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Contacting Koodo Customer Service Center

If you are a resident of Canada, you have mobile phone company options just live resident of the US and other mobile-rich countries. Koodo mobile serves Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and other parts of Canada. Koodo offers some of the lowest prices on mobile phones and service in Canada and they keep prices low by selling customer service support. All fees charged by customer service are added to your next Koodo bill, which could result in quite a big bill that you weren’t expecting.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service is available by phone, but you must understand that you will be charged a fee for customer service help in many cases. Fees are charged for account setup, phone exchange, name change, plan change and other services.

Customer service representatives are available in the call center from 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday to Friday, 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Saturday and 12 P.M. to 5 P.M. Sunday.

  • Customer Service: 1-866-995-6636 or 1-416-279-8811

Mailing Address

Contact customer service by mailing using the address:

Koodo Mobile P.O. Box 11005Succursale Postale CentrevilleMontreal, QC H3C 4T5

Official Website

The Self Service portion of the Koodo official website at is a free customer service option. Customers can access Self Service at Simple issues like online activation can be resolved without paying customer service.

Customer Service Email

Emailing customer service for help with your Koodo account may not be the best idea. Koodo customer service charges a fee for many services that can be completed on the Self Service page. The fees are added to your Koodo bill. If you don’t care about being charged an additional fee, contact customer service by email using the online form You’ll need to ask a few questions to give the representative a little more information about why you are contacting the company. We’ve contacted customer service using the form to see just how long it takes for an agent to communicate with us. Koodo cannot charge non-customers fees because they don’t have access to financial information.

Our Experience

The Koodo customer service line is automated. If you press 0 each time you hear the start of a new automated list of options you will move through the system more quickly. After a little more than two minutes we reached the waiting line for customer service. Our hold time was just 35 seconds. The agent who answered our call was bright and easy to understand. She told us that US customers could not choose Koodo mobile as a wireless provider.

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  1. Worst customer service i have ever experienced with any company. this is my second month with koodo and all ive had is problems. the most recent one is me trying to pay my phone bill with my credit card which at firsdt i thought it was my adress change so they told me to wait 24 hours so i did..and when that passed they started telling me different stories and kept telling me to wait 24 hours then 48 hours and so on. this has been going on for a month now because i wanted to pay on the first day my bill came out and i am still not able to pay and today is my bill date which is rediculous and i even got a text message from koodo saying that i am now able to use my credit card, which i am not. so now they are saying that the credit card system has been down since 1.5 month ago and i have to pay debit until january. this is very inconvinient since i pay for all my transactions from debit and the customer serivce represenative was very rude everytime and did not care at all they all just stated to pay with my debit. why should i change my plans for billing and how i want to pay because of koodo’s system failure. i refuse to pay fees of my debit card to pay for this bill. you guys are rediculous and its too late for me to cancel my contract because of all the extra charges. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT SIGN UP WITH KOODO. they screw you over everything. and do not help with customer service. they make up stories that take so long to resolve and do not even resolve.

  2. I was one of your customers .I changed to another supplier. Now I want to resume being one of your customers.It seems impossible to reopen an account with you.Your KOODOO store in Bowmanville Ontario Canadahas refused to your service with me.I do not have a Drivers licence so now you canforget me ever being a client.

  3. your customer service# sucks!!!i had moved to US by SEPT2014,called Koodo before i left and everything was clear. Just today(Jan 16,2015),my former workmate got the mails–she opened it for me and i was so surprised that i still have $12.11CAD.i tired to call koodo but the answering machine wanted me to enter my old phone number (which i tried a couple of times)…but it says its incorrect….there’s no option in there!you sucks!

  4. I agree with several other posts that you have the worst Customer Service I have ever experienced – that is to say NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! You obviously don’t care about your customers, because even when you can see that people are unhappy, you don’t do anything about it. You are a disgrace!

  5. I have been paying on line for two years. today when I tried it would not work, so I phones customer service and was told the new web site dose not work with mac safari. You must have thousands of customers who use Apple computers. What are you people thinking? This is totally ridiculous.
    I asked if it will be rectified and was told there is no plan to do so and wanted me to instal another browser. I will defiantly not be doing that and if you really have no plans to rectify this then I will be looking for another provider.

