Contact Justice Customer Service

Contacting Justice Customer Service Center

Justice started as a girls-only clothing and accessories line for teens or girls who’d not quite made it to the teenage years. The company has since expanded to the boys clothing and accessory department with the Brothers line. There are physical stores and online locations.

to leave a comment about your customer service experience.

Contact Info:

If you have a customer service issue with a specific store you may want to contact the store first before contacting the general customer service line. Many stores are more than willing to resolve the customer service issue.

Phone Contact Numbers

The hours of customer service via the Justice phone number are 6 AM to 12 AM Monday to Sunday. All hours are EST.

  • Customer Service (US): 1-866-246-5822
  • Customer Service (Outside the US): 1-214-258-0171
  • Customer Service (Fax): 1-740-964-5850

Mailing Address

You can use the mailing address to contact the customer service department at Justice. If you have an order problem or your issue concerns a return, you may want to call the customer service line rather than send a standard letter.

Justice/Brothers Online 107 Heritage Dr. Pataskala, OH 43062


Justice Customer Relations 8328 Walton Pkwy New Albany, OH 43504

Official Website

The official shopping and customer service site for Justice is located at All customer service information is listed on the Contact Us page, including email, standard mailing address and telephone number. If you’ve ordered from Justice/Brothers in the past, you may have additional customer service options within your account.

Customer Service Email

You can choose to send your email to or The info email is reserved for product questions and general customer service communication. The customer relations email handles store complaints and compliments.

When sending email communication to the customer service team, describe the problem (if applicable) completely so the representative can move the issue to the correct department or resolve the issue quickly. If you would rather be contacted by phone or standard mail, include that information in your email.

Our Experience

Justice is a girls clothing and accessories store. You can press 2 to reach the customer service department or 6 to share an experience you’ve had at a Justice store. We pressed 2 and an agent answered the call almost immediately. The store brands itself as a tween spot, so we asked the agent if the clothing was appropriate for young girls between 8 and 10 years of age. The agent told us that was the age group the clothing was marketed toward and many pieces are designed for younger tweens.

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98 Comments on “Contact Justice Customer Service
  1. I was very disappointed with your store in Janesville, Wi, my daughter received a Christmas gift purchased at Justice. The sweater was not the right size. She had a gift receipt so I thought it would be easy to exchange at our local store. When she went into store they did not have her size in the same color sweater but she choose a different color, the price tag said $40.00 just like the sweater she was returning. When she took it to the counter she was told she needed to pay additional $6.45 because when person bought the sweater it was on “better” sale and it was not on that sale anymore! WHY does she need to pay MORE when she had a gift reciept? Very disappointed that she would need to add money to a gift she received! Will not recommend this store to anyone!
    Thank you for your time, look forward to a response very soon from Justice.
    Robin Austin

  2. I love the clothes. We buy most of our daughter’s clothes from there. I was disappointed with a few of the pants we bought a few months ago that ended up with holes, buttons broke off, and the button on one pair wouldn’t stay snapped. Overall I do love the clothing

    • Same here….I thought it was me. So far 3 pair of pants ended up with holes and another had opened in the seam. My daughter loves their clothes but I don’t buy the jeans from there anymore. I will stuck to sweats and tops.

  3. I went to justice shopping and thought I would be able to use my jbucks only to learn they can’t be used with a sale only to learn that I could not and that I would have to pay full price to use them (useless!)justice is always having that 40% off sale so when do you get to use your jbucks or fun cards!!!! and lets face it even though the clothes are adorable paying full price for anything in that store would be ludiorous!!!! I mean 40 something dollars for a shirt! maybe justice ought to come down on their prices so there is no need to jack them up then make it sound like your getting a good deal paying $28 for a $40 something item!! and then telling you you can’t use your cards!!! I think I am done shopping there too bad to as I would spend a lot of money on my granddaughter there but there are not incentives to keep me going back!!!!!!!!!

  4. You might know me from today i was at Justice in The Pinnacle and i was talking to this lady who worked there and I was asking when are you hiring for models because I really want to be a model for justice.So she said well you have to go on our facebook page. So I went on there and I didn’t see anythings because I didn’t have a facebook page. If you have time to read this I need your email address so during the summer or something i can like model for you. So email me when you can because I need all my information.

  5. VERY RUDE! The women who work at the westfield fashion sqaure mall sherman oaks. one girl who works there her name is laurie she is very rude no respect at all she threw my money on the countertop and said uh.. do you want the change??? she was making a comment after comment as my kids were shopping she is very disgusting and rude.

