Contact Kodak Customer Service

Contacting Kodak Customer Service Center

For more than 120 years, Kodak has been delivering some of the most innovative products and service on the market. The company has since changed how millions across the globe captured and shared their life experiences. Since the company focuses on capturing life events, its important to remain close to the customer base. This is why the company offers a multitude of ways to remain connected to the customer service department.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

Customers and businesses alike want to ensure they have a way to contact customer service in the event they have questions or concerns regarding products and services. You can contact the customer service department by mail, email, phone and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • United States Customer Support: 1-800-235-6325
  • Africa Consumer Digital Product Support: 09-44-131-458-6714
  • Argentina: 0-800-362-5632
  • Buenos Aires Office: 54-03327-45-8000
  • Australia Head Office: (03) 8417-8000
  • Austria Vienna Office: 43-1-97001 + 0
  • Belgium: 0800-790 72
  • Luxembourg: 800- 248 65
  • Brazil Office: 55-11-2132-6000
  • Canada Office: 1-800-465-6325
  • Caribbean Islands Consumer Digital Product Support: 78-7-757-5500
  • Chile Office: 56-2-530-8000
  • China Hot Line: 1-800-820-5528
  • Colombia Office: 571-412-55-50
  • Czech Republic Consumer Digital Product Support: 44-131-458-6714
  • Denmark Office: 45-70-157000
  • Dominican Republic Office: 809-563-1262
  • Egypt Office: 20-2-394-2200
  • Eire Consumer Digital Product Support: 01-407-3054
  • Finland Office: 358 9 2517 8260
  • France Office: 33-1-400-13000
  • Germany: 711-406-0
  • Greece Office: +30 210 6189200
  • Hong Kong Office: 852-2564-9333
  • Hungary: 06800-17030
  • India Office: +91 22 6641 6300
  • Indonesia Consumer Digital Product Support: 001 803 852 9634
  • Ireland: 01-402-6815
  • Italy Office: 39 02 660 28710
  • Japan Consumer Digital Product Support: 81-3-5540-9000
  • Kenya Office: 254-2-530-164
  • Korea Office: 82-2-708-5400
  • Latin America: 1-305-507-5600
  • Lebanon Office: 961-1-883822
  • Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Office: 603-5032 0288
  • Mexico Office: (52) 1105-1600
  • Netherlands Office: +31 30 654 5674
  • New Zealand Office: 0800 848 999
  • Norway Office: +47 66 81 60 00
  • Pakistan Digital Product Support: +971 4 344 4910
  • Panama Office: 507-263-6077
  • Peru Office: 51-1-610-87-00
  • Philippines Office: 63-2-815-8851
  • Poland Office: 0048-22-430-6900
  • Portugal Office: +351 21 4147600
  • Puerto Rico: 800-235-6325
  • Russia Office: +7-(495)-620-91-66
  • Singapore Office: 65-6371-3388
  • Slovakia Consumer Digital Product Support: 44-131-458-6714
  • Spain Office: 34-91-6267100
  • Sweden Office: 46-8-55-56-3500
  • Taiwan Office: 8862-2370-9880
  • Bangkok Office: 66-2-271-3040
  • Istanbul Office: 216-578-2600
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates Office: +971 4 344 4910
  • United Kingdom: 01442 261122
  • Uruguay Office: 598-2-401-7282
  • Venezuela Office: 058-212-955-2111
  • International: 44-0-131-458-6714

Mailing Address

Kodak343 State St.Rochester, NY 14650

Official Website

The official Kodak website allows new customer to register for the site for free and existing customers to make purchases and experience new products and service from the company. Customers can find new products and accessories. Businesses can learn how to create a more efficient business and promote B2B communication.

Customer Service Email

Customers can email Kodak here: Customers will need to select sales or services prior to sending communication. Once you select the applicable product, you will have the ability to send feedback, questions or concerns. We sent an email regarding service centers in the local area. We are awaiting a response.

Our Experience

We would like to say our experience dealing with Kodak customer service was pleasurable, but unfortunately it was not. We called the customer care line and managed through the less than confusing automated system. After selecting the option to speak with a customer care agent, the automated system stated the anticipated wait time was 59 minutes.

I don’t know about you, but waiting approximately an hour to speak with a customer service representative is not customer service. In order to communicate with a representative, we suggest email or writing.

