Contact Kroger Customer Service

Contacting Kroger Customer Service Center

The Kroger company is one of those corporations that diversify into various markets and areas under different names. The name differences may not mean anything to the average customer, but when it comes to contacting customer service or corporate office, Kroger is the one behind it all. Some Kroger properties include:

  • Pay Less Supermarkets
  • Scott’s Food and Pharmacy
  • Jay C Food Stores
  • Dillons
  • City Market
  • Food4Less
  • FredMeyer
  • Smith’s
  • Barclay Jewelers
  • iWireless
  • The Little Clinic
to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone from 8 A.M. to 12 A.M. EST Monday to Friday.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-221-4141
  • Digital Coupons: 1-888-553-3003
  • Gift Cards: 1-800-883-7135
  • iWireless: 1-866-594-3644
  • Store/Product Inquiry: 1-800-576-4377

Mailing Address

If you would rather send a traditional letter to Kroger you can use the mailing address for the main corporate office in Ohio.

The Kroger Co.
1014 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202-1100

Official Website

Customers can learn more about the Kroger company, contact customer service or find a local store using the official website at This is a food company so online ordering is not the same as it is with other companies. Some Kroger stores support ordering Deli trays and cakes online. You can also order prescription refills online as well.

Customer Service Email

While some companies offer an email address or general contact form, Kroger takes things one step further. From the main Contact Us page you can scroll down and click a link for the department you wish to contact. For instance, if you have a question about Digital Coupons simply click that link under the Comment Form column and send your message along.

We clicked the Store Inquiry link to send our test message to Kroger customer service. We asked if any of the Kroger properties allowed customers to order online and pick up groceries in store.

The contact form asks for a lot of information, including your home phone and address. We managed to enter only the phone number and skip the entire bottom portion of the contact form and still send the email.

Our Experience

There is one main number listed for Kroger customer service. When the automated system starts, press 0 and you will be placed on hold for a customer service representative. The representative will be able to answer your questions or take note of your concerns for Kroger stores and all other properties owned by Kroger.

We were on hold for more than four minutes. When the agent finally picked up the call, we asked if the company guaranteed meat freshness and asked how to return bad meat. The agent ensured us that all meat purchases could be returned for a refund. She suggested we take the package back to the store.

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48 Comments on “Contact Kroger Customer Service
  1. My family has been a customer of Kroger since Barney opened his first storefront. I’ve been shopping on my own since about 1955. Most of my experiences have been very positive. The employees are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable in most cases. If they don’t know an answer, the refer me to someone who does.
    I like shopping a the real big stores, such as Marketplace in Englewood OH.
    I have a serious digestive problem (celiac) and can always find plenty of gluten-free food at this store, both fresh, frozen and processed, but I have to be very careful to read the Nutrition Facts panels and ingredients lists. I only have about one hour to shop before my driver comes to pick me up. If a product has more than about 5 or 6 ingredients, I usually put in back on the shelf because many of them are nasty additives or preservatives. I know that the word “natural” is meaningless.

    I’ve memorized the size and prices of about 200 products that I buy thru the year. For example, I only buy salsa when it’s selling for about $1.00 for 16 ounces, or 6.2 cents an ounce. But lately, it’s been running twice that cost at most stores so I just go without till I find it competetive and stock up (3-4 jars) or buy a larger size if the cost is favorable. One thing that’s annoying is when you put a sale price on the shelf but don’t indicate the unit price. I usually don’t mess with this unless the savings are obvious. It’s a big waste of my time.

    Your Bolner’s Fiesta herbs and spices are a highlight of my shopping experience. I start there and get what I need. I clean out clear glass jars from other foods and store the Fiesta products with the bag’s label scotch-taped to the front.

    Your 8-gallon Home Sense trash can liners are very hard to open individually. I’ve switched to Meijer for that product, but I still use several Home Sense products. Not the plastic food storage containers or bags — I thing Ziplock or Glad is much better even for the slightly high price.