  6. i have been trying 2 place my order awhile now an i am not getting through i purchase from justice before i am from trinidad please call or email me so u can help my order go through my number is 4868702

  7. I am trying to send a comment about my recent store visit at justice which was very upsetting and the web email is not working that’s provided

  8. I think your jbucks are useless I spend 100-150.00 a week in your store and every week they give me 2or3 of them but when I go back to use them they tell me I can’t use them wit the 40% off u have that sale every week it seems to be a scheme and I really don’t want to stop shopping there cause I love the clothes that’s wherei get all my granddaughters clothes there’s to to be something u can do I see I’m not the only one complaining about this thank you

  9. I have NEVER had an experience like this before!! My daughter just wants clothes from Justice for Christmas, so naturally, I went on your website to buy some stuff. The amount got up to $80. I just wanted to see if some of the stuff would fit so I started to order it. I entered my credit card number and the red message kept coming up “card not read” so I entered it again. Still the same message. Finally, I decided to check my bank account and Justice had taken out $500 from my acct!!!!!! I called and spoke to someone. He said “sorry. the banks are closed today. There is nothing we can do.” I told him to cancel my order and he told me that the order was never sent! How can you take out THAT much money for nothing?? No order was sent at all. I basically paid $500 to look at your clothes. THANKS FOR NOTHIN!!!!!!! I was willing to spend a few hundred dollars in your store for my daughter but you can forget that! I will take my business elsewhere. You guys are a joke!!!!!

  10. Site is a joke !!! Ordered 147.00 worth of clothes and our card was charged 1007.00.
    NO answer from customer service!! Over 1hour of wait time on the phone!
    Don’t use this site !!!

  11. I spent hours trying to get the check out to work last night for cyber monday. When the order finaly went through, I was charged full price for everything because the coupon code was not applied. What should have been around $190 ended up being $459. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I tried calling this morning and get a message that the customer service number is not valid, so I went to my online banking site to cancel the charge only to find out that instead of charging me $459, they had actually charged $197 four times ($788 total). It is great to be able to find close their that fit my kids, since one is super thin and the other is a little husky, which makes finding clothes at most retailers difficult, but the ridiculous prices and awful website are enough to make me look elsewhere in the future.

    • I have had the same thing happen to me on December 5th. How long does it take before they give you your money back on your card.

      They charged me 2X for a $200 order.


      • This is the worst online ordering experience I have ever had!! Package was delivered with only one thing that I ordered out of three. Plus something else that I did not order was in box. I have been trying to call customer service and emailing Justice and can not get through to anyone! The things I ordered are supposed to be Christmas gifts! This DOES NOT seem to be a trustworthy and reputable business. Will never order from there again!!

  12. I was sent the wrong item in the mail and have emailed and called the company for 4 days, each time waiting on hold for an hour with no response. Very disappointed at the amount of money I’ve spent at this store with the horrible customer service I’ve been provided.

  13. I was on hold while completing my order for my grand-daughters. In one area it said shipping would occur in 5-10 days. Then it said I could expect my order to be delivered Dec. 23rd. Family is in Florida and I would have to over-nite ship from New York. Trying to contact ANYONE at Justice is extremely difficult. I plan to cancel the order. LLBean seems to get it right every time.

  14. This customer service is horrible. I placed an order dec 4th and it is still processing. I sent 3 emails this week with no response at all. I waited a half hour to speak with a representative to be told the order is being fulfilled at the warehouse and I would be notified when it ships. 3 days later – status is still order processing. This is very frustrating. The worse online experience I have ever had. I would never order again from this site.

  15. I made an order on December 3 with a shipment to be delivered before the 16th of December I got confirmation of my order saying that when they shipped it I would get a tracking number a week went by never heard anything so I called waited on hold for a little over a hour just to be told that my order has been packaged but waiting on a shipping label and that I wouldn’t get my order by Christmas so now my card is maxed and I will not get the gifts for my children BUT they was going to refund the shipping cost if I would have known that they sucked thus bad I would have gone to the store will never buy online with Justice again

  16. Currently I have been on hold for over a half an hour. I received my shipment but everything wasn’t in the box. Receipt says everything has been shipped. Also, my card was charged the day I made the order 12/2 then again on 12/9. This was the first and will be the last time I order from this site. I wish I would of read all of these reviews before I placed an order. Justice is a joke and the customer service is the worst. I already stopped buying jeans from there because they end up with holes and the thread unravels in the seam. I think I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  17. Terrible on-line service. Placed my order November 30th. Still don’t have it! Half hour wait on the phone, then disconnected. Most of the time you can’t even get through.Only received one of three items I ordered. That one item had a wrong item included in the box. Total incompetence. They don’t answer e-mails. I will never order on-line again. I thought I would save myself some time. I should have bought the items at the store itself. Horrible!!!! I may cancel the order.

  18. Justice online has very bad customer service. This is the third time I have placed orders with them and have not received all my items, just to call them to be placed on hold, and another representative to come on the line to tell me to make sure I check my box. Then I receive the shipment and one Item is still missing. Now I am on hold with them again so far my hold time is 38 minutes. Just a nightmare, all around. It seems they know little girls love their clothes and the parents will buy them so they don’t care about the customers at all.

