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Contacting Jack in the Box Customer Service Center

Jack in the Box is a consumer restaurant that’s been around since 1951. The company went through a few hard years when tainted food was found at some restaurants, but despite the down time, the company came back and is now considered a popular spot to stop for great family dining. Jack in the Box offers many meal options, but they also allow customers to build a meal online so they know exactly how many calories that meal contains – perfect for the dieter on the go.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Number

You can contact the Guest Relations department of Jack in the Box customer service between 7 AM and 4 PM Monday to Friday PT.

  • Guest Relations: 1-800-955-5225
  • Corporate: 1-858-571-2121

Mailing Address

Writing a letter may seem like a thing of the past, but it may just be the answer you’re looking for. Address your letter to the corporate office with an attention line to the customer service team for fastest processing. Even with this attention line, however, writing a letter remains the slowest way to contact Jack in the Box customer service.

Jack in the Box IncAttn: Customer Service9330 Balboa AveSan Diego, CA 92123

Official Website

The Jack in the Box website, available at, is all about the restaurant, food and experience of dining at Jack in the Box. The company has been through the ringer a few times with tainted food scares, but the restaurant always came out on top.

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Customer Service Email

Sending an email to Jack in the Box is as simple as click, info, send. You can find the customer service email form at:

If your issue is time sensitive and you need an answer right now, contact the customer service team by phone as there will likely be a wait period for an answer via email.

Our Experience

At times, customers need to learn things the hard way. We contacted the customer support hotline expecting an option for the customer service department. What we encountered was something completely different. Jack in the Box provided nine (9) different options, none being for the customer service department. When all hope appeared to be lost, the tenth option instructed customers to select 0 for operator assistance. After selecting 0, the call connected directly to the customer service department. Although the total wait time was less than 2 minutes, the initial part of the call was quite confusing. The call went smooth the the overall customer experience was ideal. When customers such as yourself called the company, what was the outcome and did your experience match our experience? Take a few moments to share your thoughts and concerns with us.

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169 Comments on “Contact Jack In The Box Customer Service
  1. Bad service. Order placed at 1:24. Am no customers drive threw personal haf bad attitude tried to play smart and tried to over charge so dissapointed

  2. Sandwich wanted not available
    Tried alternative
    Very long wait 30+ minutes ordered inside to go
    Finally went to counter and there it was
    Food was cold
    Did not think worth 15.22
    Called store to manager (Rafael)
    Very unconcerned attitude
    Did not match your friendly sign posted about
    Asked for order replaced
    Wanted to replace with original desired
    Item they were out of
    Manager said no
    Had to get the alternative that I did not like
    This store open past couple days
    Lawton Oklahoma

    Not very good attitude to get a return customer
    Total time there
    816 pm
    851 pm
    Order to delivery

  3. I drove two hours and a half from Fayetteville North Carolina to Monroe North Carolina for jack in the box. Our service was great! I just wish that there was a closer restaurant! Fayetteville is a military town and a lot of people that live here are from places where jack in the box was available to us. Me and my husband love jack in the box but we hate the two hour and half drive. Please bring jack in the box close to the fort Bragg area! I am sure that if there is a restaurant here it will bring in a lot of revenue!!!! Please please bring a jack in the box to the fort Bragg NC area! Please!


  5. I am a regular customer at the location in city of industry. As a customer i know the expectations of an employee and the high standerds any food place should carry to keep that great customer service. Everytime i have attended this location an associate by the name of “Berena” who works the drive thru has given nothing but a bad attitude and has not been shown the proper way of greeting a daily customer! Her manners are horrible and is refelcting on the companys refection in a bad way. I am completly disapointed in the way jack in the box has not approched such an issue and should be aware of the associates customer service for it should always be number one! I am very unpleased with the service and changing locations shouldnt be the answer to my problem. I strongly hope you guys can help improve your service for the food is great and speaks for itself!

  6. The jack in the box on 7206 Blanco rd has served me the worse breakfast player I have ever had from the company.I could not easy Amy of it and did not want to go go with fear of getting the same product. Please help me enjoy the food at your establishment.

  7. I wanted you to know I am posting here because the official jack in the box complaints page does not work.

    I wanted to say that the newest campaign you are running with the munchies meal is offensive. I think that your obviously pandering or catering to a market share for the pot smoking crowd as indicated by the name of the meal and the depiction of the characters within the commercials. This says something about the values of your company. I am an adoptive father of three wonderful children whose biological families were destroyed by drugs and alcohol. I am going to boycott your establishment and where as you might grab that person you are targeting to come in and spend that seven or eight dollars you will be missing the thirty dollars from my family. That might not be much but as families are made of traditions my children will grow up not eating at your establishment and likewise my grandchildren will follow that tradition. I hope that you change your minds and your campaign. That fact your comments page is down and has a feedback category such as “health concerns” and in light the company’s history one might get the impression that you are hiring your munchies targeted audience members.

  8. JACK IN THE BOX NEEDS TO PUT UNDER COVER BOSS IN. THE STORE 3561 BERMUDA DUNES OFF OF WASHINGTON rude employees they don’t seem to see you or hear you I heard a manger yelling at an employee can’t believe jack in the box allow this kind of behavior

  9. jack 57 is out of control homeless LIVE on the patio drinking smoking weed shopping carts un bearble we the people demand changes the new owner dont care crazy black guy live on the patio 24 hrs a day im going to make a video put it on youtube

  10. I am another dis-satisfied customer of jack in the box.
    this morining i ordered a sourdough chicken sandwich and for my surprise i got a jack spicy chicken sandwich. this is not the first time i had this issue. and the iced coffee is not coffee its just full of creamer with hint of coffee.. the coffee is white in colour..
    i am not going to this restuarent again.
    i was so frustrated with the order that i just threw it in garbage and i did not even bother going to the resturent to make a complain, as they do not care for their customers..
    i am just writing this to make people aware of this pathetic restuarent that they are runing.
    the location i went recently was at the intersection of agoura rd and kannan road in agoura hills.
    never going again….

  11. I ordered my spicy chicken sandwich and my wife ordered a fajita pita sandwich. When it came she said ,”it’s shrunk.” Ididn’t think anything of it but my spicy chicken was the size of a white castle. Do you think no one will notice they are paying the regular price and getting half a sandwich. Good bye.

  12. I just want to let you know that I have been around as long as Jack in the Box and have yet to try something I will not like. You all are great and priced right. Thank you.

    Do you provide options for your breakfast platter? You know; waffles, English muffin or biscuit instead of pancakes?

    A little variety in this particular item would sent Jack outside of the box and right into Mt.Olympus. Thanks, again.

  13. Review I sent to Mc Donalds. (Location)
    Restaurant Landmark: Accross the street from Jack in the Box
    Comment: Your fish sandwitch is the biggest rip off of all times.
    The size and quality suck for the price. I asked for extra sauce and was charged 39 cents extra.
    I had a Jack in the Box fish sandwitch today. It was larger, far better quality, fresher, a $1.00 cheeper and I did not have to pay for extra sauce.
    My wife likes your ice mochas with an extra chocolate drizzel.
    Some stores they do not charge for the extra squirt of chocolate, some from 19 cents to 39 cents extra?
    No need to contact me, I realy do not expect any change and as long as Jack still has fish sandwitches I’m happy. I’m going to suggest they look into ice mochas. I bet they would be better and cheeper.

  14. Review I sent to Mc Donalds. (Location)
    Restaurant Landmark: Accross the street from Jack in the Box
    Comment: Your fish sandwitch is the biggest rip off of all times.
    The size and quality suck for the price. I asked for extra sauce and was charged 39 cents extra.
    I had a Jack in the Box fish sandwitch today. It was larger, far better quality, fresher, a $1.00 cheeper and I did not have to pay for extra sauce.
    My wife likes your ice mochas with an extra chocolate drizzel.
    Some stores they do not charge for the extra squirt of chocolate, some from 19 cents to 39 cents extra?
    No need to contact me, I realy do not expect any change and as long as Jack still has fish sandwitches I’m happy. I’m going to suggest they look into ice mochas. I bet they would be better and cheeper.