    I buy cut-up fresh fruit if the price is favorable.

    I remember when you reduced the ounces of frozen Kroger veggies from 16 down to 12 or 10, but kept the price about the same. Why in the world did you do that. I had to adjust many of my recipes for that feature. I’m worried that you’re going to shrink more products as you do perieodically.

    On the salsa again, I just found a jar not with 16 ounces but 15.5 ounces. Ridiculous and deceptive. I don’t remember the store or brand but it makes me suspicious. And the quantities on cereal boxes seem to be ever-changing and hard to get the best deal overall. Family-size is a misleading term on the front of the box. Who cares?

    I buy fresh chicken thighs and remove the skins before cooking. I’ve been paying $1.25/lb at Meijer lately for 4 in a package.

    I’m very concerned about the sodium content in all my food.

    I contact you by phone and postcard regularly but have been wanting to email you, too.
    Thanks, John Jentelson

    I’ve been calling your customer service department and mailing in the customer comment cards for many years with mixed results. John Jentelson 937-241-0660 but please respond by email.

  2. after my wife called me from kroger 1212 east bethany in allen texas.she was in tears after the checkout person asked her if she had enough money in her account to cover the check she wrote them,baring in mind we spent 1000’s their every month with never a bad check any where ever.they just dragged it out with all the people in the checkout line watching.they called their clearing see if the check was good,could have called the bank as wife was embarrassed humiliated singled out for no reason arrived home in tears still shaken from such a public doubt this will be our last trip to kroger and they can kiss my ass,i never have been so sorry for doing business anywhere in my life and i have bought many cars this tops all i ever saw at a store that has national outlets.

  3. Seth, the Kroger guy at the meat counter is awesome. He knows what customer service is all about and I congratulate you for having such a nice person to represent Kroger!
    I have complained about the Dunwoody store before as I shop there so often ….. Seth is why I will be back!

  4. I shopped today at your Westfield, Indiana store.Ref, no. 055682.
    After paying between 2.59 and 2.99 for a gal. of Kroger milk in the past, I found you had inflated your price to $3.09 today. Although the increase was a surprise, you had the gall to show and take credit for a 0.20 Kroger savings on my sales receipt. Come on now..we are not a bunch of dummies out here. Also, your your buy 10 to save on each is driving customers to other stores, since in their minds if they only need 4 to 6 of the items we feel they are overpriced. Let’s be honest with your pricing and try to stay competitive. Thank you, Bob

  5. I wanted to give the associate, Merla at the Crabapple Kroger Floral dept. in Alpharetta, Ga. a big Kudos for going out of her way to accommodate my balloon order. She was very busy with massive phone orders but took the time to take care of me with my busy schedule. Thank you Merla!!
    Cathy G

  6. I am a confused customer. why is it that every time I visit my local Kroger grocery stores (there are many) I am finding more & more products which I frequently purchase gone from the shelves? for example: arnold high fiber bread, smuckers raspberry jam, & trauth french onion sour cream dip. I was at a party this weekend & everyone was talking about this issue. it appears that krogers has dumbed down their products forcing the customer to buy what they want them to, not what the customer wants. I even heard that they were going to discontinue carrying goetta, a Cincinnati staple! when mgmt. found out about it, they blew a gasket. can’t do that in cinti. Kroger is making it more easy for customer to shop other stores.

  7. Now that we have a huge new Smith’s Supermarket in Los Alamos, the residents of Los Alamos and more importantly of White Rock have noticed that the two stores have different prices on merchandise. This is a great disservice to White Rock which is a satellite community of Los Alamos. Smiths for so long ha d a complete monopoly on groceries in Los Alamos so this practice is so especially hurtful to those of us who have so little recourse in shopping. Please make both stores in our small community equal. What reason could you possibly have for any other policy.
    Hedy Dunn, 40 Year resident

  8. I was arguing with my son who is usually correct about most things but, he thinks that you could not get Hebrew National hot dogs in Kroger stores in the 80s. Could you check and see if Indianapolis based Kroger stores sold Hebrew National hot dogs anytime before 1995. Actually, could you tell me when they started carrying Hebrew National products at all? I would really appreciate it. Sincerely, Teresa Swallows.