  19. very frustrated — tried to call customer service & was placed on hold for over 20 minutes – never did get to speak to a representative.I ordered 2 gifts cards for my granddaughters – — paying extra for 2 day FED EX -cards came 3 days after the latest delivery date & without card ‘holidays holders’ which i had chose specifically for my 6 & 7 year old granddaughters –actually no card holders were sent- only cards sent in shipping form. This experience has been very disappointing since this was their main Christmas gift from grandma– perhaps it could have been straightened out if I had the chance to speak to SOMEONE.

  20. Justice online is the worst company to order from. I received my package yesterday and there was a pair of pants missing from the order. On top of that they charged my credit card three times $90.63. I keep trying to call the customer service number and it says that they are having problems with the phone, probably because everyone is calling to complain about how horrible the customer service is or what they didnt receive. This will be the last time that I order from Justice!!!!!!!!!

  21. I ordered a coat from Justice and paid for next day delivery. I have an email saying it would be delivered on 12-16-13. To date I can not connect with this company, find out ANY information on my order and the stores can not help! Worst company I have ever dealt with. Will never give this company any more business!

  22. I am so unhappy with their non-existent customer service! I received an order on Saturday, that had my mailing label placed on top of another person’s order label. And inside, instead of my order (which is a Christmas gift), I received another person’s order, which was probably someone else’s Christmas gift.

    Next, I just discovered on one of my back-ordered items, that was shipped on 12/13/13 has the tracking # as another package that shipped from your location to another state on 11/13/13 – tracking. So who knows if I will receive this item prior to Christmas either.

    I have held on the phone with their customer service department, three times for almost an hour each time…with zero response! And the people that work in your store, just say that the two organizations work independently of each other, and they know how bad the service is but can not help! How sad!

    Very unhappy!!!!!!!

  23. It is very sad to read the comments above and had I known this prior to my order I would have just purchased in the store. I have had the very same experience as most of the comments on here. I was charged 10 times for an order that was $150. I placed an order on the 2nd of Dec and then received the tracking information that my package had shipped on the 7th. It is now the 20th and I have no package. The tracking number I was given is not recognized by FedEx and they told me to contact Justice. I have been contacting them all week via e-mail and phone. After waiting for an hour on hold for a representative I finally got through to explain the issues only to be hung up on when placed on hold for them to locate my package. Now everytime I call back their system is not working. I WILL NEVER ORDER from them AGAIN!!!

  24. I sent back a sweat jacket to change to a different size and tried to contact Justice to get this corrected since this was a Christmas gift, however, the phone number would never go through, I waited on hold several hours over 2 to 3 days.
    I got now help from customer service on line. It has been over 2 weeks since I mailed my size 8 back to them which I was assured would only take 3 to 5 business days from Ca. to Ohio on Fed EX.I now have to go out and shop last minute for a gift for my granddaughter. Very disappointed and will never shop with Justice again.

  25. I placed a order on the 16th ,was supposed to be here by the 23rd and it is not. the fedec tracking number is not valid, when i try to call justice the number is out of service. these are christmas gifts too! i am very upset!

  26. Placed my order on December 3rd and still haven’t gotten it. Got a confirmation that it shipped and when I called fedex they said justice never gave it to them I WILL NEVER order from this store again. What a huge disappointment!!!! I have been on the phone waiting for 1 hour and 15 minutes waiti to talk to customer service. I’m so frustrated!

  27. Justice is absolutely terrible! I placed an order online on 12/17 and paid for overnight shipping. As of today (12/26) I still have not received it. When I try to contact the customer service phone number, I am left on hold for about 10 minutes, before finally getting a recording telling me to call a different phone number. That phone number does not work. I simply get a recording saying that there are no available lines. I have been trying both numbers all day. This is ridiculous!!! This order is an outfit that my daughter asked for Christmas from Santa. She is crushed that he didn’t leave it under the tree for her. Way to go ruining Christmas, Justice!

  28. When I received my order a shirt was missing that went with the skirt I ordered. I contacted their Sales Rep and after being on hold for 35 minutes (Dec 28th)she advised me the shirts were flawed but now had the new shirts in stock and she would ship the item over night free and also reimburse me $8.00 for the shipping cost from my first order.
    Today is(Jan 3rd)and I still haven’t received my item or even an email from Justice explaining what the issue is. The New Order number I was given returns to nothing. For what they charge for their clothing you would think they could spend a little more money on Customer Service and follow through with their promises to make good on their mistakes! Never Again!

  29. Your Customer Service is a JOKE! First, my daughter specifically asked for some combat boots for Christmas. This was one of two items on her letter to Santa, (this may not be a big deal to you folks, but to a young child who believes in Santa Claus, IT IS)! So I got online and ordered the combat boots and several other items, paid 30, YES 30 extra dollars for express shipping. Here is where my SECOND disappointment occurs…. It’s 12/24 when I finally receive my package. So, I anxiously open the box and guess what???? NO COMBAT BOOTS, awesome. My shipping receipt definately does not reflect what was sent. THIRD DISAPPOINTMENT, your customer service makes me question if it even exists. I have called EVERY SINGLE DAY, get put on hold for ten minutes and then referred to some type of answering service who cannot even access the Justice information, so they take my number and say someone from the {nonexistant} customer service dept will call you in the next 4-5 hours. HMMMMM, i am still waiting two weeks later. Funny how you employee a billing dept who can manage to withdrawl the balance immediately from my checking acct but you cant get anyone to service your customers in any form of a timely manner? I am one very unsatisfied customer and do not advise anyone to order from your business. RIDICULOUS. All I want is the boots I purchased or give me my money back for goodness sake. But at least get me a customer service rep I can talk to. Too much to ask for apparently.

