Contact LA Fitness Customer Service

Contacting LA Fitness Customer Service Center

Contacting LA Fitness Customer Service Center

LA Fitness is a fitness club based in California, but has several clubs across the United States and Canada. The lure of the club is the state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes, indoor heated pools, full-size basketball courts as well as personal training and a Kids Klub. The fitness club is open daily, with several clubs open 24 hours day. At times there are questions and concerns you need to voice to the customer service team and the manager is not available. If this is the case, you can contact the customer service department by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The customer service department is available Monday through Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday 8am to 5pm, local time. In order to contact the customer service team by phone, you will need to visit the Customer Contact page and enter your zip code. After entering your zip code, the phone number of your local club appears.

Mailing Address

LA FitnessP.O. Box 51355Irvine, CA 92619


LA FitnessBusiness DevelopmentP.O. BOX 54170Irvine, CA 92619-1300

Customers wanting to connect with a customer service agent at a local LA Fitness can locate the nearest location here:

Official Website

When customers visit the official LA Fitness website, they have the ability to become members, review group classes, learn about personal training and find a club. There is a section of the site dedicated to keeping in contact with the customer service team through social media. This is where customers can review comments and messages to the customer service department. After becoming a member, the Membership Portal provides additional resources relating to the benefits of membership.

Social Media

Connecting with the customer service department through social media is an efficient means to keep the conversation going. Throughout the social media pages there were conversations between the customer service team and customers. The average response time was less than 30 minutes.

Customer Service Email

In order to send correspondence to the customer service team by email, you need to be a member. If you are not a member, you can send a message using the business development email or the media inquiries email. We sent an email asking for information relating to filing complaints against a specific club. We are still awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We called the local LA Fitness and reached a customer care agent within 30 seconds. We asked several questions relating to membership and canceling contracts. The call went well and all of our questions were resolved. The overall experience was perfect. Can you say the same? Share your thoughts with us below.

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33 Comments on “Contact LA Fitness Customer Service
  1. I would like all classes and instrutors know classes need to start and end on time- today one instructor- said lets wait and see if anyone is late- I spoke up and said we are here bon time- lets start and ,most of groupn should nhead as they agreed- please let all know we are on time schedule also
    Thank you- this was gym on 24 Norhtern in Phx 85021

  2. Please have classes start on time- tell instructors not to announce lets wait forn late people- there were 8 people there on time- why wait

  3. My wife and I are members of the local LA fitness -H58851- on Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples Florida. Unfortunately this branch cannot keep basic services available – hand sanitizer not available today until the next order arrives. Lack of sanitizer is a regular occurance. Floor around machines not clean – no vacuumed for some time, bottle holders on elliptical machines not cleaned for who knows how long, sweat marks around machines etc etc. Is basic cleanliness too much to ask? We thought that these things would be provided per the contract we signed. Finally it is not easy to get to a spot where comments can be made.

  4. On 3 of the last 4 Saturdays, I have worked out at the Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY gym and the sauna ( I went into the sauna at 8:40 am) has not been working properly. I have been told that it was shut off the previous night and not been turned on yet. This seems very easy to correct, yet a negative pattern continues!
    Also, both my wife and I have inquired about getting the services of a personal trainer. However, we were both told that there was an initiation fee and a commitment of six months or one year to obtain these services. At a similar facility, which I could attend free, the cost of services for a trainer is $95 for 4 visits with no long term commitment. Any suggestions?

  5. LA Fitness club in San Marcos,CA ,Is the cleanest club in SAN Diego County. I have visited three clubs in San Diego area. This club has the cleanest pool area,and esp Ladies locker room. The clubs are ladies shower area is quite dirty. the pool has hair floating in the water. I live in Escondido, Ca and work in Clairemont Mesa area ,I prefer this club!!!

  6. I just returned from the LA Fitness at 1860 duluth hwy., 195. The rest room was unacceptable. When I told the receptionist about this she looked blankly and said, “Well, we don’t have a janitor today.”

    If management is interested in keeping this location open he/she should have gone and cleaned it up themselves. We have choices.

  7. The whirlpool spa at the Boynton Beach, Floride LA FITNESS location is constantly out of order. Will you please resolve the persistent problem ???

  8. I did my registration on Friday and today Monday I went to Ocoee facility for the first time. I stopped by at reception and introduced myself and I said that was my first time over there. At that time three young employees were working and they were joking with each other and almost ignored me. They started to tell each other to take me to do a tour in the facility but because they were arguing to decide who is going to take me then I told them I do not want or asked for a tour. I just wanted to know where was the zumba class. I totally was disappointed! And another think…the gym was completely packed. And I noticed that no one asked to show my membership card…So I was thinking…everyone in here really are members?