  9. Thanks again, Kroger’s for NOT succumbing to the anti-personal rights group Moms Demand BS group – your support of freedom is why I love your company!

  10. Recently I needed to make a late night run to the Kroger store on Markham and Rodney Parham in Little Rock Arkansas for some medicine.
    While there I ask to use the restroom and was shown where it was with no problem. The problem came when I opened the door. OMG!
    The stench was awful and there was old urine in puddles on the floor. This stuff wasn’t fresh, it was old and stinking to high heaven. The entire bathroom was filthy.
    It’s hard for me to believe that a company as great as Kroger would let their bathrooms go so bad. It wasn’t just an oversite because I’ve seen it at other Kroger locations but not this bad.
    I lay the blame on management and they are sucking at keeping a clean bathroom that not only looks clean but smells clean.
    Believe me when I came out of there, suddenly the whole store looked dirty and I couldn’t wait to leave.
    Kroger has great stores but horrible bathrooms!

  11. I don’t usually shop at Kroger in Anderson town center in Cincinnati. We shop over in Ky. But tonight we went to Anderson. I am 8 months pregnant. I was at the photo center and the line for a Kodak kiosk was long. Nick from the photo center brought me a chair to rest in while I waited my turn! That is customer service! I was in so much pain standing there, bringing me a chair was such kindness it made my day! I hope someone reads this and rewards him in some way. Bc that is the kind of service more companies need! My just service but going above the regular duties and meeting the needs of others. Showing kindness. God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  12. I spend $600 + a month at the Kroger at Madison & Edgewood, Indianapolis, IN and have shopped there for 30 years. I generally use my debit card – occasionally a credit card. Today, however, I wanted to write a $40 check to cash at the customer service desk from my husband and my joint checking account.

    I gave Trisha, the gal at the service desk, the debit card I normally use along with my check. (Mind you Trisha knows me. Her sister and my daughter were best friends in high school.) But Trisha said it was against company policy to cash that check since I hadn’t used that account for awhile. I reminded her that I have been coming to that store for 30 years but she was curtly unrelenting.

    I have had a few other incidents at this store recently concerning cashier rudeness, etc. Tonight I called the store manager, Tasha, to tell her I would not be shopping at this store again. If I worked in Kroger’s customer service department, I would want to know how your people are treating your customers.

    Everyone I know will certainly hear about it.

  13. My wife worked at store 405 for 14 years and one day she was fixing
    Sampel in the meat dept everone there ate them the manger asst manger
    Seafood manger everyday this happens , my wife was putting up meat
    From a trailer out on the dock ,fixing sampels helping customers and
    Could not eat like the others ,she wrap her some up for later and on her way to time clock store manger l perry stoped her and went thur
    All her belonging in front of customers and fired her 2days before x
    Christmas now is that fare every one in the store in the meat dept can eat your food that was scaned out but not
    Her 14 years and thrown out out the door like
    garbage over samples no one else just her

  14. I went to Kroger on Greenbrair Parkway on 3-18-15
    . I went throught he U-Scan, and after I paid the amount due, the machine #85 did not return my change. I then reported it to the young lady working that position. She first acted as if she didn’t hear me (totally ignoring me) and when I got her attention and told her of the machine, she replied that she knew and turned her atttention back to the paper she was reading! I questioned her as to who should I report this to she replied that she already had, and pointed out the person in charge. one of the managersa Mr M. I reported it to hiim and and he replied that he knew but as I stood there for the next 5 minutes he continued doing what he was doing. Ingnoring the fact that I was requesting my change as other people were experincing the same problem. I could get no response from the customer service phone number, so I will return to that store with the atlanta police and file theft charges against the store. Please.. Everyone beware when you visit the Kroger in the Greenbrair area of SW atlanta.