  30. Niles Ohio Justice store cashier was super rude … My daughter was sooo excited too go spend her gift cards … Was supposed too be a “fun girls day out” … After rummaging through a very sloppy, unorganized, store.. Got to the check out .. Cashier was acting super annoyed at my daughter because she was trying to decide on a fragrance ( that was set up on the counter)… There was no one in line behind us … So we were not holding up any one else … In my opinion if your average price on any given item in your store is $30-$40, for a child( and those are your supposed sale prices) your employees should be super curtious too there guests … Weather it be a mom in there shopping with her own money or an 8 year old spending her money/gift cards … This was my 2nd bad experience at the Justice Store in Niles, Ohio … I definatally will take my business else where ..

  31. My daughter received a pair of jeans from justice for Christmas
    which she has only wore a few times that cost a fortune. She came home crying today because these expensive jeans which she just got already have a hole in the rear and she was made fun of all day because people could see her underwear.

  32. I think Justice is the best store in the world! in fact it’s my favorite store in my mall. I wish I could buy one of everything in there but I cant cause its too expensive. could you please lower the prices.


  33. Beware of loose shelving ! My 5 yr old was whacked in her upper thigh by a falling shelf in the Justice store in Micmac Mall. We were shopping and the white shelves in the store are not secured by anything. They are simply placed on metal bars which make very slippery white pieces of board. The staff came to see what happened but that was it!!!!!! So disappointed my daughter has a huge bruise on her leg. Is where the board fell on her 🙁

  34. Tried calling customer service repeatedly and it just kept ringing!!! They just lost my business. With all the business they’re getting they shouldn’t have a “BOOTLEG” phone # for customer service!!

  35. I placed this order Aug 10 for school. When I got the order nothing in it was what I ordered. I received someone else’s order.
    I called in to let them know I had gotten someone else’s order and could they please rush mine so I could get it for school.

    I was informed that everything I order was now out and it would be 3 weeks before I could get it and if I wanted to return it I would have to pay shipping. Then it was going to take up to 2 weeks to get a refund on my credit card.

    This was my first time ever ordering or purchasing from your company. What a total disappointment.

    So now I have to suffer for your company’s mistakes. I really can not recommend this company with these policies.

  36. iam so sick and tired of the sales asso. pushing me to buy more so you can get something else for less and the coupons. I am done I will not buy from your sores ever again!

  37. iam so sick and tired of the sales asso. pushing me to buy more so you can get something else for less and the coupons. I am done I will not buy from your sores ever again!

  38. Dear Justice,
    I am very angry because of in every justice store there are no tennis type clothes.I wear justice clothes all the time but if there is now tennis clothes then I would no longer shop there.It is very sad that you have every other sport but tennis!

    Alana Kostin

  39. I have three granddaughters, 2 of whom have just reached the age to shop at Justice for Girls. They were so excited and wanted to purchase a journal and the shimmery hat and gloves with their initials. However, after going to several stores, looking online and contacting your customer service, much to my dismay I have learned that the decision as to which initials are included on your merchandise is factored by names that are “trending” instead of all inclusive.

    One of my granddaughters name starts with the letter “V” and of course she was very disappointed and I, too, am very disappointed in a children’s store that would intentionally exclude any child.

    I and my daughters have spent quite a bit of money at Justice for Girls over time but after a very disheartening shopping experience with my 6 year old granddaughter whose name isn’t “trending” I will no longer be shopping at your store.

  40. I ordered a gift certificate for grand-daughter on December 2, 2014. I had a problem and have made 6 0r 7 calls to Justice for Girls regarding this. Spoke with daughter in Reno, NV and she never received the gift certificates. They were to be mailed to my daughter. I can’t get through to Customer Service and feel very annoyed by the lack of concern for my 7 yr. old granddaughter for her Christmas. Would someone please contact me ASAP!!!!

  41. OK, so this is the second time that I’ve ordered via the website for Christmas presents for my nieces. They love this store so I try to please them. The first time, I paid extra for express shipping and received the package late and had to wait on the phone for over an hour to get customer service. I figured it was a one time issue. This year, I order early and for some reason the website didn’t accept my credit card so I used my ATM. Now my credit card has been charged once for the order and my ATM twice for the order. I’ve been charged three times for the same order and haven’t received my items!!! Customer service hold time is over an hour. They are very nice, but can’t do anything to get me my packages on time. I will not shop online here again.