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66 Comments on “Contact Kodak Customer Service
  1. I buy a new Kodak Easy Share M522 at Johan Photo & Electronics, L4-9, Plaza Angsana, Pusat Bandar Tampoi 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor. Tel: 07-2385833 on January 2012. Before Hari raya on 26 August 2012 I sent there for repair because it’s under warranty. My flash spoil but until now they said that my camera still not yet ready. I’m so angry why takes too long for repair. They promise me within at least 2-3 weeks but until now it’s coming 2 months already. What a poor service Kodak provided. Please keep on track for my case. Thank you your co-operation is very much appreciated.

  2. I have M577 Digital Kodak Camera. I could not transfer the pictures from the camera to the computer. Would you please suggest about the simple way to do that. Can you recommend me to download the M577 driver to my computer?

  3. On 11/30/12 I attempted to contact your company regarding warranty claim information for your batteries. I have two flashlights that were damaged due to leaking batteries. I threw one out before I discovered that you allegedly guarantee your batteries. I first called the number on your web site, to then be given a different number to contact. I was calling to obtain a mailing address to send the damaged flashlight. I then called this number and received a message that my wait time would be ten minutes. Amazingly while on hold my wait time increased. When I finally got disgusted,and hung up the wait time was reported to be over 30 minutes. The batteries that leaked had a best before date of 2016. I also have discovered that one of two other packages of batteries that were purchased at the same time.

  4. Just like Ed a month ago, I called Kodak to try and find out how to get a replacement battery and a replacement screw (that fell out) sent to my husband who is doing work in India.
    I waited on hold for over 20 minutes while I cleaned my kitchen. About every 20 seconds, it would update my wait time. It started at 25 minutes, went up to 30 minutes, up to “greater than 30 minutes,” back down to 25, down to 15, up to 25, back up to 30, up to “greater than 30 minutes,” back down to 25 and so on.
    I’m not sure the line is a staffed line. And if that is the case, they should just shut it down. Why have a line that just messes with people? How is that good for PR??
    I tried to contact them via email. No such luck. When you click on the radio buttons, it asks to close the webpage. Is this how we find out that Kodak is going out of business permanently?

  5. I bought a Playfull compact underwater video camera and it stopped working after 15 seconds of us on our vacation. I sent 3 emails to Kodak customer service and 2 phone calls, yet they still have not given me any instructions on where to send for warranty repair.
    I am never buying another Kodak product again.

  6. i received a kodak pulse frame as a christmas present – i am now being told that i have a hardware problem & this frame was manufactured in nov. 2011 so it is not under warranty – in other words per kadak i am sol! a hardware problem in your kodak product that was sold in a store in dec. 2012 should be kodak’s problem – not mine – and the usa phone number is a site in india! kodak sucks! no wonder your company is in bad shape – you have no HONOR. shame on you & i will bad moth your company until the day i die.

  7. DO NOT BUY KODAK! The worst customer service in the world. Tech support can not solve the problem with my ESP 2150. I have been told by three different CS agents I will get a call back from another tech. NO CALL! What ever they think will get you off the Phone they say it. And yes, it is a call center from India.

  8. Dear Kodak: I have an ESP5210 AIO printer. It asks me every 10 minutes if it can install another friggin update! All I wanted to do was email you to see if there was a way to turn the updater off, but I can’t seem to email you because you have made that a pain in the ass too, so I guess I will throw the damn thing out and get a real printer, which is what I should have done to begin with.

  9. I have a kodakesp office 2100 series, and the green on button flashes constantly, and it says to clear cartridge jam. How do you clear a cartridge jam? The cartridges don’t return to center like their suppose.

  10. For the USA customer support you talk to someone with broken English from India. Right there I knew I bought the wrong product.
    I wanted a print head for my Hero 7.1 and he was asking me for my life history so it seemed. I ended up hanging up the phone and vowed to throw away all Kodak products I have and will never buy another from them.
    All I wanted is a American to talk to and to buy a print head, wow

  11. i just want to let you know how much i have enjoyed my kodak easy share z740, I purchased it new and have taken thousands and thousands of pictures. my family and friends can vouch that it has been amazing, and yes it has been around along time. Im not kidding when I say that I have taken thousands of pictures, I am a scrapbooker so my photos are very important. I take pictures of everything, and I can print whatever I choose, make cds to view from the tv, everyone from family to friends rely on me for the kodak memories of trips and special occassions. Some of my pics were used in wedding albums over paid photograhers. There is not one complaint about the use and funtion of this camera, I would recommend Kodak to my family and friends. Althoug it has been awesome it has had its day and now it tends to go through batteries like crazy, I think it is time to let it retire. I just thought you would like to hear my story. And thank you for making such a great product. thanks pat nowak

  12. I purchased a Kodak ESP Office 6150 and paid a three year warranty from Micro Center in Dallas, Texas. It stopped working so I took it back and picked up another one and again paid another three year warranty. It has stopped working. Micro center no longer sales Kodak printers…… I am stuck. They do not know who will fix it under the warranty I paid them for.
    Do you have a recommendation?

