Contact Lane Bryant Customer Service

Contact Lane Bryant Customer Service

Contacting Lane Bryant Customer Service Center

Lane Bryant is a clothing, shoe and accessories company that focuses on plus-size and full-figured women. Most clothing sizes start at size 14 and extend to size 28, though some products are sized as 14/16 or 20/22 and the like. There are no sizes available from Lane Bryant smaller than a size 14.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Patrons can contact the Lane Bryant customer service department from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Saturday or 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. The customer service number should only be used for product information and website order information. If you have an issue with your Lane Bryant credit card, call the credit department.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-886-4731
  • Credit: 1-800-888-4163
  • TTY: 1-800-695-1788

Mailing Address

When the time comes to contact Lane Bryant customer service, some customers prefer to write a letter to the customer service team or corporate office. If you want to write a letter rather than call or email a representative you can address your letter to:

Lane BryantAttn: Customer Service777 S. State Rd. 7Margate, FL 33068

Official Website

We visited the Lane Bryant official website at The website is a sales portal, giving customers who do not live near a Lane Bryant store or who want a larger selection of products and sizes the opportunity to order online. There is a strong customer service section located at

Customer Service Email

When you visit the Contact Us page you will notice a button that reads Email Us. Click that button to access the customer service email form. You are required to enter your email address, but personal information like name, address and phone number are not requested. You can attach documents to the email form, but we suggest customer refrain from attaching financial documents.

Customer Service Email Form:

Our Experience

The Lane Bryant customer service phone number uses an automated system to help move customers to the correct department. You can press 4 to talk with a representative about a store issue or 5 to speak with a customer service representative. After pressing 5 our call was answered in less than 15 seconds. The agent spoke with us about Lane Bryant sizing and helped us find our Lane Bryant size based on body measurements. After finding our size, the agent was patient enough to search for availability for more than 10 products in our size without every asking if we wanted to place an order.

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12 Comments on “Contact Lane Bryant Customer Service
  1. I have text you this will be the last email I will send someone stole my wallet and my lane bryant card was in it I need a new membership card and proably a new number please email me and let me know that you did did get this email thank you s baker

  2. Very poor customer service in The Mall of New Hampshire store in Manchester NH. Once again I tried to return something and they wouldn’t take it again . I forgot my slip at home. I over heard the lady say I think she is stealing from us and we are here to make money. Each time I shop in that store when this lady is on she is rude to me and others. I was in the store on Friday night. I think her name is Sarah.
    The store was a mess too.

    Thank you for your time

  3. Hi I bought to pair of pants and from the reviews it seems like everyone loved them so wanted to hurry and get them before they were sold out when I first put them on I was like wow these are great I did notice by the end of the day they were a little saggy but figured after washing and drying they would be fine but after drying I still felt they looked saggy. I guess what I am getting at is are you aloud to do returns after something has been washed and dried and worn? here is my info if that’s please order number 35253295 its the softest chino item number 224251 UPC 000096764512. other ones were order number 35163851 also softest chino item number 2242519 UPC 000096764224. One pair was worn once the other pair two times.
    Thank You for your help.
    Mindy Garris

  4. I have been a loyal Lane Bryant customer for over 10 years. However, I feel like this is going to change soon. This evening at about 9:30 PM I called to place an order over the phone. As I am about to move on Friday from New York to South Carolina, I requested that my order be processed via two day shipping. Instead, approximately 20 minutes later when I received my email confirmation, I realized that my order had been sent via seven day shipping. This means that at the earliest I would be receiving my order would be on Friday, the day I am moving, and it is most likely going to be delivered on Saturday or Monday. Upon realizing the shipping mistake I called Lane Bryant’s customer service phone line and was immediately placed on hold for over 45 minutes due to “unusual high call volume.” By the time I spoke with the custom r representative I was told that I had exceeded the one call time when shipping can be changed. I explained that this issue was not my fault and that I had originally requested two day shipping and that because I had been on hold for over 45 minutes I had missed the one hour time period. After being transferred to a manager, the manager explained to me that orders are locked within 60 minutes of being entered and that there is no way for management or anybody else to get into the system to make any changes. To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. At no point in time were any accommodations offered to be made. I was simply told that I should ask a neighbor to be on the lookout for the package and to then have them ship it to me in South Carolina. This wasn’t my mistake and at no point was I offered any coupon or special offer for future purchases. Considering the situation I am seriously contemplating closing my account. I had previously been very happy with my Lane Bryant customer service experiences and overall purchases. However, this experience has left quite a bitter taste in my mouth and caused me to become a rather disgruntled customer. Needless to say I won’t be ordering from Lane Bryant any time soon