  42. I recently placed an order only to receive it with an item back ordered. This item was Christmas pjs for my 7 yr old. It had not mentioned at time of order so I placed it. I call your customer service only to be holding for 15 minutes. Prehistoric appalled me. I had to hang up due to my anger. Your company charges so much money for clothes I find not worthy of the cost. I am a grandmother so I buy what the mother and child want. I would never purchase a thing from justice. Your service is horrific and I can only hope I can reach someone in the daytime. My store of choice are stores with clothes made of quality material and if there is an issue you would not sit on a phone with a recording all agents are busy. I am very unhappy with your service but I need to correct this issue only to avoid Justice in the future.

  43. I have been in contact with the customer service department since 12/8/14 trying to get an order shipped and delivered by Christmas. After 4 phones calls with promises that the order will be shipped overnight, the order still hasn’t left the warehouse. Today is 12/18/14. FedEx gives their employees off on 12/24/14. No assurance the gifts will get their by 12/24/14. Very disappointed with this company.

  44. Very disappointed in the service I DID NOT relieve today at your Ventura location. I went in with my little sister & the sales associate was on the phone, she didn’t greet us. A few minutes into our shopping, she was now behind the cash wrap area still on what clearly was a personal phone call. I got to over hear her plans for Mexico and then started using profanity. Super classy Justice, just what I want my 9 year old sister to hear.
    Thankfully another associate came out & she did her job. While my sister was in the fitting room, the other associate decided to sit on top of the cash register counter while charging her cell phone. There was absolutely no sense of urgency, no customer
    Service at all. I get better service at Wal-Mart. If your interested in receiving a picture of your manager “working” please contact me and I’ll be happy to provide it. I will never step foot in your store again.

  45. I keep calling for 1/2hr, but the customer service phone # just hangs up on me as soon as I dial a 1 or a 2 for the selection choice! I have some important concerns with my orders, but I can’t reach anyone! Poor customer service having a phone number that hangs up on customers when you call! Maybe I should report you to the better business bureau?!

  46. It’s no wonder this store is closing everywhere. The customer service is HORRIBLE! they are the laziest people I have ever dealt with.

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  48. I am very upset with customer service. I was at my local justice store in Mt. Hope, WV. I left my new card at home but I had my old one. The lady called to get my number and because my husband wasn’t there they would not give my number even though they never turn down the payment that I send in. Justice just lost out on a $400 purchase plus a loyal customer. That left my child very upset because she was wanting the clothes for her birthday

  49. I was in your store in Altamonte Spring, Fl at the Altamonte mall. I asked a sales associate about a price then not even 5 min later my 9 yr old informed me one of the ladies were talking bad about me. We are the only customers in the store so had to be me. I asked the lady for her name and its Pam the store manager. For this I will never be back.

    Thank you Mylinh

  50. I went black Friday shopping yesterday for my children I went to justice because my daughter loves justice 90% of her clothes are justice but yesterday my experience with justice customer service was horrible! I waited in line for 25 minutes which is expected for Black Friday but when I got up to the register to pay for my little girls things for Christmas everything came to a halt.. after paying $160 there was a balance of $3, I was in line with my sister she had a coat that she was going to buy for her little girl she said I will just put the $3 onto my card for the coat, we ask the sales clerk if that was ok she said that was fine! But when we went to do that, she rang up the coat (after $160 was paid out of my bank account which I looked on my online bank account).. somehow after she rang up the coat and my $160 was taken out there was a balance of $192 the clerk asked me to slide my card again I said why would I slide it again and have to pay for $192 when I just paid $160 and its already been taken out of my bank account?? She said no it hasn’t it’s just pending I said I don’t have $350 in my account to pay out when I just paid the $160 it’s not going to let me because I don’t have that much in there and why would I have to pay $192 when I paid the $160 I said only thing you have to do is pay with my sisters card with $3 and whatever the coat is.. why is it being so difficult why is it $192 on there she said she deleted out of screen and thats why its like that I said why would you delete out of the screen I said which none of this makes sense to me.. confused and upset that I may not get my daughter stuff and my bank accounts going to be negative I said can’t you just delete the whole thing and start all over again the right way she said no! we cannot I said why not? she said because we’ve already deleted out about screen I said so as of right now I haven’t paid for anything and she said no because its pending I said so now I can’t get any of my stuff and she said no so I left the store not getting my stuff and having a balance in my bank account that I cannot use because the Justice customer service messed up!! I said none of this is any of my fault I don’t understand why you guys can not fix this she said we can’t walk away from me and the other clerk said I don’t know what to do another clerk come up said pretty much the same thing that the first girl said she went and talked to the manager and supposedly the manager said the same thing there is nothing we can do! I would like to just have to know that I will never come back again after the way I was treated and all the problems that happen over something very simple

  51. i think this is horrible!!! I cant check out because the site went down and is now temporarily unavailable!!… I called the cus serv number and it said I had a 55 minute hold time!!!! Simply RIDICULOUS!