  13. If your office is not closed and you no longer give 24 hour customer service would it be wise to let the customers know this? You could put your hours on your site and you could also put the hours on the annoying recorded (bot) message, but instead you just state you are now closed, please call back during normal business hours!!!!! NO PHONE NUMBER…YOU just hang up!?!?!? HOW RUDE IS THAT????

  14. I am EXTREMELY disappointed with your company. I received a Kodak Pulse Digital Frame for Mothers Day 2012. It was a great product until now. It is now stuck on a white screen. I contacted the support department and was told they don’t make the frame anymore, tey can’t fix it, and replace it wit non wifi frame! I understand it’s not under warranty, however, i fee there should be a way to fix it. I would be willing to pay for some repairs, although I think the frame life should be more than 1 1/2 years. The product and company is such a disappointmet.

  15. Good morning, I wanted to let you know I called this morning as I was having some issues with my All-in-one printer and I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I thought it might be the print head. I spoke with a gentleman named Naresha and he was WONDERFULL!!!. He was very patient with me, asking questions, go through step by step with me and very patient. He determined that I did need a print head and then let me know he would sending this out no charge. He didn’t know that I haven’t had a job in 3 months and money is tight right now. This made my day. I use my printer for everything and to have this sent for no charge right now is great. I let Naresha how much I appreciated how great he was and there are not a lot a customer service reps like him. I wanted you to know what a special employee you have working for you. Thank you, Michelle Fenton.

  16. This company’s pros suck! Seems past few years everything I purchased with the KODAK label fell short on its promises. My grand daughter gave me for Fathers’ day couple years ago KODAK digital camera. My later wife paid for EZ share software and bought a compute3r for me for my B-Day that year. Photos on camera off to never never land, can’t transfer. Can’t take pictures, memory is full? Can’t erase memory. Nothing ever works and customer support is non existent. KODAK’S ATTITUDE MUST BE, “Grab the money and run!”

  17. I have a kodak cx 6330 easy share camera that has the zoom trottle part came off. I cannot find part anywhere . Can your depatment help to find that part.

    Thanks for you help.

  18. On 7/11/14 I called with a printer problem and were serviced by a nice gentleman called RAM. He ran me through the tests to see what my problem could be. We had to stop because I ran out of ink so he told me to call back when the ink was replaced but he did mention that he thought it was the PRINTERHEAD. Finally I bought the ink and continued to do the next steps that RAM had mentioned and the problem was still there but I did call back on 7/15/14 and spoke with another nice gentleman named SAHAD and I went through the steps with him again and he also believed that it was the “PRINTERHEAD”. He said that he would send me a new “PRINTERHEAD” at no charge as a one time courtesy and that it would be guaranteed for 90 days. I received the “PRINTERHEAD” and my son replaced it for me and “WOW” !!!!! It worked and I am so pleased with all the help I was given by these two men and especially since they were very pleasant and courteous and knew what was wrong. By the way, I have a (ESP 3250-All-in-One Printer)and I find it so easy to replace the ink cartridges and to use. Sorry that you no longer make this model anymore but I do want to thank you for your service and the “PRINTERHEAD”. Have a great day !!!!!

    Thank you.

  19. My printer is a Kodak Esp C310 All in One and I know it is under warranty but I can’t find my receipt or warranty, the ribbon is jammed and I can’t fix it. What can you do to help me? I love my printer and do not want to buy any other kind unless forced to. Please return a comment to my email. I will also be calling customer service in the morning. Thank You.

  20. I just spent 30 minutes on the phone with a Kodak customer service rep from India. Although somewhat difficult to understand, this gentleman was curtous, patient and professional. The end result was that my printer, Kodak ESP office 2150 was beyond repair – now that I have $200 worth of ink in reserve. However, the customer service was excellent and this gentleman should be commended for his gracious attitude and professional demeanor.

  21. Please let know which is the number for a POWER CORD for a
    ESP C315 Kodak printer and where can I find one in the Orlando Florida area 32822 thank you

  22. I rarely post bad reviews because I like to help companies with positive input, but found the ESP9250 to be an all out racket. After owning one for over three years if you are looking to purchase a Kodak all in one printer I would greatly suggest you look else where. I print maybe 200 pages per year and the printer eats up the ink to the tune of about 1 full set (36-40.00) per quarter. I kid you not. This is unreal. I could rebuy one of these printers per year. I thought someone should WARN any consumer to stay away from Kodak for this purpose. NOT TO MENTION THAT IT IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER TO FIX ANY ISSUE OR CONCERN IN PERSON. Therefore, I have chosen to put this throughout the web to warn future customers via social media; congrats Kodak.