  15. There are alot of people out of work so why do you hire those that don’t speak English and talk to each other in their language,you know they are not from here. They get annoyed when you ask them to repeat what they said. Also each time I get a hamburger it is loaded with black pepper I have bleeding ulcers and I am sure children should not eat such a spicy hot hamburger, easy on the hot stuff if I wanted Mexican food I would buy it.all of them do it. Tired of throwing my burgers away who’s the customer here? What happened to greeting the customer.

  16. I really would like to post the photo I took of the sourdough philly cheese steak sandwich that I paid for at Jack in the box on 1551 E 4th St Ontario, CA. (909) 984-3114. The sandwich was smashed and cold, made with no love at all. It look nothing like the picture on jack in the box website. I’ve had better experiences with other jack in the box for this same sandwich. Very disappointed. This sandwich is sold only at selected jack in the box.


  18. Hi Jack, First off Jack you got another winner the Nacho Taco is excellent. Who does not love nachos. They are just like eating a container our plate of nachos. I have always been first choice Jack In The Box. First let me praise your employees at 3 locations for excellent friendly service at Seminary Dr. FT. WORTH, TX. BERRY ST. FT. WORTH, TX. HULEN ST. FT.WORTH, TX. I am disabled now but was a Retail Grocery Store Director for 45.5 years. At 16 I was a sue chef for a 4 star restaurant so I have experience cooking. I am normally not a complainer I am the customer who will just choose to go somewhere else if something is bad. Your Seminary and Berry store mentioned above need training from the Hulen store on their tacos and anything fried. I can not will not eat anything fried from these 2 locations probably ever again. I have to drive all the way to the Hulen location when the other 2 locations are real close to my home to get any tacos cooked the right way. The oil is either not being changed when needed and they are over cooked every time where they are to hard to eat also to greasy hard every time for the last 6 months both locations. Hulen even though I have to drive futher to get their tacos they serve to customers are excellent color of taco shell is perfect every time so is the texture of the taco where you can bite into it and not break your teeth. If you need proof send a mystery shopper to try both locations tacos you will find out they are not cooked right and bad every time not a isolated case. Be monster tacos or 2 for $1 tacos. I need your help on this Jack because sometimes I just want tacos or something else on the menu which is fried. Both locations other menu items are all excellent. I am sorry I needed to call this to your attention but it really needs to be addressed as soon as possible. I am sure I am not the only customer at these 2 location that is discussed with their tacos. Thank you for your time Jack you need to know this, that is the main reason I am taking my time to send this to you. Have a good week sure keep up the great job your doing. I have been a loyal customer since 1967 a few years. Your food is and will always be my favorite. Please fix it.

  19. The second time in a month that my order was not prepared properly. I have traditonally had good service at this location but they have not met my expectations of late. I didn’t ask for for a replacement sandwich or a refund because I didn’t have any extra time.

  20. I went to jack in the box in McKinney texas on highway 380 on the 21st around midnight. While I was waiting on My order I had my banking account record up on my phone and was charged twice for two separate amount for the company. When I asked the manager to fix it he told me that he would not. When I asked him to write his name down he told me to go to hell. I ask him to please fix the transaction that I did not come through and have two orders within minutes of each other. He is Iranian or Pakistan and very slender build. I know I will spell wrong but Aziqual. He then said what I will not for numerous minutes. I just cant believe management is allowed to act this way. I have worked similar jobs and it was a tight ship and manager is the leader. This manager is showing the employees that they can do whatever they want. Which also means they probably stealing taking unauthorized breaks, they are slow as can be, your condinments are nasty sticky, it is clear they are not required to clean. Which is managements job to make them to all the above then some.

  21. looks like your not doing anything about the complaints because their is nothing but complaints. I will work for this business and I will make this business get in shape. I have worked for the companies that require the most.

  22. Terrible attitude from employees,food tastes like sh*t,and they always get my order wrong I will order a bacon cheeseburger with no mayo and mustard and what do you know I get it WITH mustard and mayo. And if that’s not enough when I get a breakfast jack 80% of the time the inside of the egg is not cooked, it’s one thing to put stuff on people’s orders that they don’t want, but not completely cooking your food unbelievable. Never coming back 0/5 stars

  23. I went to one of your stores and I order two tacos one was burn the other was not so good date 4/21/2014 at 1:22 pm I always go their for lunch I hope this does’t happen again

  24. the stores in central texas are not what they use to be. the quality of service, product, and employees has diminished greatly. it is sad to see how a corporation can let a franchise destroy your name. dont even email me back. i will never go to another jack in the box that is a franchise ever again. i had a nephew that worked for one of your stores and he told me some alarming news and i see why your business will fail. did you mention to the people who own these stores that you had to close 40 stores in 2010 and most of them were in texas. this is far from over for your business

  25. I went to jack in thr box on 35 and illinois in oakcliff this morning and the cashier I think her name was tameka said she was walking out cause she didnt want to work and then left the manager working drive thru and front but the manager was cool and gave me a drink cause I had to wait for my food

  26. Hello!

    I am comtacting you all because of a few issues that I found when visiting one of your locations. I visited the 13915 Fondren Rd. in Missouri City, TX location on 05/09/2014. The customer service was not an issue; however my tea tasted like coffee and the bun on my fish sandwich was NOT fresh at all. It was stale hence the reason for it crumbling apart. When a customer is spending their money that is not what the customer wants to taste.

    Thank You!

  27. Im in Houston acookt a Jack in The Box on the corner of 610 and airline . It’s 11:53am I ordered just two tacos and a drink . This is my complaint staff on there cell phones staff doing more talking than tending to sitting area which is dirty theres a leak attempt thin the dining area and a poor attempt to control splashing the cook area is nasty and attempt to clean during downtimedontimcustomer service is slow and the drinking dispensingarea is filth. JACK YOU HAVE SURLY FALLEN and forgotten who keeps JAopen getCK IN THE BOX

  28. Just needed to let you know about my awful experience today at the jack in the box on Mojave in Victorville Calif 92394, I went there ordered a fish sandwich, nuggets and fries, when I got to the window the employee asked if I ordered nuggets and fries I then said I also ordered fish sandwich meal he then said..oh we don’t sell those anymore I then brought it to his attention as to why was it still posted on the window, he said he would have someone take it down, I’m upset by this time, I then ordered a jumbo jack combo I asked for not to much lettuce. I get home and my budget had no lettuce my fries were cold and looked old one of the fries looked as if it had mildew, I took a picture of the fri, by the way I visited the website and the fish meal was still on that menu….I will NEVER visit another jack in the box again, VERY bad customer service…..Elia Estrada

  29. I placed my order at 7:47 am on 6/28/14 when i got my order i asked for jelly Danielle told me they were out and she said the company went out of business i been going for they last 4 weeks on Saturday and they still dont have jelly they really need to get some in store jib#615

  30. Brought two of your special sandwiches the big cheesy deluxe and was 17.00 something and the sandwiches didn’t have the green letting or the cheese and the meat was bur this was the jack in box on Henderson in porterville ca 93257

  31. food burnt paid 18.46 food uneatable bread on sandwich old. time 10:38 pm employee Kendrick jib-4832 called no answer called until 11:24pm no answer busy signal. This is no way to treat customers times are to hard to have employees rip customers off with old bread and burnt food. I want a full refund, this should be brought to the attention of the media

  32. food burnt paid 18.46 food uneatable bread on sandwich old. time 10:38 pm employee Kendrick jib-4832 called no answer called until 11:24pm no answer busy signal. This is no way to treat customers times are to hard to have employees rip customers off with old bread and burnt food. I want a full refund, this should be brought to the attention of the media

  33. The location at Rufe Snow in Watauga/N Richland Hills Texas could use a little training on how to drain the sausage. I ordered a breakfast burrito this morning and it was good, just very greasy, the sausage was so greasy it was dripping out of the wrapper….not good guys I wore more of the burrito then I ate.

  34. I entered your location at 11310 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge, LA at 6:15pm on October 5, 2014. Upon entering the foyer and serving counter are, I encountered a putrid odor that smelled like rotting garbage full of bacteria.
    As I proceeded to leave, for the odor was overwhelming, the employee began singing, Bye Baby Bye Baby out loud. Shame on you for employing such people. You should seek to rectify such matter in an eating establishment.