  15. I love shopping at Kroger stores. I enjoy the freshness of their meats, fruits and vegatables. I most enjoy the services they offer to the Senior population. I would like to see the service they use to offer to seniors where they “DO Not” have to make a mimuin purchase to get a sale item. Thanks for all you do for seniors already!

  16. This is the second time I took your survey that would add up to a 100 pts. it never showed on my card. You can be sure I will be contacting the better business or who ever to find out why you cannot honor what your corp. promise.

  17. I do not have a phone. I would like to know if any cupons show up on my card. Have had problems in the past and C.S.R. said they fixed the problem. Phone number (Though do not have a phone) Can you please respond via email within the hour and let me know if cupons show up on card this time. Thank you. Melanie Lollar

  18. I have been a customer, shopping multiple times each week, since the store at Houston-Levee Rd, Cordova, Tennessee opened. I have watched the store take a serious nose dive in products and now today, I suffered the worst personal embarrassment and harassment that I have ever had in any store. My husband prefers the Kroger brand dry roasted peanuts above other brands. I buy, on average 6 jars each week. In the last months a few the jars of nuts that I have purchased have been old, at least that is the way they taste. Most of the time I just toss them, but I have on three occasions, today being the third, returned them for replacement. Today I had the unfortunate experience of finding an extremely rude, humiliating employee at the customer service desk. His name is Brad. He is rude, condescending and thinks he either is the Store Manager or owner of Kroger. He opened one of the two jars, took peanuts out to eat and announced to me that there was nothing wrong with the peanuts. I invited him to eat them. I left without exchanging them, I don’t want to bankrupt Kroger or take money from Brad’s check. I did refuse a card that a female at the service desk tried to give me for this reason. If this is the type of customer service that Kroger is offering I will say, “no thanks.” There are other stores where I can shop. Grant it, this store is the most convenient for me, but it is worth the drive to not be treated so rudely. I did only a minimal amount of shopping today, I will go to another store tomorrow. Having retired from an administrative position at a local hospital, I can assure you that if one of my associates treated a patient or family member in this manner they would be looking for another job. I hope that someone in the store will step forward and reprimand this young man and teach him customer service. I have tolerated the loss of name brands, the loss of feeling of safe, and the loss of freshly cut and ground meats, but I will not tolerate this rudeness.

  19. A number of months ago the Chillicothe Kroger store ads were discontinued from the local newspaper but carried in a publication called “The Advertiser”. The Advertiser is no longer delivered to my home, thus no weekly Kroger ad reaches me. I spoke with a Western Avenue/Chillicothe, Ohio Kroger employee, giving her my name and address, and was assured I would begin to receive the Kroger ad “by mail”. Two plus weeks later I still have NOT received the first Kroger ad and thus must drive to the store (about 6 miles round-trip) to pick up the current ad. I realize this complaint may not ‘fit’ in this section of your customer service arena but after being a faithful Kroger customer for more than 50+ years it irritates me that your weekly ad is not readily available to me at my home. I would appreciate having my comment forwarded to the proper persons for action, please and thanks!

  20. I shop at the Owens store in Huntington, Indiana and love it. The store is clean, the employees are kind and helpful and eager to please.
    My problem is those buy ten or five items and get so much off per item.oh my goodness…..ridiculous….why not, buy over ten and get the bonus price. It is so time consuming for the customer and then you are out of an item or two and it ruins the whole plan.
    Thanks for listening, Carol

  21. Today, at 7:25 pm on GA 400 N in Atlanta, one of your semi-truck drivers was behind a woman whose car broke down in the center lane. I stopped my lane of traffic, as did the driver next to me, to allow him ( a black gentleman, with glasses, I think) to PUSH her car onto the sholder and out of danger. GA 400, in the center lane, during peak traffic, is a terrifying experience. Your employee may not realize he risked his life to help this woman. He did a wonderful thing, I only wish I had a truck number or licence. If you can find him, he deserves an award and a hug from me! Thank you for being such a self-less and brave human being.

