scanning? Must the entire machine be brought to whoever might service it? Is there an address for such a service in NYC? Please advise.


  9. Support for Lexmark S405 has been atrocious!!! Was informed by Lexmark tech that it would be $250.00 to fix black ink printing blank. The other colors are working fine!

  10. Lexmark phone support is God – awful. The staff have NO training, ask you the same stupid questions over and over again, and will make you go through the same troubleshooting steps you already went through. My employer has a fleet of Lexmarks and I DREAD having to call for service. I have worked with Canon and Xerox and neither help desk comes remotely close to the atrocity that is Lexmark support.

  11. Lexmark printers and service used to be excellent and our first choice. I cannot reach anyone in Tech Support, their website has invalid phone numbers, and the one number has a ridiculous wait time. From the comments above, Lexmark has tanked!!

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