    I am sure you will not post this review, but I will, on social media, if this is not addressed.

  35. I just went to the jack in the box off of teasley Lane and interstate 35 in Denton, Texas. Spent 15 dollars on a large combo and the dr pepper was terrible. Went inside and tried that dr pepper. It also sucked. Tried root beer, it sucked, got the sweet tea and left without tasting it because of dirty looks by store workers. Decided I better take a drink halfway home and it tasted like rotten raisins. How my home brewed tea tastes after I leave it out all night. Anyway I got home and the LARGE curly fries we’re halfway filled up. Yall are lucky the chicken sandwich is ok. I work hard for my money outside all damn day and your Mexicans (probably illegal) can’t even mix syrup and soda water or keep fresh tea around OR fill up the fry box all the way. I want my money back for the whole meal because of the bad quality and poor service.

  36. Every Jack in the box that I go and I want to order # 26 I tell tem can you please replace the ham with Turkey and they always tell me that they don’t have turkey except for one Jack in the box on Mission in Los Angeles did replace the ham with turkey. Thank you.

  37. I didn’t have any good service at the jack in the box on Alexander in Baytown tx last week didn’t bother me at all because the staff on the night shift was friendly…I got my food but when I get home I seen I didn’t have meet in my Burger when I came back I laugh with the staff and they re done my meal I drove off happy with a story to tell my husband but the last two visit had been horrible I took some time to get the window… And when I finally got my money together the employees open the window only to hear cursing… I blow it over my shoulder… And at around 4:30 today I get to the window to notice I was about 35 cents short the woman explain that it was OK when I said I would go get her the change she said never mind…but I opened my bag and they gave me a regular monster taco..not a naco taco i went back and said it was wrong order once again obscenely horrible talk and she also ask for the change after she said it was OK…I have a five year old son asking why is the lady talking like that mom?….I am more upset of the employees action’s then the mistakes if they had handle the situation better I wouldn’t be so upset I also went all the way home to give her the change back that I owed her.

  38. Today the 30th December 2014 I went to Jack
    In the box in Lakeport California. While I was eating, I noticed
    The employee Renee who has worked therefor year go out front
    On a break and smoke. When she returned to
    Work she walked right back in clocked in
    And started handling the food. So I went up to the
    Manager Jamie and told her what had happened,
    She said she would talk to Renee later about it!
    I was shocked!!! Jamie said it was her break
    Time and she didn’t want to discuss it with her at
    That time. I was mortified. I told Jamie that the damage was done, and
    Renee needs training as she was a lone time
    Employee. Jamie said she would handle it. Well
    She might, but, I doubt it.

  39. we visited the Jack in the Box drive-thru across from The Woodlands Mall late last night. (JIB #3657) we had a lot to order and didn’t have it written down (our bad)
    the girl on the speaker was SO patient and friendly unlike others that don’t let you finish talking before they say “anything else?” after every syllable.
    what appeared to be the manager, delivered our bags telling us what was in which nice..takes the worry out of not getting everything you ordered.
    we got home with ALL items! they were ALL delicious! this was a complete success! Friendly people, professional, and great food!!! so unusual that I HAD to write this review!

  40. I’ve been to your restaurant in Shelton, wa. For many years I was satisfied with the food and service. Lately I ordered one of your new Butter type Burgers and found it and the Curley fries so greasy that 3 hours later my stomach is still yucky. The Curley fries tasted as though they were yesterday’s and re-dipped in oil. The burger was so greasy that it saturated the wrapping. I am Very disappointed and dought if I’ll ever return for more. If you really care about my comment, please reply. If No reply is forthcoming, I will consider that to mean that you don’t care and neither should I. Thank You

  41. Hi. I am a steady customer at Jack In The Box. I have seen a new McDonald built at the New Ewa Beach shopping center. Also a Star Bucks there, and alot of small eating places. I would like to see a new Jack In The Box be built at the new Ewa Beach shopping center. Alot of people love to eat at Jack In The Box. Is there any chance seeing a New Jack In The Box at the new Ewa Beach shopping center soon. Be waiting for your reply. Thanks. Rudy Cordeiro.

  42. This resteraunt is TERRIBLE. (jack in the box on college in beaumont, texas) the workers have terrible attitudes every time I come and my meal is ALWAYS incorrect. It makes no kind of sense for a resteraunt to be kept in a condition like this, even on the Google reviews do you find customers unsatisfied. This chick (Anna) that is not only forgetting our order but giving us attitude whole doing it. For some reason it takes 15 minutes to make a breakfast sandwich.

  43. 6:15 tonight I ordered a SD jack & fries meal. The line was very long, and several cars left before placing an order. I drove across the street to QFC and found the curly fries were barely warm. The sandwich had greasy warm bread not even heated all the way thru the slices but the grease soaked all the way thru. The bacon was barely heated and certainly not cooked on the burger. This was truly a VERY UNACCEPTABLE MEAL. I gave it to my dog.
    I live 6 blocks away and have placed 7 phone calls to the drive in and no one is answering the phone, not even a machine.
    What in the world is going on at the Broadway Jack in the Box?? You need a new cook and a new manager in my opinion.

  44. The jack in the box in Dana point is over charging customers. There menu says one thing but they are charging more. You need to check your receipts at all stores. I filed a report with jib and have a report # but the don’t do anything. Maybe I’ll go back to McDonald’s

  45. I missed yesterday 5/19/15 due of my 3 ye old daughter was very ill.I’ve reported the incident but the Store Manager Adela Marquez is on vacation.Her Asst Manager Azucena Mclough told me that I’m not allowed to work because she’s in charged and that she will also take me off schedule.She said Im in charge not Adela.I’ve called Ms Lisa Figueroa but did not answered the phone, I then left messages , twice to report the inccident. (Belinda Bartles employee kvk

  46. I want to report the store manager for making up lies for me not to get hired at a other job for faulse accusations.

  47. Manager wouldn’t take $10 bill said it looked. Old or fake asked her too check it with. A counterfeit pen! She said. No! Ok gave a different. Bill ! Next day I bought 4 tacos! Same manager tells cashier to check my one dollar bills??!!! For real !! When. I ask why the concern about my money! She ignored me ! Then when I asked. For the store # to call for a complaint! Another employee gets conferantainial ! Try

  48. Every dang time I gotto my local Jack in the box the have an excuse as to why they can not make my order. One night it was “thefryers are being cleaned” another night “we don’t have a cook on duty” tonight it was “we are selling burgers only” I’m done with this location!!

  49. I was in jack in the box 3 days ago and purchased a sweet tea and the same day I was told that an employee made the sweet and then witness a roach fall in the sweet tea and they the employee still served the sweet tea the health department needs to be contacted in Nacogdoches ,Tx

  50. I visited the Jack in Box in Patterson Ca. I had a coupon for 2 free tacos and I purchased a drink. Carlos was at the window. He did not say anything to me. I ask how much $ it was. He immediately said I need your coupon. I had it in my hand already with my c card to pay for drink. He practically threw the bag at me. There were no napkins in the bag, when I ask for some he acted like it was to much trouble but gave me exactly 2 napkins. I parked in lot to eat and tacos were so old that they were stuck to bag. It was at 12:30pm and there was only 1 car in front of me – not busy. I will not visit this Jack in Box ever again

  51. I don’t know why I keep going back…third time this month my order was wrong… Ordered 3 Breakfast Jacks with sausage, paid for the sausage, didn’t get any sausage… Previously, they just didn’t put my burger in.the bag…some lady called once, said she was leaving in 15 minutes but she REALLY wanted to talk to me- have never heard back…horrible customer service

  52. Just stopped at store at Hwy 1488 in Hempstead, TX . The 24 hour store told me they were not serving right now. Went to McD instead.

  53. Around. 10:20 PM I visited your store on South Highway 6, near FM 1092 in Missouri City, Tx. I was extremely disappointed in the service. I had to get someone’s attention to take my order. Once at the window, the attendant rested on the window sill with his back to the drive thru. THEN, i left with my order took out one of the tacos to eat and it was cold. Headed home from a high school football game, I had intended to eat my tacos on the car. Instead, I had to wait and heat them at home. I emptied the bag to only to find that there was no receipt to look up the information for the store number or address.

