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Contacting IKEA Customer Service Center

IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture stores, specializing in ready-to assemble products. The company started in the early 1940’s as a way to better the life of everday people. This premise is still alive today as the company is committed to serving millions of customers around the world. The company realizes that customer have questions and concerns regarding products and services. This is where IKEA stands above the rest of the competition. Customers have the ability to address issues with the customer service department I order to resolve concerns.

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Contact Info:

The customer service department is available for customers to ask questions and voice concerns. When contacting the customer service department, customers must call during regular business hours. For phone calls to the customer service department, customers can call Monday through Sunday 9am to midnight EST. Customers can contact a representative using the Live Chat Monday through Saturday 8am to 8pm EST; Sunday 9am to 8pm.

Phone Contact Numbers

  • Customer service department: 1-800-434-4532
  • Corporate headquarters: 1-610-834-0180

Mailing Address

IKEA Corporate Headquarters496 West Germantown PikePlymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Official Website

Customers using the official IKEA website will first need to select their particular country, in order to customize the experience. After selecting the country, customers can search items based upon category or collection. Customers can also make a purchase or find the nearest location to shop in-store.

If customers want to know what the company does for the community, we recommend visiting the IKEA Foundation page. Customers wanting additional information regarding products and services can also review the FAQs.

Customer Service Email

Go to in order to send an email to the customer service department. Customers should be aware this email address is primarily for online orders. We sent an email to this department asking if the customer service department had a dedicated email address. The automated response stated a representative would answer our concern within 24 hours. Customers can connect with IKEA on the Facebook page or the Twitter page.

Our Experience

If customers want to contact the customer service department, prepare yourself for confusion. We contact the customer service department and the automated system provided an option to speak with a customer service representative. We selected this option and the system asked for our zip code. Since there is no IKEA in our location, we were asked for another zip code or hold for the stores in our location. After enduring this process, we selected a location and the system offered a store location, not a live representative.

We eventually had to call back, select another department and asked to be transferred to the customer service department. After approximately 15 minutes navigating the system, we asked the agent for information regarding returns. The agent explained the process, but never apologized for the confusion or the lengthy wait. We expected more and received less. Did you encounter a similar situation? Share your thoughts below.

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6 Comments on “Contact IKEA Customer Service
  1. I just came back from Ikea Brooklyn; I went there to buy a small dresser for my unborn child. While at the “find and pick up” area of the store, I asked an employee called “Eric” -a white male, about 30+ years old, bold, about 5’10”- if someone could help me place the box containing the unassembled dresser on a cart, since I am 31 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t lift the box by myself. His reply was “sorry, we are too busy today and there is no one to help you, you will need to come back later or on another day”. It was Friday at 1pm and the store was practically empty.
    I have to say that been a New Yorker, I am, to a certain point, used to rude people and bad customer service, but this Eric from Ikea-Brooklyn just took it to a whole new level.

    After Eric’s incredibly rude reply, I walked away in shock and bumped into another employee called Hisham, I explained to him what I needed and how Eric had treated me. Luckily Hisham immediately offered to help me to place the items that I needed into my cart so that I could spend my money in Ikea.

    After this incredibly bad experience, I will never set foot in Ikea Brooklyn, I will ever shop at any Ikea location or Ikea online. I work too hard for my money to be treated like that. I still can’t believe that this man called Eric at Ikea Brooklyn wouldn’t lend a hand to a pregnant woman.

    Perhaps Ikea should find out where The Container Store trains their employee; that’s a store where spending my hard earn money is always a pleasure.

    Shame on you Eric and shame on Ikea for hiring horrible people like you.

  2. Ikea shipping charges are very high and they will leave the boxes in your driveway for someone to take rather than bringing them to the front door.

  3. I have tried to call IKEA customer service three times. It’s been horrible.
    During the day, the call could not be connected at all. I tried for several hours.
    At night I waited on hold for 45min 80min and 94min each attempted call.
    The first agent could not help, and gave me incomplete advice. The second agent scolded me for following the first agent’s advice. Then she disconnected the call at 12:01am.
    Customer service closes at midnight, so they simply shut down.
    The next night, I called in at 9:50PM. At 11:24PM, after listening to an irritating recorded message for 94min, the call was disconnected.
    I called back immediately, was informed by recorded message that Customer Service was closed for the day.
    I am desperate to fix IKEA’s $200 shipping error, but I can’t bear to call that service again.
    I would even consider “snail-mail” over their phone service.
    It would be helpful if you could warn people what an awful experience they are likely to have.
    Thank you

  4. Well, I never thought of anything negative to say about IKEA, I love their design and product, and shopping in their store has always being pleasant…. until we experience delivery error and that my husband has to be on the phone over 2 hours to finally get a hold of someone. He has also emailed customer service after his successful first call (wasted 2 hours), few days pass by, still no response from IKEA. Then today he made another call to customer service, again, waited 2 hours on the phone.

    Avoid delivery with IKEA, it’s such a pain when they delivered the wrong item and you can’t get a hold of someone to take that item back and took up the space in your apartment

  5. I just had an extremely pleasant experience with Ikea service rep. named Candice at 866 856-4532 customer service line. My order (# 294673012, 3-draw chest) was about 10 days pass the scheduled delivery date by the locale delivery company called XPOlogistics. Candice was so patient and friendly on the phone, she took the time and contacted the delivery company and got my order scheduled for delivery on Thursday. She is so professional and helpful. I wish every service rep from all businesses is like Candice. Thank you Candice, Ikea is lucky to have you.
    Shang (Z.D.)

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