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Contacting Jacuzzi Customer Service Center

The Jacuzzi company has roots stretching way back to the early 1900s. The company was started by a band of brothers who happened to have the last name Jacuzzi. Together the seven brothers created several businesses using their machinist talents. The businesses changed over the years, but eventually it was rheumatoid arthritis (RA) that changed the face of the company. Kenneth Jacuzzi has a son with RA. The pain started when he was just 15 months old. Using water pump technology created by the company, Kenneth developed a home hydrotherapy machine for his son. That hydrotherapy machine was soon marketing to anyone and everyone who wanted to feel more relaxed and revitalized after soaking in a Jacuzzi tub.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Jacuzzi is still the name made famous by the whirl pool bath technology created by the company, but the legacy of those seven brothers reaches far larger than the bathtub market. Today the company sells mattresses, bath tubs, shower stalls and more.

  • Jacuzzi Hot Tubs: 1-866-234-7727

Hot tub customer support is open from 7 AM to 4 PM Monday to Friday PT.

  • Baths and Showers: 1-800-288-4002

Bath and shower customer support is open from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday CT.

  • Walk In Tubs: 1-888-670-3599
  • Mattress Orders: 1-800-645-1458
  • Mattress Customer Support: 1-800-226-4182

Mattress agents are available from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday CT.

Mailing Address

If you really want to get in touch with the company in charge of Jacuzzi customer service, you’ll have to head straight to the top. Jacuzzi is owned and operated by Apollo Management.

Apollo Management US CorporateAttn: Jacuzzi Customer Service9 W 57th St43rd FloorNew York, NY 10019

Official Website

We found the official Jacuzzi website at The site gives visitors information on the flagship merchandise, the Jacuzzi tub, but it also links to mattress, bath/shower and walk in tub websites. Each of the products operates as an individual business. There is NO contact information listed on the official website. You have to choose a product to find phone numbers and customer service emails.

Social Media

The fastest way to send out an email to Jacuzzi customer service is to hit up one of their social pages. You have to have an account on the social network to send a message, but accounts are free. You cannot leave a comment on either of the company blogs.

Customer Service Email

When time is of the essence and you don’t want to tackle the phone lines for Jacuzzi customer service, send an email to an agent. Emails are quick and easy and you receive the answer in your personal email account. That response can be retrieved from any Internet-ready device.

Our Experience

Whenever possible, we like to share tips and tricks we use to communicate with a customer service department in a fast an efficient manner. When we called the customer service team at Jacuzzi, we encountered the standard automated system, but what we did to expedite the call related to pressing 0 multiple times. When we did this trick, the call went straight to a live agent. We asked questions regarding instillation and repair. We were treated with the utmost respect and care. The agent answered all of our questions and concerns. By the end of the call, the customer service agent at Jacuzzi left us wanting to communicate longer. The support team is a class act. When you called the customer service department, what was the outcome? We want to hear your story. Share your thoughts with us below.

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12 Comments on “Contact Jacuzzi Customer Service
  1. I purchased a jacuzzi dual flush toilet last year while I was dealing with three knee replacements on my right knee. Since then the lever broke and I did not keep the receipt since my son put it in while I was recovering in the hospitsl. Now the flush valve is not operating it runs constantly. It has a warm entry that is useless since there is no receipt
    I am going to have to repair this myself since myson Iis unavailable and I am on a limited income. I am not a satisfy ed costumer and will inform all I know of your defective product. Will never purchase anything with your name attached to it again

  2. I agree with Beverly. First of all the plastic toilet handle broke after 2 years. I could not believe the incredibly flimsy engineering of this part that gets a lot of torque and should be metal! Then I go to and find no links to parts or service. I finally find a separate address to Jacuzzi customer service and it gives no contact information, only links that take you to another site selling books(!) that may or may not be relevant. No help at all. I can’t find replacement parts for the dual flush mechanism except at one site, but even then I have no idea if it’s what I need. In short, there seems to be total disregard for what customers may need. What a miserable excuse for a company.

  3. We bought our Jacuzzi on May 16, 2013 from Whiteswan Spas in Chino Hills. For the past two years, we have had several service technicians address the same problem – the radio would not work consistently. In fact, the day after delivery, a technician came to our home to service the radio in our Jacuzzi.

    Over the past two years, we’ve had several technicians out to the house who have analyzed the radio system and have on some occasion replaced the wiring and other parts, like the speakers. However, it wasn’t until just recently, May 7, 2015 that the technician diagnosed the problem as the power supply source. On this date, he replaced it. However, now we are being told that the service and parts are no longer under warranty. He required us to pay $319.3 or he would remove the repairs.

    When we made the service call request, we were told that the service was under warranty and now they change their minds.

    This seems like fraud. I think Whiteswan Spas purposely let this draw out until the one year warranty expired!

  4. Have had a Jacuzzi for abt 3yr. From the start I have had a problem w/seat loosening up EVERYTIME it is used! I am a not a very lge person. Those plastic screws and bolts for the seat are awful.. They simply will not stay tightened. I am afraid I breaking them if I force them w/a tool. am thinking of replacing them w/metal parts.Jacuzzi used to be a good name in products but not anymore

  5. Almost 2 weeks ago I reported a leaking Walk In Tub that flooded my basement.
    A service man from Elmira NY came and found the pump was the problem. It was leaking and needed replacing. He said he would order a new pump. We haven’t heard from him since. I have several arthritis joints and have found this tub relieves some of the discomfort. I want to know when I can expect our tub to be repaired. I think 2 weeks is a long time for a repair.
    William Burkhead
    I need a reply ASAP
    Tub Purchased: February 2013

  6. BE WARNED….These people will never stop hounding you if you make the mistake of inquiring about a product. It’s been two years since my inquiry, and, despite telling them in no uncertain terms, that I was’nt interested, they continue to call, several times a week.

  7. i have an older jacuzzi pool pump and skimmer that always seems to crack the skimmer lid,,,,i think i am on my 3rd lid.It seems they all seem to start cracking in the same place right around where the mold must be poured.Ist under the warning sign on the lid and it causes me to suck air when vaccumming

  8. I am unable to register my walk-in-tub, because I was not given the model no. and the serial no. there was nothing on my paperwork. So I called Jacuzzi and they gave me a model no. (LW50958 ) and a serial no. (BDQRHJ ) well, the warrenty on the Jacuzzi site wouldn’t accept them, and ever since I’ve been getting the run around. I got my tub installed Dec. 23 and I only have 30 days to register it. So what’s going on ? I would really appreciate a answer soon.

  9. Been in contact with an agent told me that he was going to send replacement parts and i would have them by the end of last week called in when they were not here was told a manager was going to contact me never contacted me and yet to recive a confermation they were sent or got a call will never use again now i can not even call to check anything.

  10. we just purchased a Jacuzzi J-245 and we love it. only 1 small peeve, why do have to purchase a 10,000.00 dollar tub to get a control panel that I can see at night without a flash light? (you know,backlit) it wasn’t night when I purchased it. seems pretty cheap on your part not to put a panel you can read at night on ALL hot tubs. over 8,000 dollars and need a flashlight to read the control. Seriously will consider A DIFFERENT tub next time.

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