  6. Just called in to ask questions and said I had no tab looking at a new phone and possibly a new provider due to plans for is travel and cost literally the customer service guy said cool enjoy your new phone provider. Omg. That was the worst call I have ever had with the service ever.

  7. i have been trying to get in touch with koodo for weeks so that i could change my addess but it is hopeless i do not what to do your service is terible

  8. I think that many other customers would be writing complaints about customer service but feel that you are not worth their time. Hope you go out of business you deserve it

  9. i was a KOODO customer for 5 days. I left as customer service did not want to explain what I could do on my plan. I received a bill for 1.5 month of service with no explanation and THREATS that if I did not pay it would go to a COLLECTION AGENCY and HURT MY CREDIT RATING.
    When I asked KOODO WHY I HAD TO PAY 1.5 months for 5 days of service, they told me that it took that long for KOODO to action the switchover, but they INSIST I still have to pay the full amount because the account was left on and CRTC allows them to do this.
    KOODO is TROUBLE, I will stay away forever.

  10. I had and account with you people and had nothing but problems and they are still continuing, I tried to get in contact with your company to get something off my credit rating, was told I would get a call back and to this date still have not heard from you. I tried calling several credit companies and they say they do not deal with you people. What the heck. I want this cleared up and am trying and am getting blocked. How do you expect to keep cusomers this way

  11. Have moved to the UK, cancelled our phones, tried to get them un blocked here, no go, Koodo needs to
    Unlock them, can’t email customer services from my phone??? Had 3 accounts with them, Apple store said koodo must unlock, we left with clear accounts, HELP!!!

  12. Have been trying to contact you people to have my account checked ,was told I have no account with that number ,but you charge me a large sum on my phone and have not told me why.I will not pay that bill and will change my bank so you can not keep charging me I want to cancel my service with you immediately .I may have to get a lawyer and get in touch with better business bureau .You people should have more respect for your customers .

  13. I am absolutely disgusted with my treatment from your company. As soon as possible I will switch mobile service to any other company but KOODO. It is too bad that as a customer I can’t even speak to a real person. I’ve tried to use the self serve option but apparently I don’t exist so please tell me how I let you know that my credit card # has been changed.

  14. I need to speak to a representative ASAP. I have tried calling and can’t get to an actual person . It’s an important situation about a payment !


  15. I’m away in Mexico and when I call my cell phone and try to retrieve my messages it is not working. After calling the cell number and waiting for my message to start I push 9 but it does not ask for my password. Should I be pushing something other than 9?


  16. Dear Koodo,

    Do you have available any android phone between the price range of $50 – $80 ?
    If yes, how do I see it and make payment online.

    Thank you.

  17. Hi I am south America Ecuador and I would like to receive text from canada and send text from here, . How can I do wiht my cell .

  18. Im in Mexico and asked for text roaming service.. From my self serve menu I see The text is made HOWEVER the client never gets it,….I may as well write a letter . Koodo I want my $15 dollars back.. I don’t need to be scammed at home.. colleen

    • Im in Mexico and asked for text roaming service.. From my self serve menu I see The text is made HOWEVER the client never gets it,….I may as well write a letter . Koodo I want my $15 dollars back.. I don’t need to be scammed at home.. colleen

  19. I am EXTREMELY unhappy with the so-called Customer Service that I have received from your company. My phone never seemed to work properly right from the beginning so I decided to return it. I have been in the hospital and the earliest I could get to your Kiosk was today – 5/20/16. I am a 70 year old woman on disability due to a hip and knee replacement and this return was within the 30 day period allowed – I purchased it 4/21/16, but they wouldn’t take it back. I was informed that I had to pay $96 after you billed me and then I could cancel the phone. The C/S Rep at the Kiosk was very rude and most unhelpful…..just saying there was nothing she could do. She refused to try and phone you…so I went home and phoned you only to wait forever to be told that you would have to call me back and let me know what you would do about this situation. So far, I have heard nothing!
    It WAS my belief when I got the phone I was purchasing it from a reputable company but now I am seriously re-thinking that line of thought!
    I DO expect to hear from you and have this matter settled to my satisfaction.
    Thank you.

  20. Why is it impossible to get ahold of a real person when your “customer service” phone number is dialled? All I can access is a computerized voice when in fact I need to talk to a real person. This is quite disgusting.