  9. The mens locker room at the Alafaya Trail facility in Orlando Fl is a “petri dish”. When the oder is this bad it is not just sweat. It is bacteria and mold. The health department might close this place a a health hazard. Carpet should not be on the floor. A non slip flooring that can be properly cleaned should take the carpeting place. My wife and I are in the process of finding another facility if the conditions at our current LA Fit does not improve quickly. Locker room issue is a discussion topic among members we meet there as well.

  10. i been a member of l.a. fitness for 11 straight yrs about 300 days a yr , i go !!! and im in a gym in toms river new jersey a l.a. fitness franchise,i have seen people get fired for no reasons vbut , the last few take the cake. as we all know ,you cant train anyone but an imediate family member if i believe ..but in my gym certain people been training 4 clents at a time for 9 months n ,,they are not related , all 20yr olds being coached and trained by a 57 yr old ex body builder. named greg samuels a member there, so when you enforce a contract violation on 3-4 others thats law suit material and the last person that wsas fired and was a member was half african american . or was that the reason why this l.a. fitness doesnt hire blacks…there is too many double standards in this gym i have complained how this individual use l.a. fitness for his personal gains ..who this complaint is about…and furthermore, this gym has been a cess pool for steroids and cocaine, with 16 yr old kids all juiced up, and some of the management know all of whats going on!!!! clean this gym up this gym is stagnant and needs healthy people running it

  11. Disappointment to the max. I have been a member at LA Fitness for over a year and have I seen it go down hill. We are members in Encinitas. The jacuzzi has been broken for nearly a month and the managers don’t know when it will be fixed. While all of the associates stand around at the front desk trying to register new members, the hangars are falling off the wall near the swimming pool, the doors don’t close properly to the sauna so it gets cold if not shut properly, and the lockers are not cleaned often. The lost and found is a disaster (we all agree with this point). You can say you lost an item and they let you look through their drawer/back room without anyone watching. I could have taken anything I wanted. What a disappointment. When my family’s member ship expires, we are leaving.

  12. “Working out while black…now there’s a hashtag worth tweeting!”

    I ask in advance to please pardon any typos and/or misspellings.

    Though I am loathe to and greatly disappointed to travel this route, it is appears that this is a path I have no choice but follow. I am a member of a LA Fitness gym in the West Houston area. I have been a member of LA Fitness for many years now and with the exception upon my relocation to Texas I have not had a problem as a member in any of the LA Fitness (Bally’s) facilities. Despite coming to the West Houston location for greater than a year…I am now being harassed and charges of training are being leveled against me…most egregious, I have been asked to come to the gym, workout and leave, and here’s the kicker, “do not talk to too many people” for I am “too social and you don’t want to give the perception that you are recruiting people. Because, perception is reality.”

    The greatest irony, is that I have assisted with the retention of members, at a less than stellar facility, and have successfully encouraged up to four persons to actively seek training from those who are qualified to do so (I am always clear with my friends and others who have made that inquiry that I am indeed not and far from being such), and further I have given the sales staff leads from my personal life who I have been unable to inspire to come to the gym and “cut-up” with me and others. And, an even greater irony is being told that maybe my friends and I should go and workout at a different facility or even different gym (meaning franchise). Essentially, go be someone else’s problem–at least that is my take away!

    The background relative to this charge is that since August 2014 to present, I have come to know many people (same gym and often same faces over time) and workout and have worked out with untold numbers of men and women (young and old and very few of whom are reflective of my African-American heritage/ancestry, including my son who for all intent is part and definitely looks Hispanic), consequently many are drawn to my exaggerated and off the cuff antics to motivate and humiliate (from a place of good-nature and humor) my friends old and newly familiar. By way of example when I told a friend and employee at this very facility of being harassed, yet again, he shared the following with me, just his evening: “They think you’re taking their business. You’re not asking for money, you’re not asking for anything. It’s all out of your kindness and they hate that (me).” He and others further acknowledge that this “black suit” meaning skin I am wearing does not help. And, let me add that the Whites, blacks and Latinos I have worked out with also parrot this observation, and have warned me that I would get in trouble for working out while black…now there’s a hashtag worth tweeting.

    So imagine, that as I am leaving the gym, today, Tuesday, November 03, 2015, I am asked for my phone number in order that management (White) can attach a note to my account to “cover my ass, because I have talked to you before”…(meaning harassed me about working out with people aka deemed training, and talking to too many people and being too social aka being popular and likable, and not working out enough aka being lazy.

    Though I am feeling, and am being harassed I am greatly disappointed by the motivation of such harassment. I am actively working to remain calm, and to regard and treat those who have approached me with respect and not drop a lot of of “F-offs” as all have suggested I do, especially in the face of overwhelming and disrespectful “old negro treatment’ from tainting my perception (remember perception is reality) of the LA Fitness franchise/brand in the West Houston, Texas area. It is unacceptable, and I do not walk alone in this vision nor version of the treatment I am receiving and the veiled venom and threats I am receiving relative to my membership and access to the facility.

