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Contacting Infiniti Customer Service Center

Infiniti is a luxury automobile company that prides itself on pushing the envelope of design and performance. Infiniti offers sleek sports cars and family vehicles so there’s something for everyone. When it comes to Infiniti customer service, buyers expect to be treated well because they pay the price for luxury.

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Contact Info:

Phone Contact Numbers

The Infiniti customer service page offers quite a bit of contact information, including dedicated phone numbers for customer service in the US and Canada.

  • Consumer Affairs: 1-800-662-6200 (7 AM to 7 PM Mon to Fri, 8 AM to 5 PM Sat)
  • Roadside Assistance: 1-800-662-6200 opt 1 (24 hours)
  • Canada Customer Service: 1-800-835-0221 (24 hours)
  • Infiniti Financial Customer Service: 1-800-627-4437 (7 AM to 7 PM Mon to Fri)
  • Lease Customer Service: 1-800-887-5155 (8 AM to 6 PM Mon to Fri)
  • End of Lease Customer Service: 1-800-778-4211 (8 AM to 6 PM Mon to Fri)

Mailing Address

There are various reasons why a customer would want to contact Infiniti customer service by mail. Maybe the customer service representative exceeded expectations or the repair department made a mistake that caused a huge inconvenience. You have your reasons and Infiniti has two mailing addresses.

Infiniti Consumer AffairsPO Box 685003Franklin, TN 37068


Infiniti Financial ServicesPO Box 660360Dallas, TX 75266

Official Website

The US Infiniti company is located at In addition to vehicle descriptions and pictures, you’ll also find customer service contact details and social networking information. Social networks where Infiniti participates include:

Customer Service Email

There are customers who like to talk with a customer representative and get it over with and others who send letters every time they have a problem. In between the two are people like email contact because it’s quick, easy and convenient.

The test drive link is for an application to find your local dealership. After searching for the dealership you’re given the option to send a message to a salesperson to setup the test drive.

Our Experience

The customer service department is easy to contact, once customers finish listening to the automated system. To expedite your call to the customer service department, simply press 7 and the call connect to a live agent. We asked the agent for information relating to warranty coverage and repairs. We wanted to know if after-market additions are covered under the general warranty.

As explained to us by the representative, after-market products are covered if the products are put into/onto the car at the dealership prior to purchase. If the products are placed on the car after purchase, they are not covered. The agent provided us with helpful and useful information. Did the representative help you? Tell us your story.

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14 Comments on “Contact Infiniti Customer Service
  1. Dear Sirs:

    While driving my 2008 Infiniti M35 on Monday, September 8, 2014, the car exhibited unintended acceleration on the way home. The frequent use of the brakes were essential to keep the car in placed. I stopped three times and attempted to put the car in Park while I turned it off. On each occasion, the motor screeched and the tachometer showed that the RPMs had increased substantially momentarily. I had the car towed to an Infiniti dealer the next days and they tested it over the next 2 days, unable to find anything. I picked up the car, brought it home, and have every intention of trading it in as soon as possible. I have been an Infiniti owner for 22 years and have currently lose confidence in the product. I googled unintended acceleration and found several complaints from G37 owners, few from M35 owners. Regardless, While I did not expect the dealer to do anything special, I did expect them to identify the problem and fix it. They were unable to do it. The lack of confidence in your product remains and will affect me in the future.

  2. Hello my name is Brian about s year ago I purchased a 2004 Infiniti G35 from Paul miller and it has been giving me a common problem . The car like many other Infiniti G35 is starting to consume plenty of oil from the engine.., the car has 78k miles and I bought it with 69k I’ve gotten 4 oil changes since and now every time I check the oil ever week the oil decreases about a quart every 500 miles . This is a problem with the engine and ensure it should be a recall car because MANY people have had this problem it’s not fair for Infiniti to screw people over like this .. And I’m willing to see what my options are or I will start to investigate further in a class action law suit with people from these forums with the same problems