    Teresa Lee

  52. I’ve never experienced such terrible customer service as I have at the Toledo, Ohio (Westfield Mall). My daughter was spending her gift card about a week ago and the transaction had to be reversed. When they went back to finish the transaction the $25.00 gift card would no longer work. We were told to come back in 2-4 days to give it time to reload??? I went back again and was told it wasn’t working still. Something that was your guys fault should not require me to have to come back 3x. I should of been issued a new GC so my poor daughter could receive her clothes. Its heartbreaking watching her face when we walk out every time without her stuff! I would like to get this issue resolved soon! In my eyes you guys took $25.00 from us and we haven’t received 1 thing! I’m beyond angry that the store managers have written down my number 2x and fail to call me back.
    Please resolve this issue .

  53. Message of confirmation isn’t given to my mobile or mail.but money has been no. Is 8466998783: my money has been deducted from my Andhra bank debit account during online banking .
    It is very bad, even though customer care no.also not lifting , we are disappointed
    POS tran of Rs.341.14 is done on card XX8678 on 30-01-2016. A/C,
    send the money to my account immediately

  54. Had a great experience at the Justice shop in the Crossgates Mall Albany, NY, Everyone was very helpful in helping my girls and myself find certain apparel that was picked out of the catalog that we received at home. Also, a couple items were not on the racks in the sizes that we needed but the staff assisted by getting them in the back. They also checked on us when we were in the dressing room !! Barb was very helpful and also cashed us out. My girls will look very stylish this spring/summer 🙂

  55. Hi would like to know more about franchising of brand JUSTICE FOR india market please you can help me how do i go about it

  56. Absolutely ridiculous that I made a purchase on 5-25-16 to my Justice credit card $470.77 and then turned around and returned on 6-3-19 $398.88 and they are not refunding me my purchase, due to a possible investigation??? I have receipts for proof. You can’t even get a hold of anyone at Justice customer relations you have to leave a voicemail (and someone will contact you in 24-48 hours) how absurd! I can’t even believe this standard business practice is acceptable! Will never shop here again. Ever! Fighting for my money that I’m entitled to is absolutely ridiculous!
    If I get charged interest onto my account because of someone’s failure to release returns and sales?!? All I have to say is thank goodness I have both receipts for proof!

  57. Worst experience with Justice store # 01253 . First, my daughter was trying on clothes, curtain closed and clasp hooked on, when this sales person – mind you a sales person reached out to try to open the clasp. I had to say excuse me this space is occupied. She could have said something like, is anybody there or is everything ok, Nothing. Not a word, not even apologizing for making that
    mistake. Then, when I went to stand in line, waiting for two employees finished talking before she turns around to help me. When she called me to pay she asked for my phone number, I said no thank you, I’m already on your email list. She gave a big attitude. Started to ring up my stuff loudly. Sighing, like it was an inconvenience, that I interrupted their conversation. If it wasn’t for my daughter, I promised to get the clothes she picked I couldn’t have walked out of there without buying anything. This employee taking for granted that she has a job, forgetting she’s getting paid bec of customers like me. You know how many people trying to look for a job , couldn’t get one? And here is Jacklyn taking it for granted. Shame on your Employee. Employee needs a class on customer service again. I will be posting my comments and concerns on Facebook so all my family and friends will know how terrible she treats customers. God knows how many she treats badly today and walked out. As her employer. you should do something about this if you value your business. Terrible.

  58. The manager named Amanda at the store located in Memorial City Mall in Houston Tx. was very rude tonight. As I was walking in the store she said four times that they were closing in five minutes with a rude tone and trying to get my attention as if I were ruining her night. I let her know that I knew what time the mall closed and she doesn’t have to tell me more than once. She went on to say more things and was plain rude. I went to the check out to complain to a manager only to find out she was the manager. There was a customer in line that said the girl at the counter was rude too and that they must be having a bad night. Typically when I enter children’s place, gap, etc I am greeted with a hello, let me know if I can help you find something. Sounds like Justice needs customer service training in Houston. They need to understand that the customers and sales are what keeps them employed and help them bonus and that the customers won’t shop where they don’t feel welcome and have attitude thrown at them. I will not be going back or spending my money there.

    Truly Disappointed,


  59. HORRIBLE!! I am done shopping there. There online customer service didnt get back to me after I sent 3 emails. The manager Randy is rude and kayla was not helpful at all. I was missing an item that I ordered for christmas when I called they said that there was a glitch in the computer and it cancelled the pillow which they are now out of stock on and the other 2 outfits I ordered at 50% off they charged me a different price. I called and they said they would send me a gift card for the difference but they couldnt credit my card. I am furious not only did they charge me a
    different amount than my conformation I dont want a gift card because I will not be shopping there anymore. What a scam. I’ll just dispute it on my credit card since I have the online conformation receipt.

  60. The customer service representatives in the Tupelo, Ms are consistently rude and inattentive. Within the last two months I have gone in there and was never acknowledged or offered help. The CSR’s talked among themselves or to customers who came in after me. I will not give this store my business.