    I’ve been on a few blogs inclusive of posts to LA Fitness, and I found real fast the following incident, which is not dissimilar to my own experience when I was once accused in the West Houston facility of not being friends, and my son not my son because he looks Hispanic, with these guys because I am black.: “My son is african american and they even questioned that he was our son. I have never been so insulted.” So, as you can imagine. In order that this “thing”, this should be “not a thing” in 2015 from escalating I really, sincerely and genuinely, need to understand what I need to make happen to head this off at the pass. It has the potential for getting really ugly. Not what I want to have happen!

    I need someone who actually has a voice within, a verifiable corporate structure of, LA Fitness to address my concerns and give me answers to some fairly basic questions. How many friends am I allowed to have (at a LA Fitness facility)? Is it envy or racial profiling? And, more importantly should I continue the dialog of working out while black at a LA Fitness gym with a broader/larger audience?

    A response is requested ASAP. I choose to remain anonymous at the moment.

    Respectfully submitted!

  13. Dear sir,
    Just would like to let you know about your Irvin Crossroad office employee who names Peter Warren is a excellent person. He always helps his club members even I’m not live in your area. I still go to call him when we wanted annual renewal. You guys just so lucky has him. He makes me feel he just very enjoy his job and care about his company. I just so lucky I can meet him since many years ago. I hope you understand what do I say. Because my English not stron enough. Tks!


  14. Dear Sir,

    You have a such good employee who names Peter Warren at Crossroad Irvine club.
    He always wants to help you customer to solve problem. I’ve been knew him for many years. I always get him for my annual renewal. Even I’m not living in your area. From his services we can feel he enjoys his job and care about his company business. You guy just so lucky has him.


  15. I joined in mid December I was ill I had to cancel, I was given a refund of 168.00. it was never received by my bank, phil in la fitness 33441 was my service rep he refunded immediately, it is over 7 days & no refud.

    I rejoined in pompano beqach at $242.00 monthly, paid and I was told 30 (thirty) days before it is deducted from my bank, it is alreqady out of my account.

    please refund the first $168.00 and reufund the $242.00 and begin membership dues in thirty days as per our agreement. my meber number is F23745913 carole levy (954)621-6742 is cell. thanks. carole levy I paid by direct express debit card secured.

  16. I was at the Clinton Township Hall Rd & Romeo Plank Location to which I had finished my workout I see the sign posted out the sauna closed for cleaning at 5pm this has been going on since I joined December 23 2015. Then I go into the whirlpool where your janitor was putting in chemicals. While 8 other people where in there including myself. Not to mention the people after me and others got out cause we felt the chemical burning us. I even more surprised to find out this was not the first complaint on this matter. Why are you hiring these kinds of people while management is not watching them they do what ever they want? I pay monthly for the sauna and whirlpool the whole thing not to be burned by chemicals. I find it shocking this man has been caught in the past doing this and still works for you. PLEASE do something before some else is severely injured or worse killed do to such gross negligents. Thank You

  17. Good Morning
    I hear that you may be opening a gym in Airdrie, Alberta. If this is so can you tell me when it will open so I don’t renew my membership in my present gym.
    Harry Plummer

  18. I am a member at the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan LA Fitness. I am extremely pleased with all of the personnel who have worked with me over the past two years. In particular, I work with a personal fitness instructor twice each week – Ed – who has been a wonderful mentor. I have significantly increased my muscle strength and overall fitness. I also do water aerobics twice each week – once with Betsy and once with Stan – and my instructors for each give us a great workout. they both make sure that we are getting the max out of the workout and an understanding of what we are working on. Once each week I also do a beginners’ boot camp with Tee. This hour class is a huge challenge for me, but I love being able to make my way through it (particularly since I am significantly older than the rest of the class members) and I do so because of Tee’s upbeat you-can-do-it leadership. Kudos should also go to Felicia, the manager of the club, who is never anything but gracious and willing to listen and act.

    This is a great fitness club that is all about the people who populate it!

  19. To whom it may concern;
    I would like to cancel my membership with the personal trainer. I’m not financially able to accept this in my budget at this time. Once I’m able to afford this in my budget then I will re-enroll for a personal trainer. It has been less than twenty four (24) hours and I haven’t used the service so I’m trying to cancel. I apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused in cancelling my personal trainer membership.

    Thank you in advance
    Ms. Carolyn Jackson
    312 315 3807

  20. What is the LA Fitness Company policy on fans in the Cycle/spinning classes? I belong to LA Fitness in Marana, Arizona and management has told us that LA Fitness does not allow the placement of fans (either floor or mounted on the wall) in the spinning room. Really? Do you know how hot it gets in Marana (Tucson), Arizona? Is there a policy? Please help us remedy this and help us put fans in the Cycle/ spinning rooms/classes.

