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Contacting Jackson Hewitt Customer Service Center

Jackson Hewitt is a tax preparation service based in the United States with both company owned and franchise businesses in every state. With more than 6,500 locations in the U.S., Jackson Hewitt process more than 2 million returns every year, making the company the second largest tax preparation company in the U.S.

The company saw slow growth in the mid 1980’s, but began a boom when the IRS implemented computerized tax returns. With this implementation, Jackson Hewitt was positioned in the right place at the right time. Considering the potential penalties associated with an incorrect tax return, Jackson Hewitt is committed to ensuring the customer is placed first and maintains a constant level of communication in order to avoid mistakes.

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Contact Info:

Customers can keep in contact with the customer service department and the corporate offices by phone, email, traditional mail and through social media.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service: 1-800-234-1040

Mailing Address

Jackson Hewitt Corporate Headquarters3 Sylvan Way Suite 301Parsippany, NJ 07054

Official Website

Customers visiting the official Jackson Hewitt website have the ability to prepare taxes, locates tools and resources prior to filing taxes and research commonly asked questions on the Jackson Hewitt FAQs page. Customers signing up for services have the ability to download the mobile application and receive promotional deals on their mobile devices.

Customer Service Email

In order to contact the customer service team, you will need to utilize the customer contact form here: We sent a message asking for the hours of the customer service department. We are currently awaiting a response. We also located another email address info@jacksonhewitt.comdirected to the corporate offices. Additional ways to remain connected with the customer service department include:

Our Experience

Contacting the Jackson Hewitt customer service department was rather easy. We called, pressed 5 as directed and transferred to a customer service agent. Not to spoil the short wait time, we got straight to the point. We asked the customer service agent if we receive a discrepancy notice from the IRS after we pay our taxes, should we dispute Jackson Hewitt or the IRS. The agent explained we should follow the instructions of the IRS and contact the company as a backup in order to verify information.

Overall the level of customer service was exceptional. Can you say the same thing about your experience? Take a minute to share your thoughts with us.

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33 Comments on “Contact Jackson Hewitt Customer Service
  1. I would like to know who is in charge of complaintantsabout the service that is provided by BILLFLOAT because it seems that JH didn’t do their home work because this company is really bad. I requested a loan and they only gave me part of it and for almost a month has gone by and I still haven’t got the rest of my loan. Now had I not trusted JH judgement and thinking that they would not promote a company who is not on the up and up I would not be typing this right now. They are even expecting me to keep paying my monthly amount to them even tho’ I haven’t gotten my full amount which makes no sense. It appears that JH is not interested
    in finding out what this company is really up too. I for the life of me can’t understand why JH would connect themseleves with a company that has so many people very unhappy with the service that that company give,so in closing I hope this will be looked into because I’m at my wits end with them and my only next next step is to go to the news station here and see if they can help me.

  2. I will never use jackson hewitt again,they ripped me off!

    I was charged 500.00,for my taxes ,simple 1040-

    These people are thieves ,when people are struggling in this economy thats how they will treat you!

    They are unamerican they should be put out of business,they dont care ,and i will never use them again

  3. I would like to take the free TAX course at 60622 erie . Is it possiable and when, time, how long it takes ? I need an extra information.

  4. I have received my refund but I never received my 50.00 dollars like my preparer told me I would through my email account.would you please send me my 50.00 dollars.I had my taxes done at Walmart in Louisa,ky through Jackson hewitt

  5. Your tax company pricing is misleading and the charges are RIDICULOUSLY MISLEADING!!!!!The tax preparer we had lied about the cost. VERY DISAPPOINTED to say the LEAST!!!

  6. I have a big problem with the income tax return I’ve done in the past 5 years. The last two years were done in Wal-Mart, Hamden CT
    The person was highly unprofessional. I had to come 3 times because the person had an issue with computer, was on a phone with another customer at the same time. Left few times to use a bathroom. I spent over 5 hours all together in the office. Now a month later I still didn’t receive a refund. I will never go to this company again to file income tax return.

  7. For the last 3 yrs Jackson Hewitt did my returns and we paid a high price for this service. In 2013 we were audited so we went back to Jackson hewitt and said what’s up. The agent Janet in Laurel office did not submit our capital gaines and assets so the govt said we owed. She did the taxes wrong for the last 3 years (2012, 2013, 2014) They did them over again and we resubmitted them. She said to just bring us the additional interest bill and we will pay it do to their mistake. So far everything good. But when the interest bills came in they didn’t want to pay and I have been going round and round- I even called the main telephone number and someone suppose to get back. No one ever did – what a joke. I can only reach the Laurel office one day a week now. The last bill was $142.00 – they sent me a $15.45 to cover the penalty not interest and the check was even signed. I cannot believe a company like this can stay in business when the agents don’t even know how to do the returns. Three years straight we had to pay back due to there incompetence. I guess I will have to file a complaint with the BB bureau and maybe in a small claims court as well. This company does not live up to policy of fulfilling their obligation when they make errors. I will never go back to them again. J lentz

  8. I am being charged for 2013 taxes done by Jackson Hewitt by the Irs that they prepared for me.I habe been calling local office number stating open for year round help and no one has reeturned mt call.I have until 12/16 to get tis resolved .I need help now!

