Contact Korean Air Customer Service

Contact Korean Air Customer Service

Contacting Korean Air Customer Service Center

Korean Air is an airline based out of Korea offering flights from destinations all over the world to major tourist destinations in Korea. The airline operates out of major airports in the United States, including Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington DC and San Francisco.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Korean Air offers customer service to customers throughout the world. Both the customer service department and TTY numbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Customer Service US and Canada: 1-800-438-5000
  • International: 1-213-484-1900
  • TTY: 1-888-898-5525
  • Air Cargo Center: 1-888-888-4525
  • Air Cargo Center Fax: 1-310-417-5685

Mailing Address

The main office for Korean Air in the United States is located in Los Angeles. You can write to the main office with compliments or complaints, but it is best to call customer service or at least email an agent if you need assistance with a travel reservation or you need immediate assistance regarding a recent flight.

Korean Air1813 Wiltshire Blvd. 1st Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90057

Official Website

The Korean Air customer service website is located at You can book flights from major airports, contact customer service or check the status of a flight from the various pages of the website. If you have used the Korean Air website in the past, you can log in to our account to view past reservations and contact customer service about those travel plans.

Customer Service Email

Finding the customer service email form for Korean Air can be a little tricky. Visit the official website at and hover your mouse of the Customer Support link at the top of the page. Click the Contact KAL link. You will be taken to the customer service information page. At the top of the page you will see a small link that reads Send E-Mail. Click that link to access the email form.

Our Experience

The customer service department for Korean Air is easy to reach by phone. When we called the Korean Air customer service number we were greeted with an automated system offering a direct link to the customer service department if we pressed 0. The call was then placed on hold for less than 30 seconds when a customer service agent answered the call. We could not understand the agent’s name and the conversation was taxed due to a strong accent on the part of the agent. We eventually called back a second time to try a different agent. The second call was a little better, but there was still quite a language barrier.

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9 Comments on “Contact Korean Air Customer Service
  1. Its very very frustrating that you cannot email Korean Air. I wanted to provide great feedback to the crew and to let them know the passengers on KW029 this morning were supportive of letting them go through before us but cannot do so which has made me feel very bad.

  2. We are passengers on board Korean Air flight no. KE 074 last January 17,2015 and we would like to commend Mr. Kim Hyun Joon for being patient, courteous, accommodating in dealing with all types of passengers. We were one of those passengers aboard KE 074 seated at 34H & J bound for Seoul, Korea from Toronto. We witnessed how he dealt with a passenger professionally who seemed to be discourteous and rude. There was also an elderly passenger who was sick that time and we saw how he expressed his compassion and responded to his needs immediately. We would like to congratulate you for having an employee like Mr. Kim Hyun Joon.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Greetings and Good Day from Shanghai–I recently flew from Shanghai to SFO on Feb 18th– the price of a Business Class ticket is very steep but I had family business to attend to and needed be be well rested at both ends of the journey!– I love this airline and it is my preferred choice of all the Asian airlines.However I was very disappointed that the meal offerings on the menu(beef) were not available especially on a flight departing from Seoul.Once again the Cod fish coming out of SFO was changed to Salmon— but wait the Johnnie Walker Gold also listed on the beverage menu was not available and substituted by Chivas instead.Could all be fine and good but should be communicated to the passengers… Why list it if you are not able to offer it??– I am an International Chef with 20 years experience abroad.. I was acquainted with Oberoii Flight Kitchens in India and was a Menu Development Chef with LSG SkyChefs in Hong Kong— totally unacceptable!—I also was not amused that the Koreans on the overseas portion of these International Flights seemed to get preferential treatment to the rest of us though we had all purchased the same tickets!–I have never written this kind of letter of dis-satisfaction before…. But I must say that it left a very bad taste in my mouth, so much that I just needed to reach out— and let you know that I was not pleased and will certainly think twice when booking my next overseas flight on KE

  4. I am a valued customer of Korean Air traveling ever year. Through my travel
    agent, I requested at the end of February this year to re-book my flight for
    July this year(5months ahead). She was told that all flights are booked and I was put on the waiting list for July 16, 2016 or be confirmed if I upgrade my seat for
    an additional P20,000.00. Same thing happened to me last year. Is there anyway
    you can help me.
    Thank you and I await your kind response.
    Paz Ma. A. Leano

  5. Dear Korea Air ,
    On April 30th,I had a business trip to HongKong . I caught the flight KE607 from Seoul to Hongkong . That was the second time I had a flight with Korean air. I would like to thank all the crew members in KE607, especially the Chinese cabin crew who served me . I was seated on 43 C I remember the letters on her name tag ,was Zhang.
    Before I left Soul, I got a bad flu , thus, I had a bad headache and felt really disgusting when I was on your flight.
    Before taking off ,the Chinese cabin crew noticed I was not comfortable ,so she kindly helped me putting my baggage on the overhead bin ,even thought she was thin ,but I am a man.
    That flight was very full and she was busy , when she noticed I was not comfortable , she brought me two blanket and asked if I need to take some help. After I told her my symptoms , she asked me if I was allergic to Tylenol and then took me a cup of hot water and the Tylenol.
    During the whole flight , she cared about me and constantly came to ask if I felt better.this really touched me and it was considerate .
    Thanks again for her service and her kind heart. I fly many times every year, and the Korean Air has left me really good impression. That Chinese girl made me believe that Korean air has the best and most professional cabin crew .

  6. Dear sir /madam,
    On 30 july 2016 i took the flight from korea to HK (flight no KE 607). I bought one mic-o-mic. Korean air model. After finished making it, i found that one side of window can’t fit in prefectly. I feel disappointed of it. Hope i can get your reply soon.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Best regards,
    Ms. Wong

  7. The worst airline ever! They delayed the luggage of my parents who came here for a 5 week trip. They found the bag after 24 hours of flight arrival but still haven’t delivered to the address mentioned in the form after 48 hours. The luggage has important medicines apart from clothes etc. and they are being lazy and not delivering the bags as soon as they found it. This people should be sued for customer hassle

  8. I took flight 093 on Saturday from Seoul to Dulles Airport, I have flown your airlines 3 times and doubt I will do so in the future. I was in the restroom and came out and couldn’t get back to my seat as they were doing service so decided to just wait.I was there about 5 minutes which didn’t bother me ,the fasten seat belt came on due to turbulence.Your attendant Mr.Woo told me I needed to get back to my seat ,I tried to explain I couldn’t do so because of service cart then he yelled at me to get back there. After I did so and saw him walking down the aisle I asked for his name and told him he was very rude.He then started arguing with me and told my wife in Korean that he was was going to report me to the police which she thought sounded threatening.Why he would do that in front of passengers is beyond me.He did end up apologizing when ready to land but only because he was probably told to do so as he said he had to apologize not wanted to.

    Your chief cabin supervisor and head of the crew lady were very nice and apologized for him. Also have to say Ms.Lee a flight attendant was very nice as was worried that I couldn’t eat anything on the flight.
    I have been in sales for 40years and would never treat a customer the way as Mr.Woo did, I am 66 years old and don’t need to be treated in that manner.

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