  21. To whom it may concern

    Do you know that your website can not be accessed? This is the third day that I am trying to see my bill and to pay! The phone call on customers service is also a long wait.
    Would be appreciated if you will let me know when your website will be available to your costumers.
    thank you

  22. Leave a message twice for help forgot don’t remember password to go to voice mail. No answer from no one

  23. I am a customer for several years and of course the service is pathetic.

    I wish to BUY a phone for my daughter and can’t get through to the Kiosk in Fairview. They don’t return calls or answer the phone.

    Time to change providers.

  24. I have to agree with all coments about your Customer Service , it is NON EXISTING , it took me two days to change my credit card # for automated payments . Your web site is a joke my 10 years old grandson has better one . Amazing you are still in business . It is too much bather to change providers therefore I am still with you hoping I will not have to deal with your ” customer service ” again. Why don’t you have phone # on your ” contact us “

  25. Needed to contact customer service today as I just received my bill and there was a charge of $ 7.50 plus tax for data usage. I have the data turned off on my phone so I was wondering why I was charged. I called the toll free number and there was a 10 min wait so I opted to have them call me back which they did in under 10 min. Very pleasant lady quickly reversed the charge for me reminding me to make sure the data was turned off on my phone as a min amount was used somehow. Totally pleased with Koodo as I have been with them now for over 5 years.

  26. As far as I am concerned there is absolutely no customer service available,
    I have tried numerous things that come up on the computer, but cannot get a reply, sent to numbers that don’t seem to exist.
    This very frustrating, as my phone is broken, & I wondered where I could get another one, but now I think I prefer to cancel my connection with you, & get my service else where

  27. I am so unhappy with Koodo whom I thought had a good package that would cost about what I could pay. NO! NO! They are charging air time like there is no tomorrow and because I was out of Canada for a month they charged me for calls to MYSELF.

    How stupid is that? I don’t think I’m crazy enough to call myself on my own phone… Try and reach them it’s murder. I HATE KOODO AND CAN’T WAIT TO GET RID OF IT.

  28. I am trying to phone to see why my bill is so high as I never used any data, etc.
    It looks like I have to pay a fee for that after spending over an hour looking for a human voice phone #. I am going to investigate another provider.

  29. I wondering whats with Koodo.. I told them few months ago that I lost my phone and they wont let me free one till 3 months update. Even though the bill was higher than I thought it was. I do not get it why the bill continue more higher even though no phone on me. With money mart credit card has paid airline wireless so I bet someone is paying but Koodo said no payment since March. My friend had no trouble .. why is that has to happened to me its so annoyed. Between this month end of June till Dec I going to investagtion what went wrong…

  30. I would like some information on the cost of getting data. And wondering if I can just get it for month

    Also not sure of my access info
    I would a real person to call

  31. Do not recommend Koodo. It is ridiculous to pay a vendor to obtain customer service. We have errors on our bill and would like to discuss that with them. Our rates are no cheaper than with Fido

  32. Worst customer service ever. Very hard to speak to another human being now! If you not up on self account care, try another company!!

  33. This afternoon I received excellent customer service from a Koodo CSR in the Oshawa Centre, Oshawa, Ontario. Her name is Cassandra, and she was extremely helpful to me, a non-techie senior! Just thought I’d pass on a positive message for a change!

  34. Last Monday 20th Nov. I received excellent customer service from Jay, a CSR at the Oshawa Centre booth, Oshawa, Ontario. I always receive good service from this location.

  35. I purchased an Apple IPhone on one of Koodo plans and Have only made 4 or 5 calls the rest of the time my phone has not worked. I can not register my account as I have no phone, this is certainly not what I signed up for. I will be addressing my phone problem today, but I think my first bill will have to be looked at as so far I have had no phone or use of my account.

    • after I started to get oprators from half way across the world and I live in north America I knew we were going to have all manner of troubles with koodo and we used to have a flawless system years back then pow money , money , ,money lol.everything is all money no real service any more and a bunch of darn machines to talk to lol, worlds gone crazy with greed

  36. Will you please stop sending me emails that other customers have sent to you. I’ve received at least 20 per day.
    I don’t have a account with Koodo any longer.
    Thank you.
    S. Guest.