  54. If I could rate you customer service from 1-10 id laugh and walk away. It’s a joke. They are rude untrained unprofessional humans and that’s just the beginning. Please have someone email me before I take the To a whole new level

  55. Hello just wanted to write to you to say that I usually buy your products, but lately it has all been unsatisfactory. Sorry

  56. I was in Jack in box today Oct 19,2015.The evening manager was very rude and smart talking all over a free taco. He doesn’t get the concept the customer is always right his language was not at all call he used profanity toward me I feel he owes me an anpology. Address was S Gessner at W Bellfort Houston Tx JIB# 696 telephone 713 771 3580 This is # on receipt Enp Charles2. I expect to hear back from you Thanks Taylor

  57. I have had nothing but bad experiences when it comes to your store in Berkeley, MO. off Natural Bridge Rd. I waited in the parking lot for one kids chicken meal for my son for 28 min before I finally went inside, only to discover they had forgotten all about it. Also anytime you try to order there past 2am they claim they are cleaning and it’ll be at least a 15 min wait before they can start your order. I’ll never go there again.

  58. I go to the Jack in The Box in Lamont, California almost daily and the reason I Do Business with Jack in The Box is for the food but mainly for the professional staff they have on board.
    One worker really stands out with her witty, charming, great smile, beautiful face, and her kindness and her name is ” Lizzett ” she is very under rated at what she does at her job and should be reconized by Jack in the box.!
    I spend alot of money at Lamont, California Jack in The Box and Corporate Offices should advance this fine young lady !
    Any questions please contact
    Jimmy Redhawk James

  59. The reason i’m leaving this message is because I’m so disgusted with the service and the quality of the food at the Jack-in-the-Box in Seatac Washington there is no reason for it to be this bad for the last five years I’ve been living in this area I just recently decided to give it another try and I ordered bacon cheddar potato wedges and a couple other items and the potato wedges were dry and this is not the first time his has happened at this store there was such a tiny amount of cheese on them it only covered two wedges and I have photos to prove that and the only reason that the photos are one hour after I ordered the unsatisfactory food is that it took me that long “waste of my personal time” to just find where to make a complaint. FYI the website and code on my receipt replyed that it was not a valid 14 digit code on my receipt that you could barely read. I would hope that my hour of time i spent on this matter would help to reflect on positive actions in correcting these types of matters for customer satisfaction in the immediate future.

  60. I was in Jack in box today 11/15/2015 AT 3:39 AM,Store No 105 in Euless , Drive Thru Employee Maria was soo Rude and do not know what is customer service is .if Jack in the box do some undercover check on this location that will helpful. she took order wrong i told her 3 egg roll and she gave me 2.she said she can’t fix it . she refuse to help and then she start arguing. I hope store Manager can fix this person Customer service level…

  61. I’m a “senior citizen” resident of Rancho Bernardo and a regular customer at your Jack-in-the-Box outlet on Bernardo Center Drive.

    The quality of your product is deteriorating!

    A soda is 80% ice, the temp of the burger is so marginal that in a less than 10 minute return to my home, it is barely warm. Fries are “ends” and scraps.

    Your folks are preparing food too far in advance nearing the close of your noon rush hour or overestimating the volume of customers.

    Michael J. Webber

  62. I had just gotten off of work and decided to have dinner. When I pulled up to the restaurant, it was 9:45. I order and was asked to pull up to the front parking lot and my food would be brought out to me. When I ordered my food, there were two cars behind me; not to mention, at the window I was not greeted for anything. I waited for 15 minutes in the parking for my food and the car behind me left and I let that slide. Then, the car, two cars behind me, left and I had already been sitting there for a total of 35 minutes. So I walked into the store and asked why two cars left ahead of me. I was not given a reason. I told the manager I wanted a refund. She said she couldn’t without her managers consent. It’s later than 10:30 at night and she’s trying to call her manager on how to override. Managers should be trained to know how to do that already. However, she took my card and Supposedly refunded me the money. The only receipt I got back was a reprint of my original $10.34 purchase. I know it takes 2 to 3 business days to receive that money back. If I do not receive that money back, yall will have an even bigger problem. Not to mention, she took a few minutes doing my refund. So if she as to so much took my credit card information, I will file charges on the person and I will sue Jack in the Box. After all of that, the manager says the cook is making my food. As in, it hadn’t even been prepped to begin to be cooked. I am a very dissatisfied customer. I had to wait an additional 6 minutes for my meal that I wasn’t going to be charged for. They worked quicker to get my food in 6 minutes than they did in about 40 minutes. Not to mention, the manager was rolling her eyes the entire time. Very rude. All the time I was calm and collected but very stern. I expect better, and I’m sure I’m not the only person this has happened to. I promise I will NEVER bring my business to this restaurant EVER again; and this is all because I waited for more than half an hour for tree orders of tacos and two large curly fries at a total of $10.34.

  63. I went to a jack in the box location on east flamingo rd in Las Vegas. Just came came with my to go order and saw that not only was my chicken burger missing bacon but both my orders had only half fries. I ordered two combo meals and both orders had about 15 fries in it. Both orders were large and it seemed like they put the “small” portion in our large orders. I tried calling back and they told me manager wasn’t there. I am extremely unhappy. I wanted my money back n they didn’t do anything to fix my order. Nothing was done and now I am stuck with the food I payed for in a small portion! Not only is it small I got charged for a bacon chicken burger with no bacon!!!

  64. Visite jack in the box in Davis location, this guys made amazing job. My food was great and the customer very good

  65. I love coming to Jack in the box when Kyra is working the drive thru. She has a warm smile and so polite and pretty.

  66. Monday, February 1 2016 5:45 am we stop to get something for breakfast at Blaine and 60 freeway. I when to restroom before I ordered anything I found a mess it was nasty. After that I could rent order any breakfast

  67. I went to a jack in the box near my house in Lake Worth, Texas. I received very cold food, half full and watered down sodas. I was very bothered by this visit, will not be back.

  68. My husband and I went to jack in the box today, I wanted an ultimate cheeseburger. To my dismay and dislike they have changed their hamburger buns to that a top heavy ‘bread’. I refused to order one and I will not return.
    I don’t know what the fixation is on thick, nasty bread shaped as a bun is but I refuse to eat them. Any burger joint that serves thick bread as buns I refuse to patronize, it’s that simple. At least if they would have left a few with the regular sesame seed buns I could have had a choice but they took away my choice. BYE!
    Five Guys Burgers and Fries and Carls Jr and a few others still use regular hamburger buns and they will get my business.
    To bad they didn’t think this stupid idea through.

  69. Ordered from Jack in the box in Bullhead City AZ 2/6/2016 Visit no425313 Ordered sm fries and hambuger. Order was $ 5.69 Order was cold bu the time I got home which was 3 min away. Very good service just cold food. Thank you. Nancy Pascoe 2323 Acoma Place Bullhead City AZ 86442

  70. Jack…..We absolutely love your restaurant! But we know have a big problem, we’ve gone low carb… no bread. Your salads are delicious, but I need a burger! Please please give us an option to get your burgers low carb style. You would make so many of us jump for joy. Thank you!!!!!

  71. We were told to back up in a drive through with no explanation. We were not asked to back up, but we were told. Now if it wasn’t my food that was being dealt with I would’ve raised a stir but I was obligated to oblige due to employees handling our food. If I would have backed up and hit a car who would reimburse me for my damages? I assure you it would not be Jack N the Box. Putting people in a situation of obligation in fear of their food being tampered with is completely unacceptable. I understand you have a “time limit” but again who will reimburse me for damages had I hit another car? How would I know if I refused my food wouldn’t be tampered with? The level of ethics at this location was unacceptable. As a loyal customer of your company, I was shocked at the level of service. Michelle was the one who took our order at the Guadalupe and Rural location in Tempe, Arizona. Unbelievable.

