Contact Kings Dominion Customer Service

Contacting Kings Dominion Customer Service Center

Kings Dominion is a an amusement park in Virginia. Like most amusement parks it is open seasonally from spring to fall. You can purchase single tickets, season passes and everything in between on the official website. If you have questions before purchasing your ticket or you have concerns about the time you spent at Kings Dominion, you may want to contact the customer service department.

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Contact Info:

Kings Dominion customer service includes standard mail, email and phone contact. You can find up-to-date information on how to best contact customer service below.

Phone Contact Numbers

You can find all the information you need to contact customer service by phone on the official website.

  • Guest Information: 1-804-876-5000
  • Groups or Picnics: 1-804-876-5338
  • Companies, Churches and Organizations: 1-804-876-5561
  • Press Inquiries: 1-804-876-5335
  • Employment: 1-804-876-5145
  • Other: 1-804-876-5000

Mailing Address

The mailing address for Kings Dominion customer service is:

Kings Dominion 16000 Theme Park Way PO Box 2000 Doswell, VA 23047

Official Website

Located at is the official site for the Kings Dominion amusement park. You will notice the site is more about selling the park than serving customers who’ve got questions about the park or concerns about park visits or tickets. Customer service information is located on the Contact Us tab of the site.

Customer Service Email

There are several email addresses listed for customer service departments. Choose the email address that correlates with the department you need to contact.

We contacted the customer service department by email in hopes of finding out more about the food served at park restaurants. The question is not an easy one to answer, so we’ll let you know just how well the customer service team responds and how long it takes for a response to be received.

Our Experience

To speed up your call to Kings Dominion customer service press 0 as soon as the automated system starts. You will be taken to another automated list of options, press 0 again. Your call will be moved to an agent or placed on hold. Our call was transferred to a voice mail where we could leave a message for the Guest Information department. If you leave a message for customer service make sure to include your contact information (phone number or email address) clearly so an agent can respond to your request.

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34 Comments on “Contact Kings Dominion Customer Service
  1. Good Morning,
    We carry a complete line of name brand janitorial, office and safety supplies. I would appreciate meeting with you to provide you with catalogs and explain how we may implement the quality of service you require. You may contact me.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Alvin R. Winston, Owner
    Ashland, VA 23005

  2. I’m a fan of kings dominion up until today. The fact that the lost and found called my sister saying they found her bag and actually gave a detail of everything that was inside her bag was cool. We knew they had the right bag considering no other person would have a fox wallet. However when we finally got the chance to drive an hour and half to get to KingsDominion we were greeted by 3 people who did not care. A Hispanic female with long black hair in a pony tail, an African American male who was a little on the chubby side (I’m simply trying to describe the people not be rude) and a Caucasian female with short blonde hair. We gave them a description if the bag and they did not bother to look. In fact they kind of chuckled in front of us. They simply said there was no bag. We pleaded for them to look and the male made a “call” while the Caucasian female glanced around and as the Hispanic female left the room. I’m outraged because we drove an hour and a half because someone under the name sanders called and said they found the bag with my sisters belongings and yet those 3 “security guards” could not seem to locate it. I wasted a full 2 days worth of gas to drive up to kings dominion just so 3 “security guards” could tell me “that they’re sorry but there was some form of miscommunication”. I’m sorry you probably don’t deal with these matters but if you could pass it on to someone who does I would greatly appreciate it. I myself will call tomorrow and complain to whoever answers the phone.

    • I am very disappointed with the lack of customer service I have received from the folks at Kings Dominion. I have been calling since Monday, Oct. 13 and have not heard back from anyone. I’ve left 2 messages for Brenda and spoke with a Timothy Powell who indicated he would get back in touch with me and as yet, have not heard from anyone. We were not aware that we needed to buy tickets online to get the discounted rate and my son was charged $64 for admission at 8:38 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11. How outrageous is that!?!? We will never go back to KD if there is no resolution to this…………….and their customer service needs great improvement too!

  3. Purchased 4 passes for 2015 with Parking, when I the passes you could go to the park one time free (was not free had to pay to park when I paid for parking on all 4 passes). Also there was not enough people to work the rides. One person for the kids rides, that is not enough!

  4. I bought a season pass online and prined the papers out and i lost them and want to reprint them again but i did not recieve a confirmation email so i do not know how to reprint them. What should i do?