  21. LAFitness-Hopkins,Mn has made a satisfied member out of me! Dan took the reigns for Daniel in his time off with awesome PR and teamplaying extaordinaire! Thought this noteworthy!! Thankyou again, LRS

  22. Thanks Dan for noteworthy PR in filling in for manager Daniel, to help my bookkeeping at Lafitness! LRS

  23. Elif Erturkmen is the temporary manager at LA Fitness in Webster New York.
    She is a welcoming site at the front desk along with Kelly O’Connor.
    Elif is customer focused and reacts quickly to a problem or concern from members. It is unfortunate that she is not able to take on the role of manager,
    ( reason not known to the customer ) she exemplifies the experience needed to deal with the public in a very friendly manner.She always has a smile on her face. I believe customer service must be her middle name,

    Sincerely ,
    Maria Spijker
    1122 Lake Park Lane
    Webster New York

  24. Would like to have 4:30 pm classes added to the Niagara Falls, NY club. Cycle or some group fitness class. A lot of members work til 4 and would like to get to the gym after work and not have to wait until 5:30/5:45. It would free up some of the equipment at peek times. Please consider. Have been asking since the club opened.

  25. Jacki Chace is a 5 Star Operations Manager at the Bonita Springs LA Fitness. I met Jacki 2 months ago and asked her to terminate my membership since I was not able to use my personal trainer since time had expired. Jacki Chace took time to contact personnel. I am very happy that Jacki encouraged me to stay at LA Fitness and set me up with a wonderful trainer named Josh. Jacki always has a smile and on face and seems truly pleased to welcome LA Fitness members. Thanks Jacki – Dorothy Lauber

  26. At our facility on Bulverde in San Antonio, TX;(1)-there is only one (1) small, straight bar for working on the universal gyms. However, there are 4-5 locations which can use the bar based on individual desire. I recommended that we order 3-4 more for convenience. No action? I belong to Planet Fitness and they have 4-5 of each bar and less equipment to be used on? Why is LA Fitness not able to see the need and purchase this small item? (2)-I also recommended emergency police car type lights with siren in the ceiling for emergencies. Most member have ear buds in listening to music and may not hear gun fire if a terrorist incident occurred. The flashing lights with loud siren would get their attention to exit the facility. This could be incorporated nation wide and save lives if this type of incident happened.

  27. I’ m sending this message to you in regards to Viesida Rauch the Lead Janitor at Irondequoit, New York. She does an impeccable job cleaning and being courteous, professional and most of all diligent hard worker,

  28. LA Fitness Gym Riverside Arlington.
    I have been a member for over ten years. I started coming to this gym about a year ago, and at that time I found the staff to perform the job duties of greeting at the door with hello when entering and good night or have a nice day when leaving always with a smile, Nicki is a five star employee. But the reason I am writing this letter is to thank my trainer MIKE!!, Mike is/was awesome, Mike has a Synergistic effect on people by applying knowledge, ,experience and much enthusiasm regarding his job. . After three surgeries in past years he has help me get back on my feet and enjoy life again. he help me find muscle I hadn’t use in years.

  29. I am trying to join la fitness.i received a email Thursday.last night I tried to join but never received a conformation.i would like to join at the rate that was offered me. Everyone I talk to cannot honor was 0 imitation fee ,pay the first and last month ,monthly $24.99.

  30. The LA Fitness located is Conyers GA off of 138 is being robbed blind in many ways by management. I have come in several times paying 15.00 per day because the sale managers are never there on time. I am told by the front desk that they will be in at 9:00 am and they are never in at 9:00. I decided to wait one day and what I saw was amazing. I waited for about an hour and what I saw was amazing. There were people being let in the gym for free with no membership or pass. Some guy sitting in the area yell to the employee at the front desk “yo he good you can let him in”. The same guy let people in who owed balances and when the front desk employee tried to collect the same guy yelled you can let him in. Why do some people have to pay while others don’t? A group of employee were standing at the front desk talking about another employee they want to run the train on. They were calling her names It seems like a lot of shady stuff is happening at this club and the employee here run this place like a college frat house. First LA Fitness calls the police on its member now this. Someone from sales finally showed up at 10:30 but made me wait because they had to eat the meal they bought from chik fil A. This club doesn’t want my business so I left and joined planet fitness. Beware of this shady club!!!!

  31. We would like to cancel our membership as of today 12/14/18. our membership numbers as follows:
    Lee F15188110
    KIm F12523212
    We feel we have been over charged for years. in 2002 Lee was paying $8.00 and now paying $18.40. as for me in 2002 I was paying $9.00 and as of now I am paying $13.99. I would like research done and monies due to us. again please cancel our membership
    Thank you,

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