    It’s really a shame this used to be an iconic American company.

  23. I have never ever been so disappointed in a (once great company) as I am with Kodak. I now understand how and why you have slipped in good companies as you have. You do not want to talk with any of your customers (Definition of customer is the person who makes All your pay checks good), we are the ones who made this a (Once) great company. Your service sucks and I paid over $1,000,00 for a camera And you don’t even have support for it any more, how sad and yet you want money from me to even Ask one (1) question. I talk to over 261,000 people every day, all over the world And I will giving you the worst advertising you have ever had and I and my family will never ever buy any thing from you ever again. You And Your company really do suck.

  24. I have been trying to purchase a new cartridge for my docking station it is an easyshare G610, god knows how much I have spent on phone calls all to no avail can you tell me where I can purchase some.

  25. I have been trying to purchase a cartridge for my EASYSHARE docking station it is a G610 God knows how much I have spent on phone calls, customer service say they will call back and never do, can you please tell me where I can get some as my staion has only had one cartridge in it. PLEASE HELP ME.

  26. I have tried for almost an hour to contact Kodak headquarters for an address of phone number that will inform me of where I can send an Easy Share camera which I received as a gift for repair or replacement. The photo store where it was purchased informed me that this model has a defect. Why is it on the web? Other phone numbers and web sites direct me to other numbers and sites. Awaiting a favorable response. Hope this one is acceptable.

  27. Your black ink cartridge for Kodak ESP-3 AiO 10X is never completely full. I am tired of buying your product and getting nothing back. Four printed sheets for one black cartridge?

    I would like a reply

  28. I have a Kodak Easy Share C743. I just purchased new batteries for $20 now the printer will no longer charge my camera. Can find no help on this. I guess I will have to go buy another camera and you can bet it DAMN SURE WON’T BE A KOKAK!!!

  29. dears ,
    i am a service center manager , working for a bank having Kodak scanner. do you have any repair center in Lebanon?

  30. After spending a couple of hours trying to send you an on-line form and getting absolutely nowhere, here it is: I am totally disappointed to find out that I cannot print with only black ink. I purchased (at someone’s advice) the two-cartridge model, assuming I could just use black ink when I opted to. WRONG! I am really annoyed. Do Not send me the info about how I will save ink over time using your restrictions. Bull!!

  31. hello, hit your customer service email address and the screen says 502 bad gateway. that has NEVER APPEARED at ANY EMAIL CUSTOMER SERVICE. How am I to contact you on my camera problem? the directions says NOTHING.

  32. have a Kodak easy share DX 7440. I have 14 pictures in internal memory. I would like to find a way how to get the pics to the mini card. the directions SAYS NOTHING. PLEASE HELP

  33. hi again. have a Kodak easy share DX 7440 with 14 pictures in internal memory. what methods can I use to remove them from internal memory and have them printed. thank you. please help

  34. I have tried with no sucess to get in touch with a customer service rep. I bought a $30.00 ink package from Sam’s. Unfortunately, it was the wrong ink cartridges. And Sam’s will not accept it back because the box was opened. I was informed to contact you all. this has proved fruitless. If i have to throw away $30.00 worth of ink, this will be the last Kodak product I will be purchasing.

  35. Dear Kodak, I have a problem. Some time ago I purchased a camera a Kodak Easy Share Z1275.
    The first one stopped working, so I purchased a second Z1275, it also stopped working. I have
    been a Kodak fan my whole life, I’m now 65 years old and have had four hip replacements,
    a heart attack, COPD, abdominal surgeries , and cancer. And I survived them all! I tried to get
    my second Easy Share Z1275 fixed which was impossible, because the parts are no longer made.
    I love taking photographs, which is important to me, because I wish to leave the future a photo
    diary of my world through my eyes. I do realize that Kodak is a very large company and in the
    business to make money. However I’m living on a very tight budget and cannot afford another
    camera. And I’m not begging or asking for charity. But is their a way I can trade my Z1275 for
    a camera that works? I want to leave something behind when I’m gone, Please!
    Thank You for your time!

  36. We want to purchase a battery charger for our Kodak digital camera Z612. We are having a problem purchasing it. We would like to purchase it by telephone if possible. Thank you, Jo & Harry B. Good.

  37. I went through my fathers attic and found two Kodak trim print 920 cameras, they are brand new, never opened… I checked to see if the film is made for the se cameras anymore and they are not… what should I do?