    Your loyal customer,
    Elizabeth Holmes

  22. I will no longer shop at your establishment if the Credit Card/Debit card fee continues. It’s absolutely absurd to think this is okay. I shop at our local Kroger 3-4 times a week & use my Visa Debit card for all purchases. To think I am being charged $1 every time I swipe my card, is ridiculous! There are many other grocery stores in my area that I can shop at, that don’t pass on their business fees to their customers the way Kroger is doing. The entire community is complaining of this charge. This is not okay & the Kroger chain will feel the effects of this before too long. Until the fees are discontinued, my family & I will take our business elsewhere. Perhaps WalMart, Target, & FoodLion, who have stated they will not pass the fee on to their loyal customers, would prefer my business.

  23. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Hello whom ever this may concern,

    My name is Stefine James, a very loyal Kroger customer, until now. I recently purchased a bag of Kroger brand “Smokehouse Teriyaki Jerky” and I gave it to my 4 year old daughter, only to realize after her complaining that it was MOLD COVERED and smelled like rotting, decaying, spoiled food. I literally cannot believe I got something like this from my local Kroger shelf. I can only hope and pray that my child doesn’t get very ill following this unbelievable episode. I am very very pissed, very unhappy as a customer and if you can’t understand my frustration, you are not human. I am going to upload along with this email some pictures of the package I opened. I could only take a few before discarding because it smelled so Awful. I made this Purchase 04/14/16 @ 07:18pm 722 13 94 049. And based on the packaging this item was BEST BY 04/25/17 EST. So please explain to me why my daughter would be eating something rotten if it should be good another year. I am so upset right now I could just literally lose my mind. How does such a big corporation allow a mistake like this. I have contacted 10101 Landing Way Kroger and notified them of my finding to prevent this happening to someone else’s child The lady on the phone offered to replace it but by this time I had already gotten rid of the package. I am very very upset and I hope you guys to something to resolve this issue. I may never shop at Kroger again and I spend probably $500 twice a month at your store. Im furious!!! FIX THIS CRAP

  24. There was a worm in the wild caught salmon. Kroger Westfield, In. I have a picture but not sure how to upload it to this email.

  25. Are you trying to discourage seniors from shopping on your discount Tuesdays? Too many times lately there is no bagger (who is always willing to help unload my cart) and the cashier must also place the items in my bags. All this adds to my back pain which can be severe at that point. The baggers are willing to accompany me to my car, which I greatly appreciate. When I complained to your cashier (Angie) on July 12 she suggested Tuesday is a bad day to shop for such a small discount ($2.12). I suppose she is right, but a senior on a fixed income can do the math and see that totals over $100 a year.
    I am a customer at Roanoke, VA.

  26. I purchased an Amazon gift card When I tried to add it to my account it was declined.. Contacted Amazon and they said the card was already activitated in somebody elses account and sent me an email to give to my local store to get a refund. The Store refused to make it right so they stole the money I put on that gift card

  27. after arriving home from a FredMeyer shopping trip, I found no register receipt.
    calls to the store ,and the corporate help line was “NO HELP AT ALL”
    I’ve been given instructions several times on how to check rewards and fuel points
    on-line ,but have never been able to get in to the system. Could you please help by sending “STET BY STEP” instructions to the following email (below)

  28. I was shopping at 9155 Mansfield Road, Shreveport, La. today @10:37 A.M. Many people were in the store. Only 2 checkers were on duty & 1 checker in the 1-15 items isle. A very good sale was on but not enough checkers – this seems to be the normal for this store. Only ONE packer was on duty. I ended up packing my groceries myself.
    Another complaint is the SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT was done away with on 9-5-2017. This discount was very helpful to me and many other seniors and was the main reason I shopped solely at Krogers. This discount was only used by me-never abused as I valued this discount and felt loyal to Krogers because of this discount.