  37. koodo announce for $60 plan for unlimited Canada wide and 10GB. service provider broker name is PC computer world, they located at Lawrence avenue east,i did change my plan, providers said my phone will be activated in 10 minutes,i passed almost 4 hours, still my phone didn’t work yet, now time is 11 pm, i am using this phone for my business,i have receive my phone call all the time, i dont know what to do, this is bull chit. if we didn’t pay our bills,credit go bad and collection call will be received. who is going to pay my losses, Canadian Government should take action on this kind of cheaters. Be careful customers This is not worth it.

  38. Again nothing but very bad customer service with Koodo. Seems everybody above have nothing positive to say about Koodo. You can be on hold for hrs with the 1-800 number. Seems the carriers only care about the high paying customers

  39. I recently moved to Telus from Koodo, and have a $23. credit with Koodo.
    May I have this returned to me via my email address?

  40. I recently moved from Koodo to Telus.
    Could I have the $23 credit that Koodo has on my account
    returned to my email account?

  41. Received ZTE home phone on Friday March 2. Hooked it up according to instructions and it was flashing red so no good. Got in touch with customer service and was told that home phone would be activated when my old carrier transferred the number so I used old carrier for a week. Phone number transferred on Friday March 9 and hooked up the ZTE and still just flashed red. Called customer service. Was told that I had to contact the Webstore since that is where I purchased it. I was told to e-mail and call them. No response to my e-mail and my call back number twice. Looks like I will have to contact them again on Tuesday after 3:00 if, and that’s a big if, I can get through. All I want to know is what’s wrong and what I can do to resolve: new SIM, new ZTE….what? Is that too much to ask. At the minimum, I will be almost 5 days without a phone and you just know I will be charged for those days. Simple questions, no simple service.

  42. I am very unhappy with the U.S plan that was suggested to me by your associate. i would like to discuss a better plan.

  43. Worse service ever I cancelled my service 3 months ago they are still sending me bills . Have been with another company 3 MONTHS are crooks have not used their card or service since January they no keep sending me bills . Avoid this company they are the worst part of THETELUS GARBAGE COMPANY.

  44. No contact email address for customer service!!!!!!!!!! Delightful

    PLEASE remove my cell phone protection of $9 per month


  45. I finally found a way to contact for technical support. got the return call …my phone kept disconnecting…and I need help. am experiencing ice storm. Requested he email me to give me instructions on how to fix not being connected to network. He hasn’t done that nor has he called me back. I have decided that as soon as I can drive to the mall, I will be going to another cell phone company.

  46. I’ve been trying to get Koodo to stop taking the payment out of my fathers account. They blame the bank. The bank has tried everything to stop the automatic withdrawals. I will have to open a new bank account. Major pain as I will have to contact all other direct withdrawals and direct deposits. I would never recommend Koodo.

  47. Your wait times by telephone is absolutely brutal. In modern computer age you may want to make your online service represented by an online person. The computer model you use is draconian.Love my new phone but, not that much that I wait on your customer service line for long periods of time.

  48. Why is there a 165 minute usage of airtime already on my bill which just started about 120 minutes ago at midnight May 25/18?
    How can my current cycle from May 25/18 – June 24/18 include airtime from April 26/18 to May 2/18 activities? Isn’t that airtime part of the last cycle? Please respond since it seems to me like I am getting double charged and penalized.

  49. message said wait to speak to a human would be longer than 10mins. its been 35 mins so far w/o an offer to be called back when rep available…if this is what you consider service i’ll be considering dropping your service…

  50. I recently changed my account number and have had trouble giving you my money to pay my bill. I have just spent almost 1hour on hold waiting to talk to a human to try to figure out how to pay my bill. I am leaving the country tomorrow for two weeks and wanted to avoid service charges by paying my bill. I must say other than the great service from the staff at the Masonville Mall I am very very pissed off with lack of good service from Koodo . I have worked in the retail business all my life and am a very patient and considerate person. My customers were never treated like this. If they had been they would have never returned

  51. Up until today the customer service with Koodo has been excellent. Been a customer for about 5 years, anytime I have had a problem they were easy to get a hold of and pleasant to deal with in solving my problem. Not so today !
    I’ve been dialing *611 numerous times and cannot get through to a rep. The format has changed and a person is being directed to troubleshoot via texting, and I cannot get through to a customer service rep. I’ m very unhappy about this. !