  38. I have an office hero 6.1 with a clogged print head. I have tried to find one on the internet for two days. every street is a dead end. when trying to contact Kodak, it appears that they have abandoned there service there parts supply and there customers. no one has a print head for my machine and do not know if or when they will have one again HELP!!!!!!

  39. The Print head on my Kodak 6.1 Printer is damaged and I am looking for a replacement. The service number of my printer is HO58667, this could be supplied with printer ink as well, (colour and black and white) Please help !!!!!!

  40. I have a Kodak ESP 3.2 all in one printer. After replacing the black cartridge it has stopped printing black. It appears that the print head is gone. the printer is less than two years old and has not given any trouble up to now. I purchased this printer because it had a fixed print head and you only had to replace the ink. I’m very disappointed with the printer. I have no idea where to get a print head locally and have used all ink from a new colour cartridge just testing and cleaning the print head with no result. Please can you advise where I can get a replacement print head for printer SN: 10C1246.



  41. i have a Kodak all in one printer. Kodak ESP Office 2150 series XPS. I need a cd for it. i need to know where i can get one

  42. I have recently purchased a OS X YOSEMITE, APPLE/MAC computer.
    The computer informs me,that i need different software (DRIVER) to make the too
    Where can i get this S/Driver from.


    Peter 4/1,2016

  43. Re: Kodak ESP C310
    All-in-One printer
    Control panel reads “Print head loose or missing. Install print head…”
    This one is not missing, a bit loose maybe.
    Please advise me where I can purchase a replacement print head.
    I am admittedly a low-tech customer–Hope I can install it.

    Thanks for your help.


  45. I have been trying to speak with an ENGLISH speaking customer service agent but I get is a recording. I just need someone to tell or guide me on how to change the date in my camera. The guide that came with the camera is useless!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a HUMAN to help or assist me with this issue??????

  46. My ESP 5250 printer has stopped working. Error code 3513. I have installed new ink cartridges , taken the printhead out and cleaned it. Still will not print. Bought it in early 2012. What’s the solution? If it needs a new print head I will probably buy a new printer other than Kodak.

  47. Waited on phone forever and message says you have to pay to ask a question. Never did reach someone to talk to.
    Just — would like to know where I can buy an SD (MB) card for a Kodak camera that is only 6 yrs old. No stores carry this type of card anymore.
    Thank you

  48. 5 days before i purchase kodak im7 phn an the problem is that it has back cemerab 13mga which is good but whn i on cmra its look lik a poor 2mga camer and its front is 5mga but it look lik 13mga what is this plz change my phn otherwise i post on fcbook that kodak is a fake company its product is cheap or use lees

  49. I replaced my camera’s Lithium from BatterySource. CR-V3 My camera will turn on for a few seconds and then goes off. Camera is a Kodakeasyshare ZD710….Sometime the camera icon will turn on green and then yellow and go off. Help >??

  50. I am trying to get USA help on my Kodak EasyShare 5300 printer, but am having great difficultly.
    I talked to support center in India but they are useless.
    I need to know where I can get a schematic or something that will tell me what
    a certain part is called. I’ve had this printer for over 15 years and really like it (even
    though I have had 3 print heads.

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  56. Have noted the MAJOR drop in quality of most KODAC items in the last 15 years – The ability of this company to service its customers is LONG gone. Giving them one more chance, I purchased a PixPro AZ252. EATS batteries AND only intermittent contact with the batteries when trying to use. NUMEROUS emails (before they shut the email site down) have gone unanswered and have sat on hold 3 times now (longest 45 mins before system hung up on me). KODAC – NEVER AGAIN. Company needs to just shut down COMPLETELY. I will NEVER purchase a Kodac product again – And am blogging about their lack if integrity.

  57. I had a printer I finally replaced it because needed a print head cost more than new prinrer. have had two pixpro fz53 fitst one the shutter quit but good camera and I purchased another good until later it kept saying needed battery well charged the two I have still same thing bought new battery says needs charging charged put it in still does not work. I bought the whold set and I am 80 live on fixed income anf this is wrong no one fixes these now have looked all morning

  58. It’s been over 17 days now waiting for my replacement printer/scanner that was promised a 7-10 day delivery. Though it has a tracking number,it has been sitting at FedEx now for 13 days. Still no movement. A call to Kodak (twice) apparently did me no good…

  59. I have brought a Kodak Pixpro FZ43 Digital Carmera and need to talk to someone at Kodak regarding how to use it. I would like a Owner’s Manul for it so when I am on the road I can find out how to use it. Please Help I call all the numbers but get no response . Other then you no longer giving techincial help. my phone number is 423-318-8117

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