  29. As a long time Fred Meyer Customer and being 86 years old, I have been thinking about sending in my comments. NOW IS THAT TIME. You have many elderly customers and I usually by my groceries once a week and Milk is on my list all the time. Your half gallons is what I buy. They fit in my refer good and are not heavy. When you put your gallon milk on sale I don’t buy my groceries at Freddys and Safeway gets all my business since they are now putting their half gallons on sale I’m sure most of your customers are not my age but gallons of milk are difficult and heavy for me to use. Put your half gallons back on sale like you used to PLEASE

  30. I was shopping today at the Kroger store in Abingdon Virginia and it was also raining. All of the buggy’s in the store was wet from the rain. Most of the people shopping in the store was older or retired people since checks came today. Most of the people had tissues from their purses to dry off the buggies so shopping could be done. My complaint today is Why does the buggy holder not have a top or canopy over them to keep buggy’s dry and the problem today would have been solved. Just think about it. This is something to consider and would make lots of if people

  31. The worst store in Chas, WV. The store on Delaware Ave is dirty, spoiled food. Bugs crawling around and rude employees. I am 64 and have trouble standing. I also have COPD which is breathing trouble. I usually sit down after shopping a while. I found a chair & was siting down, I got up to get tissue then came back to find an employee hiding the chair. I went to sit in a different chair and was told by a man that it was his chair. I asked for the manager and he told me customers are not allowed to sit in Kroger. He laughed at me along with another employee. I have been a customer for over 30 years. I will never shop there again. The rotted food they sale is going to put someone in the hospital..

  32. Recommend cleaning up, organizing the shelves and baskets and moving the reduced/clearance merchandise area to a more appropriate and cleaner space. It is in a high traffic area where there is a lot of activity and swinging doors. This area is jammed and not a safe place to stand and look at merchandise. The area also is back in the vicinity of bathrooms and the whole area smells. Bakery items ARE
    displayed back there, too, and should be in a more sanitary and welcoming area.

    Thank you. Oxford, Ohio store

  33. Hello, just wanted to say I think I am a past customer at this point. Today was a typical trip to Kroger (Huntington, WV, 7th Ave Store). I made a special trip to Kroger to pick up an item on sale. Just like the past 3 times, they were out. Why advertise something on sale if you aren’t going to stock enough of it to last past the first few customers? Very lame. I do not anticipate returning for another similar experience. If I wanted a walmart experience, I’d go to walmart, you know?

  34. I always shop the Kroger store in Martinsville, IN. I do the online survey to help get more fuel points….but the last few times I tried to take the survey online, I could not read the printed information on my receipt. The print did not come out clear or dark enough for me to read the numbers; thus I could not take the survey or received my extra fuel points.
    This has happened 3 different times in the past few months.

  35. Terrible!! The girl Rita on srpt 17 2018 @ Kroger Burlington ky had absolutely no idea what she was doing. I had a scanner and she kept loghinh me out. Hello,??!! Why have self scan then do that. I reported to customer service she said oh well. Im mad!!! She made me late

  36. Dear Kroger Corporate Managers,

    Since I did not receive a survive opportunity on my receipt… to respond to the recent services I received at your City Market Store in Alamosa Colorado… I thought I would write you personally.
    I am writing to you because I believe you should be informed about how your Alamosa Colorado City Market Store employees represents Kroger’s Standards and Quality of Care to your customers.
    You see I have ALS or what is commonly known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” The ALS makes it increasingly harder for me to shop independently. With no family to assist me… I will drive over 28 miles one-way (36 miles total) to shop at your Alamosa Colorado City Market Store. Why? For the EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE I receive from your employee staff!

    (It is also important to note here that there is a Safeway’s just 2 blocks from my house.)

    While your Alamosa Colorado City Market Store does not offer online shopping services yet… their employees “Personal Services” to their customers is beyond reproach!