  9. I received my permanent card today and cant find out my balance.I returned to the office on Mongolia ave in Knoxville TN where I had my taxes done and the women there would not wait on me and when they finally did they wouldn’t tell me anything.. Then they ask me if I had already spent my 650 dollars I had gotten earlier. I couldn’t believe it. That’s none of her business what I do with my money. I am complaining. And I will keep complaining until someone does something about the women that did my taxes on Magnolia ave Knoxville TN

  10. The experience really was bad I checked 4 times around my appt time that was set for 530p at Walmart location in kirksville mo no one every showed up I’m very unhappy ready to take business some where else.

  11. I called today to book an appointment because I heard great things. As I was speaking to the customer service personnel to set and appointment I told him that if there is no time for today then I’ll jus wait and see. Instead of saying ok mam you have a good day he just said um and then hung up on me. This is very unprofessional. If they want my service they have to give better customer service.

  12. Had our taxes done threw you idiots on Feb 5 th which was the worst mistake of our lives the lady who did them tells me and my husband oh you have a 1095 A well ive never done one and i ask what all those numbers meant she says i don’t know i look at my husband an say nobody does and she said oh i know id just have to read up on it first ha ha well 3 days before we was supposed to get our refund the IRS sent a letter stating they needed more info so the letter states exactly how to fix it so I take it in to the JH office mad cause now there’s a hold up on something that should of been done right and the lady goes in to fix it and I tell her stupid *SS not to amend it cause the letter stated don’t do that she says well we got the email today and this is how we have to fix it by amending it so an hour half later it’s amended like I tell her not to I’m late for work and was told it was faxed to the IRS and if I had anymore probs to personally call her and I did the next day which she hasn’t returned my call and today is March 10,2016 I also talked to the IRS the next day after they amended our taxes to find out by them doing it that way which I told her not to over an over our will be around 16 more weeks before we get it. I’m like BS so I called some lady i your so called custy service and the lady was like well it’s protocol and she was like big deal ummm yes lady its a big deal to me not only did y’all screw up my taxes but my daughter is going threw the same prob with you but the JH place she took hers back to to get fixed did it the way the IRS told them too and she told them how the JH office I took ours back to did it wrong all she could say was certainly not they wouldn’t of done it wrong well hell yea y’all did I got the 1040 xform to prove it. I also talked to HR Block about getting a second opinion and the lady said by JH doing the amendment it would prob be Oct before we see a refund. I have never been so disgusted by an incompetent company before. Y’all don’t care you have rude customer service and stupid tax people also I told the JH lady that I talked to that didn’t care that I hope y’all get sued cause according to.the IRS Lady they have hundreds of your cases where your tax people did them wrong and also the JH lady who did the Amendment told me they all had been filing taxes the wrong way cause they hadn’t added the other form that went with the 1095A form which was a 8962 form. We paid for this kinda treatment? Y’all should be shut down for screwing people over and if I can find an attorney to sue y’all I will. JH the biggest mistake you can make and I know I won’t hear back cause I’ve Already sent one comment about this issue y’all are cowards

  13. Had a wonderful experience with Jackson Hewitt. That that waited.on me made me very comfortable. I sent in email about being recently divorced. And first time filing. Was excited.
    But still haven’t received my walmart card

  14. If you want to be given wrong information go to Jackson Hewitt and get your taxes done. It is now 2 months later and I have been dealing with Internal Revenue thanks to their huge mistake.

  15. When I called to report the issue to corporate office. Dori told me there is no one else you can talk to. I told her I will never go back to Jackson Hewitt she told me that was my choice.
    What happened to good customer service? No morales No values tells me to go some where else. I want my money back for all the years I have been going there.

  16. Myself and my husband had our taxes perpared by Jackson Hewitt on February4th 2016. Here it is April27th 2016 and we still have not recieved our refund. This due to your perpare not filling a form correctly and last years tax papers sitting in front if her. How can you leave out a social security number on a form for the IRS. I have requested a refund of my preparation fee. They said they would give me half if it back. But because of their screw up my family is having to sleep in our car and my husband has missed out in employment opportunities due to our homelessness and no money to move out of state for these jobs.