  61. Springfield Mall, Springfield, PA store was just at and the two girls working there give exceptional customer service. I usually do not go out of my way to inform stores but they should be rewarded.

  62. I have been battling with Justice for about 2 months! I returned 6 packages in separate bags…2 Fed Ex and 4 UPS. After nonstop arguing , the Fed Ex ONE item was found and I received credit for only one! I have spent hours on phone arguing about UPS ones. FINALLY on August 5th, items were miraculously “found.” Over 1 and half hours on phone. Turned over to a Supervisor who oozed charm and was TOLD that my refund would arrive Mon. or Tues. 7th or 8th. NOTHING!!! I am a senior citizen and in all my years I have NEVER experienced such insulting and fraudulent service!

  63. Justice customer service is terrible. In attempting to use a store credit for an online purchase, I ended up needing to call the customer service number. After waiting for well over two hours for someone to pick up – I completely got the run around. They identified my store credit, told me how much money I had available, asked me to place the order through them instead of online and then when it was time to put the payment thru, said the online credit wasn’t working and would I pay with a different form of payment. Then I was put on hold again for over 15 minutes. When the rep came back on she said that they had placed the order but if anything was wrong with any item or sizes did not work I would not be able to take care of it in a store but would have to call customer service again. This is crazy! Returns, exchanges, customer service = terrible! I believe we will be finished doing business with Justice.

  64. The sales approach to young girls, “Love your hair, outfit, etc., ” is appalling. The associates are over zealous to the point I want to walk out. Sad that children are exposed to phony compliments.

    In addition, when I, a 77 year old grandmother is told by the manager “I love your necklace”, is pathetic. Glad my grand-daughter has moved on from Justice.

  65. I received a card from Justice in today’s mail for 20% off of a purchase. I can barely walk and do not know of any stores near me – live in Elmhurst, IL 60126. What do I do? Thanks for any help.
    Sandy Stevens

  66. Hello. I don’t really have a comment it’s more of a question. If someone could back to me as quickly as possible that would be great. But I purchased a unicorn sweater from justice for my oldest daughter, and she wore it one time. I go to wash it and I read on the tag how to wash it and it just says to turn inside out with like colors. So that’s what I did. I get it out of the washer after its done and go to lay it flat to dry. I notice in the sleeve of the sweater there are two wholes from where it was washed. So I was wondering if I could bring it back and get my money back on it? Its not the first time that this has happened. And that sweater cost a lot more than to wear it one time. No I do not have the receipt. That is why I am doing this. I do not way to go all the way there and get told that there is nothing you all can do. So if you could please get to me on this that would be great! Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

  67. Justice in Geneva, Illinois has gone down a steep downward spiral in recent months. You are lucky if you can find an associate to help you nowadays. If they aren’t sitting up on the sales counter, then they are posted up by the back room door chatting. Disappointing.

  68. I am trying to contact someone in Customer Service. What an ordeal.My first and last time ordering on line. I need help. Just placed an order for 350127 girls hoodie size 12-13 signed in as guest. gave all info. including my credit cards came to the last screen of checking out and nothing happened. It has my info and credit card # and I have no idea what happened. I am very concerned. Did it go thru or what ??? Article was for $26.90 H E L P

  69. Justice Store in my area, Otay Ranch has some of the worst employees, they don’t have that much knowledge about store promotions and how coupon works, some but not everyone knows what is customer service or good customer service ,pouting most of the time and they keep messing up transactions and trying to justify what they did even wrong, if the same coupon worked online, it should work in stores too and they’re saying NO NO without even trying, Love justice but not all the people and customer service

  70. December 22, 2017 called to Justice Customer Service 7:10-7:20 a.m.
    Customer: Edith D. Glover
    Employee/Justice (female) ??? Displayed courtesy and helpful information to my problem. (timing of a mail order made in store). During the conversation, I misplace the top portion of code # OJ…., but found it after the conversation. Thank you for hiring a pleasant and informational female to assist customer on Mail Orders. Seasons Greetings to the Staff @ Justice ( my grand daughter LOVE Justice!)

  71. Thank You for the Mail Order Service! My problem was solve by a pleasant female on the phone line. She was patient and helpful with me during the conversation.
    Not sure if my first comment with thru.

  72. Purchased a Christmas gift card for my 12 year old grand daughter for $25 (all I could afford) and they did not put the amount onto the card, so when she went in to buy her little things, there was no money. There is not JUSTICEfied !! Will never shop there again.

    Hendersonville, TN grandparent.

  73. To whom it may concern,
    I was at your Geneva, Illinois location on January 22 with my neices. The customer service there was awful. Associates nowhere to be seen. No one even said hi to us. Disappointing. We didn’t make a purchase and will be shopping elsewhere.

