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Contacting LeapFrog Customer Service Center

LeapFrog is a brand of educational toys designed to assist with reading, writing, arithmetic and improve overall knowledge. The company is relatively new, founded in 1995, but has taken the world by storm. The brand has won several awards and has been recognized with Top pick honors and Toy of the Year honors.

All of the recognition would mean nothing if it were not for the customers making the purchases. Since the customers are the number one focus, LeapFrog is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm; Friday 9am to 3pm EST.

  • Customer Service: 1-800-701-5327
  • Online customer support: 1-866-334-5327
  • Australia: +61 (3) 8531 0000 or 1800 244 543
  • New Zealand: +64 (0)9 917 4010
  • Canada: 1-800-701-5327
  • Mexico: 01-800-999-5327
  • Spain: 976 144 606
  • UK: 01702 200 244 or 01702 208111

Mailing Address

LeapFrog Main Office 6401 Hollis Street, Suite 100Emeryville, CA 94608-1071

Official Website

Customers visiting the official LeapFrog website have the ability to search and purchase items such as the LeapPad and LeapPad 2, the popular Leapster GS and several other accessories. In the event those particular items are not on a list, customers can search the site based upon age and demographic.

Customer Service Email

Customers can contact the customer support team by emailing We sent a message asking about the standard warranty on the LeapFrog products and if the company offers extended warranties. The company gave no indication as to when we would receive a response.

The company provides additional ways to connect with the customer support team, including:

Our Experience

Depending on the time of the year, we expect call volumes to skyrocket, especially for a manufacturer of such a popular educational toy. We are pleased to state this is not the case with LeapFrog. We called and endured the standard automated system. The total wait time was less than one minute. When the customer service agent answered the call, we asked for information regarding the return policy, relating to store returns of online purchases.

The representative explained the policy and stated it was the stores discretion whether or not to accept a return not purchased from their own website. The agent recommended simply returning online purchases to The question appeared tricky, but the agent handled it like a professional. Did you receive a high level of professionalism? We want to hear.

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2 Comments on “Contact LeapFrog Customer Service
  1. Hello I have a Leappad for my daughter and it have being working very well for the passed six mounts, just with in the passed two week we have being having trouble, when we turn it on it takes but it’s dark at and wont nothing show you, what must I do is there a repair place where I can ship my LeapPad and have the repairs done.

  2. it is very hard to reach you guys to order a part for the leap pads
    i have to of the older ones and just need to replace them and cant get no answer

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