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Contacting Klondike Customer Service Center

The Klondike Bar is the ice cream brand responsible for the funny commercial line – What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? The company sells more than just traditional Klondike’s; there are also Choco Tacos, Klondy Shakes and variations on the ice cream sandwich. You can find Klondike products in single serve, low calorie and no added sugar options.

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Contact Info:

When customers need to reach out to the customer support team, there are several ways to do so. The customer service department can be reached by phone, email, traditional mail and though social media.

Phone Contact Number

Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 6 PM ET, Klondike customer service agents are chilled and ready to talk to customers just like you about products, concerns, complaints and even coupon requests.

  • Klondike Phone Number: 1-800-931-2830

If there is a medical emergency you can report it to Klondike, after seeking medical attention, 24 hours a day.

  • Medical Emergency: 1-800-745-9269

Mailing Address

Klondike is a Unilever brand so we’ve included the Unilever mailing address for your customer service needs. Unilever Corporate800 Sylvanb AveEnglewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

Official Website

Visit the fun and exciting Klondike website for games, product information and more at

Social Media

Klondike is a major player in the social world. When customers have exhausted attempts to reach a customer service representative and mailed responses are a no-go, try connecting with a customer service agent through the available social media platforms. You may not receive an immediate response, but you will receive a response.

Customer Service Email

There are two available ways to connect with the Klondike customer service via email. You can send communication using the customer feedback form or Live Chat with a virtual agent. We sent a message asking for allergy warning, considering this information was not readily available on the website. The automated response stated we should receive a message within 24 to 48 hours.

Our Experience

When we contacted the customer support team at Klondike, we encountered the typical automated system with a multitude of options. We noticed that there was no option for the customer support team. We listed to all of the applicable options and at the end, the system connected to an operator. When the call connected, the call was transferred to the customer service department. This process took approximately 3 minutes. When the agent finally answered the call, we addressed several concerns with the product and the ingredients. Since the agent was not well versed in the subject, the call was transferred to another agent who resolved our concerns. Our experience was not the best, but far from the worst. can you relate to our situation? Share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comment section below.

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26 Comments on “Contact Klondike Customer Service
  1. I purchased 3 different kinds of Klondike bars the original the chocholet was very thin and cound not it I put it in a dish also the heath was very thin but I also had the 3 flavors and the chocklet was perfect like I REMMERBERTHEY USED TO BE . WHY IS THIS ?DID YOU CHANGE ANYTHING ON THE DIFFERENT BARS/

  2. I have been a klondike ice cream bar fan for many years. Unfortunatly just recently I purchased a few thinking I was going to enjoy my favorite treat. Low and behold the bar wad quite thinner than I remember. It wad sad to see that with. All the economic lows I can’t sit and enjoy my klondike with out having my satisfaction cut in half with all the rise in pricesof ever thing we eat. I would have thougt klondike would not had to stoop so low as to cut back the only thing that takes me back when I was a child. I am seriously unhappy..and will think again on spending my money on a product that is less than satisfying to a long time customer.

  3. I do not like the new white paper packaging. It is horrible. How much thinner is the chocolate going to get before there is not any chocolate on the Klondike Bar? Never thought the Klondike Bar would every get so cheaply made. Have bought them for 20 years but not ever again.

  4. I just recently purchased a box of Your ice cream Sand wishes from B J’s and you changed the center what ever you putting in your isn’t ice cream I am very disappoint I choose your brand because in the past I received good quality for my dollar. What are you guys doing………………out sourcing….

  5. I agree that the chocolate on the Klondike bars are getting too thin. Although we love the products. Just tried Choco Taco and we loved it however, being in Marketing myself I noticed that the description said that it was a Sugar Taco……….is the word Cone left out??????? Sugar Taco is incorrect.

  6. Like the complaints above, we are regular purchasers of your Heath bars. Just last week I purchased a six pack of them. Again bought a six today…and they were super thin compared to last week. As my wife said “they have lost their creamy deliciousness…may as well buy generic ice cream bars if this is the new product.”
    We may have to upgrade to Magnum.
    Help me out here…did I just pay the same price for less product??????

  7. Greed is getting the best of everyone. Used to LOVE these. Paper thin. Why?? You didn’t decrease price, but decreased size. Just wrong! Hope peril stop buying. Maybe a decrease in sales will hit YOU where it hurts. 😉

  8. we(the customer) realize what you’ve done. cut corners on the size of the Klondike 60%. who’s genius idea was that? I can hear his sales pitch now..”we’ll save money and the customer will never know”…translation…lets see how fast we can loose customers. you lost me!!!

  9. My Klondike Bar looks like the chocolate covering was scraped off with a rake… And the ice cream is so thin it looks like a thin mint! You out did yourself with downsizing this product! The best qualities of a Klondy Bar (thick ice cream and thick chocolate putter cover) was what set it apart from the competition. Now your just another boring ice cream.