  5. I had a wonderful experience at your Keizer Oregon store Jess was very pleasant and helpful made me very comfortable buying bras and knowing how to order my swimsuit because you didn’t have my size in the store

  6. One of the worst customer service experiences of my life just happened. I used to be a phone rep for another major retailer so I especially find this ridiculous. Last night I was in a LB retail store. They had to order me a swimsuit top since they were out of my size. No coupon was used. I wake up this morning to find that there is a coupon for that exact swimsuit if I buy the bottoms too. I call the customer service line and my rep could not have sounded more bored. I ask to be transferred to a supervisor to see if they can overrid the system so instead of my buying another (almost sold out) swimsuit top along with the bottoms in order to get the discount, could they instead just discount the bottoms since they can see my current top order in the system. The supervisor was extremely rude and would not help me. I explained the logic that this swim suit could sell out before I had time to purchase it and the top has only been ordered not even 24 hours ago. No exception was made. This is one of the only stores where I can find bras in my size. I love that they have Ashley as the cover model. However, I will not be shopping here ever again. I have been a long time customer and I wasn’t asking for an hour exception, it was just a slightly different way to use the coupon. To me this was a fairly basic request and if this had happened at my other job then it would have been no issue to make this request happen and have a good customer experience. Mark my words that I will be telling everyone what a poor job LB has done.

  7. I dialed the Lane Bryant phone number to get some customer service. I questions about making a purchase on their website, I wanted to ensure I was getting the correct pair of jeans. The first thing that I got on the phone with them trying to sell me life alert then they tried to sell me some security system and it went on and on and on. After I don’t know how long they finally come up with the number I need to call has been changed. I am not impressed I do not want to waste my time listening to them trying to sell me crap that I don’t want. There’s supposed be a clothing store, I don’t know what customer service they call this but it sure isn’t the kind that I want to have to deal with. I’ll skip the pants find another Company to call maybe one that actually talks to me about the closing of selling Company to call maybe one that actually talks to me about the clothing or selling.

  8. I would also like to mention I tried to read the customer service as to when I touched it and it immediately locked in as the four don’t believe the star rating here

  9. I started almost a year ago with a $300 credit limit on my lane bryant card. Then I was bumped up to $820 limit. I made one late payment in June and my credit limit dropped to $250! WHY???

  10. I just got off the phone with one of your csr’s. This was the worst experience ever. I am usually pretty ok even when people tell me no. This young lade–and I hate that I don’t remember her name was not helpful, she sound disinterested and she wasn’t paying attention to my issue. I have had better experiences even with Lane Bryant. Lately all experience with you guys are not good but when I call I have gotten better. My question was mis-handled and I ended the phone call by hanging and saying I will take my business elsewhere. Lane Bryant is not the only plus size store and I know that I can at least get someone to listen and try to accommodate me.

    I called re a return. my order # was OLBW035684209 I will not go back into the call but I will say it was not a complaint against the store but a question about my TRANSACTION. The store or the manager was not the reason for the call.

  11. I tried placing an order online and it would not accept the promo code I received on a card for my birthday. I called the phone number on the web page and spoke to someone about this. Apparently the person helping me was training. I was put on hold several times during my call. After 23 minutes of being on the phone to order 2 bras and being told my address doesn’t match my credit card numbers, I hung up without placing my order. I have lived at my address for 28years and have had my LB account just as long. There is nothing on the back of the $20.00 card I received saying there is an exception on lingerie. My purchase totaled $89.90. The Promo Code for the card is: TD4X83WH. The expiration date for this card is November 30th, I was placing this order on November 6th. I would like to be able to place my order before it expires without being on the phone for over 20 minutes. My phone number is: 267-980-7292 and my LB Account Number is: 6978 0000 2205 1747

  12. I’m not happy with your customer service. I contacted your company and Fred R. sent me an email with a reference #181229 002774 He suggested I send pictures which I tried to do but I can’t seem to get the right email address. Since I haven’t heard back from him. Can someone look at the reference number and take care of this problem? Give me a ggood email address and I will send pictures of the faded stripes on my new jeans and they are also too baggy and the sales clerk assured me they would not stretch out. I’m 74 and its 3 hour drive to Lincoln City OR where I purchased them. I don’t need to be driving those curvy mountainous road along the ocean. HELP! I need a size 16 long on both pair of jeans. I will send them back when I hear from you. PLEASE! I can’t afford to purchase more jeans. I live on SS and my money is limited.

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