  72. Hi I just ordered a munchie meal at the curtner location in San Jose, ca and got home, bit into my burger and pulled out a thick black hair. My girlfriends hair is blonde and I did not put my burger down anywhere. But basically I’m grossed out beyond belief. I called the store and spoke to the manager and she was super rude. Basically trying to blame me for a hair inside my burger like I planted it. I work in the food industry and understand most things but this was awful and would like for you to know I will probably never come back. There was nobody with black hair on shift but it must have been whoever prepped or what not.

  73. I witnessed an employee not wearing gloves while making my order, specifically making monster tacos. I cancelled my complete order. This occurred at 10:30 pm 2/28/16 on hwy 365 in Port Arthur Texas. I went to the Port Neches location directly afterwards and was asked to come back 30 min later because they were in shift change, I left of course. It is a shame because i like Jack in the Box food but these facilities have terrible service.

  74. I realized as I got home that I didn’t receive my drink after the employee dismissed me. I did pay for it meal was ruined and I feel you owe me a reimbursement if not more.
    Thank you.

  75. My husband and I stopped at the jack in the box located at grand and bates in st louis mo about 1 am on march 6 ,2016. We ordered 2 Jr jumbo jacks, a Jr bacon cheese burger with no catsup and a med fries. When we got home we had 1 chicken sand which and a lrg curly fries! We drove back to return that and get our correct order. The lady at the window was rude, but looked at our receipt and Gave us another bag of food. Once home, we have 3 Jr bacon cheese burgers and a med fries! So, again we return to jack in the box! We got to the drive thru window and a man ( the manager?) Comes to the window, with a cigar/blunt?! And says, ” we can’t get your order right, bro, so we just gonna give u your money back.” 3 times we went! It was the most ridiculous fast food experience I have ever had. Simple order they couldn’t get right and rudest people I have ever come across in a fast food restaurant!

  76. No fish combo on menu at jack in the box on NASA parkway in elago,tx. Two others jack on the box located about 7-8 miles away still offer it. The mgr. Told me his boss told him not to order any more after sold them out. Why are still selling them when LENT season is still going on?

  77. I am not one to normally complain unless seen vital. Earlier today I went to Jack in the Box. I bought a grande sausage burrito and a breakfast croissant. As I removed the bun of the breakfast croissant in order to put some hot sauce I was completely and utterly disgusted. I found a hair lying completely across the cheese. Not only that but from further expecting the sandwich I also so some lint on the corner. This has the be the grossest thing I have experienced in all my years of eating fast food. Pictures are taken of the sandwich which demonstrate this. Hope to hear a response soon.

  78. Hello..I am writing to you in regards to DAMAGE to my vehicle that happened at one of your Restaurants here in San Diego. The location is 14039 Highway 8 Business El Cajon, CA 92021. The incident happened on March 17, 2016 approximately 7:30 pm. As I was pulling away from the Drive-Thru window there is a bent crooked cement metal pole that completely damaged my vehicle. Made me sick to my stomach that it damaged my vehicle and a Manager happened to be outside at the time and seen me upset and when I asked him why the hell the pole is faulty and bent coming out of the drive thru he just ignored me and walked in the restaurant!!! HOW RUDE this manager was not to even come over to see if I was ok or to apologize for that ridiculous bent cement pole that shouldn’t be there when people cannot see it bent in the dark at night!!!



  79. We love to eat at jack n the box,but today we got this problem my kid need it to use the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, so I ask one of the employers about the toilet paper and they said one of the guys was coming with the paper,we wait for 15 min never came I gave my son some napkins so he can use it,you guys should more attention on those little details.

  80. This is the second time that I past for the location that is ,on pearland ant the cashier denied service ,the first time the system was down ,,today I past again and she told me that she was not taking orders because she was cleaning, I really think that this location has the wrong people working there ,this location is the one next to that new panda express, my number is Mercedes my number is 832-867-7919 I really need for some one to contacted me and let me know if this is the new standard for jack.

  81. El día viernes 25 de marzo de 2016 me toco ver al manager del jack de la polk y la hampton en desoto tx gritando y tratando mal una empleada no se porque los ejecutivos de empresas tan grandes permiten que sus empleadas sufran de maltrato psicológico eso da tan mala imagen para la compañía deberían de poner mas atención en como son tratados los empleados por sus superiores por eso decidí salirme sin comprar nada y me fui a otro lugar de comida rápida.

  82. I bought the 2 for 4 dollar burritos and I never will again! Disgusting. The tortillas were hard and the eggs were slimey. The workers were also very rude

  83. 4/6/2016 12:00:05PM JIB Hitchcock Tx. (409)-986-4443 DRIVE THRU #190 JIB#3943 (Emp ADRIENNE. Very polite and professional)

    Ordered 3 (2) / (6) $.99 Tacos for myself and wife, only received 5 paid $3.86 Did not notice until I got home. Have always been and will continue to be loyal customers.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back DEEP FRIED BEAN and CHEESE BURITTO.. Missed since the late 70’s and 80’s

    Thank You for Many Years
    Joe and Susan Esquivel

  84. I have ate at two different jacks ln two different cities . the food Is very greasy , worse than any fast food place . both places had grease on top of the bun coated on the jumbo meal . the sack they put it in has grease spots . The the Salem Oregon place had grease on the Lettuce , it was greasy and dripping grease. Both places Salem and The Dalles Oregon both had greasy tacos , they were so soaked , I ate the tops to mid point and threw the greasy soaked and dripping bottoms a way. I don’t eat at jacks anymore

  85. To whom it may concern , I wrote you a letter on the 22 of march regarding my experience with one of your jack in the box in Rialto California , I had hoped for some kind of feedback from you.. I was given the ultimate rip off ever . $100.00 was stuck with another $100.00 and went the next day to talk to the manger which he had a language barrier just as the drive thru lady the nite before I had just cashed my paycheck, and had my driver to drive thru the drive thru to order my dinner which we had to repeat 4× till she got it right as we got to the window she looked at my cash and asked me for something smaller I told her no, she walked away for a few sehconds she handed me my change and my food and my driver took me home , I started to add me bills when I noticed $100.00 was missing prior to that incident when I went to get my check cash I recounted my money in front of cashier and noticed she gave me an additional $100.00 that were stuck together, she was so happy that I was honest to return it to her which I knew she would have to pay it back and I didn’t feel it was right. So the following day I went to jack in the box to speak to a manger and he blew me off saying he knows Nothingabout it and walked away

  86. Hello Jack,
    I am a regular customer at Dublin, CA location. All of my co-workers join me almost everyday for lunch. But, I do not think that we will be going to that location again due to the extremely HOT conditions that make it uncomfortable for not only customers, but the people that work there as well. Just last week, I witnessed a lady who looked as if she might have fainted. Sweating through her clothing. I felt so ashamed just being there. Pity for whoever has to work in such terrible conditions.
    I have spoke to the Manager, Mr. Cruz about this on at least 3 occasions, and he swears that the Air Conditioner will be fixed soon. But it has been months already.
    I know that you would never allow such a thing as this to go on with your name attached too it. Which is why I am writing too you.
    I would hate to have to call the Better Business Bureau.

  87. I was trying to see whom do i need to reach out to make a complaint I am a teamleader for jack in the box to be exact store #6145 and my complaint is about my labor there have been 3 incidents where i have work where i came in on my off day and work for 4hrs on my off day and the 2 other occasions i work over my time when im due off. Each of these occasions i went into overtime and each time i did not receive my OT cause either i got kick off the clock early or i was given an additional day off that i usually work I believe when i took on the role of a teamleader im fulltime be as that im promise 40hrs a week anything additional hours are to be mark as overtime for which i havent received for the hours i have work and im at the point i cant keep allowing this to happen cause its unfair too a hard worker as myself and i want too put a stop to this or i would be force to report these actions too the labor department but i dont want too do that because i like my job and as anyone else i cant afford too quit so i have let it ride for so long they think this is okay and its not because im being taking for money for hours i have work so with that said please do something to fix this or i will contact the labor department for farther actions….sincerely a dedicated worker.