    BUT I would rather buy an ice cream on a stick because I get more ice cream, more chocolate covering and more in the package – all for a cheaper price!

    GOOD BYE Klondike!

  10. Dear Klondike,

    I was hoping that perhaps next year you could release a holdiday version of your ice cream bars. Possible delicacies could include peppermint (or peppermint mocha), eggnog, and gingerbread.



  11. I love your ice cream bars and purchase them regularly. Our favorite (my husband and mine) is the Heath Bar type. The package I recently purchased has very little Heath in the chocolate coating. I opened one and as I began to eat it, got up and went to the freezer to make sure I didn’t accidently buy the plain! Is this a fluke or is this a cost cutting measure? I protest! More Heath Crunch please!

  12. I have recently be enjoying the new cookie dough flavor and about the third box I bought I started noticing that my bars have NO COOKIE DOUGH in it at all! Not just one bar out of six but I just got one where 3 out of 3 had no cookie dough what so ever! These bars are 6 dollars a pack where I am at! Why are some getting made correctly and many others aren’t?! I want it fixed and I refund!!! This is happening on several boxes not just one!

  13. Bought two packages of Klondike bars on 04/27/15, opened one pack, unwraped 1 bar noticed thin chocolate on top and NO CHOCOLATE on the bottom of the bar just ice cream ! Opened another same thing NO CHOCOLATE on the bottom. How are you suppose to hold them without sticing you fingers in the ice cream?

  14. Bought a caramel Klondike cone tonight on an outing with friends, opened it up and ther was no cone! How is that step missed in the process of making them? The cone is the best part and I feel wronged hahah

  15. 3 wks a go i called klondike complanted about new candybar what a joke. will send 4 replacemt bars never got them need some pr

  16. I have always bought and loved the Heath Klondike bars. You have taken all the crumbly bar contents out of the chocolate. The last four times I purchased them they were completely deprived of the crumble.. The bars are good but no different than the originals. You also get more in the originals. Please go back to your old ways.

  17. you’ve taken the crumbled Heath Bars out of the chocolate. Last 4 purchases were deprived of the crumble.

  18. About three weeks ago I called customer service to report a missing toffee bar from my package of 8. It was actually funny because the wrapping for the bar was sealed but the ice cream was missing. I spoke to a really nice representative whose name was Shirley. We laughed about the missing ice cream and she was friendly, polite and happy that I called. She promised to put coupons in the mail the next day and apologized more than once for my inconvenience. I got off the phone and told anyone who would listen what a great experience I had with customer service. I want to thank you for hiring such wonderful representatives for your company. I only have one suggestion to make it an even better experience. Remember to put the promised coupons in the mail. I still have not received them.

  19. Referring to the two chocolate wafers on the classic vanilla ice cream sandwiches. Someone in quality control has to come forward to say “the two chocolate wafers on our classic vanilla ice cream sandwiches has a nasty taste, we must make immediate changes to the recipe and dump the current one”. Those wafers are nowhere even close to having a chocolate flavor. I’ll never purchase those things again.

  20. Dear Ma’am / Sir,
    I am 54 years old and have been eating Rocky Road ice cream as far as I can remember, it’s had always been my favorite. I tried your ice cream tonight for the first time in my life today. It was the only Rocky Road the Food lion was not out of.

    Not only was it missing almonds. It was horrible tasting, it had something in it I could not identify by taste. Now I am scared to try any ice cream you sell. Please try any brand from any manufacturers then yours and you will see what I mean.

    I had my girlfriend try one. She spit it out and threw the remaining away. I am not looking for free coupons, I won’t use them or my money back. But I will hold on to them for a week before tossing the rest away. In case you would like any information or batch numbers off the box

    Best wishes,
    Eric S.

  21. I recently purchased the Klondike 100 cal bars mainly for the toffee bar even though there was a cheaper option, also low in calories and solely toffee. Needless to say i was completely bummed when there was only one toffee bar in the box even though it was labeled a mix of plain and toffee . On top of the the ONE was mixed in with the others w no labels to distinguish them apart so I basically had fo open all of them to find the one toffee.

  22. My name is Javid , I live in Las vegas NV .I purchased the Choco tacos and when I opened one and took a bite I was in disbelief there was a very long piece of brown hair melted on to the ice cream .

    Very unsatisfying what can I do about this situation .. my email is

    Hope I get some feed back thanks

  23. Dear Klondike OMG your ice cream square bars are amazing, the best ice cream ever. At times I find my 4 kids and my wife and I fighting over the last bar lol

    Truly a class A+ premium ice cream.

    Forever in your debt the Robinson family

  24. My husband got me a mrs. Fields chocolate chip ice cream bar the other day my favorite! Haven’t had one for yeras, and it was highly disappointing. Not good at all, tasted old. Very disappointing when you spend upwards of $3 for a bar!

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