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Contacting Insight Customer Service Center

Insight Communications offers digital cable, broadband and telephone services to customers in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana. To access customer service contact information, Insight requires a zip code. There are hundreds of zip codes listed for the service area. We did manage to find a general customer service phone number, but the day we called hold times were in excess of five minutes. Customer service hold times may be shorter if you call one of the local phone numbers.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

Customer service phone numbers are local area specific. We’ve listed a general Insight phone number that we’ve tested. The customer service department does answer the call, but wait times can be long.

  • Customer service: 1-888-735-0300

If you want to find your local customer service phone number visit the local offices page and find your local office.

Mailing Address

You can send a letter to Insight Communications using the corporate mailing address. We found several customer complaints that claimed letters were never answered and problems never addressed, but that is likely the same across all major companies.

Insight Communications14900 Landmark Blvd. Ste. 350Dallas, TX 75254-6734

Official Website

You can choose to visit the main customer website for Insight Communications at or the corporate website at Each offers different contact information, but the two websites do share links back and forth depending on the information provided.

If you have an Insight Communications account, you may be able to log in to your personal account and access customer service contact information not available to the general public, including email communication that associates your question or comment with your account for faster resolution.

Customer Service Email

Customers who wish to contact the customer service department by email must start the conversation on the contact page at Once initial contact is made, customers can respond to the customer service email to continue communication. We’ve contacted the customer service department in an attempt to find general contact phone numbers for technical support and customer service. We’ll update the responses as we receive them.

Our Experience

Insight Communications customer service line is a bit confusing. We waited on hold for more than five minutes with a bunch of commercials for Insight products and services. Our confusion came from the arbitrary information the automated line requested along the way. We were asked if we were an Insight customer after listening to the automated system for more than 60 seconds. Then, we could not move past the automated response without a phone number. We tried to press 0 several times, but the system only repeats. If you don’t enter a phone number, the automated system restarts. It took more than three minutes just to be placed on hold for customer service before the five minute wait started.

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