  52. You are the worst telephone company. I tried numerous times- in person at the kiosk in the mall, on the phone, waiting for hours and by email to solve my issues with you. After I moved my business to a new and better company you sent me a past due bill without ever trying to contact me although you obviously had my phone number, address and email address. Then I received a call from one of your representatives who was very rude and threatened to report me to the credit bureau which he did for a paltry sum of money which I had made every attempt to notify you about. That balance was paid in full and the account closed on March 14th with confirmation given that the account was closed. Now today I received a new past due bill for $5.76.. iS THIS COMPANY RUN BY IDIOTS? I will be sure to tell as many people as I can to never deal with koodo. It has been a horrible experience and I want it to end.

  53. The voodoo customer service is very very very bad. I will be posting on all my social media sites about how useless it is.

  54. I was at your kiosk at Royal City Shopping Center in New West Minster BC on Monday June 18th at approximately 130 pm I had a question regarding changing my credit card info but could not remember my user name or password…which by the way I figured out for my self without the help… all she did was put a phone on the counter without telling me what it was for. Then the only time she talked to me was to say pick up the phone.. I followed the instructions on the phone and it kept bringing me back to the main menu I told her its not working and she ignored me I said are you listening to me she ignored me I said hello can you hear me she said just wait. Then I asked what is your name at least 4 times and finely she just looked at me and shrugged her shoulders (may I also say at this whole time she was playing with her phone) I finally gave up and told her she should not have a job What kind of customer service is this???? I have never come across some one as rude as this Is this what Koodo wants as a customer service????

  55. this is diana dupuis i had service with koodo and unfortunatly both phones have been turnedwith koodo off due to a balance that is left unpaid i would like to pay this last amount and purchase 2 more phones and restart

  56. Disappointed when I got Kodoo the Counter Rep said I was getting a promotion of $50,00 payable back on $10.00 monthly credit off my bill, 1 week later got an e-mail saying Iam not going to be getting it. ( no difference than ony of the other servers Giving when purchasing find out later No DIce)

  57. I would like to share expierence that has meet me with Koodo.I want warn everyone who is already with them or want to be with them.I was with them over 5 years, and was everything fine, until they was robbing me for a while. YES, they robbed me with everything. REP, who is working at the Conestoga mall in Waterloo, he used my all information about me like name and address and etc, witch I entrusted to them by creating an account with them, for own purposes.A phone Galaxy8 has been added to my account. Accident was happen May15, I don’t even knew it, until I got my E-bill then I recognized is sooooo high then usually. I called Koodo,The guy who answer the call, he looked at my account and he said I both new phone, I said NO I DIDN”T, he said yes you did, I said NO, I DIDN”T after few time when he said I DID, I disconected cause was no sense talk to him. Next day I went at the Fairway Mall in Kitchener and there is kiosk with Koodo, and talk to them face to face. Lady at there she looked at my account and she said this same like, the guy on the phone I both new phone, I said NO I didn’t, so she showed me a receipt on her computer. At this moment I got shock. I said to her it must be some joke and she said no is not a joke, is a true. So I said to her wasn’t me , cause I am with my phone from 2 years. She said I have to go to Conestoga mall and explain with them cause phone was purchased there. A Lady she give to me a copy of the receipt and I went straight to Conestoga mall, I don’t even remember how I drove cause I was VERY nervous.So, when I got there, I trew the paper on the table, I asked directly, who robbed me at this store??!!! Manager of this store her name is Cynthiya, she obeyed my complaint ans she brought a contract. Contract was not match with my signature and no with my initials so contract was FALSE.She said to me don’t worry everything will be explained.The REP who did this contract was at the moment at the store, he got red face and he was look at me and he was say , Oh I do remember this transaction (was almost month ago) but I don’t remember you, I said ..of course you can NOT remember me cause I wasn’t here!!!! It was a froud. So then I called to police station and I had meeting with officer. After few days some of the Lady from higher department of Koodo her name is Lorna Grandison she called me and informed me, everything is fine, REP who did this contract he made mistake with a two last numbers with a other client and that why was happened ( yea right, fairy tales are goodnicht children not for me)but I am clear with everything, anyway she offered for me like a disability 3 month free phone, I said ok fine thank you. That was the next lie. They did not give me anything. I give up of that, until today when I got text massage from Koodo my bill is go higher then usully about $15. No!!!! That is ENOUGH!!!!!! I’m going away from that company I’m not going to deal with them any more. As for me, this is the worst mobile phone company in Canada. To everyone who is with them, be AWARE, check your bills, carefully, it can turn out that you are the owner of the phone you do not have.