  88. Good afternoon I was just over there at Jack-in-the-Box you know today at Parmer and the Desuua Road in Austin tx and order 2 south west salads I waited like for 30 minutes and then to find out that thay were out off ranch dressing have any didn’t even apologize for the inconvenience and I was so upset that I just left and I’m thinking not never going back to Jack-in-the-Box

  89. It is Tuesday May 31, 2016 at 8:49 PM and I am sitting at your restaurant at Mitchell and Hatch Roads , Ceres California. When I entered the restaurant a female counter person was leaning over the counter flirting with a boy. . When they saw me the separated but, as the young man exited she shouted out, “Hey on the last day of school a bunch of us are going to a lake. Hit me up. After I picked up my meal at the counter one girl yelled at the other (in jest, I think) I can fight you any time but not tonight, I’m on my period.” Totally inappropriate dining conversation.

  90. In satisfied customer I had to wait 45min to get my food that sat on the tray for the period the I was there I refuse to take the food it was already cold employees that work there was so unprofessional they could keep up with the people order still waiting for my refund

  91. Jack in.the box has the best.egg.rolls havent.tried.them try them.and the jack in long beach on 7th street and atlantic ave has a manager by the name of.edwin who does.his job.correct and does his best satisfy a customer like myself thanks.and keep.doing your.job just the way you are!!!

  92. We recently drove 15 miles to the Jack In The Box in Tehachapi, CA. 93561 to try the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger you are currently advertising, only to be told that they DO NOT offer this item.
    Why do you advertise an item if you do not have it?

    Also, your contact pages send button does not work!

  93. I visited your jack in the box store on Main street in Sumner Washington at 715AM June 16 2016.
    After waiting at the drive in for over 5 minutes and getting no response on the speaker I blew the horn to get your employees attention.
    A woman then responded and very rudely told me that because I blew my horn she would not wait on or help me!
    I drove up to the window and apologized and was told by the woman that I was rude and to “get the duck off the premises before I call the police”. My 7 year old grand daughter was sitting in the seat next to me. When I again apologized to the woman who was the MANAGER, she again insulted me.
    I left.

    I am not from the area and I have never been so insulted or verbally abused by a fast food employee in my life. Your company and customer service SUCK.
    R. Ashley

  94. I was in your Jack-in-the-Box story today about 550 I was in the restroom your male cashier register second whatever came in there and hollering hey are you seeing coming in here finally close to me I can start it wouldn’t joke I want my friend to somebody up when I hurry up and get out the restroom I saw the door was still open go over here so I’m not going to whoever said OK you go out to check to see what was going on and Webber said what a wimp when I think it was Jack In but she told him I would back you up and company so I got for the cup to be caught up I have been longer fit because it out and it would not do that either get I want to did to have a report on it there when I give me the number to call you they wanted me to call the job application get on there I want to talk to Yahoo! or not not a recording on the phone of anything thank y’all need to get this Bayani to pull that camera footage and I need an apology from you and Jack In about how many state He should not be a Cuban people something if you did not know for sure if I would’ve said something and it was somebody else and that it employee he could shut me to the door that’s why did not come until after I got out and I rushed to get out to try to see what it would be it was en employee there so I’m not beingprejudiced to you before you accuse somebody of something you’d want to know for sure I don’t know who’s talking to me when I was in the restroom-comment done anything while I was in the restroom it could have been some with a weapon and shot me through the divider
    He should’ve waited and look for himself before you accuse me of me and I’m wearing tennis shoes blue pants and a T-shirt when I KMan same thing when I’m leaving or you can even look at the camera facing he should’ve waited up the restroom and look for himself before when you accuse me of me and I’m wearing tennis shoes blue pants and a T-shirt
    I am the table in front of the soda machinethis store is on the corner of Wayside and 45 feeder road in Houston Texas

  95. Went to the one on veterans meme rial and antoine in houston,tx on July 7th placed an order got my total drove up to get food price changed asked why said taxes. Got My receipt and she added extra. Asked for my money back and girl got rude and told me to order something else told her no give me my money gave her my receipt and she told me I would have to sit in parking lot til Mgr came back. Never got my money or receipt. Had been several times around 4 am and told they are closed to come back in 15 minutes this is 24 hr business 7 will never go back it any jack in the box from now on. Too many restaurants for this trash

  96. my last 4 2 for $1.00 tacos were undercooked, cold and several lacked lettuce and sauce.

    Very disappointed – I got them to go or would have returned them

  97. hello im looking for the contact info for the district off im part of a church and i want to set up a car wash to support cancer treatment at one of the locations so i an office number to call my number is 6027837992

  98. Ordered portabello buttery jack burgers to try and there were no grilled onions or mushrooms on sanbdwich. Just a beef patties with butter and a bun.

  99. This was at Federal Way, WA at 16th and 348th. No service at counter, wrong orders and bathrooms have no paper towels or toilet paper

  100. Problem honoring FREE tacos offer – I have completed many surveys and have these offers, but since you now offer FREE jumbo jacks, I’m have problems trying to get my tacos. Why won’t you honor these? I still visit JITB many times and have started to accumulate the new FREE jumbo jack offers too. If you won’t honor these, I will stop completing these surveys. I thought the surveys were helping your business.

  101. Emp denise
    I don’t beleive Denise was the customer service person that took my order! It was a younger male! However this indivivdual was very rude, I had to repeat my order 3-times and was tolf very rudely to pull around to first window,Upon arriving at window this individual did not respond with hello or anything he just took the money and almost not quite shoved my order at me! i tried calling the store mgr 3-times but no one would answer!


  103. I used to order bacon egg cheese sand for breakfast every day. Lately I have been getting ham egg & cheese. I go thru drive thru so I do not know what I have. I end up throwing it out I used to return for cheese burger for dinner twice a week.i returned to store to complain next day .nothing was done. Sorry but I have been eating Burger King for 2 weeks now

  104. I haven’t been to jack in the box for four days now because it’s no the same service that it use to be. I ordered a ultimate cheeseburger,large fries and a coke. Plus a jumbo jack w cheeseburger,fries and a juice for my mom. But they gave us someone’s else’s order with our drinks. We called when we got home and found out that this happened but they never answer their phone. I live to far to be going back for nothing. This is the second time that this has happened. That’s it. Thank you jack 20130,us hwy 59,new caney

  105. Left a complaint about a month ago bc i can never get a shake bc its always “down being cleaned” no matter the time of day. Just left drive thru today at 6pm and once again told shake machine down being cleaned. First 6pm seems the worst possible time to clean. 2nd if it had to b cleaned , why not have a 2nd machine that cld b used while the other is down. And if it has to b cleaned so many times a day (happens early as now and late as 3am) then there shld definately b more than one shake machine bc im told shakes are unavail moee often than actually getting a shake. Plz start selling shakes or take them off the menue.
    St louis store at gravois and russell

  106. I visited the Bishop, CA restaurant last night–4/4/17. After getting home I discovered the crispy chicken I purchased was not in the bag. The rest of the family had their food, but I did without. When a person pays $32.00 for a meal, you expect to receive it all. This is the third time in a year it has happened. While I love most of your food, I beginning to get to the point of never going there again. Please talk to these employees to have them improve their service.
    Thank You–

  107. It sucks that you guy’s don’t ​sell the. Oreo shakes or any shakes after hours! When you guys are supposed to be open for 24 hours.

  108. Good morning. I visited the location in Maplewood this morning service was bad and I order the spicy chicken combo. The chicken had been recooked and it was very dark. I have been to this location and received Great service. But now there is a younger group and service have gone to the Dogs. Very disappointed Since I was on my lunch break there was no time to return.

  109. Dear Sir or Ma’am:

    On April 30, 2017, at 9:00 am, in Houston TX, I visited the restaurant drive-thru in Houston TX located at Old Spanish Trail just east of State Highway 288 (Store #4709). I picked up three Breakfast Platters. As a result of this experience I shall (at a minimum) not visit any other Jack in the Box restaurant in Houston.

    The cashier miscounted the money I paid for my order. The change given to me was short by over two dollars. So, I refused to drive away from the window and called the mistake to the cashier’s attention. In order to cover this incompetence, the clerk told the manager that I had under paid the order by 5-cents!! Incredibly, the store manager believed the employee, and the manager told me that if I wanted to cheat the store then I could have my ‘nickel back.’

