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Contacting Customer Service Center is an online and catalog retail website that offers low-priced electronics, home, office and clothing items. You can choose to order from the online catalog or request a print catalog and order online using the catalog item numbers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Orders are accepted by customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customer service is open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service and Orders: 1-847-444-3150

Mailing Address

The customer service department is available by mail. The dedicated address delivers your letter to a post office box for the customer service department. Attn: Customer Service P.O. Box 3088 Northbrook, IL 60065

Official Website

The official website is located at The front page of the website shows featured items available for sale and current discounts on clearance and sale items. You can request a catalog to shop at home or shop on the official website. The customer service page located at is packed with FAQs to help visitors answer common questions. If you are a current customer and you need to access your online account, visit and enter your username and password.

Social Media customer service is available on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Twitter is usually the first stop for customer service contact on social media, but Facebook is a close second. You must log in to your social media account before connecting with customer service.

Customer Service Email

From the customer service page you can contact customer service using a contact form. When you click the link that reads Email Us, a form will appear over top of the page. You cannot access the form with a direct link.

Our Experience

We gave customer service a call to test out the customer service department. Press 1 for new orders, 2 for catalogs, 3 for product availability and order status or 4 for customer service. After pressing 4, press 2 for other inquiries. This will direct your call to the next available customer service representative. Claudia, our representative the day we called, was bright and bubbly. She answered a long list of questions about products in the online catalog and checked availability for several clearance items. She did offer to send us a print catalog or place an order by phone if we desired to do so- but she was not pushy with the offer.

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One comment on “Contact Customer Service
  1. I’ve contacted you TWICE BY PHONE to get a return label. 1st contact was about 3 weeks ago. 2nd contact was yesterday. I’m STILL WAITING for a return label.
    account# 411006282542494-K4. Please send me a return label. Tired of dealing with this. You have cute stuff, but NOT likely to order again due to this.

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