  5. My daughter works for Kings dominion. I’m very unhappy about the way things have been going there. Every time I pick my daughter up she is at least an hour or more late. Today she was 3 hours late getting off. I had to sit in the parking lot and wait not knowing when she was getting off after she told me 5pm
    I’m very upset about how unprofessional they are.
    Theresa Baylor

  6. I am very frustrated in attempting to reach someone to answer several questions. I contacted the Guest Info. number which noted a 9 am opening. I called several times with no response. Contacted Human Resources and was transferred to a wrong number. Called Human Resources again and was transferred again but with different open time. I have out of town quests and was interested in visiting Kings Dominion, but may have to go elsewhere since I can’t get my questions answered.

  7. My family and I came there 2 weeks ago we got stuck on the dominator and guest services didn’t do anything but offer discount tickets I already had discount from buying online ridiculous kd your machine messes up and yall don’t do nothing

  8. Contacted KD via their website several weeks ago. After several days of no response, did it again. Waited a few more days. Called and spoke to someone. Explained whole issue, was told I would get a call back. Waited several more days, no call. Called back. Been in this cycle for 2 weeks, and no resolution. Tired of the wild goose chase! Going to start moving up the chain of command…

  9. Very frustrated with kings dominion. When an issue and something promised it shouldn’t be like the president if the USA to get anywhere within the offices first off. Nobody returns calls not handles situations at all!!!! Also for the disabled now with new owners seems not to care at all as present accommodations / ARENT ANY!!! We were made to feel way past uncomfortable as well your prices for someone not riding anything should be lower especially since you have no real shows nor activities for the disabled— but FYI for all Bush Gardens Does!!! Bush Gardens Cares & Customer Service is Better.
    Second customer service is supposed to be there for the customers and not to be rude, argue or make a person not want to return! KD is supposed to be a fun place

    • Very true! Can’t see being a pass holder and KD is trying to be like Bush Gardens and that’s not going to happen the way they are right now. First just because they have two parks like bush gardens they aren’t as big and just don’t seem to care and usually shows just by some of the employees, sadly to say. KD obviously doesn’t do spot checks, returns customer complaints or checks into much and it really has shown. We used to do pass holders for the whole family and now we wait in free passes and go once maybe and have even just given passes away cause it’s just that bad now. The fast line don’t waste your money cause half the time they don’t operate it right or it’s closed and so funny! The lines are horrible and on average you only get to ride a very few things and one big thing is because of the lack of real either training or knowledge to get people on and off and move it along and safety is more like a buyer beware is personal experiences there. It’s so different now and for local people everyone knows how badly it is all the way to the simple parking lot!!!! Hahaha
      If your smart you’ll just save your money and places like Bush Gardens had more shows but they close gates when full and you may not get in especially at Christmas as we got tickets and Never got in and nothing you can do about it so don’t waste the money there but their season pass is ok. Six Flags is awesome and had a little if everything and very accommodating from what we felt. You have to watch KD cause they have changed a lot and it’s buyer beware and ask around and know your info- just like in the parking even though you get that season pass and one free for say for this year to go–depends who you get but doesn’t cover parking fee this one visit for this year they say—so either someone pocketing that money or KD getting over on people for one parking few and that’s not right at all! Another big red flag to know is that with wheel chairs there-in electric very few and other nonelectric really hard to use around KD and reserve online cause you may not get one even if you are a pass holder!!!! Another buyer beware… Handicap is really hard around there and that’s in rides or good areas and even bathrooms really Suck!!!! Other places are way cleaner cause KD was horrible KD!!!keno

  10. I just came to kd haunt with 3 other people and it was a very horrible experience. Spending over $200 to wait in lines for 2 hours and go on one ride and one haunted maze. Every mazy line we got into was a fast pass lane and couldn’t get in and every line where hour plus waits and we didn’t even get scared. Huge disappointment! You all need a lesson from knotts scary farm in california. All four of us left very pissed off and all we got our of this experience we’re hurt feet and legs

  11. Want to say KUDOS and THANK YOU to an employee MICHAEL COLLIER who was working at the ANACONDA on October 24th. We can’t thank him enough for assisting us when another employee (who was not wearing a name tag) refused. Our trip would otherwise have been ruined. Please thank him on our behalf. Feel free to call me if desired.

    S. B. CARTER

  12. I’m am very dissatisfied with kings dominion I bought family season passes through KD I 2012 we had a bad storm that year and with damage to my home things had to be packed up and the paperwork had been lost an they keep no records of what they sell as in passes I paid cash and no records could be found and I talked to someone in customer service and was told if I found them they would honor them but when I did locate them with the receipts they told me they couldn’t goner them now and we’re very rude and hung up on me I buy family oases every year and haven’t since then and can’t get any results I need a corporate number there customer service relations employees are very rude and I’m not dealing with them anymore I’m gonna make my case known and give them a bad name since they keep no records of cash sales

  13. Wanted to purchase three season passes for Xmas for my daughters family but unable to print them from my email!! Why can you not just send them to me!! Since you can not send them to me, I am not going to purchase them!! I find you very customer unfriendly!! Also the gentleman I talked to very uncaring and disinterested in the fact that he was loosing several hundred dollars for your park!!!