  58. This is to advise you phone number 709 222 1517 iwant my account cancelled after todayFriday July 20tyh 2018

  59. I received an email advising that I had changed my service with an add on for additional free data. I want this cancelled as I did not want this. Your site says I will be charged for calling customer service, therefore, since I cannot reach you, I am cancelling my Koodo service and will switch to another carrier

  60. Your customer service is non existant but the what can anyone expect when they deal with Telus your parent company . I have been with Koodo for almost 12 years now and i won’t be much longer i will go to another company . All i wanted to do was change my email address .

  61. this is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been waiting for 4 hours for you to answer a call even though I know I will have to pay $10 … and all I want to do is pay the bill! I receive the text saying how much I owe and online it says I owe nothing and shows me a video ….

    I have no idea how you stay in business at all !! 4 hours later I can see your office is now closed !

  62. I have been on hold for hours today attempting to speak to someone in customer service ! Very disappointing . The person at the kiosk was not able to help when I went there in person . Very poor customer relations department – absolutely no one to actually deal with the issue. All I wanted to was upgrade the plan.

  63. Terrible customer service. They do NOT answer the phone and when you email them they do NOT return it. I went to the vendor that set up my plan and they couldn’t help either. 3 times I called the 1-866 # to be placed on hold for over an hour then the call is dropped. DO NOT GO WITH KOOBO. They don’t care about the customer! They change the plan without written authorization for the customer. This is illegal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I have been waiting a rediculous time to get through to activate my sim card. I waited 1 1/2 hour the first time and had to go to an appointment. I am now waiting 1 hour. This is very unproductive in my day. There is no spot to request a call back
    and there should be instead of waiting this long time.

  65. Ordered online then called and CANCELLED and did NOT activate number. Was charge anyways… but it was for a PREPAID SERVICE?
    The sent me a notice in the mail I received 2 weeks after their payment due date… seriously. I called. It was confirmed I should NOT have been charged for a prepaid that I did not register. And I thought it was handled.
    Yesterday I received a notice for a collects agent giving me 3 days to pay before it goes on my credit rating. Funny thing is, they assigned a phone number to this too… but not the one I had reserved…since it was never activated.
    Still trying to resolve this!

  66. Koodoo has the worst customer service I have encountered for a long time.
    their service number does not have an option to cancel and announced waiting time is more than an hour, no matter what time of day I called.
    I tried to cancel my account for almost half a day waiting for the promised callback on the phone. There is no online place where one can cancel online.

  67. The few times I had to contact customer service the wait time to speak with a rep.was not good. But most of the reps.were helpful and friendly, just wish they all spoke English fluently.

  68. I am switching to another service because I am completely dissatisfied with Koodo after many years of being a loyal custom. I do not have secure wifi so I chose not to use there new digital service and I do not have internet on my phone so I am virtually unable to communicate with them. The reason I wanted to contact them was to arrange additional services, but that can’t happen under their current system. I have sent them an email asking them to phone me but I will be very surprised if that happens.

  69. Please note that I have previously been automatically charging my bill to an American Express card. I have recently closed this account.

    I would like to change the credit card for automatic billing to my existing CIBC VISA account.
    Please call me ASAP for the details of my VISA credit card at 1-613-339-2817.
    Thank you
    James Bernard, account number 30813155
    P.S. I assume there will be no SERVICE CHARGE for this service!!!