    My response: I gave the change back, that I continued to hold in plain view, along with the receipt and told the manager to count it all again. The manager said I was still short by five-cents. So I added a dime to get the correct number of dollar bills in change.

    When I drove away I concluded that the two of them had a BAD weekend, and the Sunday morning rush made their tempers short. However, over the following week I have visited competitor fast-food restaurants, in similar conditions, with only competence and respect for my trouble. So after a week I decided to let you know what I have decided.

    Please see the attached receipt for reference. I am not asking for anything. For myself I shall probably give all Jack-in-the-Box restaurants a very necessary break from my patronage. Good luck on the success at this restaurant in the future with other patrons.



  110. I agree with Herb, I think there is something very wrong with the employees Jack in the Box hires. I have visited the store on warner & Dobson in Chandler, AZ twice in 30 days and BOTH times the food preparer did not wear gloves to handle my food!!! The 1st time I called to let them know, and nothing apparently was done to rectify the training of employees. Same situation 2nd time of not wearing gloves! YUK! To top it off I got ranch dressing packets at a temperature of at least 90 degrees for my order!They don’t know about salmonella????

  111. Just bought tacos. Burnt BIG time gross. Must have new personnel. Will not go back. Hope I do not get sick..

  112. My bill was $16.43 @JIB# 277 I gave the employee $17.00. My change was 15 cents. I complained the math was wrong he re-did it and I figured he got my correct change so I didn’t re-check it. He gave me 17 cents. I notice the receipt doesn’t say amount paid and change due back. Is this how Jack & the Box is able to steal from me! I will not return and advise everyone I know not to go there but if they do to check the math of their change themselves. The 4 digit code on the receipt is 702 171 000 772 20. Don’t know if that will confirm my being robbed but right now I don’t care. Guess I’ll find someplace else to eat late night!

  113. Corporate issues coupons after getting ripped off & store will not accept them. You are cruel. Especially after giving me only 2 SINGLE ITEM coupons after not being able to eat 3 meals (for 2 people each)

  114. To whom it may concern,
    I am disgusted. I was eating a Teriyaki bowl and there was an entire pincher bug I the middle of my food. That is horrible and disgusting.

    Patty Adkins

  115. Ordered Curly Fries from Jack in the Box at Ala Moana Center in Honolulu Hi. The Curly Fries that I received was frozen cold, like just out from the freezer. I guess they missed a step like cooking it? Never again will I order Curly Fries from Jack in the Box.

  116. It would be helpful if your website to leave feedback actually worked – how convenient that it doesnt work 🙁 it gets stuck when it asks you to select the restaurant you went to. very frustrating – they screw something up and then you can’t even tell them about it.

  117. I was eating some frys with my boyfriend at the table when a staff member told us that we bought one order and that one of us can stay inside the other had to leave if we didnt buy more food . we were here for less than three minutes . so my boyfriend was quiet and then said ok He then asked to get the key to the rest room and was told no he didnt buy anything. But we did the. Frys then the lady comes over and sees me looking on the receipt for the 1800 number and then tells me that if i was to complain it will do me no good but i will be told no next time i come in for food. Are they allowed to do this???

  118. I recently visited my Jack in the box in Pjx, Az..35th Ave and Northern..only to find some of my favs discontinued….I love the blood orange Cooler…my fav of all your drinks…..and the fish sandwich is gone. I have tried other fish at other places and they do not compare to yours. I know fish is out during Lent but why not make it a standard meenu item along with the blood orange Cooler. Thank you for taking time to read this


  120. I visited on several occasion the Grapevine, Texas location and each time we visit it is a hit for miss for our food to be correct. It is my fault for continuing to patronage this location & at this point I am at a loss. We have spent at least $100 in the last 2 months because we work and go to school this is an easy fix for dinners. Our last visit on 4/27/18 or order was incorrect at store JIB 3730. After trying to call over several days the line would go to fax. We stopped by & we were told the phone is broken. When I attempted resolution with Nince she asked Maural & I was told to bring the food back. Bring it back? Are you serious? How can we if it was done three days prior & we’ve attempted to resolve. This is petty, when I attempted to speak to Maura she ignored me. How is this good guest care practice. I work hard for the money I do receive, to spend it at this establishment is my choice & it will be rethought. At this point I no longer want to eat at this location. I am requesting a $13.07 refund. I am finished with this location, it is not pleasing, the line is always long, and waiting for 15 minutes for food is beyond unacceptable. If I ran that store it would not be this way. I would like a response in 48 hours. (It is a shame I have to post this publically because of the way our family has been treated.)

  121. Williams, Arizona had a privately owned Jack in the Box franchise hat was mismanaged and closed down. The property is in a prime location on Interstate 40 in Williams, AZ and is listed for lease. They had a good turnover when they were open. Williams people would like to see a new JIB as well as tourists passing through!

  122. JIB# 465 in Merced, CA. Summer is basically upon us and I mentioned to Viviana the Mgr. that a fan above both entrance doors is desirable to decrease the amount of flies entering when the door open. I have seen many other fast food eateries with these fans. The fans say “we are thinking of your experience in a positve manner”. JIB #465 does good business and recently revamped their drive thru with new concrete. 2 fans are much less costly. Viviana says she has made a request and was turned down. I do not like eating with flies and do not like seeing employees with a fly swatter.

  123. Jack in Box doesn’t want complaints. “Contact Us” site does not work on their website. It will NEVER let you proceed because it will not accept chosen store location you select for a complaint. Best to eat somewhere else. St Ann, MO location overcharges tax by 20% at this location in drive thru. Beware!

  124. Hey Jack, que pasa dude? They’re serving cold food at your restaurant on 3rd St. & Indiana St. in East Los Angeles. And my “large fries” were only half-way filled. Dude! Come on. That’s not the Jack’s I know and love. Guess I’ll have to visit the Mickey D’s down the street. Hopefully, you can fix it. Laters Jack.

  125. store #7215 Las Vegas NV, I ordered a grilled breakfast sandwich with extra bacon, they charged me for a different sandwhich then went in and talked to Anna the manager and she acted like it was all my fault, as if I rang it up and made it myself. then gave me the right sandwhich but not extra bacon, so brought sandwich back for refund and told me no to come back later and that I changed it too many times. I have worked in the food service for 15 years and would never treat a customer this way.

  126. WE HAD A HAIR IN THE SHAKE. AND A FLÏRTING EMPLOYEE WITH MY HUSBAND. DATE 7-17-18 5 :44pm jib 3214. Phone number 213-748-7177, Employee LINDA

  127. My comment is the way my client has been treated by your lake worth store. He was hired on July 13 2018. He worked enough to generate 2 paychecks. Then we started getting notices that his paperworrk was incompete. We took care of it multiple times,
    richard Monterroso walked to attend a job fair at the lake worth store. He learns a bit slower but does bring with him a 2500 tax credit. He has been told numerous times he will be back on the schedule and now they won’t take his calls. He needs one reasonable accommodation, a little extra time to learn. I dont think Jack would like this.

  128. So I swing by my nearest JIB at Bandera Point on Bandera and 1604 in San Antonio, TX. I order my 2 tacos and a Jumbo Jack at the drive through. I pay and pick up…no problem. I drive home and sit in my living room, pull up the coffee table, turn on the TV to watch one of my programs and dive in to the 2 tacos…no problem. So I’m thinking, man this JJ is gonna be awesome and I dive in to it….PROBLEM!! THEY FORGOT TO PUT THE MEAT PATTY ON MY HAMBURGER! WTH??? Seriously, who does that? And does anybody answer the phone at their location when I call? NOOOO!! After the 5th time I finally left a message. I seriously doubt they will call me back. So… JIB Customer Service what do you suggest? Free JJ’s for a month?


  130. I went to a local jack n the box around 10 pm waited for an hour to order I ordered 10 tacos no cheese and three eggs rolls I didn’t receive my egg rolls and all of the tacos had cheese on them with no meat only lettuce went back the line was longer this is unacceptable this my second time complaining on the same store I will not be attending this store anymore

  131. Employees at Jib#14 rude incl Mgr And GM. Employee Daniela spilled coffee on my hand on 8/29. Want Corp Mgr to call me @6198516404 if possible.