  14. I purchase tickets and I paid monthly but I lost my information so I need to print it and can’t.

  15. I lost a android zte black and blue phone yesterday by the Rita’s stand in grass I filled a report out haven’t heard anything back yet

  16. Called Guest Services on July 18, 2016. Recorder was already on saying the hours in operation. It was 4:50 p.m. What gives?

  17. My experience on yesterday August 07, 2016 was terrifying. A lifeguard unattentive, while facing the pool, dis not see my son grasping for air. I was standing behind him and yelled for him to go save my son. There was another guest who, fortunately, was coming down the slide and was able to grab my child. This lifeguard never turned around when I was yelling at him to save my son, neither did he acknowledge his lack of awareness and apologize. I am so… done with kings dominion and their poor customer service.

  18. My 9 year Old grandson Has autism got on a ride the ride scared me a bit he bump his head an tooth he was crying so bad he scared me to death I just purchase him a season pass On 4/8/17 .The EMS was very professional in helping my grandson.he keep him calm an did an excellent job when we got to the emergency. booth every one was very nice an friendly even one EMS gave him a popsicles that put a smile on his face I want to truly thank that EMS for his Excellent work .I just want to now how can I take him off my payment plan he doesn’t want to come he is scared I tried to get him to come back today4/9/17 but he say no no.I share how great kings Dominion was he just say im scared Can someone please contact me on how i can take him off my plan.

  19. Hello can my daughter get a card someone mess place her season pass? If yes can u stop that one so no one can use it?

  20. I am 37weeks pregnant in the water park and someone stole my cup so now I’m required to walk to customer service and pay $2.99 instead of paying at the water park. Apparently discrimination is real

  21. I brought my toddler to have fun yesterday. I had a horrible experience. My son wanted a stuffed animal and asks for one each visit. I went to the water gun game where there was a lady standing in line loading her fame card. This lady was with her daughter. I was standing behind her to load my game card. Meanwhile the worker was standing right there watching my son and I as I continued to assure him mommy was going to try to win him a prize as he was pointing at the bear he wanted. As I finished loading my game card the worker hurried and started the game for the other lady and her daughter and would not allow me to play. When I asked why she did that she stated because the lady really wanted to win a prize for her daughter. This game required at least 2 players. Kings Dominion was not very busy yesterday and there was no-one else to play the game therefore I no longer had the opportunity to try to win a prize for my toddler. He is 20 months old so it’s not like I was able to have him play with me to make up for the 2nd player. Since when are accomidations made for customers to rig the games so they are guaranteed a win while other paying customers are pushed aside and told they can not play? I am so highly disappointed in this type of treatment. Thank you for your time.

    Angela Boseman

  22. I have been coming to kings dominion for over thirty years. Now that I have a family of my own, I was elated to bring my children to the park I enjoyed so much as a child. However, our trip was horrible. Many of the rides were broken and I’ve never been treated so rudely in my life. A parked attendant on twisted Timbers screamed at us the get behind him unless we leave our bags in a locker. We told him it was only towels so we hung them on the gate where many others were. This angered the attendant and he yelled “well I’m not watching your bag and I hope it gets stolen!” This of course angered my husband and he told the attendant to calm down. We spoke with security (Scott), with a witness and he responded to our complaint by saying the attendant was young and hot so we would have to excuse his behavior. Which I believe in inexcusable. We ended up leaving early upset and very disappointed.

  23. My family has season passes and we decided to visit for 3 days before the summer ends. We reserved a hotel room to be able to visit King’s Dominion before Labor Day. After we checked into our hotel (August 29th) we headed to your park only to find out that the park is CLOSED. It’s still summer time before Labor Day. Why didn’t you notify your season pass holders via email that the park will be closed? We wasted the cost of a hotel night, plus the cost of food (we also purchased the lunch and dinner food plan to go with the season passes.) I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED THAT YOUR PARK IS CLOSED IN THE SUMMER. Especially considering that you advertise that your park is open year round.

  24. I purchased a season pass & credit card was stolen. I had to cancel 6 months Kings Dominion took out payments. It’s been very hard to find out how much I owe for the rest of season but I have not been there at all this season due to covid restrictions. Please let me know what I owe so I can visit please oh # (804) 216 1966

  25. Please help: you all have taken 6 months of payment but I had to cancel credit card. Can you advise how much owe so I may visit? Please Help. Me

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