  70. I would be so happy to hear from you as promised 2 days ago. I have been happy with Koodo for 10 years and have never been as confused as I am . Koodo has blocked my Data due to over use, I am an 80 year old and really never even heard of Data and I have never even seen it on anything from Koodo. How much Data do I have? How much does it cost? Why have I never had this happen before or is it because I purchased a new phone? The self serve certainly makes it sound that way. Hope to at least a Email to explain. Thank you

  71. Just realized that Koodo has been overcharging me on my monthly bill(taxes). Trying to get hold of someone(a human) is impossible, they schedule you a call back at there convience. This is EXTREMELY POOR COUSTOMER SERVICE as far as I am concerned. This assistant they want you to use is crap. The parent company Telus should be held accountable. But as usual big business and money win out in the end. NOT THIS TIME!

  72. I have been trying to get through to someone and have tried koodo assist many times and can not get any satisfaction. I have had service for 6 years and because I no longer use the phone enough to warrant 50 to 56 dollars a month I want to cancel service. It is impossible to get through. I have two options 1) keep paying over $600.00 per year for nothing or 2) don’t pay my bill and have koodo suspend service for lack of paying and lose my good name.
    I see from the above comments, that I am not the only one experiencing bad service. Your customer service stinks. Phone service is not too bad except that several times I have been sent texts saying that I would get free data for 2 or 3 months and it never worked but I didn’t complain because I don’t need data on my phone, however; if koodo can send messages for sales and have customer response to take advantage of the sale, it should have an option to cancel service as well by text. If you want to talk to a human, you have to pay $10.00, ridiculous! You do not value your customers if you can not take the time to speak to them without charging them and especially since they have to wait an hour or longer to finally have the opportunity to pay that $10.00. My time is just as valuable as yours and you do not pay me by the hour to wait. Worst customer service ever.

  73. I am becoming increasingly frustrated with Koodo’s customer service or lack thereof. I needed detailed info on my current bill, followed the promps and ended up with a CR phoning me back the NEXT day (even though I had phoned at well within office hours). CR was not able to answer my query but did “promise” to phone later that day or at the very latest the next day. This is now day 4 of my initial contact and I have still NOT received a call back. I have since been able to find the information. This is not the first time I have been “snubbed” by your CRs whether in a kiosk at a mall, store or online. When we first signed up with Koodo 6 years ago, it was because of your customer service and packages. To seniors it is important to be able get a hold of a “live person” when unable to navigate online pages. Canada has some of the most expensive cell phone charges in the world for which we receive less services and in my opinion, Koodo is climbing to the top of that list.

  74. At the Koodo booth in Bower Mall Red Deer I had 2 of the rudest clerks I have met in my life. They said they were too busy setting up to talk to me. Time 11:00 Sunday 16/12 2018

  75. I am heaving trouble with receiving and phoning out as well as texting. Please give me some insight into this problem ASAP.
    Thanking you in advance

  76. I am frustrated to say the least with Koodo’s customer service and in particular with Xavier from Montreal. I’ve been waiting for a new replacement phone; the microphone has been malfunctioning since I received it. It has been over 3 weeks now and even though Koodo has a ‘no questions asked’ policy within 14 days, it has been a nightmare to simply have my phone replaced for the same model. Xavier fed me story after story and when I finally asked to speak with a manager because of his negative attitude towards me, he said that he was the manager. What kind of company hires customer service representatives that are rude and lie to their customers?? Here I am again today, three weeks later, on hold with Koodo to try to get a working phone.

  77. The Koodo assist stinks, all I want is to speak to a person and not to have to wait for an hour and a half to receive a call back! Why can I not speak to an agent directly? Do you folks read any of the comments above? Your customer service is terrible, can’t you afford to hire people? I do not need to speak to Koodo assistant there should be an option to speak to an agent.

  78. Koodo apparently does not have an option to call a human being any more. Call their number and you get to talk to a robot. If you refuse its options it will text you a link that you then have to use to schedule a callback. The earliest callback I could get was 2 hours later. If I hadn’t had internet access, I wouldn’t have been able to reach a human being at all. Pathetic. I’m lazy and dislike change, but not being able to phone a company to ask questions about my account provides all the motivation I need to switch to a different cell provider.

  79. Your service is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You advertise a CALL BACK set up . But when connecting to a rep, all I get is stupid advertisements .
    I need to talk to a person to discuss the problem I have. Your automatic answers
    are NOT helping. As a loyal customer of the past several years I expect at least the
    courtesy of an answer. If I don’t hear back from you within the next 24 hours I will look for another service provider.

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