  132. Hello, My name is Kathy and on Monday 9/24/18 I wanted a jumbo jack and some frys as it was my Birthday and I love your jumbo jack. I am a disabled senior citizen and I have very little money, I called my local Jack n Box and I have never been talked to so rudly, it was 10:20am and he said he had no time to tell me how much and jumbo jack was so I asked about the frys, he again said he was to busy, so I asked to speck to a manager and he said he was the manager, so I asked him for his name and he said again that he was to busy and hung up on me. store JTB 8404 SO SAD NO JUMBO JACK ON MY BIRTHDAY 🙂

  133. Went to use a birthday e-mail I received from Jack and locations i frequent were closed. The one in Clovis, CA, Clovis anvenue location, the Location on East Shaw Ave Fresno\Clovis border line, is under remodeling. Thus it’s closed. Couldn’t use my birthday taco “gift”. Got it day after BD (Oct 11) but tried to use on the 12th. Expires today, not good. Only good for week of birthday which is less than a day after receipt. I’d hink thse should be good until the end of the month at leadt but I don’t care to drive about 3-5 miles to the next closet I think is close to me.

  134. 11/14/18 JIB# 4313, Lincoln, CA
    Placed order & advised employee I am 73 and asked for Sr. Discount. Employee name tag was “Ryana” although receipt Emp. stated “Erica.” She remarked “it’s only 50 cents & threw two quarters on the counter after charging full price. Very poor attitude and not a word of “Thank You” which is an unknown courtesy at this location. The location is convenient but I will no longer patronize Jack in the box.

  135. JIB# 3927 location in NW Houston, TX. Went to redeem a $5 coupon for a Ribeye Burger Combo but was told by the server “we do not receive the meat & buns to supply that sandwich”. So I asked for the manager. It seemed as if she did not speak English since he had to translate my complaint into Spanish. When I pointed out that this was rude & insulting, he just shrugged his shoulders. JIB sends coupons for a product that the customer can no longer buy. What is going on here? And a manager that only understands Spanish in charge? Say what??? And there is no working phone number to speak with a JIB person. Hello Big Mac!.

  136. The Jack In The Box located at Broadway Street, San Diego, CA. 92101 Cashiers had hand written signs on their terminals stating EBT was down. I asked the female cashier could she place order manually? The answer was negative.
    December 16 2018 between 5pm -630 pm PST

  137. Went through the drive thru tonight at Jack in the Box in Indianapolis, IN off of US 31. Waited 35 minutes after ordering for my food. Food was cold, not done correctly, and got home to realize this and that we had food missing. This was only my second time there because of the terrible service last time. Extremely disappointed.

    • Hello ur store at the intersection of hwy 6 amd 519 in Texas City Texas is the store i recieved the worsted service i have ever gotten at Jack n Box. The womans mame was eva or something like that. When i approach counter i greated her with no responce. She never said anything so i put in my order stood to the side and waited for my order. When order was ready she jus looked at me and handed me my food. I said rhank you and have a great day still not a word from her. Very rude. I will not be goining there again. Charles May

  138. Love Jack. Great selection, price and quality of food. I am a frequent visitor. My wife and I visited the location on Concord off Monument Blvd. We ordered and they were out of Chicken sandwiches and curly fries. The jalapeno peppers were one inch, the smallest popper I have ever seen. I have never been disappointed or appalled on all the deficiencies of this location.
    I am a restaurant owner and do not believe in blasting negativity on the internet but felt you should know so you can fix the problem. This place needs to step it up.

  139. Please please being back the sandwich you had in the 80s.
    I think it was called the Monterey Jack. It was the best sandwich you have had and it was discontinued. I think it was sliced roast beef and had green chilies on it. When your franchise was Monterey Jack’s I think.
    It was a wonderful sandwich and I wish you would bring it back. Don’t know why you would ever get rid of a sandwich that was that good. Thank you..

  140. I was with my friend at the Trinity Park way in Stockton Ca for lunch on the 7th of November, was running late lost track of time I had my purse hanging on the back of my chair. I called the store said they didn’t see anything I told them it has to be there just left would be back said nothing around the chair area. Got my friend home called later hoping I could talk with someone else just a bunch of back ground laughter and very rude on the phone. I had large amount of cash to pay my fathers credit card off who just passed away. I went in asked if they had cameras said they did would have manager call me I have called given phone number and no one would look into this for me. I had called different times hoping someone who cared would help me.

  141. I had the worst experience at your jack in box in mesquite store military and lbj.the system went down and we stay in line for 30 mins .no way the leave because cars were in front of us.manager if we had cash we said yes.he try to change me more for my food.then my food was cold.i need a reimbursement for my trouble.

  142. I have never in 40 years seen a more jumbled mess of a JIB than this one at Speedway and Pantano #477, in Tucson, AZ. I have only been here 4 months and every time I come here I have problems with or other and I mean everytime, Burnt Buns, Burnt eggs, Sloppy put together Burgers, No Coffee, Cold Coffee, Coffee that looks like syrup and taste like Cherry Juice, Dirty Coffee Pot,
    on and on. There always out of Napkins or Salsa, Yesterday they were out of sausage for the Breakfast Jack, I have been to tons of JIB over the last 40 years and I’ll never know why it is so darn hard to get some decent employees and Managers that have a lick of sense to run a Business like Fast Food Restaurant and take care of the paying customers the way the Corporate wants to. Obviously they need a better Training Program and better follow up on how that is working.
    I hope things will improve soon as I am spending more time at other establishments and I am disappointed in my vists to JIB.


  144. I purchased an order at Jack in the box at 5:00 PM today I gave the employee a total of $8.28 and she did not give me any change back please contact me I would like my money back ASAP

  145. Sonora, California Jack in the Box was our favorite for DECADES!! Until today. The absolute RUDEST employee at the drive thru. Being it’s a small town and we basically know everyone, we shall spread the word. My receipt says Stephanie, so heads up, whom ever hires these people with no customer service skills. Also, don’t give me coupons for free tacos if your employee’s don’t want to deal with them. Overly irritated right now, food was wrong too but we were so upset with her actions, we didn’t notice till we got home.

  146. I have gone thru the drive thru at my local jack in the box on Bayshore Blvd in SF CA 4 times in the last 3 days and each time I go I’m told that they aren’t doing oreo milkshakes right now, and they can’t tell me when they will have them and then when I asked for the employees managers name so I could try to resolve this with him/her I was told that I couldn’t have that information!! I was stunned shocked and appauled. The level of customer service at this location with certain employees is beyond disgustingly rude and something needs to be done about it asap. They only serve what they want to serve so that they won’t have to clean the ice cream machine. ITS THERE JOB THO! I am very very upset and feel highly disrespected by this young man and I want someone to make sure he does not treat anyone else like garbage like this.

  147. I just went to jack in the box drive through on highway 6 in houston texas and through the drive through window the employee working immediately stopped the order and said they won’t be taking any orders tonight. When I proceeded to ask why, since he gave no explanation, he ignored me completely and didn’t say another word. So I started to drive off when I looked back, I could see two young guys in there high giving each other. I guess they didn’t “feel” like working or providing their essential services while also clearly laughing while denying people of food. Being that jack in the box is one of two places open after 10pm it’s about as essential as it gets, yet these two boys found their duties to be inessential and at best comical. Ridiculous.

  148. I just want to know if I order the Chicken Fajita Pita if I can have them hold the onions? Can I ask for a small change like that?


  149. The Jack In The Box in Denton Texas on University Drive has bad customer service I ordered food from there but went to the window and the guy who worked there ran my card it declined my card there was no money on my card I didn’t know there wasn’t money on my card and the guy was having an attitude problem about it but he handed my drink already since I didn’t have money on my card I tried to hand him my drink back and said in a rude tone keep the drink and then he snatched my food that I ordered off the counter with an attitude and handed to the guy who was making the food I was so embarrassed about his rudeness and his attitude so my staff paid for my food and left I am crying due to the situation

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