    As a prime example… your Front Store Manager, Maria, ALWAYS greets me with a smile, calls me by name, and offers help to assist me with my shopping! But this past shopping trip I mistakenly read the ad wrong… I had thought a sale item actually went on sale a day earlier than it was actually on sale. Knowing how long and difficult a drive it was for me… Maria honored the sale price for the one sale item I had come so far to purchase! Mason, at the Customer Service desk, so kindly made the adjustment… and Hannah made sure my groceries were bagged and loaded in my car so that I could physically unload them by using my wheelchair.

    That is WHY I will drive so far to shop at your City Market store in Alamosa Colorado!

    Today I am writing to you because I have a special request of the Kroger Corporation… Could you please help to fulfill my desire… to acknowledge Alamosa Colorado’s City Market Store Front Manager Maria? You see… I believe that Maria’s care and concern for my safety and well-being needs to be “Recognized and Commended” for the exceptional way she represents Kroger’s Standards and Quality of Care to your customers! I believe her constant support and willingness to empathize with my disease process is rare! But most importantly… Maria should be recognized for treating me as a “Valued Customer” and NOT as a Handicapped Burden!
    In closing I want to thank Kroger for it’s standard of excellence in your employee selection for your City Market Store in Alamosa Colorado. But above all… I want to THANK Kroger for respecting your customer’s individual needs!

    Thank you for being my Kroger Family!

    Roselyn F. Johnson
    2244 East Dr. #15
    Monte Vista, CO 81144

  37. In late August 2018, while shopping I stopped by the deli dept of Kroger Stone Mtn on Redan Rd to place an order for 35 subs sandwiches to be picked up 9/8/18. Initially the deli worker was not sure if the store could or would prepare that quantity of sandwiches. On his way to customer service to verify with the store manager a lady cane up and he ask her. She replied yes the store could handle the request. She told him the form to use. When I told him I wanted the sandwiches for pickup at 11 am, he said that the deli could not have them ready at that time, due to staffing. I was surprised!!!

    I wanted the sandwiches for a conference we were having at Crossroad Presbyterian Church on the corner of Redan and Panola, about a mile from the store. After he reported that they could not handle the request, I called the Covington Hwy store and the person on the phone reported that I did not want that location to make the sandwiches!!! I appreciated his honesty and candor, but I did not feel my request was unreasonable. By the way, I was not asking for a discount or free sandwiches. I was tempted to call a store in a more affluent area, but I chose not to, because I would have been incensed if they had said sure, lets get started.

    I don’t know what the issue is with these two stores, but that was over $300 in sales that went to the Publix on Panola Rd. I even placed the order on their website!!! The Redan store is my neighborhood store and it is my primary grocery store, even though in many ways it does not compare to the other locations in the more affluent areas!!! I shop there primarily because I do not want the store to close.

    PS: We had a congregational lunch last month and purchased sandwiches to feed over 100 people from Publix!!! Business lost and publix is 7 miles away.

  38. Columbus Oh I have been buying Kroger Gift cards to be used at Kroger stores for 25 years. These cards are for my subcontractors at xmas . Tried to call Sunbury Oh Kroger was referred to 8008374483 spoke to Kelsie with black something company who handles cards for krogers. She informed me of a policy change in Marc of this year. I informed her that I don’t shop for these cards in March she informed me that I couldn’t get the cards at this date. I informed her my next call would be to Giant Eagle I will be picking the 72 cards there in Westerville tonite and will not be returning to Kroger next year. I am a Kroger stockholder and now understand part of the reason my stock is down in price.Kroger needs to take back control of it’s gift card business as this new company has no vested in krogers best interest in my opinion.

  39. First I have to tell you your customer service line is very hard to get to your operator it just keeps repeating repeating repeating very irritating. Reason for my call is to command two of your employees at the Northville Kroger in Michigan Caroline plowers is an outstanding employee goes above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied and does the little extra things you’re lucky to have her also Michelle I’m not sure if she’s a check out or behind a desk also but always very pleasant and most helpful both very good Employees.

  40. Every single time I shop at the Kroger on 71st and Georgetown road in Indianapolis, I’m missing something from my bag. I’m super frustrated bc I have a newborn and I can’t just get up and go. What can be done about this?

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