    Sarah Daliegie

  74. Illogical exchange policy and zero customer service support after purchase!
    Bought my daughter an outfit on 3/8/18 to wear to school for her birthday, using a $10 email discount. She opened it the morning of 3/9 to find that it had a tear in the bottom of the dress. I went to the store on 3/13 (soonest I could go) to say that I needed an exchange. Tags were still on, and I had a receipt. I had to first get the refund put back to my card, which included the discount, then I had to pay full price for the outfit… for an even exchange, for an outfit that was defective through no fault of mine. So not only did my daughter not get to wear the outfit on her birthday, but then I had to pay more- not to mention my time and gas- to get what I original paid for? I’ve contacted customer service with no reply- not even an auto reply. Is this company run by tweens, as well?? Ridiculous. I’ll be complaining to the BBB & FTC about this, because clearly their own written policy is not upheld and no one is minding the store!

  75. Hi its Layla,
    I lovee your company and products!!! Your company and products put a smile on my face:) It would be amazing if I can get some freebies!! thank you for having the best company and products!

  76. Kinda disappointed in the Orchard Park Ny store. My six year old daughter was concerning getting her ear pierced but was unstandably nervous. I was hoping she would have tried to make her more comfortable and provide a little more support. We got her in the chair and when she tenses up a bit she just gave up instead of trying to work with her. She just told her she didn’t have to do it and didn’t seem ready. We went back a week later as I had a coupon and we hoped to revisit it. She approached me without us even questioning her and basically said that she didn’t seem ready again. Why isn’t she helping to reassure tre child instead of writing off the sale? Very disappointed

  77. Kinda disappointed in the Orchard Park Ny store. My six year old daughter was concerning getting her ear pierced but was unstandably nervous. I was hoping she would have tried to make her more comfortable and provide a little more support. We got her in the chair and when she tenses up a bit the staff just gave up instead of trying to work with her. She just told her she didn’t have to do it and didn’t seem ready. We went back a week later as I had a coupon and we hoped to revisit it. She approached me without us even questioning her and basically said that she didn’t seem ready again. Why isn’t she helping to reassure tre child instead of writing off the sale? Very disappointed

  78. I would like to leave a comment about my in-store experience at Justice Store# 01402. The young lady that helped me today was named Rodrica. I wanted to acknowledge her for the wonderful service that she provided me with today, September 3, 2018. Rodrica went above and beyond to help me resolve an online order issue that went wrong. There should be more representatives like her working for your stores. She deserves recognition for an excellent job!!!

  79. Assalam u allaiqum
    Sir mujhe sirf yeh maloom karna tha ke cheif justice sahab sui southern gas company ke contract per kam karne waly. Logon ko pakka kub karwayen gay?
    Logon ko 20 se 25 years ho gaye hain koi action hoga ya nahi?faisal here from ssgc office kotri

  80. I received via EMAIL information about the cyber Monday sale. When I try to sign in and purchase my items selected, I get a message that my email is not in your system

  81. I ordered a pair of jeans for my daughter feb 2 and they got canceled feb 5 I was told they were out of stock so I call justice customer service they agree it’s out of stock then two days later all the sudden all the jeans are on sale promo code and guess what there is those jeans that got canceled on me because they were out of stock! How did they automatically get In stock just in time for this jeans sale I’m furious with your customer care team that’s rude her name is star and I’m even more upset with you company’s way of canceling orders lying saying they are out of stock iv heard every line from our computer system needs to update and we have no way of telling if they are in stock or not. The thing is I got proof of all my orders how it was canceled my messages through chat with your customer care team and how these jeans never went out of stock to begin with they were canceled for no reason I went to my lawyer today and showed him what I have and we agreed this is going to be one big law suit iv tried to talk to your company over on going problems like this but this is discrimination you had no right to cancel a order so it can stay in stock online for the Jean promo code

  82. Placed order OJTWO73465829 August 3 but was Not able to add my Free School Supplies Kit with $100 or more purchase. Called your customer care 866 246 5822 waited on hold for two and a half hours but still No answer. Please help!!!! Really terrible customer service all around.

    Thank you,
    Amy Farrell

  83. Waited on line for 44 minutes to try and talk to someone about my order from Dec 9. I did not get a confirmation on this order. I would like to know if it is coming-they are gifts.
    I ordered pajamas and tops for girls.

  84. I ordered clothes from Justice. I made 2 orders and only three items arrived. Justice said the rest of the order was delivered, but it was not. I would like the rest of my order or my money back.

  85. I placed an order on November 22nd. The goal was for it to be here in time for Christmas. I have called numerous times. I have never spoken to a representative. I get cut out between 24-30 minutes every time. I got a shipment notification on December 16th. I can not understand why it took so long to ship. I’m hoping it will be here in time. This is my second email to you I did not receive a response to the first one.

  86. I am trying to get help on the information of my orders and can’t get in touch with anybody. Please tell me what to do! I am very upset and frustrated. I want to know if I will get my granddaughter’s gifts before Christmas

  87. I placed an order December 8 and it hasn’t even shipped. I have now been on hold over an hour with no one coming. I also emailed and nothing. This was a Xmas gift and obviously it’s not going to be here by Xmas therefore I would like my order refunded. Are they just accepting money and not shipping? Order OJTW116140373

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