  17. I am currently sitting in the Marion SC office have been here since 2:30 pm it’s 5:39 pm now… In the last hours I have witnessed various forms of misconduct by employees here… From skipping names of the list to calling friends and having the walk in and get serviced without waiting… I am “35 on the list but no names have been called since number 18 yet numerous people have been waved to desk by their friends

  18. Subject: Complaint
    Hello my name is Thelma Porter and I had my taxes prepared again this year by your office, but this year I really felt like I was mislead. I went on 12/19/17 with pay stub first time every doing this and the prepare told me my refund was $5,708.00 and I was charged $569.95 mind you the manager told me all I had to do was bring my w2 back and they would just file my return. So on 1/24/18. I went to the Walmart office in Xenia she did my taxes then told me my refund was $ 4, 793.00 plus charged me another $429.95. I certainly didn’t plan on paying to filing fees and surely not that amount. I have reached out to other tax prepares and they a sure me that I should of never been charged twice and not that amount at all. They also, advice me to make a complaint with The Better Business bureau and also contact attorney and along with Attorney General office. I have a attorney but I advice him I would reach out to you all first to see if you all could resolve the matter. I would like to have a refund back from one of my processing fees and I have another W2 that I need to have amend and not be charged to do that. I already have someone from walmart office tell me I would have to pay 60.00 to have this done. Also, I know a tax prepare at one of your offices and told me I should have never been charged twice and not have to pay an additional 60.00. I hope to hear from someone soon to get this resolved. Not to mention she told me I didnt owe nothing but .70 on my city taxes only to go back and find out I owe $180.00 This is just not right at all.

  19. hello there my name is Rovel C.Johnson and i:m interesting in your tax course
    so please get back to me to discuss this
    thank again

  20. Made an appointment for 10 am for the holiday loan. I did this because I have my son to pick up from kindergarten at noon. I am still sitting in waiting room nearly an hour later. I have never experienced this in my history with JH. I’ve been with them at least 15 years. This is Schererville indiana location. I believe they took walk ins over me even though I was here 15 mins early before my appointment time.

  21. I wanted your entire company to know the hellyou caused in my family Jan 2nd 2020. It just shows how bad things are in our country.

  22. I was at the forestville location inside the mall and it was 1/26/20,around 12pm,,there was only 1 tax prep agent☹,I waited over a hour which made no good sense to be open if only 1 tax prep agent was working,, it’s no 1:12pm so over a hour now, customer service sucks at the location.Horrible experience,,need to do better.

  23. Hello my name is Quintin Flowers I was promised a 100 if I returned to you guys to file my taxes and I didn’t receive it I was told I couldn’t not get it. I’m highly disappointed with this because it’s says it on the website that false advertising I filed my taxes on February 7 at the location of 62nd street in Miami Florida I wanna know what I gotta do about this. It’s very unprofessional to the brand of Jackson Hewitt.

  24. I’m not understanding why I have not received my state refund and it has been sent to my account. It’s not showing in my account and was approved to be deposited on 2/13/2020. I don’t know if choosing JH was a good idea for me this year. I feel a little curious, and no one will answer my questions.

  25. I filed my taxes on 01/29/2020 I just received an update stating my refund was deposited into my account on 03/11/2020. I called Jh I was told to contact the online chat , I did I was then told to contact your financial people. I did, I got the run around. I was told to contact the bank JH uses, I did, and I got the run around. I want to know where the hell my money is since you guys missed up my routing and account number.

  26. Can we please get advances on our stimulous check through you guys? That would be helpful in the crisis if we are getting our money deposited onto our serve cards like our taxes were

  27. Are you guys seeing the chats and post,you better get on this stimulus,you’re loosing customer by the minute

  28. I need help and I cannot get ahold of a human!!! I had my 2019 taxes defiled with Jackson Hewitt on march 16th, my entire state refund was deposited into your Republic bank on march 26th! Where is my Federal refund!!!?? I need help finding it! I have already called my bank and no resolution, Jackson Hewitt got their money, where is mine!?

  29. Trying to get in touch with someone No one is answer phones I am ready to file a fraud my taxes are not filed in Va and they were prepared in February by Samantha Todd in SC now it’s April it costed us $397.00 I need answers ASAP

  30. I am trying to get copy of my taxes
    Nobody is answering phones. Irs contacted me about my 8962 and my 1095 form that she did not include with my taxes when she sent them. I need for somebody to contact me 2066510253

  31. I have been waiting for 11 months for my federal and first stimulus to come after losing everything I get a check when I was told it would come on my American Express card I got from Jackson Hewitt the checks had the wrong name so I had to send them back only for them to tell me it’s nothing they can do so now they refuse to reissue my checks with the correct name and nobody is able to help me the worst service ever absolutely horrible

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