  3. The Infiniti service is TERRIBLE at the Atlanta Cobb Pkwy location. After having my car towed to the the Service Dept on Sunday night, I was never called to follow up the next day. When I called the following afternoon, I was told by Adam Ohmon, “Oh yeah, we got your car. We will check it out and call you back.” Hours later I was informed I needed a starter. And since they did not have it in stock, it would be ordered and the car would be ready first thing Tuesday morning. Heard nothing on Tuesday, so I call again, only to find out Adam was off on Tuesday. I asked for the manager. Henry Holman came to the phone, after initially being told he was not in the building by the service receptionist. Henry told me after checking out the car, it would not be ready until the End of The Day. He said, “we have to take care of other customers that were waiting before me. I reminded him that none of the customers had been waiting since Sunday night. He said, “we will get right on it.” That was at noon, and I know a starter only takes an hour to install. So, what Henry was saying was we want to see if they could upsell the waiting customers before they helped me. When I was finally called at the end of the day, the total was different from the one I was originally quoted.This experience at Nalley Infiniti is the worst in my life. I needed my vehicle to pick up my children, which I told Henry, and this will cause me to be about four hours late. I hope nothing happens to them. All Adam and Henry had to do was tell me the truth! I will never go back there, and I if you want to be treated with honestly and integrity from people who are courteous, you will not go there either!!!

  4. When are you going to address the timing chain issues inherent with the 2011 QX56? Infiniti does not seem to stand by their products. My mechanic told me that this is a common problem with these vehicles and your response is to blame the customer. This repair will take my total to over 9K in the last year – including 2 front control arms, ball joints, self-leveling suspension and several sensors. I am very disappointed with the quality and reliability of this vehicle and will never purchase another Infiniti again. I will also tell my story to everyone I can. I used to associate Infiniti with quality and high standards. Now I only associate your name with headaches and maintenance nightmares. Such poor quality will catch up to you eventually and will only be compounded by your poor customer service. Very disillusioned customer.

  5. I have been placed on hold 2 times for 10 to 12 minutes. I never received my bill and I am just trying to retrieve my account number and where to mail my bill. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced!!!!

  6. I received double billing for the Net Liability for the end of lease for the Q60 S. I was suppose to call 800-887-5155 between 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. CT. I call 5 time this morning, each time I was on hold for 15 to 20 minutes without anyone answering. I call the other numbers in the web-site and had the same result. I thought Infiniti has first class customer service. I am very disappointed.

  7. I didn’t receive your mail of monthly payment for 2 months.
    I tried to update my address at bill paper sending, but no response !
    So last month I paid by certified mail at post office .
    Now what can I do? How much is payment next month ?
    My address ?
    Account no : 2900 9758 287
    Phone :213- 792 7002
    New address : 802 w 41st ST APT C LA CA 90037 -1961
    please answer ASAP !

  8. We own the Infiniti QX60. Unfortunately there have been several incidents of the seat belt locking up when breaking while the saftey sensors are on. We have been complaining since the beginning of the year and brought the car in several times. They were not able to duplicate the issue so would send it back ever time. The issue continue to occur. They finally gave us a contact for an engineer that has not called back. We are so disappointed with their service. This is a saftely issue that they haven’t taken seriously! We were big supporters of Infiniti and probably would have been lifetime customers but not after this incident.

    Now we have a car with all the upgrade safety features/sensors but can’t use any of time!! It is has been six months of us complaining.

  9. The worst customer service by any lender that I have ever been provided. I am always on hold for 40-60 minutes every time I call .. Service reps very rude and very poor executive management !

  10. I know this is long but boy oh boy did I need to rant! Put this on Infinity Facebook page.

    How anyone in their right mind would ever do business with Infinity is beyond me. I am utterly in disbelief at the way they back up their customers. They should be ashamed for even cashing the check (54000.00) if you can’t stand up for the people that keep you in business. I bought an Infinity from Orlando Park Infinity in Orland Park, IL. Was told I had life time oil changes and filter changes but when I went there last week, guess what? Oh we are sorry. We are not going to do that anymore. The next time you come in, you will be charged. Really? Look at the figure above and then compare it with a 30.00 oil change. I have never been so mad at any business As I am with Infinity. I’ve already told 2 people to go to Lexus because Infinity is not who they say they are. All over 30 bucks! Foolish people like me who believed in a product and the warranties that go with it will persevere! I will personally go out of my way to make sure the general public in my neighborhood will see whom NOT to trust! Sincerely, Tim Gill (disgruntled customer)

  11. I ordered a new box, the old one burned out for the cable t.v. First I was told if they sent it to me it was free. Got it, it is not the same box but now I’m being charged for it. Ok. I can accept that as I always get nothing I ask from any representative from out of the U.S. No surprise. Maybe it’s an update…I didn’t ask for. Ok, at 73 years of age I cannot remotely understand how to do it…I called and spent 25 minutes trying to speak to someone…I need someone to call me so I can pay a service person to come and hook it up…at of course an additional charge…Please provide me with a direct number for a rep in U.S. Thank you…

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